Love lives here! Vanessa Mdee and lover Rotimi get matching tattoos (photo)

Tanzanian songstress Vanessa Mdee and her Rotimi have taken their love to a higher notch.
They are without a doubt some of the most inspiring and encouraging couples in Africa.
They have also been serving couple goals online on end with their many romantic instances.
Well, the couple have now gotten matching tattoos.
Vanessa and Rotimi also got each other’s names tattooed on their bodies and during an Instagram live session, the couple showed off their tattoos after the Power actor was requested by his fans to talk about his visibly new body ink.

“Guys so I got a new tattoo. Let me show you real quick. So we got Jesus and his shepherds. And then we got stairs leading to heaven. There’s an eagle and some clouds and I still got my lion, remember? So we got Jesus and the stairs, eagle and all. You like it? Y’all rock with it? I got a name here that is kind of lit too,” he said.

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Before showing off the name tattoo, Rotimi asked Vanessa to show off hers first as he wasn’t sure if she wanted it to be known. “When you show yours I’ll show mine,” said Rotimi. The visibly excited Tanzanian beauty joined the live stream and showed off her tattoo situated right below her collarbone. “Here we go, you love it? Here is his name, and we have a baby lion with it right there,” she said.

The latest tattoo is ”1045” on their arms but they have not said anything about it.

‘My music talent saved me from feeling inferior’ Vanessa Mdee opens up

Singer Vanessa Mdee says she felt inferior among the rest while growing up.

Speaking on the final episode for the first season of Deep Dive podcast by Vanessa Mdee, she talked about inferiority complex with her bae Rotimi.

Both shared their experience;

Vanessa said she had to overcompensate because growing up she was physically small, shorter than everybody else.

“I did not see myself in great regard. My trauma comes from being teased as a child. So when I thought about my opinions, I did not speak as I grew older, I would overcompensate by being loud and the life of the party and have the final say.”

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Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi
Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi

Vanessa added that her music talent saved her.

“What saved me is the fact that I know I was very talented and I was ahead of time with the music I put out. I recognised I was comparing my work’s reception to everyone else.”

Rotimi on the other hand said that growing up in a Nigerian household, his father wouldn’t let them have an opinion.

“And it is not abuse, it is parenting. If you are not careful you can grow up feeling like your opinion has no weight and everyone around you, their answers are the right ones so you start feeling inferior about yourself not knowing where it comes from.”

He added that the age of 17 years, his mum encouraged him by making him feel he was making sense.

“But my dad being a strong African man made sure he was the man of the house so his word was the final word and nothing else mattered. I started breaking away from that saying my decisions are smart, I’m pretty wise.”

Listen to the podcast by opening her bio on Instagram;


Rotimi unveils secret details about relationship with Vanessa Mdee

Singer Vanessa Mdee is head over heels in love with Hollywood actor Rotimi.

The two were first spotted together in public at a Miami beach where Vee Money and the ‘Power’ actor were baecationing together.

Well, Rotimi has for the first time spoken about their relationship.

He revealed these details in his YouTube Channel while responding to a fan who asked “Dating expectations in relationships”.

He said;

“You have to be in the right mindset to date. Alot of people settle because they are afraid of being alone. Do not settle. 

Go into it knowing you are ready and you’ve accomplished what you’ve done on your own. 

Men and women get into a relationship because they don’t wanna be alone. I think that its unhealthy, for me, I’ve lived. I’ve done alot. Good and bad.

When you meet someone you love, its effortless and fly and it doesn’t come around often.”

Adding that;

“You will identify it, when you make sacrifices that better both of you. I think that you are ready. When you find someone that adds value to your life, its important to hold onto, if you are ready.”

Before they met at a party in the U.S, the two had been seeing other people. Mdee had just broken up with bongo artiste Juma Jux whom she had dated for years.

Vanessa Mdee and bae Rotimi in Tanzania for the first time

Jux then introduced his mzungu girlfriend from Thailand.

Vanessa on the other hand has been living with Rotimi in the U.S