Nigerian praised for doing ‘King Tingz’ after showing off his 6 pregnant wives


A Lagos based socialite named Pretty Mike has got the internet buzzing after turning up at a friends wedding with his six wives. The wives were all pregnant and he invited each individually to introduce them and rub their glowing bellies.

The internet is now referring to him as doing ‘King Sh*’ a term used to show a man is the GOAT.

The man introduced them as his baby mamas and not one of the ladies looks salty about this show off might.

Instagram slanders Wema Sepetu for struggling hairline

He wrote about it on his Instagram saying

… no film trick, we are just living our best life


Mike in his bio insists he is a club owner. and for the wedding appearance, he was in the company of six heavily pregnant women. Mike claimed that they were all his baby mamas. Interestingly, all the ladies wore matching silver outfits and Mike looked dapper in a lovely pink suit.

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How I discovered my boyfriend was living a double life 


One never really knows when their partner is leading a double life, and only learns of it in the most unexpected ways.

A female twitter user King Gigi, wrote of her despair on discovering how her man had been cheating on her.

She shares her story – and shocking discovery.
@Gigibolts wrote

My ex boyfriend once told me that he is uninstalling his whatsapp because he needed a break from social media, this ni*ga went on and blocked me. I took my cousin s phone and saved his number, his dp was him, the baby mama and the kid..

She feels betrayed believing the whole relationship was a lie

Joh was super shocked

Her social media followers have reacted to what he was getting up to behind her back.

🤦‍♂️💔😂How do people manage to live a double live?

🤣🤣🤣That’s a men’s secret, you should’ve apologized for finding out.

He needed a brake from u

How well can you know a person 🤔

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8 predictable but absolutely common lies men tell in relationships

There are many reasons why he might lie; either he doesn’t want to hurt you with the truth, he wants to avoid drama, he wants to impress you or he thinks you won’t appreciate him being honest.

So let’s get down to the list of lies he and others obviously tell women. Kubali kudanganywa ladies.

Waste My Time Zaddy! Photo of bearded men excites Kenyan women

  1. I’ll be home in 20 minutes: He always has to make a quick stop, but he also knows that not telling you his whereabouts is a tricky matter, and so the excuse of I’ll be there in 20 minutes arises. Quick question though girls. Do we always have to know everything bae does and at what time. This kind of reminds me of Size 8 who pesters and nags husband Dj Mo with incessant phone calls. Chill, he will be home.liesmeme
  2.  Just go have fun babe: Because his male ego is so fragile, he can’t fathom you going out and enjoying without him.  To hide this, he will encourage you by saying ‘ Just go have fun, I trust you’ . It’s lies. He is a wreck thinking about all those hottie men out there hitting on you and he is going nuts.

    I don’t want a divorce! Size 8 gives reason for her constant nagging

  3. She’s just a friend, nothing else: Big eye roll. 4387-anim
  4. It’s not you. I just have a lot of stuff going on:
    It actually is about you and your relationship. You are not part of his plans just yet. Try and find out what the real problem is because if issues are swept under the carpet, he becomes more withdrawn.

    My ex lied he slept in a matatu from 7pm to 4am to hide an affair

  5. I’ll call you: Wauuz this is the mother of all lies girls. How many times has your man  – crush, boyfriend or whatever you call him, not called you when they said they would? 492384298-anim
  6. I’ll leave my wife for you: He does this for the benefit of your self esteem.
  7. I don’t think your thighs are too big: This one I must admit we do pile on the pressure for them to tell us we are skinny. Girl simply stop asking him if you are fat or thick, or whatever sensitive words we should be using in this cancel culture of 2020.
  8. Your the only girl I talk with: So why is he texting her?  If he bluntly tells you that you are the only girl who he is with at the moment, please do not fall for it siz.

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‘I want to keep my romantic options open’ – mans reason for not posting wife’s photos


If your boyfriend never posts pictures of you on their social media, would you be concerned?

It’s embarrassing to admit wanting public validation from the person with whom you’re already the most intimate with, but a little ego boost from your partner boasting about you on social media can feel really good.

A man who won’t post pictures of his wife on social media, has a pretty selfish reason for not doing so.

He wants to keep his options open in case they break up.

The man told Maina Kageni where the topic was being debated that

let me ask you what is the difference if I put or don’t put you on my social media, why should I comment on her posts, if I just like it, what else does she want? Those people who post their spouses, then later when they break up they have to delete? What is the point of sharing her picture on social media? The kids will remain mine even if we divorce, but her she will go. This chick things can go wrong then I have to start deleting pictures, what time do I have for that? To even start explaining what happened? So I would never post her.

What does it mean when your bae never posts pictures of you?

couple pics
couple pics

Are we reading too much into people’s posts on social media?

What’s your take on this Classic 105 fam, are we overreacting to something that should be no big deal?


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8 things guys dating a very VERY LOUD woman needs to get used to


It’s absolutely insane for a man trying to handle a very very loud woman. She is constantly talking over him, and I see it in my friends. It’s brutal.

She has absolutely no idea what an inside voice is and how to apply it. Aki pole guys.

Imagine trying to get Akothee to speak with her inner voice? I can’t picture it, for she is this woman. CALPOLIS!!

  1. If her man is a bedroom bully, she will be loud and nothing can stop her from expressing loudly how she feels. Your neighbors will also be constantly knowing y our business. Pole!loud speaker
  2. During an argument, he or she who speaks loudest wins. Always expect  your arguments to be intense
  3. You will never forget that you are loved. This is a good one right? For men who love positive affirmations, a loud woman will always make sure you you never forget you are loved and the cute shout outs are a plus.

    9 ways to try and keep a man interested in you for good

  4. She stands up for herself. Woe unto bullies who think they can push her to a corner. She will also stand up for you if you can’t fight.
  5. She will be the life of the party. Your very loud woman will always be ready for the turn up and make friends easily at any shindig.
  6. They can’t keep secrets because they have to vocalize everything, no matter how petty it is.
  7. You cannot have an inappropriate/naught conversation with her in public, because everyone will now get to know who you are mosheneing about.
  8. If she doesn’t know your Manchester City from Manchester United, she will embarrass you infront of the boys when there is a game

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My lazy mother won’t let me work and swindles her siblings to pay my bills


On a scale of one to ten, this story is simply out of this world.

A discussion of how relatives take advantage of siblings led to a college going girl exposing her mother for a swindler.

The girl described to a stunned Maina Kageni how she is told not to get a job because her aunties and uncles will take care of her financial needs.

What mother does that?

Maian was of the opinion that ” you must draw the line between helping and being exploited by families”.

The girl narrated that

“I’m in my early twenties and my mum is heading to her 50s and still dependent on her siblings to take care of me and my younger sister. Anytime I’m called for a job she refuses me to go claiming that I may go and get bad stuff and that people will do bad things for me. So I don’t work because of her plus I’m still in college but anytime I’m free I can’t go for a job, and I don’t know why she is depending on her siblings. She claims she is not a good decision maker. My aunties and uncles have been paying my bills since I was in primary school.  So I’m asking you, who is the problem here, is it my mum or her siblings for still giving her money or not helping her get a better job? It’s really tough for me coz I can’t go to work coz she says nitapata mabaya, or people will take advantage of me,. “


Dear Classic 105 fam, what has been your experiencing with relatives who expect to be helped financially. Is it an issue with your spouse and how have you handled it?

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Well dressed guys in the ghetto have female sponsors

If you see a well dressed guy in the ghetto, it’s likely he has a female sponsor, according to the confession of a woman to Maina Kageni on Friday morning.

The woman spilled the beans and even attempted to lure Mwalimu King’ang’i to go there and witness for himself and perhaps be chipo’d.

Will he take the bait? It will be interesting to find out. Anyway back to the woman’s account of the story that had Maina amused.She told that

“Female sponyos are not just found in rich areas. We also have them here in the ghetto. Come and see them”

Busaa, local brew in Kenya

My girlfriend left me because I couldn’t afford Sh1000 for the salon

She claims that the smartly dressed young men we see in the ghetto are living the good life thanks to women in their neghborhood who sponsor their lifestyle.

“hawa mavijna wamengara wako na pesa za kukunywa, wamepewa pesa na masponsaree, vijana wa huku hata hawana pesa ya kinyozi lakini wanataka kuishi maisha ya juu, so madame sponyos wako kwa ghetto ni levels tuu, wanafanya hustle kidogo wanashikia mtu wako kinyozi, trouser, unamshikia credo una mpsonsor one way or the other hata kingangi anaweza apply”



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‘Even the neighbors dog will bite you’ Terrible things broke men face

Being broke is not a crime, however with that said …

The shameful things broke men face in society was discussed heavily on Classic 105, in a discussion about dating or marrying such fellas.

One man aptly described the humiliation saying

“If you don’t have money hata mbwa ya jirani itakuuma, men should stop saying they are the head of the family if you are broke. If you don’t have money nobody will respect you, hamtakula mapenzi, look for money mapenzi itakuja tuu because everybody loves money, hata ukuwe sura mbaya aje, wanaume watafute pesa”

Another man added that

“Let men stop consoling themselves ati a women will love a broke man, there is nothing like this, if  you are in a family gathering you are broke you will be sent to the shops to buy groceries, you will cut the matumbo, but if you have money you will be treated right”


Maina weighed in slamming such men as ‘romantic fools’. He added that

A woman will tolerate you if you are broke for a while, but will not tolerate you if there is no dalili of the situation changing. What is any same woman going to do with a permanently broke man? Of what use is a broke man, lets be honest. stop consoling your self. Gentlemen tafuteni pesa”

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree that a broke man is of no use to a Kenyan woman?

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Broke man tells of humiliating experience being dumped by wife


Men who don’t have money go through difficult moments in relationships, as one Kenyan husband confessed his experience being broke as a church mouse.

His sad confession that there is no romance without finance hit home for him as he advised his peers not to console themselves that they will find a woman who will love them in their broke state.

He told Maina Kageni during a topic about broke men that

“I’m David from Njoro and let me tell you Maina, pesa ndio mambo yote. I  was dumped over brokeness. She told me she can’t live with a broke man, and she left. I was left there, lakini saa hii hata sitaki kumwona, kila mtu akae maisha yake”


So painful was the experience that he worked hard and made some good money. And guess what, the wife came back crawling, begging him to give their love another chance.

“I now have money and she wants me back. She is desperate and I have told her I don’t want her. I was sacked from my job in Naivasha and she left with two kid. I was left alone, na kabla nifutwekazi  I was with her for over seven good years. Let men not be cheated, it’s the truth I tell you, this life let me live my life, mwanaume ni pesa, yani I was told naenda hivi nacome: women leave broke men”

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My girlfriend left me because I couldn’t afford Sh1000 for the salon


Weuh!! Kenyan men go through the most trying to find and stay in relationships.

But girls don’t feel sorry for them, as Maina Kageni often advises that men should have money to spoil their girls rotten, and that if he is broke, atembee na Yesu.

“You know me I tell you nothing but the truth. If you don’t have money, wewe kwisha. Where are these women who want a broke man?”

So in a heated argument about broke men not deserving the honey pot, a man confessed that he was heartbroken when he realized he was left for not being able to afford a thousand bob for his girlfriends hair.


One man sent a sharp warning to men who don’t pay bills at home.

“If a woman tells you that she loves you and you have no money, be sure there is another man who has contributed to that matumbo you are eating for dinner”cheating

Phew, men are you listening. Here is the confession from a man who couldn’t afford Sh1,000 for a hair appointment.

“Let men stop consoling themselves ati a women will love a broke man, there is nothing like this, if in a family gathering you are broke you will be sent to the shops to buy groceries, you will also be the oen to cut the matumbo, but if you have money you will be treated right. I have experienced this. A woman left me coz I had no money. She told me that if I can’t provide for her she would leave.  I had no money for her hair, I said I will never again want to find myself in this situation ever again. I said I will work hard and get money. She wanted 1000 shillings for her hair, Maina I didn’t have it, she lef. It’s now about seven years, I said never ever I will tafuta pesa, thank God I am doing well, money can buy love, Kenyan men should look for money, no woman will date you, Maina with money you will be respected”

‘Romantic fool’ Maina Kageni called these men out adding that no woman should give any attention to a broke man.

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5 signs that clearly show you are a jealous baby mama

Urgh, my head just spins thinking about all the baby mama drama Maureen Waititu and Corazon Kwamboka have been treating us to. All in the name of their man Frankie just Gym It.

When your man clearly moves on to another woman without giving you a chance at reconciliation do you decide to bring in all your baby mama drama?

I had to leave my house at midnight cause of her – Corazon says about Maureen Waititu

Bitter and vindictive ex baby mamas behave in the six ways this writer describes below

  1. She doesn’t respect boundaries. By this I mean that she steps out of her place in that relationship, making it stressful for the tow parents to co parent. If you do the most to create unnecessary drama between your man and his current bae, then you are a jealous baby mama.
  2. You blame the other woman for your problems:  be it financial or emotional, a jealous baby mama squarely pins her troubles to the new love interest who has taken up your mans time and resources leaving you and your baby broke and unhappy.jealous-friends
  3.  She loves to bring up the past. a jealous baby mama will always rekindle memories int he hopes that she will make the other woman jealous and perhaps drive a wedge between the two lovers. My free advise? Leave what were your romantic memories in a vault and move on.
  4.  Being nosy:  A jealous baby mama goes to all extent to find out details about her ex mans new relationship and will do things like snoop on their social media or meet up with his people to find out whatever moshene she can.
  5.  A jealous baby mama will talk trash about her mans new love interest. Some jealous baby mama’s even go to the extent of roping in his family to back bite his new babe to sway their opinion. Most times, this backfires especially when a man has resolved to move on.

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‘My husband cheated on me every year we were together’ Wife discloses 


The topic of President Uhuru joking (or not) about getting a second wife from Luo land, light up the internet.

Debate was intense and even spiraled over to Classic 105 where Maina Kageni gave his two cents over the matter. He basically called out men contemplating this, wondering why men never find the first wife enough.

” At the end of the day, I want you to tell me what your woman lacks, what does she have to do to be enough for you? me I don’t even think they wonder what you think, coz you are being told to your face you are inadequate for me. Fellas we need to have this conversation, what does she lack that you have to go out there? he pondered

I was a side chick to a married man – Diana Marua

A woman called with her experience that is simply out of this world.

The woman told a horrified Maina that

“I don’t think it’s really something we lack coz no one is 100 per cent perfect as a spouse. I was in a relationship for more than 10 years and he cheated for all ten. The thing is I did everything right. I learnt how to cook his cuisine thinking I would be a better woman than others, I even went online to learn how to please him about bedroom matters, but he still cheated. I blame myself for it because the first time he cheated, I did not walk away. The fact that I gave him leeway to cheat encouraged him, sometimes it’s because of your circumstances coz you think he won’t provide for my kids, but I think it’s not about what we lack it’s a matter of personal decision”

Poll results – Kenyans believe Maureen Waititu is more to blame for relationship drama


Men who take other women is because of his selfishness and bad choices. He woke up and left me one day and moved into the other woman’s house and started another family, and it’s been two years now. Before that everytime he would come back and tell me oh you need to work on this and I would do it to please him, but he still cheated for many many years until I thought I deserve more I deserve better, and women need to realize that and if you are ok with your man having other women then ok, but let’s not kid ourselves that we don’t feel bad he is with another woman”

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‘I miscarried twice and he called me a murderer’ Tearful woman says

When a woman miscarries a pregnancy, she suffers heartbreak, and this is the moment for the man in her life to step up and be her rock.

Sadly, one Nairobi woman didn’t get the much need emotional support from her boyfriend after suffering two miscarriages.

She shared with Maina Kageni how heartless her boyfriend of five years was that almost saw her get into depression.

“I’ve been dating this guy for five years. I loved him so much  but we parted ways a few weeks ago, we were fine until where if I raise a point he would go on a rage. He never wanted me to ask anything, and he gave me silent treatment, and if I asked him what I’ve done wrong he never told me. So it went on and on to a point where he discarded me. I got pregnant for him and  miscarried. When I told him he got mad and called me a murderer, and he didn’t talk to me for the next  11 days. And then he  came back and talked to me. Then I got pregnant again, lost the baby and he didn’t say anything, he didn’t give me any kind of emotional support and what did he do after that? he kicked me out.”

had 3 miscarriages carrying Diamond’s babies before Daylan! – Hamisapregnant

The boyfriend even mocked her infront of his family about her inability to carry a pregnancy to full term.

” I felt inadequate, he shamed me infront of his family saying ah this woman she can’t even give me a baby, so that’s how inadequate I felt, to be honest I don’t feel it anymore . To me I feel like he had a problem, because all these rage he used to have, today he is loving tomorrow he is raging, coz if you have a woman who loses her baby how can you stand there and call her a murderer? is that normal? he stays away then comes back and everything is normal. by the time he dumped me we had stayed without talking for three months, so by that time I realized that he had someone else”

The most recent famous person to come out and say they miscarried was Hamisa Mobetto, who said she lost 3 pregnancies for Diamond Platnumz. Sadly, her mother in law mocked her for this.

Other celebrities who have been open about miscarriage also include Gospel singer Amani, Nairobi women rep Esther Passaris and Willis Raburu’s wife Marya.

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“You need to set boundaries’ Maina advises women facing second wife threats


Women who are facing threats from their husbands to take on a second wife have some solid advice in the form of Maina Kageni.

In the Tuesday morning conversation, Maina Kageni touched briefly on the topic of President Uhuru’s announcement that he is seeking a second wife. While many cheered him on, others were upset and said it is disrespectful for his wife.

Maina waded into the topic advising women to set boundaries when it comes to such matters.

He said “realize what your worth is. The reason they do this (take another wife) is because you let them. The moment you enforce your red line, he will comply. You need to set standards, you need to say hapa ni mwisho, usi[ite hapa”

A man tried to ague with Maina that even statistics say there are seven women to one man, so wives should share their husbands.

Maina blasted him saying

“At the end of the day, I want you to tell me what your woman lacks, what does she have to do to be enough for you? Me I don’t even think they wonder what you think, coz you are being told to your face you are inadequate for me, but it’s true we need to have this conversation, what does she lack that you have to go out there, you men you think you are perfect enough, no you are not, she is persevering you”

I was a side chick to a married man – Diana Marua

cheating wife

Maina got in his last word on the topic concluding that

“Isn’t that a problem mentally ladies, that’s how low they have beaten you down. Fellas I want you to look at your wife and tell me what she lacks”

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6 rules for hugging a man to avoid embarrassing moments 


The side hug, the hug from behind or the hug at the waist. Which is your go to form of expressing love?

All these hugs mean something and this writer has decided to decode the rules for dishing out hugs to your fella, so that bae or potential bae doesn’t mistake it for something else. Let’s get into it.

Here are 10 rules for hugging your manz.

1.Don’t give all men the same type of hug: some men are better off receiving the side hug, others deserve a full frontal hug that’s very touchy.

Kanye West with Kim Kardashian hugging
Kanye West with Kim Kardashian hugging

2. If he isn’t your manz, keep it short and simple: Don’t be all huggy lovey dovey to a man who isn’t getting the cookie girls.

3. Don’t fumble and make a hug awkward: Don’t hesitate if the opportunity presents itself, coz that moment of wondering how you should go in may result in heads butting or worse, YIKES!

4. Pay attention to how he hugs you back: How the man responds will let you know if you should try the same thing next time, or not.  Does he embrace you with equal energy or is he trying to back away? Does the guy hug you with one arm or two?

5. Don’t flirt when hugging a man if you are not open to him returning the hug with a squeeze of your tush for instance.

6. Maintain eye contact before hugging:  This will help you determine if he is interested or not but again many men are diffcult to read and you just might make a mistake.

Hey girls it’s 2020, the year to go after your dreams. Let me know how it went.

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7 questions we all have about couples who argue in public


From Dj Mo and Size 8’s explosive drama in a public space to Vlogger Maureen Waititu and her ex Frankie shaming each other online, KOT are not short of tea to sip on.

The two couples have been very open about the tribulations in their marriage and their Youtube channel has this proof.

I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty awkward and downright uncomfortable,  if I have to witness a couple have a public disagreement. I am no sure if I should eavesdrop or nijipe shuguli.

The fault in our stars-The problem with DJ Mo and Size 8 airing their marital issues

Allowing bystanders to witness a fight can lead to more feelings of anger, embarrassment, humiliation and resentment possibly contributing to the end of the relationship.

As bystanders here are 7 questions we all have about the couple:


  • Did one of them have a bad day and venting is the way out or they’re going through something more serious?
  • Is he having an affair or is this negative energy about her cheating?TNMCoupleArgueBlame_feature-588x260

I had to leave my house at midnight cause of her – Corazon says about Maureen Waititu

  • Were they ever nice to each other before this or it’s kawaida for them to always fight and make-up?
  • Why bother being with each other?
  • How do you go home now and get into bed with each other as if nothing happened?
  • Does it turn them on or something weird BDSM lifestyle?
  • Are they trying to break up?

What do you think Classic 105 fam? Do other couples fights in public make you ask these key questions, or am I reading too much into peoples business?


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4 main reasons why it hurts to see your ex with someone new


 Whether you were once married or dating, finding out you have been replaced and seeing him or her happy with someone else is a kick to the stomach.
Why does it hurt to see your ex with someone else? Here are three main reasons.

1. Your ego is hurt: You can’t help but think are they happier than you? Or are they having better siecs than you? Is that new bae physique better than yours or are they cuter or smarter than you.

Leave a man only when he tells you with his mouth to leave – Betty Bayo tells women

2. Remembering your past together hurts: Guys, no matter how long ago your relationship ended, you will feel a sense of loss and a blow to your ego more so if you happen to see photos online of them happy without you.

couple pics
couple pics
3. You are angry because you were vulnerable with that person and now they leave you knowing so many personal details about you. You wonder will they spill the information and embarrass you?
4. You ask yourself, ‘am I not good enough?’ Exes who were dumped lose sleep at night thinking what happened.
Dear Classic 105 fam, have you ever discovered your ex moved on and how did it feel? Drop us your comments below.

7 benefits of hugging your spouse everyday


A study released in 2018 suggested that spouses should hug each other at least four times a day. How are you doing on this end?

And does your woman or man like public or private hugging? Either way make the effort to get one warm cuddle a day at least.


Here are the simple but effective benefits of hugging according to experts who want to encourage more people this year to do so with their baes:

Hugs reduce stress by showing your support. …

Hugs may protect you against illness. …


Hugs may boost your heart health. …

Hugs can make you happier. …

Hugs help reduce your fears. …

Hugs may help reduce your pain. …

Hugs help you communicate with others.


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