Stinky mouths, to broke men! Here are things that turn women off (List)

What is that one thing that turns you off in a man is a question most women are asked but not many are bold enough to share for fear of criticism.
 Well Dr Ofweneke posed that question and women came out in large numbers to open up their heart including the self confessed President of single mothers Akothee.
DR Ofweneke
DR Ofweneke
Here are some of the responses
.akotheekenya:any man who asks me for money is going 🤣😂
ivah_nthenya:Broke and very comfortable about it. And wuuwi anapangia pesa yako kama yake. Ati “Beb, Ile 10k imebaki tutanunua si nayo nguo zangu za kanisa”. Like, the f**k🤪🤪🤪😡😡😡😠😠😠
simply_njoki:Bad breath and stained teeth…… And worse a light skinned or a fat man

wanjiru_mbugua:Bad breath, no cologne, insecure, broke, ata chai Serena ni chida 😂

‘You can go report to the police’ Khaligraph Jones responds after being blasted for smothering Betty Kyallo with explicit lyrics


Top media personality in mourning after losing his sister ,Read more below

sexy_gal_122:Send me u r pic that’s mean you are a boy not areal man

cathiemuthoni:Bad breath and sagging pants

xenaolalekan:A man who talks about his ex all the time. Turn off.

joey.nganga:Laziness. M wanaume uko na miaka above 25 n still can’t figure out how to earn your own food n shelter. Unakaa kwa mafriends, kukunywa drinks you haven’t bought, you don’t know how rent is earned n on social media you are busy insulting everyone with their little hard work… Cheii such a turnoff

gracembula_9:Tell me something sweet…. Niambie….. Nitumie pic…… Unaeza kam huku na av known u 4 2seconds…..

kairetuwakariuki:Kunihug,,ingia whatsapp tuchat sina credit,unakula nn,na saa hiyo hujabuy,kwani unalala saa ngapi as if ni kwako…..ata ww umeniput off kwa kuliza swali ya wana hivyo

wandwati:When a guy makes that sucking sound trying to get particles out from between his teeth. That has always put me off. Use toothpicks, fellas!

juliet.damaris:Untidy, body odour, broke and ako tuu sawa mschew🙄


Only broke people have dramatic and bitter breakups – KOT say


A video of former lovers Alfred Mutua and Lilian Nganga hanging out at his 51st birthday Sunday August 22nd in an exclusive bash, got KOT talking. In the video below, we see Lilian seated next to Mutua having lunch while they also talk without seeming to be bitter about anything.

Why? It’s because KOT say the two show what mature people do when they end their relationship, prompting others to say how dramatic breakups are with broke people. Many termed it ‘vituko tu’.maturity after breaking up.

This led to a heated discussion that only broke people in Kenya have drama when they breakup.


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Where is my ex aki😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Yess we can all borrow a leaf from this #Happy51st

Tafuta pesa ukae na ex wako, kosa pesa na mnatokea ‘Tuko’ news kesho

pesa hainanga makasiriko mingi

Money can buy everything

Hii inaapply ukiwa na mfuko nzito tu.. not for the hoehae

Maskini wakiachana makasiriko hua full charge

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Is it possible to leave a man peacefully after what he did? Maina asks


The Monday August 23 conversation was all from the mature breakup between Alfred Mutua and Lilian Nganga.

The two have declared they are still friends and hang out on his birthday on the 22nd, proving their statements true.

Maina delved in saying “ladies I need you and your two cents. we were treated to what Kenyan men celebrated last week. the parting of ways of Alfred and alot of men are asking, why can’t Kenyan women be like Lilian? when it’s over you go respectfully?”

Mwalimu told him that is a dream to expect a Kenyan woman to go without drama

“You know you need to find a way to wind down, they can’t leave peacefully hakuna haja ya kuongeza pressure, hii kitu ya kuenda mkigonganisha masufuria, hakuna haja, pole pole, slowly”

‘Love never goes away,’ Governor Alfred Mutua’s advise to young couples

Prompting Maina Kageni to open up discussion to the audience asking “ladies did you leave peacefully? Is it possible to leave a Kenyan man peacefully after what he did to you? How did you leave your ex?”

A woman told Maina that it’s possible to leave peacefully recounting her painful but necessary moment

“I left my husband and it is possible to leave peacefully. i left him because he was cheating. And when you give you’re all Maina it doesn’t matter what that guy is giving you you just leave and close your heart completely. But when you decide this is what I want to do it does not matter Maina, you just go and forget, you don’t even take him to court, if he wants to look for the children fine, if he doesn’t fine. He cheated on me for three years and I kept forgiving him but he didn’t stop. They get to know your weakness and know what buttons to push. You can be friends, just guard your heart, . I felt he was gonna change, you just feel like you are fighting for your marriage you are just here confused but at the end of the day fight for the marriage if the guy has a drinking problem, not a cheating problem, because he will forever cheat, if a man cheats on you once he will do it again, you can’t try you can’t you just leave and go and forget, honorably”


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Man proposes with message on the beach during romantic helicopter ride

What has your man done for you lately?

A man topped off his epic proposal to his fiancée with a request to her written on the beach that he ensured she saw as he flew her around.

The unidentified couple took her on a romantic helicopter ride and the happy news has gone viral on social media.

helicopter 3

The couple land on the helipad where he flashes out a ring on bended knees.

While he has been praised for the amazing proposal, others say it’s too much.
helicopter 1

The helicopter experience got her so emotional, that she cried when she saw the writings on the beach.


In the meantime


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A man I had no intention of dating paid my five months rent



Women are the GOATS of mind games. This clearly came out in a Classic conversation where men were complaining that they are the weaker sex.

Many men acknowledged the fact that they can’t beat women at this game.

Two women told Maina Kageni how they have mastered it and that they derive fun from it. One woman shared that her bills are paid and she hasn’t forced anyone’s son to do it.

“Let me tell you Maina it is true, the only thing they need is that thing in between their legs. I was once working at a restaurant bae and this guy used to wait for me to finish my work. My shift was from 6pm to 6am, and he would wait no matter what.  And another guy who I wasn’t dating paid my rent for five months without me knowing. I found out when I went to pay and was told it had been taken care of.  Yes at just the click of a button and the wallet opens.  Maneno matamu tuu na kukaa bila nguo anapagaa kabisa. I never love any of these men, they are weak”happy-couple-4

A second woman shared

“Actually we only love ten percent the rest of the 90 per cent, we keep for ourselves so that we beat them at their game, women are stronger, men are weak in playing mind games let them not cry they taught us well to play games”

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Kiambu man was impotent but never told wife who later got pregnant


For five years, married life had seemed full of contentment for a couple who were found shot dead in their house in Kiambu.

There was one problem: Johnathan Mukindi, 42, didn’t want children and Philomena Njeri, 30, became desperate for a family.

He never told her he was impotent. They even tried IVF. He knew it wouldn’t work. When she became pregnant, he knew she had a secret lover and he couldn’t live with the knowledge of betrayal.

Friends and neighbours were shocked on Tuesday when police discovered the two. They had been married for six years.

Mukundi worked with insurance companies and bought vehicles that had been written off. He sold the spare parts, a friend said.

The spare parts business was doing very well. It was being run by his wife Njeri.

He had moved to the Kirigiti area after building a large maisonette in 2014. He often held lavish parties attended by prominent people.

The maisonette on a large parcel of land extending to a stream is well secured with a heavy metal gate, security cameras and 12 German Shepherd dogs.

Close friends and workers in the home said the happy situation started deteriorating badly in the sixth year of their marriage.

They frequently argued, and sometimes it was heated. They argued about childlessness.

According to the police report, Mukundi, a licensed gun holder, shot his wife three times in the head before turning the gun on himself.

Those who spoke to the Star gave different versions of the story about their feuding.

While one said that Mukundi did not want any children as he already had two from his previous marriage, another said he confided to a close friend that he was unable to sire children.

“He has two children and an ex-wife who live outside the country, so he did not want any more children but Njeri wanted children very much,” neighbour Joseph Kamau said.

A close friend of the couple confirmed Mukundi has two children and a wife in Belgium. He also said that Njeri was pregnant but it was through in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

“The two met at a club sometime back and when Njeri couldn’t get pregnant, they went the IVF way,” he said, asking not to be named.

The friend said trouble started after Mukundi discovered that Njeri had an affair with one of her workers at a spare parts shop she ran in Mlolongo area.

“Mukundi had opened the shop for his wife who secretly opened another shop for her secret lover in the same area,” he said.

Another neighbour who did not want to be named said Mukundi was furious when he discovered his wife was pregnant. He never told her he couldn’t sire children.

“He called a friend in whom he had confided earlier. He told him Njeri was pregnant and he was not the father.

“He was so furious that he threatened to harm himself or his wife,” the neighbour said.


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Every single one of these ten things is someone gaslighting you


Have you ever had to second guess yourself when someone questions what you know? A person using this technique may pretend not to understand someone so that they do not have to respond to them.

Gaslighting is in marriage, parenting, employment and other spheres of life where we interact. You are likely to be told these phrases and it also depends on the context when sed.

  1. It’s not that deep

2. It’s just a joke

3. You are too serious

4. You are too dramatic

5. You are too emotional

6. I didn’t really mean it

7. I can’t be the real me around you

8. You’re too much

9. You’re just being insecure

10. You’re just trying to make me feel like the bad one

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Cops always pick him up! 12 signs you are married to a conman

If your man is always a guest of the state, he is a fraudster.

On the Monday morning conversation, Maina wanted to know if ladies are asking their husbands crucial questions about their source of income. More so if your man is living lavish with no sign of a biashara.

He told of a friends experience “Her husband is a conman, a  fraudster and she asked to find out if other ladies are going through it or she is alone. Her husband is a thug and she told me it really haunts her she just knows whatever he is doing isn’t legal. How do you stay with a mkora a thief a conman? ama it doesn’t matter as long as the money is there?”

Many women responded that it doesn’t matter. So incase you are interested here are signs you are married to a con.


  1. One man said that if he is always being picked up by cops, then he is a fraudster
  2.  Another caller said he is always travelling returning with goodies like jewelry you cant explain.
  3. Your instincts are telling you something is off
  4. Conflicting answers and stories
  5. You hear them brag about money you don’t see
  6. You can’t verify his affiliations/businesss pals
  7.  He is a master manipulator for your emotions and your relatives to win them over by gifting them to buy their loyalty
  8. As soon as you met them your finances become shaky. You are spending as fast a you make it, yet you had a really good saving culture before he came along. He always needs money for something.
  9. He needs to move in with you ASAP coz a ka deal finished his rent and also can’t pay for electricity, water.
  10. He somehow always needs to use your car. He will pull at your heart with sob stories about his dear cucu being sick and needs to travel to ushago, or a pal needs to go view a shamba in oilotoktok.
  11. They tell you how quickly they fell in love with you, yet it never happened with another woman like never before, and this story of attachment to you is aimed at conning you to believe you owe him for being at your beck and call.
  12. They will offer great ideas like where to vacay, go for game drives, see greenhouses in Nanyuki railway or buy those homes that are a one in a lifetime opportunity. He always comes up with good tu deals because you are a softie for him, you agree to immediately fund his crazy ideas.

Forewarned is forearmed dear Classic fam.

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“I’m a Luhyia man I don’t have the grace to be single” Burale to marry soon

City preacher Robert Burale is ready to leave behind the single life and embrace the warm bossom of a wife.

He told this to Churchill on the My Journey series on NTV August 1.

While he did not divulge the identity of the lucky woman, he told Churchill that very soon he will be married, adding that “I am a luhyia man, I do not have the grace to stay single”.

He told of the hardship of being a preacher talking about relationships and coming home to an empty bed.

“I live in this big house in Karen alone. I do intend to get married 150 per cent. I’m a luhyia man I do not have the grace to be single, keep your eyes open and your ears on the ground. Marriage is a good idea, marriage is a God idea and to be honest kuna vitu zingine lazima unenjoy kwa ndoa.The challenge as a man of God, is the judgement I get the abuse I mean I can bet my bottom dollar that on youtibe video, kuna mtu ameandika huko chini chief divorcee.  But also after preaching there is an emptiness you feel you want to come home to a wife you want someone to massage, it can be lonely ndio nasema I  will revenge in every way in the boardroom and bedroom, let me say soemthignt men of God will not say, that when you finish minitestering to the people of God, it is important to rush homne to your spouse and refill, mimi si chuma churchill, unaamka Karen an hii baridi, it not easy”

His greatest desire since his divorce is to settle down, as he is ready and spoke lovingly of his ex wife Rozinah Mwakideu and his baby mama, and what went wrong.

“Let me tell you where people get it wrong. My ex wife and my baby mama are two different women. I got married (to Rozinah)  in 2012 for one year and two days, na ikaisha. She is a great woman of God namheshimu kabisa it just didn’t work out, it ended in 2013. Mama Lexi I was with her even before salvation. Lexi is now 16 my heartbeat. She has grown up well and I attribute it to her mother, so my ex wife and babay mama are two different people”


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Man hides side hustle over bullying by wife about spending money


A frustrated husband told Maina Kageni that his wife is standing in the way of his financial goals and resorted to hiding over that fact.

He told this during a morning conversation about wives not being supportive of their man’ dreams, where many men told that ‘these women shoot down your ideas’.

The frustrated man joined in the conversation that he has given up trying to win over her support.

“Let me tell you Maina, never ever tell Shiru that you are planning to start anything, you know these people are very deficient of patience so when you tell them, sasa ana focus on the money that you will put in and she wants to spend the money immediately, so i never tell her about my idea, I practice medicine and I have a pharmacy on the side and she doesn’t know about it, because if I tell her she will kill that dream. She will dump all the expenses on me because she sees there is more money to spend”

Maina sympathized with his situation as a woman called in blaming this behaviour on wives jealous of their husbands achievement.

Ladies why don’t you encourage your men? When your man comes with an idea why shoot it down? Maina added

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Masaibu ya GOAT wives: 11 common complaints first wives have


First wives have been dubbed as GOAT Wives, more so after the drama between Amber Ray and Amira over businessman Jima Roho Safi.

And now that Amber Ray has been dumped and Jimal gone back to the first wife, here are some things you need to know about what women put up with.


  1. You feel overwhelmed by house chores coz he never helps

2. He doesn’t remember key dates

3. You two have the same arguments every day

4. He parties or drinks too much

5. His family drives you nuts

6. He is gone all the time from home

7. He is friends with his exes online

8. He doesn’t understand how hard you work, either at home or in the office

9. He doesn’t compliment you or your appearance.”

10. He doesn’t make time for you + kids

11. He doesn’t support you emotionally

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‘When did you know he hated you’ confessions that are so embarrassing


A topic online asking women to disclose personal instances of humiliation/trauma touched the hearts of users.

The topic was posed by @Oloni on Twitter and got hundreds of reactions.



Here are responses

Noticed the way he spoke about some girl. The awe, the happiness, the pure joy about him made me know that he never thought of me in those terms…

He said he can only post his female bestie and not me because the family knew her

When family members were asking him where he was, he always said « with Thomas ». In front of my face Skull. I still wonder who he was seeing when he was telling ME he was with Thomas

Lol one time he hurt my feelings and I cried and he got the biggest smile and said “are you crying? Girl, have a good day” and left

When he locked me in house on New year’s eve and went to two new year’s party. He didn’t even have food on his house

Was sick and he never checked up me, later on told me he can’t be with me because I’m always sick and I need a lot of attention

Same person told me I was not, “freaky enough” as he had expected

We went to a movie with some friends that made me cry and he rolled his eyes and turned to them and said “She gets like this when she’s desperate for attention”

Proposed to me and refused to talk about the marriage plans. To the extent he told me because I was asking “too much he was not doing the wedding again”. Lied about everything, never knew when he was telling the truth.

He invited me on a camping trip with his friends & their girlfriends. I had too much to drink and accidentally blacked out for the first time ever. He threw me in a tent by myself all night barefoot, no blankets and covered in my own vomit

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He is just my errand boy – Woman says about funding Ben 10

On the Tubonge Tuesday conversation, men were blasted for being lazy and relying financially on women.

An angry man noted that many young men nowadays have the audacity to beg for money from women to live a glamourous life on social media.

Maina delved into the issue of Anerlisa Muigai advising women not to provide for men, after her failed relationship with Ben Pol.

It emerged that she funded his life, pretty much paying for his cars and vacations.

Maina exposed Ben Pol, slamming him for being lazy.

“Aki Ben Pol we must discuss that we can’t ignore it, you know the young men of today me I don’t know you are living off your woman, then there are those men who floss with their womans things, aki ladies why do you let these things happen?”

A woman confessed to Maian that she has a Ben 10, who is so lazy but she doesn’t mind because he serves a purpose – if you know you know.


“Maina let me tell you, I have this guy. He does errands for me. I give him my car coz I don’t have time. He was like my errand boy. but I couldn’t have a talk with him of things important to me like investing, because he is not mature, all I tell him is do this and this for me. I feed him na jioni tunapatana coz he has been home the whole day he will give it to me mzuri sana. He is for fun, I couldn’t have a constructive conversation with him”

A young man corroborated what she said admitting it’s a financial favor in return for the family jewels.

“I dated such a woman hakuna pesa tamu kama kupewa na mwanamke, alikuwa na pesa kuniliko and I dated her while in college, and she a treating me well. It’s just nice you feel good there, from my point of view I don’t see any problem with that Maina, that’s the only way men can survive”


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My boyfriends mother organized a fake funeral to get rid of me


A cruel mother reportedly told her son’s girlfriend that he had died in a horrific accident and that she should not bother attending his funeral.

The girlfriend mourned him, only to meet him much later at the mall with a complete family of a wife and children.

The story was told in a viral Twitter thread below. She began

5years back on this day,I received a call from my boyfriend’s mother telling me her son was involved in a car accident and dies on the spot, 2 make it short,she asked me nt 2 attend his funeral since we we’re ain’t married,today l met her son at the Mall with his wife and twins

I remember mourning his death, used to cry to sleep,we dated for 10 months, everything was perfect,we loved each other but fake death happened

I remember meeting his only freind l knew nigga console me even wiped my tears, showing sympathy towards me, telling me it will pass and shall go on with my life, he’s in a better place

I was so shocked seeing him today even told myself even they say people do look alike but that’s him

then l wanted to clear my doubts l turned and followed them,l call out his name, little l didn’t know know he turned back and say”yes can I help you?l went straight towards them

“I am not a chicken to go home at 6pm” Man shouts about going home late

As l was standing in front of him with my eyes straight onto his face,he said to his wife”babe can you and kids wait for me in the car I’m coming, Me,so you not dead neh like your death was a lie? Nigga said l had no other choice but lying about death it was his mom’s ideas,

Went on and said he impregnated her and both families wanted him to marry her,so they got married later she gave birth to twins,I was out of words still shocked didn’t know what you say or do,Nigga plead me to come with him til by their car coz he doesn’t want troubles later

Being as stupid as lam l agree,when we get there he told his wife he knows me from the church and he said Lisa meet my family,he opened his wallet and give me R200 note And say it ws nice to meet you after so long time”uyazifihla neh Lisa,Boom they left me standing in parking lot

Kenyans hilariously describe the moment they realized they hated Kanairo

Someone advised her @NdifunguNjawuza

It was a blessing in disguise for you dear. The love was definitely one sided, from your side only. If he had loved you, there is no way he would’ve went on with his life as if you never existed.

Here is the link if you don’t believe it.


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13 signs you are with the man you should marry ASAP


The God of Ciara and Vanessa Mdee and Lori Harvey is listening girls, it’s just your turn to trust him to send Mr Right your way.

If he does these 13 things, girlfriend you are well on your way to Mr Right.
1. He loves to spend time with you – If he doesn’t mind taking you for your mundane run arounds, this is a sign he is meant to be.

2. He supports you – Girls how many times do we pray for a wing man?

3. He is always open and honest with you – Especially with accounting for time spent away from you to avoid suspicion and jealousy

4. He respects you – nuff saidhappy-couple-4

5. He sees a future with you and his actions tell he is serious about a future a Mrs
6.He doesn’t judge you – your past is your past and he will not hold it against you

7. You both want the same things – including career, family, holidays and food goals. Cute isn’t it?.

8. His job is important and can prioritize you at the same time –  Siz if he is not too busy for you, here is the sign you have been waiting for.

9. He respects your boundaries – For instance, if you have to spend one weekend a month with your folks without fail and he gets this, ladies this man is meant to be. After all, we all have other commitments regardless of who we are dating.PDA

10. You trust him going to the shops if you forgot to buy something – Say for instance you forgot to pick break, you trust you can send him and he will come back with the type you like.. Sometimes it’s not even a supermarket run, but picking up things you forgot at a friends place that you need.

11. He doesn’t mind negative feedback – Sis if you can tell him what he did that made you mad and he listens, and changes it he is the one for you.


12. He does small small things as Kenyans like to call it, without thinking it’s irrelevant or time wasting for him

13. He unfollows so and so on social media without hesitation after you tell him, because that chick annoys you

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Women share the signs that let them know their guy hated hated them 

It is different for every couple when things go sour in a relationship. Whether it is dating or marriage life, couples quarrel and realize they no longer have feelings for each other.

A Twitter thread shows us just that below. A woman asked for responses from women about the moment they realized their man hated them, and it can make you cry if you believe in love.

The tweet attracted over 70k likes and comments showing how passionate people are about the topic.

Silent treatment like a dog, being scolded like a child, being mistreated in front of ppl and brushing it off as jokes New moon with face talking down on my interests unprovoked, and then literally cheating right under my nose and saying nothing until provoked

After confronting him, He told me he was raised right and knows how to treat women. He just didn’t think I was worth the effort.

When he got into a relationship with someone else 3 months after we split but it took 8 months of talking before we got together and at first he said he didn’t want a relationship.

It was that moment I realised the “with you” was silent Face with tears of joy

He invited me on a camping trip with his friends & their girlfriends. I had too much to drink and accidentally blacked out for the first time ever. He threw me in a tent by myself all night barefoot, no blankets and covered in my own vomit Slightly smiling face

When he cheated and said he was thinking about me the whole time

Lol one time he hurt my feelings and I cried and he got the biggest smile and said “are you crying? Girl, have a good day” and left Loudly crying face

Upset young woman shouting at a man --- Image by © Moment/cultura/Corbis
Upset young woman shouting at a man — Image by © Moment/cultura/Corbis

When he locked me in house on New year’s eve and went to two new year’s party. He didn’t even have food on his house Loudly crying faceLoudly crying face.

Replying to
Noticed the way he spoke about some girl. The awe, the happiness, the pure joy about him made me know that he never thought of me in those terms…

He said he can only post his female bestie and not me because the family knew herRolling on the floor laughing

When family members were asking him where he was, he always said « with Thomas ». In front of my face Skull. I still wonder who he was seeing when he was telling ME he was with Thomas Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweatClown face

My high school boyfriend called me chubby. I weighed 112, 5’6 and the year before lost my period from lack of body fat from running cross country. When I said what the hell, he said he was “only joking” He also like the nickname A-cup. Christ, I wish I could shake my 17r old self

Nothing I said was ever taken seriously. The way he spoke to/about our friends was passionate vs me who got an “idk” if asked how he felt about me. He was also jealous of my achievements and would get “randomly” moody about it but never admit to it

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Idris Elba had temper tantrums while dating current wife Sabrina


In their new podcast Coupledom, Idris Elba has shared how he had massive anger tantrums while dating his current wife Sabrina.

“Early in our relationship, I was very stressed, I would have these massive anger tantrums,”

He continues, “I was always the first to say, ‘Hey, if you’re not happy, leave. Move.’ It was kind of like a male instinct.”

Idris says they both have “strong personalities,” and head bu** alot but worked hard to avoid conflict.

“Sabrina and I both have strong personalities and typically it’s Sabrina who says, ‘Look, I don’t want to fight,’” he explains. “I’ve been getting better at it recently but when I do it, I get nothing back. When she does it, I go, ‘Thank you baby.’”

They spoke in their first episode while interviewing guests Nadiya Hussain, star of The Great British Bake Off, and her husband Abdal.

On the issue of working to handle their different personalities, Idris admitted that


“I know Sabrina and I early in our relationship, I was very stressed, I would have these massive anger tantrums,” he shared.

“She was like, ‘Who are you?’” Idris continued.

“And I was always the first to say, ‘Hey, if you’re not happy, just leave, just move,” Idris said. “Kind of like a male instinct, I don’t know.”



Dear Classic 105fam, is this advice you can borrow for your own relationship?

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“I would run to the kitchen and get a knife ” Nana Owiti on past abusive relationship

Nana Owiti has been revealing a lot about her personal life from her past. Some very emotional but the good thing is that she has overcome them.

In one of her past relationships, King Kaka’s wife endured abuse.

Nana opened up saying that after leaving a relationship that didn’t work, she jumped into another one and the man emotionally and physically abused her.

 “The first emotional and physical abuse I encountered was when I had just left another relationship that was working a little bit but I did not like some things. I was very intentional about making it work. I was naive and I was just a good girl. He would come home drunk and abuse me and with time I learnt how to survive. When he insulted me, I also reiterated. When he would want to physically abuse me, I would run to the kitchen and get a knife but I realized I might end up killing someone.” Nana said

She added that the ex would have external stresses and bring them to her and later apologize and they reconcile.

“Then it’s a new cycle.”

During one of her YouTube channel episodes, Nana Owiti opened up on a  sexual harassment experience she went through expressing how such acts take away so much from the lady.

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