Men With Secret Families

According to an article on the Crazy Monday pullout, quite a number of men in Kenya have secret families.

These men have families, separate from the official one, which they hide from their wives and only a few of their friends and relatives know about. Such secret families tend to appear during the man’s funeral or when his will is being read.

Mwalimu King’ang’i sees nothing wrong in a man having two families as long as he can provide for both and no one sleeps hungry. He feels that all the man needs to do is ensure his responsibility for both families is taken care of.

My question is, how do you smile at your wife everyday knowing that you are keeping such a big secret? Doesn’t it bother you as a man?

Here is what people had to say:

6 Celebrities who wedded secretly in Kenya

Celebrity couples are well known for holding private weddings that are invite- only affairs, but somehow the press gets wind of the venue and informs us in good time. These particular couples however managed to keep their relationship from the prying eye of the press. We only learnt about their nuptials months later or after they posted baby photos. Check out the celebrity couples who have gotten together secretly.

1. Dj Mo and Size 8
This celebrity couple shocked the public after they came out stating that they are man and wife. The former secular sensation turned gospel wed celebrity DJ Mo of system unit in Septemeber 2013. The couple decided to put an end to rumours that they were having an affair and living under one roof by announcing their marriage one month later. They had a small private affair involving only family and the officiating bishop was Size 8’s father. Size 8 reveals that she is a very private person and marriage is something personal and that’s why she did a private wedding.


2. Larry Asego
Little is known about Larry Asego’s marriage as he keeps his private life really private. He allegedly had a small private affair at his house in 2013 making his relationship official and he invited guests via sms. He has two children.


3. Betty Bayo and Pastor Kanyari
Betty Bayo’s marriage to controversial pastor Victor Kanyari was a top most secret. She wed in 2012 and was away from the lime light only to reappear later in 2013 claiming the mysterious man she was married to was none other than Kanyari. The couple has since faced a rough patch after an expose showed her husband as a con pastor running the sh310 scam for a miracle. Betty denounced her husband in public but rumours claim the couple is still together.

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4. Tina Kaggia and JB Masanduku
The celebrity couple wedded at the AG chambers in the ceremony attended by only a few family members and close friends. The private ceremony shocked the media especially because their relationship was in the limelight but somehow they managed to keep the ceremony secret. The couple has two children, Tina’s daughter Imani from a previous relationship and their son born last year.


5. J Blessing and Shantel
Shantel is known for her trial in music when she released her one hit wonder ‘Toklezea’ with Abbas. J Blessing was allegedly dating a popular radio host and he left her heavy with child for Shantel. They were rumoured to be planning a wedding in Dubai from close sources. It is yet to happen, but the couple already moved in together and have a child.Chantelle-and-Jblessing

6. Shaffie Weru and Jada Joan
Shaffie Weru, the Kiss 100 breakfast host is also in the list of celebrities who wed secretly. He confessed last year that he had been hitched to Joan for four years putting a stop to the rumours. They also have a child together.