Wilbroda Is An Attractive Woman! Papa Shirandula Salivates For On Screen Wife (EXCLUSIVE)

We all know him as Papa Shirandula from his popular local TV comedy and Charles Bukeko (Papa Shirandula) is one man who has hit the headlines with his never-ending jokes.

papa shirandula 1

It has been years after he and popular TV actress Wilbroda – who is well known as his wife on screen – had an on-screen relationship. And yes, acting is a career where you may have to pretend to be in love but sometimes the act may actually become reality. Just ask Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

When asked if he is in love with screen wife, Jackie Nyaminde, aka Wilbroda, Papa Shirandula poured his heart out citing that Wilbroda was an attractive and beautiful woman. Could he be falling in love with his “fake” wife?


The internet went wild after he had one of the most flamboyant weddings in the country, leaving many middle aged women crying into their pillows. Papa has, however, had quite a journey as an actor with him moving to Nairobi’s Eastlands, from where he would trek daily to the National Theatre.

This is what he had to say about Wilbroda;

“Wilbroda is a beautiful woman, a strong woman and she has everything a woman should have. Any man can get attracted to her….She is beautiful.”

Let’s Take A Journey Through Kenya’s History With These Iconic Love Songs

Every generation has love songs that defines the term ‘love’ for them. This is true whether you are 60 or 13. We all have that song that is ours. Or so we think.

The truth, however, is that we aren’t exactly snowflakes. There are millions of other people who share our taste in music and that is why songs such as African Woman by 2face Idibia (which isn’t Kenyan) but it defined love for an entire generation.

Vincent and I sat down and had a look at some of these love songs and we came up with the following list:

Emmy Kosgei Makes Sweet Admission About Her Marriage To Apostle Anselm

It is Valentine’s day and people are showing the colour of their heart. And it bleeds love -nothing but love. However, Emmy Kosgei has made an interesting revelation about her relationship with Apostle Anselm Madubuko.

Emmy Kosgei doesn’t shy away from showing off her love for the man of God who is almost twice her age.

Fans have been waiting for the award-winning megastar known for hits like Taai and Taunet Nelel to announce the eventual addition to the family.

Here’s How Emmy Kosgei Inspires Us To Celebrate Our BFF’s This Weekend

Emmy Kosgei’s Valentine’s message dripped of nothing but love.

“I love this man.. he is the best thing that happened to me! I’m blessed with a loving and prayerful man, I’m blessed that I didn’t miss my divine moment.. Anselm Madubuko you mean the world to me! I’m wiser, deeper in things of God, you’ve made me a better person! You’ve shown me love and care.. I feel so special????????????????????… Nkem!” she wrote.

She also revealed that marriages are hard work, especially after Eunice Njeri’s lasted 24-hours.


From 100 Bob Wedding To Sh 3.5M Ceremony, Check Out These Heartwarming Pics

Today’s wedding is a far cry from this couple’s 100 bob wedding officiated back on January 30th, 2017. Wilson Wanjohi and Anne Muhonja is the proud couple who have been blessed with a Sh 3.5 million bob wedding. Now they look like a million dollar couple.

Beside the Sh 3.5 million do-over wedding, Wilson and Anne also got other presents like an-all-expense paid honeymoon in Diani.

Pesa Otas! 100 Bob Wedding Couple Can Now Own Millions

The five-day trip saw the couple soak up the sun at a 4-star hotel at the coast.

Another well-wisher blessed them with an even better present that will help then eke out a living and be productive members of society.

From 100 Bob Wedding To 4-Star Hotel! Humble Couple Fly Off To Beach Side Honeymoon After Social Media Blows Up


Here are photos from the lavish wedding…








Happy Valentine’s everyone!

LOVER OF LOVE! Mimmy Khamis Confesses That She Would Kiss a Guy On The First Date & Reveals Her Ideal Man (Video)

Mimmy Khamis oozes charisma, elegance, and pure charm whenever she walks into the room.

The mid-morning radio presenter recently took over from the previous radio host at Classic 105, and so far, she has proved that she can fit into the role, with a unique style of presentation and interaction with her fans.

The sweet, yet down to earth lady is also a lover of music, and when you tune in to listen to her smooth, mellow voice, her introduction to songs is just impeccable, giving details about the artiste, when the song was dropped, and even the message behind the lyrics.

Meet Classic 105’s Mid Morning Radio Queen, Mimmy Khamis As She Explains How She Plans On Filling Her Predecessor’s Shoes (VIDEO)

Mimmy Khamis is not just charismatic but has also proved that she can swim with the sharks, being the only female radio presenter at Classic 105.


The beautiful presenter is also a lover of love and being Valentine’s Day, I took the chance to find out a few things about Mimmy’s Valentine’s plans, and of course took the chance ask her about her love life and more.

Mimmy Khamis is laid back when it comes to talking about her personal life, and most of the time, she likes to keep it professional. That, however, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a life outside the Classic 105 studios.

When we finally sat down for the interview, the bubbly Mimmy was calm and collected, as she waited anxiously for the questions I was going to ask her about Valentine’s and relationships.


My first question was about the qualities her ideal man should have, and on that note, Mimmy Khamis revealed that she’s happily dating, as well as she whether she would date a guy shorter who is than her (she’s 5 foot 10 inches).

NOT COOL! Ladies, Don’t Do These 5 Annoying Things Just To Get a Man To Treat You On Valentine’s Day

Another interesting thing that Mimmy spoke about was whether she would go on a blind date on Valentine’s Day, and her worst Valentine’s ever. Speaking of dates, the pretty radio host confessed that she would kiss a guy on the first date…very interesting huh?

Watch the short video below as Mimmy Khamis talks about Valentine’s Day and dating. Oh, and also find out if she would prefer chocolates, flowers, teddy bear or a bottle of wine as a gift and if she would go to Uhuru Park for a date on this lover’s day.




Man, 23 Marries His Own 40 Year Old Mother After Impregnating Her. MADNESS!

A Zimbabwean man decided to marry his own mother on February 10th.

The woman and her son claim to be in love with each other and they decided to take their relationship to the next level and get married considering that the mother, Betty Mbereko is now six months pregnant and expecting her son’s child and her grandchild.

Mbereko, 40, has been a widow for the past 12 years and has been living with her 23-year-old son Farai Mbereko.

Girls, Do You Sometimes Look At Your Husband And Regret Marrying Him? Asks Maina Kageni (AUDIO)

She confirmed that she is six months pregnant and that she has decided it is better to “marry” her son because she does not want to marry her late husband’s young brothers, whom she says are coveting her.


Betty shocked a village court last week when she said the affair with her son had begun three years earlier.

She said after spending a lot of money sending Farai to school following the death of her husband, thus she felt she had a right to his money and no other woman was entitled to it.

“Look, I struggled alone to send my son to school and no one helped me. Now you see that my son is working and you accuse me of doing something wrong, ” said Betty.

“Let me enjoy the products of my sweat,” she told the village court council.


Farai said he was more than prepared to marry his mother and would pay off the dowry balance his father had left unpaid to his grandparents.

“I know my father died before he finished paying the bride price and I am prepared to pay it off,” he said.

“It is better to publicize what is happening because people should know that I am the one who made my mother pregnant. Otherwise, they will accuse her of promiscuity.”


But a local headman said: “We cannot allow this to happen in our village, mashura chaiwo aya, (This is a bad omen indeed).

In the past, they would have to be killed but today we cannot do it because we are afraid of the police.”

He warned them to immediately break off their marriage or leave his village. They chose the latter and have since left the village for an undisclosed destination.

Fans Mourn With Christina Shusho After The Passing Away Of Her Friend’s Son

Pole sana Mungu amuweke mahali Pema!! A devastated Christina Shusho is in mourning following the passing of a close friends son.

The gospel star’s fans joined her in an outpouring of emotion noting how hard the young man’s death has hit her after she posted a moving tribute to the family of the late young man.

She offered her grief and overwhelming sadness in the post below;

christinashusho; My condolences to this beautiful family, rafiki yetu @mireille basirwa amefiwa na mtoto wake wa kiume hii leo mchana.
Personally habari hii imekua ngumu sana kwangu.
So sad so sad so sad so painful ..eeh Mungu uwe faraja kwa rafiki yetu @mireille basirwa.

Below is a picture of the young man;


Christina added;

christinashusho;Boy, gone too soon, RIP @mireillebasirwaoff, haki pole rafiki yangu, kama mwanamke natambua ugumu, uchungu wa kuzaa unao pitia, I feel the pain. Ujue hauko peke yako , pole sana sana rafiki yangu @mireillebasirwaoff kupoteza kijana mkubwa oooh God mfariji wetu tufariji tena….mfariji tena mireille basirwa katika kipindi hiki kigumu.
RIP boy

Here is a picture of the young man and his mother below;



May his soul rest in eternal peace!



‘I Would Like To Introduce The Man In My Life,’ Betty Kyallo Shouts

Betty Kyallo almost caused a frenzy at her Pre valentine’s party when she made a captivating confession.

During the launch of her high-end beauty spa, Betty Kyallo gave a speech about what inspired the business idea. For the very expensive business venture, she has partnered with her best friend, Susan Kaittany.

Betty is very family oriented and her mum was also present at the launch. Check out the details below;

Betty Kyallo’s Mum Breaks Down And Cries At The Launch Of Her New Business (Video)

Three months after the launch, Betty’s business seems to have flourished, big time. This was so successful, they even hosted a post pre-Valentine’s party for their customers telling them “Asante sana”.

Betty Kyallo

As the night wore on, the party that was hosted at the rooftop of Sifa Towers, came to order when Betty started addressing the crowd. She introduced her business partner then went on to talk about the benefits of becoming a platinum member of the business. As a member, the fortunate few would be getting discounted prices for trips to exotic holiday destinations as well as expensive dress shops etc.

Anyhow, that is not my point. During her speech, she paused and said,


This caused a frenzy among members of the press to say the least. They were all jostling and shoving to get a photo of this new man.

After a few very tense moments, Betty finally pulled the man into the limelight, and lo and behold…it turned out to be her brother.

Mcheeew! What an anti-climax.

This is him by the way, and to his credit, he’s quite easy on the eye.

Oh My! KTN’s Betty Kyallo And Her Sister, Gloria Kyallo, Are Worlds Apart, Find Out Why (VIDEO)

Kenyans living in the United Kingdom are the most generous long distance lovers – research

If you’re in a long distance relationship with someone in the UK, you’re pretty lucky. Research suggests that you should expect your dude or girl to send you via mobile money more money for Valentines compared to others.

New research by money transfer service WorldRemit shows that Kenyans living in the United Kingdom are the most generous long distance lovers, sending on average Sh2600 more than usual to their loved ones for Valentine’s Day.

Following closely behind are Kenyans who have migrated and are currently living in:

  • Australia, sending on average Sh1500 more
  • New Zealand, sending on average Sh900 more

Almost half of married couples plan to spend Valentines day at home

According to Alix Murphy, director of mobile partnerships at WorldRemit this group of Kenyans living in these three countries are planning ahead for Vaalentine’s. He said “They are sending more money to their loved ones in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. On average, these groups sent $8 to $26 more for Valentine’s Day compared to the next week to mark the occasion.”


DJ Creme De La Creme Reveals How He Met His Lovely Wife Denise

DJ Creme De La Creme is one exceptional DJ and he has proven this over the years. He is a well recognised public figure and whenever you mention his name, almost everyone around will say they know him.

But he did not just wake up one day and became one of the most outstanding DJs in the country. He started off working at Code Red and he’s now a real big shot.


You might have seen his wife on social media as he always posts photos of her, where he’s seen showering her with nothing but love and unending praise.Many, however, may not know how he met his wife Denise.

In an interview with a local blog, he revealed how the two met and how she played hard to get.

I met my wife Denise 10 years ago in 2006. It was my second day at Code Red. So I see this chic ameingia kwa swimo. Those days I didn’t use to wear contact lenses and I remember I used to wear glasses and the previous night, I lost my glasses and couldn’t see. So I took a camera and took pictures of this chic who was swimming. So this chic happened to see me take pictures. She flipped, came to the studio asking, “who is that who’s taking pictures? Nataka kumuona saa hizi.” And I’m like it’s me. So me feeling all smooth, I’m like “can I have your number?” akaniambia, f**k you (he laughs out loud). I really became interested . She used to come swimming almost on a daily, so manze I tried,” he revealed during the interview.


He continued, “There’s one thing I’ll never forget. So there’s this point Denise asked me, “so what exactly do you do?’ and I was like I’m a DJ, I wanna be a DJ. Manze aliniangalia juu chini akaniambia, “You’ll be a DJ? You’re playing with me.” Nilikua nimechapa those days, but I’m glad after all those years, she’ll still be my bestfriend.”


Kenyans Respond To Why Men Are Afraid Of Their Women Climbing The Corporate Ladder

Today’s conversation was based on an event that occurred recently. A certain club held their elections and a lady was chosen to be the chair of the club’s board. This would mean she would have to travel for work and her career is set to blossom. This got Maina wondering; how would Kenyans, namely the men react to their wives climbing the corporate ladder?

Kenyans on social media respond to women who plot to harm their husbands

Why are Kenyan men so backward that they cannot support their wives’ success all in the name of who is the head of the home? Some men felt that pride kicks in when a woman is at a higher position in the corporate world and it can only mean trouble.

This conversation caused quite the stir on social media as Kenyans candidly gave their opinions. Below are some of the comments;


Pesa Otas! 100 Bob Wedding Couple Can Now Own Millions

The young couple that touched the hearts of many Kenyans by holding a wedding worth just Sh100 has received an investment project worth a million shillings from a well wisher. Let’s call them the 100 bob wedding couple….

The investment from a well known real estate company includes an eighth acre plot valued at half a million shillings with a Sh320,000 greenhouse and capsicum crop in Isinya, Kajiado County.

The company’s Sales and Marketing Director Edwin Khiranga said ‘the management responded to the heartwarming social media story that the young couple’s wedding received’.

From 100 Bob Wedding To 4-Star Hotel! Humble Couple Fly Off To Beach Side Honeymoon After Social Media Blows Up

“And this is to let you know that as you start your journey into marriage, this is an investment. You will now be farmers by extension where you will be getting at least Sh450,000 returns per year,” said Khiranga while handing over the investment to Wilson Wanjohi, 27, and Ann Muhonja, 23.

The young couple came into the limelight a week ago after someone shared the story about their modest wedding at the Community Christian Worship Church in Kasarani on Sunday, January 22.

The wedding allegedly cost only Sh100 with which Wanjohi used to buy two rings, each at Sh50.

The story received reception from hundreds, prompting well wishers to come together and offer to sponsor the couple’s honeymoon at the exotic Diani beach in Mombasa.

The young couple has also been sponsored to a grand wedding where family and friends will get an opportunity to celebrate their nuptials.


After 100 Bob Wedding, Young Kenyan Couple Receive BIGGEST Surprise Of Their Lives (PHOTOS)

The Kenyan couple who caused a lot of excitement on social media after holding what many would consider as a cheap wedding on Sunday, January 22, 2017, have received what may be the biggest gift in their entire lives.

The wedding between 27-year old Wilson Wanjohi Mutura and his 23-year-old fiancée (now wife) Anne Muhonja cost Sh100 only (that is for the two rings each at Sh50).

However, the couple, who met three years ago, never anticipated that a simple wedding would be broadcast to every Kenyan who has been online in the past few days.

For a man who could not proceed beyond class 8 because of the economic status of his family in Ndunyu Njeru (Kinangop), Wilson says that he’s the most learned in his family. He’s the 5th born in a family of 8 siblings.

But his new wife from Karandi in Nyahururu completed high school in 2015.

The two had planned to tie the knot in December 2016 and all their church’ members were looking forward to it.

On the Sunday of January 22, Wilson had Sh200 in his pocket. He went to church as usual but waited after praise and worship session then dashed to a malimali shop where he bought the rings at Sh100.


“The remainder is what we took for our first supper as a married couple,” he says.

Following the excitement on social media, Kenyans have come out to sponsor the couple with a lavish wedding, among other surprises.

An events planning company has offered a fully sponsored wedding to give Wilson & Anne an opportunity to celebrate with friends and family.

A well-established tours and travel company has offered an all expenses paid honeymoon package for the couple.

A Kenyan cinema production house has offered to provide a free make-up artist and free photoshoot on Valentine’s Day, for the couple.

A Kenyan in U.S has pledged start-up capital for a small business for the two.

An M-Changa account has also been set up to pool funds to assist the young couple set up a small business enterprise.

God surely answers prayers in mysterious ways.




Awww! Dennis Itumbi’s sweet birthday message to Jacque Maribe

Citizen TV senior political reporter Jacque Maribe is celebrating turning a year older. The cute TV Presenter is excited about her born day, she took to Instagram to announce she’s marking her big day. See below;

And what better way to mark your born day than to receive a sweet birthday message from bae, right?


Dennis Itumbi and Jacque Maribe have a close relationship, with many speculating the two are an item.

Last time when she was celebrating her birthday, Itumbi surprised her by turning up in  person at RMA studio’s as she was wrapping up presenting news.

Courtesy KissFM
Courtesy KissFM

The shocked mother of one could not help but shed a tear as she happily acknowledged the yummy birthday cake. Cute right? Watch the video below


So, Jacque is excited to turn a year older this year.

Did I hear, birthday weekend coming up? 😁😁😁 #GoodVibes #NewFeels

A photo posted by Jacque Maribe (@jacquemaribe) on

Dennis Itumbi has sent her the sweetest birthday message, you need to grab some tissue before you read it. Read his heartwarming birthday message


Awwww! Happy Birthday Jacque.


Stepmoms find it harder to bond with children than stepdads – study

Only half of all stepmothers say they have a good relationship with the children in their new families, a survey revealed yesterday.

The study also showed that more than four out of ten couldn’t say they had a sound and strong bond with the children they are trying to bring up.

By contrast, stepfathers find it easier to bond with their new families – as nearly two-thirds reported good relationships with their stepchildren.

Only half of all stepmothers say they have a good relationship with the children in their new families, a survey revealed yesterday
Only half of all stepmothers say they have a good relationship with the children in their new families, a survey revealed yesterday

The poll, carried out for a report by the Relate counselling service, said 65 per cent of stepfathers are confident of their link with their stepchildren, compared with 57 per cent of stepmothers.

Some family researchers believe this is because stepmothers can attract greater resentment as children may blame them for the collapse of their original family. Another reason could be that stepmothers are more likely to unsuccessfully attempt to take on more caring roles which children may resent, while stepfathers are more laid-back.

The findings were drawn from a report called Happy Families?, based on a poll of 5,000 adults by YouGov.

Is YOUR man planning to propose this Christmas? If he’s bought a selfie stick he might be…

Are you expecting a proposal this Christmas? One expert has shared the ten things to look out for – including what your man cooks for dinner and coy weekends away with your father;

There’s a candle missing 

Hamish says that one of the best ways of working out a woman’s ring size is taking a candle and dropping a ring she usually wears on her ring finger down it before scratching beneath where it lands so that a jeweller can easily measure from it. So, ladies, if you notice a candle is missing, it’s on!

Your name could be a clue

The most popular names getting married in 2017 are Sarah, Laura, Emma, Charlotte, Amy and James, David, Chris, Paul and Mark. So, if one of your names match, go get that manicure. If you are a couple called Sarah and James, you might as well book the wedding venue now.

You’ve been together over three years 

The average relationship length before getting engaged is three years and two months, so if you started dating in 2013, get ready for the bling. If you started before, tell him to get a move on!

He’s booked a bonding trip with your father

According to research, 56 per cent of men still ask the father’s permission, so if a ‘man-bonding’ fishing trip is booked, you can expect a proposal.

He’s scrounging on dinner

If you find yourself suddenly only eating baked beans at home, good news should be just round the corner.

Sharing a quick tip for men on a budget, Hamish suggests getting a ring with three smaller diamonds, rather than one big one. ‘It may look even more impressive and will actually cost less,’ he added.

According to Hamish, the signs to look out for include missing candles and passports and a newfound friendship with your best friend 

According to Hamish, the signs to look out for include missing candles and passports and a newfound friendship with your best friend

He’s ordered a selfie stick

With 64 per cent of couples taking an engagement selfie, if he just ordered himself a selfie-stick, it’s certain he is planning a proposal.

He ‘won’ a weekend away 

If he says: ‘You won’t believe it – I won a weekend in a luxury hotel through work!’ – don’t believe it; just start packing… and grinning!

Your passport has gone missing

Just before you call the police to report identity theft, you might be about to be whisked away for a romantic weekend.

He’s hiding his phone

Is your man more precious about his phone than ever? Don’t be nervous. Buying an engagement ring is a military operation and he doesn’t want it compromised. (Guys, do not save the jewellers name in your phone, save it as ‘XYZ Limited’ and tell them to refer to the ring as a ‘report’.

He’s bonding with your pals

Are your man and your BFF suddenly sharing inside jokes? Don’t fret, it’s likely he’s hijacked her for ring buying guidance.

Mariah Carey’s Fiance Jealous Of Hunk Backup Dancer

James Packer was ‘jealous’ of Mariah Carey’s backup dancer and choreographer Bryan Tanaka, a new report claims in the wake of the news of the celebrity couple’s dramatic split.

TMZ claimed Thursday night that ‘sources connected with Mariah’ had revealed the tension between the Australian billionaire and Tanaka that led to a showdown last June.

Bottoms up! Mariah spent plenty of time with back-up dancer Brian on tour, but it has been claimed that James was worried about how close the pair were getting 

The website claims that following a loud argument between the two men, ‘Packer used his casino ties to get Tanaka banned from Caesar’s Palace’, where the songstress has a residency.

It has become a very messy and dramatic end to the love story between the 46-year-old songstress and the 48-year-old businessman.

The couple have not seen each other in over a month after a fight while on a romantic European vacation, her spokesperson has said.

The pair’s engagement unraveled during a stay on a luxury yacht in Greece in September.

TMZ reported Packer allegedly did ‘something really bad’ that involved Carey’s assistant and there are other allegations about his behavior.

Tense: The pair were on a romantic trip to  Mykonos, Greece, in September but their relationship apparently unraveled after a row

Her spokesperson has denied speculation the split was over infidelity and insists the 46-year-old singer’s excessive spending was not to blame.

‘Mariah and James had a fight in Greece, and have not seen each other since. The fight was not because of any cheating allegations or excessive spending by Mariah,’ her spokesperson told ET exclusively.

‘James is one of the most successful businessmen in the world. They are trying to work it out, the spokesperson continued.

‘Right now, they’re not sure if they will stay together. They are discussing it, and plan to release an official statement together about their future.’


How to Cope With a Husband Who Criticizes You

Is nothing ever good enough for your husband? These five tips for coping with a critical husband begin with reassurance that if you’re criticized, you’re not alone. Diaana Booher’s book Communicate With Confidence gives us some pointers.

1. Determine whether criticism is intended to be constructive or destructive

“You can often tell whether a person intends to destroy you with a comment or intends to just bring about some change,” writes Booher in Communicate With Confidence. “Pay attention to the person’s word choice, emotion, and body language.”

Does your husband call you names (eg, “you’re lazy”) or comment on your behaviour (eg, “when you lie around all day and don’t help around the house, I feel frustrated”)? Does he have specific changes she’d like you to make, or does he just generally criticize everything you do? Is the subject of the criticism something you can change? Is your husband criticizing you in an attempt to control you, or to make you feel guilty?

It can be difficult to take a step back and determine if your husband’s criticisms are legit or not, but it’s an important distinction to make. If you’re in an unhealthy marriage, you may need to go beyond coping with criticism to finding the strength to leave a bad marriage. The best way to cope with a critical husband may be to leave him.

2. Don’t set yourself up to be criticized

Booher says there are several surefire ways to set yourself up to be criticized: be unprepared, be poorly organized, put other people down, fail to do what you promise, ignore the rights of others, always demand your own way, being confrontational in tone or mannerisms, do sloppy work, disregard what is going on around you, and disregard the social norms of your environment.

It may seem like those ways to invite criticism are work-related, but they apply to your marriage and household life, too! For instance, if you’re disorganized and unprepared for a family gathering or important event, then you’re setting yourself up to be criticized by your spouse. If you continually do things you know will upset or frustrate your husband, then you’re inviting criticism.

3. Avoid the urge to counterattack with a criticism of your own

If your husband criticizes your friends, don’t counter with a criticism of his friends. If your husband attacks the way you clean the house, don’t counterattack with a rundown of how poorly he washes and waxes the car.

“Counterattack comes naturally,” writes Booher. “When the criticizer offers comments, you return the heat.” Instead of falling into the default attack mode, focus on the issue. Why is your husband criticizing you on this particular subject, in this particular way? If he’s just a jerk, then it’s time to start saving money for a divorce.

4. Consider the setting before you respond to your husband’s criticism

If your husband is criticizing you at a family gathering or where others are present, then it may be better to let the remark pass rather than make a scene. You don’t want to prolong the agony – yours or others’! Later, when you’re alone, you might say something like, “When you criticized my work in front of your parents, I felt embarrassed and hurt. Next time, could you bring it up with me alone so we can talk about it?”

5. Ask your husband how he would handle the situation

In marriage, it’s important not to just accept that different people do things differently, but to embrace it.

For instance, if my husband criticizes how I clean the bathrooms, I might ask how he would do it. If he criticizes my habit of working on my blogs every second I get, I might ask how he would spend his free time.

Sometimes it helps to hear your partner’s perspective, and to accept that they would do it differently. You don’t have to change how you do things, but if you give your husband the chance to describe the “best” way, he may back off a little. And perhaps in trying to explain why her way is “better”, she may realize that it really doesn’t matter how it’s done. For example, as long as the dishes get done, does it matter how they’re rinsed and stacked in the dishwasher?

There are many factors that underlie criticism in marriage; this is a very brief, broad overview of how to cope with a critical partner. To get more in-depth information, read