Kenyan women are an easy target for Nigerian men

The topic of contention since this past weekend was the man that DP William Ruto’s first daughter is set to marry – a Nigerian man.

Maina tackled the topic on Monday and slammed Kenyan men for being haters who don’t want to treat Kenyan women lavishly only to blame foreigners who come and treat them like Queens.

“Kenyan men can hate about the engagement of June Ruto. Men are getting heart attacks, he is a lucky man, he is a doctor and a wealthy man. Men, what is your problem? why are men complaining? Maina asked

Mwalimu had a theory as to the hate saying “I think hawakupta opportunity”

Maina then told him that they should then do better “if you see the way these men treat women, hehe you know one day I will take you to Lagos you go and see, what don’t they do for their women? You guys don’t focus on your women, Kenyan women are going in droves to Nigerian men, then the middle class men of Tanzania and then Congolese men, I don’t think Kenyan men come close.”PDA

A man listening in to the show from Umoja called in and slammed Kenyan women for being deceived and used. He cited an example of a friend languishing in jail after being conned to transact in a bank with a fake cheque.

“There is this Kenyan woman a friend. She sued to date but what he did to her, she is rotting in jail. The guy used to use this lady unajua hiyo mapenzi alimuonyesha anamtumia. There were some shoddy deals the lady was not aware of, he told her to deposit a cheque then told her to coem home with the money. When she went to the bank, he was waiting for her, but he noticed some problem when she was at the counter and took off when it was found the check was fake. He bounced when he saw her he hepad, These Nigerians are all cons and they always admit our women are cheap and easy to use. They Nigerians are conmen, they know Kenyan women are easy targets. I see them, they live in my hood and always say that, aki maina, majority of them are con men”He ended his warning

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‘I miscarried twice and he called me a murderer’ Tearful woman says

When a woman miscarries a pregnancy, she suffers heartbreak, and this is the moment for the man in her life to step up and be her rock.

Sadly, one Nairobi woman didn’t get the much need emotional support from her boyfriend after suffering two miscarriages.

She shared with Maina Kageni how heartless her boyfriend of five years was that almost saw her get into depression.

“I’ve been dating this guy for five years. I loved him so much  but we parted ways a few weeks ago, we were fine until where if I raise a point he would go on a rage. He never wanted me to ask anything, and he gave me silent treatment, and if I asked him what I’ve done wrong he never told me. So it went on and on to a point where he discarded me. I got pregnant for him and  miscarried. When I told him he got mad and called me a murderer, and he didn’t talk to me for the next  11 days. And then he  came back and talked to me. Then I got pregnant again, lost the baby and he didn’t say anything, he didn’t give me any kind of emotional support and what did he do after that? he kicked me out.”

had 3 miscarriages carrying Diamond’s babies before Daylan! – Hamisapregnant

The boyfriend even mocked her infront of his family about her inability to carry a pregnancy to full term.

” I felt inadequate, he shamed me infront of his family saying ah this woman she can’t even give me a baby, so that’s how inadequate I felt, to be honest I don’t feel it anymore . To me I feel like he had a problem, because all these rage he used to have, today he is loving tomorrow he is raging, coz if you have a woman who loses her baby how can you stand there and call her a murderer? is that normal? he stays away then comes back and everything is normal. by the time he dumped me we had stayed without talking for three months, so by that time I realized that he had someone else”

The most recent famous person to come out and say they miscarried was Hamisa Mobetto, who said she lost 3 pregnancies for Diamond Platnumz. Sadly, her mother in law mocked her for this.

Other celebrities who have been open about miscarriage also include Gospel singer Amani, Nairobi women rep Esther Passaris and Willis Raburu’s wife Marya.

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7 sacrifices every man must be willing to make to keep his family happy

To start a family and keep it happy men need to make some genuine sacrifices for the greater good. Here are the ten sacrifices a man must make to keep his family happy:

1. Change of lifestyle
It should come as no surprise that your lifestyle will change drastically after marriage. From staying out late at night, to going away on long weekends, things change when you start a family. You will also have to take care of  your health especially things like smoking, because you need to be there longer for your kids.

2. Practice tough love
It’s much tougher raising kids in this day and age, unlike our parents who didn’t have to worry about the digital age. A man must play this role especially for teenage children who are easily influenced by the outside world.

‘A good man must be shared’ Former Senator tells romantic husband who treats her like a queen 

3. Putting in time and werk
Time is probably the most important thing all men have to make to keep their families happy. Taking time off from your regular schedule to attend school functions, or even something as simple as taking your son to a football game. A father who doesn’t spedn time with his children willl never be able to recover lost time, once the children are all grown and have moved on with their lives.
4. Providing just like in the old times
Money or lack of it affects many marriages. A man may need to stop spending on some unnecessary things to now include his family’s new needs.

Watch video of Alicia Keys encouraging her 4-year-old son to put on nail polish
5. Giving up the dream job
Sometimes some men expect their families to always be ready to pack their bags as he chases his dream job wherever it may be. Children need to stay in a stable environment to be productive.

I could tell him send me Sh 1k’ – Juliani says of Bob Collymore

6. Putting your hobbies on hold
It starts with simple things like giving up use of the TV to kids to watch cartoons, to maybe using a matatu so that the wife uses the family car to do some hopping.

‘Fight for what you love’ Ben Kitili´s wife says about her religious critics

7. Learning to let go
As a father you taught your son to ride his first bike, but now he as a grown up and is moving on, ca you learn to let him go? Other fathers have this need to hold on to their daughters, and watching her now dating and moving on with her man can be heartbreaking. Learning to let go is a sacrifice a man has to do.

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Interior CS Fred Matiang’i’s bodyguard shots wife dead, before turning gun on himself

ã• Witnesses said Wakise arrived home at about 9 pm and found his wife taking supper and an argument over her decision to move out arose.

• He then left and went out before walking back and shot the woman in the chest eight times.

A bodyguard attached to Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi’s office died in a shooting incident alongside his wife, who was a traffic officer.

Inspector-General of Police Hillary Mutyambai said preliminary investigations showed the General Service Unit (GSU) officer, Hudson Wakise, shot and killed his wife, Pauline Wakasa, before turning the gun on himself.

Officers who visited the scene found the bodies in the sitting room.

Mutyambai who mourned the incident said the couple may have had a domestic quarrel before the shooting incident.

Wakise, who had been off duty since April 1, reported back to work on April 6 but left at 3 pm and went home outside the GSU camp in Ruaraka where the incident happened.

They had argued over the move by Pauline to move out of the GSU camp.

She apparently moved out to the new house on Saturday.

Their two children aged five and two survived the tragic incident.

Witnesses said Wakise arrived home at about 9 pm and found his wife taking supper and an argument over her decision to move out arose.

He then left and went out before walking back and shot the woman in the chest eight times.

He turned the gun on his chin bursting his head.

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My ex girlfriend told me she will never let me move on

The topic of bitter exes who won’t let you move on to a happier relationship has been the trending topic in Kenya.

More so with the video that politician Karen Nyamu dropped online reminiscing happier times with ex Samidoh who dumped her.

Besides the video, what was on the minds of Kenyans was that Karen has not accepted she was dumped and that her ex and baby daddy Samidoh has moved on.

A man called in with his personal story of his ex who won’t let him be.

Maina Kageni was of the view that women need to be dumped ‘nicely’ adding that “women need closure, you need to leave them nicely. Do you have one of those exes who cant leave you? Maina asked “BTW Karen if you can all in please do, coz I need to understand what is going through your mind.” Coz you can imagine Samidoh’s wife when she saw this video what is going through her mind?’


The man from Meru described his horror story after attempting to dump his baby mama and move on in peace.

‘Back in the day I used to work for Nakumatt in Mombasa. So there was this lady I was with for five years. We had a daughter and eventually after Nakumatt collapsed, I lost my job and that when things didn’t work out between us she started blaming me. So it got to my head one time, and I had to leave everything I had ever worked for, including the side hustle. I left everything for her and I returned to Meru. She followed me and she told me to my face that yeah I know things are not working out between us and I know I made it worse, by playing you, but I cannot sit on my own and watch you happy with another woman. She told me that her problem is me being happy somewhere else’

Dear Classic fam, how have you ever handled an ex who won’t move on? Drop us your gems we share with others below.

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16 men give women dating tips and relationship advise because why not


What relationship advise would men give women? Men offer the best advice since they know how other men think. This article will focus on 16 tips that men want to give to women.

A thread on Twitter from men giving legit dating advise was prompted by a female twitter user @AnnaFlag of Haiti, who asked men only to respond tot he question


Give us women some relationship advice .

We picked 16 tips you can read and share below:
1. @xysist..
Don’t be afraid to contradict us when we say shit. We will not accept to change that shit there and then but we will subtly change it later on slowly. Men don’t want yes women we want a woman who can criticize us so that we get better for us both.

Willis Raburu reveals if he is still a married man or dating

2. @illestGodAlive..
Put love to the side. Give yourself up to loneliness, keep building yourself. Start a business, get new hobbies, chase greatness…and then once you built yourself up… you will attract exactly your match. It might not be perfect, but it’s better than what you attracting now.

3. @QuestMalloy..
Believe our actions the first time, and don’t make excuses for it. If he shows you he ain’t shit once, believe it. If he consistently shows up for you, believe that.

4. @isellwypeepo..
Please stop asking “do I see myself with you in 10 years” like I barely know what ima do tomorrow let’s just enjoy the vibes we got now and see where it takes us, just know if we dating I’m obviously tryna build a future together

‘Divorced or a single father…’, Betty Bayo gives the qualities of a husband she wants

5. @hills_j..
Don’t expect your man to be a mind reader. WE STUPID!!! Just be straight up and exact what you want and expect from us. Lay your standards out and don’t settle for nothing less from him. If he starts slipping check him. When we love you it’s nothing we won’t do to make you happy.

mid adult couple holding hands and praying
mid adult couple holding hands and praying

6. Brother Shaquille Sunflower
Simple shit, if he’s not doing it then you aren’t the one 🤷🏾‍♂️ and that goes for anyone. Stop letting people condition you for abuse. If you point out a behavior or how something mad you feel and their response is to argue/get defensive or cut off access to them just dead it

7. @pray4luve..
If a dude’s energy changes and he isn’t as attentive & caring, please be the Queen that you are and move on. You don’t have time for niggas to be inconsistent. Don’t give him the benefit of doubt either, someone (another female) is the reason he’s changing 90% of the time.

8. TheFan4Life..
1. Keep your girlfriends out of your business.
2. Never compare your relationship to other people’s social media highlights
3. Support his goals and dreams
4. Set boundaries, standards and expectations from day 1.
5. Pay attention to your senses. They never lie.

Linus Kaikai shares sweet last words to his late brother Maurice

9. @CJforShort..
Get ahead of the B.S by letting a man know what you’re looking for in the relationship BEFORE you start anything. And if he says he’s looking for something serious with you too, wait before you’re an active part of his life before doing anything you would regret if he was lying.

10. @PercivalPenman..
Stick to the lines and standards you set. Compromise is fine but if you have a standard or a non-negotiable, don’t negotiate it. A man will rise to it if he really want you

11. @BriantheBranana..
Your friends should never be treating you better/hyping you up more than the man you’re dating (meaning he needs to do better for you). Men can not be “stolen”, if they slept with someone else it’s because they WANTED to.

12. @washingtondame..
Don’t believe who he seems to be until after the 3rd or fourth month. That’s his representative you’ve been seeing. It normally wears off around then and he can’t keep up the good guy BS if it isn’t in him to begin with.

13. @natedaagreatt..
If a guy leaves you and comes back its because he found something better but they wont put up with his bullshit.
A confused man is a man with options
If he keeps saying he doesn’t want a relationship right now, the ” with you ” is silent.

Kenyans concerned after troubling video emerges of former NFL player Daniel Adongo

14. L.A quan
If a man seems interested one day and uninterested another. He talking to 5 other women and doesn’t know what he wants. Leave his confused ass to play games with someone else.

15. @BBCinNoVA..
Understand a man may shy away from an independent wmen bc he thinks she can provide structurally for herself & thus doesn’t need him.

Recognize this & tell him you need him for emotional fulfillment, for the nurturing relationship you desire…which he can provide.

16. @Gimme_SomeMO_..
1. Men who know they want you do not “take it slow”
2. Don’t fall for the leash method
3. Effort is key. Pay attention to how hard he tries to make time
4. Good men won’t ask you to do something they wouldn’t do.

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5 signs that clearly show you are a jealous baby mama

Urgh, my head just spins thinking about all the baby mama drama Maureen Waititu and Corazon Kwamboka have been treating us to. All in the name of their man Frankie just Gym It.

When your man clearly moves on to another woman without giving you a chance at reconciliation do you decide to bring in all your baby mama drama?

I had to leave my house at midnight cause of her – Corazon says about Maureen Waititu

Bitter and vindictive ex baby mamas behave in the six ways this writer describes below

  1. She doesn’t respect boundaries. By this I mean that she steps out of her place in that relationship, making it stressful for the tow parents to co parent. If you do the most to create unnecessary drama between your man and his current bae, then you are a jealous baby mama.
  2. You blame the other woman for your problems:  be it financial or emotional, a jealous baby mama squarely pins her troubles to the new love interest who has taken up your mans time and resources leaving you and your baby broke and unhappy.jealous-friends
  3.  She loves to bring up the past. a jealous baby mama will always rekindle memories int he hopes that she will make the other woman jealous and perhaps drive a wedge between the two lovers. My free advise? Leave what were your romantic memories in a vault and move on.
  4.  Being nosy:  A jealous baby mama goes to all extent to find out details about her ex mans new relationship and will do things like snoop on their social media or meet up with his people to find out whatever moshene she can.
  5.  A jealous baby mama will talk trash about her mans new love interest. Some jealous baby mama’s even go to the extent of roping in his family to back bite his new babe to sway their opinion. Most times, this backfires especially when a man has resolved to move on.

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Awwww! This man deserves the husband of the year award


Team work makes the dream work, or is that how the saying goes?

Girls, is your husband this committed to work, life and balance?

We were browsing the interwebs and landed on a picture of a man helping out taking care of the child, while he works and exercises. Talk about work, life and balance. See how engrossed he is in multi tasking.

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4 ways being called high maintenance is a good thing


What does it mean when someone, specifically a man, calls a girl high maintenance?

1. It means you have standards

Men who ridicule a woman for having high standards low key know they can’t live up to the standards sis has set and to create a diversion from their inadequacy, he calls he high maintenance.

2. It means you are a catch

And worthy of a man who will understand and accept you.

3. It means you pay attention to the detailscouple-fight

Life is about the little things and the exquisite details. So the fact that you are meticulous and stick to what needs to be done correctly isn’t something you should apologize for. It’s a positive.
4. It means you have zero intention of settling. Ever!

It makes you sad to see people settle everyday yet there’s no reason to. So stick to your high standards sis.

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Usicheze na wanawake! TBT to Newspaper ad placed by cheating husband


It’s Thursday and we are throwing it back to the time a man placed a newspaper ad to apologize to his wife.

Francis Onyiso a KDF officer was said to have once placed an ad in the local dailies in 2014.

The husband regretted having cheated on his spouse and paid for an advert that certainly got national attention.

In the advert on Star newspaper, Mr Onyiso asked his wife Janet Aoko Owino to forgive him for the pain he had caused her and the rest of his family.

I, Francis Onyiso, take this opportunity to apologize to my beloved wife Janet Aoko Owino for the pain I have caused her and the family. I ask for forgiveness and promise never to repeat again, the advert stated.


Although it was a small ad, Kenyans who are very good detectives noticed the ad and  took screenshots making it go viral.

While it has been six years on, we pray and hope the couple found peace and were able to get past this issue. Love wins!

The reason this has resurfaced is because of Kikuyu musician Samidoh who wrote an apology letter to his wife for cheating and siring a child with another woman.

Samidoh on March 2nd shared his apology below on his social media acounts, leading to discussion about how men shouldn’t apologize for taking on another women because after all polygamy is now legal in Kenya.

samidoh apology

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If we break up, return the gifts even underwear – Men tell exes 


Dear Classic 105 fam, is it a must that gifts be returned once a couple breaks up?

A story of a South African man who demolished the house he gifted his girlfriend after they break up went viral.

The man figured that since she no longer had feelings for him, he would take back the lavish mansion by demolishing it.

This was the topic of discussion on Classic 105 on Tuesday morning, where Maina argued that it is petty for a man to demand gifts be returned but co host Mwalimu insisted that assets must be returned.

I want to know when things don’t work out what happens to the things you bought her? Maina queried to which Mwalimu gave his take that

 “si huyo msichana alimwambia hana feelings anymore hamsikii what was he supposed to do? Na title ya nyumba hio iko kwa jina ya mwanamke na ni wewe umejenga ?bomoa! Kama love imeisha basi rudisha vitu zake, you don’t need to stay with things if they remind you of him please rudisha vitu ueende ukanunuliwa na mwanaume mwingine ata nguo rudisha si tumemalizana?guilt-gift

Male callers were very excited about this topic and supported Mwalimu Kingangi that assets must be handed back.

The first male caller said “you can’t use me as a bridge to reach another destination I will destroy that bridge bomoa hiyo daraja we enda kule unaenda nitabomoa”

A second male caller heartily dug in saying  “there is a huge difference between a gift and an asset, these ladies are becoming very clever and I support the guy who demolished that house and ladies will learn especially her in Kenya that’s why you are seeing alot of killings all because of things like these rudisha assets”Well-liked-Guys-Romance-Gift-ideas

Yet another man slammed women’s behavior saying “girls should know that free things are long gone women should make their own money to avoid embarrassment if you don’t love me anymore return my things”

Do you agree that items gifted during a relationship should be returned once the romance is over?

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Dear Kept man, here are tips for successfully dating a rich woman

We are in a new era where younger men are dating older women and some do it for her money, and what they can gain.

So fellas if you are her toy boy, here is a list of rules you should follow to make sure you successfully date her.

1. When she laughs, laugh harder

Self explanatory.laugh(1)

2. Be romantic

She lives in a world where people are fake to her, so she is looking for true emotions. Here’s where your charm should come in.  Make her emotions come alive and things will fall in place. Trust me, chicks dig this.

3. Be sexy and attentive

Be attentive to her emotional clues. Some women have a hard time telling a man just what she needs emotionally, so as a kept man, your attention to her clues is key. Make her feel special.

4. Don’t try to keep up with her spending habits
Avoid talking about always being broke, it’s a turn off, secondly foot some bills especially if its not too much, she will appreciate it and will repay in double.arguea-about-money

5. Don’t be too obsessed with the income gap

Although it will always be that she earns a gazillion more shillings than you, fellas use your charm on her and show her its not money that counts. Show her you are a caring, funny, kind and interesting man in spite of the matter. a real woman won’t make you spend money you don’t have and she will understand your financial situation

6. Be a gentleman
A little chivalry never hurt. This is where you bring out your manners, opening doors for her, calling her frequently during the day to check if she;s fine, get her car fixed because she doesn’t have time, and make yourself useful around her house.

7. Show her you are a motivated man
Showing your woman you are working towards making your life better will make her happy. A woman like to see a man who is working toward a goal.couples-music-min

8. Show her how creative you can be
Dates don’t always have to be about having money. Cook for her and trust me fellas she will love the effort. We have always heard that its the effort that counts. In case you are stuck, refer to Nameless who said he takes Wahu on cheap dates because it’s the effort.

9. If all else fails, win over her friends

Why? they will convince her you are a great guy who deserves a second chance .Make them your allies and you will score major points.


Dear Classic 105 fam, do you think you could try these tips and let us know how it went?

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My husband changed after I took a car loan to start his business




On the Friday morning conversation on Classic 105, listeners agreed that it is a risky thing to invest in your spouse as you never know the outcome. Many were of the view that if things don’t end well, just move on.

One such listener called Maina Kageni and gave her experience with her husband.

She detailed how he was broke and jobless and she decided as a loving wife to invest in him in the hopes hat he will success and help out with family bills.

“Let me tell you Maina, it is ts risky investing in men. I did that to my man. Sometime back I was the only one working after he lost his job. So he stayed home for sometime so I saw he was wasting his time, so I thought let me do something. He told me he has an idea of reselling vegetables and all he needs is a car. So I took a loan, bought him a Probox, and started selling and making money and then after sometime like three four months I don’t know what happened.

sad 2 He started behaving funny and I would ask him to give me soem money to top up but he would respond ‘kwani you are not working?’ then he would say ati his money is occupied, so nikanyamaza, and then a second time I asked him again because I saw he was making alot of money. He told ne si uchukuwe loan. Yes Maina, that is my husband the father of my children, you can imagine how risky it is investing in men, we are still together but I do not touch any of his money and remember I was the source of the money. If I didn’t buy him that car, I don’t know what he would be doing now, I will never help him ever again, he sold the probox and bought a Noah, but well it’s ok”


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Girls, here’s 4 reasons we are not going through our men’s phone in 2021

Girls, kujeni hapa. It’s time to have a chat about your deep desire to look through your mans phone. What are you hoping to achieve?

Is it ever okay to snoop through your partners phone? That was the discussion by Kenyans on Twitter recently and many gave their examples of the horrifying things one goes through after snooping.

People often go through their partner’s phone because they’re worried about what secrets or illicit activity he or she might be hiding.

One woman said that it is so mentally draining that she would go through PTSD. Twitter user @City_girllll
PTSD won’t let me go thru a niggas phone
If you leave it unlocked next to me I will kindly just lock it for you

You’re not about to have my chest vibrating at 6am

Another @Odero_nicole replied to her comment saying
my toxic self could neverblack-woman-looking-at-cell-phone-310x184

While @DefneyOwuor added her thoughts that
aaah I’m always saying this life I can’t kill myself. Then I choose death

One thing is if you are looking for trouble, you will find it. So what next? Here’s what happens to you
1. It makes you into someone you don’t want to be

Nobody likes the person that they become when they are consumed with wanting to snoop. You hang around hoping he will go to the balcony or the bathroom, to give you time to snoop. And if he takes time before leaving his phone alone, it drives you nuts. Do you like the person you’ve become? Huh? Sis, your self esteem is not worth this.

2. You will always be giving him side eye when he’s looking through his phone
Is it worth always sitting next to him and glancing side ways hoping to see what he is looking at? It speaks insecurity to me, so girls no more snooping. Please drop this nasty habit.Phone-addiction
3. It sabotages your closeness

We have seen many celebrities say they have forgiven their spouse after snooping, however doubts will always linger. Your spouse will lose trust in you wondering why you violated their privacy. Many relationships never bounce back after one partner confesses to spying on anothers phone or social media accounts.

4. You become fixated on them and put yourself in a weaker position

When you live your life worrying about what your spouse is upto, you have shifted the power dynamics and are in a weaker position in that relationship. You live your everyday life obsessed with what they are up to, and sis this is draining emotionally, physically and spiritually. Don’t do this to yourself.

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Tonto Dikeh’s ex married the side chick embroiled in his marital drama


Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh’s marital drama got our attention when she accused her then husband Churchill of illicit affairs and domestic violence.

Tonto Dikeh accused him of having an extramarital affair with his then P.A. in 2017.

Tonto released video evidence of domestic abuse and pointed fingers at another actress Rosaline Meurer, whome she says slept with her estranged husband, Olakunle Churchill.

Rosy Meurer is back in the news again after Churchill confessed he married her after that drama.

Tonto and Churchill 2017

Churchill, in a birthday message penned to Meurer on Monday, on his official Instagram handle @olakunlechurchill, addressed Meurer as Mrs Churchill.

“A special sunrise, on this precious day, a great woman was born. During my hard times when depression would have taken the better part of me, you were my bedrock

“When it was like the whole world was against me, you stood by me, even took some missiles because of me.

“When I thought I lost it all, you encouraged me to hope in God that He will give me back all l have lost.

“Happy birthday Mrs Churchill. Age with grace, l have got your back 24/7 by the special grace of God.”


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My pals wife sneaks into Kenya and doesn’t tell him yet he invested in her

On the Tuesday morning conversation, Maina asked listeners to respond to a statement that the late Simeon Nyachae wife Grace made urging men to invest in their wives to avoid being dumped and left lonely years later.

“I listen to you calling your wives devils, mashetani but do you realize what you do to this woman determines how she treats you in old age? Maina asked. Ladies, huu ni mwaka wa kuambiana ukweli. Do you understand the correlation between how you treat her now and how she treats you later in your life” Maina said

One man said it’s rubbish to invest in Kenyan women, calling them ungrateful, all this because of his pals experience with a women who took off after he paid for her life abroad.

“I have a friend of mine who made plans for his wife to go to America, and he went out of his way to make sure of that. She disappeared kabisa. Now last year, she sneaked into Kenya for the holidays and the man never knew she came home. Yani, her Kenyan husband didn’t know, yet she went to America two years ago, she is supporting her Kenyan husband, and came back for the Christmas holidays, for around one month, the husband did not know she was around. She went back to America, she was using her American line to make calls so he never suspected she was in Kenya. I’m told she even married someone else in America. Let me tell you Maina, educate our Kenyan men to stop being dunda heads, you meet with a slay queen, invest in her then along the way, you are dumped then you start drinking kumi kumi, it’s about time we men start learning from other mens experiences”

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree?

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My wife took off with my life saving of Sh600,00 after I lost my job

During the burial of the late Simeon Nyachae on Monday February 15th, one of his widows advised Kenyan men that they should invest in their wives, lest they are left alone in old age.

Grace Nyachae addressing mourners said

“Young men, invest in your wives. When it became necessary, I was ready to look after Mzee because over the years he had invested in me. When you don’t invest in your wife, when your time of need comes, pahali ulikuwa wacha wakuchunge,” Mrs Nyachae said.nyachae picture widow

And this was the topic Maina Kageni and Mwalimu spoke about on Tuesday morning. Maina asked Kenyans to give their opinion on her advise and one man said he regrets investing in his wife.

The man confessed that

“Maina let me tell you. I’m a very young man in marriage. And I don’t agree in that advise of investing in your wife, through my experience. I have one kid with my wife. I was workign abroad for ten years, then last year, job ikaisha because of corona, and I returned home. I had 600k in my savings, then I saw I talk to my wife how we can save the money together,  I told her to keep it safe,  I told my wife hii pesa tusave kwa account yako, coz I’m new in Kenya. Right now as we speak, I don’t have a wife, alitoroka na kila kitu I was just left there. Alienda na kila kitu, I can tell you hii generation  tuko nayo, Maina I’m telling you I’ve been away ten years, she’s gone with my child, so mimi naishi right now kwa nyumba ya mabati, yet I used to live in a two bedroomed house. I told her we put the money in a joint account, she convinced me to give her atm, that was the last time I saw the money, and that was my escape plan coz job iliisha juu ya corona”

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My husband fears I will poison his food when he comes home drunk

On the Tuesday morning conversation, Maina spoke about a topic trending after the Late Simeon Nyachae’s widow Grace advised men to invest in their wives.

Grace told mourners that “young men invest in your wives. When it became necessary I was ready to look after mzee because over the years he had invested in me. When you don’t invest in your wife and your time of need comes, it’s like, pahali ulikuwa wacha wakuchunge”nyachae picture widowWhile discussing this on Tuesday morning conversation Maina Kageni asked women if they see themselves with the father of their children in his old age.

“I loved the way they respected that man in his send off. Now the late Simeon had five wives. They all traveled to the stadium in a bus as a family. Now one of his widows Grace advised men “please invest in your wives because they will take care of you in old age. I listen to you calling your wives devils, mashetani but do you realize what you do to this woman determines how she treats you in old age? Maina asked. Ladies, huu ni mwaka wa kuambiana ukweli. Do you understand the correlation between how you treat her now and how she treats you later in your life” Maina added

Ladies when you look at the father of your children, do you think you will be with him when he is 80? And then you wonder why your children leave you when old and they go to America to live with their children. Do Kenyan men know t invest in their wives? Do you see yourself being with him in his old age? Tuambieni ukweli”

“Kuna shetani Maina” Mwalimu defended men’s actions.

A woman called in with her sad experience detailed below.

I’ve been married for the last 20 years, and I moved out with my kids on January 16th this year.  because I decided I will not be treated badly throughout my life and its been going on for very long time. I said enough is enough

I knew I would leave him, because he used to provide for us, he paid school fees but it reached a point where he stopped providing, he stopped paying fees, he stopped buying food, he started coming home late, calling me malaya, telling our children that I’m a prostitute, that your mother sleeps with small boys and it reached a point my first born told me mum if I were you I would not be here, I would have left kitambo. This man has been treating me badly in front of our children, I have three children, and when we moved out, he had not been home for two days.

When he would come home, it was matusi, kelele infact it reached a point when he comes home at night drunk, he tells my son to warm his food, then if I make a mistake and go to the kitchen, he would run after me thinking I want to poison his food. I am a christian, I can never kill anybody, also what made me leave him he was cheating he was with this woman going to our business place with her, infront of my employees, so this year I just said enough is enough. I left him with our bed, everything else I took because I bought it”

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