Nana Owiti’s surprising response to nosy fan about step daughter


King Kaka shares a daughter with his first baby mama Sage Chemutai. The girl, Ayanna is cute for days.

In an interview with The Stars Word Is, the father of three who often dodges the question of whether he visits his child after Sage said in an interview she pays her daughter’s school fees alone, was put on the hot seat and responded to her allegations that

“I visit my daughter with Sage, and so we meet because you have to create time for your kids,” Kaka told Radio Jambo.

King Kaka also has two other children with wife Nana.

A fan recently asked Nana about the kind of relationship she has with her step daughter. Nana gave a very interesting answer that we can’t quite decide what it means.

Is it a cordial relationship or nah? During a QnA with fans, Nana answered that in the screenshot shared below:



Truth be told we have always been curious what kind of a bond they share because she never shares any pictures of information about it, thus our curiosity.

Here are key points one should know about a blended family:

Becoming a step-parent can be challenging and/or rewarding depending on how you look at it

It’s important to talk openly with your partner about your and their expectations regarding blending of families

It’s important to take one step at a time so that everyone has time to adjust

Over time, you can take on more of a parenting role if that’s what you, your partner and your stepchild want

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