‘Let’s support our own’ Awinja tells Kenyans after watching Sarafina the musical

The Kenya National Theatre has been showcasing Sarafina the musical, an adaptation from the original movie that was first created in South Africa in the 90’s.

The show has been showing at the Kenya National Theatre this July, and tells the story of a young black student struggling to fight apartheid in South Africa. The film is centered around students involved in the Soweto riots, opposing the use of Afrikaans as the language of instruction in schools.

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Cover of the original Sarafina Movie created in South Africa

The Kenyan Sarafina version stars MakmzeeMwatela (Mali – NTV), Brenda Wairimu (Mali-NTV, Disconnect), Patrick Oketch (Mother-In-Law), Hellen Mtawali (Tusker Project Fame) and Gilad.

The show has been playing at the Kenya National Theatre from 12th -15th of July and from 20th -22nd of July.


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Well just like in the 90’s, this show created a lot of buzz and among those who stepped out to watch this play include Jacky Vike known to many as Awinja for her acting role on Papa Shirandula.


She took the chance to call out Kenyans to celebrate local talent, especially plays and movies.

“Happy!! for once I have attended a play and it was totally sold out! Guys who came to buy tickets at the gate went back home, I hope and pray it goes on like this!

Lets bring back the tradition of going to watch plays or Our own Films at the cinemas, in general lets support our own! Our stories our Music and our Entertainment at large We can do it!

I will set an example by attending our Local events not only that but support by Paying to Attend!!! Show support in all ways I can! We all need each other.”

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