‘I was set to get married to Ruge before his death’ cries Nandy

Tanzanian artiste Nandy has confessed that she had a close relationship with businessman and media boss Ruge Mutahaba.

Ruge died in March this year leaving behind children he had had from a previous relationship.

In an interview with AYO TV, the Ninogeshe hit maker – confessed that she dated the media boss for three years

We did not put it out in the public because we did not want social media to dictate our lives.

However everyone else in the company and our parents knew we were dating.

We were trying to build our personal lives.

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Nandy continued,

He loved his family and he loved his children. He had no reason to have me meet the mothers to his children and that is why I never did.

We started living together after I finished building for my mum a house…Even then, we both had our privacy.

On being asked whether she still has messages she shared with Ruge, Nandy revealed,

I still have his messages on my phone because I do not know when I will get over the memories we created.

Ruge and I were to get married in March and we had planned everything including how many babies we wanted to have together.

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