Tourists Take Selfies With Cheetahs At The Maasai Mara

In most cases when people are at the park and see wild animals they stay inside the car until all is clear, but that wasn’t the case for two tourists visiting the Maasai Mara.

Dhaval Shah, 30, was unfazed when four cheetahs leapt onto the jeep he was in with close friend Upesh Mungra, 31. The photographer then took a selfie of himself and a family of cheetahs who were resting on the car.

Here are the photos

shah shah2 shah3

Social media storm: Man loses top job over racist Facebook selfie

A man at a top Atlanta marketing firm lost his job after posing with a colleague’s 3-year-old black son and entertaining racially charged comments on the Facebook post from his friends.

The selfie uploaded by Roth under the pseudonym Geris Hilton with the boy identified as Cayden Hayce went viral according to the screenshots of the Sept. 16 post. The post has since been deleted.

A string of Roth’s friends joined in the racially charged post calling the little boy a slave, starving and with him calling the boy a Feral. Screenshots of the post below


Roth’s boss at Polaris Marketing Group, Michael Da Graca Pinto, took to Facebook last week and confirmed that Roth had been fired for the photo and the comments.

‘This morning I was disgusted to learn that one of my employees made several racially charged comments on his personal Facebook page. Even worse, the comments were directed towards the son of another employee,’ the statement said.

Read the full statement below

racist-comments-posted-on-facebook-photo (1)

The boy’s mother Sydney Shelton decided to speak out against the same posting several photos of Cayden to show that her son wasn’t Feral



Photos: Facebook


Couple Takes A Selfie Together After Signing Divorce Papers

Nowadays everyone takes selfies when doing anything from eating, clubbing, drinking, while in bed, to show off makeup or your new neck piece etc. It’s quite normal.

However a couple or rather an ex couple’s selfie went viral after they posted it immediately they signed their divorce papers.

The photo shared by the woman named Shannon of her and her ex-husband minutes after they signed their divorce papers at the Calgary courthouse in Canada, is getting so much attention. Both good and bad reactions.

She was quoted saying that “It was never meant to celebrate divorce, by any means. We really don’t feel that way,” said Shannon Neuman about the post, which has been shared more than 30,000 times on Facebook.

Although she now has second thoughts about making the post public, she said the overall message of putting your kids first in a divorce is still a good one.

“If two people can smile at the end of each other and not hurt each other and not hurt anyone else along the way, then that’s a positive.”

Shannon Neuman's Facebook post


Woman Shoots Herself While Taking A Selfie

A woman is recovering in hospital, after accidentally shooting herself while taking a selfie.

The woman is believed to have found a 9mm handgun left by a security guard at the office where she works.

She then took a picture off herself, according to Interfax news agency, but pulled the gun’s trigger.

She was taken to Sklifosovsky hospital in Moscow where she is fighting for her life.

A police spokesman said the gun had been lying around in the office building for two weeks after the security guard went on holiday.


Selfie obsessed teen burst into flames while trying to take the ultimate selfie on train roof

A Romanian teenager burst into flames after accidentally touching a live wire while attempting to take the ‘ultimate selfie’ on the roof of a train. Anna Ursu, 18, and a friend went to a train station in the town of Iasi in the northeast of the country to take a ‘special selfie’ that she intended to post on Facebook.

But as she lay on top of the train and stuck one of her legs in the air, an electrical field surrounding the overhead cables sent 27,000 volts zapping through her body, causing her to burst into flames.

Selfie Teen Turned Into Human Fireball By Trains Electric Cable

Despite the best efforts of a passer-by to save her life, the 18-year-old later died in hospital with burns to 50 per cent of her body. The charge that hit Miss Ursu was so powerful that it caused her 17-year-old friend to be sent flying off the roof of the stationary train. A passer-by who saw the horrific accident risked his own life by scrambling on top of the carriage to extinguish the girl’s burning clothes before phoning the emergency services.

Selfie Teen Turned Into Human Fireball By Trains Electric Cable

Both teenagers were airlifted to hospital but the 18-year-old later died as a result of 50 per cent of her body being covered in burns. The 17-year-old girl is currently recovering in hospital. She told investigators that the pair had wanted to get the ‘ultimate selfie’ and hadn’t stopped to think of the danger.

5 ways to take your selfies to the next level

The selfie craze is evolving daily with the latest trend to hit the internet being the ‘shoefie’ or shoe selfie. Created by Miz Mooz shoes it is literally taking the art of selfies to a new level… your foot. Want that perfect picture but can’t be bother lugging round a stick, drone or 3D printer. Simply slot your phone into the selfie-shoe and voila!

1. Shoefie or Shoe selfie
Not sure you’re quite ready to hoist your leg into the air and snap away? Well here are four other ways you can take that selfie-obsession to the next level.

2. Get yourself a selfie-stick
Let’s start off small. If you haven’t already got a selfie-stick, where have you been? For the selfie-fanatic keen on catching the best shots with a wider view than your arm can give you, it’s a must have. Still, a word of caution – many sporting codes, theme parks and even museums have either banned or considering putting restrictions on them.


3. How about a selfie drone?
Too cool for a stick? Then how about investing in a drone? Photojojo founder Amit Gupta for instance has posted several videos and Instagram pictures taken using a drone.

4. It’s a drone… on your wrist?
Love the idea of a drone but not sure how you’ll fit it in your handbag? Well for something a little more lightweight there’s always the Nixie – a tiny bracelet you can take off, throw into the air and it takes a video or photo before flying back to you.

5. Go 3D
Everyone’s doing it, so why not the selfie-fanatics? A Dusseldorf-based company, DOOB 3D, can produce a detailed, four-inch figurine of your body – basically you can become your own action figure. Then for good measure you can take a selfie of your 3D selfie with a selfie-stick/shoe.


Obama’s selfie moments with selfie stick (video)

U.S president Barrack Obama uses a selfie stick to help promote healthcare .

He is seen making different faces for fun, showing some of the things that people do daily.

Here is the video.

Selfie phone set for release in August

Selfies have become so important that tech giant Microsoft is reportedly planning to release a phone based on the picture method.

The ‘selfie phone’ is said to have a high quality five-megapixel camera on the front instead of on the back, where the superior camera is normally located.

It also reportedly has a screen measuring 4.7-inches, according to The Verge.

The smartphone, nicknamed ‘Superman’, will be released through Nokia, which Microsoft recently purchased.

The device was reportedly revealed to employees in the last few days and is expected to be released some time in August.

The art of taking selfies now taught in college

A British college is offering students the chance to become fully qualified selfie-takers.

Starting in March, City Lit College in Covent Garden, London, is offering a course in “the art of photographic self-portraiture”, – or selfies.

The month-long course of lectures and seminars promises to “improve critical understanding of the photographic self-portrait”.

Students can expect to explore notions of “identity, selfhood and memory”.

They should also be prepared to delve into their own back catalogue of selfies; the course demands that students evaluate their own “previous photography” in the topic.

As well as critiquing their own efforts, students will be asked to “critique visual work from various practitioners”.

Those “practitioners” could include Ellen Degeneres – whose 2015 Oscar selfie became the most retweeted ever.


Why Glamour magazine is asking women for ‘domestic violence selfies’

Anyone with a WiFi connection will know about internet charity campaigns, whether it’s the no makeup selfie that raised millions for breast cancer awareness, or the #ASL Ice Bucket Challenge that dominated our summer.

It’s no wonder that more charities want to jump on the hashtag bandwagon and use social media for a good cause. Glamour magazine – in partnership with Avon and domestic violence charities Refuge and Women’s Aid – has come up with the latest one: #wallofsilence

The idea is for people to post a ‘ssh selfie’ (with a finger against your lips) onto social media using the hashtag. Each photo will then act as a ‘brick’ and make up the Wall Of Silence which will be showcased on Avon’s website

“It’s just to raise awareness and funds for domestic violence charities Refuge and Women’s Aid,” explains Jo Elvin, Glamour’s editor. “Unfortunately domestic violence is still a huge problem. It’s a problem we need to talk about and need to take more seriously.”

She hopes that the campaign will encourage women to speak up about domestic violence, but also on a practical note, to raise funds.


Joan Rivers’ doctor took a selfie while she was unconscious

Joan Rivers’ personal doctor took a selfie while the comedian was under ­anesthesia and the physician was set to perform an unauthorized biopsy, a report has claimed.

The incident allegedly occurred in Manhattan’s Yorkville ­Endoscopy shortly before Rivers, 81, underwent a procedure on her vocal chords that led to her suffering a cardiac arrest, CNN reports.

Investigators have been informed of the incident by a member of staff at the clinic, according to the broadcaster, which also claims that gastroenterologist Dr. Lawrence Cohen finished his work on the star shortly before her unidentified personal physician performed the biopsy.

However, just before performing the procedure, it is claimed that the physician took out his camera to take a picture of himself alongside Rivers, who was unconscious at the time.

During the subsequent biopsy, Rivers suddenly went into cardiac arrest, with investigators believing that her vocal chords began to swell, thereby cutting off oxygen to her lungs.

Earlier this week, a voice recording emerged of Rivers complaining of trouble with her vocal chords. She can be heard saying: ”I told [you] I didn’t feel good. My voice has been bothering me. I don’t know what it is . . . I feel like s***. I’m tired already.” Later, she said: ”That’s it – I don’t feel good.”

Selfie Queen Kim Kardashian to release photo book titled Selfish

She infuriated her entire family when she spent their recent vacation in Thailand glued to her camera as she furiously snapped selfie after selfie.

Revealing that the images were for a book she was making for husband Kanye West, the finished result evidently went down so well with the rapper that Kim Kardashian is said to be making another one especially for her fans.

On Friday, publisher Rizzoli New York unveiled the apparent cover image of the 352-page hardcover featuring the star in a seductive pose as she lies in bed, her heaving cleavage almost spilling out
of her low-cut flesh-colored bustier.

Now You Can Use The Word ‘Selfie’ in Scrabble

The day has come when Scrabble players everywhere can now lay down tiles spelling Q-I-G-O-N-G or S-E-L-F-I-E without worrying about coming to F-I-S-T-I-C-U-F-F-S with their fellow spellers.

Those words, among more than 5,000 others, are included in the Fifth Edition of The Official SCRABBLE Player’s Dictionary, put out by American dictionary behemoth Merriam-Webster.

The announcement, marking the Scrabble bible’s first big update in nearly a decade, comes just days before 500 of the worlds most eminent Scrabblers go head-to-head at the national championships in Buffalo, N.Y. on Aug. 9.


Man accidentally kills himself while posing for gun selfie

A Mexican man died after the gun he was taking a selfie with killed him last weekend.

The victim was identified by local media as 21-year-old Oscar Otero Aguilar.

Before the incident, Otero Aguilar had been drinking with two of his friends in northern Mexico City, Proceso said.

Authorities called in said Otero Aguilar was shot in the head, Proceso reported.

Otero Aguilar has previously taken other types of selfies showing him posing next to cars and bottles of alcohol

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P-Diddy posts (then deletes) star-studded snap

Not many can encourage supermodels, socialites and rap royalty to their birthday party – but Riccardo Tisci managed to do just that when he celebrated his 40th in Ibiza on Friday evening.

The Italian fashion designer was joined on the night by an array of celebrity pals for a wild night as he toasted the milestone in style on the Balearic party island.

Amongst those to attend were British models Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, rapper P-Diddy and newly married Kim Kardashian – whose sweeping gown he designed for her wedding to Kanye West, also in attendance on the night

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We Are All Crazy

Instagram is, by far, my favorite social media app. I love looking at pictures. You don’t have to have a story because you can create one. Or you can provide a bit more context or wit with the captions. It was already brilliant and then they added the 15 second video feature? Game changed. I love Instagram. And since I’m on it so much, I have a few observations about Instagram, and what our behavior on the app says about the state of our society. Can I share them with you all?



The art of taking a selfie you’ll approve of weeks later is no easy task. You smile, you give a straight face, duck lips, curled lip snarl until you get the perfect face to match your mood. The mood you’d like to share with the world…and by the world I mean your limited Instagram following. You’ve chosen the best picture out of the 10 you just took and uploaded. You’re not Beyoncé, so it might take a minute for that first like to pop up. And while you’re waiting, looking at yourself…you start to think, I don’t know if this is the version of me I wanted to put out there. And just as you’re about to delete it, someone comes through with a comment featuring three smiley faces with the heart eyes. And just like that you’re assured, once again, that you made the right decision.