Juma Jux dedicates song to pregnant Vanessa Mdee


When Vanessa Mdee announced on Tuesday that she is pregnant, fans were elated for the Tanzanian beauty.

On the other hand trolls went mercilessly after her ex Juma Jux telling him how he wasted her time and to see how she is thriving with fiancé Rotimi.

Angry Tanzanians called for his arrest for not impregnating her when they were a couple.

A day after the announcement, Jux released a song dedicated to Vanessa.

Lyrics in the song go that he has noticed how they post each other on Instagram loving each other. He also notes that he knows their relationship is over.

Naona wameremeta Ngozi imenawili, una furaha now Kitanda hakina siri Zao la tendo, una kitumbo wow Mnapendezana Penzi liko kasi kasi Mkipostiana Instagram status

He extended an olive branch writing that

“Tuliagizwa upendo!

Hata kama mambo hayakwenda kama ambavyo mlipanga, hauna sababu ya kumchukia wala kumuombea mtu yoyote mabaya. Zaidi kwenye jambo jema lenye baraka

Ukielewa kuwa sio mara zote kitu kizuri kinadumu, hakuna changamoto yoyote itakayokusumbua.”

Let’s enjoy some good music, #sinaneno link on my bio.

A sympathetic fan Munyasia Brenda comforted him:

I fell jux’s pain,my power couple…I can’t believe it all ended and now you have to live with it Jux,sometimes what we want we cannot get them but we continue to love and wish them the best, God has ordained someone who will fill Vanessa’s gap…it’s not easy

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It’s a boy! Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi announce pregnancy

Rotimi and his fiancée Vanessa Mdee are expecting their first child together.

The couple, who have been engaged for almost a year, revealed to People that they are having a little boy. “We are super excited to welcome our son. As first-time parents, everything about this experience has been a brand-new challenge,” the pair said in a statement to the outlet. “We love it.”

Rotimi and Vanessa first met at an Essence afterparty. The “In My Bed” singer was initially there with another woman, who ended up getting sick and couldn’t make it to the party. There, he met Vanessa and the two talked for hours.
Vanessa traveled back to her home in Africa, but the two kept in touch and Rotimi said they “quickly realized we couldn’t and didn’t want to live without each other.”

In Dec. 2020, the former “Power” star asked Vanessa to marry him. “She said YES!” he captioned a post showing off her huge diamond rock. “You are my everything. My angel. In 2015, I prayed that whoever my wife was going to be and wherever she was at the moment, I hoped she was happy, having a good day and receiving GOD’S abundance.”

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No in-law drama! Rotimi confirms Vanessa Mdee and mother have the best relationship

Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee and her beau Rotimi are not afraid to show fans how much they are into each other. Mdee has already met Rotimi’s family.

The American singer and actor revealed that Mdee and his mum cried when they met each other.

“The funny thing is when they first met they both cried,” he said in an interview with The Angie Martinez Show on Power 105.1′.

“It was the weirdest thing. It was like a ‘finally’ moment. It was so weird. They met maybe a month into me and her dating.”

Rotimi proposed to Mdee in December on New Year’s Eve last year.

They met at Essence Festival, which slowly transitioned into their relationship becoming official in 2019.

In another interview with The Breakfast Club, the ‘In My Bed’ hitmaker called out Tanzanian fans that didn’t believe Vee Money when she said that he was going to be her hubby.

“She did an interview two weeks after we met and she was like ‘I found my husband’ and everybody in Tanzania was like ‘girl he’s gonna leave you’ and two years later, she posted the video with an engagement ring.”


Asked about the wedding, the Power actor said it was still in their plans.

“We don’t know but we are planning cause her family is from Tanzania and there are covid restrictions so we are planning to know the best place for everybody,” Rotimi replied.

Here’s a closeup of the tattoo Vanessa Mdee got in honor of fiancé Rotimi


Excited Vanessa Mdee gifted Range Rover by loving fiancé Rotimi


Singer-cum-actor Rotimi bought his first car and also gifted his fiancée Vanessa Mdee, a 2021 Range Rover.

The cute moment of their love was shared on Instagram where an excited Vanessa dropped a video of the keys.

vanessa key (1)

Rotimi can be heard saying it’s also his first car attributing the moment to “it’s a blessing This is the product of staving and this is the product of doing things the right way, this is the product of making quality products music being a good human”

The two got engaged on New Years eve and we their social media fans are anxiously waiting to see their nuptials.

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“Who told you” Vanessa Mdee dismisses persistent pregnancy rumors


Tanzanian sweetheart Vanessa Mdee has put to rest constant rumors that she is pregnant and hiding that fact.

In an Instagram session on Sunday night July 18, Vanessa shared a new photo on IG and on her stories told off rumormongers with expectant claims.

She urged people to stop spreading rumors that are making her mother get anxiety.

“You are making my mum panic kwambaa nimeza. Nani amekwambia?” She posed.vanessa preg (1)

Vanessa has for several months now alleged to be hiding her pregnancy from the world ever since it was discovered that she was dating actor and singer Rotimi.

She  assured that “I don’t have a baby y’all ok!”

The two lovers are living in the USA, after Vanessa quit singing and relocated to the US.

Rotimi proposed to Vanessa on New Years eve, in a cute engagement video, and have so far nto announced any wedding plans.

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Vanessa Mdee delightfully laughs as Rotimi showers her with dollars


A video of Rotimi flexing money on Instagram for his fiancée Vanessa Mdee is proof that waiting for the right man works.

The Nigerian singer was counting 100 dollar bills for Vanessa who delightfully laughed at being so spoilt.

It is being speculated that Rotimi could have made the money from a wedding where he was invited to perform for a Nigerian couple.

The groom shared a video of Rotimi entertaining an excited crowd.

The groom captioned the video “Loved the surprise appearance at the wedding by @Rotimi too lit.”


The stacks of dollars excite Vanessa who announces that “Daddys home” after Rotimi tells her that “woman I know you have your own money go get your nails done go get your hair done, give mars, give your mum, go get your bag”

And now her female fans are responding asking God to grant them a ‘Rotimi’.

rosexl524…I want one like him 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 am jealous ⛔ where can I get one?

cahrey_joyce…I want me some rotimii😢🔥🔥🔥

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“Marry your best friend” Vanessa Mdee advises as she turns 33


Vanessa Mdee is turning 33, and for her special day, fiance Rotimi took her on a vacation to Antigua.

Vanessa in an Instagram story. told fans that he was surprising her for her birthday. They hopped on a plane where she said she had no clue where they were flying to.

It turns out Rotimi had booked a getaway trip to Antigua in the Caribbean. Romantic right?

Once they arrived in Antigua, Vanesaa updated telling her fans  about the surprise.

She wrote “Surprise getaway to #Antigua tokick off Gemini season, please marry your best friend” She added a white heart emoji.

Vanessa and Rotimi got engaged in the New Year and we can’t wait to see them walk down the aisle.

The singer had said she knew actor and singer Rotimi was her husband days after meeting him in 2019.

Back in late 2019, the Tanzanian beauty was asked about him during an interview, and she shared that “It took me two days…only two days. I said, ‘this is my husband.’”

Congratulations to one of our favorite couples.

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Vanessa Mdee excites Rotimi’s African fans with free access to new movie



BET Plus has premiered a new movie “Favorite Son’ featuring Rotimi. The movie however is not accessible to the African market, and many complained to Vanessa Mdee about it.

Many told her that they would love to support her fiance by watching  the movie however the region is limited.

Favorite Son is a movie about brothers in a gospel group who struggle to find a balance of life, love, faith and religion, while under the strict rule of their father, a megachurch reverend.

The star-studded cast includes Rotimi, Serayah, Jonathan McReynolds, Roger Mitchell, Anton Peeples, Keke Wyatt and more.

So Vanessa heard cries of fans and shared a way for them to watch the movie  and you can click on the link in her bio to watch. Those who have done so are praising the message in the movie, as well as thanking her for hearing their cries.


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A post shared by Mrs A 💫 (@vanessamdee)

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Singer Vanessa Mdee opens up on battling blindness in one eye

Vanessa Mdee has been living in Atlanta for the past two years ever since she and American actor Rotimi became an item. The beautiful singer has for the first time come out to reveal that she is blind in one eye.

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A post shared by Mrs A 💫 (@vanessamdee)

She divulged this information in an Instagram video that some time back she got a problem (nature not revealed) that affected her eyesight to an extend of rendering one of her eyes blind.

“Nilipata tatizo ambalo lilinipofusha Jicho moja, so kwa muda nimekuwa nikitumia jicho moja na hili linguine halioni. So ni ulemavu lakini, is not something naweza sema ni ulemavu kwa Sababu Mungu amenijalia na jijo ambalo linaona, so its fine. Maana nimeona juiz kati watu wanajairibu kuleta stories ambaoz si za kweli” said Vanessa Mdee.

Her confession shocked many of her fans who instantly empathized with her, as apparently, some used to question her eyesight without knowing what was ailing her.

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A post shared by Mrs A 💫 (@vanessamdee)

This new revelation is as shocking to me as she said she was quitting the music industry because of it being demonic.

“The reason why I have to leave the industry is that I needed to choose my life, the music industry is demonic,” Vanessa said on her podcast, Deep Dive.

Not only that, the “Me and You” singer also surprised many adding that she had battled depression and alcoholism.

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A post shared by Mrs A 💫 (@vanessamdee)

Mdee said alcohol had taken over her life to an extent of not making firm decisions. “I became a person of horrible choices. I couldn’t recognize myself anymore because I woke up every day trying to just get by and I don´t want to just get by anymore,” she said.

“More than ever, I had moments of anxiety and moments of depression.”

Vanessa said she hid her addiction so well and she was living a lie.

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Here’s a closeup of the tattoo Vanessa Mdee got in honor of fiancé Rotimi


Tanzanians singer Vanessa Mdee is making a massive statement about her boo thang.

Vanessa Mdee got a tattoo on her shoulder in honor of fiance Rotimi.

In a picture shared celebrating Valentines day, Vanessa wears an off the shoulder dress and we see a tattoo with the name Rotimi.

While she was looking all dolled up, we immediately noticed the ink and zoomed in to notice it is his name.

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A post shared by Mrs A 💫 (@vanessamdee)

How cute. Here is a list of other celebrities who got tatooes for their special someone. Some on the list broke up after some drama.
Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner reportedly got matching tattoos following the birth of their first child, Stormi Webster. A source told The Sun, “They went to a tattoo artist and got secret matching tattoo tributes to their daughter. They haven’t told people what they got. Kylie organised it as a surprise and Travis loved it.” The pair already have matching butterfly tattoos, which they got in June 2017.

Beyoncé and Jay Z got matching ‘IV’ tattoos on their ring fingers. The number four holds special significance for Beyoncé and Jay Z. Beyoncé’s birthday is 4th September, Jay Z’s ia 4th December and they got married of 4th April.

Chris Brown and Rihanna got matching tattoos when they were loved up in 2008. The pair went to a tattoo parlour in LA together and got matching (although not identical) tattoos. Rihanna’s runs down her neck and back, while Chris’ sits behind his right ear.

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“It’s always been you” Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi jointly say of engagement


Rotimi went down on one knee and proposed to Vanessa Mdee on New Years Eve.

And now six days later, the two lovers have shared a united message about “It’s always been you” plus photos taken during the moment.

The happy couple the following day shared the news on Instagram in separate posts. “She said YES!” he captioned a post showing off her huge diamond rock. “You are my everything. My angel. In 2015, I prayed that whoever my wife was going to be and wherever she was at the moment, I hoped she was happy, having a good day and receiving GOD’S abundance.”

He continued, “Fast forward …YOU… you make me such a better man.. I’m in debt to God for you. I will pay him back by loving you & giving you everything that you deserve. Nakupenda.”

Mdee also shared her excitement on social media, revealing people initially doubted her when she said she knew Rotimi was her husband after only a few weeks of dating. “A year and a half ago the world laughed at me when I said I knew YOU were my husband only days after spending time with you. I didn’t blame them, after all it’s an uncommon and inexplicable feeling when you meet your soulmate.

And now on 6th January Rotimi and Vanessa jointly shared another message.


Congratulations to the happy couple

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Jux was wasting your time! Fans tell Vanessa Mdee after Rotimi proposes

African beauty Vanessa Mdee is off the market fellas.

Her American bae Rotimi proposed to the singer and she was glowing in a video shared below on her fan page.

The two are in Haiti on holiday and the moment recorded for their fans worldwide to see and celebrate with them.

In the video below, Vanessa shows off the stunning engagement ring while eating dessert decorated congratulations.


An excited Vanessa in a separate video jumps up with joy as Rotimi looks lovingly at her. She leans in to hug him and the moment makes her cry.

Meanwhile fans are in the comment section saying Rotimi is the perfect choice as former Boyfriend Juma Jux wasted her time.

Why y’all can’t leave Jux out of it? Anyho congratulations to the couple.

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“I begged her to move to America” Vanessa Mdee’s boyfriend says


Rotimi and Vanessa Mdee’s love story began at the Essence Festival in America according to an interview they granted Essence magazine for its December issue.

They had tried hiding their romance, but in 2019, people pieced together their holidays and discovered they were an item.

Turns out according to the Essence interview,, that they met by chance at the Essence Festival, and that Rotimi was supposed to go for it with someone else.

“I actually was there with somebody else, just a weekend friend,” he admits. “She ended up getting sick. We were supposed to go to this party, and [she said] I don’t want to come. I said, ‘okay, it’s fine. I’m just going to go for 15 minutes.’ I end up going and some of my castmates were also there. That’s where I end up meeting [Vanessa.] Fifteen minutes turned into an hour and a half conversation. Nothing else mattered in the room.”

Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi
Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi

After this festival Vanessa went back to Tanzania, and they tried to make their long distance relationship work.

She went back to the States again, and the decision that she moves permanently to the US was made.

Rotimi said “I told her I don’t want you to go back to Africa. I want you to stay with me.”

Vanessa Mdee with Rotimi
Vanessa Mdee with Rotimi

Vanessa in the interview gushed about her feelings

“I was functioning and living, but not living,” she says. “I was existing, honestly. And he came in at a point where I needed to hear certain things that I couldn’t have heard from anyone else. His heart is so big and his love is so boundless. It’s the type that transforms you. And you honestly want to be the best version of yourself every single day.”

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“It’s so romantic” Maina tells Vanessa Mdee of boyfriends new song

Tanzanian beauty Vanessa Mdee reached out to pal Maina Kageni about her American baes new song ‘Love Somebody’.

The song released on Monday Nov 30, has excited fans. Maina, who is a huge fan of Vanessa, also gushed as much about the new song.

He revealed that they chatted about it saying

“The video is set in the Garden of Eden, and you play Adam and Eve with Rotimi. How much more romantic can it get? I love it. It’s on rewind for me”

Fans first noticed their budding romance after the two began liking and commenting on each other’s Instagram photos. The lovebirds eventually made their relationship social media official, posting photos of one another on their pages.

During a radio interview in Tanzania, Vanessa shared that it took her only two days to realize, “this is my husband.”

“Love Somebody” follows the New Jersey native’s hit track “In My Bed” featuring Wale which reached over 95 million global streams, 11 million video views.
Love wins people.

They’re cute! Maina lavishes praise on Vanessa Mdee and boyfriend Rotimi


The candid moments that Tanzanian beauty Vanessa Mdee and her American boyfriend Rotimi are capturing have left us all mesmerized.

The two lovebirds hooked up secretly in 2019, and were exposed by an American blog that insisted they were a couple.

After much pressure Vanessa shared pictures that confirmed the rumors of a relationship.

And since then, the couple are shacking up together in the USA, treating us to their love online.

Classic’s Maina Kageni has noticed and thinks they are a cute couple.

He shared his thoughts saying

‘I saw a video of Vanessa teaching him swahili and my god, it was funny. Yani he tried. Ako na boyfriend mpya and he is a pretty good singer if you ask me’ Maina said about Rotimi,


View this post on Instagram

Huku kwetu tunajifunza Kiswahili taratibu. Ameweza au? #Swahili #Swahili101 #InMyBed video link in bio 📺🎬

A post shared by God’s Favorite 💫 (@vanessamdee) on

Maina has watched the video above repeatedly and so have other Kenyan celebrities who lavished praise on Vanessa, including Madam boss. Here are some comments

Vee love is sweet oooh, I miss you ,sikujua ukiolewa nitakukosa hivi 😭😭, happy for you sweetheart enjoy every moment

Awww… how cute is this, 😍 mimi the last words I hear before going to bed is “kojoa tulale Or we ndio wa mwisho zima stima”


So cute 😍😍😍
5d228 likesReply

BTW God ni sawa… God ni vile utaamua tu

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Vanessa Mdee defends boyfriend Rotimi against physical abuse claims



With all the rumors surrounding Vanessa Mdee’s love life with Rotimi, she has been forced to come clean and set the record straight.

In a video she posted, she explained that she was tired of what people were writing on the comment section under a couple of her posts because a lot are not true.

“I will not be bullied on social media; I will not be that person Wanahabari wataandika kitu juu yangu alafu nitabaki kimya. Team yangu ya social media, imenijuza kuhusu comments kutokana na watu kusema kuwa Rotimi ananipiga, ati ni mtu ambaye anapiga wanawake.Number one, that is so far from the truth, sio ukweli na ni kitu ambacho kinaweza kuharibu sifa heshima ya Mwanaume au Mwanamke, especially when it’s not true.” Vanessa ranted

Exclusive – Tedd Josiah speaks after rumours that he has a 4th kid in Nigeria surface

Vanessa Mdee pregnant

Adding that when Rotimi’s ex spoke on being in an abusive relationship she was not referring to him but another ex. So nataka ku-clarify kitu kabla sijaendelea, imetokana na post ambayo ameandika ex-wake Rotimi. Ex wake Rotimi alikuwa anamzungumzia Ex-wake mwingine sio Rotimi na ameweka Wazi kuwa sio Rotimi anayemzungumzia. So yeye aliandika blog post zamani akimzungumzia Ex-wake sio Rotimi akisema yakwamba alikuwa na mipango na yeye na vitu vingi. Alikuwa anajaribu Kuguza jamii na wanawake ambao wamepitia vitu vingi kama hivyo.

Mdee and Rotimi courtesy Instagram

Ms. Mdee aka Vee Money ended her rant from warning the media against purporting she is not safe on the relationship with Rotimi.

Top music producer Tim Rimbui reveals that he and wife of many years have separated

“So please Negative media, I’m not the one and I’m not going to be bullied by you anymore. So kama unaona kuna kitu ambacho unataka kuzungumza and you don’t have hard facts, please am ready to sue anyone and I’m going to sue anyone or media ambayo inaandika uongo kunihusu mimi ama Familia yangu au mpenzi wangu, tumechoka haipendezi. It’s not Okay. Am not going to be bullied by media. So I think that’s clear, Rotimi is not that person ambaye Ex-wake anamzungumzia ni Ex mwingine na ni wazi alizungimza hicho kitu hata kabla hajawa na Rotimi. So please let’s not do that, don’t spoil someone’s hard earned beautiful reputation.” She added

Her decision to quit music raised eyebrows especially when it comes to her relationship. But from the horses mouth, she is doing just fine.

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Vanessa Mdee comes clean after pregnancy rumours swirl

Vanessa Mdee broke the internet last week when she went on a revelatory turn with her numerous Instagram fans and followers.

Among some of the secrets the “Me and You” singer dropped about herself was that she had been depressed during her career and had, as a result, turned to alcohol as a salve.

Vanessa Mdee in black and white

As if that wasn’t enough, the musician dropped the bombshell that she would be quitting the music industry for the foreseeable future, saying that it was demonic.

“The reason why I had to leave the industry is because I needed to choose my life, the music industry is demonic. People will tell you half-truth about what really goes on, and the truth is I just wanna be an advocate for honesty and beauty and being a sincere advocate for what facing your demons can do for You,” she said in her podcast Deep Dive with Vanessa Mdee.

Vanessa Mdee with Rotimi

But what would the internet be without rumour-mongering and speculation? Some reports online are indicating that the real reason for her quitting so abruptly was that she was pregnant and expecting her first child with Nigerian-American boyfriend Rotimi.

This has even prompted some of her fans to question her on the claims.

During a live Question and Answer session with her fans on YouTube, Mdee was asked when the baby was due by a section of her fans and she responded saying that she is not yet pregnant.

Vanessa Mdee with Rotimi
Vanessa Mdee with Rotimi

And Mdee wasn’t taking anything to chance, even showing her flat belly to the fans, just to clear any doubts from the fans who would not believe her.
“Watu wanauliza vipi kuhusu mtoto. No, sina mimba bado. Not yet. But soon,” responded Vanessa Mdee.

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The music industry is demonic – Vanessa Mdee reveals why she quit

Vanessa Mdee took a break from music in April this year after working on her craft for 13 years, without any rest but now she has decided to shelve her music career for good.

The musician shocked many when she declared that she would be leaving the music industry for good because it had become demonic.

Vanessa Mdee in pink
Vanessa Mdee in pink

In a 29 minutes talk on her on Podcast “Deep Dive with Vanessa Mdee”, Vee Money further stated that she is on a mission to be an advocate for honesty, beauty and what facing your demons can do for you.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but my mission is to be a light. I know that I would probably disappoint a few people and that’s Okay, I know that my fans don’t wanna hear this but guess what am never be too far away from you, trust me. The reason why I had to leave the industry is because I needed to choose my life, the music industry is demonic. People will tell you half-truth about what really goes on, and the truth is I just wanna be an advocate for honesty and beauty and being a sincere advocate for what facing your demons can do for You.”


“Now my fans are probably asking themselves right now; Are you gonna never sing again? Are we gonna never see you perform? Let me reiterate, I love music, I love to create, I love to perform, I’m a vessel, this is what I was brought on earth to be, but maybe I was a vessel to be here in this moment to have gone through everything that I have gone through so that I can tell you most honestly the truth about things you will never somewhere else,” said Vanessa Mdee.

Ms Mdee also disclosed that there was a time she was depressed, a state that drove her into becoming an alcoholic who could drink herself to sleep but then found desire and passion for life.

She finished off by advising aspiring stars not to kill themselves for the American dream;

“Trust me I used to wake up every morning questioning what the hell is this about, why are we doing this again, a lot of people used to say to me but you are in America now, (I live in Atlanta now) and that is the Mega of Music you have the perfect opportunity, I’m gonna tell you this, and this is a note to my African stars and artistes out there, don’t chase the American dream there are too many Selinaa Gomezs out here, not yet even conceived and there is only just a few chances not to kill your dream but be great where you are, that’s the only way to do it. They will come to you, organically no body is really giving chances to Africans like that, it’s when you shine in your space, is when the chances will come to you. Don’t kill yourself chasing the American dream,” said Ms. Mdee.

Vanessa Mdee with Rotimi
Vanessa Mdee with Rotimi

Vanessa has been dating Power actor Rotimi who is popularly known as Andre Coleman in the series and were first spotted together back in October 2019.

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