Me Whipped? 4 reasons why your man is not ready for marriage 


When a man says he is not ready for marriage, should a girl wait?

Growing up girls know the natural progression is marriage, babies and everything else. But the same doesn’t apply to fellas and here is where the tag of war begins.

While details of everyone’s relation could differ, there are a couple of reasons/similarities in our experiences with men.

If your man is telling you he’s not ready for marriage, here’s why

5 things a wife means when she says she needs space

marriage_proposal (1)

  1. He’s evasive about marriage: Celebrities like Diamond Platnumz has stalled several times in marrying two of his baby mam’s after publicly declaring his intention to. He never put a date to it. If he is evasive about the future and doesn’t talk or want to chat about getting married, he is not ready to take the plunge.
  2. He’s selfish: You could date for years but not really know if they’re wasting your time if the end game for the two of you is not clear – marriage- and the the details surrounding this event.
  3. Indecisiveness:  if he can’t make a decision perhaps he isn’t ready for marriage because he procrastinates way too much about personal relationships. His lack of decision making is a major sign siz.
  4. He fears marriage: Give up his freedom? NEVER! He is downright fearful. I have heard many men say they live in a constant state of fear over losing their freedom and aren’t motivated to walk down the aisle.

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17 situations that make men hate approaching girls these days

A man on Reddit has painted a horrible picture of why they no longer pursue women in a thread that’s generated 80k views.

In the thread he said its the womens’ fault that they no longer pursue women and not much will change that.

On the Tuesday morning conversation, Mike Mondo – sitting in for Maina Kageni- also wanted to find out why men are too quick to take ladies to their house without dating.

He sought to find out why the dating game has changed, that a man meets a woman and on the same day she is taken to his house for bizniz. Why don’t men want to get to know a woman first?


woman are on heat, they ahve that urge to go to your house, so if you meet her on that day and you please her she follows you, you just find her there, i have taken hetr to a hotel discussed soemthign small and i took her to my house

Okay, let us have a closer look to what usually happens in “approaching-the-girl” scenario.

  • If a guy sends friend request, he is desperate.
  • If a guy sends Hi, he is creep.
  • If a guy is being polite, he is nice zoned.
  • If a guy expresses his feelings, he is too dramatic.
  • If a guy doesn’t expresses his feelings, he is just playing with the girl.
  • If a guy doesn’t approach the girl second time because she was playing it hard in the first time, he is dumb.
  • If a guy approaches the girl second time, he is too creepy.
  • If a guy is good with academics, he is nerd-zoned.
  • If a guy can’t read her signals, he is stupid.
  • If a guy does read her signals, he thinks too much and got carried away.
  • If a guy asks her number, she says she already has a boyfriend.
  • If he has good looks and physique, the girl is looking for someone more career-oriented not a gym-obsessed.
  • If a guy is using dating app, he is just looking for a fling.
  • If a guy approaches a pretty girl, he is going out of his league.
  • If a guy is an introvert or shy, well, introverts never pursue women. XD
  • If a guy is extrovert, he is a playboy.
  • And of course, if a guy is too close to a girl, he is friend-zoned.

These thoughts were echoed by another man on Classic who said ‘If i find you in the streets tunaenda hiyo kwangu, no dating, kazi nimalize, ati dating ninabebe tunaenda kwenda, una sema hii ni ndege yangu nitembee nayo, there is no time to take her on dates, then you find she is taken by someone else.’

But in all honesty girls do confuse guys leading to all sortsa situanshionships out here.

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My wife should ask for permission five months prior to see her relatives

Is a marriage healthy when one spouse has to ask for permission to do anything, even leave the house to go shopping?

That is the challenge facing one Kenyan marriage after a man bragged how hi wife is required to ask for permission at least five months in advance, if she wants to see her relatives.

The humiliation and embarrassment he puts her through stems from the fact that way too many Kenyan women have the freedom to do whatever they want nowadays.

Therapists and other marital experts says that different decisions require different input from your spouse. For instance if you want to make a major career move, then that requires your spouses input, but others like going to the supermarket only requires notifying g him as courtesy.

I have to beg my husband for permission to post on Facebook


So this husband doesn’t believe his wife can be entrusted to make a good decision.

He told a stunned Maina Kageni that

‘There are these things called womens rights, they want to won things, they need freedom to go anywhere without being asked questions. But sio kwangu. She cannot go anywhere even if I’m not performing, they should remian at home look after me and kids. If I’m not performing I can give her money to make up for it. But she should ask for permission because I own her, even her name changes to mine. I expect my wife to ask for permission if she wants to go somewhere she is mine and she should behave the way I say and she should tow the line because she got that rib from me. I can’t allow my women to hop from bed to bed without permission. She should ask for permission five months prior to see her relatives’

A little bit harsh if you ask me, but to each his own.

I have never been this happy in my life about new lover – Guardian Angel

These are the signs of a controlling husband: 

He separates your from your family and friends

He constantly criticizes you

He manipulates you into getting what he wants

Overly jealous

They need to know everything

Girls do you have such a husband and what do you do? Drop your comments below.

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Fellas! Here are the 5 clear signs your girlfriend is angry at you

When you’ve been in a relationship with someone for some time, you should be able to read them and know when they are in a good or bad mood.

So fellas if your girlfriend is ticked off at you right now, would you be able to see through the hidden signs?

Here are some signs she is big mad

1. She stops being the first to get in touch

We all know a happy women will always be the first to make plans and she will happily text, call and get your approval. But when she goes silent on phone she is mad. You won’t hear from her.


2. Her responses are terse

When a girl is ahppy, her texts or responses in person or on phone will be super cute and sound like a romance movie. Yes, I’m cheesy like that. Sue me. But when her angry mood reflects on her replies, that is the best way to know that she is not happy. But then again silence is a sign she is also mad.

3. She stops using that affectionate nickname and refers to you in your ID name

When your girlfriend is angry and upset she won’t use the terms of endearments. So no more Daddy, babe or boo and instead what you get is Hello Michael or Tito That formal use of your name is trouble for you.

4. She zones out

Not participating in things that once interested her is a major sign that she isn’t in a good mood. Angry-Woman-And-Confused-Man-667390151

5. She stops hugs, kisses and being playful

 We love dishing out hugs and touches like a Kenyan issuing a bribe. Yup, so when she is no longer being affectionate she’s angry.
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5 tricky yet interesting ways to handle a stubborn wife

Alot of us girls are this way, you say yes and she says no. Argh, I can see your blood boiling fellas. When driving she says turn left, but you turn right, and all hell breaks lose.

You love her dearly for her looks, her risk taking and personality, but all this seems not worth it all because of her stubborn nature because everything has to go her way.

Are there really ways to handle her? Yes. There are. Let us have a look :

‘She picked our baby and left,’ Mr Seed’s wife packs and goes back to her home (Video)

Know what you want

Is she a no go zone or fair play? It’s important to be clear if it is worth it still being in that relationship. If you still want in, tackle her, if not bounce because handling this person for the rest of your life will need a man with will power. man-angry-with-wife

Talk to them when the time is right

Give it time, don’t think anytime is the right time to talk to her. Her stubborn streak is not up to talking just yer bro. Wait and when you eventually see her hanging around you but not talking, jump right in. It indicates she could in the mood to tolerate you and listen.

Change your attitude

This is not the time to go off on her. Step back and although it may seem you are backing down, it isn’t. She will silently appreciate your attempt to give her time to cool off.

‘Leave with his underwear’ Angry woman advises broken-hearted wives

Try to make them calm down


We can all agree that a calm partner is easier to talk to. And you too should be in this situation. Talk slowly and in no way shout or raise your voice because bro! It will all go down from here.

Tell them how much you love them

Reassurance about her love is something she needs to hear.

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‘Leave with his underwear’ Angry woman advises broken-hearted wives

Women do lots of things you don’t understand when they leave a bad relationship.

If you are an oldie like me and watched the romantic film ‘Waiting to exhale’  the part where actress Angela Basset collects all her cheating mans clothes, takes them to the car she bought him and burns everything resonates with many woman.

She plays the part of Bernadine Harris who finds out her man is leaving her after 11 years in marriage for a white woman. She was angry she started the company working her as* off and denying herself a good life so that her man can have time to make money, but he leaves her anyway.

‘The enemy spoke to me loudly that night that my husband needs another woman,’ Kambua opens up

Even the cops who came to investigate the matter were lost for words when she said she was burning trash.

But can you blame her?

A woman mad as hell about cheating men called into the Classic 105 show where she narrated what should happen to such men. Weuh!

She said

‘Men can only give you three things; pregnancy, brokeness and heartache. That’s it. That is why we leave when they are at work. You leave with everything including their underwear, that is how you deal with them, mpaka uwaibie au uwanyanganye  because they don’t understand’ 

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Kenyans open up on harsh truth why fathers end up lonely in old age

More men are facing a lonely old age.

On the Friday morning conversation, for the first time ever men and women agreed on the topic and the consensus even extended to the hosts.

What is this topic? The uncomfortable truth of why fathers end up lonely later in life after being sidelined by children.

Maina Kageni asked

Apparently a lot of fathers end up lonely in old age after their wives go abroad to be hosted by their children.

 Guys, what is it that your mother tells you about your father to resent him? #MainaAndKingangi

Maina shared his own family experience saying

“God must and will be glorified through my pain!” Widowed Ruth Matete speaks

My Uncle Ben went through this. His wife went to the USA to help their daughter who was about to give birth. That was the last time he saw her. She has been gone for 11 years. He is lonely, he is broken. He opens the drawer in the bedroom, and her clothes are still there. 

couple marking 47 year marriage

Here are comments explaining why fathers remain lonely in their golden years:

some of our dads here are deadbeat.were it not for our mums some of us would not have finished school, imagine the mum has been the image of the family despite the madharau na kutusiwa na bwanake,domestic violence as kids watch all that, mtoto ataside na mamake.

I already foresee myself abroad hosted by my children taking a break from this camel. Like this morning he seems to be on some hormonal imbalance, biting off everyone’s head.

While it should not be that way, fathers need to be role models for their children as they bring them up. Most men tend to gravitate towards treating their wives similar to what they learnt from their fathers. #MainaAndKingangi

its all about how your dad raised you,treated and the relationship he had with your mum. though there are some thick headed women who mistreat their husbands,men play a major role in determining how kids will treat them later. #mainaandkingangi

Men should style up, uwache watoto wakiwa wadogo.the ana showup wakiwa watu wazima.

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They jump on us like boda bodas – Women say about Kikuyu men

Fellas and more specifically Kikuyu men, do you ever wonder what goes through a woman’s mind when you are getting intimate?

Alot! She is wondering why you don’t engage in pre-activites before landing the anaconda.

This was revealed during the Friday morning conversation where women insisted that Kikuyu men are the most unromantic of the Male species in Kenya.


A woman in a phone call told Maina that all they do is drink and that ‘mostly wengi wao wamepotelea kwa pombe’.

Co host Mwalimu chimed in saying ‘that’s a misconception and kikuyu men work very hard’ something that Maina took issue with and dismissed the thought ‘this is an accusation that’s been hanging over their heads for long. They have got no romantic bone in them’.

Ladies what has been your experience with Kikuyu men?

One woman bitterly said she has always wanted more from her unromantic husband


‘They are a waste. All they think about is buroti maguta maguta and their cows and that’s what makes them annoying. I want a man who gives me attention’.

Another woman said ‘my goodness I was dating this one who thought money was everything.  When I call him, he would only send me 10,000 when I tell him honey I want us to talk. I just looked for a Luo man. Wenye wana roho wajaribu kikuyu men.’

Another damning accusation came from a wife who said ‘it’s true Kikuyu men are unromantic. They jump on you like a boda boda we stay with them coz of money but have a mkamba or luhyia for a spare, hiyo kazi ya boda boda siwezi they are useless ‘.

Dear Classic 105 fam, what are your thoughts about this highly emotive topic? Drop your comments below.



A proud husband and his four curvy wives ignites polygamy debate

A man and his four healthy wives are trending online.

Netizens have widely shared the picture and are in awe of his polygamous nature.

The husband to the curvy goddesses can be seen sitting on a chair surrounded by the minji minji wives. Proudly I might add.

While some were praising thick thigh and big booty plus cute little side rolls, others provided advice for people looking at the picture.

Fat women huwa hawasumbui, slim ones ndo kisirani imejaa, plus this body FireFire pu**y

msupa wa tequila rose..
First wives wote lazima wakuwe wamekata nywele
Anyways I hope he rich rich riiiiiiiich

Ni mrembo kuruka! Meet murder suspect Jowie’s baby mama (photos)

Huyu alikua anataka 16 wives akaona achukue tu wanne wenye wako na miraba minne kusave time

Man’s has a type Face with tears of joy

The question is not why but why not ??

And some men cant even keep two without hiding one,we understand they are wired that way of wanting more than one… why the pretense

Why should we hid? We make them know each other and become friends.!
Kuomoka is the motive
Portfolio hedging. Investing in similar industries.

‘I came, I saw, I conquered’ Mike Oliver tells Kenyans in viral conversation

Doesn’t make sense…why does he have a collection of Samsung? They all look the same

That’s called satisfaction mangi..
He can handle them

Inaonekana hapa style ni moja ya missionary…hawa hazungishwizungushwi

The Success of a man is measured by the weight of his wives.
Amewatunza vyema; tena hawana stress.

Others can’t help but tease him for his attraction to the thicker side. What is wrong with having a specific standard?

It’s awesome to see all the love being shown to the curvy girls and women out there who often feel so ignored and even shamed by society.

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8 things guys dating a very VERY LOUD woman needs to get used to


It’s absolutely insane for a man trying to handle a very very loud woman. She is constantly talking over him, and I see it in my friends. It’s brutal.

She has absolutely no idea what an inside voice is and how to apply it. Aki pole guys.

Imagine trying to get Akothee to speak with her inner voice? I can’t picture it, for she is this woman. CALPOLIS!!

  1. If her man is a bedroom bully, she will be loud and nothing can stop her from expressing loudly how she feels. Your neighbors will also be constantly knowing y our business. Pole!loud speaker
  2. During an argument, he or she who speaks loudest wins. Always expect  your arguments to be intense
  3. You will never forget that you are loved. This is a good one right? For men who love positive affirmations, a loud woman will always make sure you you never forget you are loved and the cute shout outs are a plus.

    9 ways to try and keep a man interested in you for good

  4. She stands up for herself. Woe unto bullies who think they can push her to a corner. She will also stand up for you if you can’t fight.
  5. She will be the life of the party. Your very loud woman will always be ready for the turn up and make friends easily at any shindig.
  6. They can’t keep secrets because they have to vocalize everything, no matter how petty it is.
  7. You cannot have an inappropriate/naught conversation with her in public, because everyone will now get to know who you are mosheneing about.
  8. If she doesn’t know your Manchester City from Manchester United, she will embarrass you infront of the boys when there is a game

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Reasons why you are considered a catch but remain single 


Literally everyone says you are awesome and would make a great wife, but yet you remain single. Does the thought ever cross your mind if something is wrong with you?

  1. You’re living your best life with friends and romance is a distraction you don’t need right now
  2. You’re confidence is intimidating
  3. You don’t have time to meet new people, even making time for lunch is a rumor to youkudate
  4. You’re 100 per cent sure  you are not ready
  5. You are still waiting for the man who is worthy of your awesomeness and if someone doesn’t equal that then it’s not worth it
  6. You don’t need a man to validate your existence, and don’t feel bad about not revolving your life around a man so you chose not to feel bad about it and remain single

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7 dirty games you didn’t know you were playing while dating


Well some of you know and do it intentionally, but playing games with each other is all too common and seems to be getting contagious.

If it’s confusing you and you’re having a hard time understanding what’s going on, here are some of the really terrible things people do in new relationships.

17 Signs you’re in love with a commitment-phobe (Aki Pole!)

  1. Not responding to texts quickly because of some rule that says you should wait for a period of timetexting
  2. Dating multiple people with the pretext you are on the lookout for the one
  3. Offering the person breadcrumbs of yourself instead of wholeheartedly being with someone. What this means is that the person you are with offers a piece of themselves to keep you around, just incase something else does not work out, they can still come back to you.
  4. Snooping around instead of asking. Ask them about any other relationships instead of stalking on social media, or harassing their friends for information about you and making the wrong conclusions.textinggif
  5. Intentionally making the other person jealous. If you are making yourself seem like every other girl or boy wants you to make them jealous, this is a dirty mind game you need to stop.
  6. Pretending to not be interested in the new person.
  7. Holding out on intimacy hoping to make the other person commit. Don’t use it as a prize, what if they finally get it and still chose to bounce? Then what!

    12 common relationship myths you should stop believing

6 things you should know before dating a friend (Awkward!)


Dating a friend can seem like a great option if you have decided you are done and dusted with trying other things.

Plus they make you feel secure right? So why not take the plunge?

Here’s what you need to know before dating your pal

  1. Don’t involve your other friends immediately in this. We all want to share details about a new love to our friends, but if the two of you are friends who already share mutual friends, then that’s a whole different ball game.
  2.  Expect things to be super awkward in the beginning. The first intimate encounter will be weird, but keep in mind that you are transitioning from friends into lovers.

    7 promises men make to women but they rarely keep

  3. Test the waters before going in full blown. Start by flirting to see if you both feel that way
  4. Be clear and honest why you want this. Understand what you are feeling, why you like them and then be sure to communicate that clearly to them.
  5. If it’snot working, don’t make the mistake of staying. It’s not easy to walk away but staying because your super embarrassed is worse because you could end up hurtign each other even more.
  6. Consider the type of friendship you have. Is it one that can gel romantically or is the person just a good drinking pal you may not feel emotionally safe with?

    Group Of Friends Having Fun Together Outdoors
    Group Of Friends Having Fun Together Outdoors

8 ways to hint to a man that he is just a friend – nothing more

Dear Classic 105 fam, is dating a friend a good idea and si it worth the risk? Drop your comments below.

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9 Things to always remember when falling in love with someone new

Falling in love is one of the greatest feelings a human being can ever experience.

However there are things to remember about falling in love that we tend to forget as we sit in awe of this feeling.

Relax and take your time.

16 men give women dating tips and relationship advise because why not
1. It should not come at the cost of your other relationships. It’s tempting to drop friends, family and social activities for a new love interest

2. It doesn’t automatically mean that the other person feels the same way

3. Nothing is worse than keeping it all bottled in

4. You’re allowed to be excited and distracted by your thoughts

5. You’re allowed to feel some anxiety and nerves from these new feelings worry if they like you back or it’s a one sided affairbrokenlove

6. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship

17 Signs you’re in love with a commitment-phobe (Aki Pole!)

7. Learn from your past relationship mistakes and do things differently to avoid repeating the same thing with someone new

8. Connect first as friends

9. He or she is not meant to guarantee you your happiness: Falling or being in love does not guarantee your happiness, and thinking that they are responsible for your happiness is unfair to them

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16 men give women dating tips and relationship advise because why not


What relationship advise would men give women? Men offer the best advice since they know how other men think. This article will focus on 16 tips that men want to give to women.

A thread on Twitter from men giving legit dating advise was prompted by a female twitter user @AnnaFlag of Haiti, who asked men only to respond tot he question


Give us women some relationship advice .

We picked 16 tips you can read and share below:
1. @xysist..
Don’t be afraid to contradict us when we say shit. We will not accept to change that shit there and then but we will subtly change it later on slowly. Men don’t want yes women we want a woman who can criticize us so that we get better for us both.

Willis Raburu reveals if he is still a married man or dating

2. @illestGodAlive..
Put love to the side. Give yourself up to loneliness, keep building yourself. Start a business, get new hobbies, chase greatness…and then once you built yourself up… you will attract exactly your match. It might not be perfect, but it’s better than what you attracting now.

3. @QuestMalloy..
Believe our actions the first time, and don’t make excuses for it. If he shows you he ain’t shit once, believe it. If he consistently shows up for you, believe that.

4. @isellwypeepo..
Please stop asking “do I see myself with you in 10 years” like I barely know what ima do tomorrow let’s just enjoy the vibes we got now and see where it takes us, just know if we dating I’m obviously tryna build a future together

‘Divorced or a single father…’, Betty Bayo gives the qualities of a husband she wants

5. @hills_j..
Don’t expect your man to be a mind reader. WE STUPID!!! Just be straight up and exact what you want and expect from us. Lay your standards out and don’t settle for nothing less from him. If he starts slipping check him. When we love you it’s nothing we won’t do to make you happy.

mid adult couple holding hands and praying
mid adult couple holding hands and praying

6. Brother Shaquille Sunflower
Simple shit, if he’s not doing it then you aren’t the one 🤷🏾‍♂️ and that goes for anyone. Stop letting people condition you for abuse. If you point out a behavior or how something mad you feel and their response is to argue/get defensive or cut off access to them just dead it

7. @pray4luve..
If a dude’s energy changes and he isn’t as attentive & caring, please be the Queen that you are and move on. You don’t have time for niggas to be inconsistent. Don’t give him the benefit of doubt either, someone (another female) is the reason he’s changing 90% of the time.

8. TheFan4Life..
1. Keep your girlfriends out of your business.
2. Never compare your relationship to other people’s social media highlights
3. Support his goals and dreams
4. Set boundaries, standards and expectations from day 1.
5. Pay attention to your senses. They never lie.

Linus Kaikai shares sweet last words to his late brother Maurice

9. @CJforShort..
Get ahead of the B.S by letting a man know what you’re looking for in the relationship BEFORE you start anything. And if he says he’s looking for something serious with you too, wait before you’re an active part of his life before doing anything you would regret if he was lying.

10. @PercivalPenman..
Stick to the lines and standards you set. Compromise is fine but if you have a standard or a non-negotiable, don’t negotiate it. A man will rise to it if he really want you

11. @BriantheBranana..
Your friends should never be treating you better/hyping you up more than the man you’re dating (meaning he needs to do better for you). Men can not be “stolen”, if they slept with someone else it’s because they WANTED to.

12. @washingtondame..
Don’t believe who he seems to be until after the 3rd or fourth month. That’s his representative you’ve been seeing. It normally wears off around then and he can’t keep up the good guy BS if it isn’t in him to begin with.

13. @natedaagreatt..
If a guy leaves you and comes back its because he found something better but they wont put up with his bullshit.
A confused man is a man with options
If he keeps saying he doesn’t want a relationship right now, the ” with you ” is silent.

Kenyans concerned after troubling video emerges of former NFL player Daniel Adongo

14. L.A quan
If a man seems interested one day and uninterested another. He talking to 5 other women and doesn’t know what he wants. Leave his confused ass to play games with someone else.

15. @BBCinNoVA..
Understand a man may shy away from an independent wmen bc he thinks she can provide structurally for herself & thus doesn’t need him.

Recognize this & tell him you need him for emotional fulfillment, for the nurturing relationship you desire…which he can provide.

16. @Gimme_SomeMO_..
1. Men who know they want you do not “take it slow”
2. Don’t fall for the leash method
3. Effort is key. Pay attention to how hard he tries to make time
4. Good men won’t ask you to do something they wouldn’t do.

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12 common relationship myths you should stop believing


Thanks to rom coms and romantic novels, we assume that if we genuinely love someone, then the feeling will never die.

Passion naturally dies down as your adulting responsibilities grow and roles expand, so most times couples find they don’t have as much time and energy for each other.

I thought of jumping from my 8th floor house! Former Churchill comedian Zeddy says

Here’s how to not pile the pressure on your spouse for that perfect marriage.


Myth 1: That soulmates exist

Myth 2: That both partners must agree on everything for a relationship to be great – conflict naturally occurs and its over fiancnes, children, investing among other issues. Arguments are bound to happen.

Myth 3: That you and bae have to have common interests for your relationship to last

8 ways to hint to a man that he is just a friend – nothing more

Myth 4: You have to live together to test the water – Literally so many Kenyans live together before they even think about marriage and argue that this is the only way to know your partners character if you live with them first.

Myth 5: Relationships that are meant to be, will be easy

Myth 6: Making love creates a greater bond – A demanding job or other life burden doesn’t have to permanently impact closeness with your partner,does-she-love-me
Myth 7: Couples should schedule intimacy – Spontaneity is the spice of life.

4 major signs a man is ready to marry

Myth 8: If my partner loves me, they will be with me only – There is a chance your relationship could hit a rough patch, and he or she has an affair.

Myth 9: Denying them Twa Twa will make them do whatever you want

Myth 10: Having a child will strengthen your relationship – When you think that a child will improve your relationship, it only adds to the complications.Spouses
Myth 11: Jealous is a sign he truly care – Secure and confident people don’t think this way

Myth 12: Romance should come naturally – After some time, the thrill of falling in love can wear off and romantic gestures may seem fewer and far between



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7 promises men make to women but they rarely keep


This is the one topic that Maina Kageni got riled about in the morning conversation. He wanted guys to answer if they just say it to make her feel good, or for a single moment did you really mean it?

From making promises about marrying you to saying he will love you till death do you part, here are 7 promises we hear all too often.

1.    I promise I won’t be jealous

Most of the time, this kind of promise doesn’t work out, but it’s very common among promises men make.

‘You are auditioning for marriage’ men tell women in long term relationships

2.    I promise I will never check out another woman
Jaber very nice. There are way too many beautiful Nairobi women for him not to stare and perhaps desire. Here’s the thing about a guy promising never to check out other girls: it’s probably not possible.

3.  I promise I will never judge you
There are times he wont understand you and let out these thoughts. When he exposes these thoughts, you girl are likely to get mad, therefore think he has broken a promise.



It was rock-bottom – Ben Kitili’s wife Amina says about separation post

4.   I promise I don’t talk to my ex
Thoughts about if he is still talking to his ex will be there, and should be taken with a pinch of salt.


Talking to the ex in any form is breaking a promise to your girl no matter the intention.

‘She is cursed’ Esma Platnumz’ first husband lashes out after grand wedding

5.  I promise to change my ways for you
He extends an olive branch when he does something wrong, and promises he has turned over a new leaf. Do you believe him?


Does he promise to vhange soon or does he ask for time (years) to do so. Cut him some slack and praise him for any small change he does. Appreciate his efforts no matter how small. But if he isn’t girl, kick him to the curb. The red flags are all there for you to see. He is not misleading you in any way.



7.   I promise to always love you and never leave you
Can we predict what will happen next month? No. 2020 is actually proving alot of things wrong. Things happen, people change and situations arise, maybe an entanglement.

Comedian Zainabu Zeddy speaks of pain of having a stillborn baby

Just be aware, and live life for what it presents to you.


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Man shouts at wife about being ‘a gold digger’ as Maina Kageni listens in



Hiding assets in marriage is more common than most women expect.

Could your husband be hiding financial assets?

Sneaky ways men hide financial assets from their partners in the event of a divorce or death was discussed on the morning show.


An angry husband called in and instructed his wife to listen in as he confessed to Maina that he hides money and assets from her and she won’t lay a finger on it – EVER.

‘Maina let me tell you, she is here listening, siwezi mpatia kitu.’

According to experts, this is the highest form of infidelity in marriage – not being open about money.

The husband continued saying that

I am in my house and wife is here you should see how she is looking at me, we were listening to you talk about financial assets.unachoma maina, let me tell you Maina, last week we went to bury a guy who had passed on, he had a first wife who had deserted him with kids, so he married a second wife and she took in the kid for the first wife, and when the guy died the first wife came back after she learnt there is possible compensation, and she says she doesn’t recognize the second wife who has been taking care of the kid she took in six years. If you have wealth keep it a secret, my wife is hearing me say this, it is not a secret because these peole are here purely for what you have, sasa kama huyo alirudi after six years so women are there because of what you’ve got in your pocket, I feel nothing that my wife is here listening to me tell you this, she deserves nothing’ 

The opinionated husband stunned Maina who exclaimed, ‘Ngai ngai ebu listen to this mad guy’.


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