Rose Muhando celebrates music streaming milestone


Rose Muhando has announced she has reached 3 million streams on Boomplay.

Gospel singer Rose Muhando is joyful and has her dedicated fans to thank for a good mood.

Muhando is celebrating hitting 3 million music streams on Boomplay. She told how much it means to her about loving her hit songs.

She is most proud tobe supported by the fans and industry.

“Nawashukuru mashabiki zangu wote mnaoendelea kunitia moyo katika huduma yangu. Nawashukuru waandishi wa habari, vyombo vya habari, watumishi wa Mungu na uongozi wangu kwa kuendelea kusapoti kazi yangu. Kwa muda mfupi tu tangu tufungue account yetu katika mtandao wa @boomplaymusic_tz tuna streams zaidi ya Million 3 hii inanipa nguvu ya kufanya zaidi. Nawapenda sana na kaeni tayari kubarikiwa zaidi. ” – Rose Muhando



Rose is among artistes who are the most searched in Kenya over the last 15 years, according to a Google list. She wrote “Special thanks to my loved God, my team from Ram entertainment and my manager @therealmakala_ #TRM and all who support the word of God”

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I was a staunch Muslim before I converted – Rose Muhando

Gospel singer Rose Muhando’s recent interview with Wasafi Media this week has revealed so much that we didn’t know previously about the controversial musician.

Muhando divulged that she was a staunch Muslim. She said that she went through tough periods, and sadly that the person she hoped would be a help in her life turned out to be the cause of her issues.

I was held hostage by a church elder for years – Rose Muhando

While answering a question on something that happened to her that almost made her stop believing in God, the singer disclosed that she was raised in a Muslim home and had grounded values.

“My father raised me well and with values as a Muslim girl. And he was someone who really held on to his religious values. So even when I converted to Christianity, I was not that shocked because I already knew God. Again, both religions really have similar values like the ten commandments,” she explained.

The mother of three also revealed she was a big fan of the late Michael Jackson and his music.

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I was held hostage by a church elder for years – Rose Muhando

Gospel singer Rose Muhando’s life is one that would do with a film biography as it has been filled with more drama than a regular Hollywood drama.

Rose, who has over the years made astounding revelations about happenings in her life, was recently interviewed by Wasafi Media and made another surprising confession.

The singer said that she had been held hostage for years by a person who was a church elder but not a genuine person.

“I didn’t have a voice to go and report. The one who had held me hostage couldn’t let me speak to anyone. For me to have this freedom, it cost me my own blood. The last days, I said I was ready to die. I told the person to do whatever they wanted to do to me.”

The emotional singer added, “It reached a point I wasn’t eating, I didn’t even like where I was living at. I cannot say the kind of torture I got and why they did that.”

They were paid to kill me! Rose Muhando discloses about househelps

Since her debut album in 2004, ‘Mteule Uwe Macho’, Muhando says she has been going through challenges and that she would get on stage and perform a few minutes after crying because of the pain.

“I was beaten up, my blood was flowing all over. The producers who were there witnessed everything. I went through a lot of challenges. I was being beaten while my kids watched.”

Muhando says the torture started when both her parents died. She recalled another horrifying experience with the church elder and two of his friends.

“I was beaten and told to kneel down. They put a gun on my head, asking for TSh15 million. They told me to say my last prayers and I started praying. It was raining. It was at a forest. They warned me against reporting and told me they would kill me if I did,” she said.

“There was a man who was looking after his flock and when he saw, he screamed and the three guys ran away.”

She denied the drug-related rumours. “People spoke a lot, they said I was taking drugs. I wondered because I don’t even know how drugs look like, what colour they are, even my doctor was very surprised because those rumours really went viral.”

She thanked Kenyan gospel artistes who came to her rescue.

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They were paid to kill me! Rose Muhando discloses about househelps

It is truly sad when an artist is known more for his/her personal life than for the music that made her famous in the first place.

One musician who has had that misfortune is gospel singer Rose Muhando whose beautiful voice and songs have been surpassed by the travails that she has faced in her life.

In a candid interview with Johnny Joo, Rose added more crazy information into some of the tough times that she had faced previously.

She told Johnny how some of her house helps had tried to kill her after getting counsel from her enemies. The “Nibebe” singer narrated how her domestic house helps were paid by her rivals to get rid of her.

”There is a team of over five or six people who had been put in place just to finish me. People who were very close. You know, people who will hurt you are those you know well. Even my house boy and a house girl who come from my village were used in a bid to finish me. I pitied them but their thank you was to get rid of me.” Muhando said.

The musician, however, thanked God for coming out successful but confirmed she had learnt her lesson, albeit the hard way.

”When worse came to worst, imagine everyone ran and shifted sides, people I had fed people had housed, turned against me on the eleventh hour. It was just me and my babies alone.” she added.

After those unfortunate events, she said that she also suffered depression but decided to fight and stand up again because she had no one else to fight for her.

The mother of 3 also said she won’t be getting married anytime soon as she decided this a long time ago and has never felt the need to change her ways.

According to Ms Muhando, her career cannot allow her to handle a man the right way. She went on to blame her single life on her busy schedule that has her moving from one city to another – if not a country.

“I have never gotten married since I do not think I can live with a man and handle him well. I travel a lot and so my work cannot allow me to be with him always. Maybe I find one who is very understanding, but I am careful with my job and I protect it so much.”

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“I was told I’ll die after 10 days!” Rose Muhando narrates

Rose Muhando was once the epitome of what a gospel singer should be with a beautiful and awe-inspiring voice that captured the minds and hearts of many East Africans, reigning at the top of the charts.

But the last few years, her life has been like a drama series with the singer being hospitalised and some speculating that she might have a psychological issue.

Rose Muhando with Reverend Lucy Natasha
Rose Muhando with Reverend Lucy Natasha

It got so bad that she was captured last year in a viral clip at Pastor Ng’ang’a’s church where the controversial cleric seemed to rebuking a foreign spirit from her.

But at least she seems to be on the mend since that clip emerged and has since spoken about that dark time saying that she had been told that she was going to die after 10 days.

Rose Muhando savagely addreses rumors of hospitalization

Speaking to Wasafi media, Muhando said, “Before I went through what I went through, there is a man of God that said, I was going to go through four hard things and the fourth one will be the hardest.”

“I went through all that and when the fourth time came, I was in Nairobi. 10 days before that, I was told that they will make sure that you are no longer exist under the sun.”

Rose Muhando
Rose Muhando

The ‘Nibebe’ hitmaker also revealed how her experience was here in Kenya.

“Bishop Ng’ang’a saw the vision and prayed for me and when I got my consciousness, I found myself at the hospital. I was not in a good state and they thought I was just sick but I thought it was my time. That’s when I met God and he filled me with strength and courage and I have known God because He has a reason why people go through what they go through.”

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Rose Muhando savagely addreses rumors of hospitalization

Once-upon-a-time gospel star Rose Muhando has come out to address rumors that she has fallen ill once again.


The Tanzanian singer, who has been sick over the past three years was angered by the rumors and speaking on her YouTube channel, she said,

‘Leo hii kuna clip inatembea mitandaoni Rose Muhando anaumwa sana amelazwa hospitalini…ukweli wapendwa naumia sana kila mara kutamkiwa magonjwa. Mimi sio store ya magonjwa. Wasifikiri kuwa shetani ana nyumbani kwao. Sidhani kwamba wao wako salama sana mpaka waone magonjwa hayo yaliletwa kwa sababu yangu,’ she said.


Do not give the church work of prayer and fasting for no reason. I am well and healthy. I am working for God. I got the news when I was rehearsing for my new album and I decided to address this. I’m not sick.

The Nibebe hit singer accused a man he identified as Silas for spreading rumors about her.

Below is the video

Her fans came out to support her and here are some of their messages;

Sarah Irara Wachaneni na Rose asifu Mungu wake, Mungu amlimpa uponyaji amtumikie. Lord silence every evil tongue against your servant 🙏🙏🙏

Blessed Mum Happy to see you mum,nilikuwa nimeshangaa kuona hiyo clip.

Knew Tech Live long life mommy. Hupigani mwenyewe unapiganiwa na mungu!huyo Silas ashindwe na alegee kwa jina layesu

Furahini Mbwambo Waache waseme ili Mungu awalipe vizuri, Kama wema ni akiba na ubaya pia ni akiba , Rose piga injili mpaka shetani achanganikiwe

Dives Thank God it was not true mama yao

Juliana Kilo Wakenya tunakupendaaaa, God is with you

Nelly Liz Usiogope naneno yao usitetemeke mbele yao usifadhaike mbele yao Rose sheitani isikusumbue anyamaze kimia na akatoweke Kara jina la Yesu Rose umeshinda tena zaidi ya kushinda

Anastacia Muchina Washidwe kwa jina la yesu mwimbie mungu rose ndio wachanganyikiwe.


Check out latest photos of Rose Muhando

Rose Muhando

Rose Muhando

Rose Muhando’s political song sparks reaction from Maina and Kingangi



Rose Muhando is back in the news and causes all sorts of storm in the country.

The singer has released a song praising President Uhuru and Kenyans for standing by her.

‘I don’t know if Rose Muhando is abusing drugs!’ Gospel star Stephen Kasolo confesses

The song dubbed shukran Uhuru is trending and it’s not too shabby according to the Classic 105 hosts.

Maina responded saying

Aki Tanzanian, you know these guys they know how to praise. You know when Harmonize released that cover for Kwangwaru, now he is Magufuli’s favorite artist. Hima nd Sauti Sol. You cannot tell Magufuli anything else, And he is making money like you can’t believe 

I must say I love the melody on this one. Good job Rose Muhando

Mwalimu Kingangi recalled other musicians who have ever sang for politicians including former President Moi saying

Moi ni mwingine, he was sang for all sorts of songs from Primary everyone sang for him 

Maina chimed in with a laugh saying

It must feel so good being praised

KOT have also shared their thoughts on the song with comments below


Atleast Rose Muhando knows what Kenya has done for her, unlike some other people in Somalia filled with greed


Many of us would give anything to up and leave our beloved country, citing many negativities, then comes Rose Muhando singing all praises and gratitude to the president, the country and its folks at large and waa, something to ponder on right there.

Rose Muhando breaks silence to tell fans ‘all is well’



Rose Muhando in her song “Uhuru” joins the long list of foreigners who unconditionally Love Kenya. I wonder where we derive the perennial self-hate. Europeans, Asians, Americans, and even Africans are choosing Kenya as their retirement destination. Lets learn to LOVE our country.



Kenyans after bearing a song by Rose Muhando praising President Uhuru and wishing blessings upon his family. She should have left Uhuru out of that song, otherwise it’s a good song.


People might have divided opinion about that Rose Muhando song, personally, it’s the best song I have heard from her. The execution was just on point 👌👏

Rose Muhando bounces back from rehab



Have you ever taken time to thank and appreciate those who have stood with you and made you who you are today.

Maybe Rose Muhando should be considered for


If Rose Muhando can refix that Uhuru song and remove the name Uhuru, That song will be our second national Anthem #KOTLoyals


So Rose Muhando decided to sing a song in praise of your president….I’m sure religious 🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜 and their radio stations are very happy.

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God is good! Rose Muhando looking good at Rev Natasha’s church

Rose Muhando is back and with a bang! The gospel singer is looking good and in high spirits. And where was she exactly? The musician was a guest at Reverend Lucy Natasha’s church on Monday this week.

The Tanzanian excited many when the images of her in the church hit the interwebs. In the photos that were released on Rev Natasha’s Instagram page, one can see the two strike intimate poses.

Rose Muhando with Reverend Lucy Natasha
Rose Muhando with Reverend Lucy Natasha

In another photo, we see Lucy praying for Muhando as she kneels face first in the ground. It is understood that Lucy invited Muhando to her church, The Oracle Of God. The church is also believed to have flown Muhando to Kenya and hosted her.

Rose Muhando with Reverend Lucy Natasha
Rose being prayed for

The photos are a sign that things are on the right track for Muhando as barely 6 months ago she was seen to look sick and disheveled. In a photo that did the rounds on social media, the singer’s hand’s appeared to be bandaged up and her skin was covered in blemish and what appeared to be wounds.

Rose Muhando breaks silence to tell fans ‘all is well’

During that period there was even a video that appeared of her in James Ng’ang’a’s church that showed the controversial pastor conducting an exorcism on her.

Rose Muhando with Reverend Lucy Natasha 2
Rose smiling with Reverend Lucy Natasha

The video caused a lot of alarm for the many people who viewed it with some wondering what was going on in her life. Whatever she is doing at the moment is working, let her keep it up.

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Rose Muhando breaks silence to tell fans ‘all is well’

Rose Muhando has taken upon her to thank her fans who were always with her and supported her in her ministry even when she was un-well.

The Tanzanian Gospel singer who had been unwell and admitted for four months said,

God has revealed himself in my life again because He has good plans for me. You have fought for my life with your prayers and I want to just ask God to bless you

Rose Muhando

The Gospel artist Rose Muhando is now finally back and feeling better.

Many times Ladasha Belle has proved she is a stylish celebrity baby!

The gospel singer caused anxiety after  a video surfaced not too long ago, allegedly of 10 demons talking about how they destroyed the gospel star’s career.

She shared photos of herself looking much better and healed after the illness.

Check out photos of the beautiful daughters of African Presidents

Rose Muhando
Rose Muhando

She is set to release a new song featuring  gospel artiste Stephen Kasolo, who took to his social media to share the good news to the world.

 Her fans were not left behind as they said as she confirmed the new hit.

They went to her social media saying,

praygasper11 :Asante Mungu…..kukuona tena katika kiwando chako kilekile Mama Etu….Mungu azidi kukuinua

fulvanny :👏👏👏👏👏afya tele kushukuru

marymichael686 :Great

y.janeth: 🙏❤

ellysteve100 :Amen

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Kamba gospel singer denies introducing Rose Muhando to drugs

Rose Muhando has been making headlines ever since a video went viral of her getting exorcised at Pastor Nganga’s church.



Pastor Ng’ang’a later claimed that Rose Muhando did not go through an exorcism but rather a spiritual healing process.

If anything, I wasn’t casting demons out of the musician,” Pastor Ng’ang’a.

Now, Rose did a song with a Kamba gospel artiste, Stephen Kasolo, called ‘Hautasumbuka Tena’

So the story doing rounds is that Kasolo is the one who hooked her up to some influential personalities. It even said that he is the one who took her to Pastor Ng’ang’a’s church.

His move did not go well with other gospel artistes who accused him of pushing her to do drugs.

But Kasolo has come out to deny the claims and speaking to The Nairobian, he made it clear that he did not introduce her to drugs or even having an intimate relationship with her.

“I’ve never introduced Muhando to drugs or had any intimate relationship with her. If anyone has evidence of that, they should come out and prove it. Some people claim that I’ve been hiding her. That’s not true. As a matter of fact, Rose’s relatives came for her to help her get further treatment and she left the country,” he told The Nairobian.

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Demons held me hostage, says ‘exorcised’ Muhando

A disturbing video of 10 “demons” talking about how they destroyed gospel star Rose Muhando’s career has surfaced online.

Rose has been down on her luck and hasn’t released any singles for years now. The last time she was seen in public was months ago. She looked like a shadow of her former self with bruises on her feet and a bandaged left hand.

In the exorcism, Rose is called to the altar by controversial Pastor James Ng’ang’a

“Rose, I asked you to come here. Why are they [demons] breaking your arms?” Ng’ang’a asked.

She approached meekly, ready to be prayed for.

Pastor Ng’ang’a starts praying for her and she falls down in a heap of tears.

“Run and go. Remove your baggage from her,” Ng’ang’a commands the demons. He then asks them how many they are and what they want.

“We are 10 demons. We have said she will not sing again. If she does, she spoils for all of us,” the demons say, using Rose Muhando’s voice.

After the demons run out of her body screaming, Rose wakes up and narrates that her life has been held hostage by the demons.

“I was tired. For three months they took everything. I couldn’t even pay my children’s school fees. My manager told me if I go back home, I will die. They dug a hole in my house and buried charms there.”

Pastor Ng’ang’a finishes off the exorcism by spraying her with something misty. Rose falls back down again and the pastor commands her to sleep. He then narrates how he has helped her.

“I did not know why you called me, but when she walked into my office I knew that she is not herself,” Pastor Ng’ang’a told the congregation.