3 things women do after men splash money on them


A woman advised women on classic 105 that they must do everything possible to get a man to shamelessly spend money on them.

the number one mistake women make with these men especially when you land yourself a stingy man is showing them you can be independent, especially financially.

You show a man you can take care of all your financial needs, rub it in his face? The day you come to him and ask for a coin, trust me aki sha zoea, whatever he will give you will be little or nothing knowing that you have money, when he gets used to being shown that you are financially independent?

Men use money to get the woman they want. While women, subtly and skillfully, use their femininity to reel in the man of their dreams.

Men know their job is to win a woman’s affection, love and commitment and they will court you with their compliments and gentlemanly manners—and whether they will admit it or not, they are fully aware that gifts are part of a woman’s love language.

Depending on a man’s level of interest in you, his finances and generosity, he will spend money to get you to go on a date with him and he will surprise you with trinkets and sparkle to woo and wow you.

He will send you flowers, wine and dine you, take you shopping for clothes and treat you to all-expense-paid trips, because in his mind, he is investing in you and his future.

Once a man is done ‘investing’ in you a woman tends to do these three things:

– felt obligated to go out with him again
– Expect to sleep with him
– Feel like a gold-digger

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Sponsors: Why taxi drivers love clubs along Kiambu and Langata road

Dating applications, mushrooming clubs, taxi services among other factors have made sponsors very accessible to women.

The access has been investigated by Star reporter Njeri Mbugua who says

The practice, once used by young girls from poor backgrounds to earn a little extra money, has for many become an accepted lifestyle choice.


A 2018 study on the culture among university students in Nairobi found that one in every five girls had a sponsor. The study was conducted by Busara Centre for Behavioural Economics.

Further, over 70 per cent of the respondents said a sponsor should pay for trips, rent, hair and beauty, outings, restaurant meals, food and shopping, dates and gifts.

Young man dating an old woman

The Star also learns that digital taxi applications are widely used to facilitate transactional sex.

A driver speaking on condition of anonymity says when men or even women do not want their spouses to know their whereabouts, they opt to take digital taxis.

“To avoid being tracked by their partners or being recognised using their vehicles, a lot of these old men will use us to take them to hotels or lodgings with these girls,” he said. 

The driver also reveals that the increase in entertainment joints, especially out of town, also plays a supporting role in such relationships.

“During the weekends, we have very specific clubs along Kiambu Road or Langata Road where you will find most drivers parked because they know business will be good,” he said. 


“A lot of young girls will flock these clubs because they know there are rich men waiting.”

Another driver, also speaking on condition of anonymity, says they have found a side hustle.

“Sometimes when we get requests to pick up girls from hotels, we start talking to them about their sponsors. If they are not happy with the amount of money or benefits they receive, we offer to hook them up with richer men in exchange for a small fee,” he said. 

While it has become easier to get into the relationships, they are short term in nature, with controlling power belonging to the sponsor.

According to the study by Busara, sponsors know they can end the relationship any time they want.

Pregnancy, infections such as HIV or STIs, violation of secrecy and demands for exclusivity are some of the most common reasons a sponsor may leave.

Additional reporting by Kelvin Alex

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The qualities sponsors are REALLY looking for in young girls


A founder of a dating website has revealed the qualities sponsors are looking for in their chicks.

The list also includes what they avoid at all costs.

Adventurous, free-spirited and a ‘tiger in bed’ are just some of the traits wealthy ‘sugar daddies’ are looking for in a much younger woman.

And founder of dating website Sugarbook Darren Chan has shared the top qualities rich older men really want when they meet their ‘sugar babies’.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the 31-year-old entrepreneur – who was born in Malaysia before moving to Melbourneto study – revealed the do’s and don’ts – and the etiquette for ‘sugar dating’.

‘To be concise, men want beauty, intellectual, supportive, wild and adventurous and a tiger on the bed,’ Mr Chan said.

‘They don’t want women who are a smart a***, dishonest, cheater, unhygienic and obsessive.

‘The definition of the word “daddy” is described as a protector, a man who is reliable, kind and generous who is also financially capable and very willing to impart knowledge.

‘These men are not only looking for intimate companionship, but also looking for someone to pamper, spoil and love.’

The five things sugar daddies want

1. Beauty

2. Intellectual

3. Supportive

4. Wild and adventurous

5. Tiger on the bed

‘They don’t want women who are a smart a***, dishonest, cheater, unhygienic and obsessive.