Here are the places where you can find a potential lover

Love is blind and you can never tell when it’ll sweep you off your feet.

People find their future baes in the most unexpected places and love blossoms all the way into marriage. Here are some of the places you can find a potential mate:

1. Church


Where else would you kill two birds with one stone – knowing the way to eternal life and having someone to be with you for the rest of your life. There are various church groups you can join and mingle with people as you search for the best suitor. With the numerous church activities, it’s always a good bonding space to make use of. Create as many friends of the opposite se3 as possible to have a wider range of choices.

2. Workplace


This is one of the best places to find a mate. You relate with colleagues, and you can always pick a potential mate from the pack. However, these are murky waters to tread on. Office relationships can work and blossom into something greater if handled with great care.

From narcissists to deadbeats: Types of men to watch out for

3. Your hood

Some times getting a mate from close proximity can be a good thing to consider. Much of the time its people you’ve always hang out with from your childhood. You know much of their social behaviors. For those who can’t work long-distance relationship, this could be the ideal place to try out. It saves you money as much as it allows you to meet up as much as you can.

Why I will always regret lending my husband 500,000 for biashara

4. Corporate gigs

These are places for the deep pockets in the society. You can always pick up intimate relationships behind those boardroom doors.


Being on the same financial ladder, it gets easier to try out working on a relationship.

Dear single child of God, why don’t you try getting someone from the above places, won’t you?

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My husband stole 5k from my handbag for his mpango wa kando


Way too often couples avoid having transparent and open discussions about money because we assume that we’re on the same page as the other person. But we’re not. And by the time we figure that out, it’s too late.

A woman called in to contribute to the morning conversation about women and husbands and the tricky topic of money.

Maina Kageni wanted to know why wives give loans to husbands knowing very well, he won’t pay back. Ladies why do you lend your men money, Maina asked saying kama uchumi ni mbaya men should go out and hustle.

Eric Omondi, you made Mr. X dump me! Akothee says in birthday message

Her story is something that to this day she considers resentful.

Pesa yangu ilitolewa kwa handbag 5k na mtu akaenda umalaya, he didnt even ask, na mahali nilificha I can’t imagine how he found it.

I was out on my daily hustle and coming back I couldn’t find the money and he never came back over night, the following day I asked him why he took my money and he said ohh I will give it back,


That was three months ago, alienda kwa mpango wake na akasepend uko, aliniibia, who else could it be? I have asked him now ni matusi naitwa mpaka mbwa, so I just look at him, he doesn’t know what the kids eat, I don’t think he will ever pay me back, naachia mungu and I know the mpango knows he stole my 5k, she does an d she uses my cash, they will pay back all those who are hurting us.

Another woman also has an equally annoying tale of her husband

I married a broke man but I had made some money and so I told him we invest it, and he would run it.

What Nyce Wanjeri would tell her late mother were she alive (exclusive)

He misused all the money I had earned for eight years, even when I was going to give birth I had no money even to buy diapers, he had misused the money. I left him after he mistreated me, amekuwa mtu ovyo he has even gone back to his mothers house.

How much money is she talking about losing?

He misused 100k that’s what men do to us in the name of love because I gave him this responsibility, and I loved him, that’s why I gave him the money, amejua hajui,


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How lack of a father figure affects a man’s future relationship

Having someone to call dad is great but having a father who is always there at every step of the way is priceless. With a world full of deadbeat dads, having one who’s there for you through thick and thin is something you can’t take for granted. Fathers shape boys into men and leave a flame they can always keep alive. But what happens when a man lacks a father figure in his life:

1. Behavioral Problems

Men who lack father figures generally have an intimidating persona. This behavior is as a result of an attempt to hide their fears and unhappiness. Most of time it manifests itself as bullying. Fathers play a pivotal role in shaping the masculinity abilities of a man and when this can’t happens most men have low self esteem and have a way to cover it up. This could involve with them turning violent at the slightest provocation.

5 Types of men women should date but DON’T

2. Drug abuse

This is something men without fathers easily pick up. Using drugs helps numb the pain of having to deal with no father in their lives.


It’s an easy escape route but leads to fatal problems like suicide. Women can’t take up the role of a father and for men in families where the father is absent, find it hard taking up masculine duties. In return, these men drown into alcoholism and drug abuse as they have try to vent their frustrations.

3. Future romantic relationship

How a man was raised has a lot to do with the way they handle their future romantic relationships. A man who hasn’t witnessed a wife-husband relationship finds it hard to navigate through the mucky waters of a marriage setup.

romantic gesture

They tend to overstep their grounds by bulldozing things they feel are rightfully theirs, for example se3, been cooked for and having their laundry done. It gets hard to reason out things with them as they feel they are the ones who should provide the rules of the house. This relationship ends up turning toxic and emotionally draining.

4. Violence

violent man

A child who has a father who disapproved crime acted as a crucial social control which helped counter negative influences for example peer crime. In a space where men felt being loved and approved, it proved enough to deter them from crime. Men with no fathers to look up to easily fell into crime as they had no one to guide them on being a responsible law abiding man.

From socialites to trolls, here are the types of people on social media

5. Poor academic performance

Male children from families with no father figure, shown a decline in their overall school performance. This was a result of higher rates of depression and negative feelings.


Truancy was also witnessed among these children with some been expelled from school. Having low academic performance affected the how their adult life would turn out to be. It dictated their self esteem, dependence on government aid, job prospects, income and poverty levels.

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My husband forbids me from talking to my in laws after fighting


When your husband or wife has an argument with their sibling, should you also have been with them too?

It’s normal for siblings to fight, and move on after an argument.

But one woman presented to Maina Kageni her very special and frustrating family situation.

Women are each others enemies! Anita Nderu’s powerful message on Women’s Day

The woman spoke of the troubles she faces because her situation ‘is very silly’.

Her husband has a habit of fighting with his brother, and after, warns her not to talk to her sister in law and children.

Frustrating right? It’s worse because they live in the same compound, and life is unbearable.

When they argue he tells me that if I talk to my sister in law I will see. He tells me to even tell my nieces and nephews not to come to our house.

Yet we live in the same compound in ushago, so even my brother in laws wife has been warned not to talk to me also.

She gets so upset with me when the brothers fight and the worst thing is that our husbands usually quietly makeup and don’t tell us.

We only get to see them talking with each other. Can you imagine after they have told us not to talk to each other?

They fight in the bar and tell us not to talk to each other, I even have to tell my kids not to talk to their cousins because daddy said so, then when the men make up they don’t tell us we just see them with each other, it is so hard

‘Its time to be daddy, Harmonize hints he could be expecting a child soon

If your husband is not in good terms with his friend, should you also be expected to carry the same grudge?

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Reasons why getting into a long term relationship is hard in Kenya

Having someone you can trust and call your own has to be the most amazing thing in the world, other than getting paid on a Friday. But it all seems to be different out here. Vitu kwa ground ni different aki. But why is it getting harder to have a long term fiancee as the day goes by.

The 5 problems every short man faces in his life

I bet here are the reasons:

1. Lungula

The rate at which people are engaging in twa twa I bet God up there is in shock. This tops the list on the reasons why staying committed is a hard thing to do. Twa twa is readily available like your favourite vegetable at Mama Otis.


The problem is that you eventually get caught and have to be shown the door like a stray dog.

2. Open relationship

mapenzi moto

This is the term used by anyone who wants to sleep around but has that Mr or Miss Fix It in case they have ran out of options out there. There’s no commitment so they are not answerable to anyone in case you catch them getting messy with someone else. Your only responsibility is to nurse them when under emotional turmoil majorly through intimacy.

Oh, My bad: 15 ways guys apologize without saying sorry

3. Money

Love is given to the highest bidder. Money is the major determinant. If your pockets don’t run deep so does your play ground become less populated. Not unless kwa twa twa you are a guru.


As a man it’s either you’re good in bed or well loaded to keep a woman for as long as she stays. Guys are faking having money game to trap potential women cause as it is being broke will cost you every opportunity you have out there.

Bro tafuta pesa watajileta tu!

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Oh, My bad: 15 ways guys apologize without saying sorry


So he messed up and you are anxiously waiting for an apology. Sorry girls, he won’t fess up.

A discussion of why men find it hard to apologize caught our attention.

Someone asked girls to give examples of the ways their men apologize without actually saying sorry. Here are examples to show how men have a hard time saying the ‘S’ word.

1.Mama Ooyah 💨💨
“Come on dawg, we just had a good day”

2. Nyasha Junior
“Why you keep bringing up old stuff?”
i said what the f*k i said

3. @inpoco..
“I thought we were making progress”

4. @muvaredd..
“ you hungry”

5. @lolatufine..
“R u ok?” After not speaking to you for hours, knowing damn well they did something you’d be upset at😭😭


6. @VivanteFemme..
I’m sorry you’re hurt.

You knew what you were getting into.

7. @TheRealTatyana_..
“We don’t even need to be doing all this arguing”

8. @floralth0ughts..
“That wasn’t my intention” whole time dudes planning to do it again in the next few days LMAO

9. @qxeen_mya_..
“You wanna b with me or not” 😕


10. @shaycode..
“Look, I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t have said/done X if you hadn’t said/done Y.”

“I still don’t think I did anything wrong, but I’m sorry for making you feel bad.”

“It’s not that big of a deal, but fine, I’m sorry.”

“Let’s just move past this. I’m tired of arguing.”

11. @_mfprinxess23..
“You done being mad”

12. @camilaxdiaz..
“You’re overreacting, stop tripping.”

13. @cjoyalways..
“Believe what you want”

14. @madamekafunda..
“Sorry for the misunderstanding“
“You know Iam not a bad person, you know I love you. I wouldn’t try so hard if I didn’t.“
“Come on, don’t do me like that“
“I miss you“
“So.. all of that was for nothing ?”
“Iam sorry BUT..”
“I wish you could understand I am trying my best..”
Lash Lady Lash Lady Yeah thats me

15. @BlueyonceW..
“I don’t deserve you”😪😪😪

16. @yellababy__..
I ain’t mean it baby I was just talking 🚮

17. @KhJanelle..
“So we good now” 🙄😏😂

18. @avaanoel..
“i’m not a perfect person”

19. @Gq_kevv..
So you deadas* right now ? That’s crazy

20. @MariahsMirage..
“ Would I show you I care if I didn’t “
21. @branshaai..
“Mannnn, stop tripping”

22. @sabrinatumami..
“I miss your crazy as*” lmaooo

23. @__QueenKells__..
“Iknow u ain’t still mad about yesterday, that’s the past”.

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Would you marry your spouse if you had to do it all over again asks Maina

Would you still marry your significant other if you had the chance to do it over again?

Maina and Kingangi debated this very interesting topic and the resounding answer was a NO.

I regret wasting years of my life with my exe

Read on for some candid reflections on what makes men say they will never contemplate such a move.

Most male callers would not do it all over again.

One man started it all off saying without a shadow of a doubt, he would never do it

gody mc jnr..
No no no …..I dint know I married a devil.this pple are nice mwanzoni but the time they give birth sijui pembe xinatokekezea wapi.kama si watoto huyu tungemalizana kitambo.tunaumia kimoyomoyo
Clr. Ja-zine Flag of Kenya..
A thousand times. God gave me a woman of my type. I appreciate her so much.

i’m secretly planning to leave my husband of 27 years

Wanjiru Kinyanjui..
85% of guys complaining just want to be with their side chick but the second they step out they wanna be back. I’m sure if the guy re-evaluated he’d see the problem and change his approach…happy wife happy life bro! Remember the move “Why Did I Get Married?”
Elseo mwavula™(mambea)..
Maina kile unatutafutia hutokuja kututeteea 99% hawataoa walionao kwa sasa tumechoka hii usisome maana jioni naeza pata pumziko la ugenini
Okie I don’t like being married but if I was to go back and marry again I would choose my wife all over again

Boy Child: 5 things to do to prove you are a real man


If its marrying the same woman, reke nemwo,
I’ve been assaulted by the woman I married not once but twice.
We are going through pain, but speaking it out makes us seem inferior and overpowered.
I rather be single.
Josh Njoroge..
Okie I don’t like being married but if I was to go back and marry again I would choose my wife all over again @ItsMainaKageni

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i’m secretly planning to leave my husband of 27 years

She insists she bears no anger, but is firm she can no longer remain in a loveless marriage.

A woman revealed that she has made up her mind to leave her husband of 27 years, and he has no clue.

She said that despite all her hopes and dreams in the beginning, and all her good intentions now, it seems impossible to continue her marriage, according to her confession on air.

She said

‘I’ve gone through alot. When I married this man 27 years ago, I saw him as somebody who has focus, only to realize this man is nothing. This guy has gone to the best schools, colleges in Kenya but huyu mbtu hana mbele wala nyuma.’

I’ve gone through alot, I’ve persevered, and enough is enough she told Maina. Ive been gong home, coming back he comes abck to me I’ve tolerated alot right now I’m planning look for my own plot pack and leave. 

I’m ready to forego those 27 years and leave. I have four children, but right now I’ve had enough 

How long did it take her to realize she has made a mistake?


She responded to Maina

this was after 15 years, but all along I was just saying this man is going to change but everyday it becomes words and words and words. I have waited, I have paid for the children school fees I pay the house rent, he comes he feeds breakfast, launch and dinner na hana habari hata. He doesn’t pay for anything. I pay school fees then go to the Headmaster, he comes to pay after a year then I’m refunded. That has been going on and on. 

Relationship experts say that when people harbor deep, which can’t be resolved, it could be time to let go.

My children have got to a point where they know their father won’t pay for anything, when I tell them to go ask their father for money they tell me afadhali ikae, It’s got to a point right now I don’t want to leave blindly, I am quietly planning my exit I am looking for a plot I build my own house that is what I am focusing on. I am just fed up That man has a good salary he is working with one of the best companies but he doesn’t own property, not even a chicken shed, and if you look at him, he seems a very respectable man every woman will admire that man.


The woman said she could no longer remain married to someone for whom she had “no respect.”

but in reality hana mbele wala nyuma Ive wasted my time but I don’t want to regret it because if I regret it I will not move on I will just pick the pieces and move on, she finished

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I’ve tried dumping my stubborn girlfriend 50 times


In Kenya we say in Kiswahili that ‘ukiwachwa kubali kuachika’, which in English means if someone leaves you just accept and move on.

Yet this is the nightmare that one Kenyan man is finding hard to deal with.

In a confession on Classic 105 radio, the man told Maina Kageni that he has unsuccessfully tried dumping his stubborn girlfriend, but she won’t leave.

His multiple attempts at kicking her out of his house have backfired and he is now a very frustrated man.

What would possess a woman to refuse to be dumped and stay in the mans house despite him saying he is done?

He explains

I have tried to chase my girlfriend away from my house close to 50 times and she refuses to go, and she is still here infact I sent her sister a message to tell her to leave kwa amani, yeye amekataa na amesema haendi haendi,

How do you deal with someone who refuses to get dumped? And another question, how do you get a stubborn person to leave?

The man continued about his depressing story saying that

I don’t know what to do, itabidi ninganngane na hali yangu, wanaume huku nje wanaumia they just don’t talk about it

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8 things a dad should write in a letter to his daughter


If I had a daughter this is what I would tell her.

And to other dads or dads to be feel free to borrow from me.

1. Express your love for your daughter

A daughter can never have enough reassurance of love from dad. Recently after Kobe Bryants death, a hashtag about #girldad went viral. Many dads shared images of them with their daughters, and sweet captions. I can assure you nothing makes a daughter feel more reassured and appreciated that this love.
Here’s a piece I wrote that you can borrow.

2. Reassure her that you believe in her
That she can do all that she dreams of, and she can work hard and above all you trust her.

3. Tell her that you think she’s beautiful
Owing to self esteem and insecurity issues, girls face today, a father must assure his daughter that she is beautiful both inside and outside. Tell her just like her mother, she really is going to be just as beautiful as you say she is.

From jumping off a tree in slow motion: Here’s a TBT of boarding school experiences

4. Assure her that she makes your heart burst with pride

If she makes you proud dad, tell her in all ways. for instance she could have helped her mother aroudn the house and youtell her so many words. basically affirm th compassion, it makes my heart burst with pride.

5. Tell her about how you cried tears the day she was born
A father holding his child for the first time feels so many good emotions. Tell her you haven’t stopped remembering the day she was born, and she was the most beautiful baby ever.

dad and daughter. jpeg

6. Tell her about not settling for less
So many girls in this day and age settle for second best, and only later in life do they say how much time they have wasted.

As a dad your role is to tell her in words that “Don’t ever settle for second best.”

7. Tell her in words to treat her body with respect

2 conditions Jowie will have to abide by after release from jail

8. Lastly remind her that she can always come to you when she needs help

This reminds me of the time when Jacque Maribe was in jail and her dad was her number one supporter, always hugging her and holding her cheeks assuring her all will be well. He won hearts by Kenyans impressed how he was there for his daughter no matter what.

Children fear their fathers when something goes wrong in life, and would not approach them.

In the letter tell you daughter that she can always come to you no matter what and that you will figure things out together.

Also add that whatever she has done will never stop loving her.


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My wife stopped me from seeing my parents for 20 years



For 20 years, a man has not seen his parents because his wife doesn’t want him to.

He blames his wife for the breakdown in his relationship with his parents,but Classic 105 fans were not having it.

Many told him off saying ‘this is total madness, you can’t blame your wife ati she prevents you from seeing your parents’

‘Long Overdue’ Itumbi tells Jowie Irungu after release on bail 

Another said ‘That’s your st*pid decision and shame on you’ he was blasted.

What exactly is the mans story. He explains below:

Since 2002, my wife to be denied me from visiting my parents, I came to Nairobi in 2002, cohabited with her in Langata and I’ve never gone to see my parent since then, she threatens when when I tell her I need to go back home.

This upset listeners who said this is an even bigger issue for others. This view was supported by a female fan who wrote on Twitter after tagging Classic 105 that

‘Iv’e got a brother who left home when I was in High School came back after I was done with even college only to find out that had passed away two years ago and he wasn’t even aware coz we had no way to reach him’

These revelations arose from the Thursday morning conversation where Maina sought to know  why men leave their parents and never return home to help out their parents financially.

From Jeff Mwangemi to John Karani: Maina Kageni pays homage to golden oldies of radio

Do you know of such cases? What has been the solution from family members in dealing with such drama?

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My girlfriend wanted me to raise another mans child

A discussion about why men would never take back their wives who dumped them, led to an interesting revelation from a Kenyan man who as he puts it is being ‘tricked’.

His girlfriend wants him to raise someone else’s child, according to the confession made on Classic 105.

Maina Kageni sought to know from men if they would take back a wife who left them, in the same way that wives take back husbands who leave.

Many men were emphatic they would never do that, and Maina reminded them wives take back men who dumped them, so why not reciprocate?

Co host Mwalimu Kinga’ngi

by the time a woman comes back she has seen you have money and she is here to finish you

The man told his story of how his cheating girlfriend tried to trick him into accepting she was pregnant and raise another mans child.

I had this girl she was in school from form two, we dated until she finished, that was in 2008, she moved in with me but continued with university. after she cleared she came we lived together and got pregnant.

I can tell you aot of things started showing up, when she went to hospital she lied to me the hospital she is in, I looked for her only to come find out that the hospital she was in, she confessed to my neighbors that event the child is not mine, she never talked to me about the child. I took her in even with the child. after I found out the child is not mine, I took her back, I came to find out even the birth certificate is not written anything, even today I can tell you she is trying today to get back to me, I cannot take her back, every time I was with her I can see everything she was telling me, was a lie

you can’t take someone you were with four years ago, you don’t know what she is bringing back

Men reacted to this story advising their peers to never take back an ex wife, because they figure she could return with alot, including diseases from other men. Really guys?

Dear Classic 105 fam, when a woman has been away for say ten years, and realizes she made a mistake and wants to go back to her relationship, would you take her back?

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5 reasons why you should marry in your 50’s


On the morning conversation with Mike Mondo and Mwalimu Kinga’ng’i, the topic was about why some famous Kenyans men like Charles Njonjo chose to get married later in life.

Sir Charles Njonjo married when he was 52, after lots of pressure from the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

Sharing is Caring: Prominent Politicians who have two wives

At the time he revealed he couldn’t find a women he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Mike and Mwalimu debated the merits and disadvantages of marrying later in life, and also invited their listeners to submit views.

charles njonjo at tom mboya memeorial
Charles Njonjo

Here are five benefits of marrying in your 50’s:

You will only marry for love

Once you are in your late 40s or 50s, marriage union will only happen because of extreme love for each other. While most of us marry in pressure or for financial stability, kids or freedom early in our lives, people who marry late, do not have to succumb under any such pressure. All they need is pure companionship risen out of love. And that is the true essence of marriage which is why mostly second marriages are more successful.

‘Even when I was a chokora, Milly was there’ Terence Creative says

No insecurities

When you are younger, insecurities play out alot in your marriage. But as you age, these insecurities fade away. And once you enter in a relationship without any insecurities, it is way smoother.

No pressures in the relationship

There is no pressure to be anything other than yourself. The views and opinions of others matters little for instance the question of how soon you will get children will not arise.

No pretending
Since you are marrying later in life, there is no time for pretending about anything in life. A man or woman at this age only wants love, happiness and joy.

Trust God – DJ Mo tells Willis Raburu after wife suffered miscarriage (exclusive)

You have enjoyed your single life completely

Being single is important early in life, and doing all that can be accomplished. So when you hit your 50’s you are ready to settle down no matter what and focus on the relationship.

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9 things women do when flirting with a workmate


If you’re currently in this situation and unsure whether you’re imagining things or not, check out these sure-fire signs she’s flirting with you at work.

From eye contact, smiling, to laughing at your lame jokes watch out for these  signs she’s flirting with you at work:


1. She greets you every morning without fail

2. She always asks about your weekend or what you did that evening

3. She tells you about her weekend and evening

4. She always tries to get the seat next to you

5. She always offers to help and collaborate

6. She asks you to do things together outside of work

7. She asks you to go to lunch

8. She brushes into you when walking by

9. She sings your praises to other coworkers

If a woman is flirting with you at work, then she is going to treat you differently. Some signs are subtle yet others super obvious. So be on the lookout for these signs.

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‘She wanted we wait until marriage’ Bride turns out to be man


A groom has shockingly discovered the person he married is in fact a man, and worse a notorious thief whose secret was uncovered at a police station

Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba, the Imam of Kyampisi Masjid Noor mosque in Uganda is regretting believing his brides excuse not to ‘twa twa’ before marriage.

The Sheikh discovered he married a man, after ‘she’ was arrested for stealing from the neighbors in their plot.

Police searched the body of the ‘women’ only to discover it is a man.

The bride has told the Sheikh that she was on her period and needed two weeks, noted The Daily Monitor.

The understanding groom believed her. But her luck run out when she was accused by neighbours of stealing a TV.

The women was frog marched to the police station, where the Imam witnessed after a body search that his wife was a man.

The Imam regretted being cheated into paying dowry which included two goats, two bags of sugar, three busuutis (a colorful floor-length dress), a carton of salt and a Koran.

The reactions to the story were swift, with many saying you must test drive a car before marriage.

Mii Attmore …Road test muhimu

Muslims call us hoes and kaffirs because they marry virgins

Chaurembo Mercy New Mii Attmore huyu mzee lazima ameonja zaidi ya 20. Ni vyenye leo pwangu kapata pwanguzi

Mii Attmore Chaurembo Mercy New 😂😂😂😂lakini Bibi harusi looks so much of a nigger I wonder alishindwa kujua aji

Daniella Dave Danvid ..Ohh what a waste of time and love.
Jeanette Ambicha Rickdaville Owino 😂😂😂😂😂 importance of being sure before you there.. doesn’t seem like they have split 🤔🤔🤔

Kanini Kaseo ..Unamaanisha hajawahi kugurumisha hio gari?

Kizza Chrispine Charles Mugo… it’s true it happened here in Uganda, Mukono last week, the case is already in court.

Vincent Vinnie Vinny.. Road test muhinu

Walter Uzoma.. My question is, did the father of the alleged imposter also took part in the marrital scam, by collecting Cows from his fellow man to give out his own SON out to another MAN for marriage purpose?

Becky Adams.. I see this as drama. How do u convince me that, even the people who dressed up the bride didn’t know she was a man? I’ve stared properly at this bride, naye I have failed to see which part exactly attracted Imam. Maybe they were meeting only at night and in darkness😁😁🤭

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Woman seeks advice after finding out about husbands secret family


You’ve known him even longer than that. And then one day, boom, without warning, you suddenly find out that there is another family.

A woman calling herself Blu Heart @toni_mat wrote a hear breaking confession of discovering her husband had children out of wedlock.

My boyfriend added his side chick to our Whatsapp group

She was stunned, confused and angry as a thousand questions ran through her mind. How could he have two kids when they had been together, in a monogamous union she believed — for the past 7 years?

She couldn’t imagine he was capable of infidelity.

Coming to terms with his secret has been hard.

She wrote

Discovered that my husband has 2 kids, a year older than our oldest child, born on the same year, with different women.

But now came a sickening feeling that made her head spin. She added

After 7 years of marriage.

Woman celebrates splitting from husband with divorce lunch photo

People reacted with kind words on her heartbreak:

2/3 of my married friends have kids out of the wedlock and their wives are not aware.

If ur married u sud be scared, never trust a married guy the things they say to us singles but hey…

The kids are the one’s going to suffer the most. First hand experience.

Now this is just wrong … Sorry

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How I discovered my boyfriend was living a double life 


One never really knows when their partner is leading a double life, and only learns of it in the most unexpected ways.

A female twitter user King Gigi, wrote of her despair on discovering how her man had been cheating on her.

She shares her story – and shocking discovery.
@Gigibolts wrote

My ex boyfriend once told me that he is uninstalling his whatsapp because he needed a break from social media, this ni*ga went on and blocked me. I took my cousin s phone and saved his number, his dp was him, the baby mama and the kid..

She feels betrayed believing the whole relationship was a lie

Joh was super shocked

Her social media followers have reacted to what he was getting up to behind her back.

🤦‍♂️💔😂How do people manage to live a double live?

🤣🤣🤣That’s a men’s secret, you should’ve apologized for finding out.

He needed a brake from u

How well can you know a person 🤔

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She’s Glowing: Nun falls in love and marries in lavish ceremony


Celibacy is not an easy thing, and even Pastor Burale has told us this severally. Read more by clicking on the link.

‘I haven’t laid a woman since parting with my wife 5 years ago’ Says Burale

The interwebs has such stories. One twitter user by the name @VictorIsreal_ shared photos of a nun who has renounced her religion to marry the love of her life.

nun 1

The nun has tickled many who say she is better off leaving the convent and living a normal life.

Literally everyone commenting about it say only one thing is responsible for her decision. Can you guess?

nun 4
Reverend Sisters can decide to get married if they later find out they are not called, as far as they have not taken the Perpetual Vow or Final Profession of Vow. Once d final vow is taken, there’s no going back.
I pity people that do such things they don’t enjoy at all even the rev that sex with sisters they later get caught and disgraced publicly and for the rev father who have taken final vow and go back won’t understand his life again because God will so punish but the fact reman 👇
So they are no longer married to Jesus🤔👀👀👀

nun 2
She taste the bola one time and her life never remained the same 🍆🍆🍆😂😂
Just look at the way she’s glowing in that last frame..
It’s better to leave and marry than to stay and be sleeping around. Kudos to her

nun 3
She tasted d goodness of____ and decided to forward ever.fill d gap pls
Look at the glow

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