Nairobi Aviation College students riot over expose’

Students of Nairobi Aviation College on Monday morning took to the streets to protest against and expose’ aired on NTV alleging corruption at the institution.

The investigative news story’ claimed to show how easy it was a for a student to acquired a fake certificate without attending classes or get registered into the institution even without the required documents.

The institution’s management has since denied any wrongdoing.

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Narok women protest against negligence from their men

Hundreds of Maasai women in Narok County staged a demonstration to protest the move by their husbands to neglect their family’ responsibilities.
The, angry women who demonstrated at Katakala area, said their husbands spend most of their time away in trading centers only for them to return and sell the livestock.
“Our husbands arrive home at the late at night and leave very early in the morning to spend time with other women who have flooded our trading centers.

They have totally ignored their conjugal duties,” said Naisuya.
Naisuya added the men threaten them that they will send them back to their maternal homes when they demand that they be responsible.
“Children have been asking about their fathers who only arrive when drunk.

Some even take weeks before they return and they only come to sell cows before taking off to their concubines,” She said.
She also noted: “We do not know what these women have given our men.

We want to chase them because we do not want our children to be denied parental love,” said the woman.