I wanna have JLO abs – This is Ess shows off body transformation

Sharon Mundia aka This is Ess has one of the best travel blogs in the country. The woman who was the talk of the country a few years back after her man at the time, Lonina spent a boatload proposing to her, is still living her best life.

The influencer showing off her transformation
The influencer showing off her transformation

This is Ess normally posts a lot about her journey on her Instagram page. She recently updated her followers on the progress that she had made since she went on a challenge to lose some weight.

Sharon Mundia aka This is Ess with Patricia Kihoro
Sharon Mundia aka This is Ess with Patricia Kihoro. The photo was taken 5 weeks ago.

She wrote that although her body wasn’t were it had been during the challenge (because of falling off the wagon when she was travelling) that she was committed to getting Jennifer Lopez type of abs.

The influencer showing off her transformation
The influencer showing off her transformation. This pic was taken on June 1

Read her message below;

A lil’ Monday throwback. The pic with Patricia was taken about 5 weeks ago, right after our 6 Week Challenge. This is the closest I’ve ever come to seeing abs on me and I couldn’t believe it!! The second picture was taken almost 4 months ago (June 1) and the third was taken a few weeks into the 6 Week Challenge (August 30). I wish I could say things are still the same but they’re not. 😫 I’ve travelled a couple times in the last month, eaten all kinds of shit and barely worked out. I know for a fact that my body changed like crazy during the challenge, when I reduced the amount of sugar I took and just became more intentional about nourishing my body, with the help of experts like Roseanne. It also really helped that I had people like @misskihoro and @mamaolivek on the challenge with me. .I’m determined to get back to where I was in this pic and maybe even have those J Lo abs 🤞🏾 so I’m back to the gym tomorrow and attempting to be more thoughtful of what I eat and my overall gut health. No excuses.

The influencer showing off her transformation
The influencer showing off her transformation. This picture was taken on August 30th

Wow! Getting abs! I am impressed! Me, I am just trying to get a flat tummy! Whose with me?

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Here’s The Special Person This Is Ess Spent Her Valentine’s Day With

Following her widely publicized breakup with her ex hubby, Sharon Mundia AKA This Is Ess seems to have moved on and did it well. Her fans probably expected her to pen an emotional Valentine’s Day message speaking about her troubled past, but the blogger did the unexpected.

She presented the special person that she would spend her Valentine’s Day with. It is her daughter, Naila.

During the height of her tumultuous breakup, Sharon addressed the rumors, saying that she only wishes to focus on creating content online and her baby.

Sharon Mundia’s Husband Spotted Partying Hard With Hot Babe Over The Weekend (VIDEO EVIDENCE)

“A lot of ungracious and untruthful stories have been circulating about me recently. Even though they have crossed the line, I chose, as usual, to focus on my vision of creating and sharing content online that will uplift and spread positive energy all around me.

Right now I am choosing to focus on my work and being the best mother I can be to by sweet love, Naila.”

Today, she took to Instagram to share a beautiful set of pictures of herself and her little one. This prompted fans to share the love with her.


Happy Valentine’s Day from me and my beloved! 💋

susanluckywong 😍
serezillCute cute cute 😘😘😘😘😘
mally_kay_banks beauriful
agnes_amimo I love the backdrop – where is that?! Hugs to the little one.
kagwe_murugu Sooooooo cute 😍😍😍 happy Valentine’s Day to you and Naila
811belle Lovely! Happy Valentine’s day to you both
livras 🌸🌸🌸 beauties! happy valentine’s day 😊
wahitotravels Aaaaaaaaaaaw
tastiedine She’s already walking?? 😍😍😍
theincredible_esa She’s so cute…you gave her the looks mama.where is that?
muiruri_kate Happy Valentine’s too
bellayule cute happy valentines to u n Naila
ruth_wahi Happy Valentine’s too Shazzy & Naila
wangeciwaihenya This is soooo beautiful Sharon

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Sharon Mundia Opens Up About Labour And Delivering Her Bundle Of Joy

Sharon Mundia who is commonly known as This Is Ess has decided to share a lot with people about her experiences as a mother and now she has opened up about her labour and delivery story that will leave one scared or even in tears.

This Is Ess gave birth a couple of months back to her cute daughter, Aria Nailantei Leteipan and went into a hiatus, leaving many wondering what happened.

Well she made her comeback explaining why she was MIA, and what has prompted her to return to social media.

The sexy lass is now using her platform to educate and inform fans about motherhood and other issues using her blog and youtube channel.


Sharon Mundia

This Is Ess posted a picture on her instagram page captioning:

“On May 08, 2017, in the wee hours of the morning, I gave birth to my daughter, Aria Nailantei Leteipan. It was difficult and exhausting but beautiful too. In today’s video, I share my labour and delivery story.”


Many expectant and first time moms go through a phase of fear and uncertainty especially with the impending birth process. Well, this is something Sharon was also confronted with.

“My story starts off with me always being scared about giving birth. The whole idea about it was just terrifying like, a being coming out of your vagina. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I still feel like there are easier ways for our body to just eject this thing. So, right from the onset I just knew I would choose the least painful option which from what I heard and read was an epidural. I talked about it with my obstetrician and basically it turns out that was not the option. The hospital I wanted to give birth at was like we don’t know about epidural and that’s the point I decided to suck it up and go for Lamaze classes where they give breathing classes so I could prepare myself for what is about to happen. Slowly I started to come to terms with my reality.” She said.

Sharon Mundia

Some of the things that one should look out for when you are going into labour according to This Is Ess:

1. Contractions

At first, they are supposed to come in every twenty minutes and last fifteen seconds and after a while they progress to every five minutes and last like forty five seconds and eventually they are like every two three minutes and the contraction will last a minute.

2. Mucus Plug

It comes out on your underwear and should be pinkish or redish. It could happen like two weeks before you are due to deliver or hours before and so she decided to go the bathroom to check if she was into labour.

Sharon went further to narrate how she went to the hospital when she was in labour.

Here are some reactions from fans:

am i the only one crying when the baby’s first cry is playing in the background? 🙂
This labor and delivery story has put me off giving birth for another 200 years. Worst pain 😳😩
Sharon, this is your best video yet- hands down! Thanks for sharing! ❤️❤️ One more thing, there’s clearly an improvement in the content you share – taking the one-year break worked in your favor! Thank you Sharon!
Am currently 30weeks pregnant and this video has given me a boss mama attitude. I can do this as scared as I am. Thanks dear
I had my baby last night and all I can say is God is God… because I don’t know and don’t understand how I did not die from the pain…it’s not pain that a human being should feel… it’s not even pain, but an out of body experience…..I applaud you Sharon, you are a boss mama…



Sharon Mundia Steps Out With Her Daughter For The First Time (Photos)

Fashion blogger This Is Ess has decided to step out with her daughter for the time though her husband already revealed the face of the baby sometime back.


Sharon has decided to share her time working and traveling with her daughter despite the challenges that come with baby sitting and working at the same time making it difficult to balance the two, but the blogger seems to be comfortable with the decision of traveling with her cute little baby.

It is rare for mothers to travel or go to work while their children are still young because of fear that their kids will not be taken good care of when they are out to work and that is why they prefer staying home until they feel that the baby can start schooling or can be taken care of.

Sharon Mundia

The stunning pictures of Sharon and her daughter tell that they are really having fun, and it seems that Sharon can’t wait to show her off to the world.

On her instagram page she posted a photo with the baby captioning the picture with these words:

Sharon Mundia

“Got to travel with my daughter for the first time last week and even though it was a little tough traveling and working at the same time, I’m so glad I got to share several firsts with her. First dip in a pool, first time by the ocean, first stamp on her passport… Can’t wait to show her the world. 💕”

Check out reactions from fans:

Sawgee: Soooooooo beautiful!!!!💖💖💖 You are such an inspiration and you make the world so gorgeous!!! Keep at it! 😘😘😘

Emmugure: Best decision of your life to travel with her from such a tender age. She’ll be a pro traveller. literally

Kemmy: So lovely Sharon….I am a traveller and I have promisedmyself that once I have kids I will keep travelling with them from a tender age….so you have inspired me more!!!

Eve: Good job mama. I enjoy traveling with my four year old too, her first passport stamp was at 10months old to Turkey.

Wakisha: Wow that’s such a good idea to get her passport filling up sooner than she thinks! Aaawww one day baby Aria will be so grateful to mummy!😍 And now I am too, that’s such a good tip 😊😊


The Secret Is Now Out: How Sharon Mundia Lost Her Baby Weight

Sharon Mundia aka This is Ess announced her come back yesterday on her Instagram page which saw many of her readers and viewers react happily to the good news.

Sharon Mundia

Her come back comes a year after she decided to take a break from social media because of self doubt, persistent fear and sense of disconnect creeping into the point where she felt creatively crippled and now she has started the work she has always loved doing and this blogging.

Welcoming her followers back to her you tube channel, she talks about health, diet, weight loss and what she did to lose over twelve kilos from when she was pregnant and four months later.


“Before i got pregnant i had a horrible track record of eating various things and eating healthy. I would have six slices of white bread for breakfast, i would have pizzas and chicken chips and just greasy things because i love them. I got pregnant and for the first trimester leading up to second trimester as well i had the worst morning sickness. It was so bad, i was smelling food and would throw up and i had to take medication for that to just help my body to keep some food so i could nourish my little one. I genuinely tried to eat healthy and thankfully my body transitioned into this phase where i actually liked greens in fact one of the things i did when i was pregnant is when i woke up one morning and i was craving a salad for breakfast. At the very beginning i asked my obstetrician to give me an idea of how much weight she thought i should add or average on the weight spectrum. The main thing that helped me loose my baby weight was breast feeding. second thing is diet.”

Check out the simple things she eat throughout the day:

Here are reactions from her fans:

Sharon Mundia Explains Why She Took A Break From Social Media

We have really missed her beautiful face and reading her blog and now popular fashion blogger Sharon Mundia aka This Is Ess is back with a bang.

Sharon Mundia

She took a break from blogging a year ago without saying a word to those who read her blog and those who follow her on social media, but she has decided to explain why she went missing.

Sharon Mundia

Sharon posted a picture on her instagram account some hours ago with a caption explaining why she chose to take a break.

Here is what she said:

“About a year ago I abruptly decided to take a step back from blogging/social media. It had been many months of this feeling of self doubt, persistent fear and sense of disconnect creeping in to the point where I felt creatively crippled. Content creation became a chore and I couldn’t fully connect with this community I had spent years building. I didn’t know what my “why” was and I felt like a fraud; something I’ve discussed in a recent YouTube video (link in bio).

Sharon Mundia

I’ve had a long time to reflect and I’ve rediscovered my love for creating content, love for my body (hello child birth!) and love for my truest self. But most importantly, I now know what my intentions are with this platform and with any other I choose to share bits of my life through. I’ve fought hard to shake off those negative feelings and thoughts and replace them with ones that celebrate life and honour my calling, wholly and unapologetically.
On that note, I’d like to reintroduce myself: Hello, I’m Sharon. Let’s light the world up together. ✨

P.S.: Motherhood is this big, beautiful, sometimes scary thing that I wear proudly and I can’t wait to share more with you. 💜👶🏾 📷@tatianakaranja”

Here are reactions from her followers:

Mrmuba: Queen Bey 🇰🇪

Xufan007: Good to have you back!!

Avibrantlife: Welcome back love!

Akinyi: 😀welcome back, missed ur blog

King nungari:Welcome back.. #loveandlight

Trizahh: Welcome back Sharon

Anapolegitic: We missed u 🤗🤗

Maissey: Been waiting for you. @this_is_ess Congratulations btw

Shar: Welcome back Sharon! So Great to have you back!

Yvonne: Weelcooome back😍😍… You’ve been missed ess

Faith: This is so beautiful and genuine. I love you so much and I appreciate your energy. @this_is_ess the world needs you. It really does. Remind yourself constantly that very few are chosen what you do. ❤️❤️ Love, creativity and passion, do your thing lady!


Too Cute: Fashion Blogger This Is Ess Finally Reveals Her Daughter’s Name

Fashion blogger Sharon Mundia, popularly known as This Is Ess, has been missing from the public for a while now as she was on maternity break. The news of her delivery was first broken by her friend and colleague, Susan Wang, on their Youtube channel, Our2Cents.


Sharon’s husband also made a debut in one of the episodes where he talked about parenthood and what he learned ever since his daughter was born.

Too Cuddly! Sharon Mundia’s Husband Unveils Their Daughter’s FACE To The World For The First Time (PHOTO)

Well, Sharon is back to work and she was welcomed with open arms by her crew who were happy to see her after taking sometime off to take care of her daughter.

Sharon Mundia daughter

During the episode, she revealed the baby’s name which is super cute just like the parents.

She said, “I had to take care of my baby that’s why I was away, but for the most part, you’ll be seeing me around unless there’s something major I can’t do because I still have a baby to take care of. This experience has been incredible and there’s nothing that can be compared to that. My baby’s name is Aria Nailantei Leteipan, but we call her Naila.”

Blogger Sharon Mundia Might Be HEAVILY Pregnant With Twins, Here’s Proof (VIDEO)

Fashion blogger Sharon Mundia, who is due in a few weeks’ time, might be expectant with twins.

The sassy lass, known to many as This Is Ess, caused a lot of speculation after referring to her bundle(s) of joy as “they” in a video that was posted on YouTube on Thursday, May 18.


In the video which was shared by Our2Cents, an online show that Sharon hosts with Susan Wong, the former repeatedly says “they” while rubbing her hands against her belly.

As the video begins, singer Patricia Kihoro – who was a guest on the show – and Susan seem fascinated with Sharon’s belly movements so much so that it seems to be a distraction.

He’s A Hopeless Romantic: Read What Sharon Mundia’s (This Is Ess) Husband Wrote to Her

When she noticed that it was taking their minds away from the topic of the day, the fashion blogger said: “I think they are gone, they are done now. Cause they want us to talk today.”

Watch the video below.

But then again, the practice of referring to unborn

HAPPY COUPLE! Top Blogger Sharon Mundia Finally Shows Off Her HUGE Baby Bump Months After Announcing Her Pregnancy

Top Kenyan blogger and stylist Sharon Mundia aka This Is Ess, walked down the aisle in a colorful and lavish wedding affair back in 2016 at a breathtaking beach scenery.

The celebrated blogger exchanged vows with the love of her life banker Lonina Leteipan at the elegant ceremony which was attended by their family members and close friends like Janet Mbugua and hubby Eddie Ndichu, Edith Kimani, Patricia Kihoro and more.

Sharon and her hubby are no doubt one of the cutest celebrity couples in Kenya and their adorable and romantic life can make anyone want to fall in love and experience the same feeling.


Though there was speculation and rumors that their relationship was a bit rocky and that they were on the verge of a breakup, the two never commented on the allegations but chose to keep it low, but proved that they were still together on social media.

Sharon Mundia has however not been sharing any photos of her pregnancy on social media or any publishers or magazines, and fans were wondering when she wold show off her baby bump, but finally, the love birds are updating us.

He’s A Hopeless Romantic: Read What Sharon Mundia’s (This Is Ess) Husband Wrote to Her

The beautiful fashionista has finally shared adorable and gorgeous photos flaunting her huge baby bump, which is clear that she’s about to pop very very soon.

In the photos, Sharon and Lonina cuddle as they longingly hold her belly, while in other shots, Mundia is glowing happily showing off her pregnancy and I have to say, she looks delightful.

Without further ado, check out the heart-warming photos of Sharon Mundia’s baby bump below.


He’s A Hopeless Romantic: Read What Sharon Mundia’s (This Is Ess) Husband Wrote to Her

Sharon Mundia popularly known as This Is Ess is an admired public figure. She came to the limelight a few years ago when she started her own blog, where she shares her journey in life and the little things that matter to her the most.


She has gained public recognition quite fast with her sense of style and her love for adventure. Last year was Sharon’s year as she ended the year with a smile and a brand new family. She said I Do to the man of her dreams, Lonina Leteipan, at a colourful wedding at Madina Palms Beach Resort. The all white wedding was attended by friends and relatives and it was an invite only.

Everything was done on the down low as many people did not know she was married until photos started making rounds on social media.

But one thing that shocked many was when she posted a photo on social media, wishing her fans a Merry Christmas, she apparently pregnant. This raised questions if she was pregnant when she got married. It was pretty much clear though.

Her husband, on International women’s day, revealed that they are indeed expecting a baby girl as he celebrated the women in his life.

Lonina is a hopeless romantic and if you follow him on social media, you’ll understand what exactly I’m talking about.

This is Ess

Well, the ninja is more than happy to have Sharon as his wife. He went ahead to jot down a beautiful message on social media expressing what Sharon means to him.

He wrote, “There comes a time in every man’s life when you need to seriously look to the future. But your wife does things to remind you to be grateful for today.”

We can all agree that Sharon is one lucky girl.

Beautiful! Check Out This Is Ess’s Reaction To Her Baby Kicking (PHOTOS)

Sharon Mundia commonly known as This Is Ess is expected to deliver her bundle of joy anytime soon, but that is no news by now.

However, in her latest Vlog, the baby kicked and the expression on Sharons face is priceless to say the least.

BABY NEWS: Here Is How This Is Ess Is Doing In Her Third Trimester!

The fashion blogger was about to answer a question on how she’s able to stay stylish during her pregnancy, even as she continues to grow bigger when the baby kicked unexpectedly.

Susan definitely stole the show in this episode. She seemed speechless as she watched Sharon’s belly trying to touch it.

The celebrated fashion blogger is in her third trimester and she is more than ready to welcome her unborn child.

BABY NEWS: Here Is How This Is Ess Is Doing In Her Third Trimester!

Sharon Mundia commonly known as This is Ess is in her third trimester and there is a lot going on in her life.

In the latest Vlog, Sharon reveals to fans about how her life is moving on and how eager she is to give birth.


Asked how she is doing Sharon explained that she is getting more and more exhausted as the days go by.

“I am so exhausted I thought I was a soldier but I feel like I want to be battered to death on the field right now,” she says.

She has also confessed that she is still experiencing the backaches and they have gotten even more uncomfortable.

Too Adorable: Meet Fashion Blogger This Is Ess’ Unborn Child (Photos)

When you are pregnant it is advisable to sleep on your left side but for Sharon, there is no side working for her so she spends her nights rolling around trying to find the right position to sleep in.


The celebrated fashion blogger has still not yet gotten any specific food cravings.

“I still don’t have any major feelings but, right now, in this moment, I could use like a nice crunchy salad or something like that with like chicken.”

Her fashion hasn’t changed much even as she continues to expand; so how is she able to cope or what’s her secret?

5 must have bags and shoes by Fashion blogger Sharon Mundia

“As for fashion, I have a problem wrapping my head around going out to just buy maternity clothes. I can’t get myself to do it so I have been working with my old pieces that are quite stretchy.”

Sharon has admitted that she has only bought two dresses since she got pregnant and she has also been wearing a lot of her hubby’s shirts! Sounds like boyfriend shirts!

Too Adorable: Meet Fashion Blogger This Is Ess’ Unborn Child (Photos)

Fashion blogger Sharon Mundia popurlaly known as This Is Ess made headlines last year after she tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend (now husband) Lonina Leteipan. Their grand wedding was the talk of town with an all white theme affair at the Medina Palms Beach Resort.


Sharon has been missing from the public scene ever since she got married. Even her blog and social media accounts have gone dry for months now, leaving fans wondering what might be the case.

Thisisess named in Africa’s top street style instagrammers

Last year December, she posted a photo on her Instagram account wishing everyone a merry christmas. What caught many people’s eyes was the fact that she was actually pregnant. The photo started raising questions if she got married while pregnant. But only they know the answer to that.

About a month ago, Sharon talked about her pregnancy journey during an episode of Our 2cents with Susan Wang. She revealed that she’s pretty excited about it although she had been experiencing backaches.


Her husband, on the other hand loves his social media accounts and is always posting photos of the two together.

Today is International Women’s day and Lonina shared photos of the women he appreciates in his life. Amongst the photos was a never before seen framed photo of their baby’s ultrasound with the initials ‘DAD’ on the side of the frame.

Could they be expecting a baby girl?

Check out the photo below;