No one owes you anything – Khaligraph to Gengetone artistes

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has advised Gengetone artistes to plan their careers rather than blaming the industry.

Speaking to Classic105 online, on Saturday, the OG encouraged them to put discipline in their work so people can embrace their music.

“I tell artistes to step back and re-strategise because we all have problems, just that there are things I don’t talk about,” he said.

“Sit down and come up with a new plan and stop blaming people for your problems. You will not make any progress. No one owes you anything in the industry.”

Khaligraph’s response comes a few days after former Sailors Gang’s Qoco Juma said Kenyans underrated their music genre.

“People have been saying Gengetone music is dead. What I can say is that the people saying that are the same people fighting against our success,” he said.

Khaligraph also said the reason he did his dedication song to his mum was that he can handle the negativity.

“If I did ‘Maombi ya Mama’ song before I became rich, Kenyans would have trolled me,” he said. 

“I am now successful and at a point where I can handle the trolls and the hate. My story is relatable to many people and the problems I experienced back in the days and now becoming successful.”

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Hilarious! Nakuru MP introduces his 3 wives using Sailors song, Pekejeng

Nakuru Town East MP David Gikaria is one of the most charismatic and dramatic of politicians. The man who has had issues with the police earlier in the year has been on the down-low since then.

However, he is still entertaining his constituents and did so recently. Yesterday, he left a Nakuru ASK Showground crowd in stitches during an ‘Inua Mama’ rally.

David Gikaria
David Gikaria at a past event

The MP spoke during the rally and decided to introduce his three wives, two who were present and one in absentia, noting that she had recently been blessed with a baby. During the introduction, the legislator bragged about his bedroom prowess. He said;

Am I doing well or not? It’s called pekejeng’ pekejeng’ pekejeng’ (a word with s3xual connotation)! This one is Veronica Wairimu, she is the first lady number one A. And this one is Dorcas Wangui, she is also the first lady number one B. First lady number one C is not here, but I will bring her here another day. Am I doing well or not? Let them bear me witness, I don’t need help. I am good at it.

The Sailors group
The Sailors group

The word also features in the chorus of Pekejeng’, a song by a music group called Sailors Gang. Last month, the song by the up and coming group was highlighted negatively by Kenya Film Classification Board chief executive Ezekiel Mutua.

Kenyans titillated with clip of Mike Sonko dancing in new music video

Ezekiel proposed a restriction of the song in public places because of suggestive innuendos contained in the lyrics.

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