Sauti Sol drops anticipated new single ‘Insecure’

Radio Africa has officially launched award-winning band Sauti Sol’s new single ‘Insecure.

As promised, Classic 105 officially launched their new song, Insecure on Friday May 22nd and fans are loving it as seen in the comment section because the story behind it is relatable to many.

The track oscillates between the perspectives of two lovers, each dealing with their respective insecurities.

Fusing Swahili into the melodic song’s lyrics and bridge, Sauti Sol addresses the anxieties of letting your guard down for the person you love. Rather than a dour outlook and tempo, lines like ‘before we crash and burn, I hope we see the light,’ are celebratory of what can be achieved when two lovers are considerate of each other’s feelings.

The song was inspired by general discussions that the band has in – between studio sessions and shooting.

“We were just chilling and decided to share around the table what insecurities we all had’  Polycarp aka Fancy Fingers said

Speaking on behalf of Sauti Sol, Chimano said that the aim of the song is to encourage people to attack their insecurities.

Everyone is insecure about something in their lives. The song encourages one to consciously attack their insecurities rather than conceal them

Classic 105 launched the song to ensure that we walk together with Sauti Sol on their musical journey so that their fans across the world receive this music from the comfort of their homes now that concerts are on hold.

Sauti Sol/ Instagram

For now let us enjoy this amazing tune as we wait for the release of their album, The Midnight Train on the 5th of June.

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Maina Kageni and Mwalimu reveal their insecurities for the first time (Exclusive)

Maina Kageni and his co-host Churchill King’angi have been sharing their insecurities this past week. The duo who have Kenya’s biggest morning show, spoke about the biggest fears they have in their life.

Maina for his part said that his insecurity was financial in nature stating, “One of my insecurities is coming out of Covid-19 with the poverty that everyone is predicting.”

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

Mwalimu for his part had a hilarious insecurity that involved his wife saying; “Insecurity yangu ile kubwa sana ni mtu akuje aconfuse Mwongeli. Atakuwa amenimaliza kabisa!”

Mwalimu King'ang'i
Mwalimu King’ang’i

The presenters were speaking about their fears and worries in anticipation of Sauti Sol’s much-heralded 3rd single, “Insecure” from their new album. The song’s release is taking place on May 22nd.

Sauti Sol has partnered with Radio Africa Group on the release of the single in preparation for their 5th album ‘Midnight Train’ launch on June 5.

From a truck driver to being Kenya’s most prominent media personality: The rise of Maina Kageni

Fans can catch the release of the new song exclusively on Classic 105, Smooth FM, Kiss 100, Radio Jambo and Homeboyz Radio on Friday morning.

Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol

‘Suzanna’, the first single off the upcoming album, was released on February 6 taking the music scene by storm. It has so far attracted over nine million views on YouTube.

The second single, ‘Brighter Days’, which was released on April 17 has over 1.2 million views on YouTube.

Sauti Sol says that the release of ‘Insecure’ is in line with their commitment to “to brighten up these times of gloom and doom with music.”

Sauti Sol performing on stage
Sauti Sol performing on stage

They say that the current situation of regional containment, national curfew, social distancing guidelines and a ban on international travel has crippled their business as entertainers.

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Classic 105 to debut Sauti Sol’s new single ‘Insecure’ on Friday

Award-winning afro-pop band Sauti Sol is set to drop their new single, ‘Insecure’, on May 22. Watch the spell binding trailer below.

Sauti Sol has partnered with Radio Africa Group on the release of the single in preparation for their 5th album ‘Midnight Train’ launch on June 5.

Fans can catch the release of the new song exclusively on Classic 105, Smooth FM, Kiss 100, Radio Jambo and Homeboyz Radio on Friday morning.

‘Suzanna’, the first single off the upcoming album, was released on February 6 taking the music scene by storm. It has so far attracted over nine million views on YouTube.

The second single, ‘Brighter Days’, which was released on April 17 has over 1.2 million views on YouTube.


Sauti Sol says that the release of ‘Insecure’ is in line with their commitment to “to brighten up these times of gloom and doom with music.”

They say that the current situation of regional containment, national curfew, social distancing guidelines and a ban on international travel has crippled their business as entertainers.

“It has forced us to not only postpone and/or cancel all local and international performances but also to isolate at a time we need to be together preparing for the launch and eventual performance and touring of our new album,” the group said.

They added; “It is the expectation of our fans and stakeholders that we launch this album with a concert/performance regardless of the circumstances.”

Following consultations with the Ministry of Health, Sauti Sol has undertaken to self-isolate as a band together with a film crew of five.


This is in order to rehearse the album, shoot album launch content, prepare for an album launch concert and finally shoot the album launch concert.

Radio Africa Group will be walking together with Sauti Sol on this journey to ensure that their fans across the world receive this music from the comfort of their homes.

The Radio Africa Group is thrilled to be headling this song as part of its vision and long-standing mission to support outstanding talent in Kenya.

Sauti Sol and Radio Africa Group have a long and warm relationship that spans well over five years.

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I am surviving on royalties and I hope this nightmare ends soon – Sauti Sol’s Bien reveals

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime Baraza secretly got married earlier this month to his long-time beau, Chiki Kuruka. The two even spent a wonderful holiday at the Masai Mara to celebrate their nuptials.

Who knew that the joy they had would be brought down to earth shortly after they came back from their vacation? This was revealed by Bien in a recent interview where he discussed the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bien with Chiki
Bien with Chiki

The lanky singer said that he has been forced to survive on royalties.  Bien Aime made these comments when he spoke to Citizen TV’s Willy M Tuva in an interview posted on the Mseto East Africa Youtube page.

“At the moment I am surviving on royalties because I have written many songs for many people. Early last year I was in Germany to work on more songs over there, and that is what has been sustaining me. Royalties given to Sauti Sol are also going a long way. My savings too have gone a long way because as an artist you have to save. Hopefully, our savings will push us as far as it can until this nightmare is over,” he stated.

Sauti Sol posing
Sauti Sol posing

He, however, added that the going was not easy as he had many other projects in the pipeline, bills, salaries, and rent to pay for his work offices.

“We have videos from Bensoul and Nviiri that must be done so that they do not stay from the limelight too long and lose relevance. We also have other things, including our singles and more that have been affected,” the artiste added.

Sauti Sol performing on stage
Sauti Sol performing on stage

He added that at the moment, they too had taken to social media to connect with their audiences.

“In music, we have taken many steps back as we have had to postpone a sold-out show in London slated for March 28, and forced to cancel so many shows and have lost a lot of money. Even our mentees [the Sol Generation] have been affected by these things. I think God saw that we were not ready and needed more practice,” Baraza stated.

Bien Aime Baraza seating
Bien Aime Baraza seating

He further added that the government should consider tax relief for musicians this year due to the massive losses they face.

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Meet the woman who has stolen Sauti Sol’s Savara’s heart


Sauti Sol members are disappointing mafislets one man at a time.

In 2018, the first to bite the dust was Fancy Fingers who walked down the aisle with his long-term girlfriend, Lady Mandy and the boys looked good in those suits I must say. The a few weeks ago, Bien did that thing and silently married his long term fiancée Chiki Kuruka.

Sauti Sol wedding

Savara had been rumored to be dating Yvonne Endo and from our investigation, the two are actually in a serious relationship. The two had been spotted looking a bit too cozy in various locations which confirmed they were dating.

Ironically, in an interview with Tanzania’s interview master, Lil Ommy, Savara declared he is looking for a babe from the 255 (Tanzania).

“I am saying this right now that I am in a big fix and I am looking for a Tanzanian wife. If I get, I will be so happy, but if I don’t, ni sawa pia.” Savara said

Sauti Sol wedding

Just when we thought he would be next one to go on one knee and propose to Yvonne Endo.

Savara posted a very cute picture of him and Yvonne, proof that they are still dating and the above quote has been rubbed off. They probably worked through that fix Savara had mentioned.

The picture was a declaration that yes, this lady right here is his, all his. He went ahead to caption the picture saying,

Social distancing

It caused a lot of alarm and woke the social media in-laws who took to the comment section saying:

Bien: Heri waliompokea Bwana Yesu, Wana uzima

Chris Kirwa: Aha #SisiKamaInlaws Twa ! I mean Twawapenda wakati huu wa wa kukaa nyumbani

Ephy Saint: Those babies shall be cute

Fancy Fingers: Kesi utajibu baadaye

Koikai: We Savara shindeni kwa kitanda ya 4 by 6… Kidogo kidogo ndio hiyo corona 6inch deep kwa vein😂😂

Some guy went ahead to break the hearts of the women who fantasize about Savara saying,

I keep telling y’all to stop fantasizing na mabwana za wenyewe hamsikii..sasa ona mmevunjwa roho tena. Si mtutake tu sisi wenye tunawataka. Just reply to the goddamn DM’s 😂😂


Now the pressure to marry her by social media in-laws starts now. Ask Bien and Chiki what they went through.

Here are the gorgeous pictures:

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Sauti Sol announce major international deal in South Africa

Sauti Sol has for years been the pre-eminent boy-band in Kenya. The group has always surpassed expectations with hit song after hit, the past 10 years.

Their growth, evolution, and maturation has been a joy to witness and it seems that one major record label has decided to work with the uber-talented group.

Sauti Sol posing
Sauti Sol posing

Today via their Instagram page, the group revealed that they had signed their first-ever record deal with the world’s leading music company, Universal Music Group (UMG).

“It’s official! Our first major label deal, Thank you guys for being patient. We really hope y’all are ready for the new album,” the post read.

Their fans were ecstatic about the news with many celebratory messages sent their way. Let’s not lie they have earned all the praise that comes their way.

Sauti Sol posing

This makes them the first Kenyan artists to be taken up by the universal music giants. The international recording company has it’s African offices in South Africa as well as Nigeria.

They now join the elite group of other megastars signed under the label such as Tekno, Vanessa Mdee, Mr Eazi, Tiwa Savage, Stonebwoy and Diamond Platnumz.

I am ready to be the 5th member of Sauti Sol – Khaligraph jokes

Under their record label, Chimano serves as the creative director and head creative for visuals and image, Bien and Savara handle artistes and their repertoire (songwriting), digital strategy production and business development while Polycarp handles bookings and publishing.

Sauti Sol posing

Is their contract like the one Nigerian singer Wizkid has with his record label Sony? Wizkid has a record deal that means all of his ‘official’ releases worldwide have to be vetted, sanctioned, released and sold through Sony Music.

Also, Wizkid cannot release and sell Nigerian music in Nigeria due to his Sony deal. This means they hold control over his ‘official’ music releases.


I wonder what the fine print in the Sauti Sol contract stipulates.

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Sauti Sol protege Crystal Asige marks White Cane Safety Day



Crystal Asige is the female artiste signed to Sol Generation, the record label linked to Sauti Sol.

Crystal features in Sauti sols song ‘Extravaganza’ and impressed KOT with her voice.

October 15th marks White Cane Safety day, and it’s special to Crystal.

She has undergone 8 surgeries and none worked.

The day is set aside to mark and celebrate the achievements of blind and visually impaired people, and also to champion the universally recognised symbol of blindness and tool of independence, the humble white cane.

Crystal developed eye complications while in high school and the difficulty in reading only became worse.

She told SDE

Just before I finished High School when I was like 15 or 16 years, I started noticing that something was wrong with my eyesight. I wasn’t able to read my scripts, see the blackboard properly, I had to bring my scripts really close to my eyes to be able to see; sometimes when I played sports, the ball could be thrown at me and all I could see were just some black spots.

“However, I just pegged it on the fact that both my parents wore glasses and I needed to get a pair for myself. I didn’t pay much attention to it, got my glasses and everything turned out well,” she states.

She began her journey with surgeries in 2010 that resulted in 8 surgeries

Since that first surgery I kept chasing my eyesight and in the next 6 years I had additional seven surgeries, trying to regain my eyesight but they didn’t help,”

She explains why for blind people, the cane is essential.


Other visually impaired artistes we know are Stevie Wonder continues to perform and record for the label to this day. It is thought that he received excessive oxygen in his incubator which led to retinopathy of prematurity.

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How it went down at Oktobafest this past weekend

Kenya’s famous beer festival went down this past weekend at the Ngong Racecourse, and our photographer Moses Kiarie was there to capture all the moments.

Dancing, food, beer and of course adoring fans enjoying all the thrilling moments.

Go through his pictures and relive the moment.








oktob 3

crowd at oktob


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Rose Muhando’s political song sparks reaction from Maina and Kingangi



Rose Muhando is back in the news and causes all sorts of storm in the country.

The singer has released a song praising President Uhuru and Kenyans for standing by her.

‘I don’t know if Rose Muhando is abusing drugs!’ Gospel star Stephen Kasolo confesses

The song dubbed shukran Uhuru is trending and it’s not too shabby according to the Classic 105 hosts.

Maina responded saying

Aki Tanzanian, you know these guys they know how to praise. You know when Harmonize released that cover for Kwangwaru, now he is Magufuli’s favorite artist. Hima nd Sauti Sol. You cannot tell Magufuli anything else, And he is making money like you can’t believe 

I must say I love the melody on this one. Good job Rose Muhando

Mwalimu Kingangi recalled other musicians who have ever sang for politicians including former President Moi saying

Moi ni mwingine, he was sang for all sorts of songs from Primary everyone sang for him 

Maina chimed in with a laugh saying

It must feel so good being praised

KOT have also shared their thoughts on the song with comments below


Atleast Rose Muhando knows what Kenya has done for her, unlike some other people in Somalia filled with greed


Many of us would give anything to up and leave our beloved country, citing many negativities, then comes Rose Muhando singing all praises and gratitude to the president, the country and its folks at large and waa, something to ponder on right there.

Rose Muhando breaks silence to tell fans ‘all is well’



Rose Muhando in her song “Uhuru” joins the long list of foreigners who unconditionally Love Kenya. I wonder where we derive the perennial self-hate. Europeans, Asians, Americans, and even Africans are choosing Kenya as their retirement destination. Lets learn to LOVE our country.



Kenyans after bearing a song by Rose Muhando praising President Uhuru and wishing blessings upon his family. She should have left Uhuru out of that song, otherwise it’s a good song.


People might have divided opinion about that Rose Muhando song, personally, it’s the best song I have heard from her. The execution was just on point 👌👏

Rose Muhando bounces back from rehab



Have you ever taken time to thank and appreciate those who have stood with you and made you who you are today.

Maybe Rose Muhando should be considered for


If Rose Muhando can refix that Uhuru song and remove the name Uhuru, That song will be our second national Anthem #KOTLoyals


So Rose Muhando decided to sing a song in praise of your president….I’m sure religious 🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜 and their radio stations are very happy.

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Has he left Chiki? Sauti Sol’s Bien talks about dating Yemi Alade

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime Baraza is one of the most attractive men out there. He has the looks, the money, the status and the charm to match. And for those looking to nyemelea, no he isn’t an eligible bachelor anymore as he is engaged to his Nigerian beau, Chiki Kuruka.

Bien kissing Chiki
Bien kissing Chiki on their engagement day

For those wondering (that is if you have heard the rumours), no he isn’t dating Yemi Alade! Perish the thought! The singer spoke to Tanzania’s Clouds FM and clarified the relationship that he has with Yemi.

Yemi Alade
Yemi Alade

The tall and muscular singer did not entirely deny the rumours saying that in one way or another, it’s like he has married Yemi.
This is because he has ‘married’ an Igbo girl from Nigeria and since Yemi is partly from the same tribe, she’s like a sister.

‘It was Chiki’s decision,’ Bien talks on why their wedding was postponed

He said;

My wife is a Nigerian. I have married an Igbo girl and Yemi is also an Igbo. So I have married Yemi’s sister. But I want to say thank you to Tanzanians for putting me on that level that a simple man like me can get Yemi.

Bien with Chiki
Bien with Chiki

The rumours were set alight after the prodigious singer and writer admitted that he is the one who wrote the Swahili version to Yemi Alade’s hit Na Gode.

A version created due to the popular demand of it by East African music lovers and fans and has been no disappointment.

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Ladies, shoot Your Shot: Savara searching for a wife

Sauti Sol member Savara Mundigi is looking for a wife in Tanzania. In a recent interview with LilOmmy TV, Savara said, “I am saying this right now that I am in a big problem and I am looking for a Tanzanian wife.”

Adding, “If I get, I will be so happy, but if I don’t, ni sawa pia.”

Early this year, Savara had been rumoured to be dating Yvonne Endo after the two were spotted at a restaurant in Westlands. Their social media exchanges confirmed this.

Yvonne had shared a photo of herself with the star, eliciting suggestive comments. Bien commented with red flowers and Savara gave a love emoji to the photo.

Earlier on, he was rumoured to be dating President Uhuru’s niece, Kavi Pratt, after the two shared the same photo on their Instagram accounts, showing Kavi Pratt planting an affectionate peck on Savara.

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How Bien Aime reacted to fan crying to Maina Kageni about his engagement


News was awash on social media Thursday morning that Sauti Sol’s Bien had proposed to his fiancée Chiki.

KOT have been expecting the singer to go down on one knee for the longest time.

A picture of the special moment went viral and the swooning still hasn’t stopped.

A female fan informed Maina Kageni that she is still crying knowing that the hunk is now off the market.

Bien proposes to Chiki

He revealed this to Bien saying,

‘Sharon is saying I’m single and I just saw Bien propose. She is crying, emoji’s here’

Bien jokingly responded’

lakini si unajua hapa katiba inakubali kuongeza kwa hivyo naambia tuu warembo maze msikuwe na pressure. chairman bado yuko hajaenda 

Bien and Chiki moments after the surprise proposal

The group Sauti Sol joined Maina kageni in studio on Friday morning to unveil their first signing under their new label Sol Generation, plus his new song.

The new artiste is BenSoul, who debuted his new single ‘Lucy’.




See the heartwarming moment Sauti Sol’s Bien proposes to girlfriend

We have all been waiting for this moment.

Sauti Sol’s Bien has proposed to the love of his life Chiki, and photo’s of the moment have gone viral.

Bien shocked Chiki in what appears to be a well planned moment. In photos on social media, Chiki can be seen exclaiming as Bien goes down on one.

Their fans are happy for the surprise marriage proposal as she covers her mouth in shock.

Chiki told her fans about the moment saying;

I was not expecting this at all! Hiring out a cinema, all my family and friends involved. Thank you, thank you, thank you
Easiest yes I’ve ever said. To my homie, my nigha, my best friend and shit my FIANCÉ, I love you.

Bien kisses Chiki


‘I Am Taken!,’ Sexy Lady Behind Sauti Sol’s Short n Sweet Music Video Warns Team Mafisi

Team mafisi be warned!

Have you watched the recent song by Sauti Sol featuring Nyashinski titled Short N Sweet?

The video has gone viral because of the video vixen(Agnes Kiunga) in it, who has showcased some brilliant and eye catching dance moves.

Everyone is talking about her and people on social media have started a challenge that is based on the dance.

In an interview with classic105, she has clearly explained to us why mafisi should keep off her life.

Oscar Mwalo, who is the videographer of the song and also her boss are an item,. The two have been together for a long time.

During his birthday, Agnes sent him a warm birthday message;

“Its your birthday my glad you were born for me on this day.Happy birthday hubby.have a many more @oscarmwalo”

She said;

“We are actually a couple and we have been in the relationship for five years now. We met here at Sarakasi and it has been a good journey and the wedding is on the way and we will invite all of you our fans. We also hope that Odi Dance will be the game of the day because He (Mwalo Oscar) is the choreographer of the viral Sauti Sol video.”


How it is working with her manager?

“We try to keep it separate our work-life and our love-life. Sometimes I feel like he is too much or like he is harsh on me, but then I remember I have to do it and that is where he is there as the manager. I obey what he tells me to do.”

Adding that;

“He even tells me that my work is bad and even though I feel bad, I work on it  so that he can also be proud of me.”


Mafans nini? Sauti sol ready to lose some fans in 2018. Are you one of them?

Sauti Sol ended last year on a high. with their song Melanin setting records and fans demanding more from the boy band. They have had a lot of highs in their career. Even what many consider missteps by the group are actually signs of an evolving group with many moving parts.

Sauti Sol. photo credit: instagram/Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol. photo credit: instagram/Sauti Sol

But some don’t have the same viewpoint. As noted when they released their song Nishike and also the song Melanin. There was a certain clamour about the content of the music videos. I will not lie, I clamoured against Nishike. I watched the video for Nishike once and that was it for me. No, it wasn’t the naked bodies that did it for me, but my jealousy at not having the perfectly sculpted muscles the band had in the video. I admit, my hate for the song was for that purely juvenile reason but I stand by it! Damn it! Shaming team one-pack men like that! Disgraceful!

Disgrace meme
Disgrace meme. photo credit: memegenerator

But the boy band have come out to say that 2018 may be a year where they lose fans, regain lost ones and gain new ones. They said this in a tweet that they posted on their social media. They said:

Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol. photo credit: instagram/Sauti Sol

What does this mean for the direction of their music? I think this may mean that they may be doing a lot more of the stuff they did earlier on in their careers, a more Afro-centric vibe. But don’t count out some very experimental tunes from them. If I could stick with them through the scandal(hehe!) that was Nishike then I can stick with them through whatever is coming.

Can you?

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Sauti Sol Claims To Be The First Kenyan Musicians To Reach A Million Legit Followers

Sauti Sol is a Kenyan musical band known for their hit song such as Isabella and Sura yako. The group i made up of four member band who have ventured in the music industry and taken Kenya to greater heights.


Their performances pull the crowd as they always leave ladies yearn for them with how they carry themselves and their mode of dressing. To reach where they have reached is not an easy task but through staying together and knowing what they want, they have managed to pass through all the hardships to reach where they are.

Sauti Sol

Sauti sol took to twitter to celebrate their joy as they claim to be the first Kenyan musicians to reach a million legit followers on Instagram unlike other celebrities who buy followers.

Although their account has not yet been verified, they are optimistic that a day will come when that happens.

Their follows also responded to the good news despite being mocked recently by King Kaka.

Here is what they posted and mixed reactions from fans:

#Goodmorning Apparently we’re the first Kenyan musicians to reach a million legit followers on @instagram . Damn it’s hard outchea. 🙆🙆🙆🙆

Nickbenz @NickbenzChonjo1

The Kingdom of God is NOT inherited through Instagram followers…. Repent

neither is it inherited by nicknaming thyself after a vehicle “benz”… Ata Yesu alitumia punda

Suzanne W Gachukia@gachukias 

Congratulations guys!!🙏🏾🙏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Lewis kimathi@Luis_kym

Apparently across the boarder @diamondplatnumz @VanessaMdee they hit that mark kitambo.. Congratulations are in order @sautisol


how u conduct ur biznes,ur songs,character is enough mentorship & inspiration for any artist #legendury

Drew @drizzie

Nyinyi huwa tops ma brethre


You guys were awesome at #TEDGlobal2017! Awesom


most kenyans are half the people following @diamondplatnumz and @VanessaMdee. we never like our own

Oluseyitan Olaoye@seyijazzchord

I’m happy for you guys

NULL &VOID hehe smh@WAleico

Sol ur the best

👏👏👏 You guys rock! 😍

Patricks With A @AlinanyePatrick

But u are famous worldwide😀😀😀😀😀

Mercy Melly @MercyMelly

Aww i love you Sauti Sol waiting for my chance to see you perform… Have really been wanting it

SHUNGU MBOMA @shungumboma

Whaaaaat!!! Wakenya mpo nyuma sana kwenye hizi mambo.




heard sam1 say you guys haven’t mentored anyone.personally how you guys open international boundaries is enough mentorship 4 me

Sauti Sol Latest Emoji Music Video Is The First In Africa

Sauti Sol always does the unthinkable when it comes to music.

Popularly known for their hit songs such as Shake yo Bam Bam, Sura Yako and Isabella, the band has released a first ever emoji lyric video in Africa.


The New Song talks about being friendzoned, which is commonly talked about by guys all over. Sauti Sol  talk about a man who wants to be out of being in a friend zone.


He tells the girl how he feels about her through emojis and want to jump out of the zone and yet he doesn’t have a parachute and he hopes he is going to win the girl. The girl is the inspiration behind the song with the girl shying off whenever he looks at her.

They are trying so hard not to loose a friend because of how they feel about the girl. The man has hidden his feelings emotionally not wanting to let out his feelings to the girl.

The guy can’t take being in the friend zone anymore and asks his friends to hold him and even ‘team mafisi’ because the girl has made him go ‘gaga’ and they are going to loose a member.


It took the superstars six months to develop and execute this kind of song.

In case you haven’t watched it yet, which basically means you’ve been living under a rock, here you go. Oh, and you’re welcome!

Here are some reactions from fans:

Alee Roxx: Who else is feeling the guitar
Wendi Ochong’: its really the bigger deal
nancy ndungu: Its what actually got me loving the song, Polycarp come serenade me
Denis Eldorado: who is watching this in 2027!!!! waiting for a reply in 10 years.Fidel Shammah: Wewe weeeh!! Mabro 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 254 music up👊🏾👊🏾

abaas m: Am sure the dislikes ni za willy paul😢

Bon’eye P-UNIT:🔥🔥🔥🇰🇪🔝
schooner Tha cooper:😂😂😂😂😂😂 Tano Tena..

Sauti Sol’s Chimamo is so savage he shut down a troll in the most epic way

Have you ever had a burning question for your favorite celebrity and wondered how they would respond.

Well one Kenyan found out in the most savage way that dissing a celebrity will not always work to their advantage. Actually Kenya’s richest female singer Akothee comes to min, as one person you don’t joke with on social media. she will respond swiftly to any troll, trust me, don’t try it.

Well today Kenyans woke up pretty early to cast their vote in the 2017 general election. Perhaps to get us to calm down Sauti Sol’s Willis Chimamo took to Facebook, to interact with people to reassure them that all is well.

His deep voice and flamboyant style makes him stand out in the Sauti Sol group.


Chimamo asked his fans to ask him any questions  and he will reply only if the questions are not boring.

Here is how the conversation went down:

Eish there’s so much tension…I have like an hour, let’s have some fun. Ask me anything! If you’re boring, i’m not replying…
Mo Ongeri: Ati “If you’re boring I won’t reply” 😂😂😂😂 unajiskia aje na hatujafika Canaan bado?
Nyenyekea Mungu akutumie brathe… Maringo mingi juu umepaka nywele dye? 😂🚶🚶

Sautisol: Sasa story ya dye imetoka wapi? Unataka kuomba usaidizi ama ni nini inakusumbua? Si ujitetee tu roho safi naeza kununulia ka dye? Plus siendi Canaan ni wewe utajikuta huko peke yako!

Sheila Brenda: I really like you Chimano…Do you think we should meet for a cup of tea??

Sautisol: We can do a smoothie but tea is also fine by me. Acha tuone vile hii elections itaenda kwanza 😂😂😂😂

Nakua Arii I love your dressing code, very beautiful. Honestly I wish to have a remy brazillian mink just to celebrate SautiSol unfortunately I can not afford. Kindly would you buy for me? Please

Sautisol: Are you buying it online or from a store? Please share the details

Lydzwilly Bianca: Chimano there you go.. Your voice really inspires me alot av always wanted to do a duet with you since awoz young but to get you guys its really difficult.. Music mee is my passion i really love music so much.. How can i get to meet you guys and do a song with you?

Sautisol: Do you want to do something just for fun or record like an actual song with us? If just for fun i can always organize.

Lucy Karanja: I always tease my best friend how she always looks like your small brother…and just a few days ago we said we will try get a chance to take a photo of her and finally get to see if she really does look like you..dresscode and looks…so..would you be willing to give us that chance.

Sautisol: Yes. Just go to my page Willis Austin Chimano and message me as i’m sure this comment will get lost somewhere.. and it’s too bad, if she’s really cute i think she may bro zone me coz we look alike 😂😂😂

Shirley Shayne Sharonne: Chimano …you’re my African star..I love u to the uttermost… Can I have a day out with you?
Sautisol: Go to my page Willis Austin Chimano tuongee hii story chini ya maji ndio wengine wasicrush kadate ketu