From barbed wire to hockey sticks! Ridiculous levies parents pay for


Students proceeding to join form one in the institutions they were admitted in have sparked debate about the things parents are asked by schools to pay in addition to school fees.

The discussion began on Classic 105, where Mwalimu King’ang’i sympathized with parents already dealing with high cost of living.

He recalled how his own parents were told to pay for things like hockey sticks, and he now wants answers.


“Those in Kindergarten pay more than those in parallel degree programs.Parent’s can’t object they are told if you can’t afford the fee take your kid somewhere else, if you cannot afford basi toa mtoto uende umsomeshe, kenyan parents are finished, hakuna wa kuwatetea”

Here is a list of things parents used to pay for and new things added

  1. Teacher motivational fee
  2. Zoom fee
  3. Computer fee without labs to support them
  4. Swimming pool maintenance
  5. Prize giving fee
  6. covid 19 preparedness
  7. Ambulance emergency
  8. Trips
  9. caution money
  10. development fee
  11. barbed wire
  12. hockey sticks
  13. DH levy


Maina heard that parents pay the fees because they fear their child will be bullied. But a teacher called in defending he fees saying parents have left the role of parenting to teachers and so the costs are to cover that new role they have adopted.


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Pictures of Ghanaian students wearing Kitenge uniform to make you smile


First let us be clear that this is not new uniform being worn by the students. It is just that people are re-sharing the images appreciating how nice they really look. The country introduced these uniforms back in the 90s.

We have put together pictures of the different vitenges worn by students. Have a hopeful Wednesday won’t you?

unifrom 2
We’ve been wearing these since since. Is not a new phenomenon. Every Ghanaian Secondary School has an African fabric as part of their Uniform. Mostly worn on Fridays and as ceremonial dress.uniform 4

Every secondary school in Ghana has locally made African prints as part of their uniform. And this has been there for years now.uniform 3

We have been using African fabric for school uniforms since Gold Coast precolonial era
Face with tears of joy
. Ok?unform 1

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you think the Ministry of Education could ever take such a bold move, ama cartels?


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I will take my kid back to school if they allow him to wear slippers – Parent tells Maina

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i had an interesting discussion today about a report that the government is mulling whether to open schools in October.

The rumours are that Education CS George Magoha is considering opening schools on October 3rd. The news has shocked many who were thinking about a prospective January opening.

Maina asked parents what they would do if Magoha indeed issued the order? “What if Magoha says that schools open on October 3rd. What will parents do?”

King’ang’i himself was aghast at the idea and said as much. “Do you know if they say that schools should be closed, there are some serious requirements needed for the kids. They come up with a list. You will see kids being asked to come with masks, sanitisers…Also means new uniforms.

No one has the school fees. Parents have no idea what to do. Taking a child to school is a lot of money. Those that will stay at home will be many. Have you ever prepared a child to go to school? It is tough financially, psychologically. It drains you. ”

All the parents who called in were unanimous in their agreements that the decision to call back students in October wasn’t wise. Many insisted that a January start was the smart move.

One parent in particular cracked up Maina telling him, “I am ready to take my kids to school provided they allow him to wear slippers, home clothes, give him food, pay his school fees and give him a sanitiser.”

Some of those comments are below;

Parents were told schools are re-opening in January. If the government can pay for all costs then parents can re-consider that option. But let them open the bars first so that we can discuss that option while having a beer.

Why schools first before everything else? Parents aren’t even prepared financially. Education isn’t going anywhere.

Most parents made plans for next year. Most kids will not make it for this October date.

Let the ministers start with their own kids to test this pandemic.

If some parents can’t afford a meal, where will they get money to pay for fees?

Surely they can’t wake up and decide to open schools. They are confusing us.

This message goes to all the politicians who have been mentioned eating public resources. Those people should take that money to the Ministry of Education and pay school fees for Kenyans-Wakanai.

I have a friend who has a group of school. That man is very stressed. My child asked me if we are going to school on October 3rd? I asked him “oolisikia wapi? Atarudi January.

They should first open the economy before they open schools.

For the first time in history, parents don’t want children to go to school.

I am a teacher. These people shouldn’t open anytime soon until January.

The government has gotten it’s priorities wrong. Are schools ready for re-opening?

What are they going to school to do? Will they do exams? Which part of the syllabus will they follow?

There is nothing the kids are going to school to do. They will be wasting time and school fees.

Does King’ang’i remember that some teachers are suffering? If parents can’t pay the fees, they should take them to day school and public schools.

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Teacher fired after sharing picture of black and white students separated on their first day of school

The photo, taken by a teacher, shows a group of 18 white pupils with a small table of the class’s handful of black pupils sitting behind at the back of the class tucked away in the corner.

The image, taken at Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke kindergarten in the north west of the country, was shared on the school’s WhatsApp group by the children’s class teacher.

It was then shared to all the children’s parents to show them how their first day at school was going.

The image of the children, who are all aged between four and five, echoed South Africa’s dark Apartheid past of racial segregation and oppression.

A mother of one of the black pupils, who was not named, told TimesLIVE: ‘This was meant to be an exciting day for me but it’s not. I am pi**** off.

‘All I saw was messages from the white parents saying ‘dankie, dankie’ [thank you on WhatsApp] but no one was saying anything about the separation of the learners.’

The photo has gone viral on social media and has seen the school criticised for allowing apparent segregation to take place.

Activist and ANC campaign manager, Mcebo Dlamini, wrote today on Facebook: ‘What is most provoking about this image is not that black kids are ostracised from white kids, that is common in our supposedly post apartheid Africa.

‘Rather what becomes painful is that there are black people who still insist that racism has ended and who think that blacks and white can have peaceful relations that do not have undertones of racism.

‘This is impossible so long as white people have power, what therefore is needed is to change the existing power dynamics such that black people can have dignity.

‘You can take your kids to the whitest schools in the country but so long as the black majority is poor, your kids will always be reminded that they are black and therefore inferior.’

The school has not responded to requests from the local media for comment.