Diamond Platnumz puts to rest rumors why he hasn’t proposed (YET)

Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna revealed that they are expecting a baby boy. This will be Diamond’s fourth child. He has two kids with ex-lover Zari Hassan and one with model Hamisa Mobetto.

In an interview with Tanzanian media at the backstage of Wasafi Festival, Diamond first spoke about why he didn’t propose to Tanasha;

I knelt down and kissed the bump and stood, people thought I had proposed but no. Everything has its plans, Tanzanians like to predict things and I don’t like to be predictable. I didn’t want my engagement to be done in a place like that.


Adding that;

I just wanted it to be my mother and lover’s birthday for them to just enjoy. That event will happen. That wasn’t the right day from the way I want to propose to my girlfriend. So many people have done it like that and now it’s outdated.


He says the baby show is underway and fans should wait for the another big event;

By the way, there is a baby shower that will be done soon. There are a lot of events happening too.

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Do Kenyan men understand the meaning of being given a second chance asks Maina Kageni

Yesterday in some peoples eyes, a miracle happened and that was Esther Arunga who was staring down at 25 years in prison for admitting to lying to police.

People reckon she has been through enough, and needed a second chance.

Maina Kageni reacted to her 10 month sentence saying

That’s what you call a second chance and I want to ask a question coz Kenyans take so much for granted. Do Kenyans understand the meaning of a second chance. Do men understand the meaning of being given a second chance?

He contnued pointing out second chances are important

The biggest culptirts are men. You mess up and she keeps forgiving you and taking you back and you just don’t get it.

Ladies have you ever given a man a second, third and fourth chance and he just doesn’t get it. Do we understand the value of a second chances, do we understand the value of forgiveness.

Do men get it? This is the weekend you will disappear this weekend and reappear on Monday with the same excuse.

Why don’t men get the idea of a second chance guys?

What’s your story?


@ItsMainaKageni You keep calling a man when you’re newly wed but as time goes by these men harden us,second chances don’t exist any more cause they take your love for granted!That’s why women are giving up cause u can’t be lied on forever!



Replying to @kipskiplagat @Classic105Kenya and @ItsMainaKageni

Sometimes you just have to lie coz that’s what they want to hear. Lie when its necessary not always. Dont tell her everything also. 🙊🙊🤭🤭 #MainaAndKingangiv


The saying, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” has always stood true in my mind, especially when it comes to relationships.

@itsmainakageni @classic105kenya #mainaandkingangi

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‘I am so mad at him’ friend speaks at burial of massacred Thome family

The man and two children brutally murdered by the wife in Thome 5 estate before committing suicide were Thursday buried in an emotional ceremony.

They were all laid to rest on Thursday at Lang’ata Cemetery, Nairobi.

Relatives of Joyce Wanjiru, the woman who killed her husband David Gitau and two children before committing suicide in Marurui, Thome Estate, the day after the incident admitted she had anger issues.

Nairobi woman kills husband, two children over domestic squabble

They described how she was irritable and battered her man, who out of embarrassment could not speak up.

It is believed that Gitau, a casual labourer, was attacked while asleep, as the body was found lying on the bed, witnesses and police said.

The woman then strangled to death their two children aged 14 and three years before hanging herself with a rope in the house.

‘I had prepared him his favorite dish – chapatis’ Tony Ngare’s widow mourns

TROUBLED SOULS: Sonko Rescue Team helps in laying to rest the family of a 32-year-old woman who killed her husband and their two children before committing suicide. Buried at Langata Cemetery on July 18. Image: FAITH MUTEGI

The bodies of the four were discovered in the afternoon after labourers who used to buy food from the woman at a construction site raised queries over her whereabouts.

‘Naftali bought an axe and knife and had it sharpened’ Sources reveal

Police said the couple had recurrent domestic disputes, adding that Gitau had several times reported about being beaten by the wife.

During the burial, Gitau’s best friend spoke up saying

“You would never notice if Gitau had problems or not. I am so mad at him, even if he’s dead. He didn’t speak to me. I didn’t know he had problems. We wouldn’t be where we are right now if he did.

Kariuki said his “heart is very broken as we started our friendship back when we were children. Our parents are friends. I used to pass by his workplace quite often and discuss things then go back to our businesses,” Kariuki said at the burial.

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Is your partner still obsessed with their ex Maina Kageni asks


Is your man fixated on his ex girlfriend?

Ladies, if your man is in a situation like this, how do you handle it?

This stems from the confession one woman made on Classic 105, about being with her high school crush who is currently married:

‘My married side chick and I plan our off days together’ boasts Thika man

I have had one he was my childhood friends and I knew I was the one until I went to his house and found his current wife. It broke my heart so much I cried so much, and all along I thought I was the one. I had asked him to wait for me. He told me he couldn’t wait. I have all along thought I was his only girl, and it broke my heart so much. Trust me, we have kept in touch with him ever since. His wife knows and she calls me to fuss, but he is with me, whenever I’m heartbroken I will call him, if he has issues with his wife he calls me, if I’m broke he gives me money, if I want to call him when he is at home I use a private number.

A shocked Maina shouted:

What do you mean there is nothing his wife can do about it. Ladies, how do you deal with a situation like this, you know she is there an there is nothing you can do? How do you deal when you know he has this friend whom he relies on and there is nothing you can do, how does it work?

‘I got married while in love with my ex’ – City mum confesses

It just doesn’t seem normal to me said Maina who asked listeners to chip in to the conversation.

Read the crazy marriage confessions below:

A man called saying

My brother Maina unaishi kama hauko kwa hii dunia. I’m married, my wife left me and she doesn’t talk. I even sent wazees but she doesn’t talk. Now I have this new girl who loves me and then my wife comes back knocking saying she wants me back, so Maina it has to be this way, and that’s the plain truth. You see this other woman she has accepted that I’m married, my wife has even tried talking to her. So Maina even if it’s you, what would you do. It’s been a year and three months with the other one, and I see her everyday. She lives near my house with my wife. Even my wife passes her everyday to see what’s up. I think she’s accepted her fate.

Another man also revealed his tricky relationship:

Hii mambo yote ni ya ukweli. We all have that lady we confide in. I am yet to be married, but I have messed a few opportunities because of such friendships, becauae this friend meets the woman I want to marry but there is always tension, so I listen to this friend more than I listen to the love of my life. Let me tell you and it is not fake a lot of men have this type of woman in their life. I almost got married twice and I broke it off on the advice of this woman. This other woman is married with kids, he confessed.

‘My married side chick and I plan our off days together’ boasts Thika man

Whats is your story. Do you still keep in touch with that one who lit your whole world despite being married?

Drop your comments below. Also read more here

‘My married side chick and I plan our off days together’ boasts Thika man


Love is messy and complicated.

Love is full of heartbreak, and it’s dramatic and unfulfilling.

Why do I say this?

This is the plight of a single man dating a married woman.

He confessedbragged about his love affair with her on air during a Classic 105 morning conversation.

He can’t seem to let go of his ‘woman’ who treats him so well, according to his vivid description of their affair.


The man shocked Maina Kageni about how he is ‘eating’ a married woman, and ripping benefits from their relationship.

I take my off day together with my side chick. She is married with two kids, and she is paying my rent for sh25,000 in Thika.

By the way I am waiting for her, I am preparing breakfast. We will be in olympics until the evening, then she goes back home to her husband. 

Is he a slave to his heart?

He responded, ‘That’s how it is’ concluding the story.

Is there that one person from your past that you just can’t let go of? Tell us your experience by dropping comments below this story.

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Standing By His Girl: Francis Atwoli gifts wife Seychelles vacation on birthday


Atwoli’s fourth wife Mary Kilobi turned a year older Tuesday July 16th.

The KTN TV presenter got married to Cotu secretary general Francis Atwoli last year.

Esther Arunga: A timeline of her downfall

Mary is currently in Seychelles for her birthday. She shared a sweet message on her special day, which read,


“Happy Birthday, MKA. Dear GOD, From the deepest part of my heart, I am truly grateful to you Papa for what you have done in me, for me and through me.

“Only You could do! You’ve proven many so wrong! Counting my blessings one by one! I can’t keep calm it’s my Birthday…Typical of 16th July… Happiness…and Love.”

Man bites off wifes lip and ear over vegetables dispute

Atwoli celebrated his birthday last month, and Mary Kilobi shared a heart-warming message.

“May the almighty God continue to bless you, keep you strong, healthy and happy. May He watch over you for us. Unapendwa ajabu. Happy birthday Mr amazing.”


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The kindest ways to breakup with someone

Being dumped can be the most hurting thing to happen to someone especially if you never expected it.

Letting go of the person you love most is  also the hardest decision for one to make.

However this can be done in more easier and honest ways without hurting anyone’s feelings.

They include;

Ask for it

This is the best and easiest way to ask for a breakup. Tell your partner the reasons as to why you want to stay away from them. When you ghost someone without their knowledge, it will be hard for them to let go especially if they were never ready for it.

5 Reasons why are relationships are failing in this millennial era


Talk about it

Texting a person or making a phone call is not the coolest way of doing it. Talk with the person face to face and give her the reasons that led to your decisions. This will make them understand you and have a positive thought about the situation.

Give your partner time 

Once you have told your partner, give them time to think about it. Let them tell you what they think about your decision. Let it be a decision made between the two of you so as to avoid hurting feelings of other people.

Polygamous relationships of Kenyan celebs that ended unceremoniously

Be honest

Once you have decided to part ways with someone, be honest to them. Give them honest reasons why you think the relationship will not work anymore. Let them understand that you are the reason for it all and not them to prevent them from blaming themselves. Never lie to make them better because if they know the truth later on, they will never forgive you.

Mind your words

The way you bring out the words should be in the kindest and most humble way. Avoid using harsh words to them and make them take it in a more positive way.

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‘I got married while in love with my ex’ – City mum confesses


Esther Arunga has gone viral after admitting to a court that she lied about her husbands involvement in the death of their three year old son back in 2014.

She now faces almost 25 years in jail for this.

The things that people do for love was the topic of discussion on Classic 105.

Esther Arunga admits to lying to cops about sons death to protect husband

How far would you go to lie for your man or even cover up for something?

One woman called in to the morning show.

Pamela was married and got into a marriage still loving an ex-boyfriend. She confesses her love situation:

It happens to us women ,we love for real. Yes I’m divorced and because of my ex boyfriend. Funny enough he didn’ t even marry me after that, I am still single. Actually I got into that marriage still loving my ex boyfriend. I even went to my new home with his pictures. One night when we were making love I called my ex boyfriends name out. My husband left me. To date I still love him, once in a while he still comes over to my place then he disappears, after a while and I’m left alone.

Right now I feel like I want to commit suicide. When he comes back we make love and then he leaves back to his wife. I am alone, my husband took custody of our three children.

Esther Arunga: A timeline of her downfall

I’m hoping my ex boyfriend will take me back as number two.


Another man also called in saying he will love to the very end.

mapenzi moto moto even men love do it. I have loved a woman that much if she leaves me I will kill myself. This thing you don’t even know where it comes from. Mapenzi ina run dunia, I don’t know how this happens but I love her so much, I cant imagine life without her,

If she does something crazy, would he take the fall for it?

Yes we are together in this, I will defend her, its not easy…I cannot imagine, life without her.

love 2

Another man called man daddy also confessed how far he would go for love. He told Maina

‘I ran away!’ Betty Kyallo reveals about polygamous man she once dated

Lazima uprotect mwanamke wako, me I can protect mine to the end. If for instance there is a problem I will take the responsibility to even go to jail for my wife, the mother of my children.

What is the craziest thing he has ever done for her?

As for now nothing crazy coz she hasn’t done anything that necessitates that, but if it does I will take all risks and do whatever even g to jail even if I’m told whatever I will protect my lady.

What would you do for love? Drop your comments below

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Reasons why even the smartest women love blindly

When it comes to matters of the heart, all of these apparent facts of smart, successful seem to go right out the window. Suddenly, these women are so overcome with the possibility of love that they forget to take their own happiness, both future and present, into account. They settle.

Why is it men make the most intelligent women so stupid?

Former Tv presenter Esther Arunga is trending after it emerged she lied to a court about knowing about the circumstances that led to the death of her son to protect her husband.

Why is it that even when you know in your gut it’s wrong, you still go ahead with it?

Many smart, successful, entrepreneur women continue to make horrible romantic choices.

‘Ivy Wangechi was killed for ignoring Kinuthia’s calls’ – Police



We ladies are so great at thinking with the plentiful logical facets of our brains… until, of course, we fall in love.

Suddenly, even the most rational among us become hot emotional messes.

Our judgment becomes clouded. No longer can we see the situation at hand with our usually inquisitive minds, but instead we are like lovesick teenagers, thirsty for affection. We can’t see clearly. We just think with our hearts.


Similarities between the murders of Ivy Wangechi and Grace Kagure

We’re so entranced by the feelings of infatuation that we cannot see in the long-term. We live so in the moment.

We can’t see outside of our new love and ourselves. The world becomes constructed of just the two of us — so beautiful and passionate and so utterly idiotic. It’s so unusual for the intelligent woman to think so narrowly.

That is how we get entrenched in these fickle romances: We don’t see the outcome of our poor decisions until it’s too late, and we’re too forgone to go back.


How can this happen to such smart, wonderful women?

We go from being these mighty, awe-inspiring women to these puddles of self-conscious mush. It’s truly horrifying.

We no longer look at ourselves in the mirror and take that as the nod to perfection but instead need to have that same reflection dancing the in the eyes of a man to contain the same meaning.


We forget to get to know a man’s mind because we are so stricken with a helpless desire to be forever intertwined with his body.

Esther Arunga admits to lying to cops about sons death to protect husband


We just never learn our lessons.

We continue to make terrible choices and excuses for those choices despite what our obvious histories have clearly shown us.

We pretend the patterns aren’t there. It’s completely bonkers.

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‘I swept my wife off her feet with 50 bob’ Man proclaims

Back in 2018, a young woman on Twitter caused a storm after writing down the requirements a man must have to marry her.
She described how her future partner must live in the surbarb, own an apartment and a personal business, drive a fancy car and must be between the 21 to 29 age group.

People were angry and slammed her for being too ambitious.



One man revealed to Classic 105’s Mike Mondo, saying he would chase away the slay queen.

He noted how he was able to woo his wife with very little money.

wakati wetu the 80’s sh100 would do a whole date with the ladies. sasa technology na na hii miaka ndio imeleta ati lazima uwe na pesa mingi 

He continued narrating his dating experience:

soda ilikuwa kama shillingi tano hivi at national theatre na kenya cinema na dame ukimpatia ata fifty shillings anauliza when is the next offer either umencourage your wife. 

sas a hii mambo as the years went on mpaka unajua kama huna gari nzuri shauri yako 

I’m happy a whole chicken ilikuwa kama 45 chips ilikuwa twelve shillings an fifty cents 1980. and thats what i did to woo mine na tuko na yeye mpaka wa leo na tuko na three children. and we have not parted since then 

slay queen meme

So if he is not earning a six figure salary, what will he do for the slay queen?

sasa hii mambo hii ya ati lazima uwe na gari mzuri sijui ma V8, I tell them get lost get away from me!!

Is he being too harsh? And more importantly what has been your experience dating?

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Fascinating facts about the late Tom Mboya’s wedding 


The late Tom Mboya was a charismatic man who eloquence grabbed the attention of everyone.

His wedding to Pamela Arwa Odede at Nairobi’s Saint Peter’s Clavers Church on January 20, 1962, was named the wedding of the decade.

His groomsmen was also the ultimate boys club. The late Prof. David Wasawo was the best man in the wedding, with Charles Mugane Njonjo among the groomsmen. The wedding was presided over by Nairobi Archbishop, JJ McCarthy.
In April 1962, Ebony Magazine published a lead feature on the January 1962 wedding of Tom Mboya and Pamela Odede

The lucky couple received an apostolic blessing from Pope John XXIII and a message from the Aga Khan.

He was the most sought after bachelor at the time.


tom mobya weddign 3




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Kenya’s hottest female pastor Lucy Natasha is searching for a bae


Celebrity woman of God Reverend Natasha has finally revealed her relationship status. She is very much single and searching.

Natasha told K24’s Betty Kyallo that she was in a previous relationship that didn’t bear fruits.

Yes, currently I’m single, I was in a relationship that didn’t work out because before you get the ideal person it takes a long time. But there is somebody for everybody.

She goes on to describe her journey to finding the right one.

I really desire to get married to get the right man, I’m looking for a prayer partner not a prayer point.


Natasha says that her desire is to get two kids but what qualities does she look for in a man?

Somebody that is born again, fears God, honours and loves God. Compatibility and attraction and chemistry have to be there.

Lucy Natasha

The 9 types of guys that slide in a girls DM

Girls don’t entirely dismiss these fellas. The one could actually be here and make you a wife. Diana Marua and Bahati’s relationship began in the DM, so why completely block off sliders right?

Here is our list of 9 types of men will find all of them in every girl’s DMs.

 The persistent man who won’t give up

He is super eager. This one will flood women’s inboxes with unsolicited private nasty pics and will only share illicit content he finds online. He is usually very relentless and always ends up getting called out publicly, cussed out privately, blocked or sometimes, he gets a furious combination of all three.

The ex that saw your IG story and wants info

He saw a quote and thought you are referring to him. So he quickly slides in and I can actually hear your sigh girls! Whatever he says in the DM will always be super annoying to you.

Hi typa guy

He won’t speak to you in person if you know each other. So what’s his deal? He just wants to say ‘Hi’, nothing else.


This one types all the time like he never has time to converse.

He’ll abbreviate even a two-letter word. He’s  the one that changes the word from ‘OK’ to ‘K,’ forgetting that OK is itself an abbreviation already!

Depending on the babe in question, though, this guy may not be that bad.

The guy who wants you to rep for him

Maybe he is a budding musician, poet or whatever field he is. Whoever he is, he wants something from you. He’s looking for help making money or getting Insta famous and he thinks that reaching out to you might be the best way to do it. You and the many other women he’s reaching out to on Instagram, that is.

The guy with the girlfriend, wife

Is he crossing the line are some of the thoughts that will cross your mind, more so if you are in the same social setting. How do you handle this?

 Boyfriend material

These are the guys that every babe expects when they say “you can slide into my DM.”

This guy says hi in a decent way and strikes mature and smart conversations. He’s witty, makes you laugh. Drops good comments on your pictures, sends funny memes to you, but also educational ones and posts about stuff he thinks you may like.

Many times, they’re so sleek that you’ll be the offering your Whatsapp number, and asking for a meet up.

This doesn’t end well all the times though.

 He is just Persistent

It does not matter how many times you say no to this one, he won’t go away. He has decided, just by viewing your Instagram feed, that he loves you and he wants to date you.

No matter how long or how hard you say no, he won’t be dissuaded.

 The angry guy

He gets angry when you refuse to reply his messages or say yes to him. He switches up from the good guy act he had when he was hopeful of a relationship and begins to call you names and all sorts the moment you reject him.

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UN employee who killed Kenyan wife asked for room with bathtub

The murder case against a senior officer with the United Nations (UN) accused of killing his wife in a hotel bath-tub two years ago has kicked off at the High Court in Naivasha.

During the hearing of the case, it emerged that the accused Nicholas Cheruiyot Koskei had specifically sought a room with a bath tub before making his booking.

In the case, Koskei has been accused of murdering his wife Rhoda Mumbi Mutua on the 8th of July 2017 in Jacaranda Lake Elementaita hotel in Gilgil.

Family cries for justice over UN employee who murdered their daughter

While testifying before Judge Richard Mwongo, a receptionist in the hotel Joseph Kadonyo told the court that the accused insisted that he wanted a room with the bath tub.

He said that according to Koskei, his wife loved bathing in tubs and hence the demand hours before her lifeless body was found.

“I was left in shock when around 10pm we were called that the body of the wife to the accused had been found in the tub,” he said.

A waiter Ambrose Mapesa told the court how he met the accused near his room sweating and breathing hard minutes before the body was recovered.

He said that Koskei who was in jeans and sweating heavily told him that he had been jogging and could not get the wife to open the door for him.

In his testimony, he said that the room where the couple had been booked appeared disturbed when police and security officers managed to gain entrance.

“The two had been drinking at the hotels balcony for some time before they retreated to their room where the body of the woman was found hours later,” he said.

The court is set to visit the hotel where the body of the mother of two was found.

Murder Most Foul: Girlfriend who killed Meru businessman to be detained

Three women suspected to have murdered a prominent businessman and stacked his body in the sack will be detained remain in police custody as investigations go on.

On Monday, a magistrate court in Meru allowed police to detain three female suspects linked to the brutal murder of a businessman for fourteen days to enable police complete investigations.

Joel Kaberia, 45 was supplying meat to butcheries within Meru town after slaughtering a number of animals. Investigators are said to have recovered a hacksaw said to have been used to chop off the body.

Neighbors of the deceased said the two had been living together for about one and a half years.

unnamed (2)

Brigit Gacheri Gikunda, 22 who was the deceased lover was arraigned alongside Frida Mwari and Irene Kagwiria Mugambi.

The three were arrested on Saturday and have been detained at Meru police station. They  did not take plea to murder charges as police asked for more time to complete investigations.

In a written affidavit investigating Officer Benson Sindani sought custodial orders of fourteen days to complete probe into the murder of the businessman.

Meru  Principal Magistrate Monica Maroro said the suspects be detained at Meru police station until July 15 when the matter will be mentioned to confirm the status of the investigation.

On Saturday the brutal murder was the talk of town as residents tried to come to terms of how the deceased was killed and stacked in a sack.

Isaiah Gituma said Gacheri borrowed a pliers at 9am today as she shown neighbor’s one of her finger bite by her husband.

Kaberia’s brother Francis Koome said he lastly talked to his brother on Friday and they had some business to accomplish together as usual before his death. The family is now seeking justice for their kin and have appealed to police to do conclusive investigations to bring all the culprits involved to book.

Kaberia, who hails from Mbeu in Tigania West, had a two-year-old child with Gacheri. He has left behind two more kids born of another woman and two more from a separate woman, according the brother.

“We are shocked and saddened. I am following up and want to know why he was killed. He gave some job assignments to do,” Koome said.

His business colleague Francis Nkumbuku said they were forced to break into the house after the lady turned hostile to produce Kaberia whereabouts and wanted to escape.

They bundled her and escorted her to Meru town Police station.

Mike Mondo and Kingangi debate why husbands act different with wives and friends

Arguments like men are often pretenders, so goes the saying by the great Plato.

It believe pretenders are worse than murders, and when I left yesterday I went for lunch and bumped into a lady there.

It’s been almost 5 years, and she is the wife of a former colleague of mine. I noticed she was sad.

‘Its tough out there,’ Janet Mbugua’s husband addresses break up rumors

I asked what’s wrong and she said no one will ever understand the problems she has been going through in her house.

Honestly I could not believe what she said because that man she was describing is not the man I know.

All his friends speak highly about him, he is also employee of the year, like he was just an angle to everyone, but apparentlyw hen he gets home he turns into a monster

it made me wonder about men like that. Men who outside home are very good, but at home are something else.

Girls, have you ever experienced that ladies?

The things that he puts you through you wonder what you did.

One female caller revealed that she totally understands what Mike Mondo was talking about.

I have such kind of man for him with his friends he is such kind of a guy he can do anything for anyone but kwa nyumba, he starts changing he starts bringing up some old issues, and when I ask him, he keeps quiet.

Another female caller confessed her harrowing experience at the hands of her hubby noting

‘A woman who beats her husband is cursed,’ Shouts Gloria Muliro’s ex

I used to work in a hotel and he used to leave chips and other things so I knew he was very generous man, but wait until I married him, he changed he even used to measure the mafutaa ya taa, mimi niliniga box knowing he is a very generus man, lakini kwa nyumba hata shilingi hauoni.

They are the worst. He calls me malaya, my real mother doesn’t believe me when I tell her he is violent, it’s happening and when you tell people they say I am the homewrecker,’

 Here are more discussions held online through our twitter handle:
It’s a decision you have to make as the husband. Keep on dating her, take her on date nights and she has to work hard on maintaining her beauty to attract you to her. Only then will you break the “mazoeano” factor.


I don’t know when you were dating not too Mich nagging went on now that your with him from Monday to Monday atachizi….
@shiku04544721 @Classic105Kenya
don’t men understand the best thing they can do for a woman is being what the wife expects you to be?It’s funny how women get treated so well the very 1st & 2nd year when they get married the 3rd one you become a trash.fights all over.why the sudden change #MainaAndKingangi

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The letter Bob Collymore’s wife Wambui wrote defending her marriage to him



After their wedding, critics trolled Wambui, and she responded in a letter titled ‘A Letter To My Children’. She set the record straight about her relationship with Bob. In part, she wrote:

Bob-collymore-with his wife back in 2017

“My marriage to the man I love and respect had some interesting effects on the conversations on Twitter and Facebook (these may be obsolete by the time you are reading this).

10 things Bob Collymore taught wife Wambui when he was alive

“However, for a few days there, lots of Kenyans talked about ‘tribalism’, and some admitted their desire to leave and go to another country because of how unbearable it can be sometimes to live in a society where people first judge you by your ‘tribal’ origin. A lot of people refused to be part of the conversation, arguing that it should no longer matter. These people are the reason why we will still have a country to call home.”

Bob met Kamiru, the founder of The Art Space gallery in Nairobi, during a fundraiser for survivors of the Loreto Convent Msongari school bus crash that occurred in July 2011.

The two, who were both divorcees, lit social media with photos looking lovey-dovey, and they were branded couple of the decade.

Similarities between the lives of Bob Collymore and Steve Jobs

Wambui had twins from a previous marriage as well as Collymore. The CEO kept his private life under wraps, and he rarely talked about his blended family.

In March 2018, Bob’s son graduated from a UK university. Bob shared a photo of him accompanied by a warm message that read, “Guess whose son just received his 1st Class Honours degree in music from Martha Lane-Fox at a graduation ceremony at London’s Barbican. #ProudDad.”

City mum distressed after daughter writes chilling message about dad on Facebook

A city mum wept on Classic 105, after confessing to Maina Kageni the disturbing message her long lost daughter wrote on Facebook.

The woman, who gave up her two girls to her husband after their relationship ended, sobbed that she is in a catch 22 type of situation.

I got a baby when I was 17, in form Three. I got married to this man just because I had that baby. I didn’t know about contraceptives so in about a year again I got another one. This guy was really mistreating me i stayed for around eight years with the guy I was really frustrated He once threw me on the stairs (we used to live in Jericho) So I had to decide to to leave, He used to beat me infront of my kids so I had to leave.

She described how the girls were taken away more than ten years ago an has been desperately searching for them.

Right now it’s been over ten years I haven’t seen them and he refuses me to see the kids. I think he uses them as a way of balckmailing me 

She found one of the girls on Facebook and communication was swiftly ended after a disturbing message from the girl.

The mum described to Maina

As I’m talking to  you I’m crying. It is not that I don’t love my babies, but whatever that man took me through I was 17. In the ten years I’ve tried reaching out my elder daughter on Facebook and she told me ‘please don’t talk to me anymore because if dad finds out he is not going to pay my school fees. So I told her ‘ok I’m not gonna talk to you until you are ready.

The tearful mum admitted that since that encounter on Facebook, her daughter doesn’t talk to her but remains hopeful that the situation will one day change.


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