Special reason why Sabina Chege sang at John De Mathew’s burial

Music legend John De Mathew was laid to rest yesterday in a much-publicised burial ceremony.

Speaking during John De Mathew’s burial Gatanga member of parliament Ngugi Nduati said that they had requested Sabina Chege to perform during the burial.

‘We asked her to sing because she had featured in his song.’

He went to praise De Mathew for being the pro artiste he was,

John was loved by many, he was talented and he could get into the dance floor at 7pm and still be there at 12 am.

If we said that John would be attending fans would wait for him to perform no matter what time he came into the dance floor.

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sabina chege
Sabina Chege

During the event, Sabina clarified that contrary to what people assume she has never been De Mathew’s lover.

‘Njata Yakwa’  was the first kikuyu song to be put on a CD and I was a producer. We did that because artistes were not making enough cash hence we wanted to create something different.

I have never been his lover like people assume that. I now agree that newspapers are supposed to wrap meat and nothing else.

We would never have wanted to embarrass John when he was alive so to those writing those things on newspapers and social media remember that John had a family .

I am also a mother and I have my family so I am demanding my respect.

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‘I am not and I have never been De Mathew’s lover,’ Say Sabina Chege

Muranga women representative Sabina Chege has clarified that she has never been John De Mathews lover adding that Kenyans should respect her family.

Speaking during the burial Sabina says,,

‘I started hustling as a young woman,I was vixen with De Mathew, I was an actor with Tausi.

‘Njata Yakwa’ was the first kikuyu song to be put on a CD and I was a producer. We did that because artistes were not making enough cash hence we wanted to create something different.

Sabina Chege
Sabina Chege

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She added,

Those who have said that I have kids with De Mathew you would have seen me alongside his kids. I only came here to mourn him like every one else because we love him.

I have never been his lover like people assume.I now agree that newspapers are supposed to wrap meat and nothing else.

We would never have wanted to embarrass John when he was alive so to those writing those things on newspapers and social media remember that John had a family .

I am a also a mother and I have my family so I am demanding my respect.

May the late De Mathew rest in perfect peace.


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From Uhuru Kenyatta to Itumbi here are guests attending Anne Waiguru’s wedding today

Prominent guests continue streaming it at Anne Waiguru’s wedding to city lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo being held in Kirinyaga.

Among those in attendance include President Uhuru Kenyatta, Muranga Women Rep Sabina Chege and Kirinyaga deputy governor Peter Ndabiri.

Posh and class at Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru’s traditional wedding -Photos

Cabinet Secretary for sports Amina Mohammed, Dennis Itumbi, Former MCA  for Ngewa Wark Karungo wa Thangwa.

Also in attendance is Raila Odinga, Terry Mungai, Miss World Kenya CEO.

Below are the photos of the guests

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 3.45.04 PM
Former Ngewa MCA Karungo wa Thangwa (In red) ,Dennis Itumbi and friends arriving at Anne Waiguru’s wedding
Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 3.43.29 PM
Muranga Woman Rep Sabina Chege at Anne Waiguru’s wedding
Terry Mungai ,Miss World Kenya CEO arrives at Waiguru's wedding
Terry Mungai, Miss World Kenya CEO arrives at Anne Waiguru’s wedding


Uhuru Kenyatta,Sabina Chege
Uhuru Kenyatta,Sabina Chege
Sabina Chege greats Raila Odinga
Sabina Chege greats Raila Odinga
Uhuru Kenyatta,Raila Odinga greating each other
Uhuru Kenyatta,Raila Odinga greating each other
Uhuru dancing at Anne Waiguru's wedding
Uhuru dancing at Anne Waiguru’s wedding


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Kenyan female politicians giving men a hard time in parliament – Photos

The 2017 General elections garnered attention, with notable firsts for Kenyan women in politics.

We elected several women as Governors, Senators and women reps.

Yet there is no doubt that more should be done to encourage women to venture into politics.

Sophia Loren once said.

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful. 

Below is a list of Kenyan female politicians giving their counter parts a hard time concentrating in parliament.

1. Sabina Chege

She is Murang’a Women Representative.

Sabina Chege
Sabina Chege

2. Ann Waiguru

She is Kirinyaga governor and the 52 year old is a force to reckon with as she is both beauty and brains.

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru
Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru

Here is Kamotho Waiganjo, the lawyer who has won Anne Waiguru’s heart

3. Millicent Wambui

Ziwani/Kariokor Member of County Assembly (MCA).

millicent wambui

4. Catherine Waruguru

She is Laikipia’s women representative.

Beauty does not do the work but well no one hates to be beautiful so she is enjoying that free gift God has granted her.

Catherine Waruguru
Catherine Waruguru

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 5. Ann Mvurya

Ann is the newly elected Chairperson of the University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA).

She may not be in Parliament but she is still a politician given that she was dully elected.

Anne Mvurya
Anne Mvurya

6. Esther Passaris

She is  Nairobi’s women representative.

Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris
Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris

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Parliament to draft a law that regulates drugs and medical care prices in Kenya – Sabina Chege

The Parliamentary committee on Health will formulate a law that will control prices of drugs and medical care in both private and public hospitals.

The committee’s chairperson Sabina Chege has said the exorbitant costs of accessing medical care in the country has locked out many patients who cannot afford it.

Chege said it is unfortunate that some hospitals charge more than Sh. 100,000 for vital health services such as cesarean sections.

“High drugs prices is also a major issue that has been seriously affecting Kenyans who suffer in silence but this will now be controlled by the law,” she said.

The law, she said, will also compel the government to directly provide drugs to the counties through Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa).

Chege noted that this will regulate the drugs being used in hospitals and protect patients from counterfeits.

The MP said some of the diseases that have been on an increase in the country such as cancer have been caused by recklessness in the health sector.

The law will also ensure that funds set aside for health are channeled directly to health facilities to avoid diversion to other functions by county governments.

“What is currently happening is county governments have been using health funds to do other activities without giving special attention to health functions,” she said.

She further pointed out that the law will seal many loopholes that exist in health policies and streamline the sector at the national level while compelling county governments to ensure what is set aside for health is invested in the sector.

Through the law, community health workers will be empowered to treat people in their homes to reduce congestion in hospitals.

Speaking at Rurii stadium in Mathioya during Jamhuri celebrations, Chege however noted that cartels that have controlled the sector for a long time are trying to frustrate the formulation of the law.

She said Murang’a County will benefit in the second phase of the Universal health care coverage that is being piloted in Nyeri, Kisumu, Isiolo and Machakos and is being launched in Kisumu by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Chege also noted that the national government has procured a CT scan machine that is being installed at Murang’a level 5 hospitals and will be launched by the President as a New Year gift to locals, saving them the agony of travelling to Nairobi for the services.

“I have been going round hospitals trying to see how I can work closely with the county government because sometimes I get people who donate equipment that can improve services in health facilities,” she said.

She said she is also partnering with the county leadership to spearhead an NHIF registration drive that will ensure every household is registered.

“NHIF resolves a lot of issues patients face when trying to access medical care especially when its an emergency. We get so many people who get admitted in hospitals an accrue bills amounting to millions that they cannot pay,” she said.


‘I have a soft spot for older women, they are easy to love’ admits Wazir Chacha

Wazir Chacha has confessed to having a soft spot for older women claiming that his relationships with young girls never end well.

Just recently he was bashed by K24 presenter  Ciru Muriuki for trying to DM her, a mission that failed miserably leaving the man licking his wounds and broken ego.

Wazir, who came into the limelight after he was arrested and charged for illegally soliciting money from members of parliament, is back in circulation.

‘This is my Kid and he’ll forever be ‘ Diamond flaunts son with Hamisa

Those affected include Sabina Chege, Justin Muturi, Cabinet Secretaries Peter Munya, Eugene Wamalwa, Margaret Kobia and Sicily Kariuki.

Chacha also got the internet abuzz after sharing intimate photos of him with former Bomet Woman Rep Dr Cecilia Ng’etich, claiming she had used and dumped him.

Police tracked Chacha and arrested him in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, on April 1. He was arraigned in court and charged with six counts before being freed on a Sh3 million bond or Sh1 million bail pending hearing on August 6, 2018.

Wazir Chacha
Wazir Chacha

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Before the dust had settled, lawmakers sought his arrest, claiming that he duped them into sending him money after impersonating Sabina.

Chacha opened up to The Nairobian and here is what he had to say

“It’s true that I’ve a soft spot for older women because my past relationship with young girls never ended well. Elderly women are easy to treat because they know what they want and love back,” gushes Chacha, adding that, “my female age mates demand a lot, they are materialistic and want unnecessary attention.”

Some people thought that he was using juju to attract female politicians. But Chacha insists that

“I’ve never used kamuti (love potions) to win any woman as claimed, neither have I ever asked for financial support from the women I dated.”

Wazir Chacha
Wazir Chacha

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Chacha says that when it comes to flooring older women, one “secret is being supportive and offering solutions and connections, which is easy for me because I know people”.

Since his release, women have not given him much peace, and he said as much

“I’ve received a lot of requests, tens of women are asking me to date them and leave elderly women, others are asking for financial support… I’ve not fallen for those seeking intimate relationships though.”

Chacha says he was treated well in the 10 days he spent cooling his heels at Industrial Area Remand Prison.

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Mistaken identity! Wazir Chacha’s lookalike dumped by fiancee after photos surfaced with Sabina Chege

Sammy, as Murang’a Woman Representative, Sabina Chege refers to him, was dumped by the woman he was engaged to after the Wazir Chacha saga.

Samuel Wanjii, was mistaken for the conman who drove women in power crazy.This came about when the blogger, Cyprian Nyakundi leaked the photo of him with Murang’a woman representative.

The 22 year old, talks about what being mistaken for Chacha came with. Him being a church leader, he has been facing a lot of discrimination and the family almost disowned him and called him an embarrassment.

“My family and relatives condemned me, telling me that I had embarrassed the family who is God fearing and that I needed to confess that I’m obsessed with sleeping with older women in exchange of money… My friends and former classmates mocked me and asked me to part with the money from MPs,” said Wanjii.

wanjii 1

He also said that his fiancee had stopped talking to him, no texts, no calls.

“This issue has claimed my fiancé who even after the arrest of Mr. Chacha has not responded to my text messages and calls,” he added.

In his defence, Murang’a woman representative, said in an interview, with Hot 96 that;

“The picture in circulation is of a young man called Sammy who has a small shop in Murang’a. Not Chacha. That picture was taken after I was announced the winner of the women representative seat Murang’a,”

The 22-year-old reveals he is planning to sue the controversial blogger, Cyprian Nyakundi for defamation.

Weuh! Sabina Chege trolled over ‘Ben 10’ days after denying affair


All she waned to do was plant trees, but KOT

won’t let her be.

Muranga Woman rep Sabina Chege was on a tree planting mission and updated fans and followers of her good work.


All fans wanted to know is where  Chacha (the fella who conned MPs and had affairs with them) is. How did she respond?

Ask your mother!

The MP, via twitter, had posted a picture of her and other officials planting trees in the county on April 4.

“Murang’a goes green. Mashinani Maneno’s,” Sabina said.

sabina chege planting trees

A twitter user, identified as Simon Maina, commented on the photo in Kikuyu asking if Chacha was among those in the picture.

Kau nî Chacha kehau kana nî maitho ndîraira? (Is that Chacha I see in that photo or are my eyes deceiving me?),” Simon asked.

The MP replied in Kikuyu saying “Uria nyukwa” (Ask your mother), causing an uproar on social media with users accusing the MP of being arrogant and derogatory.

“Mhesh.. I can’t believe you can be that derogatory…esp with a fellow woman. Could you NOT refrain yourself? Sad,” @mugo_m said.

@ItsKariukiA said: “LMAO…She just went rogue..”

“It goes without saying that the truth hurts and that’s why she is very bitter about the statement as she is a whore [sic],” @WaweruErastus said.

@kariuki_ke said: “We support you Hon. Chege, and such replies to people who don’t even warrant your attention may lead to you being dragged through the mud.”

Last week, the Murang’a MP denied knowing the conman and accused the media of “picking the wrong story and publicising it to soil my name”.

She said media outlets that ran the story should have sought more clarification from the Department of Criminal Investigations.

“If my name was mentioned, they should have sought to prove [the claims] and contacted the DCI for clarification,” the MP said.

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6 media personalities who ditched the screens to join politics and state jobs

Swahili news anchor Kanze Dena is the latest Kenyan media personality to leave her media job and take up a state appointment.

In the last General election, we witnessed former journalists being elected as MP’s, Cabinet Secretaries,MCa’s among other positions.

Here is a list of media personalities who are giving politics a try.

1.Farida Karoney

The laid back Farida came into the lime light after her appointment as the Cabinet Secretary for Lands by President Uhuru Kenyatta. She is the former Chief Operating Officer at Royal Media.

Her appointment came as a surprise to many.

Land CS Farida Karoney

2. Kanze Dena

The soft spoken presenter has been appointed as Deputy State House Spokesperson and Deputy Head, PSCU. Her role includes taking leadership of the core communications teams, including digital, messaging, research, branding and press. With expansive newsroom leadership experience, Ms. Dena has been tasked to focus on the President’s brand positioning, media relations and messaging with respect to the delivery the Big Four agenda.


Newly Elected Kiambu Women Rep Gathoni wa Muchomba at the verge of losing her job

3. Gathoni Wa Muchoba

Kiambu Women rep is a woman of many hats, before ditching the media for politics she worked for stations such as Kameme Fm and later Inooro Fm.

Gathoni who is a first time politician has not had it easy after finding herself on the wrong side with the public due to ‘untamed ‘ comments that did not settle well with her people.


4. Mohammed Ali

Respected investigative journalist Mohammed Ali won the hearts of Kenyans not only on the screens but also on the ballot after emerging winner in the highly contested 2017 elections.

Ali won in the election making him the Member of Parliament for Nyali, something which did not come easy as there was a court tussle.

Is Kiambu Woman Rep Gathoni Muchomba right to advocate for polygamy?

 5. Sabina Chege

She is both beauty and brains having worked as a presenter for local channels such as Kameme Fm and Coro Fm apart from being an actress and a video vixen.

She is a second time women rep and her political star is only starting to shine and we hope she makes the sky her limit.

Muranga Women Rep Sabina Chege

6.Walter Mongare

Known to many as Nyambane, the funny man came into the limelight during his days as a comedian with the group Redykulas, and later joined the Nairobi county as director of communication.

A position he served with zeal before being replaced ,he was also a presenter with a local show ‘The Big Breakfast ‘ which he hosted alongside Caroline Mutoko.


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RIP: Muranga Women Rep Sabina Chege’s mom dies in road accident

Murang’a woman representative Sabina Chege’s mother has died in a road accident on Thursday night.

Susan Wairimu, 68, died following a head-on-collision between two private cars on Kangari-Kandara road.

She succumbed to her injuries shortly after being rushed to Githumu Mission Hospital.

The MP’s father Chege Mutema has been admitted at Aga Khan hospital.

The driver of the second vehicle and three passengers sustained serious injuries and are in stable condition at Githumu hospital.

County police commander Naomi Ichami said the vehicles were at a corner and one of the drivers was on the wrong side of the road.

“The MP’s parents were driving a Nissan station wagon, while the other vehicle was a Noah,” she said.

Wairimu’s body will be moved to Lee Funeral Home.

Courtesy Alice Waithera/the star

Mafisi Wa Bunge! See How These Popular Politicians Were Caught Salivating At Woman Rep Sabina Chege’s Buttocks

Just a few days after being sworn in, first-time Kenyan MPs are already grabbing headlines for both good and controversial reasons. Should we brace ourselves for more?

A photo of one of the beautiful female politicians, Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege walking away as male MPs drool at her has gone viral.

In the photo, Sabina is walking away as Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen follows behind. Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot, who is also in the picture can be seen staring at Sabina’s backside and that has left social media users tongues wagging.

Here is the photo


Sabina Chege

Check out the reactions

“Fisi ni fisi hata parliament lol,” a Facebook user wrote.

“Aaron amechanganyikiwa kabisa!” another one posted

“When leaders belong to team Mafisi Sacco see how they are staring at Sabina Chege,’ someone else wrote.