Hilarious! Study Shows Men With High Testosterone Are Less Religious

Men with higher levels of sex hormones are less likely to be religious, a new study has found.

This was particularly present in older men with high levels of testosterone, said the researchers at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

Previous studies have shown that older people tend to be more religious and that being part of a religious community tends to have a positive effect on how people age.

However, this is the first study to show that there could be biological mechanisms at play behind the religious institutions people are a part of.

The research team studied data from the 2005-2006 and 2010-2011 waves of the National Social Life, Health and Aging Project.

The data collection project, conducted by the University of Chicago, examines how the physical health of older Americans is impacted by social and intimate relationships.

For this study, the team looked at data of more than 1,000 men between the ages of 57 and 85, which included information about their weights and heights as well as saliva and blood samples.

They also looked at the questionnaires the participants had answered, which asked questions such as how often they attended religious services and if they regularly interacted with a clergy member.

The analysis showed that men with higher levels of the sex hormones testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) did not have strong ties to religion.

Testosterone is primarily responsible for the development of male reproductive tissues such as the testes and prostate.

DHEA is involved in developing male characteristics, which include the production of oilier skin, changes in body odor and the growth of armpit and pubic hair.

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Things You May Be Addicted To Without Your Knowledge

People carry different activities for pleasure and entertainment to refresh their minds and for relaxation. But sometimes you may not realize you are practically addicted to the activities and hence it becomes hard to stop.

Here are some things you may not know you are addicted to:


Sports and games are a form of entertainment which help people feel relaxed when either playing or watching. Playing or watching has no harm at all but it becomes an addiction when you spend more or even all the resources you have just to enjoy sports.

Believe me some people stay up late or even miss their work just because they never had enough sleep because of watching a match. They gamble expensive materials and gifts for the winning matches of which is good if they are able but when a person gambles the only little thing he/she owns, then it becomes an a problem. Some even fight just because their favorite team has been defeated and do other crazy things.



Its a form of entertainment and the same time a way of finding some cash by trying your luck. This has affected many where a person can afford to use all the cash they have just to bet and later loose everything. Betting is a serious addiction where students are even betting their school fees.


Every person is affected directly or indirect by the phenomenon of politics. But when it becomes an addiction then it’s serious and dangerous. When it comes to electing leaders everybody does so and its over but to some people, politics will never end; they talk politics, they eat politics and they wear politics. When it comes to political parties; between party A and B, a person will never have a clear explanation why s/he is so much into party B.


When I talk of religion I mean any cultural system of designated behaviors and practices, world, texts, sanctified places, ethics or organizations that relate humanity to the supernatural or transcendental. Remember there is a difference between being religious and believing in supernatural beings.

Its ok to belong to a certain religion, but when one focuses on it than believing on the supernatural then that is a religion addiction. The more religious one is, the more s/he believes in what the other members of the religion believe and not about focusing on the supernatural.



You may wonder how is this related to addiction but let me explain it to you. Remember romance relationship is the one involved here. According to Bentham philosophy; We start to make some kind of distinction between our emotions and our rationality when relationship is concerned between the involved parties. This means when one decides to leave a relationship then the other one should agree and move on. Though it isn’t easy you should take time before starting another relationship. Some run into building another relationship in the name of ‘healing wounds’ thinking it’s the best option of which starting a new one is easy but breaking up is another story.


Pope Francis Declares Mother Teresa A Saint

Pope Francis on Sunday declared revered nun Mother Teresa a saint in a canonisation mass at St Peter’s square.

“For the honour of the Blessed Trinity… we declare and define Blessed Teresa of Calcutta (Kolkata) to be a Saint and we enroll her among the Saints, decreeing that she is to be venerated as such by the whole Church,” the pontiff said in Latin.

The elevation of one of the icons of 20th Century Christianity came a day before the 19th anniversary of her death in Kolkata, the Indian city where she spent nearly four decades working with the dying and the destitute.

Tens of thousands of pilgrims — rich and poor, powerful and homeless — filled St. Peter’s Square on Sunday for the canonization of Mother Teresa, the tiny nun who cared for the world’s most destitute and became an icon of a Catholic Church that goes to the peripheries to find lost souls.

Pope Francis is declaring Mother Teresa a saint at a morning Mass, making her the model of his Jubilee Year of Mercy and in some ways his entire papacy. For Francis, Mother Teresa put into action his ideal of the church as a merciful “field hospital” for the poorest of the poor, those suffering both material and spiritual poverty.

Throughout the night, pilgrims prayed at vigils in area churches and flocked before dawn to the Vatican to try to get a good spot for the Mass being celebrated under a searing hot sun and blue skies.


How to date outside your religion

When it comes to religion most couples prefer that they date within the same religion so that it may be easy for them to relate and probably have the similar decisions on future matters. Matters regarding religion are held so close to the heart by many believers of different religions.

For example looking a staunch Muslim cannot marry someone who doesn’t share in their faith unless they convert to Islam. This is especially common if the woman is dating a non-Muslim.

Dating someone from a different religion makes it a little bit hard to make future plans, relating religiously and accepting new practices.

Respect is vital for people who are dating and are from different religions.

Many religions have different modes of praying and conducting rituals and it may bring about differences, but so long as you respect your partner’s religion all will go well. You will learn how to handle it.

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Clerics opposes tetanus vaccination of women

A group of Catholic clerics has opposed a tetanus vaccination campaign scheduled to start next week targeting women between the ages of 19-49 years, claiming it is a secret government plan to sterilize women and control population growth.

The Chairman of the Catholic Health Commission of Kenya, the Rt Rev Paul Kariuki Njiru, and his deputy, the Rt Rev Joseph Mbatia, said the Ministry of Health intends to introduce the campaign in a low-key fashion without much publicity because they know they are up to no good.

They said the ministry is well-known for running big campaigns against polio and malaria and wondered why the tetanus campaign had not received similar treatment.

“We want to know if there is a tetanus crisis in Kenya, and, if so, why has it not been declared? Why should it target women between the ages of 19-49 years; why has it left out young girls, boys and men if they are all prone to tetanus?

And in the midst of so many life-threatening diseases in Kenya, why has tetanus been prioritized?” the two asked at a press conference at St Patrick’s Pastoral Centre in Kabula, Bungoma County.

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Churches face charges for loud music, prayer

Environmental watchdog NEMA has threatened to arrest and prosecute clergy and faithful in Embu who are making excessive noise while preaching and playing music in churches.

NEMA officer Josiah Nyandoro on Wednesday said they will now target churches after staging a crackdown on several entertainment venues found playing excessively loud music.

He said they confiscated equipment from the clubs and took them to Embu police station and are preparing to prosecute the owners.

Nyandoro said there have been several complaints against some churches and entertainment venues over noise.

The law bars anyone from making noise that exceeds 65 decibels during the day and 35 decibels at night.

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