Twin Manenos! List of 6 Kenyans who would pass for twins any day

It is easy to mistake people for twins due to the striking resemblance they portray not only on their appearance but also their dressing

On different occasions we meet people on the streets whom we actually mistake for being siblings due to their striking resemblance but what we may not know is that some of them are not even related and may not know each other.

It is said that the apple does not fall far from the tree, we check out some people who might be mistaken for twins even though they are not

  1. Victor Wanyama and Mac Donald Mariga

This football players leave many wondering if they are twins, which they are not ,at times it gets hard differentiating between who is Mariga and who is Wanyama .

The Marigas
The Marigas

2. Betty Kyalo and Mercy Kyallo

KTN presenter set the internet on fire when photos of her identical sister appeared on the social media platforms with many thinking the two are twins.

They possess the same beautiful smile and beautiful faces.


Posh palace entrepreneur with her sister Mercy
Posh palace entrepreneur Betty Kyalo with her sister Mercy

3. Wacu and Wanja

Volley ball players Wacu and Wanja look like identical twins rocking almost similar hair styles with both rocking nose rings and both being players,t hey have at several occasions clarified that they are not twins as people mistake them for.



4. Jane Mukami and Wahu

Jane Mukami who runs a fitness group 21 Days of change has on many occasions been confused as Wahu’s sister given the fact that they both rock short hair and have very identical facial features ,they could actually pass for twins any day.

Fitness coach Jane Mukami and gospel artiste Wahu
Fitness coach Jane Mukami and gospel artiste Wahu

5. Humphrey Khayange and Collins Injera (brothers)

These two rugby enthusiasts and players would pass for twins anywhere were it not for the fact that they have some little difference in their physical appearance, where Humphrey is taller than Collins .

Humphrey Khayange and brother Collins Injera
Humphrey Khayange and brother Collins Injera

6. Vesha and Rue Okello (Akothee’s daughters)

Daughters to the self proclaimed mother to single ladies Akothee, these two sisters would pass for twins any day, given the fact that they look alike and are almost the same height and body size.

Singer Akothee's daughters Vesha and Rue
Singer Akothee’s daughters Vesha and Rue



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‘Love yourself before anyone else,’ Akothee open letter to her daughters

Akothee has written a heartwarming open letter to her three girls Vesha, Rue and Fancy.

In a long post on her social media, the single mother of five reminded her daughters to concentrate on building themselves and build themselves more.

She reminded them to be careful with the people around them as some of them are not genuine friends.

She also assured them of her love and support to them.

Read more details;

‘To the women I gave birth too
You are pretty ,You are brilliant, You are kind, You are disciplined, You are Successful ,You are blessed
It’s difficult for most of your agemates to understand why it’s you , for that they will find reasons to dim this light.
Please mum be careful with the people around you , especially women ,and women at your age .
👉 Sometimes ,I don’t know where you are ,but my spirit is moving around with you . Just know I will always stand by you even when your world trust to come down .
👉 Concentrate more on building your own self , yes I gave you a platform ,but it’s not your end goal nor your destiny . Pull yourself and do great things that your feature will appreciate you for .
👉Let the noise from the internet be a sweet music to your ears , those are not your enemies ,they are your cheer leaders/ they admire you , imagine performing without an audience.”

Comedian Kansiime says breastfeeding was painful on her first days


She added that they need those supporting them and those insulting them as that’s the only way they will strike a balance in life.
”Those who insult you makes you more famous, they make you interesting for you are doing something they are not capable of, you are a reflection of what they would want to be, it’s just that it’s not coming for them . They are not bitter with you ,they are bitter with their lives ,pray for them have fun you have a life.
Treat everyone equal , love yourself more than anyone else . Treat yourself the way you would want to be treated .
Life is short .
Above All ,I am your mother ,I am here , I am the only woman who would like to see you do better than me.”

‘I am proud of you daughter, Akothee gushes over her second born daughter Rue baby

Singer Akothee has gushed over her second born daughter Rue Baby for being a responsible person.

Well, this comes a few days after her first born daughter Vesha graduated from Strathmore University.

The single mother of five held a lavish white party for her at Villa Rosa Kempinski.

Akothee has revealed that her daughter was responsible for all the reservations and booking to ensure the party was successful and as her mum, she is proud of her for that.

She thanked her for being a good sister and urged them to always be there for each other.

Read her long post;

‘Let me take the opportunity to CONGRATULATE The main organiser for Veshas graduation ,thanks alot my darling thank you very much for always having your sisters back , at my age I have learnt that there is nothing like sibling rivalry, it’s always pure jelousy that is marinated under sibling rivalry! I always pray to all of you that God carry you along as blood sisters and that nothing comes between you 🙏🏻 always watch your sisters back , and be happy when she is doing well , there is no man or woman that should ever come between you and your siblings 🙏🏻and if it happens kindly sort out without consulting a third party , Nothing can be compared to a blood family 🙏🏻 you surprised me on your sisters Big day , from driving her to graduation square and picking her up , making sure all the hotel bookings were done on time , checked in your dad ,checked in my parents, checking up on me ” mummy are you okey ,your make up artist will be here in afew and your food is also on the way ,do you want to eat in the room or at the luca restaurant 🙏🏻 I am proud of you daughter ,You amazed me and now I know I have a responsible girl that can take care of herself even in my absence 🙏🏻 I LOVE YOU BIG MUMMY THANK YOU.

Machachari actor Govi tells his fans to accept that he is already a grown up

Rue baby 8

‘Please send me…’ comedian Eric Omondi begs Akothee

Akothee will show you and tell you everything she is doing. Even what you expect is private.

Today, she stepped out walking weirdly claiming she had used the wrong wax to remove her pubic hairs.

Her daughters Rue Baby and Vesha were following her and questioning her why she went for waxing during the quarantine.

She shared the video on Instagram and captioned it,

“This wax was not what I asked for, I don’t know if they grew thicker after two months.”

In the video, her daughters are seen laughing at the pain of their mother.

“They have added 21 days of lockdown, who are you waxing for? Don’t show us pain, we don’t want pain in this house. We need positivity. We need something to keep us alive.”

When asked by her other daughter Vesha why she didn’t use other methods of shaving her hair, she said,

“‘I am waxing for myself. I like waxing to make me clean.’

The video elicited mixed reactions from her followers and one got the attention of many was from comedian Eric Omondi who requested for her nudes.

“Baby send n*des.”

Akothee in red

Check other comments;

lilmuli Lol

antony1mutua Shower with peptang

turkey_wear_kenya: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I swear u will kill me one day 😂oflevia: Hahaha Akothee pole yawa drink peptang to calm u down.

anitaredempter: 🤣🤣🤣 Dion surely😂 I love how Vesha stared at her, at first

muteabeth: This one we have to call polis.. 🙌🙌🙌

shumajay: 🤣🤣🤣🤣 haki akothee…that walking style umenimaliza🤣🤣

‘Can you get out or I will call police for you…’ Akothee chase daughters for doing this

Controversial singer Akothee has chased away her two daughters minutes after they showed up to visit her.

The mother of five was agitated that her daughters wanted to hug her yet they had just come from the airport something she refused and even called her dogs to chase them away.

According to her, Rue Baby and Fancy Makadia had just arrived, they could be carrying the coronavirus because they had not taken a shower.
In a video posted on her Instagram, Akothee says she will call police for them if they do not shower, sanitize and soak their clothes in water that has jik.
Akothee with her daughter Rue
Akothee with her daughter Rue Baby

“They said no hug, stay away from me you idiots, you have just come from the airport and you want to hug me, those airport sits have corona. Go away and shower and get into the swimming pool and disinfect yourselves or else I will call police on you,” she said.

Rue Baby insist that she had washed her hands well and even sanitized herself at the airport but her mother could not risk it. she insists they have to shower.

“Corona has no boundaries, it is real, it doesn’t know whether you are my mother or whatever, please don’t bring corona here,” she added.

Akothee in shades
Akothee in shades


For the last two weeks, Akothee has been sitting at her home with her dogs and entertaining her fans.
Recently, she had a conversation with her female dog, Salome, who kept ignoring her and decided to address her fans.
Akothee advised women to avoid getting pregnant during this quarantine period.

Sharing her 2020 dreams, the socialite mom said she is only going to date a man who is between 45 and 55 years.

“This year my dream, this is the kind of a man I want to engage. Age 45 and 55 years in between. If you are 44 and below forget me,” said Akothee.

The singer also added that her dream man should have good looks because she is a woman who has standards.

“I know some of you will say, ‘you and your five children’ I have standards. Also, you must be cute. I do not do gorillas then you will say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, my friends we do not walk around with microscopes,” she added.

Photos of Akothee’s daughter Rue that will make you want to hit the gym ASAP

Akothee and her daughter Rue are a true definition of the apple does not fall far from the tree going by their looks and character.

Both are very dating and go getters.

From being the Face of Nivea to strutting in the Miss Universe catwalks Rue has it all.

She has always had a desire for being a beauty queen and she is living her dreams.

I have always dreamt of being a beauty queen and just about yesterday I made it as one of the finalist for @missuniversekenya it was a tough and exciting experience with various challenges and I manage do learn alot.’

We can’t help but admirer her trim figure and hot body.

Below are photos of Rue that will make you want to hit the gym ASAP.

Rue baby 7

Rue baby 6

Rue baby 8


Rue baby 1


Rue baby 3

Rue baby 4

Rue baby 5

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Akothee’s daughter Rue emerges first runners up in Miss Universe pageant

Akothee a Kenyan artiste and self-proclaimed President of Single Mothers has thanked her daughter Rue for not being a disgrace like she was back in the day.

Rue had been participating in the Miss Universe beauty pageant where she emerged the ‘ The First Runner Up.’

Taking the chance to praise her daughter Akothee wrote,

Eiiish my friend see my uterus🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ vere vere clean, this baby of mine should just walk thrith naked, you do me proud .

I see you my heart pumps ❤❤❤, at your age I was a mother of 3 only a disgrace to my parents, climbing all types of fence.

Looking for boyfriend’s my friend walk with your head too if you want,I will still support you.

Bae, sponsor or fossil! How to identify the kind of man you are dating

Akothee's daughter Rue
Akothee’s daughter Rue

Akothee added,

Thank you for being disciplined and self motivated, with no supervision!
#missunniversekeruebaby2019 top 3 I cant sleep waiting to talk to you.

Been up 24 hours my darling

Akothee who is a mother of five became a mother at a tender age something that made her achieve most of her dreams at the time.

She is, however, a brand in Kenya, akikohoa watu wanaitika.

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‘My dad Jared is not a sponsor,’ Akothee’s daughter Rue warns fisilets

Firstborn daughter to Kenyan artiste Akothee, Rue Baby has opened up about her relationship with her biological dad.

Rue is born to Akothee’s first baby daddy, Jared .

A fan reached out to Rue inquiring if her dad was taken and the damsel was quick to respond that he is indeed a taken man.

‘I would like to know your father. Is he alive?’ The fan asked

Rue asked

‘Yes, he is alive. You would like to know him in what terms? If anything he is taken and is not a sponsor.’

Prominent Kenyan celebrities siblings who are the same careers

‘I wish I could bring back my mum to life, one more time,’ Cries Grace Ekirapa

Akothe got married at the age of 14 and had to go back to school at 24 to finish her studies.

She completed her secondary school education in 2004 when she was already a mother of three and scored a mean grade of a C+.

Unfortunately, she was kicked out of her first marriage on allegations of being boring, too hardheaded and unromantic.

She is now a mother of five something that she is not ashamed to flaunt to all those who care to listen.

She is the self-proclaimed President of single mothers.


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Exclusive: I don’t sleep with my female fans – says MCA Tricky

MCA Tricky has in an exclusive interview with Classic 105 reveled that the reason he does not sleep with his fans is because he is afraid of losing them.

According to Tricky, a fan has other friends who might be his fans, so ruining a relationship with one means severing ties with the others.

He also went to confess that no woman has ever dumped him.

I have never been dumped maybe I have never loved. The moment you allow fans to hit on you that becomes a mistake given once you sleep with a fan you end losing other fans.

‘when I die, women will claim I am their baby daddy’ Brags Man Kush

Churchill comedian MCA Tricky in the past clarified that people took things out of proportion after word went round that he wanted to date Akothee’s daughter.

Tricky says his only mistake was chatting with her in the comments section, it was very public.

I blundered by chatting with her in the comment section and everybody saw it. What people did not know is that people were watching.

The next thing I knew I was on blogs.

After hearing the news, Akothee summoned me at her home to ask me if I was serious about wanting to date her daughter.

Mca Tricky and Rue Baby
Mca Tricky and Rue Baby

‘All the women I’ve dated approached me first’ says Kibaki’s grand son

As you might know Akothee is a no nonsense woman and her character might have intimidated MCA Tricky to deny wanting to date Rue Baby.

You cannot just touch Akothee’s daughter just like that. I denied that I was in love with her daughter.


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‘I blundered big time’ MCA Tricky on wanting to date Akothee’s daughter

Churchil comedian MCA Tricky has clarified that people took things out of proportion after word went round that he wanted to date Akothee’s daughter.

Tricky says his only mistake was chatting in public.

I blundered by chatting with her in the comment section and everybody saw it. What people did not know is that people were watching.

The next thing I knew I was on blogs.

After hearing the news, Akothee summoned me at her home to ask me if I was serious about wanting to date her daughter.

Exclusive: ‘I started off my career as a rapper’ – Rayvanny

Akothee's daughter Rue
Akothee’s daughter Rue

As you might know Akothee is a no nonsense woman and her character might have intimidated MCA Tricky to deny wanting to date Rue Baby.

You cannot just touch Akothee’s daughter just like that. I denied that I was in love with her daughter.

In the past Akothee’s daughter has shown interest in Mwai Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew. We can only wait and see where all these celebrity crushes lead to.

MCA Tricky is not the first person to have a crush on a fellow celebrity. Just recently Kenyan artiste Jegede expressed his undying love for Vera Sidika.

Ommy Dimpoz has also had a crush on our own Avril.

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Akothee warns daughters against getting pregnant for a celebrity

A post by Akothee has revealed the regrets she has about having ‘known ‘ men early, something that made her a teenage mum.

The self proclaimed President of single mothers has in a candid post diverted from her usual drama to advise her daughters on how to survive in relationships.

Beryl Ouma was strangled to death while she slept – Postmortem reveals


Taking to social media she wrote

“Age is now separating us 😭😭, I don’t want to let you go my best friends, just know that wherever you go whatever you do, discipline is paramount.

Never settle down for a man who doesn’t love you, never force yourself into toxic relationships.

Never wait for any man to pay your bills they will hold you ransom, never listen to a man who asks you to have a child without a stable income, that’s a story teller .”

Why Kenyans don’t intervene in neighbors domestic fights

Akothee with her family
Akothee with her family

She adds

“A responsible man who wants a family, should first look for a stable job and a roof over his head.

How would you get pregnant for a man living with his brother, mother auntie, you think you and the baby are welcome too?

Don’t fall for celebrities , fame comes and goes , don’t come bragging to me that you are carrying a celebs pregnancy simply because he is famous.

I will beat you up and squeeze that stomach , you know me ,🤯 fame doesn’t pay bills , don’t mess your life at an early stage !”

Singer Akothee's daughters Vesha and Rue
Singer Akothee’s daughters Vesha and Rue

She then goes on to advise her daughter to be patient with men so that they don’t end up with different kids from different baby daddies like her.

“I am your mother and in my mid thirties I am still hot 🔥🔥, I choose who to date I am never picked.

Just giving you 2 more years and then I start living my life and enjoying my life with the love of my life.

How I wish I was a bit patient I would not have landed into so many multi-failed relationships , please don’t end up like me with several dads .

I don’t think you are brave enough to face & tackle 3 men , women cry for 1 man for years Akothee is here with supermarkets of baby daddies 🤣😂🤣😂.

It looks funny but it needs a sobber mind and a risk taker, 😷 life must continue my love 

That boy whispering in your ears ” I need a baby , because I love you ” is lying he is horny he just wants sex , @fancy_makadia@veshashillan #tableshaker

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‘Most men want to be associated with my mum’s wealth’ Akothee’s daughter on why she is not dating

Akothee’s daughter Celly Rue Brown, alias Rue Baby, has opened up on why she is not dating and why she won’t date anytime soon.

Speaking to Massawe on Radio Jambo, the 20-year-old  confessed that she fears her mothers reaction if she gets to know she is dating.

Even though she showed some interest in Kibaki’s grandson, Rue said she has never dated.

“I don’t know how she would react when she realizes I am dating. That was just crushing and I moved on.

I am not seeing anyone at the moment because I think in my state, it is not easy to find a man who is genuine because most men want to be associated with my mum’s wealth.

I have never been in a serious relationship because I fear my mum, who still thinks that we are young and she does not want us to follow her path of getting children at an early age, as she did.”

Photos of Priyanka Chopra’s white wedding that will take your breath away

Sean Andrew
Sean Andrew

Wanampendea? List of the sexy women Diamond Platnumz has dated

Akothee is known for her dramatic life on social media, where she does not tolerate anyone who tries to troll her.

Growing up under a disciplinarian was not easy, Rue said.

“My mum was very rough and wanted us to be so disciplined. We did not start at the peak and we were hustlers from scratch, and she (Akothee) taught us to respect people,” she said.

 There was a time I even disagreed with her because I felt that she was discriminating us by favouring some of us. Like for me, I needed her attention, which she was not giving to me.”


Tahidi High actors you didn’t know are parents: Here are their children (photos)

Rue said her mother did not want her children to be in public. So how does Rue handle trolls?

“If we feel affected by trolls on social media, we tell our mother and she handles that. I have been trolled a thousand times but I talk to my mum,” she said.

The worst troll that affected me was when people said I was walking naked because I was in a short. It affected me for a whole week.”

Rue says she does not want her mother to get more children. “I feel we are so many and we all need her attention,” she said.

Rue Baby has won several awards, including the Face of Nivea modelling competition, to become Nivea’s ambassador for the year 2017-18, best model at the Diaspora Entertainment Awards, and Recognition (Dear) 2018 edition.

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Meet the Kenyan celebrity kids you didn’t know had famous parents

It is one thing to have famous parent(s) but it is also another thing to live up to their expectations. This famous parents have however started to coach their children according to the paths their children want and it has clearly bore fruits as we see their children excelling in their own industry.

Below are some of the celebrity kids you didn’t know had famous parents,

1. Lupita

She is a natural treasure to the country and an inspiration to young actors in the Kenyan industry. Despite the fact that she is a Hollywood star, her father is Anyang’ Nyong’o, the current Governor of Kisumu County

Kenyan female celebrities who are single and still look hot

2. Joy Ohon

We know her from Machachari as the beautiful baby sister. Other than that, her mother is the beautiful Rosy Ohon, Recording and performing gospel artist.

3. Ladasha

She is the daughter to Size 8 and DJ Mo. At a very young age, she has already started appearing on our TV screens in Advertisements like the Softcare pampers commercial.


4. Keepitreal favour Dydda and Amblessed Wisdom Dydda.

They are the children to Eko Dydda and Galia. They are upcoming gospel hip hop artists who are doing quite well at a young age.

5. Celine Dion aka Baby Rue

Akothee’s daughter, baby rue has started her modelling career at a very high note with endorsement deals with Nivea and even being part of the models at the 8th edition of the JW show.

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‘Thank you all for voting for my daughter’Akothee thanks her fans after her daughter wins BEST MODEL 2018 DEAR AWARDS

Female artiste Akothee is a proud mother after her daughter Rue won an award for being the Best Model in the Dear Awards after being nominated months ago.

She took to her social media to celebrate her daughter on her achievement ,thanking all her fans for voting for her daughter.

“Congratulations my love , you girls brought light into my life , discipline is key to success, let me take the opportunity to thank all my fans for the mighty support, this is the work of your hands with God’s favours , thank you for your votes na kunisaidia kulea a child belongs to a community, be blessed BEST MODEL 2018 DEAR AWARDS single mothers yuko juuu, If I lost hope in life where would my children be.”

‘Acha umama’ fans troll Diamond Platnumz after a photo of him rocking women’s braids emerges


Akothee’s daughter nominated for best model of the year in annual Diaspora Awards

In an earlier post Akothee had taken to her social media to announce the news of her daughter’s nomination urging people to vote for her and it seems that her efforts have finally paid off.

“Waking up to God’s blessings from Rongo to the World , go my baby go , VOTE BEST MODEL OF YEAR @Dearawards , Well , I did your visas before you became a professional model thinking of just travelling with you the World, but now you travelling for good & better reasons , My daughter just do what you are good at doing , you never know who is watching , congratulations on your nominations POWER OF MANIFESTATION”

Akothee is doing a good with her daughters despite being a single mother of 5, so the next time you want to complain just look at her and keep pushing.

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Ufisis Nayo!!MCA tricky caught thirsting over Akothee’s daughter Rue

Churchill comedian MCA Tricky is seriously thirsting over Akothee’s second born Celly Rue alias Rue baby, after a photo of Rue was posted online.

The Churchill show comedian couldn’t hold his emotions back when the Give It To Me hitmaker shared a photo of her daughter looking like a snack.

Akothee who is nominated in the Diaspora Awards together with her daughter wrote:

‘Tag her then vote for her Link on my bio”
Akothee’s daughter Rue

The Churchill show comedian then responded to the singer telling her that they should talk about Rue. It seems he has been eyeing the model for some time now.

Probably, the mother of five should help this boy child.

Akothee, aki si tuongee vizuri hapa..if you know you know,” commented the comedian.

MCA Tricky akothee daughter

Rue already admitted that she was crushing for former President Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew. Ni tricky sana!

She told SDE,

“Sean Andrew, he looks presentable and has good looks. He is a model just like I am.”

The good news is that the comedian is very single. He revealed in an exclusive interview,

“No, as we speak, I’m not dating. Not at all. My ideal woman is one that can improve my life, even if its by an inch.”

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Akothee’s daughter nominated for best model of the year in annual Diaspora Awards

Days after Akothee stated that hustling lanes have no traffic, her daughter Rue has been nominated for an award by the lavish DEAR Awards to be held in Texas.

The Diaspora Entertainment Awards and Recognition(DEAR)  which is in its fourth year, honour individuals and entities for their relentless efforts in furthering the development and unity of our people in the diaspora.

‘There is no traffic in hustling lanes, choose your own lane’ advices Akothee

Rue is not only a model but also the face of Nivea, a role she greatly played with pride, inspite of backlash by petty Kenyans who thought that she did not deserve that role.

Akothee took to her Instagram to announce the good news of her daughter being nominated for the awards urging people to vote while reminiscing on how she never thought that her daughter would turn out this good. She wrote

“Waking up to God’s blessings from Rongo to the World , go my baby go , VOTE BEST MODEL OF YEAR @Dearawards , Well , I did your visas before you became a professional model thinking of just travelling with you the World, but now you travelling for good & better reasons , My daughter just do what you are good at doing , you never know who is watching , congratulations on your nominations POWER OF MANIFESTATION”

Kenyan film director Wanuri Kahiu invited to become member of Oscars Academy

This seems to be a good year for some Kenyan. Kenyan-born actress Lupita Nyongo is on the list of celebrities to be honored with a star on the Hollywood of Fame.

The high profile activity has been slated for 2019, and also on the list include actor/producer Tyler Perry, Terrence Howard, Guillermo del Toro, Lucy Liu, Cedric the Entertainer and many more.

Wanuri Kahiu the movie director of Rafiki” joins top Hollywood personalities to become members of the movie Academy. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has invited a record number of new members, extending invites to 928 people and Wanuri is among the 928 people invited.

These ladies above are proof that being a woman does not limit you from achieving your dreams rather it pushes you to work harder to prove to the world that women and girls literally run the world.

Here are photos of Akothee’s daughter doing what she loves most (Modelling).


image-2018-06-27(5)(1) image-2018-06-27(6)(1)  image-2018-06-27(9)(1)




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