Would you consider getting back with your ex after a major break up?

Zari’s break up with Diamond Platnumz left tongues wagging with many speculating that the two might get back together something that is yet to be seen.

The couple is among the most powerful couple in Tanzania with both Zari and Diamond as house hold names in their respective countries. The couple who have children together, broke up in what Zari termed as disrespect after her ex shared intimate photos and videos of him with Hamisa Mobetto to the public

Zari goes ham on Diamond Platnumz publicly revealing he is team mafisi

Before the break up, the couple had been going through a rough patch with the public claiming that Diamond’s son with Zari is not his, rather belongs to the late Ivan who is the father of Zari’s three sons

Diamond and Zari

The latest talk in town hints that the two might consider getting back together, after photos of Diamond’s manager Babu Tale was spotted visiting Zari a few weeks ago, leaving the public with many questions.

My question to you ladies is, Would you get back with your ex or your baby daddy after breaking up?

Kenya celebrities such as Rubadiri, Avril, J blessing, Dj Pierra Makena, Nicah The Queen have been brave enough to walk away from their relationship, but would they ever consider going back?

Gospel singer Ringtone tells Zari not take take Diamond Platnumz back

Matters of the heart are a complicated affair for the fact that one might swear never to get back with their Ex for different reasons ranging from physical abuse, sexual abuse, infidelity or even irresponsibility but always find themselves back together.

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