Xtian Dela is a broke man, we are not on the same level – Ringtone declares (exclusive)

Ringtone and Xtian Dela are at war. The reason for that is Shakila’s interview with Dela where she alleged that Ringtone had slid into her DMs, something the gospel singer strenuously denied.

He went on to threaten Xtian Dela that if he continued with such behavior, he would send a couple of gay men to rape him in a video he has since pulled down.

Xtian Dela quickly responded to Ringtone’s video and threatened to expose Ringtone for who he is, requesting for some of his followers to come forward with scandalous information about the gospel singer.

When I asked the singer what he had to say about this threat, he said that he wasn’t afraid.

“He should expose me then. I am a public figure. Anybody who has anything about me, let them print, let them post, neither am I paying anybody to be exposed. Let him do it. Let him expose him. Tell him to do it quickly. He is failing his evil fans.”

He then went on to add that he was wondering why the prominent social media influencer hadn’t yet turned up any crazy information about him.

“I went to sleep early-you know as rich people do that-waiting for big things to be dropped by him, kumbe it’s all fake stuff. He is failing his fans or he will lose credibility.”

She isn’t even in my class like Zari – Ringtone dismisses socialite Shakila (exclusive)

Mr. Apoko then savagely attacked Xtian’s pocket. “I know he is a broke man. I don’t fear anything from him. Dela is paying rent, I am living in my own home. When I wake up I count the number of cars that I have. Dela is paying a loan. Between me and him who should be afraid? I do not sing to get money. I do it because of the love of God.”

Ringtone explained that he had deleted his controversial video because his pastor had called him and told him to remove it. He said that the video has served its purpose as the bloggers had already seen it and published it.

The singer then went on to say that Shakila had been coached poorly by Xtian and that some of her facts weren’t accurate.

“Tell him that when he is coaching that girl (Shakila) he should do it well and not the way he has done. When she says that I have a grey Mercedes Benz, that isn’t true cause I haven’t ever owned one.”

Ringtone feels that Xtian is trying to get clout and that the interview was one way to go about it. “Xtian Dela wants clout and he had coached Shakila to name big celebs.”

Adding, “He has called me many times to go to his live and I have refused. Me and Xtian Dela don’t know each other personally. I don’t have his number and maybe he has mine. We are not on the same level, with all due respect.”

He finished off by saying that he would pray for Xtian. “I will pray for him. You see he is a pagan. I will pray for him and prayer works.”

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I was drunk! Shakila finally apologises to Victor Wanyama

Shakila has become the trending socialite. The woman blazed onto the scene when she claimed that she had slept with a plethora of male celebs during an Instagram Live with controversial blogger X-tian Dela.

Most of the men she mentioned were incensed with her claims with Kenyan international football star Victor Wanyama even saying that he was going to sue her.

The 19-year-old has finally apologised to Wanyama, claiming she was under the influence of alcohol when she mentioned the footballer.

In an apology video she posted on social media, Shakila said,

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to victor wanyama and say sorry for the horrible things that I said about him. I’ve never met victor and neither has he paid me nor had sex with me. i was drunk at the time, foolish and excited being on x-tian’s live show. I apologise to his family and I’m sorry for any pain that I may have caused. I would like to take this opportunity to warn young people against the dangers of social media and the risk of being enticed into chasing fame.

Now will she apologise to Ringtone, who she also named?

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I was set-up! Him and his boys harassed me! Shakila speaks on Willy Paul scandal

Shakila lit up the interwebs the past few months after her highly controversial interview with Xtian Dela. The interview caused a whole hullabaloo after she claimed that she had slept with several high-profile male celebs.

But that wouldn’t be the last we would hear about her-A scandal later ensued that involved superstar singer Willy Paul. The singer alleged that the socialite had come to his home uninvited and proceeded to behave poorly in his home.

Despite her claims to the contrary, Willy said that he didn’t know her and hadn’t invited her to his home. Now Shakila is opening up more about the incident in a recent interview.

The 19-year old narrated how it all started between them before their ugly night scandal. “When we first met, our first interaction was just chats on Instagram and we never exchanged contacts,” Shakilla revealed.

She also claimed that she visited Willy Paul on the scandal-ridden night after he had invited her to his home, adding that she didn’t know how he got access to her contact.

Despite that red flag, she still proceeded to go to his home but didn’t find the singer at the home. She did meet a Tanzanian light-skin beauty in his house who welcomed her.

“The babe welcomed me in and told me Willy Paul had been waiting for me and that he would be back home in a few minutes,” Shakilla revealed.

She said that when Willy later returned he came with his boys and that is when some crazy drama ensued.

“Him and his boys harassed me, forced me to put in my phone passwords, started deleting stuff on my phone, screen-recording and sending stuff to himself from my phone. I was set-up!” she claimed.

She also threw down the gauntlet warning Willy Paul that he should avoid bringing her family and parents into their beef.

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I am not even her bf! She is insane, she is a psycho – Willy Paul on Shakila drama (exclusive)

Willy Paul was in the news two weeks ago after he broke the story that trending socialite Shakila had sneaked into his home under false pretenses.

The story got a lot of airplay with the two sides engaging in a lot of back and forth. But what had really happened? I had the opportunity to speak to the “Njiwa” singer this past week and he went in-depth on what had really transpired.

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A post shared by W.I.L.L.Y.P.O.Z.Z.E (@willy.paul.msafi) on

Pozze described Shakila as a woman who wasn’t OK in the head as he started his story. He added that he felt the whole situation had been a set-up from the start.

In Willy Paul’s own words below:

Something people don’t understand about the CCTV footage is that I live in a gated community. Once you have entered the main gate, you can now enter my gate, which always remains open. I dislike closing and opening the gate.

When she came I was in the studio with Teddy B, then this foolish kid called me. Don’t forget that I didn’t have her number. She lied about her identity saying that she was called Tiffany but I could tell from her fake accent that I knew her.”

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Respect my hustle! A revolution is coming! Beware!

A post shared by W.I.L.L.Y.P.O.Z.Z.E (@willy.paul.msafi) on

He added that a Tanzanian female guest then alerted him about a lady who had come to his house.

A few minutes later a Tanzanian lady who I had left at my home calls me telling me about a lady in the house who was claiming that she was my business partner. She told me that she let her in because she behaved as if she knew you well.

I told her to send me a photo of the lady and it turned out to be Shakila and she was just chilling there…That chick is mad! She even had the audacity of asking the Tanzanian lady the nature of the relationship that she had with me and I am not even Shakila’s boyfriend! She is insane, she is a psycho.

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It’s never that simple 😊💛#kitambigrowing😂😂😂

A post shared by 💖 RASTABABY 💖 (@i.am_shakilla) on

Because that TZ lady was very mature, she was just looking at her despite the invasive questions. So I reached there with my two male friends because I feared that she might have been sent. You know the way the industry is at the moment.

My front door had jammed and so I had to use the back entrance. When I entered the house I found her just strolling about in the kitchen like it was her place. Even when she saw me she wasn’t afraid! She is crazy.

I asked her what she was doing at my place? We have a mutual friend and I hear you have been looking for me. I have been calling you and you haven’t been picking up your phone. So I asked her, “if I haven’t been answering then why did you come?”

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Don’t panic, I’ll always be here! Thank you all fam!

A post shared by W.I.L.L.Y.P.O.Z.Z.E (@willy.paul.msafi) on

She then started changing her story and mentioned a name. I then took her phone and typed in the name. This is the name you said? She answered yes. I dialed that number with a private number from my own phone. That lady answered the call and I introduced myself. She was shocked. I asked her if she had told Shakila that I was looking for her? She was really surprised and refuted those claims.

I then left the house with the Tanzanian chick to the police station while I left my friends to watch Shakila. I filed an OB and then the police went and took her from my home. She then slept at the police station

I ended up sleeping late because of the whole fiasco and a such slept well into the new day. When I woke up I found missed calls from the police and a message that I should go and deal with the case of Shakila.

It happened that I was busy and I didn’t have time. It was 2 PM and so I told myself that by now she had learnt her lesson. So I called the cops and told them to release her but that they should warn her that she should never mention me anywhere in her life!

They then gave her the phone to speak to me where she proceeded to thank me profusely. She even promised never to repeat it again with her fake accent. But the moment she left she starts claiming that she was released on 50K bail! That alone should show you that that woman isn’t OK and we are blaming her and she is a psycho. She was sent by someone.

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A post shared by W.I.L.L.Y.P.O.Z.Z.E (@willy.paul.msafi) on

Even the way she was reasoning that day tells me she isn’t 100%. She was even provoking me to. She was telling me,’Beat me!, Beat Me!’.  My friends are the ones who were calming me down., telling me that she might have been sent cause there was a number that kept calling her. I finally picked up the phone and responded in anger.

The person replied by saying, “Pozee”. How can someone know to answer in such a manner when the person answering Shakila’s phone isn’t Shakila herself? This thing had been planned but it’s just that it failed.  She is a lady who has studied me. I don’t know who told her stuff about me. She was either looking for clout or blackmail me.

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I’ll try to answer comments today 😅😅be friendly

A post shared by 💖 RASTABABY 💖 (@i.am_shakilla) on

I have made changes since the security breach. I told the main gate to call me before they let anyone in. I don’t even understand how she lied her way in the first place. Maybe it’s because she looks like a kid.

How do you go to someone’s home and you don’t even know them. That lady is very lucky that I have a heart. Her mother should control her cause she will with someone who doesn’t have a heart.

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Shakila vs Willy Paul-Whose side of the story makes more sense?

Willy Paul and Shakila are the trending topic in entertainment news at the moment.

The reason is the conflicting stories that both have been giving about whether Shakila broke into Willy Paul’s house earlier in the week.

Willy has maintained that the socialite came to his house unannounced under false pretenses while Shakila said that she was played by the singer.

The back and forth is turning nasty as Willy decided to respond to Shakila’s claims that he had played her. He posted a series of chat screenshots yesterday that completely put Shakila’s claims to task.

Willy’s case

In them Willy claims that he didn’t know who gave her his number before she started calling him on WhatsApp before recently making direct calls to him.

She isn’t even in my class like Zari – Ringtone dismisses socialite Shakila (exclusive)

Willy Paul’s side of the story
“She keeps sending and unsending DMs, even asking me to go Live with her and break Xtian’s record. Huyu si ni wazimu?” bashed Willy Paul.

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A post shared by W.I.L.L.Y.P.O.Z.Z.E (@willy.paul.msafi) on

He questioned her visit to his premises, claiming she had been told by a mutual friend that he has been looking for her only to find out she was lying.

The artiste was also offended that she had claimed she was freed on bail but that he was the one who dropped the charges after she pleaded with him.

“Naskia akisema alitoka na bail, does she even know what bail is? Or maybe she meant alitoka na belly, because that is the only thing she can afford,” Willy Paul fired back.

Why his defense makes more sense than Shakila’s

Shakila has claimed that Willy played her by inviting her to his place and then setting her up with the police. First off, the socialite has a track record that calls into question whatever she says.

She was found lying about the men she had slept with on Xtian Dela’s IG live show. Xtian even had to apologise to some of those men for the claims she had made.

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Hapo vipi?

A post shared by W.I.L.L.Y.P.O.Z.Z.E (@willy.paul.msafi) on

Secondly, Willy is a man who keeps his dalliances with his women on the down-low. The man has made it an art-form to keep his private life hidden from the public.

For him to go to the police/media about the socialite tells me that this interaction most likely wasn’t of his own doing. Shakila is kryptonite at the moment for any serious male celeb who entertains her. Especially for someone like Willy who came up in the gospel fraternity.

Lastly, where is Shakila’s evidence? Willy has produced his receipts in spades. Where is Shakila’s evidence to prove her case?

But I could be wrong.

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Shakilla finally speaks after Willy Paul accused her of breaking into her home

Teenage socialite Shakila really knows how to keep herself in the headlines. The lady who became famous for allegedly knowing famous people was in hot water yesterday after Willy Paul accused her of breaking into his home.

This was announced by the singer himself who claimed that the curvaceous Shakila had broken into his home under false pretenses.

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A post shared by W.I.L.L.Y.P.O.Z.Z.E (@willy.paul.msafi) on

But Shakila who had allegedly been arrested has now come out to speak about the allegations. Using her IG stories, Shakila claimed that the singer had set her up and that she had fallen for his trap.

She alleged that his set-up was probably due to her revealing they had something going on the low. She at first wrote;

I’ve been set up not cool and i’ll be the bigger person here.

She went on to add that she had been released on cash bail after her lawyers intervened in the situation. She said that since Willy Paul had allegedly played her she would reveal all the dirty details.

“I’ve been released on bail and I have a story to tell….. A really interesting one that is lemme eat and spill the bitter tea…”

She isn’t even in my class like Zari – Ringtone dismisses socialite Shakila (exclusive)

Finishing by saying;

“Never felt wasted and cheated on like yesterday someone calling you comfortably in their premises which is so familiar to me and both of us know then boom set me up for trespassing. Like wtf???? I have so much to say just wait nun buh the truth.”

Who is telling the truth in this situation? All I can say is that this kerfuffle isn’t over.

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Mulamwah speaks on relationship with Shakila after intimate images of the two emerge

Just a few days ago, Mulamwah penned a sad and looooooooong message to his ex-lover Carol that had many wondering how he would recover from her.

I speculated about whether he would be able to move on from Carol or he would forever pine for her when he is old and gray.

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Dear SONIE , 💔 I am not a prolific Writter but I will try …. This wasn't an easy decision to make at all , especially at this point of my life . it has been a tough year already for me , and for both of us too , almost losing everything . But all this hapening now has been synergized and augumented by the recent “anthology” of events best known to us . The day we met we Laughed for a few minutes , made fun not knowing that we will be still together for the next 2years . Fate brought us together , and it's here again but for different reasons . I always wished to have a cute girl but God gave me an exquisite one , more than I had asked for . It has been real , the love … the fun and everything else we did together. I can't recall all but honestly it has been the best time of my life . I always carried you on my shoulders ; I don't know what you saw ahead 🥺 while was too preoccupied making sure that you remain at the top . I always believed that when you elevate your woman she will stand in for you when you are at your worst , and for many others in society too. That's all I ever wished and still wish for you , the very best in life , and in all aspects . Lessons are there to be learned, and eggs have to be broken to make omelettes . Mwenye alienda haja husahau , but mwenye alikanyaga hatawai . I believe all this will one day make sense . Asante sana for always being there for me . You made sure that am not a caricature. Can't say any more but wish you all the best the world can offer in your Bussiness , familly and careeer. I respect everything about you and decisions , what makes you happy makes me happy too , for the gender is for the goose , For this , Some will be happy (Kamati) , some sad but What matters is how you feel and progress on , even as we part ways I will always love you and keep you at heart until the day I will undergo rigor mortis , livor mortis and algor mortis . The when , the why and the how remains between us . Merci mi amor 🖤🖤

A post shared by Kendrick Mulamwah (@mulamwah) on

But it seems that the comedian has more resilience than I anticipated. This past weekend, Mulamwah was spotted in the company of trending socialite Mulamwah and from the clips and images posted online one could tell that they were having the time of their lives.

I think Mulamwah was dumped like a piece of trash by his lover Carol. Here’s why

Some started wondering whether the comedian had joined the ranks of famous people she had accused of sleeping with her for money.

But the comedian is one who likes dealing with rumour and conjecture quickly and directly. On his latest IG story, the comic said that hanging out with Shakila didn’t mean that they were dating, even though that was what many people believed.

He clarified their relationship with Shakilla saying;

About yesterday’s events, no one is dating anyone here and there’s nothing in between any of us whatsoever; it was just partying with those that are vybing with the same energy as you are. Anyways, I am loving the new me, lessons are to be learned. Siasa ziishe sasa tupige chronicles kama kawa. So subscribe and lets roll, newly structured show loading, we must have fun regardless. Konkiiiii



I believe him when he says that he and Shakila aren’t dating but I still don’t believe that he has moved on so quickly. His wording, “Anyways, I am loving the new me,” is very instructive of his state of mind.

You didn’t become a new person as a man the moment you break up…I will speak more on this in the future.

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Why Xtian Dela hanging out with Shakila after their crazy interview is a big blunder

Xtian Dela and Shakila were the talk of the gossip pages last week after their highly controversial Instalive where the socialite revealed a lot about herself.

The whole interview was high-octane with Shakila showing many that she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind about the interesting life choices that she had made.

But the thing that stood out for most was that she involved some famous male celebs in her stories claiming that she had slept with them.

She even accused Haramber Star’s captain Victor Wanyama of being one of her clients and that he had allegedly paid her Sh. 250k, who said that he would sue her.

Xtian was also drugged into the furor by some of the male celebs asking how he could allow the socialite to sully their names in such a fashion.

But it seems that Xtian and Shakila love reveling in the controversy. Why? The remnants of the storm that the interview created haven’t still ended but it seems that Xtian and Shakila don’t mind keeping it fresh in the publics’ minds.

Dangerous and exciting! Xtian Dela and Edgar Obare’s brand of Instagram journalism

Yesterday, Dela posted an image of himself holding Shakila and from the photo, one could tell how much fun they were having.

Shakila herself even shared an intimate video of the two making crazy moves. Thereafter leaning in to plant a kiss on the blogger’s neck, with a suggestive caption: “Guess who touching this lil dingly tonight 🤭🤭🤭”

While the two might have been having the time of their lives, many Kenyans in the comment section were offended by the picture and video saying that they had been played.

In essence, Kenyans were doubtful about the veracity of the contents of the controversial interview considering how “close” Xtian and Shakila were with each other.

In my view, Xtian did a blunder with his move of hanging out with Shakila. It makes him look biased for one. It also makes one question his professionalism considering how many people called out Shakila for lying on the interview.

Forcing the discerning public to ask, “Does Xtian hanging out with Shakila endorse all the information she dished out?” Lastly, for the long-term, I think it tarnishes his image as a man who is in search of the truth despite his personal biases.

Xtian is a man who prides himself on doing expose’s that are normally well-researched and can be backed by some form of evidence.

I think this public dalliance with Shakila will really hurt that reputation with some speculating about whether he held the incendiary interview because he was personally invested in it and not out of professional objectivism.

But what do I know?

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She isn’t even in my class like Zari – Ringtone dismisses socialite Shakila (exclusive)

Gospel singer Ringtone Apoko has been in the news this week after trending socialite Shakila announced that he had slid into her DMs.

She made that confession while speaking to Xtian Dela during a live Instagram session. I called the singer to hear his side of the story and he dismissed her claims telling me that he didn’t know her, had never seen her, or even met her!

“When she says that she came to my place in Runda that is close to Kubai, that isn’t true. I leave in a different area of Runda. Tell them to do their homework and scroll Instagram and see the type of cars that I have posted and learn.”

Adding that she should prove her case, saying,

If it is true, Shakila should prove the evidence with texts I sent her. She should prove that I used the number she gave me. Like most gospel artistes I get many messages on my DMs. I scroll through them and because I have thousands of DMs and answer some. When someone asks whether we should meet and have coffee on the DMs, does that mean I should refuse as a gospel artiste? Yes, why not. I get millions of DMs, some wanting a collabo and others telling my about their problems. I am a public figure. It was all PR for me.

He then went on to say that she wasn’t even the type of woman that he would date. “She isn’t even in my class. She isn’t even my type. I am the type of man who buys Range Rover’s for the women I am into. My class of women ni kuanzia Zari na kuendelea juu!”

He then stressed the issue of the type and class of woman he dates saying,

“If I could buy Zari a Range Rover…Have you seen that girl really? Please don’t lower my class. I have a lot of class. She is not in my league. I don’t think even people like Willy Paul can relate to her. She is a bit down.”

The “Zoea Mawe” then went on to conclude that he would never sue her but would treat her like a naughty younger sister.

“That girl, I would meet her and discipline her like an older brother. I can’t sue a poor person,” he derisively said.

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