You’re a$$ is like a basket…just mavi – Kenyan abuses Bridget Achieng

Since she gave birth a couple of years ago, Lady Risper Faith wasn’t as happy with the body she got after child-birth. So much so that she underwent a liposuction procedure in October.

The procedure which isn’t without its risks (the complications from this procedure killed Kanye West’s mother) and at least Risper’s went without a hitch.

Since then she has been flaunting photos of her surgically enhanced figure 8 body and I for one can’t blame her. If you got it, show it.

Bridget Achieng speaks candidly about Risper Faith’s liposuction (Exclusive)

The photos which show the mother of 2 in all her splendour and glory have fascinated netizens with many commenting on the new and improved socialite.

But while the comments might be overwhelmingly positive, there are those whose job is to provide contrarian view-points, as is their democratic right.

So far she has lost most of the fat on her waistline but judging by how her arms look…. well we can understand why fans feel she looks weird.

The photo shared on her Instagram page may have been shared to show off her tiny waist and big bum; but fans in the comment section could not help talking about how ‘unproportional’ she now looks.

Some of those crazy comments are below:

Hii inatusaidia na nini sasa.

Mih akiweza kunipa narudisha tu.

But why does it look inaccurate? It doesn’t look curvy.

Anaweza kijupanguza vizuri hio ndio kitu nataka kijua.

[email protected] juu juu kama breaks za Honda

You’re ar*e is like a basket this days..just mavi

What do you think about these opinions?

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Bridget Achieng speaks candidly about Risper Faith’s liposuction (Exclusive)

Bridget Achieng is not a lady who is a shrinking violet. The popular socialite-cum-business lady recently spoke to me about one of her great friends, Risper Faith.

Risper for those of you who aren’t aware underwent liposuction to deal with the excessive weight in her abdomen, something she revealed last week.

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Wacheni nikaringe manake nimeteseka kunona siku mingi Pictures by @paulpichaz Body by @bodybydesignkenya

A post shared by Risper Faith -Njunge (@ladyrisper) on

Bridget said that she understood where her friend’s motivations were coming from and was happy for her. But she stated that she herself wouldn’t do it as she answers only to herself.

She called me the other day about it. You know we are very tight, you know motherhood and all. We talk, if she doesn’t know something she will ask me as I am a single mom who makes decisions for herself. For her she is in a partnership with her husband and so all her decisions have to be made with him. When you are married you can’t make a decision by yourself. Risper can’t just wake up and go.

She added,

Me I can leave the house at 12 midnight and no one will ask me sh!t. She called me about what was going on a few days ago…Risper is my girl but at the moment I am not in that place in my life. Me I am yoloing, nobody is asking me why have you added weight. 

But Bridget was quick to give support her homegirl saying,

But I am happy for her. At least she is comfortable. Brian is a nice guy. He has changed Risper a lot. I understand the risk she went through going for that procedure. There are potential side-effects that people don’t tell you about, that you will forever have and you know that she is a CS mom like me. So at any point, there is no time she will 100%. But I understand. She wants to be sexy mama milf. Hahaha!

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Kenyan female celebrities with an amazing shoe-game (Photos)

Some women obsess over handbags, while others would sell a kidney for a pair of shoes. From Louboutins to Giuseppe Zanotti to Manolo Blahnik, women want it all and one is just never enough.

Christian Dior was right when he said that too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet.

Here are some female Kenyan celebrities whose footwear undoubtedly seem to fetch quite a fortune!

  1. Victoria Kimani

Forget all things expensive, the finest shoes are Miss Kimani’s best friends for life! If you invite her to your wedding, be ready to suffer the humiliation of her banging body and stunner shoes.

2. Sharon Mundia

From flats to ankle boots to heels, this fashion and lifestyle blogger leaves nothing to chance.

Can we just agree Sharon looks spectacular always?

13395002_630338957116623_471890400_n 10311322_1141695882541462_990453229_n 11022792_423500244498816_1314869630_n

3. Huddah Monroe

From designer wears to her exquisite pairs, her shoe collection is indeed the envy of many girls! (1) (2)

4. Nancie Mwai

Doesn’t she already give you goosebumps with her incredible taste for juicy makeup photos? Well, this fashion blogger is absolutely doing the most with her shoe vogue to make sure she doesn’t go unnoticed (3)13722230_282178822148513_1430662211_n

5. Anerlisa Mungai

This curvaceous lass seems to have a fetish for classy and expensive shoes as she always steps out looking radiant. Manolo Blahnik should crown their newly found brand ambassador already!


6. Joy Kendi

Her style is best described as funky and unique and phenomenally seems to pay close attention to her shoes!

7. Diana Marua

Signora Bahati as she best describes herself on Instagram always steps out in beautiful footwear. Her shoes can only be put into one word: breathtaking


8. Pendo (The Ghetto Princess)

If you ever need motivation not only to breaking barriers preferentially in business with what to wear with what kind of shoes, she’s your go to girl to turn heads for a date and office day.


9. Risper Faith

Risper is mounting pressure on new mothers for her beautiful home and her shoes every day with her seemingly new shoes in the kitchen!


10. Brenda Wairimu

This profound actress always knows what shoe to wear with what outfit especially when it comes to flats and high heels.

This just goes to show how much attention girls pay to their footwear!


So honey, keep slaying your dragons as it not only reveals a lot about your personality and body language but also your attitude!



Risper Faith looks back at intimate wedding ceremony


Risper Faith Njunge remembered the day she exchanged vows with husband and the people who shared that moment with them.

She wrote

I love you so much words cant explain how you make me feel

TV girl and entrepreneur Risper Faith married the hunk in a lavish wedding held in Nairobi a year ago.

Risper Faith wants to hire a nanny for Sh80,000

Whenever she looks back at her relationship, Risper has also frequently thanked their family and friends for being their guide as they started their journey as a married couple.


Risper met Brian after he DM’d her and told her he will travel back to Kenya to meet her.

She disclosed in an interview that she thought it was all jokes and only got to understand the magnitude when he jetted in, and they met.

Their whirlwind romance kicked off leading to an engagement and later lavish nuptials.

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Risper Faith wants to hire a nanny for Sh80,000

Kenyans love to say tumia pesa ikuzoee!

Socialite Risper is at it again when she went on her social media account to announce that she is looking for a nanny to take care of her new born child.

But that is not even what is attractive. What attracted our eyes, is the sum of money that she is willing to pay for a nanny or domestic worker if you would like to call them. We know how much domestic workers get paid in Kenya and it is not what the socialite is willing to pay.

An attractive sum of Ksh. 80,000 is the start up salary that she is willing to pay to the nanny that will get the job. But the job comes with conditions, where the applicant must be of 35 years old, have 5 year experience with children and in the job and must be ready to travel with the family.

Serious applicants only will be considered as she posted on her Instagram, availing her email address for applicants to send their CVs in.

Shocked and in disbelief, her fans commented on her post asking whether it was true or a hoax for some claiming how such amount is their dream job salary.

One person commented, asking whether the business lady had a typing error where it was meant to be Ksh. 8,000 other that Ksh. 80,000. The person wrote, ‘Did u mean 8,000 or 80,000 😭’

 Another fan wrote, “I can leave my degree to just take care of your baby, and travel the world with you. That is my dream salary,and your paying for nanny job then i don’t need any degree. I have taken care of my 5 younger siblings i think that is enough experience.”
With such a lump sum of money who wouldn’t want to be employed and be a nanny and get the privilege of traveling the world?
A Gazette Notice signed by Labour Cabinet SecretaryUkur Yattani dated December 19 stated that those living in all former municipalities and town councils should pay their workers a monthly salary of Ksh 12,522 or a daily rate of Ksh 600.
This was aimed at improving the working conditions for those employed in the informal economy.


Read about Risper Faith’s pregnancy struggles: ‘At times I am tempted to take sleeping pills’

Socialite Risper Faith and her lover Brian are happily married.

The couple has been vlogging about their life and it seems all is well in paradise as they await the birth of their first-born child.


Heavily pregnant Risper Faith has shared her pregnancy struggles and it’s no different from any pregnant woman. She is experiencing different challenges among them cravings, fatigue, lack of sleep.


Through her YouTube channel, she said;

Its been a struggle. I can’t sleep especially at night because there’s too much weight on my stomach. When I sleep on my left hips ache a lot whereas when I sleep on my right the weight comes to the other side hence making it hard for me to sleep. At times I am tempted to take sleeping pills but it’s not advisable.

Pregnant mothers are advised to sleep on the left and the socialiate says;

During the day, I try to get busy as much as I can so that at the end of the day I’m very tired and when I go to bed, I sleep immediately.

Risper Faith

She is seven months pregnant and says it’s not easy.

At times I try to put a pillow in between my legs but it’s uncomfortable

Risper also says that bending is a challenge and applauds her husband for being there for her.

Brian has been very supportive during the whole pregnancy journey. At times when I’m unable to wear my socks he helps me put them on as well as shoes when I’m about to step out.

The former Nairobi Diaries reality star admits she has gained several kilograms and is looking forward to maintaining her hourglass figure.

I feel like i’m fat. I can no longer wear my normal clothes. They don’t fit anymore. I’m used to size 28 waist and hips 54. I’m a  16 but right now I’m wearing size 18. After giving birth, will stay for nine months then undergo surgery so as to get back my sexy body.

Brian was not for the idea of surgery and told his wife that she was going to work out and not go under the knife.

I’m sure you’ll bounce back. Don’t worry about your body. But incase you will still want surgery, well and good.

Risper also revealed that she has crazy cravings;

I have been having weird cravings but I have a good support system. When ‘m craving junk or sugary things, I just take yogurt rich in vitamins.

She has not experienced swellings around her body parts like most pregnant women.


Here Comes The Bride: Risper Faith And Brian Set To Wed Come February

Risper Faith and Brian traditionally got married last year and we have been eagerly waiting for the white, and the time is right around the corner.

According to The Raverend’s Juice, Risper Faith’s fairy tale ends with a white wedding set for early February in Nairobi. The Raverend cannot reveal the date and venue because the information is private and confidential.

However, Nairobi Diaries enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Risper Faith and Brian have set the date finally and the invites have been sent out.

Please note, of the entire cast, only Bridget has been invited, even though Luwi had initially stated that he too had been invited and he will be attending the wedding all for Risper.

The female cast that claimed they had affairs with the groom, Brian, were dis-invited.

You will also notice that the couple did not show up for the reunion in which Mishi and Lisa exchanged words. For obvious reasons. The last thing a couple needs is someone shading their relationship and casting aspersions on it.

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Move Over Vera: This Is The Surgery Risper Faith Is Undergoing (Photos)

Risper Faith has always been open about what she’s doing or planning to do. She has shared on several occasions photos on social media of her mansion, which is still under construction.

Together with her boyfriend, Brian, they have decided that paying rent is not an option, considering they are about to tie the knot.


Even with all the money being thrown towards building the mansion, Risper has some to spare. Nairobi D must be paying her a good sum.

She’s Balling: This Is The Ridiculous Amount Risper Faith Chopped For A Table (Photos)

She went ahead to reveal that she’s scheduled for a liposuction and that she wants her tummy fat to be removed so as to have a tiny waist.

Liposuction, or simply lipo, is a type of cosmetic surgery that removes fat from the human body in an attempt to change its shape.


She said, “I’m scheduled for a liposuction tomorrow. Should I record it for you guys or nah?”

Risper went ahead to admit that she’s scared and excited at the same time but still can’t wait to get a smaller waist.

Check out the screenshots below: