Ladies, If You MUST Know, Here Are 5 Signs To Tell If A Man Is A Virgin

It is very unfortunate you can’t determine a man’s virginity through intercourse.

The best way to be certain if your Mr. Right is virgin is to ask him outright whether he has had sexual encounters in the past.

As usual there are signs that easy give a man out if he is truly a virgin. However, if you feel too shy to ask him, read this article for clues…

Ask him politely

In men, there are no physical indicators to determine their virginity. This is unlike women where a hymen breaks during sexual intercourse and normally leaves a little bit of blood.

Find the right time and ask your man politely. Since relationships must not be built on lies, he will hopefully openly tell you everything.

Physical relationship with women

A man who is a virgin can be differentiated from a man who engages in sexual escapades by monitoring his relationship with women. A man who is particularly shy around women and is reluctant to touch them in any way is most likely a virgin.

You might notice that, when you or another woman goes to hug or touch him, he becomes agitated and awkward, without quite knowing what to do with his hands.

Test the waters

If you are so eager to know his sexual status, plan a date night and take things to the bedroom.

Most guys will accept your honest invitation and give you the best sex of your life but virgins will quickly whisk away even before you start foreplay. He will be very shy, unable to speak and not daring to look at you.

These signs might simply be inexperienced lovers who still haven’t overcome the jitters when getting intimate with a woman, as opposed to complete virgins.

Quick orgasm

Men who are having sex for the first times are desensitized to their arousal and can’t control themselves to last longer in bed. In worst cases, they might not reach orgasm or have difficulty climaxing because of anxiety.

They are nervous; always thinking about how they are performing in bed.

Clueless during love making

Having sex with a virgin can be the worst day of your life. How?

He begins by touching you clumsily and quickly, without really knowing what he should do and where he should touch. Moving their hands all over your body quickly and in a frenzied manner clearly shows they are virgins.

Girl Languishes In Shame As She Admits To Sleeping With Her Cousin

Every one has that favorite family member whom they relate to quite well since childhood. Some of them go as far as falling in love with these family members but can control it and these feelings eventually fade.

Related image

This young girl had too much guilt after sleeping with her favorite cousin, who’s feelings were clearly mutual and now she cannot face herself. She took to social media to ask for much-needed advice on how to handle the guilt. Read on;

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“I have one favorite cousin we are very close so yesterday we were both in the house together so I went to his room to talk to him because we had something we were discussing about, in the process after talking he said I should pick the rashes at his back, from then he started touching me I was lost and the time I realized I told him to stop it but he was already overwhelmed by the whole thing, so he insisted and slept with me then tears rolled out my eyes and he started apologizing to me that he didn’t know what came over him. Right now am scared if there is a punishment in one’s tradition, I can’t get it off my mind because I will have to live with the thought all my life, how do I get over it. I have pleaded for forgiveness from God because I feel so ashamed of myself. Please, I need advice😔😩.”

Kenyan Women Share Their Hilarious Stories Buying The Morning After Pill

When you are young and fertile and broke, the last thing you want to do is get pregnant.

So on those days when you get a little sloppy after a raunchy night, best thing you can do is count your losses, hate yourself for a minute for not using a condom and march on to that pharmacy to get sh*t sorted.

Now while this should be a 3-minute affair max, there are times when it get’s a little more dramatic than intended.

These women know about that all too well about buying the pill. 

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1. When the pharmacists both decide this is the perfect time to ask if you are tired. 

2. Then there are those who take to gangster methods. 

3. Unnecessary questions for unnecessary reasons.  

4. Do we care? Not really.

5. Because there are a dozen other chemists in Nairobi.

6. Those chemists that will have none of it. 

7. Some are just plain rude. 

8. Whaaaat! 


GROSS! Deranged Man Sprays His Semen All Over Women At Shopping Centre

After reading about the idea online and being inspired by it, Timothy Blake decided to fill up a syringe with his own semen and spray woman shoppers at a Walmart in Ohio. Yes, you read that correctly: A man in Marietta, Ohio filled a syringe with his bodily fluids and squirted female shoppers… on the butt.

Promise, I’m not making this up.

According to CBS News, he’s done it dozens of times, too. After a few women came forward with similar reports about “creepy” Walmart Blake, he was charged on December 30 for pandering obscenity, sexual imposition and two counts of menace by stalking.

Apparently, the first woman came forward with her experience on November 2, claiming Blake was walking closely behind her when she felt a sticky and wet substance on her back and legs. She reportedly rushed to the bathroom to see what the liquid was and noticed Blake was still watching her when she walked out.

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The next report against Blake was documented on December 28, by a completely different woman. She shared a similar story. Based off the security footage from both disturbing incidents, Marietta Police was able to track Blake down by approaching his pickup and questioning him two days later.

When the police questioned Blake, he allegedly claimed the sticky white substance was a mixture of egg and flour. However, when police told him they’d have to run tests on the liquid, Blake confessed the sticky goop was actually his own semen.

To pull off the highly disturbing stunt, Blake claimed he would either masturbate in the bathroom at Walmart or his pickup truck. Then, he’d fill the syringe with his man juice and start spewing the liquid onto innocent shoppers. Yup, I’m gagging too.

To make matters even worse, the sick-minded man claimed he aimed at women’s butts because it was “his way of having sex with them.” On top of that horrific detail, it’s been confirmed Blake has a wife.

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They were both on their way to dinner when police stopped Blake for questioning. Blake’s wife didn’t know he had been committing the crime.

Married Man Dies After Taking Sex Drug Called ‘Manpower’ To Impress New Girlfriend

Man in his 30s was found dead in hotel room in Delta state, Nigeria. He is understood to have taken a sex drug called Manpower to impress a new girlfriend.

He is alleged to have died from “consistent hardness” after taking a sex performance enhancement drug for his mistress and maintaining an erection for too long. The married man, identified only as Samson, died in a hotel room in Delta State, Nigeria.

He is believed to have taken a stimulant, which can be bought over the counter. Its effects are similar to that of Viagra. His death followed a long period of love-making.

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A news website learned that the deceased was married with three kids and was found dead with his manhood standing erect.

Samson was reportedly boasting about his new-found love affair to people in a bar in the led up to the incident. Sources said he had planned to take the drug to impress his mistress, whom he had been seeing for around three months. One source said he could not ejaculate and died from stress.

After having intercourse for a long time, he could not ejaculate and must have died from the stress of the consistent hardness. He was overpowered by the drug and it was the first time he took such a drug.

Samson, believed to be in his thirties, had planned to go to the grand opening of a new bar when he visited the woman at a nearby hotel. The incident has not been reported to the police, added the news website.

Asked about the whereabouts of the lover, the source said she ran away on discovering that the man was dead

The police officer, who claimed to be close to one of the deceased relatives, said the corpse was still lying in the mortuary pending the family’s decision to bury him.


Her Husband Became A Woman But Wife Reveals How She Coped

A wife has revealed the moment her husband of 12 years revealed he wanted to be a woman.

Kristin Collier, 44, from Oregon, US, had only recently given birth to their second child when her husband, Fred, told her they needed to talk.

‘He admitted to me what he hadn’t wanted to fully admit to himself. He was transgender and wanted to live the rest of his life as a woman,’ the mother of two said.

Now Kristin has spoken to Daily Mail about how she came to terms with her husband’s shock revelation and transition to become a woman called Seda, and why they continue to live as a family – along with Kristin’s new romantic partner, Richard.

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Kristin said she had not previously suspected her husband wanted to be a woman

Speaking to Daily Mail, Kristin revealed Fred’s confession came shortly after the family had experienced a house fire – and had also recently welcomed a son, who was then seven weeks old.

‘I had been with my mum, regrouping after the fire and he said “we need to talk when you get home”.’

Kristin’s husband was reluctant to elaborate until they met, but Kristin persuaded him to give her one word as a clue as to what was wrong – to which he replied ‘clothes’.

'I struggled to accept and then embrace this part of my spouse which wasn't easy at all,' Kristin said

‘As soon as he said that I freeze-framed on what happened on something that had happened early on in our relationship,’ Kristin told Daily Mail.

What It Means To Regularly Have Dreams About Cheating On Your Boyfriend

‘I discovered a dress that was ripped out at the waist. I had said “what’s this?”  and the last thing I expected was for him to say “sorry, that will never happen again”.’

Fred had tried on her clothes – something Kristin filed to the back of her mind, until the day he told her he needed to talk.

'Despite the fact that we'd never sworn to stay together after her transition here we are still making it work under one roof,' Kristin said

Fred proceeded to confess to his wife that he wanted to be a woman – something Kristin admits was ‘confusing and scary’.

But, whilst the revelation was a shock, the pair did not decide to break up.

‘We were so close as friends and partners,’ Kristin said. ‘We had been together since we were 18. We did not make a decision to stay together no matter what, but we made a decision to stay present and current with each other.’

In time, Fred transitioned to become a woman, Seda, something his wife candidly admits she had conflicting feelings about.

She said the kids’ relationship with Seda is better than the one they had with their father.

‘Interestingly, when Seda was my husband he was pretty emotionally withdrawn and less available to the children. When he transitioned – and told them he of course still loved them – they were not concerned really.’

Kristin hopes that by sharing her story, she may help other families going through the same thing (pictured is her new family, with her partner Richard (left in black)

Kristin hopes that by sharing her story, she may help other families going through the same thing.


Angry Man Tarnishes His Girlfriend’s Sex Game Before She Posts Her Own Version

So men like it simple huh? This young lady must have gone through hell in her previous relationships and decided drama in the bedroom is the way to go. But what she does to this man makes him want to scream……for help! He took to social media to beg ladies to tell her to calm down. Read on;

“I went through my girlfriends chat, she was telling her friend that she will send our story to an instagram relationship page and tell them how ungrateful and unromantic I am, she even told her girlfriend that am bad in bed and my manhood is always soft. Now this is the truth since I have decided to post this before her. My girlfriend is very annoying but she thinks she is trying to be romantic Every time she will be licking her tongue like a snake and winking her eyes like cat all in the name of forming sexy. The most annoying one is when she puts her fingers inside her mouth like a little child and start to lick her lips and press her breast, who does that.

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Sometimes she try to give me lap dance which she know she is on a big side and am slim,she now want to sit on my laps and be doing rubbish,why won’t my d*** be soft. During love making she will be moaning off point and saying really annoying things like call me mummy, baby call me mummy I want you to call me mummy, like how? Maka why?
I have sat her down and asked her to change her ways that I don’t like all that drama but she won’t listen. Recently instead of her to shave her P**** hair clean as I like it, she went to style it and barbed it punk, left hair one side and shaved one side. My girlfriend is just too dramatic and put so much effort to please me with rubbish.
Am a very simple man and not ready for all the drama,if it is time to eat, cook food and serve it let us eat, but my girlfriend will start by dancing from the kitchen to the dinning table, sometimes she will break plates or cup all in the name of being romantic. Time for s3x, open leg let us do this thing, she will lick mouth, lick body, chew bed sheet, lick pillow, pour saliva all over the place, do so much drama by then my erection is weak. I know she will see this but if I have to come public to sound it to her head I will, after all she was coming here before I overtook her.
Ladies talk to her to keep it simple. Thank you.”

Girl, 13, married off to disabled man so that her dad can have two wives

A Pakistani girl of 13 has been married off to a 36-year-old disabled groom so her father can take the man’s sister as a second wife, it has emerged.

Wazir Ahmed, of Jampur, Pakistan, arranged his daughter Saima’s marriage to Mohammad Ramzan, in the hope Ramzan’s sister would provide him with a son.

Ramzan, who cannot hear or speak, and Ahmed were jailed for ‘a few days’ after police investigated the deal.

But Saima testified in court that she was 16 and they were released. She says she told the authorities she was 16 to protect her father and husband.

A Pakistani girl of 13 (left) has been married off to a 36-year-old disabled groom (right) so her father can take the man's sister as a second wife, it has emerged
A Pakistani girl of 13 (left) has been married off to a 36-year-old disabled groom (right) so her father can take the man’s sister as a second wife, it has emerged
Wazir Ahmed, of Jampur, Pakistan, arranged his daughter Saima's (pictured) marriage to Mohammad Ramzan, in the hope Ramzan's sister would then provide him with a son 

Wazir Ahmed, of Jampur, Pakistan, arranged his daughter Saima’s (pictured) marriage to Mohammad Ramzan, in the hope Ramzan’s sister would then provide him with a son

In an interview with the Associated Press, Ramzan had to use his fingers to count out her age when they married.

Ahmed, said she was 14, not 13, but her age was beside the point. It mattered only that she had reached puberty when he arranged her marriage as an exchange: his daughter for Ramzan’s sister, whom he wanted to take as a second wife.

His first wife, Saima’s mother, had given him only daughters, and he hoped his second wife would give him a son.

Read more: dailymail

Woman who said ‘no’ to sex with online date killed and body dissolved in acid

A man has allegedly dissolved his Tinder date’s body in acid after she refused to have sex with him.

Emmanuel Delani Valdez Bocangegra, 26, was arrested after human bones were discovered in rubbish bags on his apartment balcony in Mexico City, New York Daily News reported.

Next to the remains was a stash of caustic soda and hydrochloric acid.

The bones were confirmed to belong to 26-year-old student Francia Ruth Ibarra, by Attorney General Carlos Zamarripa Aguirre.

Ibarra was reported missing by family in Leon, Central Mexico, earlier this month after missing a meet up with friends.

The pair are thought to have met on the dating app Tinder.

Bocangegra was reported to have met up with her several times in the months leading up to her disappearance on December 3.

New York Daily News reported that authorities believe Bocangegra murdered his victim after she refused to have sex with him, according to local media.

Local media also reported that her bag and clothes were found in his apartment.

Ibarra’s involvement with Bocangegra – an ex-medical student – is alleged to have been uncovered by her college friends who ‘dug around’ in her social media.

He is also said to be the last person she was seen with before she disappeared.

New Year, New Resolutions! Check Out These Tips To Make 2017 The Year You Have The Best Sex Yet!

As people make their new year’s resolutions for 2017, many of them will be the same: exercise more, drink less, have better sex.

When it comes to the last goal, Sydney-based Dr Nikki Goldstein has you covered.

The sexologist, relationships expert and author spoke to Daily Mail about how to have the best sex possible, giving her top tips for 2017.



While touching and kissing are sometimes very prominent at the start of a sexual relationship, they can die down as time goes on.

This, Dr Goldstein, says, could be holding your sex life back.

‘We’re a hypersexual society that doesn’t incorporate a lot of touch,’ she explained. ‘Upping touch not only brings more intimacy, it can help women to get more aroused and into sex.

‘Kissing a lot and touching a lot is a great way to reinvigorate your sex life.’


While porn can be something fun occasionally, studies show that watching too much of it can lead to decreased sensation when having sex.

The problem, according to the sexologist, is when people forget that porn isn’t real and not something to take tips from.

‘Porn is something that is a fantasy,’ Dr Goldstein said. ‘Porn has to keep doing things people can’t do themselves to keep them interested. It’s a cycle.

‘Despite all the technology advances in sex so many people are still unhappy in the bedroom.’


However ditching porn doesn’t mean you should just keep your sex life vanilla.

Dr Goldstein said that in 2017 you should focus on making your sex about pleasure, to try new things and to see what works.

‘Don’t be scared to experiment with pleasure and try out things you actually want to do, and not what you think you should want.

‘Explore things because of the physical pleasure they might bring not because it’s taboo.


Rather than recommend a slew of high-tech and expensive sex toys, Dr Goldstein recommended going back to basics.

‘Use more lube!’ she said. ‘Lube is the unforgotten sex toy. People think you only need it as you get older, or if you’re not turned on, but everyone should be using lube.

‘Painful sex is your bodies way to of saying stop, something’s wrong. Some of the pain from chaffing or friction can be prevented with lube.


One thing that might be stopping you from having good sex, according to Dr Goldstein, is relationship problems that have nothing to do with the act.

‘Work out if there’s an underlying issues outside of the bedroom,’ she said. ‘If a couple isn’t sleeping together there’s often an emotional problem.

‘Have a glass of wine on the couch, own your emotions, and be open and honest about what is going on.
‘Celebrate what does work in your relationship and sort out the kinks and often your sex life will improve.’


One of the biggest traps people fall into, according to the sexologist, is comparing themselves to others or getting too focused on the sex they ‘should’ be having.

‘Stop pressuring yourself to have great mind blowing sex every time,’ Dr Goldstein told Daily Mail.

‘Have sex because you want to be having sex, not because you know your friend and her husband are having sex three times a week and you think you should be too. With social media we compare ourselves to others too much.

‘Even if you don’t feel like sex, kissing and cuddling with your partner, having a little a play, is great for intimacy.

‘Plus no one is going to tell you when they’re having bad sex, so there’s no point worrying about it.’















Sex, drugs and self-destruction: The dark side of George Michael he couldn’t fight

Sordid tales of sex in public with strangers, long-term drug abuse and being haunted by death – George Michael had a long and successful career – but he faced his fair share of scandal as well.

He carved out an international name for himself, but brushes with the law and tales of his drug use increasingly made more impact than his musical output.

It all began at the age of eight, when a head injury gave George a new found obsession with music.

His sex life also hit the headlines on a number of occasions.

He was once the hottest of all teen heart-throbs, with his picture adorning the walls of teenage girls’ bedrooms around the world.

But that all changed in 1998 when he was ‘outed’ as a gay man.

At the age of 34, George was infamously arrested in Beverly Hills after being involved in a “lewd act” in a public bathroom by an undercover police officer.

The Careless Whisper singer was reportedly caught during a police sweep of the Will Rogers Park, which sits across the street from the famous Beverly Hills Hotel.

He was alone in the bathroom, but the officer observed the “lewd act” and arrested him.

The Independent reported at the time that the officer wouldn’t reveal if the singer had exposed himself, but stated that “he was aware he was being observed. We believe Michael knew there was another individual who has walked into the bathroom and was aware of his presence”.

Though George was not the specific target for the sting operation, the investigation was launched after there were reports of “lewd acts” at parks frequented by families and children.

It was something he said would have “never happened” if his mother had been alive.

He parodied the arrest incident in the video of 1998 single Outside, which reached number two, but he struggled to reach such heights again.

The video featured him kissing police officers.

He pleaded no contest to the charge and was fined $810 and sentenced to 80 hours of community service.

The whole thing led to him coming out.

He told the BBC: “For some strange reason, my gay life didn’t get easier when I came out. Quite the opposite happened, really. The press seemed to take some delight that I previously had a ‘straight audience,’ and set about trying to destroy that. And I think some men were frustrated that their girlfriends wouldn’t let go of the idea that George Michael just hadn’t found the ‘right girl’ [yet]. Which is still what a lot of my extended family still think!”

But the star said he would never apologise for his sex life.




Singer Yemi Alade Recounts Experience With Perverts

MTV Africa Music Awards winner, Yemi Alade, is a smart one when it comes to handling sexual harassment.

The songster expressed disappointment that those she looked up to in the entertainment industry have demanded to have sex with her.

Speaking in an interview with Punch News, she said, “Record label owners and show promoters are all guilty of this.

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“Sexual harassment comes in different levels; some are intense, some are subtle, and some even come through third parties.

“However, I’ve never found myself in a situation that felt very uncomfortable.

“Once I see the signs, I run and the person would not even have the opportunity to go through with his evil plans.

“There are some people who I looked up to in the industry but surprisingly, they also wanted sex.”

It has been a great year for Alade who won the Best Female at the 2016 MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA).

She was the previous recipient in the same category in 2015 and rounded off 2016 by winning The Future Awards Africa (TFAA) Prize in music.

Wedding canceled after bride refuses to swear she won’t cheat on her man

A Nigerian wedding was yesterday cancelled because the bride refused to swear she’ll never sleep with another man apart from her husband.

According to Toni who shared the story:

A friend went for a wedding today only to call us and say it was canceled.. 😳😳
Like a “wedding” canceled…
guess why my people 😭😭😭😭

.they gave the lady palm wine and told her to swear that she’ll sleep with no other man but her husband.. babe no gree talk 🤗🙆🏽‍♂️😳🚶🏼
And wedding was called off…
like a WEDDING..
and this did not happen in a movie.

What’s your take on this Classic 105 fam?


Nairobi’s Danger Spot: Three men shot dead in rape incident at Bunyala Road, Nairobi

Three suspected rapists were last night shot dead in a botched attack on a woman near Makaburini area, Bunyala Road in Nairobi.

The men had attacked a woman and were dragging her into a bush when she raised an alarm. This alerted police who were patrolling there and chased them before shooting the three dead.

Police say they had not raped the woman but were struggling with her and that she was taken to hospital where doctors attended to her and confirmed she had not been raped but had an injury in the hand due to the struggle.

Police say the slain men had two pistols and knives at the time of the incident. The scene is infamous with such attacks.

‘My ex gave me his Prado for my wedding’ confesses Kenyan woman (Audio)

A female caller today Monday December 5th and shocked listeners on classic 105 after confessing that her married boyfriend offered her his luxurious car to be used during her wedding.

The woman said she had broken up with her married lover, after she told him she was looking for more in a relationship.

Apparently the two love-birds had an agreement early in their dating life, that if ever she wanted to move on from being a mpango wa kando, the man would give her his blessing.

And so the day came. The sponsor didn’t seem to be offended that she was walking down the aisle, and to prove this, he offered her his Prado to be used to ferry the bridal team.

The beautiful bride confessed that she later admitted to her new hubby about the car.

Doesn’t this make you feel like you need a dabo dabo ASAP even though it’s just Monday? Weuh. listen in as she tells Maina Kageni about her married lover;

Also read below comments from social media, reacting to the mans ‘generosity’.

prado ya ex inatumika kwa wedding yangu? Haki witchcraft is real

,mwanamke akitaka akukwamilie ati hiyo ni juju na mwanume akwamilie kwake ati amekukalia chapati



‘Kama ni juju si aende kwa Kanyari amwombee’ – Kenyans tell off women using juju

The extent that women go to to protect and safeguard their interest emerged today after our morning conversation with Maina Kageni.
Maina was recounting how he was with a female friend over the weekend who was telling him that she is going out with a married  man, and so far the relationship has been great. But here’s the thing, she now wants to move on to the next phase in her life.She wants to get married, but he has refused to listen and won’t accept that she wants to leave him.

Apparently her sponsor says he let her go of her, but he can’t marry her also.

Ladies are you going through something like this? Amekukwamilia kwa nini? Guys why won’t you let her go?

Read the morning conversation below;

Girls! Have you tried breaking up with your married boyfriend but he won’t let go?

This led to a heated discussion on social media, with Kenyans giving their take on the use of juju.

Read the hilarious comments below. What do you think?

Some problems people create for themselves coz huyo analia juju na she has someones hubby?like thats ok?Really????????

that’s how to deal with Kenyan women. Juju Mara io io. I would like to meet that man.

oh my! Ati juju ili asizae na asipendwe. My goodness that is not love but evil lust.

Imagine..But i think that crap juju works when you believe in it.Ni usaitan tu

us men we are less n hawa single ladies still they hv feelings. Kushare ndio fomu sasa

,mwanamke akitaka akukwamilie ati hiyo ni juju na mwanume akwamilie kwake ati amekukalia chapati

prado ya ex inatumika kwa wedding yangu? Haki witchcraft is real

bachelors waanze kunyonya ladies who date married men.They are very rich and desperate for recognition.

ati she wants to move on maybe sponser Hana any n we can’t let them go mpangos are for Incase of emergency

from what I know Kenyan men are so jealous hata mukiachana x bado ana kufuata even if he’s married again ni ukupe

malipo ya dhambi anaivuna sasa,y did she mess with another woman’s man,acha akule kiburi yake sasa,angengoja for her own man

Wanaume hawana bahati , kunyonywa na awa watu plus gambling

1h1 hour ago

Listen to that woman,, ati anataka kumkula kifedha,, Gathooooooo!!! Ati happy for his money ati kumnyonya

‘I use concotions’ confesses woman living with two husbands

A Zimbabwean woman has provided details show she maintains her relationship with two husbands and how she enjoys sexual intimacy.

Zimpapers reports that the 30-year-old woman claims her life is a bed of roses.

And how does she get maximum sexual satisfaction? “ My two husbands are my best friends. I married the second because the first husband is older and increasingly weak in bed. My first husband fetches firewood, cleans the house well but is unable to provide fiancilly for us. So I took on a second husband for money and sex. I’m sexually starved. My second husband is strong and excellent in bed.

“To b honest I terms of conjugal rights I favor my second husband. I favour Hwita. He gets me there. “I only do it with my first husand Chimoto as a token. At times, I feel pity for Chimoto and give him token conjugal rights and he appreciates that.

“The rule is no one gets out of the room, because he is not on duty. Whoever is not on duty, just watches us at it. “I am in charge and my two husbands are now used to sleeping side by side in one bed; because they don’t mind and they both appreciate each other for the different roles each play to the family,” the mother of five, three children from a previous marriage and two from this polyandrous affair stated.

Speaking further, she said, “I use some concoction to pacify my husbands. It is not a secret that I used a concoction to cow them down. I also sell this concoction to other women to cow down their errand husbands and make them compliant. “None of my two husbands wishes to leave me. Initially I only had Chimoto but I ran away from him and went to my parents’ home because he was not satisfying me sexually and I was tired of stealing sex from neighbouring boys and men. But he followed and pleaded until my parents ordered me to take him back. “I then gave him a condition that I should get another man to help him in bed and he agreed. This is how I got the second one. Since then, we live happily and enjoy our life, although we know that the generality of people around us do not like it,” Chako explained.

The husbands, Hwita and Chimoto, on their parts, said they don’t have problems taking Chako says their joint wife. Chimoto said, “I know my failings and I appreciate the decision which was taken, we have various duties and life goes on.”

Middle-aged adults don’t know about sexually transmitted diseases – new study

This age group’s knowledge of STIs in general is limited.

31 men and women in the UK were asked what middle-aged adults know about HIV and other STIs but also the social circumstances surrounding that knowledge.

The interviews led to four main observations.

1. STI knowledge is limited 

Most participants had heard about gonorrhoea, syphilis, chlamydia, herpes, general warts and HIV, but beyond recognising the names they were often unsure about any further detailed information.

They tended to know more about HIV, often remembering the national HIV/AIDS campaign in the 1980s and the celebrity deaths in the years before treatment improved.

In keeping with the association of early HIV epidemic with specific risk groups such as gay men and intravenous drug users, the participants often viewed STIs as riskier for other people than for themselves.

Most participants had heard about gonorrhoea, syphilis, chlamydia, herpes, and HIV, but beyond recognising the names they were often unsure about any further detailed information.

2. Old stigmas have endured 

The participants had first learned about STIs as teenagers and young adults between the 1960s and 1980s.

Most said their sex education at home had been very limited and unclear, with overtones of moral disapproval, and that school sex education was extremely basic and did not cover STIs. As one put it:

And it was always make sure you don’t get into trouble and I didn’t know what the hell getting into trouble was so that was that.

The little they had learned about STIs was usually in the context of promiscuous sexual behaviour being condemned and disease being seen as a consequence – with worse stigma where women were concerned.

As a result, many participants had gone through life regarding STIs as something to be ashamed of.

During the years when they were in long-term relationships, several participants also did not see it as relevant to improve their knowledge about STIs.

And now in middle age, several continued to prefer not to engage with the subject. In the words of one person:

None of them are anything that I’d want to trawl the internet to find out more about you know; don’t know anybody that’s ever had them or even if they’d admit to it.

Most said their sex education at home had been very limited and unclear, with overtones of moral disapproval, and that school sex education was extremely basic and did not cover STIs

3. Parents learn about STIs from their children

We found that parenting had the capacity to influence how much participants knew about STIs.

Women in particular had sometimes learned about STIs either to find out about the risks to their children or because their children had been diagnosed with one.

Studies have previously shown that it is women who mostly provide sex education to their children.

Our study is the first to indicate that parenting can also be a source of sex education for the parents themselves.

4. Knowledge is not the only problem

Participants who were well informed about STIs did not necessarily practice safer sexual behaviour.

Despite the lack of discernible symptoms with many STIs, several participants said they had not sought a test after having unprotected sex with a new partner. Instead they had waited to see if symptoms would appear:

She’s been sleeping with other people and I let her sleep with me and never used a condom and … then you worry that something happens, that something’s going to come out of it, or are you lucky and I was just praying that something didnae happen.