Did Mishi Dora Miscarry After Fight With Fellow Nairobi Diaries Cast Member Sameer?

Nairobi D actress Mishi Dora has been accused of being too vulgar at times but that has not stopped her from doing her thing on the reality show.

Mishi who is not new to controversy has been rumoured to be pregnant with Rayvanny’s baby. something that is yet to be confirmed since the musician (below) has kept quiet about the issue.


Although Mishi Doras’ pregnancy is estimated to be around 6 months, a conversation among her fellow cast members has left us questioning whether Mishi is really pregnant or if she has miscarried.

While out on a coffee date, Sameer is heard telling Risper that she feels bad because she might have caused Mishi to miscarriage during a fight they had early this month.

Risper, who seems to be shocked at this, reacts by saying “did you even touch her tummy? what miscarriage? That lady has been lying to people that she is pregnant but she is not.”


Nairobi D actresses Risper Faith and Sameer

She adds, “How can you be pregnant and your taking alcohol, and even smoking, how is that even possible?” How can you be six months pregnant and its not showing?

Sameer, who is shocked at this revelation, seeks reassurance by asking Risper whether it’s true.

“Are you trying to say that whatever you are saying is the truth?” Risper says that she is sure of it and that she would repeat it given a chance.

“I am not two faced, and if you call her here and ask me about everything I said, I will repeat it.”

We can only wait and see how all this unfolds.