Shocking: UN Worker Arrested For Allegedly Strangling His Wife To Death During Her Birthday Getaway

A staff with the United Nations (UN) has been arrested by police in Gilgil in connection with the death of his wife one week ago.

The suspect was arrested a day to the burial of the wife after post-mortem reports indicated that the deceased was murdered and did not drown in a bath tub as alleged.

Trouble started last week when the couple checked in one of the posh hotels around Lake Elementaita to celebrate the wife’s birthday.

During the weekend retreat, the wife was found dead in the tub and police called in before the body was transferred to Lee Funeral home.

A Year For Each Stab! 20-Year-Old Student Who Killed His Colleague Over a Girl Jailed For 8 Years

According to Gilgil OCPD Serah Koki, the husband claimed that he had left the house for the main hotel but on coming back their room was locked from the inside.

“The hotel management used the spare key to access the room only to find the woman lying dead in the bath tub and police were called in,” she said.

Koki said that a post-mortem conducted on the body established that the man was lying as they were indications that she had been strangled to death.

“We have arrested the man following the postmortem report and he will be arraigned in court facing murder charges,” she said.








-Antony Gitonga

The way to a Kenyan man’s heart

Kenyan men are not like men from other African countries. They happen to have funny and to an extent strange needs that require some professional attention.

The breed of men being raised in this generation are not similar to our grand fathers and great grand fathers, these men are truly special.

I know we have been told that good food, a clean woman, an obedient and submissive woman will make a good wife and therefore you will attract so many men. But this advise just doesn’t seem to be working. The big question many Kenyan women are asking is ,”What more does this man want so I can prove to him that I truly love him?”

I understand your frustration if you have tried everything and he still doesn’t treat you right, appreciates you and as well doesn’t feel like you are a woman enough for him. The issue now is not what you have already tried and hasn’t worked, but rather, what is the way forward.

1.) Independent women

Well I know we are used to being given everything even credit. But you need to stop asking him for money especially if you have not dated long enough. We ladies ask for money for everything nails, hair, credit, clothes, you literally can’t use your own cash. You turn this man into a cash cow and he is your supermarket as well. With in this economy, trust me this man can’t be your father or big brother unless you can prove yourself to be an independent woman.

2.) Stop moving in slowly

You want to leave one of your clothes this weekend and before you know it, you have moved in with all your stuff. This is so low and cheap of you as a woman. A man wants to know it’s worth making an effort to find this woman. Well very few men actually marry such kind of women who don’t respect themselves. The big question he asks himself is how many other men has she done this to. Then also don’t spend every weekend there yet you don’t even know any of his relatives or family. It’s unfortunate but this is how come we stay starts and you both realize, you were not ready for all these.

3.) Don’t propose to him first

So many ladies start saving men as Hubby on their phones and it scares the man away because he hasn’t even thought about you in that way yet. You start talking about how many babies you will have, yet the man has barely known you for two months.You thought that proposing is when you get down on one knee with a ring, well no dear. Acting like a wife even before you are thought of as one, is indirectly referring to this man as your husband.You want to force yourself to attend functions with him and behave like he has already put a ring on you finger.You are scaring your mister away. so please be patient.

4.) Regularly texting and calling is boring, stop it

You want to have the breakfast, lunch and supper kind of relationship one month into the relationship. You may have all the time in your hands to do this but it can be very irritating, nagging and boring. I understand you are excited and more in love than Romeo and Juliet, but please give this man a break. Where you go wrong is that you two are getting to know each other and as I told you earlier, these men are not like our grand pa’s generation. They are not so good at texting back, responding to phone calls especially when there is nothing to say. If the phone call sounds like,”Hi Babe, I just wanted to check on you.” (three times a day) I doubt if this man will see what value you are adding in his life. Instead find out what he loves and bring up a topic of growth.

5.) Leave his friends alone

I understand you want to feel like a groupie since you think you are both dating and it’s going to lead to marriage but stop bothering his friends. Anytime you call him and he doesn’t pick, you want to call up his boys and ask if they have seen him. You want to surprise him yet he has never surprised you and you think you need his friend to come along with you for shopping. Well don’t act like you know his friends more than him and also don’t be the legal advisor and start acting mummy to this man. Acting mummy by telling him which friends to keep isn’t really a good idea at all. So again take a chill pill and just be the girl he might be dating and maybe, just maybe you might end up saying I do or come we stay depending on your options as a woman.

‘She Never Actually Broke Up With Her Ex,’ Couples Reveal The SHOCKING Things They Discovered About Their Partners YEARS Into The Relationship

We all keep the odd secret from our partner, whether that’s hiding a receipt after a shopping spree, or fibbing about past relationships.

However, these shocking confessions will make you wonder exactly what your significant other might be keeping from you.

In a new thread on Reddit people have revealed the things they discovered about their partner years into a relationship.


User jennybg took to the site to ask: ‘Couples of Reddit…What shocking thing did you learned or discover from your SO after years of been together?’

It wasn’t long before couples came forward with their shock discoveries with the thread attracting hundreds of comments.

The stories ranged from endearing anecdotes to earth shattering secrets that saw the relationship come to an end.

In one admission a man revealed that five years into his relationship he discovered that his girlfriend was never single.


In one endearing admission a woman revealed that she had discovered her husband had never liked their annual anniversary dinner, but had faked it to please her.




 In a more distressing confession a woman revealed that she had discovered her husband’s criminal activity which has lead them to a divorce.


Another Redditor revealed that it was their partner who had learned something shocking about their previous career.


Learning that his partner was transgender was admittedly not a huge surprise to this boyfriend.


A man was shocked to learn that who he believed to be his partner’s biological father was in fact her stepdad.


Another woman had to break the news to her partner that he was circumcised, though he still struggles to believe that is the case.


Other discoveries came from those who found out eye-opening facts about their other halves.

One woman was shocked to discover that her partner of seven years was Mexican, having never been aware of his heritage.


Another similar story came from a man who discovered that his partner never had an interest in their relationship.


Daily Mail

List Of 5 Concrete Reasons Why You Should Avoid Dating A Staunch Football Fan!

So many times, I find myself entangled in football related arguments with ladies, and the more I argue with them on the benefits of football, the more I realize why I might probably wed when am 45.

Why? This is because it always gives me reasons why I should either avoid dating, or avoid ladies who think time spent watching football as a waste of precious time.

Honestly, I can’t live without football and yes I know I won’t marry that small leather ball.

So in regards to that I decided to highlight five concrete reasons why you should avoid a die hard football fan.


Dear ladies, it is as simple as 1,2,3. Just the way you can stay up all night keeping up with the Kardashians, that’s pretty close to how much sleep we can sacrifice to make sure we don’t miss a piece of football action.

So when am out there with the boys enjoying some Real Madrid vs Juventus match, you better look for my football socks and two pillows because the night will be extra cold.


Basically this would pop up in every point but thing is; If we are dating and we had planned to go sky diving, zip lining or even visit my in laws on a certain Saturday, which I thought there would be no football action, then all over sudden a. football fixture pops up on that same date, there is no way I am missing the game. Sorry.


Ladies love attention. In fact, it’s more of a basic need especially in relationships and this is where football always wins.

Apart from sneaking out of the bed at night to watch a game, we at times would love to invite you or probably say yes to your proposal of accompanying us to the game. Question is; Would you still get mad when my eyes will be fixed on the Television screen instead of your beautiful brown eyes?

A loyal football fan would be like “I mean c’mon it’s 90 minutes only, after that I’m all yours babe.”


Another major reason why you should avoid a staunch football fan like a plague is the probability of the guy being involved in arguments which later result to violence.

This mostly happens during football derbies, for example; Arsenal vs Chelsea, Manchester City vs Manchester United where both sections of opposing fans normally engage in banters which become heated at times.

We all know what these could lead to and you would not want to turn into his nurse or his shield when beer bottles start flying in the club.


This acts as a cover that joins the other four points.

Your bae will never be happy around you for a couple of hours if not a week when his favorite team gets a huge beating on a Sunday night, after the two of you spent the afternoon all cuddled up.

One defeat won’t hurt as much, till it becomes a habit where Arsenal go for six games without registering a win and that would mean six weeks of a moody boyfriend, which will definitely hurt your relationship.

‘I Found Out That My WIFE Was a Prostitute’ Confesses a Troubled Kenyan Man (AUDIO)

A Kenyan man has come out to reveal he found out that his wife was doing dirty business at night when he goes out to work on night shifts.

This came out during Maina Kageni’s breakfast show, where the top radio presenter was asking why married men are always telling bachelors not to get married.

During his conversations in the morning, Maina Kageni revealed that he has realised that men who have settled down always advise their single brothers not to get married, and he couldn’t help but wonder why.

Ati Ki? Kenyan Man Reveals How His Wife Is Jealous To The Point Where She Doesn’t Trust Him With Her Mother (AUDIO)

So, as usual, Maina gave the opportunity to Kenyan men, so that they can finally speak out and open up on what really goes on in their marriages and why having a wife is apparently such a bad experience.

That’s when a troubled Kenyan man decided to share and talk about his ex-wife, who was apparently a prostitute. According to the man, he found his wife taking a shower at 2 am when he was coming from work.

GHAI! Kenyan Man Reveals How His Wife Of One Year CHEATED On Him With His Blood BROTHER (AUDIO)

When he asked the lady, she didn’t answer him, then he decided that he will do his investigation, and true to his doubts, he found out that the lady was actually leaving the house when he went to work at night.

The 33-year-old added that even his neighbors confirmed that the woman would go outside immediately he left the house for work, and after he had gathered enough proof and found out that she used to be a sex worker, he decided to call it quits.

Listen to all the shocking details below.



Kenyan woman gang-raped and left for dead on wedding day speaks out

A Kenyan woman who was abducted, gang-raped and left for dead on the morning of her wedding day has spoken out about the horrifying ordeal.

In 2005, Terry Gobanga, a young pastor at the time, was due to marry fiancé Harry at a church in Nairobi when three attackers struck.

She had been walking home after dropping a friend off at the bus stop when a man grabbed her from behind and pulled her onto the back seat of a car, which then drove off.

In an interview with BBC magazine, Mrs Gobanga said: “It all happened in a fraction of a second.

“A piece of cloth was stuffed in my mouth. I was kicking and hitting out and trying to scream. When I managed to push the gag out, I screamed: ‘It’s my wedding day!’ That was when I got the first blow. One of the men told me to ‘co-operate or you will die’.”

The three men then took it in turns to rape their victim, with one stabbing her in the stomach when she tried to bite him.

She was eventually ejected from the car “miles from home” on the outskirts of Nairobi more than six hours after being abducted.

Police officers, who had assumed her to be dead at first, drove her to the biggest hospital in Kenya.

“I arrived in great shock, murmuring incoherently,” she said. “I was half-naked and covered in blood, and my face was swollen from being punched. But something must have alerted the matron, because she guessed I was a bride. ‘Let’s go around the churches to see if they’re missing a bride,’ she told the nurses.”

After being reunited with her fiancé and family, Mrs Gobanga was later told the stab wound had damaged her womb, leaving her unable to ever have children.

She said: “I was given the morning-after pill, as well as antiretroviral drugs to protect me from HIV and Aids. My mind shut down, it refused to accept what had happened.”

She eventually married Harry seven months after the ordeal, but he died from Carbon Monoxide poisoning just weeks into their life together in another tragic twist.

In 2007, she married again to a man called Tonny Gobanga and in 2011 published a book about her experiences called ‘Crawling out of darkness’. She also offers counselling and support to rape victims.

Despite doctors’ warnings, she was able to give birth to two daughters, Tehille and Towdah.

Nigerian Singer Flavour Forced His Ex-Fiancée To Quit Her Job After ‘Feeling Threatened’ By Her Success

Nigerian singer Flavour’s ex-fiancée is revealing how their relationship was based on lies and deceit, further claiming he forced her to drop her career ambitions, as he was not happy to have a famous girlfriend.

Singer Beverly Oh disclosed how she met the star, saying “My relationship with Flavour was a bittersweet one. I met him in 2012, when he performed at a show in Houston, Texas, where I am from. Three weeks after we met, he flew me to Nigeria; Enugu, to be precise.

I met his parents and he proposed to me. I didn’t know why he was taking me to his parents so quickly at that time. My mum and aunts kept telling me to cover up and make sure I say “Yes, ma,” “No, ma” and all that stuff. He proposed and I said yes.”

“One of the issues we had was the fact that he was based in Nigeria and I was based in the States.

This was one of the things that allowed extra noise come into our relationship. We tried to spend time together, but if Naija girls have a plan for your man, they will follow through. This is why I think women need to be close to their man because men are so weak!”

“He said that I should quit my career because our relationship wouldn’t work if there were two stars in the relationship.”

“Our relationship did not work because of lies and deceit. I felt like we both made mistakes so I’m not going to put it all on him. Also when he started getting all the women pregnant, I couldn’t deal with it. I was like, ‘Hell, no!’”


  • liz_law1Lol
  • faithydaduchess“Men are so weak”? If I hear! That’s the lie they want you to believe 😂 And who says there can’t be two star in a relationship/Marriage? All these men with bubblegum balloon egos killing ladies’ dreams since 1900. Tufia!
  • faithydaduchess*two stars
  • hahvaShe said all the women pregnant 😂😂😂
  • viviliousnicoleIt’s problem having kids from different women no matter how hard u try as their papa all of them will definitely have different ideology.
  • iamadammaodemena@hahva 😂😂😂😂
  • osabuohien247Nigeria’s musicians getting women pregnant in their job specialty. Is it, 2face, Davido, flavor, timaya, Wizkid, etc. These people have never seen Condon in their life. It’s straight penetration and its will hook immediately ♈♈♈♈♈♈♈♈
  • debedeedotorgYou can’t polish a turd. Remember that.
  • toyean@hahva 😂😂
  • echeedamian@priscaberry I trust what you can say
  • dyr_kid@__ayounltd__ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • seyihunterYou quited because you wanted to, he didn’t hold a gun to your head #youtube #seyihunteruncensored #Nigerianumber1sexvlog
  • tweeeryLooking for relevance?
  • wino_dantesYes o, all those ladies that don’t appreciate their man, ekuse o. Ladies are watching, dey wee help u appreciate him
  • beebhiolarwawu
  • ethel_onyeka@iambrainny 😃😃😃smh
  • cityice85Ok you are his past now! Ahead ahead puleaseee
  • wizziebaby_oOK now so what’s next??????
  • buby_onohWise gal. You have just saved urself from bullshit. I don’t even envy any future mrs flavour. It wld be hardwork all the way for her. It can never be easy trying to unite a family with different mothers. Goodluck to him.


Serikali Saidia: Man with 13 wives, 10 girlfriends and 176 children pleads for help to raise his children

A 65-year-old Ugandan man is pleading for help from his government to provide him financial support to help raise his 176 children sired with 13 wives and 10 girlfriends.

The polygamous man named Mustafa Magambo Mutone says he is proud of his large family, but faces financial strain to provide adequately for his family.

“I have tried to feed my 13 wives and over 170 children and it is not easy.

I request the Government to at least sponsor 30 of my children in secondary schools and tertiary institutions,” Mutone, a businessman and a resident of Kyaterekera trading centre in Kagadi district, said.

He added that he has over 40 children in primary school and has plans to establish his own nursery and primary school in Kyaterekera sub-county. He says he has about 10 children in the universities (Makerere, Mbarara and Kyambogo), most of them on private sponsorship. Mutone has five pairs of twins among his children. His children will hit the 180 mark by the end of the year because six of his wives are pregnant.

ugandan polygamous man with 176 children

In an interview with Ugandan’s New Vision, he explained that he is still strong enough to marry more wives and bear more children, since he does not drink alcohol, smoke or take sugar.

“Two of my wives who gave birth to twins are in Kampala and Isingiro, working as midwives, while another two — Haniffer Kabasomi and Jane Tuhaise — work as nurses. My youngest wife is 25, and the eldest is 50, but I had about 10 girlfriends before I married officially and they all delivered the same year,” Mutone said.

According to him,  his first born child is 49 years old, while the youngest are four-year-old twins. He further noted that he has over 90 grandchildren. The grey-haired Mutone, said he has a special book where he records every child born whether within the country or outside, because he has some wives in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi.

He said one of the challenges he faces is the long distance as some of his women live in different parts of the country.
‘’I receive about 10 calls every day from different wives who want attention but I cannot be everywhere. I have seven wives in Kagadi alone,” he said. “I do not have any challenge of supporting them because some of them support themselves since they work,” Mutone said.

Read hilarious reactions from social media users.

Caroline Nyamnjoh Stupid man, at 65 yrs u have 13 wives and 12 girlfriends. Did the government help u in impregnating these women, when e be di sweet u no call government, now it’s tough u di call government. Old monkey

Omolara Padonu Irresponsible people like this should be placed in a rehab
Imagine,some one giving birth to so many children when he has no means to take care of them
Such children will grow up and continue to constitute a nuisance to the society.

Adeyemi Abisinuola Temikay Was it the government that sponsored his manhood when he was pumping it into his wives & making babies? So Tell me why govt will sponsor the results of the work that manhood did?
Abeg comot for road mak i see joor😡 sponsor ko,adopt nih

Gambo Muhammad look at this donkey, did you remember anyone at the time you are collecting their natural endowment, what government will do is to arrest you $ prosecute you for starving your childrens future. OLD FOOL

Patience Akwash This man must be very stupid to plead for such thing. Did the government helped in planting the seeds for him? Na dis kind innocent children dey join boko boys in order to survive. What nonsense.

Patricia Osuorji In short, what kind of brain do those wives of his have, what does he have that made them all give birth one AF er d other. Even girlfriends too!! Bunch of lunatics!! Yaba left awaits you!!!

Oluwakemi Thomas He would have asked government to sponsor his manhood for surgical operation b4 it gets to this stage and more still coming with extra girlfriends i guess

Amara Crown Idiot was government there when you were impregnating your wives and concubines??? See this old fool o… You want use those children cook soup? That’s miscreants will continue roaming the streets of North. If I were among your children God forbid bad thing, I will poison you

Benedicta Obiageri Nnamani 176 children? Wetin d man dey chop wey make him d*** produce dat much
How him manage do am wey be say him never die ontop woman
Time wey him fellow men take dey hustle,he take him own dey scatter sperm like grains now him dey find sponsor..

Kelitayemi Williams I want to know why any of the women, past the first wife, would have even considered him as a suitable husband in the first place?!?! Put your wives and adult children to work! With the excess of family members they should be able to earn enough income.


Meet Singer Avril’s Handsome Grandpa Who Has Put Kenya On The World Map

Back in 1968, Kenya sent a squad of sportsmen to represent our country in the Olympics in Mexico. And among those in the team was a handsome man named Philip Waruinge. Philip went on to win a Bronze.

Olympic featherweight boxer Philip Waruinge on return to Kenya, with trophy and Mexican hat.
Olympic featherweight boxer Philip Waruinge on return to Kenya, with trophy and Mexican hat.

Well it seems this Olympian is related to music sensation Avril. The singer posted on her social media, revealing her special relationship with the Olympian.

She wrote;

Saying that I am humbled having met this man is an under statement .. very few people know know that I am the grand daughter of the living legend Boxing Olympian Phillip Waruinge .. hearing tales about him from his childhood friend and boxer as well, Jimmie ‘Pap Pap’, made my heart so full #MyHeroes #GreatnessRunsThroughMyVeins #Stinger #LightWeightBoxingChampions

Check out their picture below

Avril and boxing legend Philip Waruinge


Popular Actress Refunds Her Dowry And Celebrates Dissolving Her Marriage With A Dance (Video)

How did they get to such a bad place in their marriage?

32-year-old nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh broke out in a dance and tears of joy after her marriage to her estranged husband was dissolved.

The popular actress bowed down to his demands that she refund the bride price he had paid, to end their acrimonious marriage. They got married in 2015.

Their marital drama has played out in public and neither has felt the need to hide anything from the internet. They have each been mudslinging the other, leading to a cyber war between their fans and followers.


Their drama has surrounded issues to do with domestic abuse, DNA questions surrounding their son, gun chasing drama, cheating among other disputes.

So to celebrate the end of her marriage, Tonto refunded the dowry paid and posted a video on Instagram dancing away her joy at finally being free.


Her estranged husband Olankunle Churchill, is yet to react to the news. Check out the video as she dances and also read her strongly worded statement.

The joy was indescribable ••• #celeratingmyhappiness #celebratingLife #Davids Dance #VictoryDance

A post shared by Tonto•Charity•Dikeh (@tontolet) on

I get to See some awful comments and I am here to say I will never reply to any negative or Bad vibes…I have had my own fair share of Clapbacks,Saucey with rice replies in the past and Believe me I have grown Up so much I wouldn’t elude such SADNESS and classlessness again..
Please if you have nothing positive to say I advice you restrain from my page,PLEASE..
I mean you can insult me in your hearts and minds but not on my page and still put me through the stress of blocking and deleting…C’Mooon Thats brutal..
It’s said that you can’t give what you don’t have “I DONT HAVE HATE,Nor clapbacks or nasty reply So I can’t give you that… All I can how ever give you is LOVE..
Regardless I Love you all with the Love of God 😘😘🎈#KINGTONTO #Radical for Jesus

Fans and haters alike have reacted to her comments. Read some below;

  • sekoniolufemiTonto is a two faced bitch when he was lavishing money on her buying her expensive things of this world Churchill was d best husband now that the centre can’t hold she is trying to tarnish his image am glad Churchill collected back his bride price money he should also do DNA test to confirm if his son is actually his son I don’t trust Tonto dike one bit.
  • mr_otacheand I heard u returnd your brideprice?. is it the same brideprice u said you paid yourself or which one? abeg educate a confused human ere.. I didn’t say u shud come so hard at me o.. bfore instablog9ja carry am.. but I await my answer. cheers
  • afriqexpressions@mr_otache it was about d symbolism coz that rite must be completed for her to be free. Make no mistake, she paid her own bride price
  • mr_otache@afriqexpressions just got confused the more.. I’m a layman ere.. rights, symbolism and paying of diary herself.. can’t just connect it


Is Your Man A Fisi? Ladies Here Are The Top 6 Signs That You May Be Dating One

Seems like as years go by, new breed of men and women always pops up to either replace the existing ones or rather to outsmart them. I prefer calling the whole re branding process, metamorphosis.

I mean as much as it is a sin and a taboo, sex before marriage became a norm till we started encouraging safe sex. It all shifted to infidelity in relationships to older men and women preying on the youngings.

The youngings learnt and perfected the trade, and, in came team mafisi and mafisilets who are the current breed, which is controlling the ‘game’. Funny thing being a fisi in the society is regarded way cooler than being single. I mean, who wouldn’t fancy a cheeky guy or chic who dribbles past few lovers and still manage to keep them all happy?

Let’s talk about Team Mafisi shall we?

This article is inspired by a Facebook user (Shiliz Nganga) who decided to take the bull by it’s horns and warn her fellow sisters on how to spot a fisi from a far. Should I say, hiding, camouflaged by a bush?

Anyway, the pretty lass highlighted a total of six simple but effective characteristics these fisis have and well honestly, I concur with her.

From their timings on when to, or, not check up on you, to how he keeps a clean record to avoid being busted by his other twendi fae chics.

Check out her list below.

1.You only see the guy once every few weeks for a few hours or less.
2.He never calls and when you call he never picks. He’s a text only kind of person (players way of communication)
3.He hides his last seen on WhatsApp and some fisis go to an extreme of removing the blue tick option ndio msijue kama alisoma text zenyu (his victims)
4. His trucallers availability option is off.
5. He changes plans last minute after keeping you waiting, sometimes for hours.
6.His phone is always on silent and upside down on the table mkiwa pamoja

Do you think there’s more to add onto the list?

A Lovers Touch: New Study Reveals That Love Is Really a DRUG That Can Ease Pain

Grabbing hold of your partner’s hand while they’re in pain really can make them feel better, according to a new study.

When lovers touch, their breathing, and heartbeats synchronize and feelings of discomfort disappear, research has found.

Researchers tested the healing powers of a lover’s touch by asking couples to take part in an experiment where women were subjected to pain.

They found that if her partner was allowed to hold her hand, she reported feeling lower levels of pain than if the couple merely sat next to one another.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: Top 8 Kenyan Celebrity Couples Who Make Marriage Seem Blissful And Merry (PHOTOS)

Scientists believe that holding hands with a loved one activates an area of the brain called the anterior cingulate cortex, which is associates with pain, empathy and heart functioning.

“The more empathic the partner and the stronger the analgesic [pain relieving] effect, the higher the synchronisation between the two when they are touching,” said Dr Pavel Goldstein, from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

The study of 22 couples is the latest in a growing body of research on ‘interpersonal synchronisation,’ the phenomenon in which individuals begin to physiologically mirror the people they’re with.


Scientists have long known that people subconsciously sync their footsteps with the person they’re walking with or adjust their posture to mirror a friend’s during the conversation.

Recent studies also show that when people watch an emotional movie or sing together, their heart rates and respiratory rhythms synchronise.

When leaders and followers have a good rapport, their brainwaves fall into a similar pattern.

And when romantic couples are simply in each other’s presence, their cardiorespiratory and brainwave patterns sync up, research has shown.


The new study is the first to explore interpersonal synchronisation in the context of pain and touch.

Researchers hope it can inform the discussion as health care providers seek drug-free pain relief options.

Dr Goldstein came up with the idea after witnessing the birth of his daughter, now four-years-old.

He said: “My wife was in pain, and all I could think was, ‘What can I do to help her?’

“I reached for her hand and it seemed to help. I wanted to test it out in the lab: Can one really decrease pain with touch, and if so, how?”



Goldstein recruited 22 long-term heterosexual couples, age 23 to 32, and put them through a series of tests aimed at mimicking the delivery room scenario.

Men were assigned the role of observer; women the pain target.

As instruments measured their heart and breathing rates, they either sat together without touching, sat together holding hands or sat in separate rooms.

Then they repeated all three scenarios as the woman was subjected to a mild heat pain on her forearm for 2 minutes.

As in previous trials, the study showed couples synced physiologically to some degree just sitting together.

But when she was subjected to pain and he couldn’t touch her, that synchronisation was severed.

When he was allowed to hold her hand, their rates fell into sync again and her pain decreased.



“It appears that pain totally interrupts this interpersonal synchronisation between couples,” Dr Goldstein said.

“Touch brings it back.”

His previous research found that the more empathy the man showed for the woman, the more her pain subsided during touch.

And the more physiologically synchronised they were, the less pain she felt.

It’s not clear yet whether decreased pain is causing increased synchronicity, or vice versa.

“It could be that touch is a tool for communicating empathy, resulting in an analgesic, or pain-killing, effect,” said Dr Goldstein.

Further research is necessary to figure out how a partner’s touch eases pain.


Dr Goldstein suspects a lover’s touch affects an area of the brain called the anterior cingulate cortex, which is associated with pain perception, empathy, and heart and respiratory function.

The study did not explore whether the same effect would occur with same-sex couples, or what happens when the man is the subject of pain.

Dr Goldstein did measure brainwave activity and plans to present those results in a future study.

He hopes the research will help lend scientific credence to the notion that touch can ease pain.

The research was published in the journal Scientific Reports.








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‘I’ve Had Three ABORTIONS With A MARRIED Man I’ve Dated For 3 Years And I Still Love Him’ Confesses a Kenyan Clande (AUDIO)

Ladies, would you agree to be a mistress and date a married man for 3 years, yet you know very well that he will never settle down with you or be your husband?

Maina Kageni recently asked women if they could handle the truth if men decided to tell them all the dirty secrets and lies that they hide, and it turned out that some women would actually handle it while others would walk away if they knew the truth.

Interestingly, some women came out to tell Maina Kageni that they have more dirt than their husbands, with one particular one even confessing that she had an affair with the husband’s close friend for three months after finding out that he was cheating on her.

Ghai! Kenyan Woman Reveals She Had An AFFAIR With Her Husband’s BEST FRIEND To Revenge His Infidelity (AUDIO)

Marriages are not easy, more so when a woman finds out that her man has another woman or mistress, which seems to be a norm now.

But what happens when the woman in question is the side dish or ‘clande’?


During Maina Kageni’s breakfast show, a particular woman called in, confessing that she has been a mistress for 3 years, and even confessing that she has aborted the man’s pregnancies. Yes, not one, but three.

According to the anonymous caller, she’s not with the married man for money but love, adding that she makes money with him, which is ‘their’ cash because they have a company together.

In fact, the woman goes ahead to say that everything the man’s wife has is because of her, including the car that she drives. The ‘clande’ feels that she has a better place in the man’s life more than the wife. What madness is this!

How about you listen to the full story in the short audio below.


Ghai! Kenyan Woman Reveals She Had An AFFAIR With Her Husband’s BEST FRIEND To Revenge His Infidelity (AUDIO)

Ladies, would you handle it if your man was truthful about everything he does or about everyone he meets?

A lot of ladies have come out to complain about their husband’s secrets and infidelity, claiming that they want to be recognized, and that it’s better to know the truth rather than being in the dark in the relationship.

TIT FOR TAT! Cheating Husband Writes a Confession Letter To The Wife, But Her Response Is Just Priceless!

“So, if he tells you that he has two children out of wedlock, or he has bought another woman a piece of land or opened for a mistress a salon, is it worth knowing? If he traveled and said that he was sleeping at a hotel, but he confesses that he was actually at another woman’s house, would you survive that honesty?” 

This was the big question from Maina Kageni, who wanted to get views from women during his breakfast show recently after a lady called in saying that it hurts when one finds out secrets about the husband.


A lot of ladies called in and texted, giving their different opinions on whether they would like to know if their men stayed and whether their husbands have ever revealed to them if they had extramarital affairs.

But things took a different turn when a lady called in to say that it’s the men who can’t handle the truth from women, confessing that she has a lot of secrets her man doesn’t know, including the fact that she cheated on him with his close friend.

Forbidden Fruits! Woman Catches CHEATING Husband ‘STUCK’ To Her SISTER With Help From a Witch Doctor

According to the anonymous lady, her man cheated on her and she happened to know, so she had an affair with one of his closest friend for three months, and he never knew it, just to get back at him.

The lady was daring enough to say that she can even cheat with his brother if he ever tries to be unfaithful again. This is madness. Listen to the details of the whole revelation in the audio below.


No More Kissing On The Lips: Here Are The Sure TIPS That Your Relationship Is On The ROCKS

Relationships don’t always run smoothly but a sexual anthropologist has shared the signs to pay attention to that tell you your relationship is over.

Bella Elwood-Clayton is an expert on relationships and said one of the main red flags that indicates the relationship is in a danger zone is when the excitement is gone.

‘When, actually, you’d rather just read a book. And he would prefer to play Warcraft. Every night,’ she told Daily Life.

‘The last time you orgasmed while looking into each other’s eyes was before jeggings came out’.

She says that the biomechanical processes that happen when we fall in love only last so long and it is around the six to 24-month mark that the honeymoon period starts to end.


Ms Elwood-Clayton believes that when the complications of life get in the way it often leads to couples being less infatuated with each other.

Differing financial values and the stress incurred from consumer debt and partner materialism. These are a top reason for divorce,’ she said.

She has stated that research has found that couples who disagree about finances once a week are more likely to divorce than those who disagree a few times a month.

Arguments are the main factor of whether Ms Elwood-Clayton believes a relationship will last or not.

‘If the same fight keeps cropping up, tend to your damn soil. Although conflict is part of any long-term relationship, be aware of intensity and frequency,’ she warned.


Although she recognised that as relationships go on couples occasionally become less sexually interested with each other, physical aspects are still important.

‘When you no longer kiss on the mouth every day. A sensual kiss says, I am still in love with you. You are more than a co-parent, a co-inhabitor,’ she said.

And these aren’t the only signs your relationship might be on the rocks.

Previously relationship expert Olga Levancuka, shared with Daily Mail her three factors in a relationship that prove it is time you should cut ties.

She believes that being a priority in the other person’s life is important and if you’re not, it could be a sign to let go.

She said it’s important to think about whether your partner has introduced you to important people in their life, whether they’re making future plans with you and whether they make important decisions that could impact both of your lives.


‘Being someone’s priority isn’t necessarily all about spending every waking moment together. It’s about playing an important role in each other’s life and being truly connected,’ she said.

She also recommended that you should be aware of whether you have grown apart, as people are constantly changing and evolving.

‘When was the last time you had a meaningful conversation with your partner and found you both wanted the same things in life?’ she explained.

‘Staying in a relationship because you’re used to it and it feels easy is more common than you might think but being in a happy relationship should be more than just inertia’.

Her final piece of advice is that you ensure that it is a balanced partnership, with both of you supporting each other when you need it.

‘If your partner requires you to be there for them all the time when they need you but are never there when you need them, then you should probably start thinking about moving on’.


‘I want to move on’: Kibor, 86, says case to end 51-year marriage taking too long

Politician-cum-farmer Jackson Kibor insisted he wants a quick divorce from his second wife of 51 years when he testified in court for the second time.

The 86-year-old told principal magistrate Charles Obulutsa on Wednesday evening that he wants them to part officially so he can move on.

He said the case for his divorce from Josephine Jepkoech has taken too long and been adjourned 10 times, unnecessarily inconveniencing him.

Kibor denied that he wants the divorce because Jepkoech placed a caveat on a 200-acre piece of land which he wanted to sell.

“I have said I don’t want her because she traveled to Canada to live with her children without my authority, abandoning me several times,” he said.

The man filed for divorce a year ago accusing his wife of desertion, cruelty, denial of conjugal rights and interference with his ownership of an 800-acre piece of land in Kipkabus, Uasin Gishu county.

Police stormed Kibor’s home on March 7 and arrested him for misusing his gun.

He shot three times at his son Ezekiel the previous week in a dispute over their farm near Eldoret. He said he did so in self-defence but his son claimed he intended to kill. The man is embroiled in a land dispute with his sons.

While being cross-examined by Jepkoech’s lawyer Amos Magut, Kibor refused to talk about conjugal rights, causing laughter in the court.

The farmer was asked by the lawyer if his wife ever sent him away when he visited and if she ever denied him the rights.,

“If you have one wife, don’t ask me about those things. If I go to one house and I am not welcomed, even though the home is mine, I will simply go to the other home.”

Kibor’s first wife Mary is deceased while his third wife is called Yunita.

Jepkoech was not in court but has opposed the divorce saying she is happy and does not understand why her husband is frustrating her with the divorce case.

Her lawyer produced three letters written in Kalenjin, which Kibor allegedly sent her on diverse dates, instructing her on several issues concerning their farm. She wants the letters used as evidence that she was taking orders from Kibor as his wife.

But the politician said: “I cannot write anything in English or Kalenjin…I don’t know who wrote those letters.”

In his affidavits, Kibor says he has not spent time with the woman for more than 30 years. He asked the court to cancel their marriage certificate, which was issued in 1965.

“She is my wife but I have not slept in the house I built for her for the last 30 years. She does not respect me and has abandoned the farm for long, causing the death of my livestock and chickens,” he said.

In her reply, his wife said she loved and respected the man.

“He knows very well that we have always lived happily. He is my husband and I don’t know why he brought me to court,”she said.

She produced photographs of past family events where Kibor was with relatives including the three wives.

Jepkoech wants the court to throw out the case whose hearing will continue on June 28.

Courtesy Mathews Ndanyi

Nani Kama Mama! Kenyan Man Reveals How His Mother Donated Her Liver To Save His Life And His Painful Ordeal

Remember Anthony Maina Ng’ang’a? Well, he is the Kenyan man who left many shedding tears after he narrated how God saved him from death.

In 2015, Maina developed a liver disease that changed the colour his eyes to yellow (Jaundice) and was forced to undergo treatment in India. With the help of well-wishers, Maina managed to raise money and traveled abroad.

Anthony Maina Ng'ang'a


Maina shared after a successful transplant while still in India.

Well, Anthony Maina is back home. His health has improved compared to last year when he was ailing. He is a happy man finally.

On 13th June this year, Maina took to Facebook to thank God for giving him another chance to live and also his mother who donated her liver to him. Here is what he posted.

“Today marks one year since my liver transplant.
Last year a day like today I underwent a surgery that took more than 15 hours. I know it was by the hand of God that I survived it. I still remember what the doctor told me when I was able to walk. ‘You gave me a scare young man you should be really grateful to God.’
Happy rebirth to me and I’d like to thank my mother for giving me her liver.”

Here is the new photo he shared



Isn’t God great?

Kenyans are overwhelmed and here is what some of them had to say;

Gracie: Nani kama mama? We thank God for mamas.

Mariam: Proud of your mom, may God give her internal liver…

Njoroge: God is great always, thanks to your mom too, you look awesomely healthy brother

Terry: Kindly can someone tell me what happened to his mother after removing her liver. Did she survive after that? Mother’s love is pure indeed!

Anthony: Maina Ng’ang’a, your mom surely deserves a standing ovation. She is a true definition of a selfless mom

Esther: Jehovah is indeed faithful when people write a negative verdict about Your life and God says otherwise. You will live long! Your mom is a blessing!

Liz: We thank God for your loving mom, for enabling her to do this for you, I pray that God grants you both good health, love. Please love your mom, most of all God who has made all this possible

‘I Cannot Believe I Will Not See You Again,’ Alfred Mutua’s Wife Pens Down An Emotional Message To Her Female Bodyguard Who Perished In A Grisly Accident

The Machakos County government is still mourning the death of the four bodyguards who perished in a grisly road accident on Tuesday afternoon near Lukenya Hills.

The four bodyguards attached to Alfred Mutua’s wife Lilian Nganga, were traveling in a Nissan Tiida saloon car died when their vehicle collided head-on with a Toyota Land Cruisier that was overtaking another vehicle. The driver was seriously injured and was rushed to the hospital while the other four died on the spot.

“Some of the officers had spent the day with me during my very busy trip to Yatta sub-county on Monday.


They (five) were heading home, Machakos, after escorting Lilian to Nairobi. Well, the governor’s wife took to social media to mourn the death of her female bodyguard by the name Jacinta in an emotional post.

Jacinta , Lilian Nganga's bodyguard

Her followers, some of them who happen to know the late, described her as a hardworking, humble and loving.

“My dearest Jacinta,

My heart is broken and in pain. I cannot believe I will not see you again.

Go well and may you rest in eternal and everlasting peace my right hand lady and friend.

You were the best among the rest. I will miss you so much.. I miss you now.


Christine: Oh no, I know your bodyguard. Oh no, she was so committed to her work. Rest in peace Jecinta.

Patricia: It’s still hard to believe. I know the angels are guarding you RIP

Ndash: My condolences to her family and friends. May her soul R.I.P

Muhammad: Such a moment when we wish death would be killed instead.
A nice hearted lady, jovial and motherly. Jacinta the world you live behind loves you. RIP.

Mutuku: Jacinta R.I.P watu was kateve market tumepotenza a good cop plus a mother and a great friend

Njambi: I remember her.She was so helpfull and kind.Death is cold and final.It is well, let peace guard all your hearts and minds during this sad time.

Gasheri: Rest in love dear. Shine on your way. May your family be comforted

Newton: Cant believe she is no more. She did her job with passion. God gives and he takes away.

In another post, Lilian condoled the families of the other three bodyguards.

“My deepest condolences to the families of these great men. The Lord does surely take the best of people. Rest well and in eternal peace my friends..

Rest well,

Here are there photos

Machakos County bodyguards