Sarah Cohen details the pain of losing her husband 


“I’m almost divorced, widowed, thrown out of my house and being dispossessed yet grieving, all at the same time.”

Those were the words of Sarah Wairimu, the wife of the late Dutch businessman Tob Cohen during an exclusive interview with the Star.

At 3.30pm last Monday at Jewish cemetery along Wangari Maathai road in Pangani, Nairobi, Wairimu was on one of her many trips to the tomb of her husband whose death last year generated a lot of public interest and remains controversial. She had the grave plastered and a tombstone erected on it recently.

His skull was smashed! Tob Cohen autopsy results reveal dreadful death

sarah cohen visits grave

MOURNING: Sarah Wairimu at the Jewish cemetery along Wangari Maathai road in Pangani, Nairobi on Monday, February 3, 2020 

Cohen disappeared in July 2019 after a sharp marital dispute with Wairimu that put their marriage on the brink, with each filing and counter-filing for divorce.

His decomposing body was found in an underground water tank within their Kitisuru home after two months of frantic search.

With the history of the marital acrimony contained in a litany of police reports they had variously made against each other in various police stations, Wairimu became the prime suspect in the disappearance and murder of Cohen.

She was supposed to be a mourning widow but Wairimu got detained at Lang’ata Women’s Prison. She fought her way through the courts to be allowed to witness the postmortem on the body of her husband. She was also allowed to participate in the September 23 burial spirited resistance from Cohen’s family. Her murder trial is set for July 6 to 20.

But away from the intricacies of her legal battle, how has life been like for the mother one?

Wairimu alights from the car of her lawyer Philip Murgor to meet this writer. “Thank you for the interest to talk to me,” she says as we take a stroll to the grave.

“Life has been rough for me,” she says. “I have not had time to mourn my husband even after we lived for 29 years as man and wife. This is sheer pain have been and I am still going through,” she says.

The 52-year-old Wairimu explains that the death of her husband and the circumstances surrounding it put her in a precarious situation as she has had to fight “for myself, him and for us.”

“He left me with no one to protect me. As I continue grieving, my constant question is, why did you have to do this Simba?” 

Phillip Murgor with his client
Phillip Murgor with his client, Sarah Wairimu

Wairimu says she has had to maintain a strong public posture even as she deals with her loss.

“I’m being disinherited, have been thrown out of our matrimonial home. I am yet to mourn properly and find closure.

“My mourning is really accumulated because I also lost a brother in 2017 and I am still grieving. The death of Tob doubled the grief, made it even worse,” she says.

Wairimu says she initially treated information about the disappearance of her husband as a rumour “given that some people had attempted to intrude into our marriage.

“Tob left home saying he was going for a medical checkup and with this, I immediately believed he was going to Thailand. It was normal for him to leave home and be back later, without necessarily saying where he went,” she says.

She says her 71-year-old husband had developed a mental problem and that people whom he spent most of his time with tried to take advantage of him, alluding to her ongoing battles over their property.

“I repeatedly raised my grave concern over his health with his siblings but they ignored me. No one would listen to me,” she says.

“I’m not bothered about the property issue. What God has given you no one can take a way. We are a country of laws and I’m sure my rights will not be violated.”

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Sarah denied me intimacy from 2014! The late Tob Cohen’s affidavit claims

Sarah Wairimu and Tob Cohens marriage was one that the phrase “irrevocable differences” can best describe. The reason for my statement is the court records that the Star has been able to get its hands on.

The court papers paint a grim picture of a marriage were both Cohen and Sarah were at a wit’s end with each other. The papers describe the Dutch businessman appearing to make every effort to push Wairimu out of their Lower Kabete home.

Cohen's body
Cohen’s body


It was the 71-year-old Cohen who first filed for the annulment of the union on January 21 under a certificate of urgency. He claimed that Wairimu had been denying him se3 since 2014.

He said they were sleeping in separate bedrooms and he was preparing his own meals. On February 25, Cohen amended the grounds for dissolution of the marriage to include cruelty and violence from Wairimu.

He also said that four days later, Wairimu assaulted him, causing “cut wounds and multiple bruises and as a result.” the petition by lawyer Judy Thongori reads.

In her rejoinder in her sworn counter-affidavit, Wairimu “admits that the marriage had irretrievably broken down but avers that the break down is on account of adultery and cruelty on the part of petitioner [Cohen].”

Asserting that she also wanted a divorce, Wairimu dismissed the claim that she was violent, arguing that this was a ploy by Cohen to paint her as a bullying spouse. “The particular attack started by Cohen was staged by him to build his divorce narrative,” she said.

The coffin carrying Cohen being loaded
The coffin carrying Cohen’s body being loaded

She also dismissed the claim of denial of conjugal rights, saying that they always shared the master bedroom except in sporadic occasions when she had been “forced to take refuge in our daughter [Renee] Gathoni’s bedroom during times when the applicant is excessively intoxicated and abusive.”

Wairimu further said that though they would engage in se3, the late billionaire was highly ineffective some times failed to perform as he was an abuser of drugs and had secretly undergone a procedure that sabotaged him.

Sarah Wairimu at the funeral
Sarah Wairimu at Cohen’s funeral

“The applicant underwent a prostrate operation which seems to have affected his ability to engage often or effectively in the manner that he did before the operation,” she claimed.

The Star

Tob Cohen siblings fear Sarah Wairimu’s release on bail

Relatives of murdered Dutchman Tob Cohen want his widow Sarah Wairimu denied bail “because we could be targets for elimination should she be free”.

Benard Cohen and his sister Gabrielle Cohen, both blood siblings of the slain tycoon, have told the court in sworn affidavits that releasing Wairimu will pose a threat to their lives given the gravity of the crime she is accused of.

Cohen Family at his will reading
Cohen Family at his will reading with Gabrielle on the right

Wairimu, 52, is suspected to have killed her 71-year-old husband. She is yet to take a plea.

The police found Cohen’s body in an empty water tank in his Kitisuru home compound, Nairobi, on September 13. He had been missing since July 19.

The murdered billionaire was buried on Tuesday according to Jewish rites.

According to the affidavits filed last Wednesday, Bernard and Gabrielle claim the nature of the offence committed and the ghastly manner in which it was executed, make them apprehensive that they could be marked as easy targets in reprisal, putting their lives in danger.

Cohen's body
Cohen’s body

“As family members of the deceased, whom the applicant is suspected to have murdered, I’m apprehensive about my safety as a witness in the trial, should the applicant be released on bail.
“I have a reasonable apprehension that given the gruesome manner in which the deceased person in this matter met his death, family members of the deceased could be targets for elimination,” Benard and Gabriele say.

Sarah Cohen left penniless by her late husband Tob Cohen in his last will and testament

They also told the court that being direct family members of Tob as well as trial witnesses against Wairimu, they run the risk of being zeroed in on for possible elimination in the gruesome manner in which their brother Tob was tortured and executed should she be released.

Witness tampering

Moreover, Cohen’s siblings allege that Wairimu has the potential of interfering with witnesses as well as contaminating the evidence should she be released, citing the ruling by Kiambu Chief Magistrate Priscilla Gichohi who found her to have coached witnesses before.

The Star

Sarah Wairimu sends chilling warning during Tob Cohen’s burial

Sarah Wairimu finally attended the burial of her late husband, Tob Cohen where she showed the toll that the death and the subsequent accusations against her have taken on her.

The coffin carrying Cohen being loaded
The coffin carrying Cohen being loaded

Sarah who has been maligned in the process spoke tearfully and warned her husband’s killers, saying, ‘One thing Tob taught me was to never take no for an answer. And even as we stand here, many of those who are responsible for Tob’s death, in sheep’s skin…believe you me, even your days are numbered.’

Sarah at the funeral
Sarah at the funeral

She also revealed that she would fight aggressively against all the accusations and also lashed out at family members she accused of betrayal. “It has been painful, but I thank you for being here…I can’t talk about the legal counsel. Thank you Muthaiga for being here, I have seen a few friends from here and there. There are family members who were pretending and even purporting to be family members, yours is another story.’

Sarah Wairimu at the funeral
Sarah Wairimu at the funeral

The ceremony was attended by Tob’s brother Bernard Cohen whos said that Tycoon deserved to be laid to laid respectfully. ‘We’re here to bury Tob a second time; this time with dignity.’

His skull was smashed! Tob Cohen autopsy results reveal dreadful death

The burial wasn’t attended by Cohen’s closest relative Gabrielle Van Straten who flew out to her home country of Netherlands. before the funeral.

Cohen Family at his will reading
Cohen Family at his will reading with Gabrielle on the right

After speeches were completed, it was only the Jewish procession which was allowed to the graveside. Even Cohen’s widow wasn’t allowed to proceed since Jewish tradition doesn’t allow women to attend such a ceremony. She was however allowed to throw dust at the Dutch’s open grave.

Throwing soil in the grave
Throwing soil in the grave

Cliff Ombeta the late Tob Cohen’s lawyer told K24 TV that the family had ditched the Jewish manner of burying the dead in favour of a Kenyan style. The Jewish style called for the body to be buried in a white cloth while the Kenyan style needed a coffin or a box as they call it.

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4 conditions that must be met for Tob Cohen to be buried on Monday

The lawyers for Sarah Wairimu and Tob Cohen’s sister have finally come to an agreement regarding the burial of murdered billionaire businessman Tob Cohen.

The Dutch Tycoon Tob Cohen subject to obtaining a court order on the following terms:

1. The burial ceremony will be private and for family members only. Sarah and Gabrie will participate as widow and sister respectively.
2. The burial rites will be in accordance with Jewish rites by the concerned community leaders.
3. The burial shall take place at the Jewish Cemetery on Wangari Mathai Road at 2 pm on Monday 23/9/19.
4. The DPP, DCI, and Prison Authorities are requested by both Sarah and Gabriel to facilitate this compromise arrangement so that the late Tob Cohen can be accorded a dignified send as proposed.

Tob Cohen on the left
Tob Cohen on the left in a file office

Jewish tradition prescribes that a person should be buried as quickly as possible, usually after 36 hours, but this would be impractical given the circumstances.

He loved Kenya! Tob Cohen’s last wishes revealed by his sister

The Dutch billionaire’s decomposing body was found last Friday afternoon — eight weeks after his disappearance —in an empty underground water tank at his posh Kitisuru villa. His body was wrapped in many layers of black plastic.

Cohen's body
Cohen’s body

The billionaire businessman was reported missing from his Lower Kabete home in Nairobi between July 19 and July 20. The killers of slain Dutchman smashed his skull, dislocated his left leg and broke his hands as he desperately fought them off.

A scan on Tuesday of Cohen’s body revealed the painful death the former Phillips Chief Executive officer suffered at the hands of his killers.


Why do we take it personally? Maina Kageni asks about bad Kikuyu women jokes

Kikuyu women are currently bearing the brunt of nasty jokes online, more so after Billionaire Tob Cohens body was discovered in a septic tank, 50 days after a search for his body was launched.

Cohens 52-year-old wife Sarah Wairimu is detained at Langata Prison awaiting trial over the murder.

At the centre of this case is a Sh400million villa in Kitisuru and inheritance.

Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay! Kenyans shout after Kikuyu dowry list goes viral

Kenyans on Twitter have taken note of what they say is a pattern in deaths involving billionaires. That these men are married to Kikuyu women, who always face accusations of having murdered their men over inheritance disputes. Their words not mine.

This formed the topic of discussion on Classic 105 with Maina Kageni giving his opinion about the terrible jokes.

I laughed this weekend it was real entertainment for me

I have always taken it with a pinch of salt

Why aren’t we laughing at ourselves? Why did you take it so seriously to be honest? It started with Bob Collymore and it has been there since time immemorial, why didn’t we see the funny side?

Mipango yangu yote ya kando ni wakikuyu, Sonko confesses

Me I believe in laughing at ourselves there is a difference between being able to laugh at yourself and negative stereotyping, and this weekend we saw a lot of that seriously why? It’s social media, the day you believe what goes on in social media, you will die, ask Peter Kenneth, he had millions of followers wacha elections came

This Kikuyu rendition of ‘Kwangwaru’ will make you go down on one knee(VIDEO)

It’s social media, the boldness in people comes out while others are there to chocha, why don’t you take a chill pill?

Stereotyping is something we will all have to live with, and especially with the age of social media. There is nothing you can do about that

What are your thoughts on this topic? Are people apportioning wrong blame on Kikuyu women? Drop your comments below.

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‘He was wrapped with many layers of clothing’ Billionaire Cohens remains cause a stir 



Photos from the operation that led to the discovery and exhumation of the body billionaire Tob Cohen have shocked Kenyans to the core.
The body was exhumed from an underground water tank during an operation by the police on Friday, September 13th, 2019.


Photos have come up showing the exact location and manner of the operation that led to the exhumation were also shared.



Detectives retrieved the remains of Cohen from his backyard noting

The body of Tob Cohen– a Dutch businessman who went missing between 19th-20th July 2019 was today afternoon retrieved from an underground water storage by

Homicide Detectives at his Kitisuru home. The body which was wrapped with many layers of clothing revealed signs..

coehn remians
 The photos bring an end to the sear for Cohen
The body which was wrapped with many layers of clothing revealed signs of torture before his murder. The underground storage which was empty had been completely sealed with concrete & guised with bushy wood cuttings. Sarah Wairimu, the key suspect & the late’s wife has been in remand after being severally interrogated by the investigating Team.