Terence and Milly Chebby on why they haven’t had a white wedding

YouTube couple Milly Chebby and her husband Terence Creative have opened up on why they haven’t had a white wedding despite being together for 10 years.

According to the couple they decided to focus on important things first such as settling their parents in good houses among other things.

Speaking on Milly Chebby’s YouTube channel Terence shared

“According to the African culture, once you do a traditional marriage, you are officially a couple.
We were planning on doing a wedding last year but one after our daughter but Corona hit.”

Milly says she wants a wedding but is OK with developing themselves first.

“We chose to focus on important things first. We decided to first get a shamba and then built our parents’ homes.
We started with my mum then Terence’s cucu and then now our home Imagine leaving my honeymoon…
I am not in a rush but I miss getting married.”

Terence added,
“If you are watching me and you have wedding grounds or you sell nice rings send me an inbox with the quotes.” The couple is celebrating 10 years since they got together.

Milly says she is happy because of the growth they have had in the marriage.
“I can’t compare my first five years with the latest five years, I thank God for my daughter.”

Speaking in a past YouTube session Milly had said when she got married to Terence jhe was very irresponsible.

Adding that he has had to learn responsibility along the way.

“What I have learned in my 10 years in marriage is that It is a myth to say you can change a man. Given a chance, I would change the first five years and start on the 6th one. When I met Terence he was a work in progress. God can use you to change someone. I am proud of the man he has become in the last 10 years we have been married,” she recalls

Milly says the environment one grows up in affects how they live life and how they interact with people.

“He never cared to bring anything in the house. I had to tell him that men do not come home empty-handed.
He grew up in a broken home hence he did not have any example to follow from.”

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