‘Haven’t had my conjugal rights in 2 months’ – Huddah claims

Huddah Monroe never ceases to amaze her fans with what she chooses to share online.

The controversial former Big Brother contestant has said again and again, that she posts whatever she likes and has no regrets of whatever she chooses to put out there for her fans.

She wrote on one of her posts that she is responsible for whatever she puts and is not responsible of how people tend to translate or misinterpret her.

“That’s your headache not mine. Unfollow me if my 1+1 is 7 and not 2. It’s that simple stop stressing yourselves.”

Screenshot from 2019-08-29 11-43-13

She recently disclosed some interesting facets about herself on her Instagram. She wrote how she hasn’t had her conjugal rights for the last 2 months. Does this mean the petite lass has a foreign beau back in the states? She was there for quite a long time if you ask me.

Since she came back, she has been trying to practice self control, but claims that 18 year old boys be looking like snacks and she can’t control her lustful behavior.

‘Macho hayana pazia’ as a Swahili adage says. ” I want to eat them all.” She adds.

Her DM must be lit by now.

‘I love BIG things, let me have it all’ Huddah Monroe shouts

The born free spirited lady leaves nothing to second guess but it is up to you to siphon what she gives you because we all post what we want people to see and buzz about.

But does she care? She stays speaking her mind and doesn’t give two hoots about what other people think.

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From tusome katiba to Mombasa raha, here are words used to ask for [email protected]


Intimacy is one of the basic needs for every couple that needs to be fulfilled to keep a relationship going.

Here are words that the youth are using to engage in such.

Asked on how they would ask for [email protected] without sounding needy or asking directly.

Most of them said, currently the best way to say it is by doing so indirectly.

“The best play is to just make a move, not say, ‘Can we have sex?’ Ask if ‘inaweza’.

Sheng is the in thing.

I decided to get the Sheng’ words the youths are using.

Check out the list. Some will use an indirect means to ask.

  • Uko home nikam?’
  • ‘Nataka therapy.’
  • ‘Zinadai mbaya.’
  • ‘Twende Pekejeng.’
  • ‘Kunyanduana.’
  • ‘Kulambana lolo.’

From lamba lolo to rombosa here is what these sheng words mean

Another friend came and joined the conversation and said for him, if the person they are asking for [email protected] from is their spouse, they will go direct.

Kama ni Mpango, ama Team Tangatanga, lazima ukue mjanjez, I mean you have to request like this,

  • ‘Kam tupike supper.’

Other Sheng words for [email protected] include,

  • ‘Mkunaji,
  • kusoma katiba,
  • piga miti,
  • Mombasa raha.’

Just so you know, the best [email protected] is the enthusiastic fun kind that happens naturally.

Now you know how you get your lady to want to sleep with you without ruining the fun that sex demands.

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‘I sleep with a banana stem to avoid HIV/Aids,’ brags city man

A Kenyan man has left may in shock after admitting that he sleeps with a banana plant (mgomba) to avoid the risk of getting infected with HIV/Aids.

*John* says he reached that decision after his uncle passed away after contracting the same disease.

I come from a very poor background, so my uncle – from my dads side – took the initiative of taking care of us. Buying us cloths and other things before death struck.

After my uncle’s death my mum assured me that he had been bewitched only for me to learn that he died from Aids.

It is then that I deiced not to risk dying of Aids, I decided to be sleeping with a banana plant (mgomba).”

King Mswati’s order to men to be polygamous excites the internet


What I do is, I drill a hole and pour hot water into it before proceeding to fulfill my sexual urges. I cannot marry because I get my urges satisfied so why would I want a woman?

I have a girlfriend and that is the mgomba.

My parents have been pushing me to marry given that I am an only child and I am not interested despite the fact that I am 27 years old.

What would you advice John to do?

And what is the weirdest myth you have ever heard about HIV/Aids?

Put your answer in the comment section, they may help John change his mind and get a real human bae.

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‘Men with side chicks are poor performers in bed back at home’ Getrude

Getrude Mungai is known for her advice when it comes to bedroom matters and this time she talks about why women should learn to love and embrace themselves.

According to Getrude, the only way to do this is by being a one stop shop.

You get to enjoy life to the fullest when you became a one stop shop. You are his wife, his lover and his slut at the same time and enjoying yourself while at it.

Side chicks are paid to do what they do to married men, there is nothing that comes for free.

Men also pay for everything the free massages’ the explosive bedroom performances among other things.

Further more men are usually under pressure to perform that is why most of them cannot give their wives conjugal rites.

Female body parts found chopped off and wrapped in a polythene bag

A couple flirting
A couple flirting

5 TV personalities who are embracing their natural hair

She adds

Most men go to meet their side chicks while at their best but if they were to live together for one year their perspective on each other would be very different.

So what is your opinion about the above statement by Getrude? Put your feedback in the comment section.

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Do you want to be happy in your 70s? Have s3x once every two weeks – research

If you are looking for the secret to a happy retirement, cancel the tickets for that world cruise.

The key to contentment in later life may be as simple as having sex every fortnight.

Life is significantly more enjoyable if you have an active love life, according to a study of almost 7,000 people with an average age of 65.

For men, having sex at least twice a month can lead to happiness, while women are more interested in kissing and the emotional closeness of sleeping with their husband or partner.

Researchers led by Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge found older people were far happier if they had made love in the last 12 months, which could be down to feelings of post-coital ‘bliss’ or the benefits of the exercise involved.

Lead author Dr Lee Smith, an exercise expert at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, said: ‘There is a misconception that older people are not interested in sex, but it is important and can reduce their risk of heart problems and early death. We found sex can improve people’s enjoyment of life.

‘The findings suggest it is the tenderness and closeness which is more important to women than the sex itself. It is the foreplay and the intimacy driving their enjoyment of life, whereas men seem to want to have sex at least twice a month.’

The research is based on questionnaires given to 6,879 people over the age of 50 about their sex lives over the past year.

Their contentment was measured based on how strongly they agreed with statements such as ‘I enjoy the things that I do’ and ‘On balance, I look back on my life with a sense of happiness’.

The results show men enjoy their lives less when they are worried about their loss of libido or that they are not having sex enough.

Unlike men, women are not less happy when they are having less sex, but their contentment is increased by feelings of emotional closeness which come from sex, as well as kissing and being touched.

The study, published in the journal Sexual Medicine, states: ‘During sexual activity or at the time sexual intercourse is at its peak, there is a release of endorphins, which generates a happy or blissful feeling after sex.


People in open relationships are just as emotionally satisfied as monogamous couples – study

People in open relationships are no more sexually and emotionally satisfied than monogamous couples, new research suggests.

As long as couples have sex to be close to each other or to fulfill their desires, there is no difference in how content people are with their partners, a study found.

Those who get intimate for less personal reasons, such as to avoid an argument, are less likely to be happy in their relationships regardless of whether it is open or monogamous, the research adds.

Lead author Jessica Wood, from the University of Guelph, said: ‘We found people in consensual, non-monogamous relationships experience the same levels of relationship satisfaction, psychological well-being and sexual satisfaction as those in monogamous relationships.

‘This debunks societal views of monogamy as being the ideal relationship structure.’

Up to seven per cent of people in the US are in open relationships and as many as 48 per cent in the UK are interested in being polygamous.

How the research was carried out 

The researchers analysed 142 people in open relationships and 206 who were committed to one person.

The participants were asked how sexually and emotionally satisfied they are with their partners, as well as how sexually fulfilled they felt.

Those with multiple partners focused on their main one.

Questions included whether they considered separating from their partner and if they confided in them.

‘It’s assumed these people are having sex with everyone all the time’

Speaking of polygamy, Ms Wood said: ‘It’s more common than most people think.

‘We are at a point where we are expecting a lot from our partners. We want to have sexual fulfillment and excitement but also emotional and financial support.

‘Trying to fulfill all these needs can put pressure on relationships. To deal with this pressure, we are seeing some people look to consensually non-monogamous relationships.’

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The SEVEN personality types most likely to be unfaithful in a relationship

Infidelity is on the rampant and researchers have found out three main factors that determine adulterous behavior. prompting people to be unfaithful.

According to Daily Mail, there are three main factors that affect and determine adulterous behaviour in an individual namely brain—the neurological structures and chemistry that evolution gave you

Psychology—the mind that you’ve developed through formative experiences that imprint certain ways of thinking about the world, your place in it, and how you think about your sexual/romantic self

Culture—the environment around you, with its varying messages about sex, love, and adultery that inform both your opinions about and opportunities for infidelity



Former Nairobi D cast member Risper Faith accidentally reveals she is pregnant

Based on studies nearly 50 percent of what differentiates cheaters from non cheaters has to do with biological differences in their brain chemicals. This means that more than half of what pushes a man or woman to take the plunge to cheat has to do with both one’s environment and one’s psychology.

The most significant environmental cause is the fact that we can cheat. The easier it is to do, the more likely we will do it. Cheating is not confined to sleazy people. Under the right circumstances it is very easy to turn lustful thoughts into desperate actions.

‘I aborted Prezzo’s child ‘ Amber Lulu confesses during an interview

As we know from studies of chemical addictions, there are several environmental factors that make bad behaviors more doable.

When it comes to the psychology of cheaters, the biggest factor driving them to stray is the feeling that they’re entitled or deserve to cheat.

Research and clinical experience have identified certain personality traits to be associated with this feeling:

  • Narcissism—feeling self-entitled and putting one’s needs first
  • Lacking empathy—not being able to put oneself in one’s partner’s shoes.
  • Grandiosity—overestimating one’s abilities, especially one’s sexual prowess with others, and needing validation for one’s abilities as a lover.
  • Being impulsive—making important decisions, with major consequences, on the fly.
  • Being a novelty or thrill seeker.
  • Having an avoidant attachment style—fearing commitment.
  • Being self-destructive or masochistic.

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EPUKA MSOLOKOMBO: Sex And War Don’t Mix, No Touching On Elections Eve – Raila

Raila Odinga, to whom the August 8 election is crucial, has asked married supporters not to have sex a day before.

The NASA flag bearer told Homa Bay residents on Monday that they should only have intercourse after results are announced.

“Chieng cha en odichieng’ mapek. Chieng’no onge nindo. Jowuoyi nindo mana oko. Wang’ni adwa ka chieng’ go ombulo chiegni to onge ngama nind gi ng’ama dhako,” he said in Dholuo.

(August 8 will be a historic day and no vote will be left without being cast. Men will sleep outside. When the day comes, no man should sleep with a woman.)

Raila further asked his supporters to wake up early and desist from activities that can prevent them from going to vote.

…Ka osudo iri to kiki ing’iye, kone ni wuon ng’ane kiny wanindo gi lueny…kiny ne watim gino ka waseyudo telo.”

This translates to: “If he moves closer to you, don’t look at him, tell him we have a war to fight…let us have sex after we get the presidency.”

The Opposition chief also asked youths to turn up in large numbers to vote so their future is not “rigged” by Jubilee.

“I challenge youths to rise up and be counted as the elections are historic. Jubilee have rigged the economy and health facilities. Youths suffer a lot,” he noted.

Raila said members of this age group must help change the direction of the country, especially where living conditions are concerned.

“Rise up and vote for change we can begin the journey to a new direction,” he said.

On June 23, Raila asked National Super Alliance supporters to abstain from sex on the eve of elections.

“When you are going for war, sex is a bad omen,” he said.

-The Star| Nancy Agutu

Could Getting INTIMATE With a STRANGER Save Your Marriage? Find Out Here

Fidelity is upheld as the gold standard for a happy marriage.

But according to Harley Street relationship counsellor Louise Van Der Velde involving other people in your intimate life could be the key to a healthy relationship.

The 42-year-old widowed mother tells FEMAIL she believes ‘everyone should swing’ to save their long-term relationships.

Louise, who is known as the ‘Pleasure Professor’, hosts two-day seminars for ‘rich, good-looking couples’ – often culminating in group sex on plush cushions – in a London hotel for around 70 selected people at a time.

‘If I had my way the whole of society would be swinging together,’ Louise says.

‘We have an image of sex with strangers as sleazy and dirty, but this is about getting back to soul truth, that no one owns anybody else, we don’t own our partners.’


The relationship counsellor, adds: ‘It’s about stopping jealousy and replacing fears with love.’

Louise, originally from Harrogate, Yorkshire, has been in open relationships on-and-off since her doctor husband died 13 years ago.

The mother-of-two, who has a son, 20, and daughter, 15, splits her time between Camberley, Surrey, and Marbella, where she initially hosted smaller, ‘celebrity attended’ sex parties.

She argues sex with strangers will create a marriage no one would want to leave.

‘Doing this stops infidelity,’ she says. ‘If you explore your desires together, any fear about your other person cheating goes.

‘After our work together couples often go and play and experience things together. Why on earth would you think of having an affair when you ave a relationship like this?’


The sex guru invites single women as well as couples to the events, which involve a 70 per cent to 30 per cent ratio of women to men, ‘to ensure it does not become a sausage fest’.

The invites are also based on couples’ desires. ‘Most couples want a threesome with another woman,’ Louise explains.

‘The people who come are affluent, good-looking, professional couples. They are young – I don’t accept anyone over 45, and are mostly around 30 to 45.’

Participants, who are also vetted for attractiveness and reasons for attending before being accepted, then embark on 48 hours of tantric touching, phallic meals, emotional workshops and unleashing the ‘kundalini serpent’ of sexual desire.

Louise, who believes monogamy is a ‘lie’ sold to society as a whole, insists her sex parties are not purely about lust.


She argues they ‘deepen the connection’ between couples – and successful pairs even leave with a certificate.

‘In the seminar we start off very gently, we look at where people got their beliefs from about why they are monogamous. Mostly it’s a limiting belief. An “I got married so I expected to have sex with one person”, or “it’s what society and marriage say you should do”.

‘I loosen up this belief by going back to very first time they were sold the lie about being monogamous – which can be as early as when they were seven or eight years old.’

Louise says her own children know about and are comfortable with her work.

She explains: ‘They have very much been brought up to be mindful with sex. They are both selective about who they engage with and are well balanced.

‘I have taught them the opposite of what society does, that sex is not taboo.’

The sex guru, says her seminars culminate in, optional, sexual experiences in a ‘comfy, cushion-lined, candlelit separate space’.


Daily Mail

Kenyans, Including 13 Year Olds, Are Extremely Sexually Active According To a New Reasearch

Remember Project X?

The controversial event was outed when a concerned parent found the poster in her child’s phone and proceeded to share it online, asking what it was about.

It created a lot of outcry and condemnation from the public. But the truth was, that was just one of the many events that had taken place where kids met, had a good time, messed around and went back home.

The parents were none the wiser. The teenagers still have these kinds of private house parties but the info is shared with a small and intimate circle.

Meet the ‘120-year-old virgin’ who credits lack of sex for his long life

They communicate via apps like Telegram where the administrator of the channel can detect if someone has taken a screenshot of the conversations, thus keeping it secure.


With the help of technology – and other factors, the age that teenagers are engaging in sexual activity is getting younger, fuelled by each phone upgrade or the emergence of new, exciting apps.

The innocence once attributed to a 13-year-old is long gone with the proverbial romp in the hay.

According to the consumer insight WAKENYA report, Kenyans are extremely sexually active. Many may idealise sex as an act of adult maturity, but 7 out of 10 Kenyan women confess to having sex under the age of 16, with 1 out of every 2 Kenyan men also admitting to the same.

The research highlights that 28% of females interviewed had their first sexual encounter before they were 13 years old. This is higher than the men who lost their virginity at that age, who came in at 18%.


At the age of 13-15 years old, only 36% of the males got intimate for the first time while 39% of the females interviewed had their first encounter at that age.

The research doesn’t, however, state whether the sexual encounter was with peers or partners older than them.

That begs the question… Isn’t it about time we all put down the pitchforks and take a seat? It is clearly time to let the sex educators into schools to give advise to our youth before it’s too late.

It’s a fact, whether we like it or not, teenagers are indulging themselves while still very young, regardless of what the law says.


Ugandans use lunch breaks more to have sex than a meal, Ethics minister says

Ugandans use lunch breaks more to have sex than a meal, Ethics minister Simon Lokodo has said, warning that “irresponsible sex” is fueling spread of particularly HIV/Aids.

“In Kampala, sex is done without any respect; anywhere, anyhow, anytime with anybody, especially at lunch breaks where people go to lodges for sex instead of food,” Rev Fr Lokodo said.

HIV prevalence has lately been on a rise after years of steady decline, according to official statistics, raising concern that the increased infections are a result of complacence.

Minister Lokodo made the comments on Monday during celebrations to honour legendary Ugandan musician and Aids activist, Philly Bongoley Lutaaya, who died of HIV-related infection in December 1989.

His campaigns, including HIV/Aids awareness performances at schools, helped put a human face to the disease and fight the associated stigma.

It is in this context that the government on Monday organised an event in his honour at Alebtong Primary School in Alebtong District on the theme, “An Aids-free Uganda, my responsibility”.

The Member of Parliament for Ajuri County, Mr Denis Hamson Obua, urged the constituents to protect themselves against HIV/Aids.

Courtesy KFMUg

Woman travels from Mombasa to Meru to stop husband from marrying a second wife

There was fracas at the Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) after a 32-year-old woman sought to stop a wedding between her husband and a second wife.

Miriam Mueni, who was prevented from assessing the KeMU chapel in protest of the wedding, said she got notified that her husband Cornelius Muike was to wed Purity Nkirote, a police officer on Saturday.

Mueni adds that they live in Mombasa as a family and when she heard the plans of the wedding she decided to travel to Meru to stop the wedding.

“Our marriage was solemnized at the Jesus Celebration Centre in Mombasa in 2003. We have three children. My husband has been away from home for about five days and kept lying to me that he was coming home every time. I never knew if he had planned such a thing because he was even talking to his children”, said Mueni.

Cornelius Muuke and Miriam Mueni in a photograph they had been taken after their wedding in 22, March 2003. Mueni accuses his husband of marrying a second wife yet they are not divorced

She adds that Muike started having an affair with the police officer in 2014 when he joined Nairobi University for further studies.

“She has been threatening me and I have even a message in my phone which she sent me. At some point she even lied to me they have stopped moving together. I’m wondering how they will be issued with another marriage certificate yet we have never divorced”, she said.

According to Terry Kiogora a friend who had accompanied Mueni to Meru, they never expected that he could have thought of getting married to another wife.

“They have been having some issues in their marriage but we never knew he could do something like this. I was informed by a friend that he was going to have a wedding in Meru and after investigating we went to consult a lawyer to ascertain the validity of the marriage certificate and when we came we thought that the husband will feel pity for the children but things have turned out the opposite”, she said.

Kiogora added that as friends they were aware that Muike had a relationship with the cop but every time they asked him about it he always disputed the relationship.

“I feel bad as a mother and because I feel as if it was my child so I decided to intervene and assist this wedding not to go on. If you are married in a church the law prohibits you from marrying a second wife in church, it can only be made under a customary marriage and after consent of the first wife”, she said.

Efforts to get comment from the bride and groom were unsuccessful after a heavy security conduit barred the media and non family members from accessing the University Chapel.

Nyando Man Attacks Wife For Refusing Sex

A Nyando man broke his wife’s arm and legs because she would not have sex with him. Would you believe that?.

Well according to The Star, the woman said her husband came home from Nairobi on Sunday night. She prepared his food and afterwards he went to their bedroom and demanded sex.

The man had traveled with his second wife from Nairobi. “I told him that based on our medical background we need to know (his other wife’s medical status) before anything else,” she said.

Mum Arrested ‘For Having Sex With Her Married 25-year-old Son’ Who She Described On Facebook As ‘Handsome’

The mother of seven said her husband was silent for a while then he got up and went outside. “I also went out, where I saw the kitchen door open.

After closing it, I heard something hit me on the head and I fell down,” she said.

“He beat me like a snake until I passed out.” Gender-based violence Gerogina Malanga said the man handed himself in to the police.

-The Star

Woman pulls, and squeezes boyfriends private parts in Narok

A woman from Kisiriri area of Narok North Sub County has been arrested by the police for allegedly pulling and squeezing her boyfriend’s private parts, leaving him with serious injuries following an argument.

Area Deputy OCPD Charles Ouma said that screams were heard from the man’s house and upon arriving at the scene, members of the public found the man writhing in pain in his privates.

“When the locals dashed to the scene and they found the woman named as Doris Nyamita trying to escape but they got hold of her and bring her to Narok Police station. They also found the man was lying down in great pain and that’s when they realized that he had been assaulted,” said Ouma.

He said that it was reported that the two, though not married, were living as a boyfriend and girlfriend and on the particular day, they were in bed when they argued over their past relationship, prompting the man to push the woman.

“After the man pushed her off the bed, the woman grabbed the man by his manhood and squeezed it hard occasioning him serious injuries as a result,” he said.

Ouma added that the couple had been seen together for the last few weeks and that the unfortunate incident irked the villagers who wanted to lynch the woman.

“The victim suffered serious injuries in his privates and could no longer hold urine after the deadly incident,” said the deputy police boss.

He said the man was rushed to Narok County Referral Hospital where he is receiving treatment while the police are interrogating the woman before pressing charges against her.

“Once we complete investigations, she will face assault charges of causing grievous harm on someone’s private parts. She will soon appear in court,” said Ouma.


Forget Cheating! Here Are 5 Other Things That Are As Bad As Having An Affair

No relationship or marriage is easy to build and maintain. There are many other things that can destroy a relationship other than having an affair.

When couples have different values and moral standards, it is bound to bring problems in their relationship. There are certain kinds of behaviours that could mean a total betrayal to the promise of commitment made to your partner.

The truth is, because there isn’t cheating in the mix, most couples experiencing these problems feel they can live with them, but it slowly chips away the foundation of love and trust built over the years.



Well, here are 5 other things that are as bad as cheating on your partner.

1. Creating an emotional barrier between you and your partner
Nothing hurts more than that. It’s a huge sign that your relationship may crumble soon, because there’ll be less and less physical contact. The lack of connection could be a gate pass for an affair.

2. Telling lies to your partner
Lying to your partner is never fine and shouldn’t be treated as such. Lies are like a hammer to a wall; they break all you have built in an instant. Trust and commitment are swept under the rug when your partner realizes the relationship is built on deception.

3. Emotional affair
The fact is, emotional affairs are more damaging than physical ones. Firstly, they are very difficult to end because that will mean the end of an emotional support system. Emotional cheating can cause irreparable damage to relationships.


4. Not putting your partner first
When you really love your partner, you put them first. When couples begin to forget each other’s needs, there’ll be a gradual breakdown of the relationship. Your needs are important, but showing them knowing you’ll always be there for them no matter what is assuring enough. Love is a verb not a noun.

5. Refusing to stand up for your partner
Your partner should be your closest friend. Relationships have crumbled because one partner refused to stand up for the other, especially when there’s some sort of interference from in-laws and relatives.

couple sad


Pulse Ng


You Know It’s Time To Break Up When…

Relationships are not the easiest things to deal with and sometimes they end up dying slow natural deaths yet we either choose to hold on.
How do you really know when it’s time to break up? Are there valid reasons to run in the opposite direction? If your relationship has one or several of these problems, you may need to end it sooner rather than later.

1. No support for your goals – A major part of a relationship, especially a marriage or one that is heading towards marriage, is supporting each other. If you have a goal that your significant other is not supportive of, you may need to look closely at the rest of the relationship. Long-term romantic relationships generally lead to getting married, but if they don’t want to help you achieve your goals, you’ll be missing the person who should be your number one cheerleader. And they will more likely be a roadblock to your future.

2. No Trust – This is a huge red flag. Trust is one of the most important factors in a relationship. If you suspect he’s lying to you about where he’s been or how he spends his time, he probably is. If you can’t trust your girlfriend or boyfriend, you’re always going to be suspicious, and that will hinder your relationship.

3. Cheating – If you think cheating is a “one-time thing,” you’re more than likely wrong. Cheating is habitual. If you can’t be loyal when you’re dating, you won’t be loyal after you’re married either. The reason for cheating has very little to do with you, and everything to do with the cheater. Nothing you do is going to make him or her stop — that decision has to be made by him or herself.

4. Abuse – If you are being abused in any form in your relationship, you need to LEAVE — NOW. You don’t deserve to be hit, yelled at, defiled or belittled. Relationships demand mutual respect and love, even if you have occasional arguments. Do not think for a minute that you deserve to be abused or that it’s your fault. Find a friend or family member who can help you escape this terrible situation. Do not be fooled into thinking an apology is the end of abuse. It WILL happen again.

5. You don’t share goals – If you want a family and she doesn’t; if he doesn’t want marriage and you do; or if any of your most important life choices don’t line up, the two of you may not be a good match. One of you will always end up disappointed and unfulfilled. You can’t change someone to bend to your will and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice those things that are most important to you.

6. Gut feeling – Listen to your own inner voice. If it’s telling you something is off, or doesn’t feel right, that’s probably the case. Maybe it’s not really love or perhaps you feel like you’re settling out of fear that you will be alone for the rest of your life. Maybe there is some other unknown factor that your intuition is trying to warn you about. We have our intuition to protect us from potentially dangerous situations. It’s best to listen to it even if you can’t see a valid reason right now.


Study: Infidelity Runs In The Blood

According to an article published on Men’s health, Sleeping around runs in the family. Researchers from Texas Tech University surveyed people about their parents’ and their own history of infidelity.

Nearly half of the subjects who were raised by philandering parents admitted to having cheated on a partner—making them twice as likely to stray as those brought up in a faithful family.

The tendency to sleep around is partly genetic, Weiser says. Other scientists have found that you can inherit biological traits, like a certain kind of dopamine receptor, that make you crave multiple partners. 

But she also suspects that your parents shape your expectations for your own relationships.

For example, if your father failed to be faithful, you may conclude that monogamy is unreasonable or impossible. And that belief could turn out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. If your parents (or his) didn’t forsake all others, don’t worry. You’re not doomed to repeat their mistakes, says Weiser. 

Just be aware of how they affected you. Consider this an opportunity to talk with your partner about your views and expectations surrounding monogamy. Pouring your energy into communicating, having fun, and trying new things together is one of the best safeguards against infidelity, says Weiser.

The 8 awkward stages of flirting

Hair twirling, playful game of back and forth eye tagging, a subtle stroke on the back…what’s your style of flirting? The art of flirting involves a combo of gestures which advertise interest in a potential suitor. There are however different stages in flirting, read the list below

You sit strangely- You go back and forth between sitting with your legs together and crossing them- will he think you’re easy if you part them slightly?

You draw attention to yourself- By offering up things you really want them to know about you- even if they are not true.

You claim to like things you aren’t really all that fussed about- If they like something passionately- suddenly your enthusiasm for it goes up 100%. You see the smile on their face that you agree with them and it’s everything.

You try to be cute- By putting flicking your hair or batting your eyelashes because dainty pretty women always do that right?!

You try to be sensitive- By telling him you have a good relationship with your parents and are great with kids- even though that won’t matter for months or years- if you start dating.

You laugh at EVERYTHING they say- Even if it’s really not all that funny. You dish out compliments like lollipops.

You’re touchy- You get a little bit too tactile and touch him in a way that says ‘stalker’ more than ‘potential date’.

You are nervous- And probably spill something over yourself or spit when you talk- that’s the worst.