Kamba Love: Female Kamba celebrities driving men crazy with their charm

Have you seen these Kamba dolls who have been giving men sleepless nights with their beauty and brains?You look at some them wonder how they do it.

There’s something people love to say that Kamba women are multi-talented and when it comes to bedroom matters, they don’t disappoint.

Now that’s something people say all the time but is there any proof? Yes there is and its in this photos

Exclusive: Maina Kageni finally reveals why he is not getting married

Kambua/ Instagram

Well, we have celebrities like Kambua, who has been married for a couple of years, but men still drool upon seeing her. She’s a petite media personality and a really bright and soft spoken at the same time.


Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo is not one to be left behind. In as much as she has been linked to controversies left, right and center, she is among the most successful and beautiful Kamba dolls in the 254.

‘I have a 6 bedroom house but I’d rather sleep in a club drinking, My wife is a real Al Qaeda’ City man cries

Kush Tracey

Kush Tracey recently revealed that she has accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.

She said,

It has been a longtime coming,I always fought with my inRedykulassner spirit every time I was doing secular music,but as I always say #GodAboveAll🙌 I have given my life to Christ today and ready to embark on the journey to fulfill my divine destiny,my anointing,my praise,my worship will never be paralyzed by the devil again,well y’all know the fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom to God be the glory AMEN😇

Well, she was beautiful when she was a secular artiste and she’s equally beautiful now that she’s saved. In case you didn’t know, her real name is Teresia Ndoti Wambua.

Kush Tracey


Lillian Muli

Lillian Muli is definitely a force to reckon with and has made sure that y’all realize she’s good at what she does.

She has been in the media industry for years and as time goes by, she has learned how to block noise from her haters. She’s one Kamba doll who says things as they are whether you like it or not.



Olive Burrows

Olive Burrows, one of the most talked about news anchors is a sight to behold. Many people have questioned her race but one thing you should know, she’s a Kamba doll too.

Olive is an only child, born to a Kamba mother, who passed away and a Kenyan father whose father is British and mother is Tanzanian. Heeee, this explains why she looks amazing; this is indeed good genes.


Saumu Mbuvi

Saumu Mbuvi, daughter to Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, is not a stranger in these streets. She has made headlines both good and bad but that has never stopped her from doing her thing.

In 2016, she made her parents proud after she graduated from JKUAT. This Kamba doll is smart and beautiful, best believe that.

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‘You are loved and missed beyond measures’ Saumu Mbuvi’s tribute to her late mum

Saumu Mbuvi, the first daughter to Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko, has taken to social media to celebrate the 12th death anniversary of her late mother, Janet Njeri.

Saumu shared photos with her fiancé Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip and other family members in what looks like a function to celebrate her mum’s anniversary.

In the photos, Saumu disclosed that she still loves her mum and that her life was a blessing to them.

“Your life was a blessing to us. Your memory a treasure, you are loved beyond words.. and missed beyond measures… Rest in perfect peace Mama.I know someday I will see you again.”

Khaligraph Jones speaks about role having a daughter had on him (exclusive)

sau 3

Njeri was Governor Sonko’s high school sweetheart and while in form Four, according to Sonko’s Facebook post, Njeri welcomed Saumu Mbuvi.

Primrose is the mother of his third daughter, Sandra.

The other daughter, Salma, is from his relationship with another woman who passed on in December 2015.

Primrose, like most politicians’ spouses, keeps a low profile and only makes public appearances in high-octane events.

Check out the photos;




Blessings reloaded! Saumu Mbuvi welcomes second daughter on her first daughters birthday

Nairobi governors Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu has welcomed her second daughter this morning.

Saumu who is currently dating Lamu senator Anwar Loitiptip shared the good news on her Instagram page.

She also revealed that the second daughter has come on the same exact date her first daughter Sasha was born.

She wrote;

“Today morning, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl…and still it happened to be my first born’s birthday as well as International  Women’s Day.

I am grateful to God for all his blessing. The day I became a mother was the most magical in my life. My princess, your birthday will always be a very special day to me. On this day, I wish that every day of our lives brings new happiness for you.  Have a wonderful birthday, my baby doll mama loves you always.

Happy Women’s day to all the beautiful out there. Keep shining.”


Saumu announced she was pregnant through her Instagram page when reminiscing how she spent her Valentine’s Day.

She told Classic 105 that Anwar is happy and excited about the pregnancy.  The two were bests friend before they officially started dating.

They first met in Mombasa while Saumu was on holiday and Senator Anwar was there for work.

They then became friends and later close confidants as Anwar encouraged her to start some development and empowerment projects.

“I appreciate him because he’s my support system. He always advises me not to entertain negativity,” Saumu said.

Saumu was earlier on dating Ben Gatu but separated after he became violent.

Saumu Mbuvi showing off her pregnancy

Sonko with his daughter Saumu
Sonko with his daughter Saumu

From us, it is congratulations on welcoming your new bundle of joy.

Apart from Saumu Mbuvi, here are other celebs who dated abusive partners

Some celebrities have been brave enough to share insights of being in abusive marriages/ relationships and the effect it had on them.

Below is the list

1. Saumu Mbuvi

The daughter on Nairobi governor Mike Sonko revealed she was in an abusive relationship with her baby daddy Ben Gatu.
Saumu Mbuvi revealed on national radio that Gatu would oftentimes get physical.

Saumu got pregnant for Gatu at 21 years old and she said the relationship wasn’t rosy.

She said she rushed to make decisions yet she was warned and never listened.

We started as friends and dated for nine months and we broke up when I was heavily pregnant.

He used to beat me and after sharing with pals I went to my dad and I told him I couldn’t take it anymore.

I told him ‘I know I have wronged you and accepted me back as a father.

Diamond’s sister blasts Vera for wearing mosquito net to his baby shower


2. Idah Alisha

The celebrated Kenyan actress who became famous during her stint on the Citizen TV show Mother-In-Law divorced her husband after he became violent.

Alisha says that the violence started with a slap then developed to verbal abuse.

He was great. The first year was fantastic and then he started  becoming abusive.

The first time he slapped me I was like ‘It must be this mouth’ (She said while pointing to her mouth).


Ida Aisha and her ex-husband

I must have said something reckless that made him angry and we make excuses like he doesn’t act like that.

He said sorry and we moved on. I never told anyone especially because my life was in the limelight.


She continued,

There was a scenario that happened in my life.

I remember there was a time he was standing in the same position my dad stood over my mum. That is when I told myself ‘ This man was gonna kill me one day and that’s when I left.


‘I walked out and never came back,’ Idah Alisha exposes abusive ex-husband

3. Doreen Majala

News anchor Doreen Majala accused her husband, Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi of assaulting her in February 2018.

The assault began after the MP brought in a 16 year old lady and requested she stays in our house since he was paying for her education.

Majala told the court that the girl disrespected her on several occasions.

On the day she was assaulted, Doreen had confronted the girl in the kitchen for dressing indecently.

‘My husband hit me on the face with the phone and continued punching me until I screamed for help’ She added

Doreen Majala
Doreen Majala with her ex, Gideon Mulyungi

4. Lilian Muli

Citizen TV reporter Lilian Muli divorced her ex-husband Moses Njuguna Kanene over allegations that he was abusive.

The two had tied the knot in 2014.

After cheating allegations from both parties, it recently emerged that Kanene may have been abusive to the Citizen TV senior news anchor.

 I have totally stolen this coz so many people need to read this. Many of us stay in dysfunctional relationships because we are afraid of being alone, we even get used to the abuse.

Don’t allow yourself to become a victim you have options! Walk away. She posted


‘How I met and dated Willy Paul,’ Susan Mwaniki tells it all

6. Nicah the Queen

Gospel artiste Nicah had in the past hinted at being abused by her now ex-husband Dr Ofweneke.

Taking to her Instagram Nicah wrote


Domestic violence is such a bad thing. I had to walk away … I had to run, Yes I am a single mother of two and I know God will watch over me and my kids.

 Dr Ofweneke, however, said the accusations of domestic violence in his marriage with the gospel artiste were not true.

 I have never talked about it .First of all I must say this on national TV, If there was a woman I respect so much and I tell her everyday because we talk.

My ex wife and I have become the best of friends.

Nicah the Queen and Dr Ofweneke

Considering if there was domestic violence or not , A time its never what it looks like . So many things can be labeled at someone, they can be true or not true.

Later on she wrote me a very long text and she apologized and I apologized back. I wasn’t a very perfect husband or father , I had my faults ‘ Said Dr Ofweneke.

7. JB Masanduku and Tina Kaggia

JB Masanduku was accused of abusing his ex-wife Tina Kaggia whenever he downed bottles of alcohol.

He, however, denied the claims stating he’d never do anything to hurt Tina.

Tina Kaggia JB Masanduku

8. Jane Mukami

Celebrated Kenyan fitness and body building coach was also in an abusive relationship.

In a candid post, Jane Mukami had posted how her ex’s abusive character pushed her to divorce him, something that led her to sink into depression.

Jane wrote,

I had walked away from my marriage and the divorce was finalized. Some days , I wondered if maybe I should have forgiven my ex-husband and tried to make things work one more time.

Other days I knew I did the right thing by walking away from domestic violence/ domestic abuse.

Jane Mukami

She sought solace in food and years later she started the group ’21 days of change’ that helps with weight loss and all things nutrition.


‘I am single by choice’ Shouts governor Sonko’s ex son-in-law Ben Gatu

Saumu Mbuvi’s baby daddy Benson Gatu has confirmed he is single.

This he admitted during a live video on Instagram as he interacted with his fans.

He asked his followers to ask him anything they would like to know about him.

He started by saying,

“There’s so much that has been written about me on social media. Some of it is true and some of it is not.

Everyone has a perception of someone and I’ve given people the freedom to ask me, however stupid a question it is.”

‘People expected me to have lots of money after Tusker project fame’ Josh

Benson Gatu's ex Saumu Mbuvi and her daughter
Benson Gatu’s ex Saumu Mbuvi and her daughter
 He then responded to questions from his fans, including that he was not seeing anyone. “Why am I not dating? It is by choice,” he said.

Actually, the last time I was in Nanyuki was in 2016, and I left there with a girlfriend. That’s when I started dating Saumu, so I’m not coming to Nanyuki anytime soon, at least not now.

Coz I ain’t into that sh** you know.

Saumu and Gatu have a child together. They broke up a few months before their daughter was born.

Another fan asked what happened to his relationship with Murang’a Governor Mwangi Wairia’s daughter, Rachael Wanja.

“As I said.. just a difference of opinions and priorities. So basically that’s it,” he said

Both Saumu and Rachael have spoken about their failed relationships with Ben Gatu. Recently, Wanja said they broke up because things didn’t work out between them.

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From paying room worth Sh100,000 per night to receiving range rovers as gifts here are the biggest birthday parties of 2018

As we count hours to the end of 2018 we take a look at some of the celebrity birthday parties that left us feeling like paupers deni ya China aside.

Below is the list

Nana Gecaga

Nana who is Uhuru Kenyatta’s niece was celebrating her 40th birthday ,The party went down at the Billionaire Resort in Malindi.

It was a glamorous shindig at which  Nana’s 40 guests were spoiled rotten during the two-day invite only bash graced by her brother Jomo Gecaga, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and close family members and friends.

The Billionaire Resort has 24 private and exclusive apartments that are rented out at Sh100,000 per night.


Guests had lots to eat and drink, with some taking it easy at the Lion in the Sun resort, which has   16   well-appointed en-suite rooms, each of which is individually designed, featuring elegant furnishings with an African flair.

A night at the Lion in the Sun costs at least Sh30,000.

Nana was also gifted with  Giuseppe  Zanotti shoes  worth Sh215,056

‘All I know is God sent me an angel ,YOU’ Akothee to her bae Nelly Oaks on their 4th anniversary


Keroche Breweries Heiress Anerlisa Muigai celebrated her 30th birthday  in style in an exclusive invite-only party that was attended by renowned personalities in Nairobi.


The party was held in January this year,The white and gold themed lavish party featured a six tier mega cake and exquisite décor at an undisclosed venue.

Anerlisa's 30th -Birthday- cake

Some of the celebrities who attended the party include, media personalities Betty Kyallo, Lilian Muli, Janet Mbugua and Governor Mike Sonko’s first born daughter, Saumu Mbuvi.


Akothee bought her first-born and second-born daughters cars on their birthdays. The parties were held at their palatial Mombasa home whereas her third-born daughter Makadia’s 17th birthday (last year)

was celebrated at Voi Safari Lodge, a place of her choice. She didn’t receive a car though. This year, she turned 18 and asked her mother not to throw a party for her but rather held use the cash to help a needy student.

“@akotheekenya I would have asked for
a) a new wardrobe
b) a car
c) a party hata ndege because I know you can get me any of these things if I ask but honestly, I don’t want any of those things… Instead of spending all that money on me I would love that you pay for a girl child, who is suffering somewhere in this country school fees… Because there is more to giving than receiving,” Makadia wrote on Instagram.

Issa shame: Man dies during a s#x competition after going for the 7th round


Saumu Mbuvi

Saumu Mbuvi the daughter of flamboyant Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko together with her family held the first birthday party for her daughter Sasha this year.

The invites only party was one of a kind and popular DJ Pierra Makena was among those who graced the event. Saumu Mbuvi was gifted a Range Rover and according to sources, it’s worth Sh15 million.

Saumu Mbuvi

The curvaceous DJ took to social media to show off  Saumu’s expensive present and she wrote:

“Family love. You don’t need nothing more. Saumu Mbuvi as your baby turns one. Congratulations once more .you are a great mom! The range though. You deserve it Ma.”


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Saumu Mbuvi talks home wrecker allegations: ‘Only pets can be stolen not real men!’

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s eldest daughter Saumu Mbuvi has finally addressed claims that she’s a husband snatcher.

Saumu Mbuvi
Saumu with her current man

The mother of one, who has found new love after parting ways with her baby daddy Benson Gatu, is smitten with love and she has been sharing photos of the latest man warming her bed on social media. Continue reading “Saumu Mbuvi talks home wrecker allegations: ‘Only pets can be stolen not real men!’”

Mike Sonko Gifts Saumu Mbuvi With A Brand New Red Range Rover On Granddaughter’s Birthday

Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko truly knows how to take care and pamper what’s his.

The politician is well known for his extravagant lifestyle – ranging from his state of the art cars, homes as well as his fashion taste, he is a lover of finer things in life.

Over the weekend, the legislator decided to shower his lovely daughter Saumu Mbuvi with a brand new red sleek Range Rover car as a birthday gift for his grand daughter, who turned one on Saturday.

The gift was for her efforts in single handedly raising her daughter for an year.

An amazed Dj Pierre Makena who was present at the exclusive birthday event, took to her instagram to share the news with photos of the sleek machine.

She posted, “Family love. You don’t need nothing more. Saumu Mbuvi as your baby turns one. Congratulations once more .you are a great mom! The range though. You deserve it Ma,” she wrote.

Check the photos below.

range rover saumu


Saumu Mbuvi’s Baby Daddy Shows Off His New Catch (Photos)

Benson Gatu, who unsuccessfully vied for the Mathioya parliamentary seat in Murang’a County is seeing someone else a few months after parting ways with Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi.

Saumu and Gatu have a child together and the mother of one revealed that she and her baby daddy were no longer together, citing infidelity as the reason behind their split.


The businessman-cum-politician seems to have a thing for daughters of prominent political families and he’s currently in love with Rachael Wanja, the daughter of Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria, if we are to go by the photos posted on his social media.

Benson Gatu first introduced his new bae online with a photo and captioned;

“Life at times hands you lemons so you can appreciate the sweetness of the best tangerines when handed to you”


And the two have been displaying their affection for each other in public and who knows, they might walk down the aisle soon.

The two lovebirds attended an event last weekend and it’s without a doubt that their families also met and bonded. Benson Gatu posted photos of him and Rachael Wanja all looking dashing and their fans can’t wait to see them tie the knot. They’re a perfect match made in heaven.

“Apparently, the best things don’t come with a menu and a price tag. But they would fetch crazy amounts on auction. My artefacts,” he wrote.

Here are photos of Benson Gatui and Rachael Wanja which prove that they’re madly in love with each other.


Benson Gatu


Benson Gatu



Benson Gatu and Rachael Wanja


Benson Gatu and Rachael Wanja

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Mike Sonko’s Wife And Children Steal The Show At President Uhuru’s Inauguration (PHOTOS)

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, his lovely wife and children were among the guests who were invited to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s inauguration on Tuesday, 28th November at Kasarani stadium.

The city boss looked dapper in a suit, while his wife was dressed in a long golden dress and a headgear, his adopted sons and his all grown daughters also looking absolutely gorgeous. They spent a lot of time and money so as to look good on a special day.

“Earlier today at Kasarani Stadium in the occasion of 2nd inauguration ceremony of HE President Uhuru Kenyatta. May the Almighty God give you wisdom and guidance as you discharge the responsibilities of your office,” Mike Sonko posted on his official Facebook account.

Check out how Mike Sonko and his family  dressed for President Uhuru’s inauguration


Mike Sonko
Mike Sonko’s family


Mike Sonko's family


Mike Sonko's family


Mike Sonko's daughters


Mike Sonko's daughters


Saumu Mbuvi

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Proud Mama: Saumu Mbuvi Shows Support To Father Sonko As She Flaunts Her All-Grown Daughter (PHOTOS)

Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi has no regrets being a mother, despite the fact that she fell off with her daughter’s father a few weeks before she gave birth.

The former JKUAT student is a mother to a cuddly daughter, baby Sasha, whom she welcomed back in March 2016, after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend and a former school mate, Benson Gatu.


According to Saumu, she found out that Gatu was cheating on her with another politician’s daughter, and was only with her for his own political ambitions and vendetta.

Sonko’s Second-Born Daughter Is The Best Aunt Ever. See How She Is Nursing Saumu Mbuvi’s Daughter

But being the strong girl she is, Saumu Mbuvi made the decision to move on and take care of her child as a single mother, and co-parent with the father, which seems to be working just fine.


Over the weekend, her father, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, who is vying for the Gubernatorial seat for Nairobi County, launched his manifesto with his running mate, Polycarp Igathe, and his family was definitely there to show support.

Sonko’s a Happy Grandfather! Saumu Mbuvi Finally Unveils Her Daughter’s FACE To The World (PHOTOS)


Present was Sonko’s wife and Saumu’s siblings; Sandra and Salma Mbuvi, who showed unity for their bread winner. While at it, Saumu shared a few photos of her family and her growing baby girl.

“You are not rich until you have something money can’t buy,” Saumu posted in one of the photos with her daughter. On another picture with her mother and sisters, she captioned; “Family bond 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽#tukopamoja.”

Check out Sonko’s girls below.







‘I Am Proud Of Many Things In Life But Nothing Beats Being a Mother’ – Saumu Mbuvi

She is known for making headlines for different reasons and comes from the wealthiest families in Kenya, that live flamboyant lives.

Saumu Mbuvi is the first born daughter of Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko.

In March 2017, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter, who she really loves and adores. Unlike other celebrities babies, Sasha’s face didn’t take long before it was unveiled to the world.


As we all know being a mother is special and the best thing that can happen to a woman. She took to her social media and expressed her love to baby Sasha, writing a sweet message saying how she is proud of motherhood.


I am proud of many things in life but nothing beats being a Mother

Well, as we can see she has never been happier because these photos she posts tell it all – a happy mother with a happy baby.

Check out cute photos of baby Sasha and be the judge yourself.




Mafisi Alert!! Check Out These Eligible Bacholerettes Of Politicians

Kenyan politicians have beautiful daughters and we bring them to you to see who catches your attention, even though some are engaged.

They say beauty is in the beholders eyes, so be the judge.

1.Ngina Kenyatta.

The soft spoken beauty is the second born in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s family. She is the only girl and seems to have a soft spot with her father. She has a great interest in fashion and is a co-founder of Nomadic Brand which she runs with her brother Muhoho.


2.Firyal Nur.

The beautiful and sexy lady is daughter to Foreign Affairs CS, Amina Mohammed. She is a designer and has a clothes line dubbed NUR, which mainly focuses on African Print to make their designs.

She was rumoured to be dating the president’s son Muhoho, but dont give up guys, keep fighting. You might get lucky with her.


3.Kitty Kabogo

Daughter to Kiambu Governor William Kabogo, Kitty is bold and outgoing, well according to her social media pages. She is the only daughter and seems to love life on the fast lane.


4.Makena Passaris

Daughter to Nairobi Women Rep aspirant, Esther Passaris, Makena is a beauty to behold. She is a copy of her mother who is also hot for her age. She has a great interest in music and has produced some songs although she is not keen on music now.

makena pasaris

5.Andrea Kenneth

Daughter to Nairobi Gubernatorial aspirant Peter Kenneth, Andrea is beautiful and its every man’s dream to have a piece of her. She prefers to keep a low profile when it comes to her private life.


6.Sheila Wetangula

The beautiful daughter to Moses Wetangula, NASA co-principal. Though a little controversial, we cant deny that Wetangula’s daughter is indeed beautiful. But sorry guys, she lives in Sweden so for those who cant afford a flight there, try your luck else where.


7.Teisha Moi

She is the granddaughter to former president Daniel Arap Moi. Her beauty is captivating and men cant have enough of her. Although not much in the limelight, it is hard to forget such beauty. So team mafisi start looking for her contacts, you never know. Moi might end up liking you .


8.Lupita Nyong’o

Daughter to Kisumu Senator Anyang Nyongo. Lupita is both beauty and brains after winning the coveted Oscar awards. She has a body to die for and to top it all she is not married, so there is some hope for guys out there.


9.Saumu Mbuvi

Although she recently became a mother and then broke up with her baby daddy, we must give credit where its due. Saumu is hot. Daughter to Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko, Saumu is the epitome of sexy even after being a mom. She could give most of the single ladies a run for their money.


10.Josephine Bet

Daughter to Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu, Josephine is such an eye candy. A lawyer by profession, her beauty is so captivating it could even make the judge let you free. So men if you are looking for a wife, look no further.pjimage-81

Sonko’s a Happy Grandfather! Saumu Mbuvi Finally Unveils Her Daughter’s FACE To The World (PHOTOS)

Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi has for once shared a lovely photo of her daughter after months of keeping her away from the public eye.

The flamboyant lass has been keeping her personal life very private after breaking up with her baby daddy Benson Gatu, who cheated on her with another politician’s daughter.

The former JKUAT University graduate welcomed her bundle of joy, baby Sasha in March 2017 after revealing that she had dumped the man who was only using her for his political ambitions, and it looks like she’s moving on very well.


Saumu Mbuvi moved back to her parent’s Runda home, where she has been living with her siblings, Salma and Sandra Mbuvi and their adopted brothers Satrin and Gift Osinya.

Sonko’s Second-Born Daughter Is The Best Aunt Ever. See How She Is Nursing Saumu Mbuvi’s Daughter

Saumu can’t get over her daughters cuteness and chubbiness and at three months old, she’s growing up too fast. Though Saumu and her baby daddy don’t see eye to eye, they have been mature about things and are co-parenting well so far.

During a recent interview, Saumu’s father Sonko, who ‘s the Jubilee nominee for the Nairobi Governor seat, revealed that he loves his daughter despite her ignoring his warning about Benson Gatu.


He even confessed that he has forgiven his daughters baby daddy despite what he did to his daughter, and the beef seems to have been buried for now.

Now that everyone is happy, Saumu has decided to share a photo finally revealing her daughter’s full face. Sasha is still very young so it’s hard to tell who she has taken after, but there’s no doubt that she’s very cute.

Check out the photos below. She’s just too cuddly.






A Mum’s Love Is Eternal! Mike Sonko Reveals His HEART-BREAKING Experience After LOSING His Mother

Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi ‘Sonko’ is one of the most popular politicians in Kenyan, not just for his philanthropic deeds but for his lavish lifestyle and wealth.

Sonko is in the race to become the next Governor of Nairobi County and besides his political career, the controversial Senator is also a family man.

The celebrated businessman is a doting father to four daughters and two adopted sons, Baby Satirn Osinya and his elder brother, Cyprian Osinya, whose mother passed away after a terror attack at a church in Mombasa.


Sonko is a loving husband to his wife too and recently, he got her a brand new Range Rover to appreciate her love and support, and for being a good mother to his children despite all the challenges.

FATHER’S LOVE: Mike Sonko Finally Speaks Up About His Daughter’s Unfaithful Baby Daddy, Cries While Talking About Her (VIDEO)

On Sunday, May 14, it was Mother’s Day and the rich politician took time to talk about his late mother, Saumu Mukami Mbuvi, who passed away when he was young: “I knew I had a friend and mentor who molded me into the man I am today and for that I will always cherish and honour her.”

Sadly, Mike Sonko’s father also died back in September 2015, which was also another sad and heart-breaking day for him, leaving him with no parents, but in all, he appreciated his late mother for what she taught him, saying that no one can replace her.


Here’s the touching message Sonko jotted down about losing his mother and how he misses her;

A mother is a priceless and the most rarest jewel that we can ever possess. From her came out life ,tender love, care and guidance on how to adapt into this crazy world. For those who lost their mothers, though it’s normal part of life you will agree with me “mama anaweza chukua nafasi ya wengine lakini nafasi yake haiwezi chukuliwa na yeyote yule”
The emptiness that my late mother Saumu Mukami Mbuvi left is still hard to comprehend. I knew I had a friend and mentor who moulded me into the man i am today and for that I will always cherish and honour her. Watu wangu, always love and respect women, especially the elderly. I would like to wish a Happy Mothers Day to all the strong women out there, know that we love and appreciate you everyday. Kama Mungu hakuwaleta nyinyi sisi tusingekuwa Duniani leo.Happy Mother’s Day!!!

May they both rest in peace.




Kenyan Female Celebrities Who Will Be Celebrating Mother’s Day As First Time Mums (Photos)

Every year we get the chance to celebrate the women who gave birth to us or who took up the job of bringing us up to be the people we are today.

They say a mother is a mother even if you do something so bad, they still love us because they understand what true love is.

As time goes by we bless our mothers with grandchildren and that makes us mothers too. Ask any woman who’s given birth and they’ll tell you how it feels.

I talked to some new mothers from our office and they revealed that it’s the greatest joy and most of them even regret having given their mothers a hard time, because they now understand how it feels.

Well, some Kenyan female celebrities will be celebrating Mother’s Day for the first time, as they have been blessed with kids or are expecting one pretty soon.

From Pierra Makena to Vanessa Kiuna, here are the female celebrities who will be celebrating Mother’s Day for the first time as mothers;

1. Pierra Makena


She shocked many when she revealed that she was pregnant. We fell in love with her maternity shoot photos and couldn’t wait to see her baby. But after giving birth, she didn’t show her baby’s face until on her birthday when she posted her photos on social media. She is a cute baby.

2. Anne Kiguta

Anne Kiguta

The queen of politics as she calls herself gave birth last year, but she has never shown off her twins faces to the public. It is still being debated who the father of the twins is, but I guess it will take us a while before we know who he is.

3. Vanessa Kiuna

vanessa and baby

Her wedding gown was the talk of town when she got married. It was later discovered that she was pregnant and when she gave birth, the inter-webs could not keep calm. Her family photoshoot was too cute to be true. Vanessa’s parents can’t have enough of their first grandchild.

4. Saumu Mbuvi

saumu baby2

Her break up story with Ben Gatu surprised as they were many people’s ‘couple goals’ and many thought they were inseparable. She got knocked up and she’s now a proud mother even though she chose to hide her baby’s face until recently.

5. Wendy Kimani


She is the new mum in town. She just delivered a bouncing baby boy. Wendy is the calm type of people and she’s look like she will instill the same calmness in her son.

6. Sharon Mundia


Sharon or This Is Ess as many know her, has not yet given birth. Well at least we haven’t heard any news yet. But her maternity photoshoot gave us life. She falls in this category because she’s carrying a special being in her and that makes her a mother already.

7. Jacky Vike

Jacky Vike

Just like Sharon Mundia, Jacky Vike better known as Awinja will also celebrating mother’s day as she’s heavily pregnant. She’s already a mother even though she has not yet given birth. Her pregnancy news was the best news ever after she posted photos of her maternity photoshoot. Most people didn’t know she was pregnant.

Sonko’s Second-Born Daughter Is The Best Aunt Ever. See How She Is Nursing Saumu Mbuvi’s Daughter

Saumu Mbuvi is one happy girl, not just because she comes from a wealthy and flamboyant family, but also because two months ago she became a mother to a cuddly baby girl.

The rich kid is the first born to Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko and at some point, was labeled as the controversial daughter back when she was much younger and hungry for fame

Saumu Mbuvi welcomed her baby girl in March 2017 which was a great joy to her, the family and close friends, but sadly, things didn’t work out with her baby daddy Benson Gatu.


The lovebirds separated after Saumu found out that the political aspirant was having an affair with none other than a daughter of a politician.

Sonko Is a Lucky Grandpa! Saumu Mbuvi’s Daughter Is Growing Up Too Fast, Check Out Her Latest Photos

Sonko’s daughter them moved out and returned to her dads home, where she got massive support from her stepmother and sisters.

The family has been a great support for the new mom, with her father professing love for his grandchild on live camera, where he also revealed that he had forgiven her baby daddy who somewhat used her for his own ambitions.


Saumu Mbuvi has since moved on to focus on motherhood and so far, she’s doing very well at it, and other than that, her sisters are also very proud aunts who have expressed their love and fondness for the little angel.

Her second sister Salma Mbuvi likes to spend a lot of time with her niece and in a recent post, Saumu showed how caring her sister is as she nursed the infant, rocking her while taking a morning walk.

Check out the photo of Salma Mbuvi taking her aunty duties very seriously. How cute!


Sonko Is a Lucky Grandpa! Saumu Mbuvi’s Daughter Is Growing Up Too Fast, Check Out Her Latest Photos

Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko is not just a politician and a businessman but also a proud father of four children, plus his adopted sons Satrin and Gift Osinya.

His first-born daughter Saumu Mbuvi is the most popular and controversial but in the last couple of months, she appears to have reformed and has been focusing on her life after graduating, and more so after becoming a mother.

Saumu has been dating a political aspirant by the name Benson Gatu, whom she met while studying in Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture.

A few months after graduating, the two got serious and even started living together despite her father Sonko disapproving of their relationship at some point.


The couple would, later on, reveal that Saumu was expecting their first child together, which could be the reason they had even moved in together.

The lovebirds were happy, and always sharing sweet photos and videos on social media, but things were not as rosy as they made it look and a few weeks before Saumu gave birth, they broke up and she moved back to her father’s house in Runda.

Saumu later admitted they had indeed broken up after she found out that he was only using her, then cheated on her with another politician’s daughter.


The new mother gave birth to a healthy baby girl back in March 2017 and has embraced motherhood since then, loving every moment.

BLESSINGS GALORE! Mike Sonko’s Daughter Saumu Mbuvi Gives Birth To A Bouncing Baby Girl (PHOTO)

She’s back on her feet and though she hasn’t yet shown the face of the baby entirely, the little angel is growing fast, if the photos they have been sharing are anything to go by.

Check out photos of Saumu Mbuvi’s two-month old baby below.