“Your publicity stunts are boring” Eric Omondi tells Ringtone


Comedian Eric Omondi has termed Kenyan entertainers as boring. The self proclaimed president of comedy says Tanzanians have by far surpassed the Kenyan showbiz thanks to their kiki.

Speaking to The Star, Omondi went on to slam Ringtone for being so old fashioned in his stunts

“….They (Kenyan celebrities) are predictable and doing normal things. You recently saw Ringtone pretending he has been arrested. That is old fashion. They should be creative,” he said

He went on to praise Rayvanny and Harmonize for their recent scandal;

“What Harmonize and Rayvanny are doing is showbiz. Kenyan artistes should wake up,” he said.

“These two are using a created beef to promote their new songs yet our artistes here are sleeping and boring. Yaani everyone is talking about Tanzanian artistes. They are earning billions from those kinds of beef.”


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He urged Kenyan celebrities to be diverse in promoting their content

“Stop being boring, entertainment is not all about singing. We know Rayvanny and Harmonize can sing but they are now being diverse. They are adding flavour to their songs. That is where Kenyan entertainment is failing.”

Omondi has been known to be one of the celebrities who loves using publicity stunts that barely anyone believes anything he does is true.

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Video emerges of barefoot and handcuffed Ringtone being arrested

A video clip has emerged allegedly showing the arrest of musician Ringtone Apoko by the police. In the video that has trended online, 3 policemen can be seen arresting Mr. Apoko who tries to resist. The cops are unrelenting and end up carrying the unwilling participant to the back of their car.

A handcuffed and barefoot Ringtone can be seen lying in the boot of the car after the cops are done with him. Kenyans on social media were divided on whether the video was authentic or was another publicity stunt by the “Kula Mawe” who is well-known for loving the theatrics.

The ones who were convinced of the video’s validity questioned how a man could be arrested on the basis of hearsay and word of mouth alone?

This sentiment is of course directed at the recent war of words between Ringtone and Bridget Achieng. The past week Bridget has been alleging that the singer not only raped her but that he had a case to answer to 6 more women that she knew of.

As I was on the couch waiting for the producer he closed the door and grabbed me and pinned me down and that is how the assault happened. I went to Westland’s police station and tried to report just the way I was, So there was no money involved I was just a young girl chasing her dream,” Bridget recalled.

The singer has maintained his innocence calling out the former socilaite for clout-chasing.

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6 more girls also suffered! Bridget Achieng ramps up allegations against Ringtone

The war of words between socialite Bridget Achieng and Ringtone doesn’t seem to be abetting any time soon. First off, a little back story.

Bridget had earlier in the week claimed that she had been raped by gospel artist Ringtone a few years ago, something that the singer quickly shut down, saying that she was clout-chasing.

His viewpoint was echoed by some people online who asked how she had been able to keep quiet with the news for the past 7 years?

Ringtone even insulted Miss Achieng by calling her a “fat cow” while dismissing the claims of raping her and says that this was just a means of spoiling his name.

Bridget Achieng explains the sexism she has faced as a woman in the events industry

But the mother of one is tenacious and has refused to be relegated to mere clout-chaser.

In fact, she came out with more information concerning the particular date when the alleged assault occurred.

She claims she met him in church after he approached her and praised her for her good singing.

He later invited her to his house to record there; claiming he had a recording studio in his house.

”We were seated on the couch. We were waiting for the producer… And he locked the door, went with the key. All of a sudden the man came back and was just talking to me. All of a sudden he just grabbed me. The next thing I knew I was down and the rest is history…”

That wasn’t the worst part. She also alleged that he had done the same to 6 more girls! And guess what Ringtone’s response has been to the new allegation?

He posted a video clip of himself singing his popular 2020 song, “Zoea Mawe”.

The gist of the song is about how the Christian life is tough and one should be ready for mud-slinging as the Lord promotes them.

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Ringtone finally responds to Bridget Achieng after she accused him of s3xual assault

Singer Ringtone Apoko is in under the kosh at the moment. The reason for that is the accusations that former socialite Bridget Achieng accused him of sexual assault.

Bridget dropped the bombshell allegation this past Monday stating that he had s3xually harassed her a few years ago, but she didn’t have the courage to talk about the ordeal until this week.

Achieng alleged at that the time, Ringtone had invited her to his house in Westlands and took advantage of her, saying nothing could be done to him.

“I travel around the world and I don’t see other countries justifying rape the way our men go out there and they start justifying rape. It’s not funny… Right now someone’s daughter is lying critically ill in the hospital but men are going live to spit nonsense… I’m coming in as somebody who has been in the same situation in my life.”


“I went out to meet this man Ringtone. And I put my life in Ringtone’s arm, thinking this man is going to help in my career as a musician and as a choir girl. He told me, come to my house. And this man took advantage of me. I’ve never talked about it…” said Bridget Achieng.

But as many of you know, Mr. Apoko isn’t a man scared of meeting any accusation or insinuation head-on, in fact he loves starting fights.

In his response, Ringtone called out Bridget and asked her to stop chasing clout using his name. He said that in his time in the industry, a lot of people cancelled him in the music industry on different grounds, but he has remained relevant by the grace of the God he serves.

“…Kijana wa Yesu nimsafi, Kijana wa Yesu ako na class. Kijana wa Yesu niko na standard, sometimes msinilinganishe na vitu sijui zinakaa aje. Mimi ni Kijan wa Yesu, ingekuwa ni kwa sababu yenu nyinyi ambapo mnaniongea ningekuwa nilikufa nikasahaulika. Lakini Mungu amewazidi akili…hamnigusi niko na Baba” said Ringtone in part.

Watch his sarcastic response that is full of bravado and chest-thumping below:

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Xtian Dela is a broke man, we are not on the same level – Ringtone declares (exclusive)

Ringtone and Xtian Dela are at war. The reason for that is Shakila’s interview with Dela where she alleged that Ringtone had slid into her DMs, something the gospel singer strenuously denied.

He went on to threaten Xtian Dela that if he continued with such behavior, he would send a couple of gay men to rape him in a video he has since pulled down.

Xtian Dela quickly responded to Ringtone’s video and threatened to expose Ringtone for who he is, requesting for some of his followers to come forward with scandalous information about the gospel singer.

When I asked the singer what he had to say about this threat, he said that he wasn’t afraid.

“He should expose me then. I am a public figure. Anybody who has anything about me, let them print, let them post, neither am I paying anybody to be exposed. Let him do it. Let him expose him. Tell him to do it quickly. He is failing his evil fans.”

He then went on to add that he was wondering why the prominent social media influencer hadn’t yet turned up any crazy information about him.

“I went to sleep early-you know as rich people do that-waiting for big things to be dropped by him, kumbe it’s all fake stuff. He is failing his fans or he will lose credibility.”

She isn’t even in my class like Zari – Ringtone dismisses socialite Shakila (exclusive)

Mr. Apoko then savagely attacked Xtian’s pocket. “I know he is a broke man. I don’t fear anything from him. Dela is paying rent, I am living in my own home. When I wake up I count the number of cars that I have. Dela is paying a loan. Between me and him who should be afraid? I do not sing to get money. I do it because of the love of God.”

Ringtone explained that he had deleted his controversial video because his pastor had called him and told him to remove it. He said that the video has served its purpose as the bloggers had already seen it and published it.

The singer then went on to say that Shakila had been coached poorly by Xtian and that some of her facts weren’t accurate.

“Tell him that when he is coaching that girl (Shakila) he should do it well and not the way he has done. When she says that I have a grey Mercedes Benz, that isn’t true cause I haven’t ever owned one.”

Ringtone feels that Xtian is trying to get clout and that the interview was one way to go about it. “Xtian Dela wants clout and he had coached Shakila to name big celebs.”

Adding, “He has called me many times to go to his live and I have refused. Me and Xtian Dela don’t know each other personally. I don’t have his number and maybe he has mine. We are not on the same level, with all due respect.”

He finished off by saying that he would pray for Xtian. “I will pray for him. You see he is a pagan. I will pray for him and prayer works.”

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We don’t tolerate such gay behaviour! Ringtone tells Willy Paul and Bahati

Most people are well aware that Gospel artist Ringtone Apoko is a troll, a job that he takes seriously and does with a zeal that Ezekiel Mutua, the Kenya Film Classification Board(KFCB) CEO would be most proud of.

In the past month, Ringtone has been a stalwart in the defense of morality in the Kenyan media space attacking comedian Eric Omondi for his show, Wife Material, even offering Ksh 100K to whoever burned down Eric’s house where the show was being conducted.

But now that Eric has been chastened by the pure and morally upright KFCB board, Ringtone has had to find a new target to set his sights on.

Interesting thing is that the singer who can best be described as a barking dog has no new ideas when it comes to choosing targets on that front.

So he went back to his comfort zone of attacking former gospel singers like Bahati and Willy Paul, musicians who have been prime meat for his indignation.

This time Mr. Apoko has decided to take his dissing to a whole other level accusing the two of being gay! This comes after a photoshopped picture of Bahati and Willy Paul emerged, which Ringtone posted on his Instagram with his incendiary claim.

Bahati and willy had been engaged in a playful photoshop back and forth where each had interchanged the other’s face on different photos.

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Mr. Apoko used this fight as an opportunity to muddy his hands and get some clout writing that the gay behavior was not accepted in the gospel industry. Forgive his poor English, but this is what he wrote,



The interesting this is that Bahati and Willy Paul don’t like each other but one thing that they have for each other is mutual respect-Something I think Ringtone craves from the public and fellow musicians, as witnessed in his constant machinations and cries for attention.

This diss will do nothing to Willy or Bahati. As I said earlier, the musician is a hollering dog. Hollering dogs never bite.

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Ringtone’s antics are doing more damage to the gospel industry than Bahati and Willy Paul ever did

Ringtone Apoko is one of the most divisive musicians in Kenya. The artiste is one of the most consistent gospel singers around as he keeps releasing great music that Christians can rally around.

But he is super-frustrating for me! Why? His constant need to keep himself in the spotlight detracts from the message in his music.

Just this week, Mr. Apoko decided to complain about God not giving him a BMW I8 he had fasted and prayed for. The gospel singer had previously promised that if God doesn’t gift him the car in 4 weeks, he would quit gospel music.

He added that during that period, he would go into fasting and prayer for God to gift him the ride. ”BREAKING NEWS 🔥 🔥 🔥 RINGTONE QUITES NOW 🔥 🔥 🔥 AM SORRY PLEASE🙏🙏🙏 AM PRAY AND GOD IS REFUSE TO GRANT MY PRAYER NOW AM QUITE IMMEDIATELY SEE U AGAIN GOD WILLING 😭😭”

“As a young man, I wanted to marry an older Mzungu woman” Ringtone comes clean

He has not been clear as to whether he will keep his promise to quit gospel music or not. In the video he posted on his Gram, he said something contrary to what he has written. ”Looks like Jesus decided to embarrass me.”

In the same video, he goes on to say that he had already bought a helicopter. How can he buy a helicopter and fail to buy a BMW I8? This was the same thought that comedian Jalang’o had. He replied to Ringtone. ”Chairman you will kill me with wisdom…You just bought helicopter but you cant buy BMW i8?”

My thoughts

And this is what saddens me. The man is clearly a good singer who can let his art speak for him but keeps on having to resort to publicity stunts to keep Kenyans engaged.

And I believe that his music is good enough to warrant play without any of the shenanigans that he keeps on propagating.

It ends up lessening him and his music contrary to the effect former gospel artistes Willy Paul and Bahati have when they court controversy to sell their music.

But what do I know…

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Ringtones BMW ultimatum to God is because he grew up in the streets

Two weeks ago, Ringtone Apoko announced that he is giving God an ultimatum. It was that if he does not grant him the gift of a BMWi8, then he will abandon the gospel.

In fact, he also mentioned that he will hurt himself. Days are going by and it is almost the deadline. He took to social media with an explanation as to why he set that ultimatum.

Ringtone with the helicopter
Ringtone with the helicopter

Ringtone simply put it that he has grown in poverty and he just wants to celebrate a win.

“Here is the reason why Jesus must gift me the BMW i8 b4 am quite gospel music asap🙏🙏🙏🙏 have never celebrated a birthday since I was born bcos my dad is die when am 5 years and my grandmother who is raise me after my mom is abandon me on street, is die when am 7 years. Am grow on street true rejection but am start singing music and am preach and many are get saved 🙌 🙏 👌 💯 ❤this car is go to make me forget all bad things in life please help me pray well 🙏” Ringtone wrote

Excuse his English, but you get the point, he just wants to feel good at least and the other reason he gave the first time, was so that he can shame secular artistes. They cannot afford such luxury yet they refuse to accept God in their lives, who is the ultimate provider.

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“As a young man, I wanted to marry an older Mzungu woman” Ringtone comes clean

Controversial artiste Ringtone Apoko has yet dropped another bombshell for Kenyans after his recent interview on a popular TV station.

The singer disclosed how his strong desire to be wealthy, drive good cars and lead a successful life nearly saw him marry an old mzungu woman.

For those who don’t know, the musician came from a humble background with with mud-housing what he was accustomed to.

But that didn’t stop him from having enviable dreams, in particular, to live in a cemented house and have an expensive shoe collection.

The problem is that he was a virtual orphan (having never met his mother and father) he decided to get a plan to achieve his goals.

“I first went to Mombasa at age 14, to find a good life. I was told in Mombasa, there are older Mzungu women who marry young African men.”

One tyre cost me 34k! Ringtone reveals amount he spent fixing his Range Rover (exclusive)

He thought that having a white woman would become the route to achieving his dreams.

“Nilienda Mombasa kwa beach kutafuta mshosho Mzungu anibuyie gari, anipandishe ndege. Anifanye niishi kwa nyumba cemented, anifanye tu nikuwe msee kasonko,” he openly revealed.

When he arrived in Mombasa, Ringtone went to work asking a local there to help him get an American woman who could fund him but that wouldn’t happen as the local set him straight.

But the guy he talked to instead asked him to give his life to Jesus and forget the old Mzungu women.

“I told the man that the Jesus I have heard about is fake. But he convinced me to give it a try and that is how I started cleaning church pews in Makupa and went to high school where I started gospel music,” he explains.

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Ringtone declares support for Wema Sepetu after trolls hate on her struggling hairline

I never would have thought I would ever put the name Ringtone and Wema Sepetu in the same sentence? But today is that day.

The reason for that; Wema Sepetu is one of the latest celebs to love his new gospel jam featuring Christina Shusho. In a video that has since gone viral, the former Miss Tanzania 2006 is seen dancing along to the gospel song.

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Although Wema is a proclaimed Muslim, that doesn’t mean she can’t dance along to a song that can give her some respite from the criticism that she has been receiving this past weekend, something the singer hinted at in his lovely message to her on his Instagram page.

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And what criticism am I referring to? People have noticed that her hairline is struggling after they saw her without a wig for the first time. Since then the abuse has been relentless. Some of those comments are below:

Mmmmh, kiukweli umekuwa na sura personal. Midomo sasa naona imepoteza mvuto, imekuwa mibayaaa. Komwe najua ni aina ya msuko ila hapana kwa kweli. Mrudishe wema wetu. Wema kama Wema

Woiye, you used to be a pretty girl 😩😩😩😩😩you look horrible in that hair. Plus your forehead 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 you lost soo much weight dear, not cool.

Naoana kilometa zime soma mbali kweli , uzee unakuja ujieshimu sasa . Jiangilie jinsi unakua kama panya ndani ya mtundi wa maji 🤮🤮🤮🤮

Hatimae umebaki kichwa😢

After her hairline became the topic of discussion on social media, she responded just as strongly saying “Mniache, so mumeamua wenyewe make mnichambee kuhusu hairline yangu sijui oh basi kama hamjui ndio haya majaliwa yangu”.

And Ringtone, whose song she was singing decided to chime in with his support after the hate that she has been receiving. His lovely caption read, JESUS LOVES @wemasepetu AND SHE BEING BLESSED WITH 


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If Ginimbi was to end up in hell it would be very sad-Ringtone explains (exclusive)

Ringtone is one of the few gospel musicians in Kenya who don’t mind sticking his feet in controversy. I recently spoke to the man who often speaks about other celebs lives, not worried about airing his opinions despite the potential blowback he might get.

I asked the singer what he thought about the tragic passing of Zimbabwean billionaire Ginimbi who died in a fatal road accident this past Sunday morning.

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Home 🏡

A post shared by Genius Ginimbi Kadungure (@ginimbi) on

Ringtone was very matter of fact telling me that death was something all of us should be ready for,

The only thing I can say is that everybody will die and the methods of dying are what will be different. Maybe mtu atagongwa na gari, na trailer, na piki piki. Like the father of the CS for lands (Faridah Karoney) was hit by a motorbike shortly after parking his car in Kabsabet town, Nandi county.

He went on to point out that despite this fact, that many should be concerned about where they will spend in the afterlife.

“So we will all die eventually but the biggest thing is where will your life be when you’re dying? Are you going to heaven? Are you going to hell? I am more concerned about where I will go when I am dead,” he said.

Finishing off by hoping that Ginimbi had given his life to Jesus and saying that he wasn’t shocked about the death.

I am not shocked because I know me and everybody else we are on the way, it is a journey. Where are you going to spend your eternity? So if that guy was to end up in hell it would be very sad for him but if he had given his life to Christ and he is going to heaven then it’s a celebration. Christians do not mourn when someone dies, we only celebrate because we know we are living this body of suffering and going to get eternal life.

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Don’t study Me. You Won’t graduate!

A post shared by Genius Ginimbi Kadungure (@ginimbi) on

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Ringtone discloses reason he paid 5 months rent for crying woman in viral video (exclusive)

I recently spoke to musician Ringtone. The “Zoea Mawe” singer had recently paid the rent for a woman who had shared a sad video of herself crying that she couldn’t pay her rent of 5 months.

The singer sprung into action asking his more than 400k Instagram followers to put him in touch with her so he could help her.

And that they did as the singer met the lady and was able to present her with the money, sharing the video on his Instagram page.

While the musician had said that God had told him to do so, in my interview Ringtone brought another reason for his motivation.

The reason why I did that is there was a time I went to Tanzania last year and there was a story about a Kenyan girl that was trending there. The girl who was staying in Kayole or Eastlands killed herself because she didn’t have rent money. The Tanzanians were asking me, “Kwani nyinyi Wakenya hamusaidianangi?”


Since then my prayer has been for God to put more money in my pockets so I can bless people. But I am not saying everybody should be texting me.


He also added that he was trying to get the woman a job quickly so she can

I have talked to my friends who have businesses and I am asking them whether they can hire her. I am not in a position to do it myself as that would mean that I would have to fire someone. In my businesses I already have people.

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Diana Marua hates Jesus so much, she only posts lungula styles! Ringtone (exclusive)

Ringtone is one of the most well-known singers in Kenya. As such the musician has taken it upon himself to become a spokesman for the genre.

The same way Ezekiel Mutua polices the secular music industry, Ringtone does the same for the gospel industry and his frequent targets are normally Bahati and Willy Paul whom he has called out numerous times in the past.

Willy Paul and Bahati together
Willy Paul and Bahati together

After Bahati’s recent decision to leave the gospel industry, I called the musician and asked him what he thought about it?

Ringtone was happy and even congratulated him on it, saying; “Bahati leaving gospel is a very good thing because we don’t want people in gospel who don’t love God, people who are taking advantage of Christians.”

“He himself came into the industry crying with his song ‘Mama’. We as Christians supported him and he was even able to buy an Allion and that old Mercedes of his.”


The “Zoea Mawe” singer then went on to speak about Bahati’s decisions after he got famous;

“After he got famous he got a slay queen who wasn’t saved and then ran away from gospel. He is back where he is supposed to be. His heart was never in the gospel. I congratulate him because for once he is living a true life. ”

Bahati with Diana Marua

Ringtone then went on to question Bahati’s impact on his fans and followers,

“Ever since they started singing, I don’t think he has ever won a soul. He has never sung a song telling people to get saved.  Have you ever seen him or Diana Marua speaking telling anyone to get saved?

Awache kupata watoto hivo! Willy Paul says about Bahati (Exclusive)

He didn’t stop at just criticizing Bahati, he also went after his wife Diana Marua with some incendiary comments about her relationship with Jesus.

“In fact Diana Marua hates Jesus so much! Have you ever seen her post about Jesus!? No, she doesn’t. They only post s3x styles. They don’t post for God.”

Bahati with Diana Marua
Bahati with Diana Marua


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When he got money he went to women – Ringtone says about Willy Paul (Exclusive)

I recently spoke to Ringtone about the state of gospel music-an industry that he is intimately involved in. The man was open about the issues the industry has and spoke about other artistes like Bahati and Willy Paul with whom he pulled no punches.

“I have no beef with Willy Paul, he is just living the same story as Bahati. When he got money he went to women and showed where his heart was.”

Willy Paul and Bahati together
Willy Paul and Bahati together


“These guys came into the industry when they thought gospel had a lot of money. They came when we had planted and they ripped the dividends. We are now planting again and we will rip again. At least they have gone where there hearts are.”

Ringtone in red
Ringtone in red

On whether he agreed with people singing about God regardless of whether they were saved, he saved;

“We can’t stop even the goats from singing for God. We can’t stop him from singing anything that he wants. But that doesn’t mean that we should call him a minister or gospel artists. Gospel music is about winning souls. People like Guardian Angel are doing a wonderful job in promoting the gospel industry.”

Guardian Angel on a white bench

Ringtone even spoke about Hart the Band’s new song, El Shaddai, admiting that he is an admirer of the song. “It is a good song. You don’t become a gospel artiste by singing of things of God but it is still a good song.”

Diana Marua hates Jesus so much, she only posts lungula styles! Ringtone (exclusive)

Would he consider doing a collabo with Hart the Band after their successful song? He said that he wouldn’t do it for his own reasons even if he believed they were more talented than he was.

Hart the Band
Hart the Band


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Ringtone finally speaks on what happened to his controversial wife search (Exclusive)

Ringtone is one of the most controversial gospel singers in Kenya. Apart from his contentious standpoint as far as the industry is concerned, the man has gained notoriety for his the way he has been looking for a wife.

His wife search has been broadcast on his social media pages and has earned him the wrath of some Kenyans who have criticised him for his methods.

Ringtone plea
Ringtone plea

And since then he has stopped his wife search. Does that mean he has gotten the woman he was looking for? Or had he given up on getting married?

When he got money he went to women – Ringtone says about Willy Paul (Exclusive)

I recently spoke to the singer on how the search had gone. He stated that he had stopped the search because it had caused a lot of drama online.

“I made a lot of noise during that time and I realised that I was trending all over Africa and not in a good way. It was becoming a lot of drama but soon I come back with the drama. I was even getting calls from Nigeria asking why the richest gospel musician in Kenya was looking for a wife!”

Ringtone posing

But did that mean he was done with the search? The singer was emphatic that he would resume his search after he made more money for the publicity.

“I am still looking to get a wife, the only thing that I am looking for is money for the billboards. I will put them everywhere in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi.”

Ringtone in red

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Ringtone comes clean after Xtian Dela claimed the singer drinks alcohol (exclusive)

Ringtone is no stranger to controversy – most of which he actively seeks out but there are times when he is an unwilling participant.

I will beat you! Willy Paul threatens Ringtone in escalating war

The singer found himself in a spot of bother this past weekend after social media influencer Xtian Dela called him and Willy Paul out for not living according to the word of God.

Xtian Dela
Xtian Dela

He claimed that the two singers used to drink alcohol adding that Willy Paul used to do it from way back.

“Ni vizuri Willy ameanza kukunywa siku hizi. alikuwa anajificha sana. Ringtone ni mwingine bro, nilienda kwake runda na akanitolea red sweet Mosconi wine and he changed my perspective though that’s not the first time I started taking alcohol,’ he said in an interview with comedian Felix Odiwuor.

Ringtone posing
Ringtone posing

When I called Ringtone for comment, the gospel singer was aghast that such allegations were been spread explaining that he had never met Xtian and if he had, he didn’t know him.

“I normally invite people to my home and sometimes they come with their friends. In those parties, I have an assortment of wines for those guests who want wine,” the Zoea Mawe singer said.

“I don’t drink alcohol myself but like Jesus visiting Zacchaeus home, I deal with people who might not believe the same as I do. But I believe that I can spend time with those people and affect them for Christ,” he added.

Ringtone in red
Ringtone in red

He finished off by challenging Xtian to produce receipts that they knew each other and added that he hadn’t known about the allegation until I told him, as he avoided people who spread prostitution;

“I don’t know him. we are not friends. Let him produce the messages. I don’t follow anyone that advocates for prostitution. I didn’t know about the story.”

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‘I love you to death’ Maina Kageni tells Ringtone and Azziad amid online drama


Maina Kageni has waded into the controversy that is Gospel singer Ringtone and his constant online feuds with Kenyans.

Ringtone and tiktok sensation Azziad ignited rumors they were dating after sharing romantic photos only for it to turn out to be a music video.

Their antics have caught the attention of Maina who had some kind words for Azziad.

While playing their new song ‘zoea mawe’ Maina admitted that he admires the 19 year old girl and the amazing things she’s doing online.

Ringtone carrying Azziad
Ringtone carrying Azziad

‘I love you Azziad, I love you to death’ added the Classic 105 presenter.

Maina also challenged Ringtone to tone down on clout chasing and remember he is loved for his gospel music.

‘Ringtone is a mystery but he is brilliant. Achana na vituko na ufanye muziki ‘ was Maina’s advise.

Will Ringtone listen though? Let’s wait and see what more drama he will treat us to.

The host in a red shirt
Maina Kageni in a red shirt

Azziad is the video vixen! Ringtone releases well-received gospel song

Ringtone and Azziad stirred the internet two days ago when an image of the two emerged showing them hanging out like long lost friends.

There was some speculation that the tow might have a thing between them. This was fueled by the effusive praise the singer dished out to Azziad when we called to seek comment from him.

Ringtone posing
Ringtone posing

But it is turning out that the singer was capitalising on the fame of the Tik Tok star to popularise his new song, “Zoea Mawe”

Are they dating? Exclusive intimate photos of Ringtone and Azziad emerge

In the song, Azziad is the featured video vixen and the chemistry between the two is out of this world! The song has been praised by Kenyans who saw it as a reminder of what real gospel music.

Ringtone with Azziad
Ringtone with Azziad

Some of the comments are below:

Allan Wanji The only surviving gospel artist but full of beefs 😂

254 GAt SwaG Hizo picha niliona social media ”AZZIAD UP” so it had to be a song 😃
Nway Wapi likes za AZZIAD & RINGTONE.

hillah kibe If you are here for Azziad… Drop a like

Joe Osese Shida ni watu wamezoea kupigwa rungu 🙄😂

Timmon SoCray When ringtone sings its magic but when he opens his mouth to talk you get shocked

Kipngeno Hillary It’s a hit. The motivation is on another level

Richkidd Wizzy Who noticed ringtone is going to the next level


Mr Joe This is an awesome song. The message is on point. Wapi likes za Ringtone na Azziad

Ringtone with Azziad

Mercy Makani This ilifaa AZZIAD….nice song💃♥️♥️♥️

obrien prince 🔥🔥🔥🔥ringtone sings well no matter what….and the message is home
VINC ON THE BEAT [The BeatKiller] Forgetting about the scandals and stuff | This is one of the realest song this year 2020. Like if you agree

Mwaura Kihiu A moment of silence for this youthful peeps, clean content & pure talents.

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