David Beckham’s family increase security at their home after two attempted break-ins

David and Victoria Beckham have increased security at their Cotswolds mansion following two attempted break-ins this year.

The couple recently had barbed wire installed around the property and are also said to have improved motion and light detectors fitted.

As an extra precaution, the family also now have a new German shepherd guard dog named Logan who has been patrolling the property with a handler.

Safety: David and Victoria Beckham have increased security at their Cotswolds mansion following two attempted break-ins this year. Their son Romeo, 16, is pictured with the family's new German shepherd guard dog named Logan 

Second home: The couple recently had barbed wire installed around the property and are also said to have improved motion and light detectors fitted

Online International Shopping

Online shopping is one of the best innovations that allow consumers to get access to items that would otherwise never have been unavailable to them. It has it’s own advantages and disadvantages and Kenyans are equally taken up the concept of shipping goods directly internationally. 85% of Kenyans are using electronic payment products like the mobile money, prepaid cards, according to a study by MasterCard. Which shows that Kenyans are embracing using cards instead of cash. There are some dos and donts if you are going to shop online, here are some tips you need to know about.

1. Is the website you are buying from legitimate
More often than not, buyers are lured by sales, so they tend to look for sites selling cheap designer items or phones, check if their are a legit shop. Look for the testimonials from other clients who have bought from the same website. Check online if it is a reliable website. You can avoid this phenomenon by shopping from well-known sites. If the deal is too good, think twice.

2. Take advantage of sales
Online shopping enables you to take advantage of sales continents away. If there is a black friday offer or a Cyber Monday offer buying the item online would be the perfect way to get an insane deal for those designer shoes you have been lusting after.

3. Receiving items via post office eases shipping
Some companies will offer to send your goods via post and this is a cheaper option especially for example if you are shipping from China to Kenya. It will be cheaper than transporting your shipping via DHL even tough it will take longer.

4. VAT
In Kenya for example, VAT is a huge deal for online shoppers because it is very high. Sometimes you will buy goods worth a small some of money and when and you end up paying double the value of your goods thanks to VAT. Take advantage of companies that ship items in bulk

5. Take advantage of companies that offer free shipping
If you are looking to buy items online on a budget, sometimes looking for websites that offer free shipping is a plus. Some will ship for free if your order has reached a certain amount. With free shipping at least you only need to worry about VAT.

6. Making Payment
Finding a store that accepts Paypal mode of payment is a convenient way to make sure your card is safe. Paypal will only affiliate itself with reputable websites, so you don’t have to worry about the place you are shopping from having direct access to your bank details.

Security firm owner says George Muchai wanted extra security

A security firm proprietor has said slain Kabete MP George Muchai had approached her company for additional security prior to his death.

Director of Trimo Security and a Private Investigators, Jane Mugo, said Muchai had approached her company to provide him with advance security surveillance services in areas he visited.

Mugo said that the MP had also asked for three armed security officers from her company.

The deal however never materialised as the MP was shot dead on February 7 along Nairobi’s Kenyatta avenue.

Mugo who was speaking at Bahati children home in Kayole, Nairobi on Saturday during Valentine’s day, called on the Ministry of Education to introduce self defence training in schools as the country is faced with numerous security threats and crime.

“Security challenges cannot only be left to police but it’s the duty of everyone to make sure that he is a security to him or herself first. This can be strengthened if our children from the tender age in Primary to higher institutions of learning are taught skills of self defense like Karate and Taekwondo,” Mugo said.

Mugo is a former police officer said that if children especially those approaching adulthood have skills in self defense they can protect their families.

She said that her company as part of the corporate social responsibility is ready to partner with learning institutions to train pupils on security matters.

During the visit Mugo and her staff they donated food stuff and flowers to the 290 children at the home.


BMW fixes security flaws on its cars

BMW has patched a security flaw that left 2.2 million cars, including Rolls Royce and Mini models, open to hackers.

The flaw affected models fitted with BMW’s Connected-Drive software, which uses an on-board Sim card.

The software operated door locks, air conditioning and traffic updates but no driving firmware such as brakes or steering, BMW said.

No cars have actually been hacked, but the flaw was identified by German motorist association ADAC.

The researchers found that the cars would try to communicate via a spoofed phone network, leaving potential hackers able to control anything activated by the Sim.

The patch, which would be applied automatically, included making data from the car encrypted via HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) the same security commonly used for online banking, BMW said.

If your car is within an area covered by a mobile phone network you should have received an update, if  its starter battery has been disconnected  then select  “Update Services” from your car’s menu.”.

Nkaissery issues personal apology to pupils at Lang’ata Road Primary

Joseph Nkaissery, Interior CS for security on Tuesday visited Lang’ata Road Primary School and issued an apology to pupils following the Monday mayhem where police lobbed tear gas canisters at school kids during the #OccupyPlayground demonstration to save their playground fenced by a private land grabber.

Five pupils, a few journalists as well as a police officer are nursing injuries as a result. Nkaissery has issued a 24-hour notice to the developer to remove the remaining wall and clear the damage.

Lang’ata OCPD Elijah Mwangi who had commanded the operation has been dismissed.



CJ Willy Mutunga appoints five judges to hear security laws case

Chief Justice Willy Mutunga appointed five judges to hear the case challenging the suspension of eight security laws on Tuesday. They are Justice Isaac Lenaola, Mumbi Ngungi, Hillary Chemitei, Hedwig Ong’udi and Joseph Onguto.

Mutunga asked them to give their findings on or before February 13 when a decision will be made. This comes a day after Director of Public Prosecution Keriako Tobiko appealed the suspension of the laws.

Tobiko said that stopping the government from enforcing the anti-terror laws will compromise public interest. He and Attorney General Githu Muigai told three Appeal Court judges to lift the suspension as it was given in error of law.

The sections suspended by judge George Odunga are 12, 16, 26, 29, 48, 56, 58 and 64. Odunga gave the orders following an application by the Cord coalition.


IEBC announces official dates for Kajiado Central MP By-elections

Following the appointment of Kajiado Central MP Joseph Nkaissery as the CS for Internal Security elections body IEBC have slated the by-elections for Monday 16th March 2015. Political party primaries will be completed by 29th January.

Here is a screenshot of the announcement from IEBC’s official twitter handle.

Screenshot from 2014-12-30 13:21:08

CORD moves to court to challenge security bill

The Cord Coalition has finally moved to court to challenge the newly Enacted Security laws.

In a petition which was certified urgent,Cord through its lead lawyer James Orengo told Justice Isaac Lenaola that the amendments made by parliament are illegal and unlawful.

Cord wants the court to stop the implementation of the new Security bill on grounds that there was no public participation and it was enacted contrary to the Parliamentary Standing orders.

Cord further says some of the provisions in the statute are Oppressive and would Impact on the Criminal Justice System

I will sack all corrupt state staff – Nkaissery

Nominated Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery Thursday said he will sack corrupt officials at the Office of the President once appointed.

“Corruption and lack of integrity at the Office of the President have been of great concern. I intend to address them by first taking operational stock if appointed. They will be my areas of focus,” he told the National Assembly Committee on Appointments during his vetting yesterday.

“Corruption is evil. It exists in the Interior ministry and fights back. It will not be business as usual to those who have conspired to enrich themselves.”

The Kajiado Central MP promised to ensure stiffer laws are put in place to address the vice.

Terrorist attacks on Kenya have been blamed on the corruption at the office, the police and porous borders.

Nkaissery, who is expected to be endorsed next Wednesday during the special sitting of the House, warned the National Intelligence Service bosses that it is time they started delivering.

“We give the NIS good money. They should secure Kenyans because they are the eyes and the ears of the country. People must work. If they don’t deliver they must take a walk,” he said.

Nkaissery’s warning comes after the House Public Accounts Committee revealed that more than Sh2.8 billion cannot be accounted for at the Interior Ministry.

The ministry is under direct supervision of the Office of the President.


Safaricom gets contract for security camera’s

The Government of Kenya, through the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government today signed a landmark agreement with Safaricom that will see the roll out of a first-of-its-kind National Surveillance, Communication and Control System, for Nairobi and Mombasa.

The contract signing ceremony for the agreement took place today at Harambee House and was attended by Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Coordination of National Government Joseph Ole Lenku; Amb (Dr.) Monica Juma, Principal Secretary, Interior, Dr. Kamau Thugge, Principal Secretary, National Treasury; David Kimaiyo, Inspector General and Bob Collymore, Safaricom CEO.

The development effectively means that Safaricom can now embark on the process of building the secure communications and surveillance network. The solution will also include the installation of cameras in the two cities to provide real-time footage to the National Police Operations Centre.

The Cabinet Secretary Mr. Lenku said the secure communications and surveillance project would greatly enhance security in the country by providing security agents with the capability to monitor and deter crime.

“In July, the National Assembly Committee on Administration and National Security approved the award of the project to Safaricom, setting the stage for today’s announcement. We believe that the level of scrutiny provided over the last five months by the National Assembly and Public Procurement Oversight Authority, among others, is sufficient.

We are keen to see the project go live as soon as possible,” said Amb. Juma. On his part, Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore indicated that this was a pioneering achievement, not just for Kenya, but also for Africa.

“Over the next 18 months, Safaricom will build an intelligent solution that harnesses the power of technology to enable law enforcement officers effectively coordinate and deploy their resources in response to threats to national security and, indeed, emergency situations requiring the interplay of competencies from the National Police Service and various disaster response teams.”

Upon completion, the system will be operated by the National Police Service under the expertise of a core project team comprising senior officers from the National Police Service and communications experts.

The project gets underway following the receipt of all relevant approvals required to complete the installation and management of a communication and surveillance system to help combat crime.

Under the terms of the 5 year agreement, Safaricom will undertake the completion of the KSh14.9 billion project (exclusive of taxes) at its cost and thereafter hand over the operations of the system to the National Police Service.

As part of the agreed terms, the Government will enjoy the use of the service at no cost for the first year of its operation and the Government will only start paying for the solution through a series of annual installments commencing in 2016.

Baringo County speaker arrested at JKIA

Baringo County Speaker Kasait Kamket was arrested at the JKIA while headed for Qatar Tuesday night. He was being sought by police over last week’s clashes where on 20th October a motor vehicle transporting examination papers for Kapedo mixed secondary school was attacked and burned down. Less than five days later on 25th October three GSU officers, two civilians were killed and 1 officer injured.

Police said he will be taken to Baringo police station for grilling over the matter.

President Kenyatta has also spoken on the matter in a statement released on Monday and advised that responsible criminals will face the full force of the law.

Pastor Pulls Gun on Alleged Thieving Grandma

God bless Texas. Pastor Benny Holmes of The Church of New Beginnings in Baytown, Texas, was frustrated that two packages that had been mailed to him went missing. Other residents in the neighbourhood reported the same thing, so Homes set a trap to see if he could catch a thief in the act.

Months earlier, he and his wife Pat Holmes had seen video surveillance of a woman twice appearing to pilfer packages from their doorstep. Pat recalled her husband saying, “I’m going to sit here and I’m going to pull guard duty. I’m going to be a watchman on the wall.”

Holmes set two dummy packages on the porch and waited to see if anyone would take the bait. It took several hours, but eventually a 52-year-old grandmother pulled her car into the drive and made her way to the porch from the side of the house.

That’s when Holmes pulled his gun on her, and told her to lie down while he called the police. According to Pat Holmes, her husband recognized the woman as someone he’d found sneaking around his property two years ago, claiming to be looking for her lost dog. She used the same lost dog excuse again.

“I guess she uses that every time she gets caught,” Pat Holmes said. “This time he replied, ‘You found him, bow wow.'”

Read more:http://thestir.cafemom.com/in_the_news/177482/pastor_pulls_gun_thieving_woman

Islamic State militants three times as many as previously feared-CIA

US intelligence service, the CIA says the Islamic State (IS) militant group may have up to 31,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria – three times as many as previously feared.

A spokesman said the new estimate was based on a review of intelligence reports from May to August.

IS has seized vast swathes of Iraq and beheaded several hostages in recent months, leading to US airstrikes.

US Secretary of State John Kerry is visiting Turkey, seeking more support for action against IS.

On Thursday, 10 Arab countries agreed to help the US attack the group in both Iraq and Syria.

The CIA had previously believed that IS had about 10,000 fighters, spokesman Ryan Trapani said.

Read more- http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-29169914

US suspends Peace Corps program in Kenya

                                                                                                                                                                                       File photo courtesy of peacecorpsconnect.org

The US has suspended its Peace Corps program in Kenya due to rising insecurity.

The State Department says more than 50 volunteers have been pulled out and the program will only resume once security concerns have been addressed.

The move follows the down-sizing of staff at the US embassy in Nairobi following increased terror threats.

The Peace Corps sends Americans abroad to tackle the most pressing needs of people around the world where volunteers work at the grassroots level helping communities.