Is Your Marriage Heading For DIVORCE? HUSBANDS Reveal The Moment They Decided To END Their Marriage In Heart-Breaking CONFESSIONS

Any married couple will tell you that arguments can occur even in the happiest of households, but how do you distinguish a minor tiff from to a relationship breaker?

In a series of heartbreaking confessions, married men have revealed the moment they realized their marriage was headed for divorce.

One curious Redditor started the thread asking: ‘Divorced Men of Reddit: what moment with your former wife made me think “Yup, I’m asking this girl to divorce me.”?

Signing divorce papers

It wasn’t long before divorcees came forward with their stories amassing more than 11,000 comments.

As is expected affairs were an obvious catalyst for the end of a marriage, with many men finding out of their wife’s infidelity in the most heartbreaking ways.




Money also proved to be the cause for many relationships ending with several divorcees revealing their exes had duped them for cash.


While many of the stories came from men who had instantly filed for divorce several revealed that they had attempted to work through their issues with marriage counselors to no avail.



For those who were parents, their children played a huge factor in their marriage, and a concern for their offspring was often listed as a cause for divorce.




Many confessions came from men admitted their reasons for their split was not as clear-cut, revealing that they had simply grown apart over the years.




Abuse also came up as a reason why the marriage failed whether that was verbal or physical on the wife’s part.



Kenyan Women Reveal Why They Can Never Go Back To Their Husbands After A Separation

Today on the morning conversation with Maina Kageni and King’ang’i, there was a continuation of the discussion about whether men should cry in public or not?

There was a male caller who confessed that he  got very emotional when his wife left him and the kids behind and he breaks down every once in a while when it hits him hard that he no longer has a family.

This got Maina Kageni to wondering, ‘Why don’t women go back to their men when they leave or when their is a separation or divorce and should men cry over women?’

Listen to the audio below to hear the interesting comments women and men gave regarding this;



Tips On How To Deal With Ex’s While Co-Parenting

After a relationship ends, there are spouses who choose to move on to someone new and those who decide to stay single. For those who move on to a new partner but have children, it’s especially hard because they aren’t sure how their children will blend with their future spouse.

However, once they move on and their families blend, there needs to be a working formula as to how they will operate especially in cases where they are co-parenting with the Exes.

Below are tips that may help you and your spouse deal with stresses of the ex-together:

1. Always operate as a United Front!- Ex-spouses may try to manipulate circumstances if they feel they have a “leg up” over your new spouse. There must be communication between the two of you concerning any, and all decisions regarding the ex, children, or changing of schedules etc. Being in agreement depletes some of the power the ex feels he/she may have and can relieve some stress from the situation.

2. NEVER, EVER give your ex the impression that you want to do what he/she asks because if you do, you’ll be in trouble Your ex will take this as an opening to ask you about your relationship. (“Without really asking)”. You may not do this purposely, but this will have a long term effect on your spouse from both your ex and children.

3. If you and your ex have shared parenting, or specific visitation days, when/if possible arrange the dates so you and your spouse have some nights/weekends alone – Blending a family and dealing with all that comes with it can take a toll on your relationship. It’s up to the two of you to stay connected and committed to making this work.

4. When planning a night or weekend with your spouse and your ex has a pattern of interrupting, ask a friend or family member if they will be the “go between” in case of an emergency – Then talk with your children, share your plans, but no specifics. Let them know if an emergency arises, or they simply miss you, they can contact the “go between” who will then get in touch with you. Even in divorced situations, children want to see their parents happy. The fact that you’re sharing your plans gives them a sense of being included. The bonus here… It sends a very undeniable message to the ex that he/she is not welcome. To avoid the “20 questions” your children may have coming, inform your ex that your children have no idea where you are going, so no need to ask them.

5. You should not allow your ex to speak badly about your spouse – Shut that down immediately!!! This is most definitely a way of baiting you into a fight. It really doesn’t matter what they think about your spouse, or anything else for that matter. You are divorced for a reason.


Kenya’s Top Celebrity Break-ups

Cupid’s ex is determined to prove that happy endings are just something from a dream. We thought this celebrity couples were altar bound, but different plans were already set out. They hooked up, some even for 10-years others for months, some had children and then eventually broke up. Here is our list of rising celebrity breakups

Shaffie Weru and Debbie Asila

Kiss fm radio presenter Shaffie Weru and musician Debbie Asila were the IT celebrity couple in the early 2000s. They hooked up, broke up, hooked up again and even had a daughter, Milan, who is now 10 years old. They have since parted ways and we can only speculate about the reasons for their breakup.

Shaffie & Debbie (

Nick Mutuma and Bridgit Shighadi
Radio presenter and actor Nick Mutuma broke up with his model girlfriend in 2014. Rumors were rife that they would get back together but that seems only the belief of the hopeless romantics, although we must admit they made the cutest celebrity couple in Nairobi

Bridgette-4153-600-600-70 (1)
Nick & Bridgit (

Sage and Rabbit
Not much is known about musician Sage and Rabbit’s secretive relationship. Speculation was rife about their union with information reaching the media later that their relationship had gone sour. Rabbit moved on with a different woman who is his supposed fiancée, she gave birth two months after Sage had delivered Rabbit’s baby. This makes for the perfect love triangle.

Sage & Rabbit (

Adelle Onyango and Christopher Obwaka

Kiss fm presenter Adelle Onyango and Christopher were engaged back in 2013. The couple had been friends for over six years and only started dating in mid 2012. They had set a February 2014 date for their wedding only to break up amid rumours of infidelity.


Adelle & Chris (

Linda Muthama and Walter Mong’are
Walter Mong’are who is mostly known by his stage name Nyamabane and Linda Muthama had set the bar as the perfect couple in a working polygamous relationship. But it seems that wasn’t so and Linda will no longer be the bar for polygamous relationships. They had been together for over 10 years and in a recent revelation to Drum magazine Linda confessed to have parted ways with Nyambane over a year ago.

Linda & Nyambane (

France’s philandering President sent 29 texts a day to win back the First Lady he cheated on

She was the ferocious First Lady of France, ditched by priapic President Francois Hollande in favour of a young, pretty actress.

On Saturday, in the first extract from her venomous memoirs, Valerie Trierweiler told how he lied about the affair and how she then took an overdose of sleeping pills.

In the final extract, she reveals his desperate tactics for trying to win her back…

“For weeks, Francois has been asking me every day to have dinner with him. Otherwise, his texts are all about missing me, about making amends, about how much he needs us to be together again.

Somehow, he even manages to keep track of my movements. Whether I’m staying in New York or Marrakech, I find flowers waiting for me in my hotel room and impassioned declarations of love.

Can I dare to believe he’s sincere? That I’m the only woman he wants in his life? That he’s truly changed?

Nearly four months have passed since Francois admitted to me that he’d been having a year-long affair with the young French actress Julie Gayet,” she says.

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