Women share the signs that let them know their guy hated hated them 

It is different for every couple when things go sour in a relationship. Whether it is dating or marriage life, couples quarrel and realize they no longer have feelings for each other.

A Twitter thread shows us just that below. A woman asked for responses from women about the moment they realized their man hated them, and it can make you cry if you believe in love.

The tweet attracted over 70k likes and comments showing how passionate people are about the topic.

Silent treatment like a dog, being scolded like a child, being mistreated in front of ppl and brushing it off as jokes New moon with face talking down on my interests unprovoked, and then literally cheating right under my nose and saying nothing until provoked

After confronting him, He told me he was raised right and knows how to treat women. He just didn’t think I was worth the effort.

When he got into a relationship with someone else 3 months after we split but it took 8 months of talking before we got together and at first he said he didn’t want a relationship.

It was that moment I realised the “with you” was silent Face with tears of joy

He invited me on a camping trip with his friends & their girlfriends. I had too much to drink and accidentally blacked out for the first time ever. He threw me in a tent by myself all night barefoot, no blankets and covered in my own vomit Slightly smiling face

When he cheated and said he was thinking about me the whole time

Lol one time he hurt my feelings and I cried and he got the biggest smile and said “are you crying? Girl, have a good day” and left Loudly crying face

Upset young woman shouting at a man --- Image by © Moment/cultura/Corbis
Upset young woman shouting at a man — Image by © Moment/cultura/Corbis

When he locked me in house on New year’s eve and went to two new year’s party. He didn’t even have food on his house Loudly crying faceLoudly crying face.

Replying to
Noticed the way he spoke about some girl. The awe, the happiness, the pure joy about him made me know that he never thought of me in those terms…

He said he can only post his female bestie and not me because the family knew herRolling on the floor laughing

When family members were asking him where he was, he always said « with Thomas ». In front of my face Skull. I still wonder who he was seeing when he was telling ME he was with Thomas Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweatClown face

My high school boyfriend called me chubby. I weighed 112, 5’6 and the year before lost my period from lack of body fat from running cross country. When I said what the hell, he said he was “only joking” He also like the nickname A-cup. Christ, I wish I could shake my 17r old self

Nothing I said was ever taken seriously. The way he spoke to/about our friends was passionate vs me who got an “idk” if asked how he felt about me. He was also jealous of my achievements and would get “randomly” moody about it but never admit to it

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8 signs that show that your lover no longer loves you

If my boyfriend/girlfriend stops replying to my cute texts, is it a sign that he/she doesn’t love me anymore? If he/she says he wants more space, does it mean he/she wants to break up with me? If my guy/chic has stopped saying, “I love you,” does it mean he/she doesn’t have feelings for me anymore?

Stop assuming and read this article, which discusses some of the everyday signs that show that he/she isn’t interested in you or the relationship any longer.

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8. Does not keep eye contact

Eye contact is a sign of showing affection and love so when you find your partner gazing at people or avoids eye contact with you, then he/she no longer loves you or has no interest in you anymore.

7. Noticing Quirks ( peculiar habits)

If your partner starts getting irritated by peculiar habits that he/she once loved then that’s a sign he /she no longer loves you. Also if he/she lushes out easily out of anger over small things, it could be a red flag.

6.  Envisioning a future without them

In the first stages of love, the “honeymoon” stage, it is very common to regularly think about your significant other and envisions a life with them.

But if you are regularly thinking or envisioning life without them, which is part of being in a loving relationship which in turn is part and parcel of planning for a future. If your partner is no longer excited into making future travel plans or plans outwardly then it may be time to call it quits.

5. Communication Decreases

According to an article done by This is insider, a decrease could be a huge sign showing you are no longer interested with your partner.

If you are choosing to communicate your relationship problems with outsiders such as family and friends, rather than your significant other, then it may be time to move on.

Communication is the biggest part of a loving relationship. Without good communication skills, relationships tend to crumble. If you find yourself no longer wanting to talk to your “bae” then that simply means you are falling out of love due to poor communication skills.

4. Lack of physical intimacy

According to Nicole McCance, a relationship expert, says that lack of intimacy can be indicative of a relationship that is deteriorating.

It should be a cause of concern if you see your intimate life is going down the drain.

She continues by saying, ” If you haven’t been intimate in a while and it’s not bothering you, that should be an indication of a red flag in your relationship.”

If things used to be hot and heavy with your partner, and start noticing your intimate life has started taking a dive, talk to your partner about it. Intimacy is a huge part of any relationship and shouldn’t go unnoticed.

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3. Partner spends more time out

According to April Masini, a relationship expert says that if you notice a change of company with your lover, that is a sign that the relationship is winding down.

This means your partner is trading dinner dates with guys night out or a girls night out or constantly going out with friends or co-workers than spending time with you. Research shows that someone who loves you always wants to spend time with you.

As much as it’s very healthy for a couple to have some alone time from each other, but when it gets to the point where your partner doesn’t spend more time with you accordingly that is a sign of a red flag.

So when you see your partner spending more time alone or with his/her friends, then he/she may just not be into you.

5 Reasons, why relationships, are failing in this millennial era

2. You don’t enjoy talking to them anymore

If you find yourself wanting to talk to someone else other than your significant other, then that may be a sign that you no longer like that person.

People crave love and affection for no man is an island. People who love each other love to talk to each other. Whether it is to rant about something that happened at work or finding out how each others day went, such a line of constant communication is always open.

If you feel like you no longer want to talk to your partner, this may mean you have fallen out of love with your bae.

1. Your love gets replaced

When you notice that your love is getting replaced without knowing with either material things or other people, that ought to be a sign that your lover may no longer love you. Being in love can be tremendous knowing you have someone who loves you.

However, it is possible to fall back in love, but it takes time and commitment from both parties. But don’t think it is easy, especially if chemistry or attraction is no longer there, it takes the willingness to want to fix the relationship because lost love between two people may be rooted to resentment that may be carried for a long time. This is why, when rekindling lost love, both partners have to be 100 percent involved and committed to it otherwise the relationship will fail.


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‘If I contribute to help pay your woman’s dowry, I must ‘sample’ her’ confesses Captain Kale

Captain Kale has advised ladies not to help men pay their dowry as that is an act of desperation on their side and they may regret later.

According to Kale, men who allow women to pay their own dowry should call themselves for a ‘meeting’.

Ladies, I’ve said this and I’ll repeat again and again. Don’t ever help your man pay the dowry, yes don’t, never ever.

And to you men, what the hell are you thinking asking or allowing her to help you pay the dowry? Are you mad?

Captain Kale goes ahead to question men who allow their women to help pay dowry.

According to Kale one would rather be a bachelor than allow their girlfriend pay their own dowry.

Are you crazy? Also, as a man, if you can’t be able to pay the dowry, then don’t marry, better be a bachelor.

Yaani why should you organize for a fundraiser for your dowry or even for your ruracio or wedding?

Captain Kale adds

I swear mimi nikikuchangia lazima nikaonje your wife And to these people who help kuchanga, you’re just but fools, you’re wasted brains. Yes, I just said that.

Kale adds that there are only a few instances where harambees are allowed.

And the only point I advise people to do a mchango, is maybe ya kanisa, school fee or hospital bill.

So what is your opinion on ladies who pay their own dowry?

Would you? Put your answer in the comments section.

‘Getting saved is something I had postponed for years’ Confesses Amani

Gospel artiste Amani has revealed that she has had to turn down lucrative shows since she got saved more than two years ago.

Amani who was well known for her secular songs ‘Bad Boy’, ‘Tonight’ and ‘My Baby’ explained,

Getting saved was a personal decision. My personal decision affected my career. If I was a nurse or an engineer my personal decision to get saved would not affect my music.

Amani adds,

Getting saved is something I had postponed for sometime and I have no regrets.

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Amani adds that she is glad she made the decision to become a Christian and to grow a better relationship with God and those around her.

I get promoters asking me to perform secular songs. This is despite the fact that I am now a gospel artiste but I turn them down because I have to be firm in my decision.

Amani also admits that she intentionally kept news of her getting saved away from the limelight until she felt the time was right.

When I got saved, people found out after two years. I even went back to a bible school to refresh my knowledge on Jesus.

The singer continued,

I turned down shows after getting saved. Funny enough I do not regret not performing my old songs.

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‘My workout regimen left me paralyzed,’ reveals Evelyn Wanjiru

Gospel artiste Evelyn Wanjiru has advised fellow Kenyans who are trying to lose weight to be careful with their spine when using a roller.

This is after her quest for a ‘perfect body’ left her paralyzed and hospitalized for an year.

According to her, the need to fit in with her peers is what pushed her into exerting herself to a point her body gave in.

Evelyn reveals that the stress of her dad’s death and peer pressure led her down a dark hole.

I lost my dad in 2006 and after that I got stressed because I saw the pressure my mum was under raising  five kids alone.

I started getting stress in school because my mother was struggling to pay my fee.

‘My husband ignored me for 8 months’ Evelyn Wanjiru painfully recalls

Evelyn Wanjiru

Kenyan men are suffering because women are living a fantasy life – Mwalimu Kingangi

The gospel star adds,

I tried to cut weight by using a roller at only age 16 because I wanted to fit in. My legs ended up becoming paralyzed.

I used to read the bible while in hospital but I still felt like my life had reached the end because I could not do anything for myself.

Evelyn Wanjiru

In conclusion she advises,

If you use the roller in the wrong way it can kill your nerves and what happened is that all my back nerves died.

I had to undergo physiotherapy because I was ill for an year.It was a miracle.That is why I did my song ‘Waweza’.

According to CNN, there are dangerous exercises that are likely to cause spine injury.

Lat pull-downs (behind the head)

The lat pull-down places a lot of stress on the anterior joint capsule of the shoulder and can eventually lead to impingement or even rotator cuff tears,” says Jessica Malpelli, a Florida Orthopedic

The kettlebell swing

If performed incorrectly, the repetitive swinging motion could result in rotator cuff injury and/or inflammation of other structures in the shoulder.
The Romanian dead lift

If performed correctly, it’s a great exercise for the back and hips. However, dead lifts are one of the easiest ways to hurt your back

The overhead squat

Lifting anything overhead is challenging to your body, and even more so to the nervous system.

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