Serah Teshna finally reveals why she kept pregnancy with Wanyama a secret

Kenyan actress Serah Teshna and her partner Victor Wanyama welcomed their child last year.

In an interview with Kalondu Musyimi, the actress said she and the footballer had agreed on having a private relationship.

Most fans also came to learn about her pregnancy when she posted on social media.

“It was just an intimate moment between my man and me and we just wanted to share the journey by ourselves.”

She also said that she didn’t want the noise from outside on what to do as a new mother.

“There are so many things I didn’t know as a mum-to-be. There are also expectations from people telling you, ‘Do this, do that,'” she said.

Teshna also revealed that they welcomed a son and dedicated her new Showmaz thriller series ‘Igiza’ to him

“I was excited about both roles and coming to realize I needed to put more extra work kept me going,” she said, adding that having amazing directors and casts on the set helped her execute the roles so well.”

“The dual roles made me watch different shows from different countries since I needed to be natural while playing the two roles.”

Actress Serah Teshna

The thriller is set against the backdrop of Nairobi’s fashion industry and the money laundering business, ‘Igiza’ is a story of revenge between twin sisters Linda and Nicole.

Twelve years into serving time, Nicole breaks out of prison and takes the place of her identical twin sister Linda, who framed her.

She is now managing to balance work and motherhood.

“Motherhood comes with so much pressure.”

“I was taken through the script and my roles but I was not sure I was going to do it since my attachment with my son is on another level.”

‘Igiza’ is set to premiere on Showmax next week on Monday.

Photos of Serah Teshna fashion sense that can leave a man’s wallet dry

Serah Teshna is among the most sought after media personalities in the country. She is loved by many for her  beauty and brilliance.

Aside from her career, Serah has a serious fashion game and we can’t help but drool.

Is it just her or her hair, make-up or the dazzling gowns? From rocking short to long hair, she out-stands effortlessly.

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She gets to slay her way like a goddess and namaslay girl we love it!

Her fashion sense is quite unique, and she has mastered the clothes and style that work best with body and even complexion.

Well, check out as she slays her heart away;








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Exclusive: ‘She Will Be Successful’ Skin Therapy Producer Showers Serah Teshna With Praise, Unveils New Host

Serah Teshna is among the most sought after media personalities in the country. She came to the spotlight and shocked many with her brilliance and her work ethic.

Many remember her as the host of the show Skin Therapy, but apart from that, she’s also an actress and has been featured in the local TV series, ‘Sue Na Johnnie‘.

Well, Serah, real name Sarah Ndanu, is no longer working with the host of Skin Therapy after she landed a job at K24 as a presenter of a morning show, ‘Alfajiri’.

serah teshna

Alfajiri was previously hosted by Amina Abdi, who got another job as the host of The Trend, after Larry Madowo stepped down. She will be hosting the show alongside Kiss FM’s Jeff Mote and Ciru Muriuki.

Speaking exclusively to Classic 105 FM, Skin Therapy’s producer, Evans Wang’unda, shed some light on how it was working with Serah, wishing her the best as she takes up a different role.

I selected her because she was so passionate to be part of the show and willing to work. We’ve been together over three years now. It has been a difficult moments this two and half years the show has been on air but she decided to stand with me because she believed in me and the show and that is why we have walked this far together and the time she mentioned that she is leaving, I felt so sad because I never imagined that one day she will leave the Skin Therapy Show but I’m happy for her, for a new challenge in her life wherever she goes,” he explained.

evans wang'unda

He went ahead to state her work ethic and the many things he’s learned from her.

“I have learnt a lot working with her those past years. She is hardworking and intelligent in her job. I know she will be successful in her new position at K24 and I wish her the best.”

Evans also unveiled to us who the new host of the show will be. She is not a new face as she has been a presenter before.


The person who is going to take her position, will do the same and more and I believe in Resian Lebai who has worked with KTN and K24 as a news anchor. I know she will do her best and take the show to the next level. I know this because she had worked with the Skin Therapy Show within a period of one year and she left for her personal reasons and she is going to work along with Sharon Chepkoech, who is going to be Resian’s co-host,” he concluded.

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