African Celebrities linked to occult and witchcraft to boost their careers

To be young and beautiful, some say, you have to seek dark powers to compel your suitors to obey your every command or to boost your career.

Some of East Africa’s top personalities have admitted, without shame, that they sought the powers of a mganga to give them that supernatural push.

Artistes, socialites, footballers, business people and surprisingly even thugs, are some of the groups that are known to get into this lifestyle.

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Even though many do it on the low key, others have admitted to using uganga to catalyse their craft.

Some of the celebrities that we will be looking at include gospel singer Sarkozi, bongo star Diamond Platnumz, his sister Esma Platnumz, Hamisa Mobetto and Darassa.


Gospel singer Rigan Sarkozi’s life history is an inspiring yet scary one altogether.

In an interview on Radio Jambo, the man who rose to fame thanks to his ‘Wewe ni Mungu’ hit song featuring Daddy Owen, shocked many when he revealed that he once resorted to witchcraft and drug dealing to survive.

Opening up on his controversial past, Sarkozi said his spirit convinced him to speak out on how he turned to the same God he was fighting in search for prosperity.

“As a Christian and a human being, I got saved in 2011, and since then, I haven’t spoken about this (practising witchcraft),” he said.

“I did not wake up just one morning and get saved. I have been involved in theft cases, witchcraft, among others. I would come into your house and steal your TV set and leave, only for you to realise it hours later.”

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He said it all started with the company he kept in the past. His friends were into women and the partying life, and since their parents would never give them money for such, they resorted to stealing household items.

Sarkozi decided to change his ways for good upon receiving a call from his mother, who dreamt that her son had died.

It is at that point that he fled Tanzania with the little he had and came back to Kenya, where he grew up, and decided to give his life to Christ, despite being as drunk as a fiddler back in 2011.



The news that Hamisa had gone to a witchdoctor to bewitch Diamond raised eyebrows. When Hamisa came to Kenya, she said she had gone to seek spiritual guidance and not witchcraft.

Diamond had spoken about it on his TV station, Wasafi TV, saying she had gone to seek a witchdoctor’s help to secure Diamond’s love.

He called out his baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto, for seeking the services of witchdoctors to compel him to marry her.

“You have gone to witch doctors wishing harm against my family. That means you could kill my mum and here you are asking that I buy you a house,” he wrote.

I have heard those voice notes going round. I heard things that I knew that is her (Hamisa). I know this is you. I even told her I know this is you. You want my mum and sister to look like the bad people. They can never be the bad people.

What you are doing is not right. You should focus on your businesses and your work, instead of going to the witchdoctors to charm me into marrying you.”

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Hamisa Mobetto with her mother
Hamisa Mobetto with her mother

In his song, featuring Navy Kenzo called ‘Katika’, Diamond admits it actually worked on him. He confessed this saying: “Tunguli zimenibamba, Mobetto.”



Tanzanian rapper Darassa hit the headlines with his hit song Muziki, featuring Ben Pol. He later said he sought the services of a witch doctor at one point in his life.

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Darassa, however, said it was long ago, and he did not go to seek black magic powers over his music but for personal issues.

“If I say I have never gone to a witchdoctor I will be lying. I have been to one once in my life. I did not go for my personal issues rather we went as a team, with a group I was playing with football.

My team believed in that challenge, was the team captain yet I was the youngest thus I did not have the sheer will of going against the advice of my elders.”


Jose Chameleone

Joseph Mayanja, popularly known as Jose Chameleone, is arguably the best musician in the East African region. Having stayed in the music industry for 16 years, Chameleone has managed to become one of the most-sought-after artistes around, despite many peers fading into insignificance.

Known for hit songs such as Wale Wale, Nkoleki, Vale Vale, Dorotia, Tubonge, Agatako and Pam Pam, Chameleone’s music has always dominated both the local and international airwaves, a clear indication that he is creative and talented.

The Tubonge hit singer has also worked his way up, and his lavish lifestyle is a clear indication of that. From his palatial mansions to driving expensive cars, Chameleone is a clear indication that indeed, music pays.

“They pretend to celebrate you when you die, yet don’t celebrate you when alive’ Tedd Josiah blasts Kenyans as they mourn Bruce Odhiambo


Well, of late, Chameleone has been accused of using black magic to gain fame and popularity. He recently refuted the claims in an exclusive interview with Mpasho.

Chameleone said there are people out there trying to tarnish his name. He said he is a believer in Christ and that’s why he has risen from grass to grace. He further said, “Witchcraft is nonsense.”

Jose Chameleone is the elder brother of Ugandan singers Palaso, Weasel and the late AK 47.


Diamond Platnumz and Ommy Dimpoz have recently been exchanging unkind words on social media, amid a series of misunderstandings between them.

In the past, Ommy Dimpoz claimed that Diamond was using witchcraft to promote his music.

“One day he came and told me right now I needed to be careful because they were suspecting that I might take him to my witch doctors. So he actually took me and took me to a witch doctor?

Man take care so that no one passes you over in the music business.”He said

 Bwana jamaa angalia mtu asije akakupita usilete ushikaji kwenye mambo ya mziki,” he said.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

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Esma Khan is Diamond Platnumz’s sister. She said she does seek witchcraft to protect and grow her business.

In an interview with a Tanzanian based website, the celebrity sister said she is not afraid to confess to this dark secret.

“Kwa mganga mimi naenda, huyo ni mshikaji wangu. Unaweza ukaenda dukani ukapata kuna irizi mlango. Usipojikinga itakuaje? Kwa mganga sikatai, naenda, naroga,” she said.

“Naenda kwa ajili ya biashara zangu.”

Esma Platnumz

Esma owns a business in Tanzania, where she sells vitenge and beauty products.

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10 world leaders who divorced their wives while in office

Marriage is not a bed of roses. That must be one of the most overused clichés the world over. However those who have had some experience in matrimony know only too well how true the statement is.

The most curious fact is that marital conflict is not a preserve of a certain class of society. From the poor to the bourgeoisie, illiterate to the educated, models to athletes, all have had a dose of just how tough the going can get in marriage.

One class of people in particular has been unfortunate enough to have their dirty linen, in as far as spouses are concerned, washed and aired out in public: our politicians.

Below is a list of top world leaders who went through divorce while running their respective countries.

Nelson Mandela

Courtesy CAMERA PRESS, Gallo Images, Foto24

South Africa’s anti apartheid hero and the country’s first ever black President divorced his second wife Winnie Madikizela-Mandela in March 1996. This was two years into his five year term as President. The two who had two daughters together, Zeni and Zindzi, had however separated earlier in April 1992.

Silvio Berlusconi

Courtesy of

Italy’s controversial three-time Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi finalized his divorce from Veronica Lario, in 2014 leaving him free to marry a woman almost 50 years his junior.

It was however during his third term as Prime Minister in 2008 that Berlusconi was ordered to pay his ex-wife Veronica Lario $48 million a year in a divorce settlement. The two had three children together.

Prince Charles

Courtesy of

His divorce from the darling of the world Princess Diana was without doubt the biggest divorce story of the 20th century.

Charles, Prince of Wales is the eldest child and heir apparent of Queen Elizabeth II.

Charles and Diana officially separated in 1992 then divorced on 28 August 1996. Diana died in a car crash in Paris a year later.

Nicolas Sarkozy

Courtesy REUTERS

The 23rd President of France made history by being the first French leader to divorce, marry and have a child while in office, all within one term of his presidency.

On 25 May 2005, the Swiss newspaper Le Matin revealed that his second wife, Cécilia Ciganer-Albéniz had left Sarkozy for French-Moroccan national Richard Attias. In the meantime, Sarkozy was said to have had an affair with a journalist Anne Fulda.

Sarkozy and Cécilia ultimately divorced on 15 October 2007, soon after his election as President.

Alvaro Colom

Courtesy of

Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom and his wife Sandra Torres filed for divorce in 2011 so she could stand for election to succeed him.

This is because Guatemala’s constitution bans close relatives of the president from standing to succeed him.

Although the court granted the divorce, Guatemala’s Electoral Tribunal and courts considered the divorce a sham, and refused to accept her registration for the elections.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin announces separation from wife Lyudmila - video
Courtesy of

In June 2013, Russian president Vladimir Putin and his wife of 30 years, Lyudmila went on TV to announce that their marriage was over.  In April 2014 the Kremlin confirmed that the divorce had been finalized.

Russia’s best-known couple had two daughters in their late 20s at the time of the announcement.

Putin had been linked by newspapers with other women, including gymnast Alina Kabayeva and ex-spy Anna Chapman.

Hugo Chavez

Courtesy REUTERS

Venezuela’s strongman Hugo Chávez married his second wife journalist Marisabel Rodríguez de Chávez after divorcing his first wife with whom they had three children. He separated from Marisabel in 2002 and divorced her in 2004. Allegations were made that Chávez was a womanizer, and had been throughout both his marriages, but these have remained unproven.

Alberto Fujimori

Courtesy of

Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori divorced his wife Susana Higuchi in 1994. The divorce happened in public, where the couple washed their dirty linen in front of many people, which damaged Fujimori’s image further.

His wife even called him a ‘Tyrant’ and revealed a lot of secrets about the man’s life. The revelations contributed to Fujimori’s prison sentence in 2009. He is currently serving a 25 year jail term for various offences.

Andreas Papandreou

Courtesy of

In 1989, Margaret Papandreou says signed a legal document ending her 38-year marriage to Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou of Greece. This was his second marriage having ended the first in 1951 in similar fashion.  That same year he married his third wife Dimitra Liani.

Fredrick Chiluba

Courtesy of

In 2000, then Zambian President Frederick Chiluba divorced his wife, former First Lady of Zambia Vera Tembo after thirty-three years of marriage. They had nine children together. The divorce case had initially been filed by Chiluba’s elder cousin to which Vera famously countered by saying she could not divorce a man that she had never been married to. The President was then forced to personally file the suit.

Sources: Wikipedia, Daily Mail, BBC,, The Independent