I can’t leave my unhappy relationship – Side chick explains heartbreak


Women are choosing to stay in unhappy relationships even when they know they should leave.

A woman detailed how she has been with a man for sometime and it was like a match made in heaven until the relationship became lackluster, at least that’s how she feels about it.

Such a scenarios isn’t uncommon, but the question remains why do unhappy people stay even though they desperately want to leave?

The topic was explored by Maina and Kingangi on the Friday morning conversation, where neither could place their finger on it and asked listeners for their opinion.

They discussed how Samburu Senator Steve Lelengwe has been left six times by his wife, in a story published in the Nairobian November 27.

Maina said “The Senator recently married a second wife but his first wife has left him and comeback six times. And I need to know from you guys, ni nini? we need to discuss about men who are impossible to leave, what do they do to you ladies?

To which Mwalimu cheekily responded that the Senator is from a tribe highly acclaimed for their doshi.

couple pics
couple pics

” Ako na dawa ako na nguvu mama kafurahi” Mwalimu joked

So a side chick called and gave her experience not being able to leave her Kisii man.

“It’s so hard Maina. And it’s worse for those who are broke, we can’t seem to leave them, and I can’t explain why, I can;t leave my man. He is a Kisii and broke to death, and I can’t stand him anymore, but I can’t leave him, sijui ni kurogwa au ni nini. I don’t know if he has gone to a witchdoctor, and by the way he is married t someone else, I am his side chick and he is so broke he can’t even give me fare, he has never paid my rent, “

“He should attend those meetings of stingy men, he pays rent once in a while and I don’t think I am mad. I don’t see how I am mad, hawa watu wametuwekea madawa, sijui ni nini, uchawi yote ndani”

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you have a man you can’t leave yet he is no good? Tell us your experience.


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Man agrees to open relationship after girlfriend cheats multiple times

The explosive revelation by RnB singer August Alsina that he was ‘given permission’ by Will Smith to bed his wife Jada, has seen all sorts of reactions online and in Whatsapp discussion.

He said: “I actually sat down with Will (Smith) and had a conversation due to the transformation from their marriage to life partnership … he gave me his blessing.”

Jada Pinkett through her representative has denied the story.

Read the story below

Will Smith ‘gave his blessing’ for wife Jada to have affair with singer August Alsina

august alsin and jada
Jada Pinkett and August Alsina

The topic has been trending and in one reaction, a man confessed how he understands Will and Jada’s relationship because he too has been forced into it.

The man going by the Twitter user @Mizile10, admitted how his girlfriends cheating ways forced him to agree to an open relationship because he didn’t want to lose her.

He wrote

I remember finding out about my ex-girl cheating, then I forgave her and she did it again. So I ended up deciding we should make it an open relationship because I didn’t want to leave her, & that way she won’t have to be dishonest with me. Maybe Will did the same

So to save his relationship rather than call it quits, the man suggested they enter into an open relationship as a win win situation.


How much is too much to take? Here are sharp reactions to his confession.

Has this man set the bar to low going by most responses?

How would your parents feel If they knew they raised a simp for a son?

You and the girl are mad

A lot of men do this… privately thou

That’s kind of pathetic though

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Kenyan men confess the outrages reasons they refuse to date single a mum

Do Kenyan men avoid single Kenyan mum’s like the plaque? Yes they do, based on an online thread by men stating why they would avoid single mum’s at all cost.

The perspectives of avoiding single mums were shared on Classic 105, with many telling Maina Kageni that they unapologetically refuse to date single mum.

‘I am rich but my uterus remains my strength,’ Akothee celebrates her five children

The reasons behind their decision vary. Read a sample below:

  1. Single mums come with alot of drama:
    if her first man was unable to handle her coz she is conniving, manipulative, how will I handle her? argued one man
  2. Some men don’t want to share their partner with anyone else, even her kids: She comes with two children, then I pay their school fees and those buggers insist on calling me by my name and not dad? Never 
  3.  Some men view single moms as less than a quality catch:
    when you are looking for a new car you look at mileage, date of manufacture, you can’t start with two zero, gear box imeisha, the bolts are finished said one man 
  4.  Some men don’t want the responsibility of raising another person’s child:
    sometimes the husband or former might have even died, a demon woman that just sleeps wit men, they are called circubus, a woman whose job is to sleep with men and suck the life out of them, many of them have lost upto three husbands, and then they die, if you find a woman with two children ask where the man is and especially if you find out the man is dead, ask yourself why, you better know, if he died you need alot of spiritual intervention before moving with that women 


Dear Classic 105 fam, what do you think about these men’s reasons for choosing not to date single Kenyan mums?

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‘I keep a mwiko near me to keep him off,’ woman in quarantine says of husband

While Khaligraph Jones is out here begging Huddah for some, a Kenyan woman is crying she is fed up of twa twa antics with her husband in self quarantine.

She is exhausted by his incessant demands, and has figured a way to keep him off of her as they quarantine amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Huddah threatens to manhandle Khaligraph Jones in bed

On the Thursday morning conversation Maina and Kingangi discussed how men are handling being in quarantine.

The woman who called to contribute to the morning conversation about how men are handling quarantine and chill, has had enough.

She told Maina what she is doing to stop him from touching her

juu siku hizi woi twa twa mimi paka nimeweka mwiko hapo, ajaribu nimchape 

This tickled Maina as another woman called in saying she is forced to make her husband shower.

She started off by saying ‘Hii quarantine itatuonyesha mambo.. What is she talking about?


She has now been forced to remind her husband that he needs to shower everyday.

She is hating being in quarantine with her man, who she describes as behaving worse than a baby.

he is alike a child, ni kama mtoto hana meno, I almost have to spoon feed him, and even worse hawaogi, I am forced to make him shower coz he is smelling, nimeona mwingine amejigifcha inje apige simu kwa mti wa stima nikajua ni ule mwingine anapigia,

‘I walked out because it was toxic’ Vera claims about Tanzanian doctor

‘Kumbe it is a nightmare being in the house’, Maina responded to her cry.

There are no quarantine love stories, just spouses getting on each others nerves, according to the accounts of Classic 105 listeners.


This may give you a good giggle, but women out here are suffering being forced to self quarantine with husbands they rarely see until now.


Dear Classic 105 fam, how are you surviving the quarantine with your spouse? Any creative ways to keep the flame burning we could share with others? Drop your comments below.

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Things women can’t say but hate when you do them during lungula

Sex should be great, right?

It should be magical taking you to the highest levels of [email protected] But at times things are far from what they seem. It can get from nasty to the worst experience ever. Here are some of the things women just hate but can’t say a thing to keep your self-esteem intact:

1. Tongue in ear
Some of the women out here love this move but after speaking to a majority of them the hate you sticking your tongue in their ears.
Who does that surely? It’s sickening. Earbuds are there to do what you trying to do. Not unless she enjoys it please throw this foreplay move out of the windows.

2. Silence
Sex without noise, you know what I’m talking about, is one boring event. The mourning and screaming (some do this literally) keep things on fire. It brings energy into the game. But some men grind quietly. Like someone sitting for their semester papers. Make the groans bro!

3. Spanking
Some love it some hate it. Slapping that junk at the trunk becomes uncomfortable for some women out there. Their bossom is best as a support system for the grinding.
Other than that leave it for her to sit on. Guess she had it spanked back in primary for disciplinary action so she still hates the act.

4. Rough love
Some love the masochism. Been thrown on the bed and getting turned over and over like deep-fried drumsticks. It’s all fun and games until someone’s physical health is put at risk. You might hit the chandelier or the walls. What a shame it would be calling an ambulance in the midst of a romping session. What do you even tell the medics? Let the game be slow. Every moment counts and that’s what plenty of women wanna feel. Not ending things as soon as you began. It a waste bro!

‘Apartments named after woman are paid for by us’ Kenyan men insist to Maina


An open and honest conversation about how Kenyan men lose millions to women saw Maina slammed for insisting no man has lost money to a woman.

Maina introduced the topic asking fellas how and how much money they have ever lost to a woman to which many could not put a figure to it.

Men, how do you lose money to women? When do you even spend money on women?

Every man I meet out there says ‘we don’t talk about it’ Maina added

Co host Mwalimu Kingangi was heavily supported by male callers when he said

‘you will never hear a man brag he bought nani an apartment, or even take a woman to cops over money amenyamaza tuu kwa corner kwa bar? Asset recovery should now be involved, men are suffering’ he finished

Guys how much money have you lost to women Maina wondered, how have you lost money coz I don’t think you spend on your women.

Here are some views expressed by men about the topic:

….. I have lost almost90k to a woman, nilimwekea biashara after three months she tod me amishindwa na kazi all mymmoney gone, nimelipa rent ninin nini,


Rtd Captain Kale…

Why is it that all these apartments are named after women? These women who drive harriers, where are there husbands? They are 6ft under, they killed them, they just shed crocodile tears in the burial, washindwe #MainaAndKingangi

man caller: my wife comes from work extrmeley scared she is looking for money to pay I am told I have to get a loan fromwherever sh250k and she need it fast, ilook for the money in pain and three months down the line there are letters, where the hell did she take the money, three months down the line she is not talking, and helb peopelwant money, and now if I scream will I get the money back? People will tell me she is my wife, I asked her where she took the money and she said she paid this much ijui there was a problem, the bottomline is the money is gone, I cannot kick her out, but what do I do to get the money back, mara there other time she had a chama loan t pay now the year is ending she needs aroun d 78k last year to pay back, so I have to llokmfor and pay for it, that sis why I tell my friend not to borrow from wives

Kelvin Mwangi..

I’ve spent countlessly on my Lady, I’d be a billionaire why lie.

Nmefunzwa Kunyamaza.


Felix Agola(Mr President)..

Personally I opened from my girlfriend a business, I used to inject some money into it every month but when it caught fire I was left behind without a second thought

Masila Simon..

Its hard to quantify, there are just some expenditures we run behind the scenes for our women like trying to smell good

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Guava is not everything! The reason Kenyan women can’t keep a man around

Relationships the world over are tricky and meandering roads that every person must navigate. They can be rewarding but they can also leave one jaded and in complete distrust for the opposite s3x. Continue reading “Guava is not everything! The reason Kenyan women can’t keep a man around”

If a man takes more than six months to propose, dump him – Bishop advises


Girls what’s the absolute longest you would wait before your bae proposes?

An article about why men waste women’s time in the Standard newspaper formed the basis of the Monday morning conversation on Classic 105.

Maina and Kingangi debated the matter with Maina insisting that too many Kenyan men are wasting womens time instead of making their intentions clear from the beginning of the relationship.


Mwalimu shocked Maina by declaring that infact men want to propose but it’s the woman who wastes his time. Really? Maina wasn’t having this story.

A Classic 105 fan named Bishop called in to weigh in on the matter. He advised woman that if a man doesn’t propose within six months of dating, then she should ‘run for it’ because he will waste her time eventually.

Kwani unakojoa juice? Diana Marua trolled after her confession of peeing in the pool

Girls, when dating how long do you wait for the proposal? Is six months good enough for you or too soon?

Here are things a man considers before popping the question to you.

He thinks about himself as a husband and family man. He also considers your parents and trying to impress them. He is trying to figure out the method of proposing, that also goes hand in hand with the type of ring to buy the woman of his dreams.


While some would prefer to be in a relationship for years before thinking about getting married, others said time doesn’t really matter. Read reactions from Classic fans below:
Alphas Arap Lagat©..
@Classic105Kenya When a man dates you for a long time you ladies, he’s trying to understand, learn, know who you’re, tests your patience and your true love. If you fail on those that’s when he knows you aren’t the one. No time wastage ladies but ultimate test. #MainaAndKingangi

I fought for the relationship until the end! Maureen Waititu on break-up with Frankie

Maina you are misleading women ! Propose what ? Try put a ring on her hapo ndo shida and real her exposes itself . Utajua hujui ni kichwa

A caller said “Men who date for more than one year without proposing to ladies are just wasting their time. If it goes more than that ladies dump that man”

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