Maina please pay my Fuliza bill! Cheeky Kenyan woman pleads

Today morning, Maina Kageni spoke about the recent statistic that Kenyans had borrowed 245 billion in one year from the Fuliza loan app.

“Sh. 245 billion borrowed by Kenyans from Fuliza in one year. What are the reasons we borrow? Are we that broke?” the host asked.

Maina and King’ang’i were both in shock at the crazy amount that Kenyans had borrowed with King’ang’i opining, “You are talking about Fuliza and there are many others like Tala and Branch. Last year was 29 billion. This year was 245 billion. 21 million Kenyans got Fuliza. Safaricom approves 6 transactions every 6 seconds.”

I own more than 200 pairs of underwear – Maina Kageni declares

The two hosts agreed that the product was a great one but that it wasn’t been used in the smartest of ways by some Kenyans.

One hilarious Kenyan woman even asked Maina to help her offset her Fuliza bill so she could get out of the loan app trap.

I have borrowed during Covid-19 and I have a friend who has been using Fuliza for me. He helped me join and I am using it now to keep up with my needs. I am extremely broke at the moment. I want to opt-out of it forever. Maina please Fuliza for me, so I can opt-out.

Most Kenyans agreed that they liked the product but that they were slaves to it at the moment considering the economic realities that were present in the economy.

Some of those comments are below:

It has helped many Kenyans. 

We are borrowing so much that people can even borrow life.

Our disease called ignorance is causing us all these issues.

It’s not because we love doing so, it’s because we are in trouble. If I need to fix my hair or buy things in the market. And I even have a problem with Safaricom. They have given me a very low limit.

Some people are even doing Fuliza for Auntie wa Koinange.

I can’t leave without Fuliza.

Fuliza is the best thing if you are disciplined.

Our president was in France last week doing Fuliza. We are a borrowing nation.

The whole country is broke. Our purchasing power is very low.

We even borrow to buy bundles.

I see something nice, I always Fuliza to buy it.

I believe they are lying. I think the amount is a lot more because of Covid-19 problems.

I have been broke the past few months due to Covid-19. I have not been able to help myself and those guys of Fuliza keep on disturbing me.

You are lucky if you have never fulizad. I had to Fuliza with my two lines to buy some clothes. Fuliza is a really big help. 

Fuliza is a great product and we should just pay back.

It’s not that we are broke. We just borrow to top up.

Fuliza is a great product. It help’s with my business.

These games of Safaricom you can’t beat them. They learnt from a Kikuyu landlord who makes sure you spend all his money on his properties. I have kopad so many things from Safaricom. We borrow because the facility is there.

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‘My wife gave up her career’ Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa opens up about family and work

Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa had some pretty good piece of advice when he joined Classic’s Maina Kageni for a studio interview.

Peter Ndegwa was announced as the new Safaricom CEO, taking over the reigns from Michael Joseph this year.

In the interview, he opened up for the first time ever about his life and family.

Uhuru Kenyatta reveals what his father said when he first saw Margaret

He spoke about raising a cute ten year old son with his wife as he climbed the corporate ladder.

‘Family is important. I have a young boy that I am raising with my wife who is ten years old and he has been travelling around, it’s good to being him back so that he knows what Kenya is all about so that he is not asked in future whether he is Kenyan. So family is important’

This CEO dad also gushed about his wife and the sacrifice that she had to make for the family.

Is there something that he also had to give up, that he really wanted?

I think the one thing that I’ve learnt is patience you have to do alot to be able to to deliver what you want to achieve. I think probably you could say that as we traveled around, my wife gave up her career although now she is has discovered another one.

unnamed (5)
The new Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa. Image: COURTESY/The star

As a CEO, one would wonder where he finds time to squeeze in leisure, and he explains it simply

There’s always a silver lining in everything So you always have to you know work life balances the balance you chose, so there’s a sense of comfort that you could have if you are not in my role, people think we’re very comfortable when your very senior, but there’s an intensity that means that you have to give up certain aspects like sitting around the beach because you are committed to what you do. So there’s aspects of life that you have to sacrifice for you to be successful in a career but for me what I’ve always learnt is stay true to what you believe in and be patient and keep doing the right things,’

Mr Ndegwa has some pretty serious leisure interests.

Some of his hobbies are

‘I like keeping fit, and the reason for that is that for you to lead others, you have to lead yourself, you have to keep fit. Watching sports is important, of course with Covid that’s a problem Also reading, just reading broadly and travelling when it was possible. One of the things we did as we went around the world is to make sure that we travelled around alot We sued the opportunity of living elsewhere to see the the, we even have a map that we have pinned all the places we’ve been’.

What sports does he follow?

‘Football, Arsenal is my favorite team,’

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“Most Innovative Service” awarded to Safaricom and Huawei at AfricaCom 2019

Cape Town, South Africa, Nov. 14, 2019Safaricom and Huawei have jointly received the prestigious Most Innovative Service “the Business of Tomorrow” award at AfricaCom 2019 in Cape Town.

The award recognizes the two companies for offering the new revolutionary Mobile Money Overdraft service, known as “Fuliza”. The service enables users with insufficient funds in their M-PESA accounts to borrow money to complete their M-PESA transactions. The service was officially launched in January 2019 and has been gaining popularity in Kenya where Safaricom has over 23.6 million M-PESA users. Kenyans transacted over KES 6.2 Billion (USD 62M) in

Fuliza’s first month after its launch.

Michael Joseph, CEO, Safaricom saidM-PESA continues to play a leading role in deepening financial inclusion in the country. Fuliza enriches our mobile financial services portfolio further fulfilling our promise to always provide our customers with relevant products and services that meet them at their point of need. We are glad to partner with Huawei in bringing this commitment to life.”

Michael Joseph speaking
Michael Joseph speaking in a file interview

Fuliza is empowered by the Huawei Mobile Money Finance Overdraft Platform which allows design, development and deployment of innovate finance products. This platform was created to enable credit overdraft facilities in multiple payment scenarios in a highly secure and stable way.

Over the years, Huawei has been working with Safaricom in improving its mobile financial services and developing new products, especially for loans and savings which can bring many benefits to individuals but also to SMEs to help grow their businesses.

David Chen, Director of Marketing & Solution Sales for Huawei Southern Africa Region said: “Financial services requires security and stability. These two elements are in the DNA of all Huawei’s ICT solutions. We have focused on building a world-class application programming interface (API) to enable the local ICT ecosystem to tap into M-PESA to serve the needs of our client for business success and nurture the digital economy from a macro perspective.”


AfricaCom is Africa’s biggest telecoms and technology event which takes place annually in Cape Town, South Africa. This year, during this 3-day event Huawei showcased its end-to-end 5G ability, facilitating the industry’s digital transformation through innovative tools, platforms and solutions and explored new opportunities that are emerging for the industry from these new technologies.

‘I ran Safaricom from a hospital bed’ – Michael Joseph reveals battle with cancer

Listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange and with annual revenues in excess of KES 200 Billion, Safaricom invested KES 38 billion in infrastructure this year, providing over 93% of Kenya’s population with 4G and 3G coverage and providing 2G coverage to 96% of Kenyans. Safaricom has harnessed its proprietary fibre infrastructure to build a dedicated enterprise business, which provides managed I.T. services to clients in the East African region.

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Michael Joseph reveals reason company chose Peter Ndegwa

Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph who has been with the company since its inception has given the reason the board decided to hire Peter Ndegwa as the man to take over from the late Bob Collymore.

Speaking during an interview with Citizen TV’s Yvonne Okwara, Mr. Joseph played down the selection to enforced pressures from vested parties.

Peter Ndegwa
Peter Ndegwa

‘There always was pressure that we should have a Kenyan. Why not a Kenyan. Some asked why we should have a Kenyan while others asked why not pick the best person for the job,’ he said.

‘I wouldn’t say the board gave in to demands. Personally, it’s the right thing to do. After 19 years, a Kenyan should be running Safaricom. The appointment is just a natural progression more than anything else,’ he added.

Michael Joseph broke down in tears reading poem for Bob Collymore

However, the legendary CEO admitted to pockets of pressure in the extended succession process which dates back nearly 12 months. The replacement process kicked off months before the death of Bob Collymore on July 1st.


Peter Ndegwa, a Kenyan with an illustrious multinational exposure emerged as seemingly the middle-ground choice in appeasing the interests of all concerned parties including those of Vodacom which has historically dictated leadership at the firm.
Mr. Ndegwa will have the immediate task of pushing Safaricom back in-line to respond to consumer dissatisfaction as mirrored in the most recent public uproar on opaque service delivery.

Michael Joseph speaking in a panel
Michael Joseph speaking in a panel

Michael Joseph even admitted to this saying, ‘Because we have been so successful, we have tended to not listen to our customers as we become big, fat and happy. To some extent we have moved away from our customers and lost touch,’ Mr. Joseph said.

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Details about the 130 year old gift Bob Collymore owed President Uhuru


Before he died, the late Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore had a gift for his pal President Uhuru.

The gift is now the subject of debate on social media after Uhuru hinted that Collymore could have given it to his boys club.

While the gentlemen in the boys club chuckled about it, President Uhuru notified them that they will have to return it, ASAP.

Uhuru said, “I was supposed to have gone back to collect my gift reserved for a special friend from Bob and so Peter Kenneth, Oigara and crew, you will pay. That did not belong to you.”

Uhur addreses mourners at All Saints 4th July, 2019

What is this gift you ask?

Well it turns out it is a Johnnie Walker Directors Edition brand that Uhuru is said to love (The oldest blended scotch whisky ). It’s not available to the public.


According to the Whiskys auctioneer:

Johnnie Walker The Directors Complete Collection 6 x 70cl

Never available at retail, this collection was only given to very important Diageo types. Very few bottles made it to the secondary market and collectors have fought to get hold of this essential part of Walker history.

Incredibly rare, this is the complete 6 bottle collection consisting of annual releases between 2008 and 2013, each with their own unique, presentation, design and character, yet all unmistakably Johnnie Walker.

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RIP: Similarities between Bob Collymore and Mastermind CEO Wilfred Murungi



The business community has this year mourned the death of two CEO’s, namely Safaricom’s Bob Collymore and Mastermind Tobacco’s Wilfred Murungi.

Many have eulogized the tow saying the country has lost valuable assets. We take a look at similarities between the two gentlemen.

10 things Bob Collymore taught wife Wambui when he was alive

1. The memorial service of Mastermind Tobacco founder Wilfred Murungi took place on June 13 at All Saints Cathedral, just like Bob Collymore’s. Both memorial services were open to everyone.

mastermind ceo wilfred murungi
Mastermind Chairman Murungi

2. They were CEO’s of top companies in Kenya

Wilfred was at the helm of the company for more than three decades.The late Murungi founded Mastermind after learning the ropes of the cigarette industry during a stint at BAT Kenya, which he left in 1985 having held the position of technical director.

Bob held the position of CEO of Safaricom Limited since November 1, 2010.

Bob Collymore’s wife Wambui breaks her silence after his death

In various interviews, Collymore revealed that he started earning money at the age of 12 while living with his grandmother in Guyana.

He would make art pieces from plastic moulds and also little brooches from coconut shells which he would sell.

3. Their funerals were strictly for family and very simple at that

None of them had those elaborate ceremonies associated with the who’s who in Kenya where tens of speakers bore people with speeches (or politics).

Only 8 people attended the funeral of Murungi, while Bob’s immediate family asked Kenyans to respect their privacy.

The body of Bob Collymore

Photos of the late Bob Collymores family at the cremation ceremony

4. They have both been eulogized as industrious and vibrant entrepreneurs who made a significant contribution to the growth of the Kenyan economy.

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‘He was one hundred percent human’  Juliani honors Bob Collymore


When Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore walked down the aisle, only one artiste was on the guest list. That artiste was gospel rapper Juliani.

Collymore died on Monday after a long battle with cancer. He was then cremated at Kariokor yesterday.

His life has been celebrated by the who is who in the country, and his favourite artiste has now spoken out.

 juliani and collymore at wedding

“He was a hundred per cent human and a gentle giant,” Juliani told Word Is yesterday.

The two met years ago at a Safaricom event, and since then, their friendship blossomed. Many a time, the two have been photographed attending events together.

“The day we met, I talked to him in Kiswahili and I still believe that is what attracted him to me,” Juliani said.

He went on to say that Bob was way humbler than what people would expect and cared about people. “He was also concerned about the next move for Kenya as a country with his project Ghetto classics, and he knew each member,” he said.

Photos of the late Bob Collymores family at the cremation ceremony

The last time the two talked was on Friday, when they joked about a clip of white people taught how to dance because he always said he did not know how to dance.

“A thing we always laughed about. We made fun out of it,” Juliani said.

He said they were ready about his death because they were updated.

Bob also loved his family and he was a great family man. He wedded his long-time girlfriend Wambui Kamiru in a colourful ceremony in 2016, in a low key-wedding in Naivasha that was attended by close friends and family.

RIP Bob Collymore: How he supported a mother friendly work space (A THREAD)

According to Uhuru Kenyatta’s photographer, Michael Khateli, who was also the official photographer at Bob’s wedding, it was a happy feeling all over and generally, people were happy for him. All the guests congratulated him and his bride.

“At first, I felt very intimidated, but he made you feel like his equal, he would ask about my photography, about the camera I use, how business is, why I started doing photography, as he also did photography as a hobby,” he said.

Juliani was among those who attended his cremation ceremony in Kariokor.

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RIP Bob Collymore: How he supported a mother friendly work space (A THREAD)


Many of us are envious of the employment conditions of the mothers working for Safaricom.

That’s because we frequently hear about the excellent conditions that allow new moms and older mums to enjoy working despite family obligations.

10 things Bob Collymore taught wife Wambui when he was alive

A female employee has shared a thread on Twitter on her thoughts about Bob Collymore and how he made mothers love working for the Telco.

The Twitter user by the name Nancy wrote:

Bob Collymore made motherhood bearable in Safaricom plc. He charmed mothers by introducing 4 months maternity leave, 6 months working halfday post maternity leave, 7am to 5.30pm daycare with qualified professional caregivers, fully equipped lactation rooms.


Bob Collymore allocated maternity leave after baby adoption, case by case he increased medical cover for children with special needs, baby friendly vaccines in the cover, great maternity cover for normal and CS deliveries…… e.t.c

Bob Collymore died from Acute Myeloid Leukemia. What is it?

Her comments about the late Bob Collymore have left many in tears.

Here are comments from KOT reacting to her thread:
Makes the employees feel as part and parcel of the company but not money making machines for the investors. #RIPCollymore

waithera mwangi
I once saw a safaricom employee who was pregnant with a motherhood blouse. I was soo happy yaani!

Maureen A.M
Yes. The first and only maternity benefit of its kind in Kenya. The daycare facility being top notch. Fare thee well Bob

Photos of the late Bob Collymores family at the cremation ceremony

Beutah Maroko M.
I love that , may he Rest In Peace .
Faith chepkoech korir
That was great…..
kerry Betty
Wow that was cool,I didn’t know that

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Photos of the late Bob Collymores family at the cremation ceremony

Grieving family members of the late Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore came together for the service to cremate the man many have described as an inspiration.

The ceremony is underway at the Kariokor cemetry where it is said the late Collymore is being interred.

The wife Wambui Kamiru was surrounded by friends who hugged and held her in a comforting way.

The Guyanese born British businessman continues to be eulogized on social media with celebrities, politicians and KOT describing how he impacted their lives.

Bob Collymores family

Jeff Koinange sadly reveals last words Bob Collymore ever told him

The home of the late CEO was Monday heavily guarded as members of the public were asked to keep away while the family grieves.

Bob Collymores family grieving

10 things Bob Collymore taught wife Wambui when he was alive

Collymore died on the 1st of July 2019 at his home in Nairobi after battling cancer. He has died at age 61 and has left behind a wife and four children.

collymoe burial 4
Bob Collymore family at Kariokor

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Bob Collymore’s Whatsapp message to Eric Omondi about his [email protected] swim stunt video


Early this year a video of Eric Omondi went viral. KOT were unhappy with it because Eric was swimming in his birthday suit with small boys. Many commented that it was inappropriate and sent the wrong message.

Eric apologized and has now opened up about the consequences of his actions.

He has written it on the day that Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore is being buried.


So on the 3rd day of March 2018 a video of me Swimming in River Turkwel in Turkana surfaced online and went viral. A few people found it funny, Majority were extremely offended. I apologized for the Video. A few corporates that were in line to Sponsor my inaugural Stadium tour which was in two weeks time were all over sudden not returning my calls.


At around 12:46 PM Bob Collymore sent me the text above. He then called me and asked me to see him in the morning, I did and after along conversation about so many things he stood up suddenly and Said “Eric I have a meeting, I will Sponsor the Stadium tour forward me the proposal NOW!” This came as a complete surprise since we barely discussed Sponsorship

Here is the private message Bob Collymore wrote to Eric Omondi after he apologized to Kenyans.


The letter Bob Collymore’s wife Wambui wrote defending her marriage to him



After their wedding, critics trolled Wambui, and she responded in a letter titled ‘A Letter To My Children’. She set the record straight about her relationship with Bob. In part, she wrote:

Bob-collymore-with his wife back in 2017

“My marriage to the man I love and respect had some interesting effects on the conversations on Twitter and Facebook (these may be obsolete by the time you are reading this).

10 things Bob Collymore taught wife Wambui when he was alive

“However, for a few days there, lots of Kenyans talked about ‘tribalism’, and some admitted their desire to leave and go to another country because of how unbearable it can be sometimes to live in a society where people first judge you by your ‘tribal’ origin. A lot of people refused to be part of the conversation, arguing that it should no longer matter. These people are the reason why we will still have a country to call home.”

Bob met Kamiru, the founder of The Art Space gallery in Nairobi, during a fundraiser for survivors of the Loreto Convent Msongari school bus crash that occurred in July 2011.

The two, who were both divorcees, lit social media with photos looking lovey-dovey, and they were branded couple of the decade.

Similarities between the lives of Bob Collymore and Steve Jobs

Wambui had twins from a previous marriage as well as Collymore. The CEO kept his private life under wraps, and he rarely talked about his blended family.

In March 2018, Bob’s son graduated from a UK university. Bob shared a photo of him accompanied by a warm message that read, “Guess whose son just received his 1st Class Honours degree in music from Martha Lane-Fox at a graduation ceremony at London’s Barbican. #ProudDad.”

Gloria Muliro pays tribute to the late Bob Collymore

The nation is still mourning Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore, who died yesterday. The Guyanese-born British-Kenyan businessman was not only a CEO but a man who touched the hearts of many.

He brought a great change to the music industry by giving local artistes a chance to showcase their talent through Twaweza, Safaricom Jazz and Safaricom Live.

Jeff Koinange sadly reveals last words Bob Collymore ever told him

Many artistes have eulogised him, describing as a great man who mingled with anyone, despite his status.

King of Genge Jua Cali told the Star on phone, “Collymore has been very supportive of Kenyan music since he joined Safaricom. His journey, he has been with us all through. During Safaricom Live, he would travel to wherever the event was just to support us. His support was not just in the boardroom. He has been for the industry.”

He added, “I would like to send my condolences to his wife, kids, and the Safaricom fraternity. As a player in the industry, I’m hurt.”

He also empowered the youth through different programmes, such as Blaze, Ghetto Classics and M-Pesa Foundation Academy, which sponsored needy students.

Another project was Chapa Dimba Na Safaricom Football Tournament, which aims to recruit young talent aged 16-20 years to play in a national tournament and showcase their talent.

‘Its tough out there,’ Janet Mbugua’s husband addresses break up rumors

Bob was also a lover of art and he attended several art galleries, where people showcase paintings. He used to visit his wife’s art gallery, Art Space Gallery, along Riverside Drive, to support her.

Gospel artiste Gloria Muliro, who has worked with Safaricom for quite a while, told the Star, “I was so shocked when I learnt about his death. I will remember him as a man who was so down to earth.”

Adding, “The first time I ever came closer to him was two years and he was a humble person, easy going and he mingled with everyone he met. I pray that the Lord rest his soul in eternal peace.”

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Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore is dead

Bob Collymore the esteemed CEO of Safaricom is dead. The CEO died of Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

A statement released by Safaricom stated that at the time of his death he had been undergoing treatment at various hospitals, the most recent at The Aga Khan Hospital.

Bob Collymore dead
Bob Collymore dead

The statement went on to explain that his condition had deteriorated the past couple of weeks before his untimely death. The statement is below;

Bob Collymore dead
Bob Collymore dead

His death mirrors that of another great tech titan, Steve Jobs the founder of Apple. Two CEO’s taken way too soon by complications caused by Cancer.

Jobs died at his Palo Alto, California, home around 3 p.m. on October 5, 2011, due to complications from a relapse of his previously treated islet-cell pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor, which resulted in respiratory arrest.

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