An open letter to all Kenyan baby mamas and the mistakes they love to make

Gospel singer Bahati is the talk of town after he revealed that he has a two-year-old daughter but has never bothered to publicly acknowledge her, yet he publicly shows off his four adopted children, while heaping lots of praise on them.

Bahati, his current prayer partner Diana Marua and his baby mama are now all embroiled in a social media beef, and it’s not looking pretty. Everyone is saying he is so shady, but who knows what their drama is all about.

Bahati’s Baby Mama Speaks Out IN ANGER After He Flaunts Photos Of Their Toddler!

There are so many instances of Kenyan baby mamas who do a good job co-parenting but there are those who truly serve as a reminder that this is something you must think long and hard about.

You need to understand your place to avoid too much baby mama drama in this man’s life.

So girls, to avoid putting your ex lover on blast, here are some of the mistakes many Kenyan baby mamas keep doing that you need to save yourself from:

Holding on to the fairy-tale ending.
Well it’s important to remember just in case you forgot that a child is not a guarantee of marriage. If he wasn’t compelled to fully commit before you gave him the booty for free, it is unlikely he’s in any rush now. Don’t waste your years waiting on your child’s father to “come around” simply because he’s the dad. You deserve the type of love and companionship that makes you happy, too. If you were actually in a relationship, go ahead and give it a solid try, but don’t hold on to a dead relationship or wait on him forever. Now, if you were just a “buddy,” well, you already knew the deal. Be honest with yourself and move forward.

Playing the fool just to make him happy
Well you need to know that some men can be very manipulative especially men who know it is in their best interest to keep custodial and child support payment arrangements outside of the courts by making a deal with you. So, what do they do? Say whatever they need to say to keep you satisfied not happy but not angry enough to file papers either. As we know in our society, men still refuse to take the father title and ask you to find the father. Just save yourself from being his puppet by showing him that you can also be independent otherwise you always doing what he wants can really get you frustrated all in the name of money and him accepting the child and you as his wife.

He has to pay all his child’s bills.
You need to work hard and get your child’s money, as well. Children don’t raise themselves for free and fathers, custodial or non-custodial, should be legally obligated to contribute. It is not about what you can or can’t do for yourself and your baby or what you do and don’t need. A portion of his earnings are owed to your child. Child support is the business side of separate parenting and should be addressed in a business manner. It’s nothing personal.You look stupid when you start telling him how he can not see his child if he doesn’t send money, it actually hurts you more when the child gets to an age where they ask, where is daddy?

Holding your family accountable for things that are not their responsibility.
When the “I-want-I-want” Kindergartener in you comes out and thinks your family and friends are obligated to help support your decisions to rely on an unreliable baby-daddy and they would rather allow you to learn the hard way, it is not because they are bad people. In fact, they would be doing you a disservice by picking up his pieces. Be grateful for the people doing all they can to help and be sure to take heed of the advice.At the end of the day, your family did not send you to get pregnant and therefore you have no right to make everyone miserable because baby daddy is not doing what you expect him to do.

Using the child as a bait.
It is very possible for him to love the child and not care a thing about you. Hurts to hear that but it’s true sometimes. Limiting his time to every other Saturday for two hours but insisting the door is open for him to come over and hang out anytime is a pathetic attempt at creating an imaginary family unit. If not for your pride, do it for your child. Be fair to fathers who want to be involved.

Argue and continuously threat the father, always.
You are the mother and lawfully retain the right to do whatever you choose so long as it does not harm the child physically or mentally. Therefore, you have nothing to argue about. It’s not a democracy but, rather, a dictatorship open to suggestions. And if you have moved on and feel like everytime he comes around he’s trying to start trouble for you, do what is necessary to minimize contact and conversation between the two of you as much as possible while still allowing him access to his child.

All these nonsense needs to stop as when you got pregnant you knew what you were getting yourself into so you are equally accountable for that child and you need to stop being miserable and making everyone’s life miserable.


Raw Emotion: Read This Shattered Woman’s Open Letter To Men Revealing The Pain Of Rape And Domestic Violence

Yesterday Saturday May 20th, South Africans took to the streets to match in protest against rising cases of rape and murder arising from domestic violence. A spate of rapes and murder cases involving lovers has shocked its citizens in recent weeks.

Meet two beautiful girls who were found murdered recently. The girl on the left was murdered by her ex boyfriend, a man who once told her that he loved her. On the right is another young girl who was raped and murdered. The girls 28 and 24, were found dead one with gunshot wounds.


One woman has taken to her social media to plead with South Africans to not just treat rape and murder as a regular death.

Read her heartrending letter to netizens.

julietibrahimIf you are a woman and this morning you were in front of the mirror busy hiding your blue eye with make-up foundation Its time 2 breakup! This should be an eye opening incident to all the females out there. A sad case of When the person who is supposed to protect you becomes your killer. We live in a messed up world, very sad. Abuse should not be taken lightly. #notowomanabuse Sad part; Men won’t even reprimand their friends for cheating, do you think they’ll reprimand each other for physical abuse? THIS IS A CALL TO THE FEW GOOD MEN OUT THERE; LEND YOUR VOICE AND SPEAK UP AGAINST VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN! How can you burn someone to death??? We need to introduce #deathpenalty in these cases HONESTLY! #speakup SOCIETY NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING AGAINST VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN! Everyone/Society is busy teaching the GIRL-CHILD HOW TO BEHAVE AND ACT RIGHT BUT WHO IS TRAINING THE BOY-CHILD ON HOW TO BEHAVE AND ACT RIGHT?

Karabo Mokoena guresomly murdered by an enraged boyfriend
She was found doused in petrol and burnt after a heated argument in the nightclub with her boyfriend



Karabo Mokoena had been missing since 28 Apri and was later found murderded and burnt by an enraged boyfriend

If you’re given to quick anger, or you have temper issues, do yourself and the world a favour by staying away from relationships. #RIPKarabo Only the wise ones will read and understand the message behind what I have written, for all of you wicked MEN, coming on here to defend the violence been done to women around the world ; the God we serve is watching …


Secret Revealed! 6 Things Gospel Singer Mercy Masika Does To Avoid Relationship Drama

Gospel singer Mercy Masika is ruling the airwaves, and her star is not about to be dimmed anytime soon.

Away from her music, the celebrated singer is a wife to husband David Muguro and a mom to two beautiful kids.

Her humble personality has seen her win the hearts of many, including her husband.

And while some of her colleagues are breaking their marriages, Mercy remains steadfast solid in her relationship.

Her recent admission about her husband received the praise of many, who indicated they would emulate her. Here is what she said about her hubby David;

Marriage is about becoming a team. You’re going to spend the rest of your life learning about each other, and every now and then, things blow up. But the beauty of marriage is that if you have the right person by your side, and you both truly love each other then you’ll always figure a way to get through it. Marriage is beautiful and I love my husband.


Recently she spoke to the standard newspaper where she further revealed her secret to a happy marriage.

This are six things she does to keep her relationship strong.

  1. Seek wise counsel. Don’t talk to all and sundry about your relation problems
  2. Submit. This doesn’t mean being a doormat.
  3. Chose your battles wisely. Sometimes I say sorry even when i’m not wrong she says. This humbles him and he learns to say sorry.
  4. Pray. This has kept me standing
  5. Sex. She says you should figure out what your spouse needs
  6. Be faithful,



This 52-year-old woman admitted she has never kissed a man

A South African woman identified as Thembisile Ntaka who is 52 years old claims she’s a proud virgin. The woman made this shocking revelation at a social cohesion dialogue about virginity at Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban on Tuesday night.⠀
“I began this journey when I was 14 years old. I get a lot of people criticising me for being a virgin and not having children. Some even tell me I will die a lonely woman. But that does not make me want to change my life.” Thembisile said she has never slept with a man or even kissed one. She said she is one of the most respected women in Botha’s Hill.⠀ ⠀
Thembisile encouraged young women to stay virgins. “I’m the lastborn at home. My eight siblings got married and left me with my brother’s two children.” She said when she was young she heard her brothers’ friends saying bad things about the girls they’d had sex with. “I decided then I didn’t want to be one of those girls,” she said.⠀⠀ ⠀
She said each time there is virginity testing in her area, she is always the first one in line. “I don’t care if I die without children or a husband. I’m happy with my life and so is my family.”⠀⠀ ⠀
During the conference, where virgins and virginity testers discussed the importance of purity, tester Zanele Shezi-Sishi said it’s important for women to look after themselves.
“Staying a virgin helps to avoid infections and disease.” Head of recreation at eThekwini Municipality, Thembinkosi Ngcobo, said they chose the topic because too many girls fall pregnant at an early age.
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
Source: DailySun

Sbonza Ni Wewe! 5 compelling reasons why young girls should stay away from ‘sponsors’

Do you ever look through your Instagram feed and wonder how in the world your female pals can afford to take off to exotic holiday destinations, yet there you are trying to hustle to afford buying the Sh90 ‘imported mexican’ maize?

Sheesh! Kenyans on social media are known not to have chills when they respond in the comments section demanding that the young girl post a picture of the ‘sponsor’ behind the vacation.

Having a sponsor has become so fashionable, one can’t miss spotting a young Kenyan girl desperately holding onto an ‘ancestor’ as they are referred to.

I know it’s been said by most ladies in our generation who love dating old men, that they love ‘monied men for multiple reasons. Campus girls are notorious for dating ‘sponsors’.

Here are my five reasons why you should disown that ancestor BUT if you really must date one, how about you emulate the French President who married a much older woman for LOVE?

1.) Are you ready for a child or fun

If you want to wait to have a kid until you’re in your early 30s, your older man is going to be about 50. Having to run around after a 5-year-old is hard work, especially if it’s been that much longer since your man had a child. And trust me he will also need as much attention as the baby as you will be taking care of all his needs. He won’t be strong enough.Your kid will also have a challenge as most kids in school will mistake his father for his grandfather.

2.) You need to respect him like your father

He is older than you and he already has kids who are almost the same age as you, they respect him and the only difference between you and his kids is that you are sleeping with him. ‘So you need to know that age demands a certain level of respect. You will feel inferior and cant negotiate with him as easily as you would have with a younger man, which means you will literally be his adopted child more than you will be his young wife. Are you ready to be ordered around and be set for curfews?

3.) Your suggestions and opinions hardly count

He has lived more than you and seen more than you so by the time you settle down together, he’ll have amassed life experiences and won’t have time for your shenanigans. Your life will end up being smaller in comparison since your shared years will make up far more of your total life experience than his. He will make most of the decisions and you will have no say in the relationship as you will have to listen to daddy yo…. sorry your husband…. all the time. It’s not fun at all.

4.) You will make enough visits to buy Viagra at the chemist

At your age, I can imagine how much more you’ll be sexually active and you can’t get it all the time. Remember to him it’s not a big deal as he has had it all his life, so unless you’re fine with ‘starving ‘, think again. Then before you know it since you are a prisoner, you may have to ask the watch man or shamba boy to service you. Women supposedly experience their sexual peak at age 35, while men allegedly go downhill after turning 18..remember this is all  allegedly. Why take your chances? So think smart as money is not everything.

5.) Your Friends and his friends

The places you want to hang out, the songs you listen to, the dancing and fun you have will be worlds apart. He won’t be able to mesh easily with your crowd and will stick out like a graying, sore thumb at parties attended by fresh-faced 25-year-olds. Likewise for you at his friends’ gatherings. Most of them met his ex wife so be sure that his friends’ wife’s are not going to make life any easier for you. These women will specifically go out of their way to make you feel not welcome in their crowd. You become an automatic threat to them by being naturally prettier and having the all-powerful asset of youth.

If this doesn’t matter to you, do you boo.

Here’s How To SALVAGE ANY Relationship And How To Know When It’s Simply Time To WALK AWAY

If your relationship is going through a rough patch and it feels like you’ve exhausted all of your options, you may want to read one expert’s advice.

Dating expert Nichi Hodgson has shared an insightful guide on how to salvage any relationship in a few simple steps.

Speaking to FEMAIL, she said: ‘It’s a cliche that all relationships take work to make them work. But having just written a history of dating, it’s definitely true that beyond abuse and major lies, current generations need to do better at sticking out the tedious patches if they want to reap the rewards of long-term love.’

Here, she shares a guide on how you know it’s time to salvage your relationship, how to do it and when to know whether it’s simply time to walk away.



If you’re having doubts about your relationship, firstly, you need to draw up an inventory of what you truly want out of a relationship and where your current one is falling short. Ask your partner to do the same. But, be realistic.

Most of us expect our partners to fulfill too many of our needs – quite different to what our grandparents and great-grandparents expected.

Human connection is generally made in five broad areas: sexual, emotional, spiritual, political and educational/work-based.  If you’re connecting in three out of five of these areas with your current partner that’s pretty good going – but ideally, you’d be connecting on the most important ones to you.



Not being sexually compatible isn’t a reason to break up. Desire comes and goes in a long-term relationship so it’s usually just about restarting the engine, rather than necessarily swapping the vehicle. So ask yourself, can you:

a) Open up a discussion about the sex you’re having vs the sex you’d like to have. Both make a list of some things you’d like to try, and pledge to be open to trying something off each other’s list (tastes permitting).

If the physical aspect of your relationship is lacking, try banning sex for a period of time. Taking the pressure off the physical can often reignite the spark naturally and in the meantime, it’s useful to open up discussion about what isn’t working for you sexually and asking your partner to do the same.

This can be a painful experience but it’s less painful than a significant break-up, and if you’re tactful, can turn things around, particularly if the prohibition of sex helps to raise sexual tension again.

sad woman

c) If the sex is really the only thing troubling the relationship – perhaps it’s an otherwise successful long-term marriage with children – as a last resort, ask your partner if they are open to you negotiating sex with other people – either together at swinger’s parties, or separately via private arrangements.

But be sure to define all the terms before you embark on this – who will you do what with where, when, how – and consider having couple counselling to help you feel it out before you do it.

Boundaries are everything if you are going to experiment with non-monogamy – and so is respect for your partner’s feelings.


Can you do some growing back together? Take a holiday to a place you both want to visit? Start a new hobby together? Try something like this for three months before you decide that you really are different people with no shared future.

And if you just don’t feel loved – is it because your partner doesn’t express love the way you like to receive it? Try reading the Five Love Languages to understand why the fact you might need words but they show you love in deeds could be making you feel out of touch when, in fact, the feelings are all still there.


Sauti Sol’s Publicist Anyiko Awoko Is LOVESTRUCK As She Celebrates One Year Anniversary With Mzungu Boo (PHOTO)

Celebrated public relations queen, journalist and blogger Anyiko Awoko is mostly known as Sauti Sol’s PR manager and publicist, as kept her private life from the public eye for the best part of her successful career and not many knew about her other side of life.

The stunning media personality who hosted Grapevine Show on KBC officially revealed the love of her life, Thomas Maule, back in 2016 after keeping him off the public radar for the longest time.


Actually, her man proposed back in February 2016 and even after sharing the news on social media, she didn’t share his face to the world until later on in the year.

Anyiko Awoko has however done a good job in keeping her love life as private as she can, keeping it off social media, with only a few posts here and there, but this time round, she has gone all the way.

The stunning publicist has gone ahead to reveal that they are now celebrating one year anniversary with her main man, and the joy she can’t help but goof about how much she loves him.


“My baby and I are celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary this May 🌈 I am so excited like a child so I keep changing our anniversary date as a kid would postpone to wear new shoes just so to keep them clean and marvel at how they shine” she started off the sweet message.

In the long post, Anyiko also gives the story of how they met, confessing that it took Thomas 100 days to woo her by becoming her friend first then later, she accepted to date him. She also mentions that Bien of Sauti Sol gave props to the man before they hit it off.

Here’s the rest of Anyiko Woko’s anniversary message to her boo;

My baby and I are celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary this May 🌈 I am so excited like a child so I keep changing our anniversary date as a kid would postpone to wear new shoes just so to keep them clean and marvel at how they shine 💫We don’t really know the exact date because we just kind of hit it off from Day 1. But that was actually after 100 days of friends cajoling us to be together. Lol 😂 Bien said, “You’ve got no idea how brilliant he is and how deep he can be.” True I didn’t 😊Amidst crazy crazy work schedules, travel and past demons, we ended up together, and I ended up w/ the man of my dreams. Can’t even start to explain the feeling … Love is Graceful. Love is Gracious. Love is Giving. Love is Understanding. Love is Selfless. Love is Trust. Love is Patience. Love is Kind. Love is Empowering. Love is Respect. Love is Caring. Love is Sharing. It’s Fun. It’s Laughter. It’s Cuddling. It’s Breakups to Makeups. It’s also WWF because I’ve won a few times 😂 Maybe once … 🏆Just wanted to thank the Lord for the gift, and thank everyone who saw us fit for each other even before we ever had a real conversation. End of story. 🤧✨😭😍❤️😊


COUNT ME OUT! Woman’s Response After Being Asked To Contribute Sh35,000 To Wedding Committee Shocks Many (SCREENSHOTS)

A woman who received a message from someone who informed her that they were once schoolmates and that she had heard she’s now a financial auditor.

This was before she dropped the bombshell that they had included her name in a wedding committee and she was required to contribute Sh25,000.

But that’s not all. Apparently, Margaret Mwathi was required to give an additional Sh10,000 because she had been chosen as the guest of honor.

Instead of telling them off and saying she would not pay the amount, like most would. She ‘cleverly’ asked if there would be food.

Maggie later turned down the invite upon realization that guests would be served soda and biscuits.

Maggie wrote;

Wait! I’m on mpasho news! Na Bado sitoi hio 35k!! My stand is I need my share of the wife hata Kama Ni kukaa kwa nyumba nikimuangalia

So when you start getting married, be ready with your own money. Heads-up, I was called rude! I’m not rude. I’m just realistic.

Here are the screenshots

18301720_884007801739794_6454367858638507521_n   18268303_884007635073144_679870569807360090_n   18268096_884008218406419_7105053267122539821_n   18301071_884008188406422_2481750998986368388_n   18221549_884008101739764_7495719155960079051_n 18301174_884008021739772_5732434978254612621_n

Ciru Denis Hahaha kwani it’s your wedding ndo utoe 35k. Ama ni proposal n letting you know you’ll cater for the expenses because you are a financial
Blessed Beckiey nice one munatusinya…when you haven’t called for one year and your like your pledge is 2k nkt ujinga ndio mtawacha
Bernie Benkimu Kim Food, is there other meaning or nafikiria mbaya
Sophie Isaack Billions Precisely 9 years,5 months later ….u will be ordered to join a committee just like that…
Njeri Ngigi Joe Mulwa hizo committee watu huenda should be dealt with like this
Joe Mulwa Hahaha. Truth!
Kariuki Charlse Wanjiku Thuku Mami ndùùke wìonere!
Committee manenoz! Ngiri thate fae for soda and biscuits after 9 years!
Cherono Kibiwott Waiting for you Kwa the trend oh.your classmate knew with the financial auditor tag 35k was a drop in the ocean for you.ahem.afyer 9 years and 5 even have a sharp sooner had you confirmed knowledge of him than a wedding committee and demand for contribution was thrown your way…..

LOVE WINS! Here’s A List Of Famous Kenyan Couples With A Significant Age Gap

It seems France’s President-elect Emmanuel Macron, is an inspiration to many couples. The man, who was elected yesterday as the country’s new head of state, met and fell in love with his wife Brigitte when he was 15-years-old.

She was his drama teacher and is now First lady of France. She must have an influence on him as Emmanuel plans to defend equal pay for women and maternity leave. It doesn’t bother him that they have a 25 year age difference.

People should therefore stop criticizing women who marry men who are younger than them or perhaps thinking that all young girls who marry older men are gold diggers.

Here’s a list of Kenyans who’ve been back stabbed for marrying people who are older than them:

Peter Mbugua 28, marries Wambui Otieno 67

When Peter Mbugua, 28, got married to his 67-year-old bride Wambui Otieno, many Kenyans were shocked and disgusted. Some said that by Wambui marrying a “boy”, who was 39 years younger than her, she had disrespected the role and rights of women and procreation which was the driving purpose of marriage in the predominantly Christian country. It seems to most of these couples, love matters more than children.

Emily Koskei Madubuko 37 marries Nigerian pastor Anselm Madubuko 58

The age difference between the two which is 29 surely raised eyebrows, but that did not stop them from getting married. Emily said she had married him because he understood her music, respected the people’s love for her and he was always supportive.

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua 46 and his wife Lilian Ng’ang’a 27

There have been questions raised about the county’s First Lady, but Governor Alfred Mutua supported his wife Lilian and regularly showed up in functions with her publicly expressing his love for her. He even posted on his social media most functions she attended referring to her as the First lady of the county where he is governor.

Lesson learned is people will always talk but as long as you two are focused and have a dream like the new France President-elect Emmanuel Macron, nothing should stop you. And as the saying goes , “Behind every successful woman, is a tribe of other successful women that have her back ” , and Behind every successful man is actively supported by a woman.

Maryas Boyfriend Dismisses BREAKUP Rumours With This Sweet Tribute To His Baby Mama

Adorable Kenyan singer Marya has been off the limelight after taking a long music hiatus, but back in the day, she was one of the most popular female artistes in the local showbiz industry.

The Chokoza hitmaker once dated former Deux Vultures member Colonel Mustafa but the two split up in a nasty breakup, with each artistes claiming that the other cheated.

Marya has since moved on and is currently dating a flamboyant businessman by the name Kevin Mutisya, who happens to have been married to Mike Sonko’s cousin by the name Jannie.

maryamustapha_251013 (1)

Sonko’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi at some point came out to attack Marya for dating Kevin, who according to her was still very much married to Jannie, allegations he refuted, revealing that he had already filed for divorce.

The lovebirds have since been flaunting their love on social media and in January 2017, they welcomed their first child together after Marya revealed that she was pregnant back in 2016, and there’s no doubt that the boy has brought them great joy.

However, there have been rumours that Marya and Kevin were on the verge of a breakup after she posted cryptic messages on her social media, with sources saying that their relationship was not so good.


Marya and her baby daddy never paid attention to the rumours, and instead, they have been sharing cute photos together on social media, to prove haters wrong.

Kevin also decided to shut own the breakup allegations with a sweet and warm message to his boo, alongside a loving photo of the two, appreciating her beauty and courage;

I am so blessed to have a woman who knows her worth. You are unafraid Yet smart, Bold yet cautious and driven yet considerate. You inspire me to be better. I am not afraid to stand behind you. This is what I loved about you at first and I will love it until the end.



Bride divorces ‘greedy’ husband after three hours

A husband was divorced after three hours and had his head shaved as a punishment after his wife said he was ‘greedy’ and married another man on the same day.

Rubana Parveen, 18, married Muntaj Ansari, 26, on Wednesday morning, in Chandwa village, in eastern India.

But after the traditional Muslim nuptials the auto rickshaw driver started demanding a huge dowry and insisted on buying an expensive motorbike.

After Rubana Parveen, 18, divorced Mr Ansari, she got married to Mohammed Elias, 25, later that day. Her father had already bought Mr Ansari a motorbike but he wanted a better model
After Rubana Parveen, 18, divorced Mr Ansari, she got married to Mohammed Elias, 25, later that day. Her father had already bought Mr Ansari a motorbike but he wanted a better model

The bride’s father, Bashir-ud-din Ansari, 58, who owns a hotel, had already bought him a motorbike but Muntaz wasn’t satisfied and demanded a better model.

A witness said: ‘Everyone kept telling the groom to calm down and tried convincing him to accept what he was given.

‘But he kept threatening to go home without his new bride. The groom and bride’s father were arguing a lot. It was a crazy scene.’

Pictured, a humiliated Mr Ansari was garlanded with shoes by villagers, who decided to teach him a lesson for his greed. A divorce was granted when Rubana called a 'Qazi' or Muslim judge
Pictured, a humiliated Mr Ansari was garlanded with shoes by villagers, who decided to teach him a lesson for his greed. A divorce was granted when Rubana called a ‘Qazi’ or Muslim judge
Villagers sat Mr Ansari on a mat and wet his hair before they started shaving. A witness said: ‘Everyone kept telling the groom to calm down. It was a crazy scene'

Villagers sat Mr Ansari on a mat and wet his hair before they started shaving. A witness said: ‘Everyone kept telling the groom to calm down. It was a crazy scene’

Pictured, Mr Ansari has his head shaved as punishment. His family were so ashamed they wrote a letter of apology and promised to return everything 
Pictured, Mr Ansari has his head shaved as punishment. His family were so ashamed they wrote a letter of apology and promised to return everything

Bride Rubana decided to call a local ‘Qazi’, also known as a Muslim judge or adjudicator, and with her family’s support she declared an open ‘Talaaq’, which is a Muslim divorce.

Bashir-ud-din said he made sure Muntaj’s family return all gifts and dowry money already paid.

Read more: dailymail.

‘I’m Broke And My Wife Is Set To Marry Another Man,’ Cries Mombasa Man After Wife Dumped Him

A man in Mombasa is in trouble after finding out that his wife of five years is set to get married to another man.

have been married for five years and are blessed with a five-year-old daughter.

Adida, a long-distance truck driver, came to learn of the news after his return from Uganda.

A family member who spoke on condition of confidentiality said the irate man is now in the process of stopping the wedding, scheduled for today in Kisauni.

adida and sada

The source said Sada was only given one marital separation (Talaka) and she had no powers to get married to any other man.

“It’s very wrong for a Muslim couple to separate without issuance of three written separations (Talaka). He has now acquired all the relevant supportive information and police plus Khadhi’s office and the wedding will be stopped.” he said

Sada said no one will force her to be in a relationship.

She also added that there are a lot of issues that forced her to separate from her husband, but she could not talk about it yet.

“If I spill it here, everyone will be shocked. If he is ready then I’m ready for it. No one will force me to be in that marriage,” she said.



Adida said he will use all means possible to stop the wedding because he still loves his wife.

“If there’s is a problem let her come and we will solve it together, but I am going to stop the wedding from taking place. I love her dearly. When we were married I had several lorries but now I’m bankrupt. Does it mean that she stop loving me?”

-Elkana Jacob

2Face Idibia Reveals The Moment He Decided To Marry His Wife

R&B star, 2Face Idibia made some disclosure concerning how he finally ended up with his wife, Annie Macaulay.

The singer, in an interview with Soundcity News, revealed that it only took some inner soul searching to realize that his lady was the one for him.

This was after multiple relationships with quite a number of women. But all this stopped as soon as he encountered a moment of realization.


Explaining how he managed to pull off a reconciliation with his true love, he said:

Every reason. I was just deceiving myself that…you know as man dey do sometimes. He go see wetin actually dey down but he go feel say make I see whether…you know all that kind nonsense behaviour. But at one point in time, I was like look I’m not going to let this girl go.

I just started realizing that this is who I want to be with. This is actually who I want to spend the rest of my life with.

This is the person that actually does it for me. So there is no need to deceive myself anymore. I come beg, them come gree.”


The MTV Europe Music Awards winner currently has seven children from four different women including Macaulay.

Despite this, the songster has managed to maintain a loving relationship with his babymamas.

Not a bad way to live for a music vet who is a master of spreading his seeds.

Here Are The Sweetest Names To Call Your Sponsor That Will Leave His Atm Flabbergasted

Gone are the days when women were known to be submissive to their husbands, stay home and watch the children, and carry out household chores and wifely duties without complaining.

But nowadays things have changed, women no longer do what their mothers and grandmothers used to do back then. Most of them hang out with men old enough to be their fathers/grandfathers, in short, I mean sponsors and they aren’t ashamed of that.

We are living in the ‘sponsors’ generation and young women are dating fossil/ancestors just to live lavishly. But this doesn’t come easy, women go through a lot to achieve that lifestyle. You need to baby him with sweet names so that he can do anything you want.

Well, I conducted a research of the sweet names to call your sponsor and below is a list, go through and thank me later.

  1. Papi

2. Pekin

3. Blesser

4. Sweetheart

5. Baby

6. Honey

7. The Godfather

8. Daddy Yo

9. Sbonza

10. Benefactor

11. Babzi


13. Sokoro

14. ATM



17. Bae

18. Chief

19. Pumpkin


21. Mr. Msolokombo

22. Mr. Kigongi

23. Big Daddy

24. Oga

25. Hunie pie

26. Mlami wangu

8 Photos That Prove Ken Mijungu And His Wife Are Couple Goals

NTV news anchor Ken Mijungu last Saturday said ‘I do’ to his longtime girlfriend Laureen in a colourful wedding ceremony at Fuschia Gardens in Limuru.

The ceremony was attended by the who’s who in the industry with his family and close friends present to witness their holy matrimony. The wedding was an invites only affair and if you didn’t get a card, you weren’t going to be part of the awesome ceremony.


His colleagues Dennis Okari, Trevor Ombija and Andrew Ochieng were on the line up as his groomsmen. How cool is that though?

Not much was known about Ken’s bride, but one thing we can all agree to is how cute and pretty she is. Ken scored major on this one.

The two are couple goals, but Laureen mostly steals the spotlight. Well, the two are now one but we can’t help but admire how cute they look together.

Check out these 8 photos that prove the newly weds are couple goals;

This womans letter to her future husband is the most amazing thing you will read today

An instagram user Dana Chanel wrote a letter to her future husband, two years ago, and is sharing it now to inspire others.

She wrote;

‘I wrote this two years ago on IG, wow God is so faithful…. SPEAK AND PRAY WHAT YOU DESIRE!!! “Dear Future Husband,
I can’t wait til we make the decision to honor, respect, love and fight for each other for the rest of our lives. Women are so quick to ask and demand what they need from a man but let me take a second to tell you how I was created to serve you. I may not have seen an example of a woman led by God to be a good wife, but I’m breaking this generational curse. I’m determined to show you what it means to go before God and unite in a partnership. I promise not to just love you, but respect you when I don’t even like you’.

‘I promise to push you mentally and emotionally into the man God intended you to be, so I know your capable of leading us, where I’d been afraid to go alone. I will be understanding and listen when the enemy tries to take a front row seat to what he thinks he can destroy. I will pray for you like your mother told you no woman would. Our family will be our first ministry and I will dedicate my life to making sure you never go a day without being reassured by not my words but my presence that you have a partner in life. I will be strong for you when you are weak, I will put a smile on your face when you’ve lost hope. I will make you laugh when you don’t find me funny’.

‘I can’t wait to make love to you and repay you for putting my purity before your temptation. Most importantly I will be there. I will continuously ask God to give me the eyes to see you the way he does, past our mistakes so we can get through anything that comes our way. I refuse to stop fighting. I will bring your first child into the world for us to continue our legacy. I will be the woman you want your daughter to look up to. I will inspire you when I get on the stage to minister the gospel. Baby I could go on forever, there’s nothing more I want than to make you feel special, like the King you are, to submit to you. Every time you look at me I want you to witness and be proud of your reflection. The sacrifice will be worth a lifetime. I’m praying over our union now… I’ll meet you at the altar..”


‘I Snatched Her Man Because She Refused To Serve Me Food In Her Wedding’ Woman Confesses

An instagram comment by a woman on why she ended up with a friends husband has left many upset.

Here’s what the user going by the name break_makeup;

‘I waited patiently to get the man before i could come public and brag about it.i am sharing this story to warn married ladies. My best friend invited me for a wedding I did not know the couple I just followed my friend because I was broke and hungry, I was so broke that day that I could not afford a bottle of coke. So I joined her for the wedding unfortunately for her the food was just passing me by and my friend was busy forming because she met this guy . I was so hungry each time the food passed by, I swallowed saliva, until they finished sharing food. I went to the people sharing and they gave me a bottle of water to drink apologizing the food was finished. after the wedding my friend went to greet the bride so I followed her, after greeting the bride I went back to tell her that I was not served instead of her to sympathize with me, she said pls pls pls I have my husband to think of now,  am a married woman . I was now wondering what connected food with am a married woman I felt so bitter that I vowed right in the alter in the present of God and the hunger in my stomach to steal her man. that was how I followed up, I got his number from his elder brother because I lied he was my university mate I lost his contact. I started my job and am now pregnant for him. he promised to leave his wife if i give him a boy, hopefully it will be a boy.You all should pray for me’.


Reactions from the social media post, condemning the woman;

Man, sister quarrel over pregnancy, he kicks her stomach and kills her

A 29-year-old man killed his 16-year-old sister because she was pregnant then surrendered himself to Siritanyi police station.

Kizito Wafula allegedly committed the crime in Misemwa village, Kanduyi, Bungoma county on Wednesday evening.

He had had a longstanding dispute with standard eight pupil Abigail Wafula over the pregnancy, their father Emanuel Wafula told journalists yesterday.

The girl was five months pregnant, he said.

Abigail and Kizito had quarrelled then he kicked hard in the stomach, making her fall on the ground.

She started writhing in pain and her relatives called a motorcycle to take her to hospital, but she died, her father said.

“I don’t why Kizito, who is usually very temperamental, decided to beat her up. But he had previous been telling her that he will one day kill her for embarrassing our family,” Emanuel said.

He said his daughter was bright and index 13 and he had been expecting her to perform well in her studies despite being pregnant.

Her mother at first refused to talk to journalists and only said they had sacrificed a lot to ensure she does not leave school so she could have a bright future.

Neighbours, who flocked to the home, condemned the incident.

Francis Wasike said Kizito would occasionally have a bitter quarrel with his sister asking her why she had gotten pregnant yet they had sacrificed many things to take her to school.

Her body was taken to Bungoma County Referral Hospital morgue.

Area assistant chief Alfred Wefafa said the beating was uncalled for and an embarrassment to the community.

He suspects Kizito might have been drunk when he beat up his sister.

Wefafa said he has known Kizito for some time and he is usually drunk.

He warned residents against behaving in such a manner and urged them to find amicable solutions to problems.

“Cases of people in families fighting and killing each other have been on rise in this my area and I’m appealing to families to seek divine intervention in solving disputes,” he said.

Wefafa said Kizito, who has been transferred to Bungoma police station, will be arraigned in court and charged with his sister’s murder.