List of popular people celebrating a September birthday


It’s the ninth month of the year and several popular people we know will be marking their birthdays.

  1. Retired President Moi: He turns 95 on September 2nd.president moi
  2. Beyonce: She turns 38 on September 4th, and is known to have several pre birthday parties as she counts down to the door.beyonceinyellow
  3. Zari: She will be almost 40. No one really knows her age, and i’ts been rumored she could be 42, but has denied it. Last year, 2018, her former bae Diamond wrote her a heartfelt birthday message and she responded. It will be interesting to see what he does in the next few days. Well whatever age she is turning, have a good one boss lady.zariinchicago
  4. Vera Sidika: Your favorite socialite closes down the month with a birthday on 30th. She insists she is 29, so this year she turns the big 30. She has always celebrated her birthday by travelling abroad, and so far she hasn’t indicated what her plans are.veraonsafari

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