Women: 21 Rules From Men That You Need To Observe

The rule books between men and women will always differ.  There will always be differences of opinion and perception on different things, some small some big. The way men see things is not the same way women do.

For example, women love dressing up when going out, men on the other hand do not bother much so long as they are covered.

Women take time choosing a dress, getting the hair and make up right which always takes time and bothers their men. So the men came up with a list of rules to keep the peace.

Here are the 21 rules of men according to 9gag



Strict Rules For Office Romance

Love is one of the few things in the world that has no order, knows no boundaries and can happen even right in the middle of a Tsunami. People’s love stories originate from schools, neighborhoods, concerts, workplace among other places.

While it’s not something planned, sometimes people who work together end up falling in love with each other, but unlike other love stories these ones tend to have some unique complications. Unfortunately once it happens there is no going back, but for the sake of your employment and your love, here are things you would want to know

1. Personal issues should stay away from the office If you have issues to deal with as is common in relationships, deal with them before you get to the office. Do not bring your drama to the office because it will affect your work. Besides it will end up causing you embarrassment as you may end up shouting out of rage or crying because of the disagreements.

2. Maintain office ethics – It doesn’t matter who you are dating; be it the boss or the janitor. You have to maintain the code and conduct of that office. Rules have to be followed and no favours shall be given especially ones done without merit. Beware of the code of conduct in regards to matter of relationships with co-workers.

3. Avoid flirting – Being flirty and touchy around the office is simply unacceptable. Keep your hands to yourselves. Remember that is something that you are at liberty to do in your house, just not in the office.

4. Keep your communication professional – Flirty texts and emails during working hours could land in the wrong hands and could also land you in trouble. Remember the IT department can also access the mails so simply keep it professional.

5. Keep it on the down lowUnless you want the whole world to know about your relationship, don’t send out an email informing people, also do not be all lovey dovey or melodramatic when they talk to colleagues of the opposite sex. It is also advisable to discuss with your partner whether you want your workmates to know, otherwise keep it on the down low.

6. Do not take sides – If anything you should avoid getting involved in each other’s affairs in regards to work. Maintain the work ethic that you agreed upon when you signed your contract. Simply stay away from issues that involve your partner.

Rules To Know Girls Night Out

When you go out with your girlfriends there are unwritten rules that you need to follow.

Thou shalt always hold up your girl’s hair if she’s puking – Actually, scratch that. She doesn’t even have to be your friend. If a girl doesn’t have someone keeping her curls out of her face as she upchucks her awful decisions, you have to be there to help. It’s a rule of basic human decency..

2. Thou shalt always be a wing woman – If your girl found a hottie, it’s your job to deal with his friends while she isolates him. It doesn’t matter if his friends aren’t exactly tens, if they can’t talk about anything except their finance jobs or are the most insufferable idiots in the hemisphere.

3. Thou shalt always tell your girl if her beer goggles are on too tight – It’s your responsibility as a woman to keep your friend away from the twos and threes, guiding her toward the higher end of the spectrum. Whisk her off to the bathroom and proceed to splash her face with water until she realizes what a psycho she is.

4. Thou shalt not talk about boys all night – Yes, I know your douche of an ex-boyfriend is a walking piece of crap. I listened to you cry about him for weeks and comforted you via group text. Tonight is about having fun, getting drunk and dancing like idiots.

5. . Thou shalt take off your heels if your friends do the same – If your girl is over the whole heels thing, you better kick off your Giuseppes and join her. She’s given up on looking chic, so you will follow suit. Be short together.

6. Thou shalt always share your going-out clothes – It’s the sisterhood of the traveling LBD.

If your girl has no idea what the f*ck to wear, you loan her a dress. If she’s not loving her skirt, you give her yours. Sharing is caring, ladies. Nothing is off-limits, not even the All Saints leather mini you haven’t taken the tags off yet. Friendship is about sacrifice. Besides, what’s yours is hers.


7. Thou shalt always tell her if her makeup looks bad –If it’s before midnight and you’re still moderately sober, it’s your job as a soul sister to tell her if her lipstick is all over her teeth or if her eyeliner creased up to her eyebrows. Also, it’s your duty as a citizen of this earth to tell her if too much body glitter is really too much body glitter.


10 Bathroom Rules All Women Should Know

Girls have the ability to strike friendships anywhere, but the most common place is the bathroom. Be it at the coffee shop, church, office or the club, the bathroom has a way of “uniting” women as it helps us bond. Our conversations about make up, clothes, shoes, purses and men enable us to relate with each other and with that being said the bathroom offers a much needed peace for women. It’s our confessions booth.

Suddenly, the girl who just got into a fight with her boyfriend becomes a sister and the bathroom attendant is the therapist you could never afford.

However, these bathroom encounters are governed by some unspoken rules. Here are the 10 unspoken commandments you have to follow.

1. Thou shalt hold up the puking drunk girl’s hair – It doesn’t matter if it’s a stranger or a friend. There’s always one girl at the bar who got a little too happy during happy hour and releases the contents of her bad decisions into the toilet. It’s your job to ask her if she’s okay. She’s your fellow woman you’re obligated to hold up her hair and try to make her feel better. Bonus points if you make a reasonable attempt to get her a cup of water.

2. Thou shalt share tampon/pads with a lady in need – Even if the tampon in your purse is your last super size or saved for a rainy day, you must always give it to any girl who asks. Pay it forward, because you never know when you’ll need one on a rainy day.

3. Thou shalt leave quickly if someone is trying to poop – Ladies are shy when it comes to pooping. We all know that look for “give me space to shed weight” and you must oblige. If the lady in the next stall hasn’t made any moves, assume she has performance anxiety. Try to skedaddle out of there as quickly as possible and give her space.

4. Thou shalt agree to take drunk bathroom selfies – After six gin and tonics, everyone looks like a million bucks. Whether she’s your friend or you’ve never seen her before, a drunk girl in selfie mode must be placated. Be a good sport and stumble in for your five seconds of Snapchat fame.

5. Thou shalt join another girl if she’s going to the bathroom – Bathrooms are really just secret meeting places, no boys allowed. They’re where you make a plan of action for the rest of the night, strategize getaways from bad dates and fix each other’s makeup. If she goes, you go, too.

6. Thou shalt lend a hand with pesky zippers and rompers – Live every straight guy’s dream and help your fellow woman shimmy out of her bodycon and into a stall. Don’t walk too far away, because she’ll need help putting it back on post-pee.

7. Thou shalt listen to her sob – At this very moment, you are her life coach. It’s your job to listen to a story about how her boyfriend is a jerk, or offer advice about her absentee father. If she’s bawling all over the sink, help her wade through the emotional state and help her do her makeup again.

8. Thou shalt share makeup without protest – If she desperately needs some help in the mascara department, you better be there. Lipstick? What’s yours is hers. Who cares if you know each other or not? Pass the eyeliner, girl! Germs don’t exist in girl world.

9. Thou shalt always tell her she looks hot, no matter what – It doesn’t matter if her dress is riding up, you have to sing her praises for existing. The bathroom is a sacred place. Leave all those negative vibes at the door.

10. Thou shalt drunkenly become best friends with everyone in the bathroom line – infact y’all can teach each other dance moves as you wait for the next empty loo. There’s no greater bond than the one forged between two girls needing to pee on a wild night out.


Here’s The Single Girls Dating Manifesto

Everyone gets a little lost sometimes; trying to figure out the rules of a game that you may or may not even want to be playing in the first place. Being single can get boring and hard, but so does being in a relationship.

When you are single you need a manifesto; a public declaration of intent, aims, and views of the user, that you abide by.

The Rules

  1. Say yes if you mean yes. Say no if you mean no. Say what you mean. Do what you say.
  2. Go with your gut instinct. It’s always right. Don’t give the guy the benefit of doubt; give it to your gut.
  3. Do not continue dating a person when you have no chemistry or physical attraction. If you do continue seeing a person under these circumstances, you must articulate clearly that you are only interested in a friendship, and nothing more.
  4. Don’t feel bad for saying no, ever. At any time, No is always OK.
  5. Don’t settle for mediocre sex or mediocre kissing or mediocre passion of any kind. Passion only comes in one size, and that size is “intense.”
  6. “I am a woman, I have the upper hand. I am a woman, I have the upper hand. I am a woman, I have the upper hand.” Repeat this and don’t forget it.
  7. Biology says: Men want to have sex, but women do the choosing. This is the power dynamic that gives you the upper hand. Don’t forget this.
  8. He can pay for dinner if he wants, but this doesn’t mean you owe him anything in return.
  9. You can pay for dinner if you want, but this doesn’t mean he owes you anything in return.
  10. Beware of guys who use too many exclamation points in texts.
  11. Have all the sex in the world that you want — however you want, wherever you want, with whomever you want.
  12. Spend the occasional night drinking wine and eating chocolate alone in your house, and enjoy it. Don’t do it too often, though. Drag yourself out every once in a while. It’s good for the brain.
  13. Remember this: Nobody else really knows what they’re doing, either.
  14. Don’t compare yourself to your high school friends. Don’t compare yourself to your college friends. Don’t compare yourself to coworkers. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. You’re doing just fine.
  15. Ask that guy out. Do it. Don’t wait around for him to do it. The worst that can happen is he says no and then completely forgets about it. Just put it out there. Otherwise, you may never know.
  16. Don’t social-media-stalk. It will only drive you insane.
  17. You don’t need to justify your actions to anyone; NO ONE AT ALL.
  18. “Slut” is not a real word. Own your desires shamelessly.
  19. Most guys are terrible communicators; the absolute worst. Whatever you think they’re thinking, they’re not. Whatever they are thinking is much, much simpler than what you think they’re thinking. When in doubt, ask, but don’t complain about the answer. Embrace honesty.
  20. Brutal honesty: Dole it out and take it. No bullshit. Who wants bullshit? Nobody.
  21. It’s OK to break the rules. It’s OK to make up the rules as you go along. It happens.


Archaic Dating Rules That You Should Ignore

There are rules that stem from when our parents used to date that don’t make sense in this day and age.

Some of those rules are too old school and don’t do you or your relationship any favours. You need to let them go.

Here is a list of some archaic relationship standards that should be kicked out:

Men should fix everything around the house:If you get a house together or at least live together, you should know how everything works and not just depend on your man for everything. Simple things like changing the bulb. There aren’t male or female jobs — they’re people jobs.

Men should discipline while women nurture their children:Some couples decide early on that Dad will dole out all of the consequences for misdeeds and mom will be there to wipe away the tears when the child comes running to complain. That’s a recipe for resentment between partners and confusion for children, the child will notice and will not have respect for the mother. Discipline should come from both parents.

Men should pay for all dates:A man should pay for the first date, especially if he was the one who invited a woman out. But if you’re now officially an item and you never offer to pay for coffee or a meal once in a while, you are basically making it clear that you aren’t willing to pull your weight. If you have a job you can certainly cough up some money to purchase movie tickets, buy him dinner, lunch, or even buy him his favourite drink.

All conversations should be face-to-face or over the phone: A 1 hour call for something that could have been done via text is not exactly exciting. If you just want to say “goodnight” or “I’m thinking of you,” there’s sometimes nothing sweeter (and sexier, depending on the message) than a short and simple text.

Thou shall not have sex until date number (fill in the blank):Simple do it when you want to.  If you get to know folks who are in stable and healthy relationships, you’ll learn that many had sex on the first date. Some waited months after they met. Others had sex, dated for a month, broke up, and then met again a year later and got married. There’s no sex recipe for a lasting relationship.

Men should have more past sex partners than women:Do you really want to have the dreaded talk about past lovers, even though you know deep down that the past is a ghost, right?  Assuming you want to, don’t shrink if you learn you’ve had more sex partners than your boyfriend or husband. You had different lives before you met and your choices were yours to make. You don’t owe anyone in your current life an apology for the love life you once had — it belongs to you and you alone.

Don’t call right away after a first date:When you try and play hard to get and either not call after the first date or refuse to pick calls because it’s too soon then the man gives up because he thinks you’re not interested.Who wins in that situation?

You should always vacation together: Everyone needs their own space and time alone. Go on a vacation with your girlfriends or let him go with the boys. The time away will make you miss each other and you will have stories to share.

If you fight, you aren’t soul mates and aren’t meant to be together: It isn’t the fact that you fight, it’s how you fight that matters. Unless someone is being downright abusive to you, it’s a good thing to express yourself and set boundaries in your relationship. Assuming your arguments are over actual issues and not an excuse to unleash your inner anger over some injustice that happened to you 25 years ago, each uncomfortable experience should teach you both about one another. And this can only bring you closer together.

Couples should always keep things spicy:Women’s magazines and lingerie companies make a fortune selling the idea to women that they must constantly change something about themselves or their lives in order to keep their partners interested. We’ve all been taught that routine is a fate worse than death. But, in reality, it’s necessary. It’s comforting. And you are enough, with or without the “spider” sex position and cage back panties. With that said, yes, by all means, try the “spider” if you do get bored on a random Tuesday night. And then jump back into your flannels and watch Shark Tank together.


Bachelor Party Rules Every Man Should Know

When organising a stag party for one of your boys who wants to walk down the aisle, there are rules that should be observed.

Of all the rules that are usually set, the most important is it’s his day so whatever he says or wants goes.

1: If you’re the best man, you’re the party planner – First order of business: Find out what the groom wants to do. Does he want to have strippers, or would he rather sit around with his boys drink and smoke cigars? Not all bachelor parties involve tons of booze and strippers. If he doesn’t want strippers (perhaps because of an agreement with his fiancée, don’t “surprise” him. Once the groom decides the night’s festivities, it’s your job to make them happen.

2: The groom pays for nothingAll costs should be split equally among those attending the party. So if you’re going away for the weekend, start saving your pennies. Best man: It’s your responsibility to collect the money, so start early.

3. The guest list is the groom’s call – Some grooms want to invite family, friends, and colleagues, while others want only friends. Bottom line: It’s his call. If you have a problem with someone on the guest list, remember why you both are there and avoid conflict.

4.  No hazing – Do not embarrass the groom and certainly do not put him in danger, unless you want to explain to the bride why her soon-to-be-husband is wearing a cast.

 5. Don’t act as if you’re at a frat party – A few shots in honor of the groom is fine. Chasing shots by shot drowning bottles? Probably not. As I said earlier, you want the groom to actually remember his last night of freedom. Drink and be merry, but if the groom ends up with a black eye or dent you’ve gone too far.

6. Figure out transportation before the night – Best man: Put this on your growing to-do list. Plan how guests will get to and from the destination — especially when alcohol is involved. Having a member of your crew commit to being the designated driver is great, but if no one’s volunteering, you need to arrange for car service. Remember: the groom pays for nothing.

7. The party isn’t over until the groom says it’s over – If the groom wants to stay a little longer, you stay. If he wants to leave, you leave. If he thinks you’re drinking too much, you switch to water. Without the groom there would be no bachelor party, so he is in charge of everything.


New Dating Rules That You Must Know

There are new dating rules that everyone needs to know, and with this ever changing times new rules apply in different situations.

on-date date
Youngsters don’t label a dinner as a date these days. They like to keep it open. A ‘non-date’ date includes alcohol, eye contact, flirty vibes and a lot of confusion. A recent poll reveals that 73 per cent of women surveyed had been on outings where they couldn’t tell if they were on dates or just a casual excursion. But maybe it’s not all that bad. You may not get together but you may end up expanding your social circle. Says relationship coach Malti Bhojwani, “People have a far more relaxed approach to dating these days. It isn’t as if they have been waiting for a date night to happen their entire lives; the approach is quite casual and friendly.”

Are you ‘on a thing’?
Generation Y doesn’t label a relationship as `serious’. Neither do they confess to “seeing someone”.They’d rather say someone’s `on a thing’, when a person is dating exclusively and is committed. This refers to the phase when people don’t want to make their relationship official but are slowly going in that direction.

Do you text the object of your affection more than you see him/her? Then you are in a `text lationship’. It’s all about texts and sexts. You have flirt sessions and become an expert in playing the attraction game on either the phone or the social media. Love sonnets are one-line affairs or come with smileys.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…
It’s no longer about The One. Love now is a Multiple Options Game. This is the strongest trend of 2015, both online and in the real world. Also known as the `catch and release’ game -when dating is only about the chase -this trend comes with risks. In a lot of cases, as soon as someone takes the bait and is reeled in, the initiator backs out! Ouch! Be warned: You will never see the breakup coming because the `dater’ has been persistent and laid the trap well.

Hook-up heartbreak
This happens when you are dumped suddenly, without an explanation. Relationship expert Tia Singh says, “These hookups are casual, happen over a couple of dinners, followed by great conversation and a good promise. But then either the girl or the guy backs off and disappears from the other’s life! He’s around on the social media, but vanishes from your life, leaving you with a hook-up heartbreak.”


Twitter follows suit and gives rules just like Facebook

Twitter has changed its rules and has banned some behaviours.

This is good news for people who get cyber bullied, this means that it will be much easier to roam the cyber streets without fear.

Here’s is a list of things that is bound to get you banned

Threats – You may not publish or post direct, specific threats of violence against others.

Harassment In the past Twitter has been accused of turning a blind eye to harassment, especially of women, and the rules should mean that online abusers get booted off the service.

Users aren’t allowed to create multiple accounts for ‘disruptive or abusive purposes’, will be banned if the sole purpose of their account is to send abusive messages to others, and those bans will be permanent.

Aggressive behaviour  –  These  include aggressive retweeting, following and favouriting of tweets.

That’s the online equivalent of people who don’t like you constantly getting in your face. Your account may also be deactivated if you’re on lots of people’s block lists.

Name squatting Accounts that don’t do anything will be shut down after six months, and accounts will also be closed if Twitter reckons they’ve been set up to impersonate others or to sell on.

It’ll also block people who send the same content to lots of different people, and people who only post promotional messages or links.

Spamming– That’s not the only type of spamming that’s unwelcome under the new rules. Aggressive following and unfollowing is banned too. That’s when people follow stacks of strangers in the hope that those people will follow them back for no other reason than to boost their follower numbers. In some cases the person then unfollows everybody again, and that’s banned too.

On a related note, repeatedly following and un-following people to try to get their attention is a no-no.