Simple Tips On How To Save Money

The holidays are over and you probably have a huge dent on your pocket especially if you had not saved up. January is here with bills to pay, not that you didn’t see it coming. You will probably feel the pinch but here are some simple ways to save up the little amount of money you have.
1. Carry food to work – Forget buying that sh.150 lunch everyday (4,500 a month). Carry the left over food in your fridge and save that cash. You can use it to pay electricity, water and other things.
2. Shop in bulk – It’s much cheaper than shopping every other day. Besides it saves you the hustle of going to the shop everytime. Lookout for offers.
3. Stick to what’s important – Impulse buying will make you spend more and in most cases you will buy things you don’t need. Write down a shopping list and stick to it.
4. Drink water – You are probably on team “living healthy 2016” .. how about you start by drinking more water and less alcohol. In fact no alcohol, you will not only lose weight but also save money.
5. Budget – Have a monthly plan for what you need to buy and cut back on unnecessary expenses. That shoe might be tempting but do you need it? No really do you?
Those tips can help you save more and live comfortably in the long run if you make it a habit.

Let’s urinate as we shower

Many people wake up then go to the toilet to take a leak, and once done they will flush and then head to the shower.

Have you ever thought about the amount of water used when you flash?  It might not be much lets approximate it to about 5 litres of water.

Assume one  thousand people flush their toilets in an hour that’s 5,000 litres of water down the drain.

How about we urinate while showering? A university in the U.K is urging their students to do just that in a bid to save water.

In fact  the dean says that the water they will save in a year is enough to fill an Olympic sized pool.

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