‘My wife and I are addicted to night running’ Confesses Sam Otieno

Night runners are not a rare case in Kenya .While some people loathe it some love it with a passion and would do anything just to get an adrenaline rush from it.

A night runner identified as Sam Otieno has revealed that not even death can make him stop doing night running activities.

Speaking to a BBC reporter Sam  claimed to have inherited the practice from his deceased father adding that he has been doing the trade for the past 9 years.

I found a small tin with three stones and soil inside next to the house.

When I stepped over the tin, that’s when I started night running. My father had left it there for me before he died.

I’m at a point where I cannot stop. It’s my job.

There are people who do not want me to run but its my job.I am addicted to it.

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Otieno a self confessed night runner during an interview with BBC
Otieno a self confessed night runner during an interview with BBC

While the practice is believed to be passed down through the family, Sam’s wife, Grace got into it after he recruited her.

According to Grace, she feels unwell when she does not run.They usually experience the urge to run after taking their dinner.

When I don’t run I feel sick so I have to run. When I come back (from night running) I feel comfortable.

When my husband eats cold food he becomes invisible.

Grace,a self confessed night runner
Grace,a self confessed night runner

Another reformed night runner shares his harrowing experience on how he was left fighting for his life after villagers trapped him.

I was preparing to go night run as I usually did the villagers laid a trap and poured hot water on me.I struggled and managed to run away but not without scars.

When I reached home I burnt down my house so that it would look like I had burnt from the fire in my house.

A reformed night runner
A reformed night runner

It was easier losing my house than people finding out that I was a night runner because his family would have been chased away from the community.


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