You expect me to be a skinny a* b*ch…?! Shakilla harshly responds to pregnancy rumours

For the longest time I have known Shakilla, the socialite has been curvaceous. But it seems that some fans might think that there is more to her size now than meets the eye.

The controversial media personality is now at loggerheads with some of her fans and followers after they questioned whether she was pregnant due to her recent weight gain.

This is after the 19-year-old has been posting multiple videos while out of the country for a while now. However, she shut down the rumours hard during an Instagram Q and A, saying that she was just enjoying good money.

“Wow, so this is a question that I’ve been asked by so many people. Okay. So, first of all, I wasn’t pregnant, I am not pregnant and I’m not getting pregnant any time soon.”

My dowry stands at Ksh 10 million right now! Shakilla says astounding Kenyans

About her weight, Shakilla replied to her fans by saying,

”What the hell did you expect me to do? You expect me to be a skinny a* b*ch…? That’s not going to happen when I’m enjoying good money. No, I’m going to add weight because it’s mine and it’s my body.”

One should expect that type of confidence from her answer as Shakilla is a woman who doesn’t mind speaking her truth so much so that in the past she had admitted that she has “been with” over 97 men, and none of them was Kenyan.

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Kutupa pesa kwa sewage! Kenyans say on paying Sh10 million bride price for socialite Shakilla?

Shakilla is one socialite who thrives on saying the craziest things online. From claiming to have had s3x with some of the most famous male celebs online to random rants online that make no sense.

Last week, the socialite said that her bride price would be no less than Ksh 10 million. Not only that, the lady insisted that the price should also include 15 bulls!

That led us to conduct a poll. Do you agree with her assessment? Kenyans did not agree with her opinion and did so in overwhelming numbers. A screenshot of the results are below:

Shakilla poll
Shakilla poll

Kenyans commented on the poll below;

Si heri ninyonge

Kwani anakam na miracles babies.

Kwani does she come in pull package??

Kwani ako na nni, yake ni ya gorofa

No way.

Yes if her pussy has stairs.

Are people still paying dowry??

Afadhari nizikunywe sabinaJoy.

Kwani ana nini crude oil?

That’s nonsense.

Ni kama kutupa pesa kwa sewage.

She ain’t even worth a bob.

Ujinga Kwani is she an investment assets???ubombo heri ni nyonge maisha yangu yote.

Before stating a figure as bride price the lady and family should imagine if they are ready to refund the bride price incase it must be refunded. Nowonder those whose high bride price is paid rarely have peace in marriage.

10 Million shilling doesn’t match the value of human being.. bride price is a sign of appreciation and honor to a woman’s parents not a debt to pay or a life compensation!

As njugush once said”heri nilale karura na mambweha”.

Ata 20k is a no.

The women we want are priceless.

Mbuzi moja iko na minyoo is enough.

10 Million wapi ata Kim Kardashian alipeanwa free kwa Kanye west.

That ghetto rat with nothing to put on the table apart from worn out organs with STI.

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My dowry stands at Ksh 10 million right now! Shakilla says astounding Kenyans

Whoever is mentoring Shakilla in the art of being a socialite is either doing a great job or a bad one-the jury is still out on that one.

For my part, I think that she has done well for herself since she burst onto the scene in mid-2020 if one just looks at the amount of publicity she has been getting since then.

And let’s not lie that publicity(whether negative or positive) is the currency in the socialite-world.

The lady is at it again, yep even making me write about after a long hiatus from this prestigious online destination. Hahaha!

The curvy dark-skinned lady surprised many Kenyans online when she declared how much her parents would be expecting were they to conduct dowry negotiations on her behalf today.

The former Wife Material contestant said that so far she had done a good job making a name for herself, so whoever wants to have her hand in marriage has to have deep pockets to afford her bride price.

The controversial personality posted her message concerning her dowry requirements on her Instagram stories, where she said that her boyfriend would have to pay KSh 10 million as her dowry in the current ‘market’.

And that’s not all! Apparently, that figure still hasn’t taken into account 15 bulls and house shopping not less than KSh 100k.

In her words, she wrote: “If I was to get married right now my dowry would stand at (Ksh) 10 million… Facts, that’s exclusive of the 15 bulls and house shopping of not less than (KSh) 100k.”

Ben Pol paid “hundreds of cows” for Anerlisa’s dowry

While the socialite who claims to have hob-nobbed with the who’s who’s among male celebrities might be serious( and I seriously doubt that!) in her estimation of herself, one wonders who will conduct the negotiations as she and her father are estranged at the moment.

In a radio interview, Miss Shakilla said that she likes the non-existing relationship she has with her father as it gives her peace of mind, adding that her father doesn’t really understand her.

. ”We had arguments in the house, he kept saying I am disrespectful and I was also saying I have a voice and I needed to be heard and he would say that he is the head of the family and that I should listen to everything that he says,” Shakila disclosed.

Question is; Would you pay Ksh 10 million in bride price for Shakilla?

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Juma Jux shocks fans as he spends time with socialite Shakilla (video)

Shakilla is known to normally make unsubstantiated claims about the type of men that she hangs out with. The claims have gotten her into trouble in the past with men like Victor Wanyama, Willy Paul and Khaligraph Jones calling her out.

Just last month, Shakilla made the claim that she and Rayvanny were exchanging DM’s, something that she again couldn’t back up.

But that doesn’t mean that the dark-skin curvy socialite can’t come up with a rabbit in a hat sometimes. This past weekend the young lady has been seen in the company of Tanzanian singer, Juma Jux.

Yes, you read that right! The woman who recently featured on Eric Omondi’s Wife Material season 1, was captured on video with the man who used to date Vanessa Mdee.

Check out the video below:

Read some of the nasty comments from Kenyans below:

Huyu nae amekuwa international hole😂😂🙌

Haiyaaaaaa her business is expanding and opening branches in the neighbouring countries 😂😂😂😂

Tuseme msanii hajakula hii kitu east africa ni mimi😢😂😂😂

Shimo yake ni export 😂😂

😂😂😂😂amepeleka upoko tz😂😂😂enyewe huyu hana life ingne

The Tanzanian RnB singer landed in Kenya on Thursday night ahead of his much-anticipated concert dubbed ‘The Finest’ that will be going down on 14th February 2021.

Upon touch down, the Sio Mbaya hitmaker mentioned that he is looking forward to having a good time with his Kenyan fans.

The bongo flava sensation will share the stage with celebrated Kenyan R&B singer and songwriter Otile Brown who has been topping the chats with his Just in Love Album, which was released mid last year.

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“Big up to girls who respect themselves” Mejja responds to Shakilla diss


When Mejja was featured in the number one song in Kenya, Nairobi, so many people came at him for the verse he dropped.

People did not like it and everyone has an opinion like Bensoul said. But one Shakila who makes sure she trends every day by what she does or says was did not have the nicest words to Mejja.


She said he gives mediocre verses.

He has never responded to her. Vivian is the one who tried to salvage the situation by saying she has a crush on him.

Speaking to Mwende and Cleo, he finally addressed this situation and he did not have something nice to say. If you know, you know.

“First of all, have nothing to say to her. I am not happy with the way people are normalizing abnormality. And I will not be the one to reward abnormality. I think it is high time Kenyans should be aware of this. There is a girl who does not expose her nudity, she is well educated you get? She is hustling and has not gotten a job for a year. But there is this one who is using remotes and doing the most and she is given a job and money. You are teaching the lady with principles that it is okay to be abnormal because I am decent and I respect myself but I am not winning. And that is why I will not reward abnormality.

Big up to those girls who respect themselves.”

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Shakilla alleges that she and superstar Rayvanny have been chatting on DM’s

It seems that controversial Kenyan socialite Shakilla is expanding her reach into the neighbouring borders. The lady, who has in the past alleged that she had liaisons with famous Kenyan male celebs like Willy Paul and Victor Wanyama, has done it again.

Done what again? She is claiming that she and Tanzanian superstar Rayvanny have been in direct contact via Instagram.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by CHUI… 🐯 (@rayvanny)

She said, “At the beginning, Rayvanny wasn’t replying to my DMS but nowadays he is.”

The 19-year-old also revealed details of her long time crush on the Tanzanian artist.

“I admire Rayvanny very much and I keep on saying that. Let’s start with his hair, his body physique, his eyes and above all his magical voice.”

She claimed that although she was speaking to the artist, that she still hadn’t expressed her feelings to him, warning ladies about the danger of hitting on a man first.

“Don’t ever tell a man openly that you love him because he is going to use it as a weapon against you in future. if you love a man take it step by step and then give your all at long last now.”

Everyone who knows Shakilla will take this admission with a pinch of salt as she has already been bursted in the past alleging her liaisons with celebs like Victor Wanyama and Khaligraph Jones.

Rayvanny himself doesn’t seem to be in a nice place relationship-wise as he recently blasted his baby mama, Fayvanny when she tried to claim him as her man on her Instagram page.

He instantly told her to delete his image! Ouch!

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The biggest celebrity scandals in 2020

2020 was affected by Covid-19 and a wash according to many people. It was a year of survival but despite that celebrity scandals still popped up.

Some of those scandals are below;


Shakila had a crazy interview with Xtian Dela that opened a can of worms. In the Instagram video that went viral, Shakilla claimed that she had sex with over 15 Kenyan celebrities and Wanyama was among them.

Some of the celebs named were Willy Paul, Ringtone, Khalligraph Jones and footballer, Victor Wanyama. Mr. Wanyama wasn’t joking around and threatened to sue(and even took steps) Shakilla prompting her to quickly apologise.

Shakilla again

The socialite was caught in another scandal, this time with Willy Paul. The musician claimed that she had dropped in his house announced.

Willy said that her mission was malicious and that he suspected that she might have been sent to him. Shakilla meanwhile refuted those claims and said that the musician had invited her to his place but that he changed tune when she reached his home.

The conflict reached a fever pitch with Willy having the socialite arrested. Up to date the two are still accusing the other of lying about what really happened.

Dj Mo 

The Dj was caught in a cheating scandal with a certain socialite who shared intimate details that proved that she and the celeb had been having an affair.

The scandal looks to have cost the Dj his prime job at NTV but Size 8 stood by him and they seem to be mending their marriage.


The Kikuyu singer was caught up in a scandal when it was alleged that he had impregnated politician Karen Nyamu.  The Benga musician dismissed the claims he was dating Karen who is a city lawyer and director at the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company.

Samidoh said the story published by a local publication is fake as the two are just friends. “I have a wife with children and I do not intend to get another one with the current economy. I have not been dating her, she has just been my big fan for a long time.”

The brown bag in Joho’s plane

In July this year when politician Ali Hassan Joho visited Dubai to see his friend Raila Odinga, a mysterious brown bag was spotted in his private plane belonging to an unknown female.

Kenyans who can double up for the FBI decided to investigate who the owner could have been? The early contender was Betty Kyallo who quickly quelled those rumours with photographic evidence as to her whereabouts.

The next in line was influencer Natalie Tewa. The evidence was brought by Edgar Obare who proved that Natalie was in Dubai at the time of Joho’s visit. The ruckus that came after his revelation has dogged Edgar to this day.

There are many more scandals. These are the ones I could remember at the top of my head.


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Shakilla – The most controversial socialite of the year

Shakilla became the trending socialite this year. The 19-year-old came on the scene when her infamous interview with Xtian Dela on Instagram went viral.

Why Xtian Dela hanging out with Shakila after their crazy interview is a big blunder

So looking back on 2020, we will compile the crazy things that the dark-skinned lady was involved in.

That infamous interview

That interview with Dela was a real turning point in the life of the socialite as until then she had not been on people’s radars.

In the interview, Shakilla claimed that she had slept with a slew of celebrities. She listed the likes of Willy Paul, Victor Wanyama, Otile Brown, Ringtone and Khaligraph Jones.

Most of the celebs on the list came out to deny the allegations with Wanyama even suing Shakilla. That prompted the curvy lady to apologise to both Wanyama and Khaligraph.

But that wouldn’t be the end of her dramas as a few weeks later she was again involved in a bitter back and forth with Willy Paul.

The reason wasn’t principally the allegations she had made about him but an unscheduled visit she made to the hit-maker’s home. What went down is still up in the air as both parties accuse the other of spiking the well.

Willy on his part claimed that Shakilla had come to his home late at night unannounced, something that the socialite disputed saying that he had invited her.

The visit however ended on a sour note for her as she was arrested  and held at a police station after Willy called the cops on her.

Willy claimed that the odd things she did when she came to his house, were proof enough for him to suspect that she had been sent by an enemy with malicious intent.

Meanwhile Shakilla maintains that her visit was planned saying the “Hallelujah ” singer had invited her only for him to claim that she had budged in.

Whatever the case, I am sure this isn’t the last we will be hearing about Shakilla.

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Anaball! Fans react as Eric Omondi spotted comforting Shakilla in hospital (video)

Eric Omondi has been hosting his highly entertaining and controversial show, “Wife Material” the past couple of weeks. The comedian who has come under serious fire for his antics on the show has nonetheless pushed on and is still getting the publicity that a show like his thrives and lives on.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

Yesterday, the comedian revealed that the most famous contestant on his show, the famous Shakilla had fallen ill. He posted a video of him comforting the ailing Shakilla in the hospital.

Some of the comments from concerned and highly critical fans are below;

Kwanini hukumpea attention wewe😁… Sasa ona

Remote imeisha battery kwani????

Hadi kufikia sahii Nimegundua Erico unampenda Shakila.. Wale wa streets mikono juu 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

Ni ball😂😂

Are sure sii mimba yako😂😂

Mwongeze remote si maji😂😂😂😂😂

Pia huyu anakuanga mgonjwa😍😂

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

Uko sure hujapiga kuni akashidwa kupumua 🤣

shidake ni gani… ni kama hajazoea kupendwa huyo akogonjeka…. 😂😂

Waah unakonda banaa

Maybe she’s pregnant

Aaaaah…..huyo amekulwa na wengi kuliko dhambii imefanya😂😂😂

Kwani ulimpeleka bedsitter 🥴🥴🥴🥴😂😂😂😂

Kwani aliingia bed sitter

Ati love of my life ang’owa 🤣🤣🤣

Waaaah the comments 😂😂😂wakenya aki hamna huruma😂😂😂🙌🏼🙌🏼

Kalimix mnazi na viceroy😂

Maskini Shakila😂

quick recovery shakilla

Mimba dogo husumbua sana poleni hongereni

😂Shida za ku deal na under age🤦‍♂️.

Imekua soap kabisa

I love Shakila … she’s just an adorable baby 🤣

Nguo za mtumba zilimsuffocate😂

Erick kuwa na stock ya P2 kwa hio nyumba.See now

Jana was traumatized na nguo za mtumba😂😂😂😂

she must have slept in a bed sitter ..🤦🏿‍♂️

Kwani alilala kwa bedsitter😂😂

Ako na stress juu ya competition😂

Kwani alilazwa kwa Bedsitter 😂😂🙌smh😩😂🔥

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Wueh! Shakilla talks dirty while praising Eric Omondi’s new muscular body

Shakilla really knows how to keep her name in the spotlight. The socialite has thrust herself back into it this week after her comment on comedian Eric Omondi’s new physique.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

The woman is taking her richnesses to levels hitherto unseen with her publicly thirsting for Eric on the interwebs. It seems that accusing famous men of sleeping with her wasn’t enough for her, she also went into Eddie Butita’s DM, which went poorly for her.

But now Eric is the new man that the curvaceous woman is looking at. In one of her recent posts on social media, the controversial celeb went all in flirting with Eric.

It happened after Eric had warned his followers online that they should hide their women from him as he was now slaying with his body.

I told you to hide them to avoid this many apologies…Hamskii. Leo naenda tao so msikubalie madem wenyu wakuje tao juu they cant help it and you cant blame them. JUST HIDE THEM!!!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

But who is Shakilla?! She decided to comment on his threat with the answer below; “Where exactly in town?”

And that wasn’t all! She went on to tell Eric that she had actually waiting for this moment; and now that she was almost there the socialite even described what needed, writing; “That is exactly what I want you to do…touch this lil dingily thing that swing in the back of my throat.”

Weh! Talk about bold!


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