Man sends 15 chicks to his ex

Breakups are one of the toughest life experiences for many people both men and women, in as much as it may be your fault or maybe not its guaranteed to hurt.

Well a man in the U.K decided that his ex had done him wrong so he sent her  a package,albeit an unusual one.

Earlier this week, the woman received 15 baby chicks from her ex boyfriend in the post with the message: “There are lots of other chicks out there.”

What he intended to imply was that he had moved on, and no longer needed the woman, however it just showed how insane he was.

The woman received the mail and upon opening the package and seeing the contents threatened to throw them in the trash.

The mail man offered to take them after which he took them to an animal shelter.

Talk about crazy exes.

Source : Huffingtonpost