Sol Generation issue statement concerning signee Nviiri on Elodie Zone accusations

Sauti Sol have issued a statement regarding to their signee on ‘Sol Generation’ record label Nviiri the story Teller.

Nviiri was allegedly accused by his girlfriend Elodie of being abusive leading to their breakup.

This was revealed through her Insta stories, with Elodie consistently highlighting issues involving her mental health and breaking up with Nviiri.

Taking to Instagram stories, Elodie said,

“Physical, mental, verbal and emotional abuse towards women is unacceptable. I want to make it clear that I am not dating Nviiri. We just met in Coast but the reason I left him is the same reason that has come up as we are ‘respectful friends’.”

Two days later, Elodie Zone retracted her claims and said her post was fuelled by tension and an afternoon of a few drinks.

“Nviiri and I came to coast with our friends to unwind, relax and make peace with each other. Neither one of us thought it would be blown out of proportion the way it has been.”

Nviiri finally responds after Elodie Zone accused him of abusing her

In a recorded phone interview with a certain radio station, Nviiri said they have not broken up and that they are still dating and posting each other on Instagram.

“Don’t let small fights alarm you. Usifanye niweke picha yangu na yake saa hii niwakasirishe.”

Elodie Zone with Nviiri

Well, Sol Generation through an official statement on their social media platforms said they do not tolerate any form of mental, physical and emotional abuse.

“Over the past 48 hours,we have been working frantically to understand these events. The sensitivity of this matter should not be understated ans such we have been treating this matter with the utmost privacy and humanity.

As his label, we have been actively created an environment to enhance Nviiri’s mental wareness as part of our D.O.P.E culture. The same will continue in future. The journey of mental wellness is a marathon not a sprint.

Thus said, as both parties arrive back into the city, we will have a life and mental wellness sessions waiting for them with a specialist in the field.”

Check out the whole document below;

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Watch Lady Mandy hilariously wash her hubby, Sauti Sol’s Fancy Finger’s in a bucket

Sauti Sol’s new artistes in Ben Sol and Nviri have been a boon for their burgeoning music label, and the most recent hit has been the song, “Nairobi”.

The song and subsequent music video by Sol Generation’s Bensoul featuring Bien, Nviiri and Mejja has taken Kenya by storm but one part of the video stood out.

The part that entails a scene where Bensoul is being bathed by a lady in a red basin as she pours cold water on him and it was pretty clear it was uncomfortable for the singer.

The scene has taken over and become a meme and Sauti Sol’s own Polycarp Fancyfinger’s and his wife Lady Mandy have decided to join the trend as she bathed the star in a tiny basin and shared the video on Instagram.

In it, one can see how uncomfortable the expert guitarist is as he tries to steel himself as the song was playing in the background.

He hilarious caption for the video: “If it’s not like this, don’t take it! #Nairobaesinchallenge #nairobi @iamladymandy.” The video accomplished its purpose of raising engagement among their fans and followers with many laughing at the ridiculous video.

Don’t forget that the couple was blessed with a baby in 2020. So ni baba ya mtu anaoshwa hivo! They still have yet to show off the baby that they welcomed in August.

Sauti Sol’s Polycarp Fancyfinger’s finally reveals how he met his wife (video)

The news about the newborn’s arrival was announced during a recording of an episode on the Churchill Show -The Journey.

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Sauti Sol mocked about flopped concert after asking random question


The Sol concert that was to be held at the Waterfront Mall on December 19th, was cancelled last minute in a move that upset Kenyans.

Sauti Sol defended it’s move saying it’s all due to covid 19 safety precautions, but KOT were not buying this argument. They blasted the music band and one vendor even came with claims that she spent Sh300k to sell food and revealed in a  youtube video why Sauti Sol really cancelled the concert.

Comedian Flaqo defended Sauti Sol but that did not go so well.

So 9 days after remaining silent, Sauti Sol took to their twitter to ask fans about Arsenal performance, but they were swiftly reminded of their concert by a majority of KOT.

People are sharing just how they feel about the cancelled concert, unleashing their wrath on the group who upto now have not responded to any of the allegations after the last minute cancellation.


No match postponed till next Christmas

They performed at least

Unlike you, they showed up
They didn’t give petty excuses unlike you guys did. They actually performed

Yea at least they turned up, unlike some people we know

Atleast they showed up

They Entertained us….unlike you

They cancelled  the game due to lack of a nice stadium


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Kenyans up in arms as Sauti Sol Cancels sold-out concert

Kenyan pop band Sauti Sol might be darling in the Kenyan entertainment scene but that isn’t the case at this exact moment. Why?

Their cancelled concert that was scheduled to take place yesterday at the Waterfront Mall in Karen, Nairobi between midday and 8 pm, was cancelled at the last minute.

The reason for the cancellation? The band indicated in a statement that the event size did not comply with the Kenyan Covid-19 protocols and regulations.

“We regret to inform you that we shall not be performing at today’s scheduled ‘Sol Saturday’ event. Although we deeply desire to give you a marvellous show, we cannot in good conscience assure your health and safety, which is our highest priority,” reads an excerpt of the statement.

The band disclosed that they had found it hard to mitigate the situation and could not find a solution.

“With the recent uptick in confirmed infections and deaths around the world, we cannot in good conscience recklessly endanger your well being,” the band explained.

The group stated that it would be refunding the event’s promoters so that they would, in turn, repay Kenyans who had paid for tickets which cost between Ksh 2,500 and Ksh 6,000 and were already sold out.

But Kenyans wouldn’t be easily mollified and they went online to express their disappointment. Some of the comments are below:

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Sauti Sol fans disappointed as concert cancelled at last minute


Girls have been plotting what outfit they will rock for Sauti Sol’s ‘Sol Saturday concert at the Waterfront.

But now a statement from the music band says they are cancelled the concert owing to covid restrictions.

Fans have responded brutally and we see where the disappointment in the group is coming from.

Many were of the opinion the group should have informed fans on Friday and @juic3back aptly put it to Sauti sol saying….Si mngesema Jana na vile nililala na drip, aki nyinyi Sauti Sol

Other fan comments are below.

Heard Sauti Sol canceled their show, got me remembering how you canceled our love. Haha, anyway, I miss us. Let’s do drinks? I don’t want you to waste your outfit

Sauti sol did the “Aki I know you’ll hate me for this but…..”sauti sol ticket

Didn’t you consider all these things you are saying prior to determining how many tickets to sell? Did corona start yesterday? Why cancel on the actual day of the show? This one sounds like a scam. Fraud. It is upto you to ensure everyone is promptly refunded

Maze, mbona mngoje last minute.

Ebu tafteni venue ingine before hiyo 12pm. We don’t care.

Hii si fiti
You guys had to wait hadi last minute to say this?



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Bien and Chiki get wedding ring tattoos months after ceremony



Sauti Sol’s Bien and wife Chiki have debuted new wedding ring tattoos, an ode to their March 2020 special day.

And for the past five months neither has been spotted with a wedding ring traditionally worn after nuptials. So fans have lotsa questions on their choice of new rings.

Bien lavished praise on Chiki saying

My wife. My life. My Everything. For rich or for poor. In sickness and in health. Till death do us part.

Bien Aime Baraza and Chiki Onwukwe got married in a civil union at the AG’s office.

Bien and Chiki

They thereafter headed to a garden wedding at Pallet Cafe in Lavington where guests were instructed to not use phones.

While she was preparing to marry him, Chiki let us in on her feeling about wedding the love of her life. She penned a note on Instagram saying

I’m pretty sure marriage will be a journey like any other. With ups, downs, highs and lows. 

But im also quite sure that marrying your favourite human helps. 

Bien proposed to Chiki in 2019 at Westgate Mall in Nairobi, a private event as well. He hired an entire cinema hall at the mall and made sure only a few friends witnessed the proposal.

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Bien of Sauti Sol speaks of tough childhood as he prepares for Kenya Yetu Live Concert

Bien Aime Sol of Sauti Sol recently spoke on the YouTube channel Engage Talk about his childhood before his rise to fame. The man had a deep and interesting story to tell.

The lanky musician revealed that there was a time when he and his siblings had it rough when his family suddenly moved from grace to grass.

Bien Aime Baraza
Bien Aime Baraza

He said that his family was well to do for a better part of their childhood, eating life with a silver spoon in Nairobi’s lush neighborhood of Kilimani, rubbing shoulders with the who’s who, because that was their standard life.

I am surviving on royalties – Sauti Sol’s Bien reveals Covid-19 nightmare

That was before his father who was the man with the connections and money with many people in the neighbourhood going to him for bursaries or handouts.

But things fell apart with his father losing his prestigious his job in 2000 and his mom getting retrenched at the same time.

Bien Aime Baraza
Bien Aime Baraza

This resulted in a general lifestyle change for him and his sister losing their jobs, their family downgrading to a smaller house and a change of what they ate with the food they ate becoming the likes of githeri.

During this whole period, his parents were still sending job applications that were sadly unsuccessful so much so that they eventually stopped trying.

His mother who had been lived a life of grace and ease now had to light firewood to boil maize and beans for her family every evening.

Bien Aime Baraza
Bien Aime Baraza

But despite it all, Bien said that the experience shaped him as a man. Some of the life lessons he learned was that he was to keep his circle small, to save as much as possible, to love back those that love him and to work hard.

Bien and his band Sauti Sol will be participating in the biggest virtual concert, Kenya ni Yetu Live that is taking place on August.

The event which is sponsored by Stanbic Bank and powered by Media Owners Association of Kenya will be the biggest live show since the coronavirus pandemic hit the country. Some 30 artistes will be performing.

Kenya Ni Yetu Live - Sauti Sol (1)
Kenya Ni Yetu Live – Sauti Sol (1)

The show will be broadcast in all major TV stations, including Kiss TV, Citizen TV, NTV, KTN, K24, Switch TV, Kass TV, Family TV and Three Stones Media.

It will also be aired on all the top radio stations in Kenya, including Kiss FM, Classic FM, Radio Jambo, East FM, HomeBoyz, SMooth FM, Capital FM and Hot 96.

Kenya Yetu poster
Kenya Yetu poster

The concert will also be streamed live on

Check out his speech below:


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Sauti Sol’s Polycarp Fancyfinger’s finally reveals how he met his wife (video)

Sauti Sol’s members all seem to have taken the oath to pair up sometime back. The boy band that was the image of awe and adoration of many female (and male) fans broke a lot of hearts when their two members Polycarp Fancyfingers and Bien Aime Baraza decided to get married in quick succession.

Sauti Sol with their significant others
Sauti Sol with their significant others

It seemed like the band had made a vow to all get hitched within a certain time period. Savara Mudigi, another member seems to also be going along the path as he is in a serious relationship with Yvonne Endo.

While we might have heard a lot about how Bien met his wife Chiki, Polycarp has been private about the origins of how he and his now-wife, Lady Mandy met.

Polycarp tied the knot in 2018 in an elegant private white wedding at Nanyuki’s luxury Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club in November 2018.

Polycarp Fancyfingers with his wife
Polycarp Fancyfingers with his wife

This happened 3 months after their traditional wedding that was held in Bujumbura, Burundi, Lady Mandy’s motherland. The two are now expecting a bouncing baby boy.

Their first meeting occurred in 2011 and was very interesting as it happened in the course of their work. It was during an event in which Camp Mulla were part of and Lady Mandy at the time, was managing the hip hop group while Fancy Fingers handled the finances.

“So I was the one receiving the cheques,” Polycarp explained. Afterwards, their payment cheques were swapped inadvertently with Polycarp ended up picking the one meant for Lady Mandy and vice versa.

Polycarp Fancyfingers with Lady Mandy
Polycarp Fancyfingers with Lady Mandy

“So our cheques were exchanged, he ended up DMing me on Twitter,” Lady Mandy added. After a chat, the two decied to meet up so they could exchange the cheques but as with their initial meeting there was another snafu their too.

“I remember us meeting and we didn’t really talk much coz she was kinda shy, I was also shy,” Polycarp explained. Lady Mandy meanwhile was playing a role as she had butterflies as she was a huge fan of the guitarist.  “I was a huge fan, but who is me? Girl you gotta keep it together!”

Polycarp Fancyfingers with Lady Mandy
Polycarp Fancyfingers with Lady Mandy

At this meeting, the couple ended up exchanging numbers and not just cheques. And now they are on their way to getting a baby boy!

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Sauti Sol’s cute couples picture gets tongues wagging

A photo of Sauti Sol boys band and their respective partners has Kenyans interested.

The really cute photo shows the couples coordinating the colors of their clothes and I must admit it is stunning.

They are each standing next tot their boo and Kenyans Twitter DCI has noticed something they claim proves their theory about one member of the band.

The glamourous photo shoot was shared after the birthday celebration of Lady Mandys birthday.

The Sol Generation family celebrated Lady Mandy turning a year older over the weekend and Fancy Fingers posted their cute baby bump photoshoot courtesy of Emmanuel Jambo.

Polycarp and Lady Mandy are expecting their bundle any day now.

Scrolling through the comments it appears people needed to talk about the two gentlemen on the far left.


Dear Classic 105 fam, can you get to the bottom of why this picture is so unique?

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Here’s a hint when Sauti Sol’s Polycarp and wife expect their baby’s birth


Sauti Sol’s Polycarp aka Fancy Fingers and his lovely wife Lady Mandy are expecting their first born in a matter of days.

This will be a double blessing for Polycarp as his boy band is set to host a virtual album launch on August 22nd.

So Polycarp will also be celebrating the birth of his child on more or less the same date.

Yummy! Sauti Sol’s guitarist Polycarp and wife unveils a cooking show

 An excited band mate Bien said in an interview with Classic’s Maina Kageni who wanted to know when the guitarist was welcoming his child.

‘He is about to become a dad. I think his wife is giving birth around that time, it’s all happening more or less the same time with the album launch’

Here is a cute photo of the pregnant couple. Glowing aren’t they?

Sauti Sols Polycarp and wife

The two announced their pregnancy earlier this year by sharing a picture of Ms Mandy’s grown baby bump which she captioned ‘Remember your 2020 BLESSINGS are still intact. Happy new month friends! 🥰😊 Mr O done given me the best gift yet 💙.’

Polycarp also shared a picture saying ‘She’s a QUEEN. So SUPREME. 👶🏾’

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‘I would never trade this life for anything else’ Says Bien Aime ahead of gig


The countdown to Sauti Sol’s Midnight Train virtual experience is days away.

Sauti Sol released its fifth album, Midnight Train, in June and since then the  the BET Award-nominated group is gearing up to celebrate through an African YouTube extravaganza experience on August 22.

sauti sol virtual


Speaking to Classic’s Maina Kageni about the anticipated launch an excited Bien Aime said

‘The launch was postponed for a good reason. First I want to thank Classic 105 for pushing us guys on your platform. We need to have this album for the global audience so we pushed it for two weeks so that we have people from all parts of the world on board, to increase the reach of the gospel so that’s why we changed the date, to be able to give a more inclusive experience,’

‘We have been practicing working on our moves working on our musicality and I just hope you will come with an open heart, we have an experience for our fans,’

‘Can I be honest? I would never trade this life for anything else. It feels good. I used to think I was living my dream was a big house and car, but it’s the music, it’s everything I ever wanted. I’m so grateful to God, to Kenyans because you can’t make it on your own,’

So Classic 105 fam, the much anticipated gig will take place online on August 22 from 9pm in Kenya.

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Savara is a vegetarian while Chimano is a flexitarian-Sauti Sol’s Bien tells G-money

Sauti Sol have been hard at work practising for the online launch of their new album, Midnight Train. The highly anticipated live performance will take place on August 22th.

The group have been making press appearances as they try to promote the concert. Yesterday, two of their members Bien and Savara made an appearance on the Homeboyz morning show and were interviewed by G-Money.

Sauti Sol posing

Savara started off by explaining the reason for their new concert;

We are proud of the music we released. Music is a part of the heart. I feel like we have worked so hard on it. We have recorded this album for years. We have gone through ups and downs. The best part is that we are signed to Universal Music Label. Sauti Sol is going global. We are representing Africa on a global scale.

What does it take to have a solid brand for all those years and to be the best band in Africa? Bien replied;

I think being the best band in Africa is a pretty low bar as their aren’t any others to begin with. The bare minimum is that we stay together. It has taken us a lot of years of growth and understanding each to become the bets group over the years. Are we pushing ourselves to learn new instruments. are we dancing? We have really rededicated ourselves to our craft.

Sauti Sol posing
Sauti Sol posing

On owning their own record label, Savara explained;

It has been challenging and tough. When you look at music holistically in this region, yes we are good, we have good traditions but the legal systems are failing artistes. It has taken us to become label owners for us to see how it goes from this side. On the flip-side we are growing. It is something that we had planned for sometime but the resources were not there. We have signed two great artistes Nviri and Bensoul. 

Our growth as men is helping us write better and better songs. Our next album is going to be crazy because the writing has already begun.

How do they balance being label owners and doing their own album?

We recorded Midnight Train up until last year. So we haven’t been doing any Sauti Sol recordings this year. It has helped us focus on our business. It has always been one of our dreams to wear both hats. What you do is that you create time and you stick to the schedule. Honestly I am not big on business. Savara has always taken the lead on the front. Its not for everybody and artists have to get people who have different talents around them.

Sauti Sol posing

Why did they postpone their hugely-anticipated concert?

After discussing with our sponsors and record label we realised that close to the date that we all had so much more that we all could bring to the table. All this time we were creating an experience just for Kenya while our partners all have a global reach that would have been underutilised. It would have been a waste. We are chasing bigger dreams we are trying to push the album, the brand and Kenya at large to new spaces, we decided to push it to the new date. We now have more time to acquire space for promotions and for us to be able to get global eyeballs on the project.

What is the next step for the group? Savara answered;

People getting lost in the music. The real and new fans of Sauti Sol can really immerse themselves in the song.

I am surviving on royalties – Sauti Sol’s Bien reveals Covid-19 nightmare

Bien added;

We are also doing a TV show how we are adapting to this Covid-19 period. The aim of this show isn’t to flash lifestyle but to show that we are also being affected by the pandemic.

Who from the band would make the breakthrough to acting? Bien had a quick answer;

Savara. He is a great actor and his impersonations are so on point.

Sauti Sol signing major record deal
Sauti Sol signing major record deal

What was the reason many of the group members were becoming vegetarian? Bien said;

Let me be honest, I was the last person in the group to go vegetarian. I didn’t think I would ever be vegetarian. I didn’t think I would like it. How it made feel inside-it has cleared my mind, it has made me more fit. It helps me get better. Me and Savara are vegetarians while Chimano is flexitarian.

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I am surviving on royalties – Sauti Sol’s Bien reveals Covid-19 nightmare

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime Baraza secretly got married in March this year to his long-time beau, Chiki Kuruka. The two then spent a wonderful holiday at the Masai Mara to celebrate their nuptials.

But even though the year started on a high note for him, Covid-19 has been a big problem for him. This was revealed by Bien in an interview where he discussed the effects of the pandemic.

Bien with Chiki
Bien with Chiki

The lanky singer said that he has been forced to survive on royalties.  Bien Aime made these comments when he spoke to Citizen TV’s Willy M Tuva.

“At the moment I am surviving on royalties because I have written many songs for many people. Early last year I was in Germany to work on more songs over there, and that is what has been sustaining me. Royalties given to Sauti Sol are also going a long way. My savings too have gone a long way because as an artist you have to save. Hopefully, our savings will push us as far as it can until this nightmare is over,” he stated.

Sauti Sol posing
Sauti Sol posing

He, however, added that the going was not easy as he had many other projects in the pipeline, bills, salaries, and rent to pay for his work offices.

“We have videos from Bensoul and Nviiri that must be done so that they do not stay from the limelight too long and lose relevance. We also have other things, including our singles and more that have been affected.” 

He further added that the government should consider tax relief for musicians this year due to the massive losses they are facing as they can’t do live performances or even tour.

Sauti Sol performing on stage
Sauti Sol performing on stage

He added that at the moment, the group had taken to social media to connect with their audiences. The group is now holding an eagerly anticipated online show on August 9th that will also be shown on Kiss TV.

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Sauti Sol’s Savara shows off one of the ways he keeps his body looking so good (video)

Sauti Sol shocked many fans a couple of years ago when they dropped the video to their song, “Nishike”. The song was notable for its liberal use of artistic nudity that got the conservatives among us frothing from the mouth.

But another thing that it did for the group was that it cemented the group as a boy band the females could pine for unashamedly.

Sauti Sol posing

The song featured the debut of group members as muscly hunks with well-honed bodies day and night from the image we had had of them at that moment. That day they became s3x symbols.

Is that why he is such a great guitarist? Sauti Sol’s Fancy Fingers fancy health routine

Since then the group members have become synonymous with having ripped bodies with debate raging about who between Savara Mudigi and Bien Aime Baraza had the better body?

Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol

This article is about one of the ways that Savara keeps his body in such great shape. The musician who produces a lot of the music the group releases loves the sport of boxing.

He recently showed off his routine in a video on his Instagram page and from it, one could see that the man isn’t a novice at the sport.

His intensity is only matched by the joy one can tell he was getting as he sparred with his trainer. Boxing is a cardio-intense sport and is certainly a help for him as he prepares for Sauti Sol’s highly anticipated album launch performance on August 9th.

View this post on Instagram

SAVE THE DATE! 09 AUG 2020 🙌🏿🔥

A post shared by SAVARA SAVAGEOUS (@savarafrica) on

The eagerly-awaited show will also be broadcast on Kiss TV.

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Fans go crazy as they eagerly anticipate Sauti Sol’s live album launch next week

Sauti Sol announced that they would be launching their latest studio album called Midnight Train on August 9th next month. The group has been going hard during their practice sessions as they prepare to give the fans an online show for the ages.

Sauti Sol posing
Sauti Sol posing

Some of the videos they have been posting have been getting the fans hyped up, eagerly waiting for the group to perform some of their most famous songs both from this album and their previous offerings.

“Sometimes I am insecure about what I bring to the marriage” Sauti Sol’s Bien reveals

The show will be broadcast on all their digital platforms and thereafter on Kiss Tv.

Check out some of the videos below:

Fans reacted to the clips with their own videos, showing how much fun they are having as they wait for the group to break the internet on August 9th.

Check out some of those engaging videos below:

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Is that why he is such a great guitarist? Sauti Sol’s Fancy Fingers fancy health routine

Sauti Sol has a diverse group of 4 members. Their members are a combination of hip, fun and chilled out who gel so well together.

One of their members, Polycarp Fancyfingers is probably the quietest member of the group. While he might not sing much, his fingers do the talking as his wonderful riffs and acoustics give the band’s music a unique and magical flavour.

Polycarp who got married last year rarely shares a lot of personal anecdotes about himself but sometimes he lets slip some of his healthy living tips.

“Sometimes I am insecure about what I bring to the marriage” Sauti Sol’s Bien reveals

The guitarist recently revealed that one of the best ways to improve one’s health is by imbibing a smoothie that’s plant-based. This information was revealed on Sauti Sol’s Instagram page. The caption is below:

You’ll always find @itsmefancyfingers with a smoothie in his hands. He says they’re simple to make, taste great and are rich in vital minerals, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. In general, plant-based diet improves the health of your gut so you are better able to absorb the nutrients from food that support your immune system and reduce inflammation. If you wanna try some of his plant-based recipes, go check out “The Os” on YouTube. He will hit you will a killer oatmeal recipe and be like YOU OAT TO TRY THIS! 😄 #Rehearsals #Bewell #MidnightTrainAlbumLaunch

Fancy Fingers
Fancy Fingers

Polycarp and his band are set to perform a live show on August 9th performing songs from their recent album Midnight Train on August 8th. The show will be broadcast on all their digital platforms and thereafter on Kiss Tv.

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Sauti Sol drops anticipated new single ‘Insecure’

Radio Africa has officially launched award-winning band Sauti Sol’s new single ‘Insecure.

As promised, Classic 105 officially launched their new song, Insecure on Friday May 22nd and fans are loving it as seen in the comment section because the story behind it is relatable to many.

The track oscillates between the perspectives of two lovers, each dealing with their respective insecurities.

Fusing Swahili into the melodic song’s lyrics and bridge, Sauti Sol addresses the anxieties of letting your guard down for the person you love. Rather than a dour outlook and tempo, lines like ‘before we crash and burn, I hope we see the light,’ are celebratory of what can be achieved when two lovers are considerate of each other’s feelings.

The song was inspired by general discussions that the band has in – between studio sessions and shooting.

“We were just chilling and decided to share around the table what insecurities we all had’  Polycarp aka Fancy Fingers said

Speaking on behalf of Sauti Sol, Chimano said that the aim of the song is to encourage people to attack their insecurities.

Everyone is insecure about something in their lives. The song encourages one to consciously attack their insecurities rather than conceal them

Classic 105 launched the song to ensure that we walk together with Sauti Sol on their musical journey so that their fans across the world receive this music from the comfort of their homes now that concerts are on hold.

Sauti Sol/ Instagram

For now let us enjoy this amazing tune as we wait for the release of their album, The Midnight Train on the 5th of June.

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Maina Kageni and Mwalimu reveal their insecurities for the first time (Exclusive)

Maina Kageni and his co-host Churchill King’angi have been sharing their insecurities this past week. The duo who have Kenya’s biggest morning show, spoke about the biggest fears they have in their life.

Maina for his part said that his insecurity was financial in nature stating, “One of my insecurities is coming out of Covid-19 with the poverty that everyone is predicting.”

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

Mwalimu for his part had a hilarious insecurity that involved his wife saying; “Insecurity yangu ile kubwa sana ni mtu akuje aconfuse Mwongeli. Atakuwa amenimaliza kabisa!”

Mwalimu King'ang'i
Mwalimu King’ang’i

The presenters were speaking about their fears and worries in anticipation of Sauti Sol’s much-heralded 3rd single, “Insecure” from their new album. The song’s release is taking place on May 22nd.

Sauti Sol has partnered with Radio Africa Group on the release of the single in preparation for their 5th album ‘Midnight Train’ launch on June 5.

From a truck driver to being Kenya’s most prominent media personality: The rise of Maina Kageni

Fans can catch the release of the new song exclusively on Classic 105, Smooth FM, Kiss 100, Radio Jambo and Homeboyz Radio on Friday morning.

Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol

‘Suzanna’, the first single off the upcoming album, was released on February 6 taking the music scene by storm. It has so far attracted over nine million views on YouTube.

The second single, ‘Brighter Days’, which was released on April 17 has over 1.2 million views on YouTube.

Sauti Sol says that the release of ‘Insecure’ is in line with their commitment to “to brighten up these times of gloom and doom with music.”

Sauti Sol performing on stage
Sauti Sol performing on stage

They say that the current situation of regional containment, national curfew, social distancing guidelines and a ban on international travel has crippled their business as entertainers.

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