Heroes forever:Five men in Riverside attack died protecting a woman

Tuesday, January 15, was a dark day in our history. It shall remain etched in our memories forever especially given that we lost 21 people.

Cellulant family members were going about their work.

• Ashford & Jeremiah were running a team meeting.

• Denis was at his desk preparing to join them.

• John & Kelvin were working on upgrading a key platform to increase capacity for customers.

• Wilfred had gone to the office to fix a customer issue.

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Brave men who lost their life in the Dusit attack
Brave men who lost their life in the Dusit attack

Family and friends throng CITAM for the funeral service of 6 brave men killed in the Riverside attack (Photos)

So, what happened on this tragic day that brought us here?

• At 3pm, a terrorist arrived at DusitD2 Hotel and walked towards the gate where he hurled an explosive at security agents.

• At 3.06pm there was a second explosion from the suicide bomber outside the

Secret Garden restaurant, followed by rapid gunfire in the vicinity of

Cavendish block that houses our headquarters. That was the trigger that all was not well.

• The team spread out on 5th & 6th floors, began to leave using the building’s emergency exit.

• Ashford, Dennis and Jeremiah & a couple of other leaders stayed behind to ensure they mobilised all staff members out of the building.

dusit employees running 3

‘I did not know that I was saying goodbye ‘ Friends mourn slain Dusit front office manager

• Anyone who knew them would know we’re not surprised that their last act was to make sure everyone else was safe.

• About 83 people managed to leave the building.

• At this point, one terrorist noticed this exit and began shooting at the streams of people. They blocked any further exit from the building

• 17 colleagues were effectively pinned down inside Cavendish block.

• With the gunshots ringing & echoing, it was difficult to tell how far or from which direction gunshots were coming.

Dusit Attack

‘He died on the eve of his birthday’ Larry Madowo mourns friend who died in the Riverside attack

• 6 colleagues sought refuge in a small room underneath the staircases on the first floor exit

• The other 11 ran upstairs and sought refuge in washrooms — two in the men’s, nine in the women’s.

• The terrorists eventually made their way to the fifth floor washroom, pulled out Ashford and shot him fatally.

• They also eventually started shooting and coming downstairs, discovering the six in hiding.

• They spoke to them briefly, introduced themselves as al Shabaab and shot into the team, killing five.

• One colleagues was miraculously unharmed. Jeremiah, Mike,  John, Kelvin and Denis  shielded her into the back corner behind them, removing her from sight.

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‘A delayed salon appointment saved my life from the Dusit attack ‘ – Mercy Masika

When Mercy Masika sang the song ‘Mwema’ she never in her life imagined that those words would ring true one day, but now they have and in a big way.

Mercy is among those who were lucky enough to survive the Dusit attack, as she was to be there for a meeting but God had other plans for her.


Migori man jumps inside coffin ready to die than live with wife

She together with Jalang’o had a meeting with a client, but since Jalang’o was in another meeting he got to the next meeting a bit late and couldn’t find a parking space so he double parked.

It took some time before his car was moved and a few minutes after Mercy left, news broke that Dusit was under attack.

Speaking about the issue, Mercy stated that in as much as she felt that she was being delayed for her salon appointment, the delay was more of a blessing.

“I’m grateful. It looked like a delay but it was a blessing. And also the people in the salon were ok, so it’s really a good thing. It was more like hurry up but then there were a lot of people to socialize with hapo. Of course I was feeling the delay but then I was kinda chatting with people. Later I was like haiya we delayed there, but we felt like it was God who protected us.”

Together forever: Lilian Muli reunites with her ‘Community hubby’ (Photo)

mercy masika


As for those affected by the attack, Mercy prayed that God will comfort them and their families.

“We pray for comfort especially for those who’ve lost family members. It’s really painful and we pray that God will comfort them.”

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Beauty and the beast: Here is wife to Dusit attacker Ali Gichunge

A prime suspect who is the wife of one of the terrorists linked to the attack at the Dusit hotel is on the run, after learning police are pursuing her.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation’s office told the Star the wife who lives in Eastleigh switched off her phone moments after she heard reports that she had been arrested.

violet kemunto

Willy Paul narrates how he escaped death at DusitD2 Riverside attack

“She had not been arrested as per the media reports but we were going for her in Eastleigh. Unfortunately, she changed the direction from where she was heading and started moving towards the Thika road side. Her phone then went off and we couldn’t continue trailing her,” said the detectives.

Ali Salim Gichunge alias Farouk
Ali Salim Gichunge alias Farouk

The Tuesday afternoon attack left at least 21 people dead and scores injured in what was said to a well-coordinated terror attack at the five-star hotel which took place at about 3.30pm.

More than 700 people trapped at the Dusit building were rescued despite the attack lasting 19 hours.

Things you did not know about the slain Briton in the Dusit attack, whose girlfriend is a Kenyatta University student

“It is unfortunate the information leaked to the media and got its way to social media before we executed the arrest,” said an insider.

Interior CS Fred Matiangi told media the operation to rescue victims had ended.

Farouk's wife

“We have finished the first part of rescuing the victims. We are now focused on the second phase to investigate and arrest anyone who would have taken part in the attack,” Matiangi said.

The suspect would have been the second to be arrested after detectives swung into action following the terror attack at the 14 Riverside Drive complex. The first one, said to be the wife of the terrorist, was arrested on the City outskirts in Muchatha, Ruaka.

On Wednesday, investigators visited the Muchatha home of one of the slain terrorists and recovered bomb-making materials.

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‘I did not know that I was saying goodbye ‘ Friends mourn slain Dusit front office manager

Among those who tragically lost their life in the riverside attack include Benadette Konjalo who was the front office manager at Dusit.

According to some of the people who knew her, she was a sweet soul who will be dearly missed. Dusit came under attack around 3pm  Tuesday.

Here are some of her photos.


‘He died on the eve of his birthday’ Larry Madowo mourns friend who died in the Riverside attack





RIP: Victims of riverside attack identified (photos)





Below are some of the condolence messages from her friends who are still trying to come to terms with the death of one of their own.

Chi Ppewa: Oh Bernadette!😞 Sad news indeed rest in peace angel. God loved you more
Wakesho Mwashigadi: Spoke to you on Monday morning little did I know that I was saying goodbye to you mrembo. . Been calling you Jana in vain. Shine on your way beautiful.
Bella Deivad: Sad news indeed. rest in eternal peace
Billy Whitemasai: Rip Bernadette.Still cant come to terms with what happened.
Qui Qimani: Soo Sad too Unbelievable…. Shine on your way Benaa…Rest in Peace 😔😔😔😔
Es OtienoBernadette it still seems so unreal. Rest in peace.
Roberto Cuda: I’m feel so sad today…speechless… Rest in peace Bernadette Konjalo
Ivy Anyonge: Rip so so sad had the pleasure of working with you at the tribe. My prayers are with your family. 😢

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‘He died on the eve of his birthday’ Larry Madowo mourns friend who died in the Riverside attack

Larry Madowo is mourning the death of his friend James Oduor, who lost his life in the Riverside attack.

Oduor worked with LG whose offices are located at 14th Hannover – an adjacent block to the D2 Hotel.

Heartbreaking: Relatives of the Dusit attack victims arrive at Chiromo mortuary for body identification

James Oduor

He also ran an online football television – Wadau TV.

He died on the eve of his birthday.

“My friend from university was killed on the eve of his birthday. This was his last tweet. He was one of the nicest, happiest people I’ve ever met. Rest well, Odu, nind maber. The world is better because you lived.
James Odu Cobra @Oducobra Waaaah. What’s happening at 14 riverside fam? Any news from out there? ”


He was among the LG staff who held a meeting with the Sports Journalists Association of Kenya officials at the company’s offices yesterday, shortly before the terror attack.

Here are his photos

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-16 at 10.04.03-1 WhatsApp Image 2019-01-16 at 10.04.02

Grab some tissue: Viral photo of woman serving breakfast at 14 Riverside Drive

James Oduor




Below are some of the condolence messages from his friends expressing their shock.

Sandra Camara: Noooooo no no no not you James Oduor Cobra my heart is bleeding,my heart is heavy,am in pain…. Return if possible odu

Akiteng Deedee: So sad,may his soul rest in peace

@lindahoguttu: I am so sorry Larry….may he rest in peace and may God give his family strength.

@catherinemwalo1: May his soul rest in peace

@BethMunyua: Rest in Peace Jaymo. He was a close friend to my desk mate

@EmmanuelIgunza: Devastated. He brought so much joy everywhere he went! He will be missed!

AkokoMary: May his soul RIP .rest easy comrade

@ChristineBetina: May his soul rest in eternal peace . it is well

Here is the Ugandan prophet who had prophesied the Riverside attack before it had even happened

Kenya has had a tough 16 plus hours after one of the 5 star hotels in Nairobi Riverside area was attacked by terrorist, leaving many injured.

Early last year on the 3rd of February 2018, Jeremiah Ndawaula a self-proclaimed prophet had prophesied that Kenya will be attacked again.

“Goodmorning, evening, afternoon! 3rd, Feb, 2018. Just in the middle of the month of September 2018 one of the prominent politician shall go “die”.
Prayers needed. 2018, October 7th and 10th, earthquake in Kampala and the neighboring country Kenya, only one child will be reported dead. 2019, January, 14 at midnight, the nation of Kenya will be attacked again and Nigeria also on 28th May. Prayers needed. Do not forget to share. God bless you.”

Exposed: CCTV footage showing faces of possible Riverside Drive attack suspects



Jeremiah  who has been known to prophesy a lot but mostly the worst in various African countries.

Just before we lost Uganda’s superstar, Radio from the group Radio and Weasel, the prophecy was made about the 25-year-old Jeremiah Ndawula.

‘Through thick and thin’ Here is the family of Ron Ng’eno, a survivor of the Riverside attack

Jeremiah who lives in Germany works at Jeremiah Ndawula Ministries and at Jeremiah Ndawula Investments.

He Studied at Kampala International University (KIU) Main Campus.

In his line of work, he manages Jeremiah Ndawula Ministries.

Rest in peace to those who died in the attack.

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Police officer injured in new explosion at Riverside drive attack

A police officer has been injured a while ago after an explosion went off at the 14 Riverside drive attack scene in Westlands.

Boinnet said that security agencies have secured six out the seven floors of the house.

Riverside Attack: Kenyans praise hero Inayat Kassam for rescue efforts

Riverside attack


He said the multi-agency operation is still ongoing to neutralise the attackers still believed to be inside.

“All the six floors have been secured and our teams are moving to secure the remaining building within the premises,” Boinnet added.

Exposed: CCTV footage showing faces of possible Riverside Drive attack suspects

Though the IG has not disclosed many details on the attackers, he said the “criminal activity” started at 3 pm when the gunmen stormed the I&M bank within the premises.

Photos of the officers being placed in  a car have been released to us and here they are.

Riverside attack

‘Through thick and thin’ Here is the family of Ron Ng’eno, a survivor of the Riverside attack

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-16 at 09.37.12-1 WhatsApp Image 2019-01-16 at 09.37.14

Hospitals are still appealing for help from Kenyans to donate blood to help the victims who might need transfusion.

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