Samidoh usipeleke tabia mbaya Dubai! Kiengei warns

Mugiithi musician, Samidoh and his good friend, Pastor Ben Kiengei recently engaged in some interesting banter on the singer’s Facebook page.

This was after Kiengei warned Samidoh not to take his ‘bad manners’ to Dubai.

The comment from Kiengei was elicited by Samidoh posting a photo of himself alongside a female fan.

“You cannot sing African music in proper English. Kwanza Cia samidoh,

(Qatar mugithi family Tonight put on your dancing shoes),” He captioned.

Samidoh and a female fan in Dubai

Kenyans couldn’t contain their excitement, they were however very quick to warn him to be careful. Among those who reacted was Nyce Wanjeri who told Samidoh to go ahead and give us a pointee child.

“Nîatushiarire kamûthûngu njamba ya rurîrî tukue na kamdubai .”

(Give us a mzungu, the village champion so that we have a child from Dubai.)

Kenyans were all over the comments section talking about the lady he posted with asking who she is. 

Samidoh vs Kiengei

Pastor Ben Kiengei commented telling him that he doesn’t want to hear any misbehaving from him in Qatar. 

Samidoh’s attention was attracted by the comment where he replied asking Pastor Ben if they usually tell other people the same things giving him an example of Gatonye or if they only tell him and talk about him alone?

Below are some of the reactions

Njange Maina: Obama’s father, who was a Kenyan went to study abroad. Years later we had Barack Obama as the President of the US. It is up to you whatever you choose to do with that information.

Mchui Mleopard Duncan: Feb 2023.

Will be a special month. Congratulations in advance bro.

Wycliffe Nyandieka: You deserve an ambassador role now we see the mutual relationship among other nations with Kenya growing, good stuff being the father of all Nations.

Gitau Frank: You both look great usiangushe jeshi make sure you have planted a seed there.

Princess Chep Nini: The last lady to stand this close to samidoh she’s now breastfeeding.

Mary Njoki: Kihenjo said you are thin handsome and fertile:

Do your best.

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Karen Nyamu’s second daughter named after Samidoh’s mum

Karen Nyamu nominates Samidoh as Men’s conference chairman

Hajaambiwa ni yake! Karen Nyamu hints she is not carrying Samidoh’s child

Karen Nyamu’s second daughter named after Samidoh’s mum

Fans have been eager to know the names of Karen Nyamu’s third-born as she had not revealed them.

All fans know about Karen’s daughter is that she is a beautiful baby. She was born in February this year.

On Thursday, Karen decided to share a photo of her cuddling with her daughter and on the photo on her Insta stories, she revealed that her second daughter’s name is Wairimu.

This is Karen Nyamu’s second baby with Mugiithi singer Samidoh.

Karen’s son with Samidoh is named after him, he is identified as Sam Muchoki Junior.

Well, a quick check of her new details about her baby’s name shows that Karen named her daughter after Samidoh’s late mum who was called Miriam Wairimu.

According to the Kikuyu naming, the first son and daughter are named after the baby daddy’s parents.

Samidoh’s late mum was a farmer and she died when the singer was only in form two.

“I was born in a family of 6, we are 6 boys and I’m the third born. Mama alikuwa anaitwa Miriam Wairimu lakini alituacha. Na Mzee alikuwa anaitwa Michael Ndirangu. He was an Administration Police (AP) Officer. He worked in Nakuru and Molo na alikufa ile time ya clashes. Huwa naskia hizi vita za kikabila roho yangu inachafuka juu ziliniacha bila baba.”

Fans can now sit down and relax as we watch baby Wairimu grow to be an amazing girl.

‘Samidoh is automatically supporting me,’ says Karen Nyamu

Politician Karen Nyamu has dismissed reports that her baby daddy Samidoh Muchoki is not supporting her senatorial bid. 

Speaking to Word Is, Karen said her baby daddy is behind her and when the right time comes, he will announce.

“He is supporting me and giving me advice, he is a friend. I don’t know why anybody would expect him not to support me, its automatic. I consult him and he has great ideas. He is a learned person who knows how to go about things,” she said. 

Her confirmation comes weeks after Samidoh’s wife Edday publicly declared her support to Karen’s opponent for the Senatorial seat. 

Karen Nyamu said it is within her democratic rights.

“It is her right but I am not in competition with whoever she is supporting. Right now, you all know that chama ni mbili. UDA and Azimio in all the positions. Hizo zingine ziko chini. I can’t be in such a competition. She should also plan on starting something so that we also support her badala ya wivu.”

“If she wants to spoil for me just because she has realized I am about to become a senator, she should know that God’s plan cannot be disarranged by haters.”

‘I prayed about the baby,’ Karen Nyamu

Politician Karen Nyamu is set to welcome her third child in February. Nyamu who is vying for a Nairobi senatorial seat has been seeing campaigning while eight months pregnant.

In an interview with Mpasho, Nyamu said she prayed for the baby.

“I prayed about the baby when I got pregnant since I knew I would be in the race, I am grateful to God.”

She has had a smooth pregnancy.

I have not had any issue with the pregnancy and the baby is safe. Even the things that seem impossible before men, through prayers, they turn out very positive.”

Karen Nyamu
Karen Nyamu

So how will she balance motherhood and politics?

Maternity leave does not have to be a three months period. with my son, I traveled even after one week and he was okay. All I need is planning which is already done. I have a very strong team behind me.”

Samidoh ignores Karen Nyamu in a US interview and praises his wife

Mugiithi singer Samidoh is making massive moves with his US performances.
His recent show was in Birmingham.
Speaking in an interview with Kikuyu Diaspora Media, Samidoh spoke about different topics around his life and music.
Jeremy Damaris asked him about his experience so far in the US and the type of people he is meeting there.
“I was so surprised after landing since I expected the airport to be in a city. In my first show, I had anxiety that fans would fail to attend but it was full to capacity.”

Anerlisa blames ex-husband for speaking about their failed marriage

Samidoh Muchoki
Samidoh Muchoki

He referred to his first show as an all tribes Kenya Mugiithi tour.
“The show had all Kenyans in regards to the tribe and they are generous to me.”
Damaris further asked the singer how he is managing to stay away from groupies as his wife is back home.
He said although there are beautiful women there, he is not gonna get trapped.
“You don’t dump yourself in every place you go. Self-discipline must be applied.”
Speaking about his family back home, Samidoh said he is in touch with his kids.
“I talk to my kids. My daughter is in a boarding school but she tells the teacher she wants to talk to me. They call me often times. My wife is my prayer warrior.”
Asked about how many kids he has, he said kids are not counted.

Singer Samidoh denies chasing clouts to promote his new song

Singer Samidoh Muchoki has denied using cheap publicity stunts to promote his new songs.

Samidoh has never addressed these claims but released his new single called ‘Muthoniwa’ on August 13 few days after he was called out by his baby Mama Karen Nyamu.

The song now has gathered over five hundred thousand views.

Speaking at an interview with Mungai Eve, the singer said he would continue to use his music to remain relevant to his fans and not publicity stunts.

“We have not gotten to this. You know what raises you to a higher level, you will still need it to maintain that level. So I will keep hitting headlines, but with music, not these other things.”


This comes after the singer’s baby mama Karen Nyamu allegedly accused him of attacking her and breaking her phone.

“Focus on your destiny love” Samidoh’s wife Edith shares a beautiful couple photo

Samidoh’s wife, Edith Nderitu, is an incredible and wise lady.

Edith speaks only when it is necessary and yesterday on her social media, she posted a photo with her singer husband asking him to only focus on his destiny.

Edith has been silent even after the singer cheated on her with Karen Nyamu and sired a son.

Edith and Samidoh have been married for over ten years and are blessed with two kids.

Fans were positive with her post, with many congratulating her for standing firm with her family.

Check out her post and photo;

Focus on your destiny❤️

‘All I have done is for your future,’ Akothee celebrates son’s birthday


During a past interview with Churchill, Samidoh showered his wife with praise for standing by him and her family.

He said his wife is a prayerful woman and for that he is grateful.

Samidoh said his wife of 10 years helped him in healing and overcoming the challenges.


‘I got his pregnancy in form four,’ Samidoh’s wife reveals details

For the last one week, Mugiithi hitmaker,Samidoh has been trending after he came out and apologised to his wife for having an affair with politician Karen Nyamu.

The affair which brought fourth a son.

Part of his long apology post, Samidoh wrote;

“I am sorry! I have put my family and myself in a bad situation. It is true I had a friendship with Ms. Karen Nyamu and its this involvement that led to the birth of an innocent child whom I have and will always support both emotionally and materially. I am a proud father to my children,” he said.

If your mans phone is always face down, is it a sign of cheating


Well, Samidoh is married to his high school sweetheart Eddith Nderitu.

Samidoh met his wife when he was still in high school after his wife had transferred to the school he was in and the chemistry between the two was ignited.

“She actually transferred and came to the school when she was in form 3 and I was in form 4 then,” he said in a previous interview in 2019.

Well, in a post on Facebook, Samidoh’s wife revealed that she got pregnant for the singer while still in school admitting that she also got married immediatelyy after high school.

Edith who was celebrating their daughter’s 10th year old birthday wrote;

‘Today is a big day for my daughter, 10yrs ago she made me a mother a proud mother at a young age, I got pregnant in my fourth form,nilitoka high school na 3 certs, baby, hubby and the paper 😋, I thank God for the blessings ….may God always watch over you baby gal, usitoke na hizo certs tafadhari.’