Rayvanny and Paula seemingly unfollow each other on Instagram

Rayvanny and his teen girlfriend Paula Kajala are no longer following each other on Instagram.

Their last photo together was back in December where Paula slammed rumormongers that they have broken up.

She follows 46 people and he is not one of them,

The fashion model last shared a cozy picture of themselves on December 12th. Paula had captioned the below picture ‘Basi kuna watu wananunaa nikipost bae wangu’

The last share from Rayvanny was in September 2021, when he released a song dedicated to her ‘wanaweweseka’.

Paula is currently abroad for her further studies, and constant talk says the two are done.

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Woman serving her man food draws sharp reaction from Kenyans

Photos of a woman catering to her man have elected sharp reaction as to whether what she is doing is slavery.

The pictures on Mike Sonko’s Twitter feed, attracted the wrath of women who condemned such behavior while men got excited.

Hii ni ujinga a wife is supposed to be a helper not the other way around

Hii sio heshima, ni ujinga na utumwa

kama bibi hajacomplain sioni shida hapoFace with tears of joy

This is slavery only evident in Uganda and Mehiko

Waliisha… Gone are the days. Equality

Waaaaah izi ziko kenya ni vinyangarika……hawa madem walibebwa na Enouch akipaa mbinguni

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Some men think “wife material” is a lady who loves broke men

Dear classic 105 fam, what is your perfect description of a wife material.

A discussion on a viral Twitter thread declaring that ‘The problem with men is they think wife material is a lady who loves broke guys’ has gone viral, with many saying the view is highly skewed. Do you agree?

Truth be told, if men had a choice, yu would have 2 women, wife material who has overall say in all the family affairs then 2nd wife wekuenda naye party weekend.

You need to change the cohort of men you hang out with. Have you tried an introspection?
Besides, it’s rational for women to prefer men who earn their income as opposed to those who just have money.

Sometimes it takes a lady with courage and vision to alighn ‘broke’ man vision and together make prosperous couple. Marriage is teamwork not find ready ‘rich’ oppirtunism.

Wife material is a lady that loves and accept me the way I am right now and is ready to build a better future with me. My opinion

Nope a wife material is a lady that knows her self worth so rest.

These men don’t even love themselves when they are broke

Certainly for some, minds are not the same. In fact, It’s one of the qualities of wife material we as man mean patience to correct that not what you think as women

No! It’s a personal choice who to date. If you date a broke guy becoz you love him that’s good as well if you date a rich guy because of love.

Where does the element of being broke become a factor in love? I thought love covers…even a multitude of sins. Love anchors on faith. If one has faith in her choice nothing hinders!!!

Wife material is a woman who puts God first, understanding, caring, smart, humble, supports her man in everything.

It’s not that but every man loves a humble wife nomatter what else she needs along as she is submissive then that’s wife material. In your being submissive u notice your relationship will have less arguments and more love and respect. U wouldn’t want the person u love to strive

Before we say anything a good wife comes from the Lord, He who finds a wife, find a good things, having a good wife it’s favor from the Lord. About being broke it is not permanent so you can work it out. Noone will be broke forever.

Lol most of the good guys are broke and most of the bad guys are rich. As a result, ladies think wife material are supposed to love broke guys, yet in essence its about the goodness of these broke guys.

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The one reason why women don’t believe in helping a man when he’s down

Girls, let’s gather behind the tent and discuss this thing of giving men money in hard times. Do you do it, or give him the look that says nah, nope!!

The one reason for not helping is because when a man gets back on his feet, he forgets you and starts acting real different.

Twitter user Tweet @boojieshay wrote her thoughts in a thread that generated 14k likes and 4k quotes.

She wrote
Helping a niga when he down is a real risk. I don’t give a what anybody got to say because a nga will switch up & act different once they’re back on their 10.

Several women recounted their experience to prove her point in the comments

I was with homeboy when his dad was diagnosed with aggressive cancer and ended up with a stoma. He was going through it and I was there every step of the way taking care of him when he couldn’t. Man let me know after his dad passed I was nothing to him. Never again.

Another wrote

YES!! Tell me how I waited hand and foot on this man when he literally got leukemia, as SOON as he was done with chemo and healthy, he LEFT!!! Like?!?

Actual and factual. I helped a guy get his credit up and now he in a relationship. But not with me like boy byeeee. Siri play Alicia key’s lesson learned.

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Stop giving your side chicks your phone to humiliate your wife – Man Kush

Man Kush is quickly gathering popularity on video app Tiktok where Kenyans are sharing hi insights into relationships.

The relationship coach speaks in Kikuyu to share his wisdom.

The most recent is where he is blasting husbands who entertain drama between their wives and side chicks.

In an audio voice over, Man Kush tell husbands they have no brains for entertaining the whims of their side chicks.

He says ‘ni kwaga hakiri, kukosa akili’

Adding ‘those women that you are buying alcohol in the club, you give her your phone to call and abuse your wife is disprespectful. why would you entertain another woman to disrespect your wife, I repeat again, it’s total lack of respect, kukosa akili. There is no way you can decide to humiliate your wife, the one you paid dowry for, the one recognized at home, you allow her to be humiliated because of your side chick? A side plate is for bones after eating nyama choma, Side plates are never used for original meat’


get yourself a man that loves you genuinely, he’ll never allow anyone to disrespect you. #lessons #realmen

♬ original sound – willie

He also tells women that ‘get yourself a man that loves you genuinely, he’ll never allow anyone to disrespect you’

Dear KOT do you agree?

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From sikuona text to nilikuwa nimelala, here are signs it’s over

KOT are funny and so is their thought process.

According to several lists making round online, there are signs and symptoms you should look out for that indicate your relationship is on its death bed.

If you ever take notice any of these signs, just know the free trial is over and you either shape up or ship out.

The first is

  1. Blindness that leads to Sikuona text. If bae is frequently excusing themselves this way take it as a hint that there is trouble in paradise.
  2. Deafness that leads to Sikusikia simu ikicall:
  3. Sleeping sickness leading tot he excuse that Nilikuwa nimelala
  4. Inability to avail oneself leading to the excuse Siwezi make kukuja
  5. Selective amnesia leading to kwani ni leo question
  6. Memory loss leading to nilisahau kukucall

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Not everyone is meant for you – Mike Mondo says of heartbreak in 2022

A woman set herself and her two children on fire following a disagreement with her husband on New Year’s day in Lugari sub-county, Kakamega.

This formed Mike Mondo’s New year conversation, with the presenter weighing in that ‘kama hataki hataki move on you could be saving yourself alot in future’

The horrific story saddened Mike who told on the Monday morning conversation that we must learn to accept rejection, no matter how hard it may be.

He sympathized with those being dumped or going through heartbreak but advised that ‘not everyone is meant for you.’

‘this is very wrong I want to condemn this act, why can’t people move on after their hearts are broken? why kill children? why cant you handle that you have been left, you have never heard of the statement ukiachwa akichika, you start doing something nasty because you were left, why should you react, why can’t people jut move on after that ka heartbreak? imagine you will move on and find somebody else’

A woman told Mike that many people are having mental issues over relationships gone wrong ‘diff people have diff capacity of dealing with rejection, and I can relate you see you have labored with him, given him children and then you think yani he can do this to me?’

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Emotionally Divorced: 7 signs your wife has checked out of the marriage


Fellas, if you are looking at your wife taking her role as a mother and wife without complaining, do not for one minute think she is happy in her marriage.

She isn’t.

Confessions by women on the Classic 105 morning topic revealed that many absolutely no longer have respect for their husbands owing to terrible things you have done to her and never apologized or taken responsibility for.

Many men lose their wives but never realize that the wife has emotionally divorced him.


An emotional divorce occurs when one partner is so fed up, he or she simply disconnects.

Here are 7 signs:
1. It seems like she has changed overnight: The truth is fellas, all the things you have done to her, have taken time and she has ignored all these things for too long and reached a point of no return.

2. She says she is ok and doesn’t have anything to talk about: It’s a fact that women love to argue, but when a woman is not even willing to talk about a problem, it may be too late – she has already become emotionally distant. Relationships

3. When she doesn’t touch you anymore, not even a hug: She is done fellas. When your wife shows a total lack of physical intimacy (not just in the bedroom, but in everyday life), then the connection you once had may be gone.

4. When the only thing she talks to you about are the kids or keeping the household running, there may not be a real connection between the two of you anymore.

5. If your wife is at a point where she uses any opportunity to criticize, point out your mistakes, or sounds pretty sarcastic and worse belittles you in public, fellas she is done, her foot is out the door.Black-married-couple-down-low

6. When she doesn’t ask where you are going, doesn’t call you to check up on you, she is done with you. We all know women can incessantly call to ask where you are to a point of it sounding like harassment, but if she den’t check up on you, she has emotionally divorced you.

7. When she doesn’t care to hang out with you there is a problem. In the beginning of your relationship, you probably couldn’t bear to go anywhere without your partner. As time passed and children came into the relationship, it became more natural that you both do things without the other, at least from time to time. When your plans virtually never involve your partner or his or her plans virtually never involve you, there is a lack of connection in your relationship.



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7 promises men make to women but they rarely keep


This is the one topic that Maina Kageni got riled about in the morning conversation. He wanted guys to answer if they just say it to make her feel good, or for a single moment did you really mean it?

From making promises about marrying you to saying he will love you till death do you part, here are 7 promises we hear all too often.

1.    I promise I won’t be jealous

Most of the time, this kind of promise doesn’t work out, but it’s very common among promises men make.

‘You are auditioning for marriage’ men tell women in long term relationships

2.    I promise I will never check out another woman
Jaber very nice. There are way too many beautiful Nairobi women for him not to stare and perhaps desire. Here’s the thing about a guy promising never to check out other girls: it’s probably not possible.

3.  I promise I will never judge you
There are times he wont understand you and let out these thoughts. When he exposes these thoughts, you girl are likely to get mad, therefore think he has broken a promise.



It was rock-bottom – Ben Kitili’s wife Amina says about separation post

4.   I promise I don’t talk to my ex
Thoughts about if he is still talking to his ex will be there, and should be taken with a pinch of salt.


Talking to the ex in any form is breaking a promise to your girl no matter the intention.

‘She is cursed’ Esma Platnumz’ first husband lashes out after grand wedding

5.  I promise to change my ways for you
He extends an olive branch when he does something wrong, and promises he has turned over a new leaf. Do you believe him?


Does he promise to vhange soon or does he ask for time (years) to do so. Cut him some slack and praise him for any small change he does. Appreciate his efforts no matter how small. But if he isn’t girl, kick him to the curb. The red flags are all there for you to see. He is not misleading you in any way.



7.   I promise to always love you and never leave you
Can we predict what will happen next month? No. 2020 is actually proving alot of things wrong. Things happen, people change and situations arise, maybe an entanglement.

Comedian Zainabu Zeddy speaks of pain of having a stillborn baby

Just be aware, and live life for what it presents to you.


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7 benefits of hugging your spouse everyday


A study released in 2018 suggested that spouses should hug each other at least four times a day. How are you doing on this end?

And does your woman or man like public or private hugging? Either way make the effort to get one warm cuddle a day at least.


Here are the simple but effective benefits of hugging according to experts who want to encourage more people this year to do so with their baes:

Hugs reduce stress by showing your support. …

Hugs may protect you against illness. …


Hugs may boost your heart health. …

Hugs can make you happier. …

Hugs help reduce your fears. …

Hugs may help reduce your pain. …

Hugs help you communicate with others.


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7 questions we all have about couples who argue in public


From Dj Mo and Size 8’s explosive drama in a public space to Vlogger Maureen Waititu and her ex Frankie shaming each other online, KOT are not short of tea to sip on.

The two couples have been very open about the tribulations in their marriage and their Youtube channel has this proof.

I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty awkward and downright uncomfortable,  if I have to witness a couple have a public disagreement. I am no sure if I should eavesdrop or nijipe shuguli.

The fault in our stars-The problem with DJ Mo and Size 8 airing their marital issues

Allowing bystanders to witness a fight can lead to more feelings of anger, embarrassment, humiliation and resentment possibly contributing to the end of the relationship.

As bystanders here are 7 questions we all have about the couple:


  • Did one of them have a bad day and venting is the way out or they’re going through something more serious?
  • Is he having an affair or is this negative energy about her cheating?TNMCoupleArgueBlame_feature-588x260

I had to leave my house at midnight cause of her – Corazon says about Maureen Waititu

  • Were they ever nice to each other before this or it’s kawaida for them to always fight and make-up?
  • Why bother being with each other?
  • How do you go home now and get into bed with each other as if nothing happened?
  • Does it turn them on or something weird BDSM lifestyle?
  • Are they trying to break up?

What do you think Classic 105 fam? Do other couples fights in public make you ask these key questions, or am I reading too much into peoples business?


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7 sacrifices every man must be willing to make to keep his family happy

To start a family and keep it happy men need to make some genuine sacrifices for the greater good. Here are the ten sacrifices a man must make to keep his family happy:

1. Change of lifestyle
It should come as no surprise that your lifestyle will change drastically after marriage. From staying out late at night, to going away on long weekends, things change when you start a family. You will also have to take care of  your health especially things like smoking, because you need to be there longer for your kids.

2. Practice tough love
It’s much tougher raising kids in this day and age, unlike our parents who didn’t have to worry about the digital age. A man must play this role especially for teenage children who are easily influenced by the outside world.

‘A good man must be shared’ Former Senator tells romantic husband who treats her like a queen 

3. Putting in time and werk
Time is probably the most important thing all men have to make to keep their families happy. Taking time off from your regular schedule to attend school functions, or even something as simple as taking your son to a football game. A father who doesn’t spedn time with his children willl never be able to recover lost time, once the children are all grown and have moved on with their lives.
4. Providing just like in the old times
Money or lack of it affects many marriages. A man may need to stop spending on some unnecessary things to now include his family’s new needs.

Watch video of Alicia Keys encouraging her 4-year-old son to put on nail polish
5. Giving up the dream job
Sometimes some men expect their families to always be ready to pack their bags as he chases his dream job wherever it may be. Children need to stay in a stable environment to be productive.

I could tell him send me Sh 1k’ – Juliani says of Bob Collymore

6. Putting your hobbies on hold
It starts with simple things like giving up use of the TV to kids to watch cartoons, to maybe using a matatu so that the wife uses the family car to do some hopping.

‘Fight for what you love’ Ben Kitili´s wife says about her religious critics

7. Learning to let go
As a father you taught your son to ride his first bike, but now he as a grown up and is moving on, ca you learn to let him go? Other fathers have this need to hold on to their daughters, and watching her now dating and moving on with her man can be heartbreaking. Learning to let go is a sacrifice a man has to do.

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The 5 surprising places couples argue about relationship issues


Emotional bumps in relationships is what many couples go through and there are places where fights are most likely to begin and get intense.

Whew, dear Classic 105 fam, where are some of the places you have seen couples argue? Here is my list.

  1. In traffic Nairobi traffic is notorious and more so for people living along Thika Road, or worse Kiambu road. so while you are stuck in jam and your spouse says something, a fight ensues. It could just be a comment about how they are driving that brings out the underlying drama.
  2. Family events. Couples fighting in family gatherings especially during holiday moments are not uncommon. Holidays are a stressful time for couples who have tension. and the close proximity makes things spiral out of control.black-family-in-laws
  3. In a club
    Picture yourself sitting around happy couples and you and you and bae have some tension, it is highly likely one of you will make some catty remark that may spiral out of control and lead to a meltdown. And many Kenyans are known not to hold back so it will happen that the upset partner will bring up something they know will upset their partner

     “Did you cheat on her?” Dj Mo responds to troubling accusation

  4. Restaurants or big social events
    Eating out is supposed to be romantic and bring spouses close, but if you and bae have marital drama, the cuteness of others in the restaurant will likely get tot you and lead you to draw comparisons why you two can’t be this cute together. The lack of affection then leads to drama in public.
  5. Holidays/vacations 
    Disagreeing between spouses while on vacation happens alot because spouses have to agree on a common itinerary where neither has control over. The likelihood of blaming each other for any mishap on holiday will arise.

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Famous politicians who rarely/never share photos of their spouse

We know they are married or in some relationship, but we rarely see pictures of them together. We don’t even bump into them in public.

They leave their fans and followers with lots of questions. Here is our list of famous couples we rarely see together in public:

  1. Politician Kipchumba Murkomen: The Jubilee allied Senator is married and we have only seen one picture that he posted on his social media. We have never seen him out in public with his wife Gladys.murkomenwithfamilyinside_20140309
  2. Mutula Kilonzo Jr: The 44 year old Senator is perhaps the most discreet. He is focused on his work as a representative of the people of Makueni. We have ever seen his spouse Anita in public, yet they make such a cute couple.anita mutula
  3.  Gideon Moi: The Baringo Senator and his wife Zahra are rare couple to see in public. The couple below were spotted at the Tandui polling station during the 2017 election.gideob moi and wife zahra
  4. Johnson Sakaja: Nairobi Senator is quite poplar, and his efforts at ensuring Nairobi residents gets services hasn’t gone unnoticed.

    Meet Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja’s wife and children (Photos) sssa

  5. John Kiarie: Dagoretti South MP values being low key. We know he is married but have never seen his bae. Mhesh has always been a favorite with Kenyans especially dating back to his days as a comedian.jk--696x696
  6.  Naisula Lesuuda: She got married and that was the only time we saw a picture of her husband. As cute as they look in the wedding picture below, we have not seen them again in public or even on their social media.

    Meet Mutula Kilonzo Junior’s Gorgeous Wifey! (PHOTO)

    lesuuda 1

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23 Things that girls do on first dates that totally turn men off

I must admit I love watching the dating show on Ebru TV, but what I simply can’t get over is the things done or said while on a first date that I consider a deal breaker.

From turning up dressed shabbily (why can’t you put some effort?) to lack of basic table manners.

Here is a list of the first date deal breakers and why he won’t call you back to hang out:
1. She Tries to Find Excuses to Be Mean
2. Being rude to the waiters
3. Constant negativity

1 in 3 Kenyan women go on dates just for FREE FOOD

4. Looks down on you for finding your date entertaining
5. Being arrogant or stuck up
6. Checks their phone constantly
7. Bringing a friend along without asking if it’s alright with the dude
8. Having no sense of humor
9. Not talking

‘I ran away!’ Betty Kyallo reveals about polygamous man she once dated

10. Talking over you and never letting you get a word in edge-wise
11. Talking about her exes
12. Talking about how important she is to everyone she knows
13. Desperate for compliments

First date conversations to avoid

14. Makes no effort to be active in an outdoor date
15. Too much makeup
16. Chewing and talking with food in the mouth
17. Assuming you’ll do everything because “you’re the guy”
18. Lying about anything in her profile
19 Appearing shaggy/unkempt

6 famous women Eminem claims he has dated

20. Not eating on a dinner date
21. Talking constantly about herself
22. Mocking/trolling other people
23. Getting way too drunk

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How to get the woman of your dreams to marry you in 2020

People will ask why not do a story about how women lure men into marriage but I insist that we need to look into how men have lured women into marriages.I agree that some people think that it easy but no, it is not.

When you meet a man in his 30’s looking for a woman to settle down, that man must really put so much into consideration.

I speak to one John Naliaka who tells me that it took him four years to get a woman he could settle down with.

“Actually, I settled down at the age of 24 years immediately after college. However, many men believe the age of settling down to marry should be between 24-27 years,” Naliaka said.

Speaking to the Star, Naliaka said it did not take him long to get the woman of his dreams.

“It did not take me long. My wife is my former high schoolmate and therefore we spent some four years in the same school. While in school, we did not have any relationship but we knew each other well. We would bump meet a year later after school,” he said.

On techniques to possess, while looking for the ‘one’, Naliaka said his weapon was GOD.

“Mine was to be God-fearing as she was a churchgoer. That worked perfectly because she gained trust and confidence in me. I managed to win over her heart and she is my wife,” he said.

BUT what does it take for a man to desire a woman?

Pastor Susan Munene who is famously known for her ‘twa twa’ advice tells the Star that a woman,’s attitude and aura will make a man choose her.

She lists five reasons a man will look at a woman and feel that she is the right person.


“Men are looking for women who do not expose their bodies to the world. Women who do not expose their cleavage,” she said.

“When you expose your body too much. They will lust over you and dump you. Men are hunters and discoverers, Let them hunt for you. Let them discover what is beneath that clothing.”

Munene says that when a woman is fully dressed, men tend to have an x-ray in their heads of how you look making them want you.

“When you are exposed, he takes you as a sex object. Men are also gatherers, they will ask about you and come with a conclusion,” she said.


“Men are not attracted to the physical being of a woman but the emotional state of a woman. For a man to lure you to marriage you emotional state must be one that he loves,” she says.

Munene noted that men do not live in a world of their own rather they would want to share emotional things with the women they get.

“Those virtues of patience, being joyful, playful, smiley are things that men go for. They want a woman who is not rigid,” she says.


The pastor notes that men want women who flirt with them.

“Somebody who behaves like a baby. Someone who at one point is sure about something and the next not so sure,” she says.

Munene says this does not make you less of a woman. She explains that this kind of woman needs the attention of the man and involves her in all her ups and downs.

“This woman just needs attention and company. To a man, this woman is flexible and not stiff minded,” she said.


She notes that a woman who carries influence is one that is appreciated by men and can be approached much easily.

“A woman carries influence while a man carries authority and dominion. Dominion is to concur the world, not the woman,” she said.

Munene notes that when a woman is one who exercises authority on a man, the man will likely move away from her.

“If the woman talks down on the man every now and then, he makes the man impotent in all ways. His manhood goes down, Libido goes down, his dreams become shattered, his thoughts of marrying you go down the drain. Inwardly, he becomes a walking corpse and he will not desire you no more,” she said.

She notes that the man becomes suicidal and that is when cases of men killing their wives and children rise up.


Men go for composed women. Munene says this will entice the man who would want to explore this woman.

“Women who are quiet are desired because when a man is facing emotional challenges, he would want a woman who will listen to him and help him go through his challenges,” she said.


Naliaka says that men should spend a bit of time knowing the kind of person they want in their lives before actually going out there to look for one.

“They need to approach someone when they have done their background checks and are sure they have the virtues they are looking for,” he says.

“It is better to spend some more time to be sure who you want than to start regretting much later in life.”

We don’t marry the woman or man of our dreams, Kenyans confess to Maina

Naliaka told men to settle down when they are already mature enough.

“Lastly, I propose the maturity age for men to settle down to be not less than 27 years for an ideal marriage although there are some circumstances that can force young men into settling down much earlier,” he says.

“It would be better to date more before settling down as that would enrich bonding and release the necessary enduring love that would hold the marriage. Above all, look for a lifetime companion, friend or partner, and not just a wife.”

Nancy Agutu/The Star

A man I had no intention of dating paid my five months rent



Women are the GOATS of mind games. This clearly came out in a Classic conversation where men were complaining that they are the weaker sex.

Many men acknowledged the fact that they can’t beat women at this game.

Two women told Maina Kageni how they have mastered it and that they derive fun from it. One woman shared that her bills are paid and she hasn’t forced anyone’s son to do it.

“Let me tell you Maina it is true, the only thing they need is that thing in between their legs. I was once working at a restaurant bae and this guy used to wait for me to finish my work. My shift was from 6pm to 6am, and he would wait no matter what.  And another guy who I wasn’t dating paid my rent for five months without me knowing. I found out when I went to pay and was told it had been taken care of.  Yes at just the click of a button and the wallet opens.  Maneno matamu tuu na kukaa bila nguo anapagaa kabisa. I never love any of these men, they are weak”happy-couple-4

A second woman shared

“Actually we only love ten percent the rest of the 90 per cent, we keep for ourselves so that we beat them at their game, women are stronger, men are weak in playing mind games let them not cry they taught us well to play games”

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Stinky mouths, to broke men! Here are things that turn women off (List)

What is that one thing that turns you off in a man is a question most women are asked but not many are bold enough to share for fear of criticism.
 Well Dr Ofweneke posed that question and women came out in large numbers to open up their heart including the self confessed President of single mothers Akothee.

DR Ofweneke
DR Ofweneke

Here are some of the responses
.akotheekenya:any man who asks me for money is going 🤣😂
ivah_nthenya:Broke and very comfortable about it. And wuuwi anapangia pesa yako kama yake. Ati “Beb, Ile 10k imebaki tutanunua si nayo nguo zangu za kanisa”. Like, the f**k🤪🤪🤪😡😡😡😠😠😠
simply_njoki:Bad breath and stained teeth…… And worse a light skinned or a fat man

wanjiru_mbugua:Bad breath, no cologne, insecure, broke, ata chai Serena ni chida 😂

‘You can go report to the police’ Khaligraph Jones responds after being blasted for smothering Betty Kyallo with explicit lyrics


Top media personality in mourning after losing his sister ,Read more below

sexy_gal_122:Send me u r pic that’s mean you are a boy not areal man

cathiemuthoni:Bad breath and sagging pants

xenaolalekan:A man who talks about his ex all the time. Turn off.

joey.nganga:Laziness. M wanaume uko na miaka above 25 n still can’t figure out how to earn your own food n shelter. Unakaa kwa mafriends, kukunywa drinks you haven’t bought, you don’t know how rent is earned n on social media you are busy insulting everyone with their little hard work… Cheii such a turnoff

gracembula_9:Tell me something sweet…. Niambie….. Nitumie pic…… Unaeza kam huku na av known u 4 2seconds…..

kairetuwakariuki:Kunihug,,ingia whatsapp tuchat sina credit,unakula nn,na saa hiyo hujabuy,kwani unalala saa ngapi as if ni kwako…..ata ww umeniput off kwa kuliza swali ya wana hivyo

wandwati:When a guy makes that sucking sound trying to get particles out from between his teeth. That has always put me off. Use toothpicks, fellas!

juliet.damaris:Untidy, body odour, broke and ako tuu sawa mschew🙄