Secondary Traits That You Should Look Out For In A Man

Growing up as women we have been taught that we should always look at a man’s character so as to know whether or not to build a relationship with him. This was an important lesson in the long run; however there are things that our aunties and mothers didn’t tell us.

There are secondary factors that we also need to look at while looking for that potential partner, besides character and looks.

Here is a list of secondary things that are actually okay to look out for in a man:

Attraction: While it is okay to want a handsome man, turning down a guy simply because he isn’t too hot is just childish. Every person you meet will have flaws and imperfect even the handsome guy you are waiting for. Plus you might just end up single as you wait. You should give people a chance to see if some sort of attraction will build. If it works then give it a shot, if not then politely turn them down.

Financial stability: It’s okay to want a man with money but dreaming about Richard Branson is just stretching it. If a man has a job and can comfortably take care of himself it shows responsibility. Besides a man will want a woman who can help him once in a while not someone who is dependent on him.

Car/House:These may seem material but at some point they are a necessity. However you should not use them to gauge how far a man is in life. Owning a house is so expensive at the moment but if a man can afford to rent a house its fine. So long as they are not living at their parents’ house.

Well educated:This is a tricky bit as not everyone who is educated is smart and not everyone who is uneducated is dumb. However if you wish to date someone who has an MBA, PHD, Bachelors degree etc. then by all means do it.