You told Suluhu something naughty! Leonard Mambo Mbotela tells Uhuru

During Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu’s state visit to Kenya, she noted a few things about Kenyans.

And top most on her mind was our ‘terrible’ use of Kiswahili. She was amused that we have not mastered Kiswahili and even noted that

“We were every pleased with your decision to begin to use Kiswahili language in parliament .That is what makes me listen to Kenya parliamentary proceedings. I love your swahili. Your swahili has a lot of teasers .Those alone are sufficient entertainment.”


Now even President Uhuru who impresses most of us with his mastery of Kiswahili, has been faulted for saying something hat could very well mean a naughty thing.

Legendary media personality Leonard Mamabo Mbotela called in to the Classic 105 7am morning discussion to correct something Uhuru said about signing where he said ‘nitahakikisha wametia kidole’.

Leonard told Maina that ‘there is someone I want to correct when madam Suluhu was here. He said kutia kidole. “Nadhani ni kupiga signature juu kuweka kidole hio ni mambo ingine, kutia kidole ni mambo ingine jee huu ni ungwana ”

Maina was left in fits of giggles when he realized just what Mambo Mbotela meant.

Maina also took the moment to brag about Mambo Mbotela

“I can’t get over the fact that a legend called in. You are simply the best why lie. Weuh how many people can say that they were called by Leonard, eh? He said something very important that President Suluhu noted about our Kiswahili. That kutia kidole ni kitu tofauti kabisa, aki no wonder you are a teacher aki you have taught the President something very important aki,

” Aki Jayden, even you have learnt a lesson. We need to normalize speaking proper Kiswahili ”

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Kenyans beam with pride at President Suluhu’s fashion during Kenya visit


Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu left many intensely emotional after arriving in Kenya on Monday May 4th for a two day state visit.

Madam President impressed us with multiple looks for different occasions she was invited to. She was dazzling and even Loulou Hassan who attended an Iftar for Suluhu, shared the multiple looks praising her.

Suluhu arrived in the country wearing a brown outfit on arrival at the JKIA below, which she later changed when received by President Kenyatta.

suluhu 1

She dorned a purple suit in a picture with Uhuru below. According to Fashion experts, wearing purple on a State visit, means unity. The purple outfit reflected her address to Uhur and Kenyans at large at a new friendship.

suluhu purple
Suluhu and Uhur May 4th in Kenya

In an iftar at Statehouse, Suluhu wore a stunngin multi colored suit and even James SMart was impressed.  @jamessmat wrote ”
Iftar at statehouse NAIROBI for President Suluhu. Love to see the colour and this gender living their best life.”

suluhu iftar dinner

Ultimately all her outfit choices sat well with Kenyans and even Tanzanian online agreed that she represented them well.

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