I want him to marry a good wife before I die-Diamond Platnumz’s mother says

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Diamond Platnumz is such a well-known philanderer and rolling stone that his mother, Sandrah Kassim has taken the public step of stating her desire for him to settle down before she passes away.

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In a recent interview with Wasafi FM, the strong-willed Sandrah said that all she wants for her son is to see him settling down with a worthy woman for a wife.

‘Cheers to another year around the sun’ Maina Kageni wishes BFF Diamond Platnumz

Sandrah even went as far as to beg her son to settle down before she goes to be with her maker. Sandrah said;

“I am overjoyed that he is 30. I give thanks to God. I pray that my son respects everyone, and helps people. The only thing I wish for, and, pray earnestly, is that he finds love so that he gets married. I want him to get the right woman. A woman who takes care of the family and loves all. A good wife. I am, really, praying that he marries before I die.”

It should be noted Diamond had earlier on stated that he is not in a rush to settle down because he is still young.

So you can see understand why she is so desperate for her son to settle down. The man has had 3 baby mamas and 4 kids in the short span of 5 years. But all these relationships always end in tears.

This year after his split from his third baby mama Tanasha, the star seemed to have taken a hiatus from dating until last month.

It was rumoured that he could have a thing with Vanessa Mdee’s younger sister Mimi Mars, claims both parties denied vehemently.

Let’s see if his mother’s appeal has the desired effect on her son.

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Chunga usirogwe! Zari subtly disses Hamisa as she cosies up to mama Diamond

The way Zari Hassan and Diamond’s mother Sandrah Kasimu have been buddy-buddy these past few months reminds me that no situation in life is constant.

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law weren’t seeing eye to eye after the Ugandan socialite dumped Diamond on Valentine’s Day in 2018.

Zari and Mama Diamond
Zari and Mama Diamond

Since Zari’s and Diamond’s reconciliation this year, things are going swimmingly between Mama Diamond and Zarinah who have shown how a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law can work in this modern era.

And their friendship doesn’t end with just sending and talking about photos about Princess Tiffah.

Diamond-Tiffah-and-Zari in the past

The two recently decided to bond over their shared dislike of the “usurper”, Hamisa Mobetto who is hated by most of Diamond’s family especially his mother.

Jaguar’s touching message to Hamisa’s son raises eyebrows

Just this past month, Diamond’s mother failed to acknowledge Miss Mobetto’s son Daylan as her grandchild. She even ignored his birthday that was on August 8th, 2020 and choosing to only celebrate Tiffah’s that was on August 6th, 2020.

Hamisa Mobetto with her son

Zarinah went on the offensive as she passive-aggressively attacked Ms. Mobetto using her daughter’s photo shared by Mama Dangote (Bi. Sandrah Dangote).

Zari made a tongu-in-cheek dig that Mama Diamond would get bewitched over her act of sharing Princess Tiffah’s photos on Instagram.

“Umezidi, subiri urogwe🧛‍♀️🧟‍♀️” reads Zari’s comment on Mama Dangote’s post where she had posted Tiffah’s photo.

Zari Hassan celebrating Tiffah's birthday

The reason that quip seems to be directed at Hamisa is that it is well-known that she has been accused in the past of using the services of a witchdoctor to make Diamond marry her and buy her a house of her own.

Zarinah’s comment wasn’t taken lightly by Hamisa’s fans who dissed the mother of 5 telling her to stop linking her to witchcraft.

Zari leaning on her car
Zari leaning on her car

This forced Ms Hassan to defend herself saying she did not mention names in her comment;

“Nyinyi ndo Munahangaika. Kwani nimetaja Jina? Ama wachawi mnajijua …come slow I didn’t call for you,” replied Zari.

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Friends again? Tanasha sends Mama Diamond video of grandson walking on her b/day

While Tanasha Donna might still have issues with her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz, she seems to be in a better place with his mother, Sandrah.

The former model has in the past shared that Mama Chibu was one of the causes of her poor relationship, saying that she was very controlling. But it seems that her stance towards her might have softened recently.

Diamond and Tanasha at the birthday
Diamond, his mother and Tanasha at the birthday

Maybe she has observed Zari’s improved relationship with Mama Dangote this past year and that has made her take note. The singer recently sent her “mother-in-law” a video of her son Naseeb Junior walking.

Diamond reveals what Tanasha didn’t like about Tanzania

The video was sent to Mama Dangote on her birthday and boy didn’t it do the trick on her big day! She was giddy and over the moon as she watched Diamond’s youngest baby walk take his first steps.

Naseeb Junior
Naseeb Junior

Sandra could not hold back her joy when she received the unexpected surprise and boasted of how her young grandchild was growing too fast.

She added that Naseeb Junior had been waiting for this auspicious moment to take his first steps. “Naseeb has surprised me today after learning his grandmother was born on this day. He decided to walk. This boy surely loves me,” she wrote on her Instagram post.

Diamond was also jazzed with the video praising his baby boy and referred to his namesake as a lion. Does this video signal a thawing of tensions between Tanasha and the Platnumz family?

As I said earlier, wherever Mama Dangote goes, so does Diamond. This new move by Tanasha seems to be pragmatic considering that the singer is building a vast fortune.

Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior
Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior in the past

Who will inherit that money? His kids off course and it is smart to start planning for that day. Or am I reading too much into her actions?

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