Steamy Photos Of Savara’s Girlfriend Leave Fans Envious

Savara Mudigi was spotted in a cosy photo with Yvonne Endo confirming rumours that the two are dating. This is after speculations that date since 2018. In the recent photo, the Sauti Sol band member shared a photo together and wrote

‘Social Distancing’

Savara is the third Sauti Sol member to publicly show his bae. Early this month saw Bien walk down the aisle with long term girlfriend Chiki Kuruka. Polycarp also tied the knot in 2018 with Lady Mandy.

Celebrities reacted to Savara and Endo’s photo;

Bien: Heri waliompokea Bwana Yesu, Wana uzima.
Tallia Oyando: The sweetest girl ever 😍😍😍 love you guys
Polycarp: Kesi utajibu baadaye
Magix Enga: 🔥🔥 Produce watoto sasa back to back


Ladies, shoot Your Shot: Savara searching for a wife


Now meet the woman that has stolen Savara’s heart;

Meet the woman who has stolen Sauti Sol’s Savara’s heart


Sauti Sol members are disappointing mafislets one man at a time.

In 2018, the first to bite the dust was Fancy Fingers who walked down the aisle with his long-term girlfriend, Lady Mandy and the boys looked good in those suits I must say. The a few weeks ago, Bien did that thing and silently married his long term fiancée Chiki Kuruka.

Sauti Sol wedding

Savara had been rumored to be dating Yvonne Endo and from our investigation, the two are actually in a serious relationship. The two had been spotted looking a bit too cozy in various locations which confirmed they were dating.

Ironically, in an interview with Tanzania’s interview master, Lil Ommy, Savara declared he is looking for a babe from the 255 (Tanzania).

“I am saying this right now that I am in a big fix and I am looking for a Tanzanian wife. If I get, I will be so happy, but if I don’t, ni sawa pia.” Savara said

Sauti Sol wedding

Just when we thought he would be next one to go on one knee and propose to Yvonne Endo.

Savara posted a very cute picture of him and Yvonne, proof that they are still dating and the above quote has been rubbed off. They probably worked through that fix Savara had mentioned.

The picture was a declaration that yes, this lady right here is his, all his. He went ahead to caption the picture saying,

Social distancing

It caused a lot of alarm and woke the social media in-laws who took to the comment section saying:

Bien: Heri waliompokea Bwana Yesu, Wana uzima

Chris Kirwa: Aha #SisiKamaInlaws Twa ! I mean Twawapenda wakati huu wa wa kukaa nyumbani

Ephy Saint: Those babies shall be cute

Fancy Fingers: Kesi utajibu baadaye

Koikai: We Savara shindeni kwa kitanda ya 4 by 6… Kidogo kidogo ndio hiyo corona 6inch deep kwa vein😂😂

Some guy went ahead to break the hearts of the women who fantasize about Savara saying,

I keep telling y’all to stop fantasizing na mabwana za wenyewe hamsikii..sasa ona mmevunjwa roho tena. Si mtutake tu sisi wenye tunawataka. Just reply to the goddamn DM’s 😂😂


Now the pressure to marry her by social media in-laws starts now. Ask Bien and Chiki what they went through.

Here are the gorgeous pictures:

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Ladies, shoot Your Shot: Savara searching for a wife

Sauti Sol member Savara Mundigi is looking for a wife in Tanzania. In a recent interview with LilOmmy TV, Savara said, “I am saying this right now that I am in a big problem and I am looking for a Tanzanian wife.”

Adding, “If I get, I will be so happy, but if I don’t, ni sawa pia.”

Early this year, Savara had been rumoured to be dating Yvonne Endo after the two were spotted at a restaurant in Westlands. Their social media exchanges confirmed this.

Yvonne had shared a photo of herself with the star, eliciting suggestive comments. Bien commented with red flowers and Savara gave a love emoji to the photo.

Earlier on, he was rumoured to be dating President Uhuru’s niece, Kavi Pratt, after the two shared the same photo on their Instagram accounts, showing Kavi Pratt planting an affectionate peck on Savara.

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Sauti Sol’s Savara Celebrates His 30th Birthday With A Big Announcement

Sauti Sol’s Savara celebrates his 30th birthday today (25th May 2017), and with it makes a big announcement.

This comes after undergoing a life-changing period this year, having been involved in two separate road accidents, leaving his left his ankle broken. Though still under recovery, he just launched his imprint community initiative dubbed #SaWA (Savara Women’s Advancement Program).

savara 1

#SaWA will roll out a series of community events and projects in the upcoming weeks. They will include a football tournament, Sauti Sol’s first mega concert in Eastlands and the launch of a training and mentorship program for young ladies.

The Birthday Boy, Savara says, “As I hit the Big 30 this year, I want to give back to my family and fans from Eastlands, where I was born and raised. Every time I am back home, I interact with young people and they have always expressed their longing to engage in fun activities like sports and attending a Sauti Sol concert—that’s how my idea of doing activities that engage and empower the community came about. The football tournament, concert and the ladies training program will bring my fans together not only on a fun level, but also on a development level,” adding, “I feel like I got a second chance to life this year, and I want to share it with my fans.”

savara 2

Happy Birthday Savara.