Why I don’t wear my wedding ring anymore – Daddy Owen

Gospel singer Daddy Owen has finally removed his cherished wedding ring.

Owen has recently been spotted without his rings about one and half years after his split from his wife.

Speaking to Classic105, Owen said it was time to remove it. Asked if it is a sign he has moved on, Owen said he would talk about it later.

“For now, just know it was time to remove it.”

In an earlier interview with Churchill show, Owen said he kept his ring since he wasn’t shying away from challenges or issues. 

“I’m like a bull, I’ll face it head-on. The truth is like a lion, once it’s out, it’s out and I’m ready to fight in the jungle.”

In October last year, South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro asked singer Daddy Owen to look for another woman.

“We have accepted what happened. Pick one, there is a stage here, a pastor,” he said amid cheers from the crowd.

This was during his Chapter IV album launch. Osoro detailed his close relationship with Owen.

He said he was devastated after the news of Owen’s marriage breaking down.

“I can’t believe this is Owen. In December he came to my office and I felt so bad. I had a bigger problem than him, but I had to shed a tear, his life wasn’t looking very okay,” he narrated.

Osoro, who is also Owen’s lawyer, said he had to distract Daddy Owen to prevent him from sinking deep into depression.

He did this by taking him to the South Mugirango constituency and giving him tasks to do.

“It has been around 10 months and I have seen a transformation in him. I had to distract him. I took him to the constituency, gave him a road to build,” Osoro said.

“I see he is back on track and I am very happy today.”


KOT reacts to Uhuru’s statement on single parents

Today on the breakfast show on Classic 105 with radio king Maina Kageni and co-host Mwalimi King’ang’i they tackled the issue of single parenthood and why the trend keeps growing.

This comes after President Uhuru Kenyatta on his last national holiday said that the number of single parents rose from 25 per cent in 2009 to 38 percent in 2019.

Mwalimu King’ang’i said, “This is a national matter! Today’s women lack respect na umangaa ni mingi. Kwa marriage mmoja ni kichwa mwingine shingo.”

Maina then asked his listeners, “Whose fault is it? Who is responsible?”

A caller told Maina and King’ang’i, “There is nothing wrong with being a single parent. In current times marriage is overrated. it has lost its meaning so why bother. People love the idea of being married but are terrible in their marriages. Don’t force things! If marriage ain’t for you then don’t go into it.”

Here are more reactions by Kenyans on the single parent topic and whose fault it is.

Esther Jackie Agung: It only takes a single mother to understand another single mother’s story coz the rest will only judge you based on the results which is seeing kids without fathers. My question is who will speak for the primary school kids, high school and college girls being made pregnant by adult men others Even made pregnant by their own fathers. Young girls take care of yourselves coz the society will not understand you. If you cannot abstain use protection.

Finny Balor: Maina I can tell you for free and am not protecting men. This narrative of’ a girl child’ women tend to take advantage in marriage. you get someone you call a wife then they start propelling their behaviours…they just cant submit in marriage…yaani wanaanza umanga. You cant even tell someone something…later on a man is supposed to either use violence or walk away.this is the reason why the graph of single mothers keeps rising every time.another point is violence …a man gets a good woman anaanza kumtandika usiku …wanamke anatoroka na watoto. drug abuse is another major factor.

Wilfred Gichuki: Virtues of torelance, humility, respect and faithfulness lacking among many spouses…

Julius Mukuru: People must agree to stay comfortably with/without love. Honesty makes ppo stay together for long.What’s love anyway???

Milkah Kimethu: A whole generation took time to empower women but failed to educate men to live with empowered women!

Douglas Adaka: Women don’t use pregnancy or having a kid with a man as bait so that he can marry you…
Also, learn how to differentiate love from sex, us men we are good at that
Otherwise, your role will be giving birth to kids with different men

Nyambura Kanini: Aty unaoa dame akiwa Rihanna baadae anakua wahannah 😂😂😂😂

Beatrice Wanjiru: Men because irresponsibility is their life style

Sofia Akwima: Maina… Alot is happening inside that institution of marriage and both parties contribute to the cause of breakages. Otherwise women are embracing single life na wengine wanadanganya watoto their dads died, wengine Ni wale wa kuchota tutoto tu😜🏃🏃

Faith Muthoni: Nothing like love today,,hata wewe watu wakulombotov ndio tutaita bwana🙅,,king’ang’i tafsiri haya

Peninnah Mueni Kyalo: Don’t marry until you are ready to settle in marriage.. It’s better to marry when you are 50 and settle kuliko hapa na kule marriages

Mwangi Kibaaka: The problem is govt itself, the cost of living has been too high making the cost of sustaining these women expensive..how can u sustain a simple woman earning for example 30 k like you 😂😂??, attempting so nowadays it’s like trying to commit suicide. Besides that, we have a constitution allows one to live the way he/she wants. we should enjoy our rights silently. if u truly feel u can’t stand a marriage,pliz pliz stay in your mother’s place or in your own house till u die being happy. we r tired of these noises.

Mirriam Katendwa: We can’t stay in a toxic marriage… I can’t tolerate ujinga. You get someone who will never understand, respect or change…

Kabaka James: In 10years to come, only 10% of marriages will still be standing

Mamake Elam: With this breed of children marrying each other too early unapata bibi ako 17yrs bwana ako 22yrs,2yrs later they part ways

Rispah Kwendo: Sasa mtu uoane na hawa watu wa shembeteng, na kulombotov mtaishi kweli, this generation pthoo

Janet Chemu: Engagement ring?wedding ring then comes the suffering…….hahaha

Javan John: Sasa vichwa ngumu mbili itaweza ishi pamoja kweli?

Oliver Jumba: Beauty may lead you to marriage but mannerism will drive you out of that ndoa.Akili kichwani

Valentino Iriho: The bassed gender balance bill were passed in parliament we should pass the same “bassed gender balance in responsibilities”

Wanjohi Wanjau Wanyiri: The fault is with the government giving to much emphasis on one gender while neglecting the other


Dear ladies, are you in that relationship for love or perks?

Kenyans are indeed peculiar people.

In reaction to a Classic105 post about transactional relationships, netizens gave their thoughts on the matter.

We posted on Facebook, “Not all girls are happy in their relationships. Some are just afraid of returning their iPhones.”

The undefeated people of the interwebs gave their strong opinion on the post. Here are some of the reactions.

Liz Wambui: A man who is afraid of losing you, won’t keep putting you in positions where you wonder if you have to stay. The sooner you realize that some people were only brought into your life to teach you how to let go, it will be the sooner you understand that just because you love him, it doesn’t mean you have to stick around even when you’re not treated right. Men lie with their mouths, but our actions always reveal the truth.

Kip’ngeno Skei: Without these women we as men tungeshalipa debt ya Kenya, they were created to ruin.

Muso Maryah: My sister advised me, and told me this…
Sue, you always lose yourself trying to keep the relationship, you suffer and put your all and end up being hurt… Don’t date a man who is not afraid of losing you, you are beautiful to beg for love, you are young to fight for a man who doesn’t care about you, wake up and know what you really want … Coz once you get used to being hurt, even in your marriage you will be the type” wacha nivumilie nione” if the relationship is o e sided, leave and never turn back… Let them go, the right one will come and you won’t have to force yourself “
When she told me this I really cried and yes. That’s true.. Don’t settle for less because of materialistic things… Go for a man who you can do business with and buy properties together… Don’t date for fun…

Penina Kamau: Wah! Is that iPhone really more important than your happiness? As for me, I would better return than to stress myself with unnecessary matters.

Glory Elizabeth: Where do they even get this Kinúthia’s aiii🤔🤔😜…

Chesire Chess: They should learn to cut their clothes according to their sizes

Muso Maryah: The fact remains that forever does not exist anymore

Helx Mnene: Unasahau fear to cater fr their bills

Mabassline Brightoe: Noma sana 😂😂😂 imeweza

Numismatist Hosea: A cautionary tale.


Which divorce? Eddie Ndichu denies splitting with Janet Mbugua

A source close to Eddie Ndichu has responded to allegations that Eddie and Janet Mbugua, are in the process of getting a divorce.

The anonymous source disputed the claims stating that no case had been filed in court. In a phone interview, the source sought to know who had leaked the ‘false’ information.

The source close to Eddie interrogated Mpasho demanding to know the dates when the said divorce case was filed.

“Even if you go to court, there is no story like that filed. If indeed the story is correct, please give me the details of where you got the story from,” the source demanded. (As you well know, media ethics don’t allow journalists to reveal sources)

The source went on to dispute the existence of an ongoing divorce case.

“The divorce has not began. You have to rely on facts and also remember marriage is between two people and not about the public, although they are public figures. In any marriage or union, there could be differences but that doesn’t mean there is a divorce.”

The source denied the information from our trusted anonymous source and reiterated that it was fallacious.

“When you go ahead and state that they are divorcing, that is not true.”

Asked to speak on the state of Eddie’s and Janet’s marriage, the source said the two are at a better place to address that.

“Getting to the details of whether they are married or divorced, that is a matter Eddie and Janet can address. One thing I know is they are not divorced.”

Kenyans react to news of Janet Mbugua’s divorce

Kenyans have woken up to the news that Janet Mbugua and her ex-hubby Eddie Ndichu are getting a divorce.

This news was broken by a source who claimed the case has been ongoing and the two parties have kept mum about the private court proceedings.

Netizens reacted to the news of the divorce with mixed feelings, some thought it was long overdue while others pointed out that choosing peace is better than being in a toxic marriage.

Here are some of their reactions.

Rita Nzalu: Better to be back at your parents house alive than in a casket, Janet congratulations for choosing happiness .no verse in the bible that says till death do us apart .it’s man made constitution

Pätrîcíåh Trîccïê Pìpèr: Relationships are sometimes top tier ghetto. This is one thing that can mess up your life completely, be very careful. Pray and be sensible when falling in love. Love can turn a bright future into a miserable life. You will excuse the most bizarre behaviors that will eat you up in the end. You will lose yourself into it without knowledge. 5yrs down the line you don’t know who you are anymore. The ‘now’ you will now crave the ‘then’ you. Bad relationships can make you hate yourself. Be very careful. And pray to God you meet someone who at least emits your energy.

Pauline Regina: I can only imagine how difficult it has been for her, coz this is not the outcome she expected from the union. But then, if it’s not working, unasonga mbele.

LM James: This is not news, most of her videos I’ve watched she doesnt mention her hubby, infact I waited for the divorce back in 2020

Lewis Oska Mike: Welcome to the club of single s but happy Janet,ur peace is more important than troubled marriage👍❤️

Tamu Trinidad Luuna: That is her own decision!! but if she would engaged some of us about marriage issues , then we would advice her about how getting married is a journey with up’s and down’s but in all patience, respect, love , care and prayers, etc determines bond marriage .

Maggie Njenga: Everything is news until it happens to you,,,,, everyone has his/her own reasons for every decision,,,, but we are too quick to judge 🤔

Shakila Ali: Waah!the rate at which marriages are falling apart is quite alarming,what happened to ‘for better for worse’

Purie Gm: May we always Marry right. No one likes divorce but happiness and self peace comes first🥺

Brian Keyttaa Omw: Prenuptial agreements is always important. Sign them before marriage.

Hidz Wahida: Violence is a no. Find your peace girl.

Naftal Omanga: I think something is wrong with our marriages. Coming up with a research paper.

Essie Waweru Dennis: Maina always say better to marry in from 45yrs because marriage are scam …

Carol Muraya: I’ll need the best glue and sweetest glucose when I get married 🧐 my marriage shall stick and when things get sour we take some glucose and continue 😛Singlelness ni boring 💃💃💃

Jed Gachagua: Her peace of mind is very important. No need to be in a toxic relationship

Cikù Nice: I urge the government to legalize contractual marriages. Ukikaa na ghaidi mwaka mkose kuelewana , you part ways , Maisha insonga 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️

Ogai Ogai: If it costs you peace of mind and happiness,if it’s no longer healthy for you. It’s too expensive for you.

Akwam Vero Vero: Life is sweet wen u have a right partner

Nkatha Itumitu: Her peace of mind comes first

Luciana Watos: Hii maisha ukiona hampelekani piga indicator pisha mwenzako apite

George JaKodiere: File for divorce? C waachane tu

Rahab Kihara: Atiiiiii??? But I thot waliachanaga kitambo

Waithera Ratemo: What is happening to marriages and love??? Anyway her peace of mind and happiness matters most

Njuguna JG: that’s life ya siku hizi

Foi Shalin: Nisambaziwe number ya uyo mbaba😋😋 i want ro console him 🥺🥺

Rita Mwendwa Mmeru: Better stay single than stick to the wrong people peace to you Janet

Duke Orao: If it’s not working move on. Don’t force please mind your business

Ruth Ibrahim: No true love….uwongo Kila mahali

Brigitte Mbazira: Kenyan online prophets walijua wataachana tuu thyre even saying its not news.


Ask Jamal: Kenya women advise Maina Kageni over Amber Ray romance

Kenyan women have always been team Maina Kageni. And now, they want to advise him on the rumoured romance with Amber Ray.

The Classic 105 breakfast show host was photographed with controversial socialite Amber Ray and the interwebs went crazy.

Here are some reactions from his loyal listeners to the rumoured romance.

Daniel Magiri: Maina is the only radio celebrity who has succeeded in keeping his private life as such.

Afumah Sherry: I guess Maina has seen beautiful ladies in all shapes. So nothing new about amber that can make him change his principles. Labda tu amber aende kitui.

Vique Mc’Ndalo: Doctor Love where are you? Uko na advice gani kwa Maina?

Kenzy Mpenda Amani: Maina this is your year surprise us..but make a good decision and make a good choice…And good wife comes from God.

Annie N Mockford: Maina Kageni my brother run ama utashinda ukiamikwa ohhh Maina alikuja good morning ate ohh Maina anga hizi drama za online ashana nazo.

Beldinah Heavens: Wooooiii Maina, huyo ni hatari ebu jaribu Sanaipei tena

Carolyn Jeruto: Maina unatuchocha kwa radio tuwe single kumbe kwa ground…

Jackline Mutheu: Kenyans ar very JEALOUS….wachaneni na Amber apendwe

Maxim Gorretti: Maina umeisha

Anna Annabelle: Let me tell you Maina 😂😂 I am waiting for this movie I swear ctashindwa kubuy popcorns

Esther Muriuki: Hiyo nayo hatutaitikia nooo

Delirious Danco: let me tell you Maina wacha kuchoma bet 🙄

Eva Jane Bundi: 𝙇𝙚𝙢𝙢𝙞 𝙩𝙚𝙡𝙡 𝙮𝙤𝙪 M𝙖𝙞𝙣𝙖 𝙬𝙚 𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚 you 𝙗𝙪𝙩 𝙖𝙨𝙠 𝙅𝙞𝙢𝙖𝙡

Servantmakau Kimanzi: Ati curvy lass? Wueh!!


Late Janet Kanini’s hubby in trouble over chips funga post

The late Janet Kanini’s hubby, George Ikua found himself in a defensive position when he reposted a popular quote about men and women falling in and out of love.

Ikua posted, “There’s girls that men take home and then there’s girls they make a home with
Girls that men make love to and there’s girls that make men love them
Some girls are a hurricane, some calm the storm
Some girls give everything, wind up with nothing at all
The kind of girl you are is the kind of man you get
Regan Rousseau.”

One Facebooker, Kinyanjui Kibati criticised Ikua for posting the quote.

He wrote, “My elder brother, this post is shallow and sexist. I have never had cause to address you as such, but this one, some sexism couched with simple wisdom but ultimately bogus.”

Ikua explained, “Kinyanjui Kibati, interestingly Regan Rousseau who wrote this is a 23-year-old girl speaking about her dating experiences. And she added , ‘ Wrote this cause I needed to hear it…’ Does the sexist, shallow sentiments still apply? If not interesting how who said it changes the meaning….bring one to ask us the truth or do we paint shade based on the author?”

In a rejoinder, Kibati explained, “George Ikua of course you know I respect that. We are all the compound result of our experiences. She has articulated a view that encapsulates some positive wisdom. The positive wisdom, in my eyes, relates to the consequence of our actions. How that decision making leads to particular results.
It’s the couching that I take issue with. The foundational premise. For men. To be judged by men. You presented a flip of the script. How it could be like switching the sexes. But I don’t think that is the point. No sex or individual should be merely subject to the narrative of another.
I will concede that all of this is in my head. As a rigidly single 43-year-old man, I have come to believe that I could be incapable of understanding the nuance of human relationships that actually make things work. I am an outside observer and therefore can only make comments on intricacies I genuinely have no personal knowledge of. I will therefore not die on this hill.
Do you know how hard it is to live in a society that constantly blares out that women should seek a God fearing man when you are an atheist?”

To heal you must love: Wife forgives husband’s killer

To heal you must love – so believes a woman who not only forgave the man who killed her husband 28 years ago during Rwanda’s genocide, but allowed his daughter to marry her son.

Bernadette Mukakabera has been telling her story as part of continuing efforts by the Catholic Church to bring reconciliation to a society torn apart in 1994 when some 800,000 people were slaughtered in 100 days.

“Our children had nothing to do with what happened. They just fell in love and nothing should stop people from loving each other,” Bernadette told the BBC.

She and her husband Kabera Vedaste were from the Tutsi community, who were targeted after an aeroplane carrying Rwanda’s ethnic Hutu president was shot down on 6 April 1994.

Within hours, thousands of Hutus, indoctrinated by decades of hateful propaganda, began well-organised killings – turning on their Tutsi neighbours around the country.

One of these was Gratien Nyaminani, whose family lived next to Bernadette’s in Mushaka in western Rwanda. They were both farmers.

After the massacres ended, with a Tutsi rebel group taking power, hundreds of thousands of people accused of involvement in the killings were detained.

Gratien was taken into custody and eventually tried by one of the community courts, known as gacaca, set up to deal with genocide suspects.

At these weekly hearings, communities were given a chance to face the accused and both hear and give evidence about what really happened – and how it happened.

In 2004, Gratien told Bernadette how he had killed her husband and apologised – and at the same hearing she chose to forgive him.

This meant that he did not have to serve a 19-year jail term, but a two-year community service sentence instead.

‘I wanted to help’

During the 10 years he was in detention before his public apology, his family had sought to make amends with Bernadette and her son Alfred, who was about 14 years old when his dad was killed.

Gratien’s daughter Yankurije Donata, who was about nine at the time of the genocide, began to go over to Bernadette’s and help around the house.

“I decided to go and help Alfred’s mother do the housework and even the farm because she had no-one else to help her considering that my father was responsible for her husband’s murder,” she told the BBC.

“I think Alfred fell in love with me when I was helping out his mother.”

Bernadette was touched by her consideration: “She helped me knowing well that her father killed my husband, she knew that I didn’t have any help because my son was at boarding school.

“I loved her heart and behaviour – this is why I didn’t resist her becoming my son’s wife.”

But for Gratien it was not so simple – he was at first sceptical when told of the marriage proposal.

“He kept asking how and why a family he offended so much would want anything to do with his daughter,” Yankurije said.

At last he was persuaded and gave his blessings as Bernadette was adamant that she harboured no ill-will towards Yankurije.

“I did not have any resentment towards my daughter-in-law for her father’s actions,” Bernadette says.

“I felt like she could make the best daughter-in-law because she understood me better than anyone else. I persuaded my son to marry her.”

The couple wed at the local Catholic Church in 2008.

This is where Gratien had confessed before the congregation after completing his community service two years earlier – seeking forgiveness.

‘No reconciliation, no holy communion’

The church has been at the centre of efforts to reunite communities in the area.

Father Ngoboka Theogene from the Cyangugu Diocese says people have embraced its reconciliation programme. Several other denominations have facilitated similar initiatives.

The churches realise that people have no choice but to live together, so much better do so in peace and understanding.

“Those accused of genocide crimes are not allowed to partake of the sacrament until they have reconciled with their victims’ family,” Father Ngoboka explains.

The final reconciliation happens in public where the accused and the victim stand together.

“The victim stretches their hands towards the accused as a sign of forgiveness,” he says.

People attended a recent event in Mushaka to mark 28 years since the genocide to learn ways to coexist, not long after Gratien had died.

“When we speak about the change it is not about changing one’s skin colour but changing your bad character,” said the event’s facilitator, Apiane Nangwahabo from the Mushaka parish.

“A change of heart is important before deciding to live a holy life.”

It was here that Bernadette spoke about her son’s marriage to the daughter of her husband’s killer.

“I love my daughter-in-law so much and I don’t know how I would have survived if she wasn’t here to help me after my husband died.”

She says she is heartened to see that Alfred and Yankurije’s love story has encouraged many others to seek and offer forgiveness.


5 ways you’re unknowingly killing your relationship

There are many things we all unknowingly do that put our relationships on life support.

From criticism, to lack of space and jealousy, here is a list of five things that could help you rectify your situation.

  1. Being jealous. You’re basically unknowingly telling them that they have to feel lucky to be with and have you.
  2. Not letting her/him initiate contact with you. If you’re the one always reaching out through the day it’s a sign they need time to miss you.
  3. Allowing them to get comfortable. Their effort or investment in you has to match regardless. Those things that you allow to happen become normalized and you lose.
  4. Too much one sided conversation. Allow them to initiate hugs and non s#ual affection too.
  5. Trying to make them like you. You put in effort to maintain a healthy situation, not to make them like you. Trying to make someone like you never ends well.

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Don’t help a man when he’s down – woman advises

Why women don’t believe in helping a man when he is broke

When a man is down, don’t help him. Those are the musings of several women who have told that men switch up on you when he eventually recovers from that broke episode.

A Twitter thread from @boojieshay that

Helping a ni**a when he down is a real risk. I don’t give a f what anybody got to say because a ni**a will switch up & act different once they’re back on their 10.

Her thoughts elicited similar reactions

I was with homeboy when his dad was diagnosed with aggressive cancer and ended up with a stoma. He was going through it and I was there every step of the way taking care of him when he couldn’t. Man let me know after his dad passed I was nothing to him. Never again.

Actual and factual. I helped a guy get his credit up and now he in a relationship. But not with me like boy byeeee. Siri play Alicia key’s lesson learned.

Main reason I’m carrying things the way I am TO THIS DAY🤷🏾‍♀️ you never know a persons plans, plot and/or intentions.

YES!! Tell me how I waited hand and foot on this man when he literally got leukemia, as SOON as he was done with chemo and healthy, he LEFT!!! Like?!?

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Cute reasons why bae gives you forehead kisses

Ladies, what does it mean when bae gives you a forehead kiss?

This question was posed to men in a viral Twitter thread and the responses will restore your faith in love.

@doseofsay asked men their reasons for doing this to their partner.

Expression of genuine love and vulnerability that means so much. Caring, protecting, providing for her and more but mostly the perception of her is so much more elevated to me. Hard as I have to be, just to be, she has made me accept it’s ok to be, open.

If I do it, I really love yo ass 🤷🏾‍♂️😂
I adore you.
If we cuddling, I’ll wake up to check on you and kiss your forehead before going back to sleep.
If we arguing and can’t come to agreement, I’ll do it before I walk away.
Idk 😂

That exclusive for your wife or girl that’s another form of us saying I love you without saying I love you!

Some girls be tripped out (still like) when I give them a kiss on the cheeks… do guys kiss anywhere other than lips (not sexual)? To be fair my dad missed us on the cheek growing up and a good bit of girls I’ve talked to ……kinda didn’t have a dad (idk if that explains it idk)

Technically yes to me. Means I care for you cherish you and I want to protect you, and will give maximum effort to make sure you’re always appreciated and safe with me.

It’s more of a nurturing kiss for me. Lips is more “I love you” but forehead is “I care about you and want to reassure you”

I feel it’s just a wholesome sweet way to kiss your woman. I mean obviously kissing her li*s is the ultimate but maybe she’s asleep and you wanna kiss her but don’t wanna go and kiss her li*s so you just plant a wet one on her forehead. Kissing her hand should make a come…

Back as well. May sound corny to some but he’s believe if I ever find my soulmate she’s getting all types of kisses. That’s the love of your life. Treat her as such. Make her believe it every single day. ☺️

Kisses on the forehead are treasures. Definitely means there’s LOVE there. Strong Bonded. Unconditional. Intended for you to feel, so it’s important to land it on the third 👁 .

It’s an extension of my love for a woman. An endearing thing personally. Like here’s a little peck to remind you how much you mean to me. I’m sure others have their own meaning but that’s mine.

Going both ways it’s very touching/heart warming to me. My love languages don’t often evoke very much emotion they simply my favorite types of interactions, but cheek/forehead kisses very much FEEL and COMMUNICATE “we have a bond and I have love/adoration for you”
It feels right

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Things girls should never do to a man

You are suffocating a man doing this.

Most women or girls do these things to get what they want from a man, arguing it’s about wanting or needing his attention and affection.

-If he asks you out on a date, don’t show up with a friend or two

-If you know he does not stand a chance with you, make it clear to him, don’t string him along

-Never compare him to another man especially your ex

-Short men are not confident. If he is height challenged don’t make fun of his height .He has no control over it.

-Pestering him with phone calls when he is at work

-Stopping him from hanging out with his friends to stay with you

-Going through his phone

-Use emotional blackmail

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Signs he is playing you

How do you tell a guy is playing you or really likes you?

From things such as not deleting dating apps to playing it super cool, here are some signals girls should pay attention to that may provide a tip he is not that into you.

-Takes more than 2 to 3 hours to text back
-If you are stuck in the talking stage for more than 3 months, he is not serious
-He doesn’t reassure you after every argument
-If he’s not introduced you to his friends and any family member
-He doesn’t take you out on dates
-He has a very close girl best friend he always has to check with
-If he asks you for money
-He doesn’t FT you everyday
-His messages are short, dry and mostly at night

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree with some or all of these signs/ Drop us your comments below

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Reasons to not date married men

There have never been good reasons for dating a married man, nothing good has ever come out of it other than curses. There is however nothing wrong in feeling attracted to someone, and it’s completely natural. But it will be a problem feeling attracted to someone who is already married, do not be tempted ladies, if you find yourself on the brink of temptation look at this list before you make a mess.

  • He will never leave his wife for you

You should keep it in your mind that he is never going to leave his wife for you, to him, you are a second option he will come to only when he wants to or when he is bored and need a change of meal. Sometimes he might want to spend much of his time with you, this might actually confuse you and think that he has chosen you but the truth is he will never compromise what he has with the wife for you.

  • Your life will be put on hold

He will never reciprocate your sacrifices to him, you could dedicate your life to him but he will never do the same. They could spoil you out with money but there will be no meaningful relationship, everyone wishes to make progress in your relationship, but with a married man, it will remain where it began.

  • There will be no future

This corresponds with the first and the second point. However complete you two feel about each other, the positivity of a future is bleak. If he truly loved you and wanted to be with you he would have waited for his marriage to end to be with you, but he is still in his marriage, girl!  Don’t get deceived.

  • There will be no respect for you

Both society and the guy will disrespect you for allowing yourself to get involved with a man who legally belongs to another woman. No one would ever accept such a relationship. you will receive all the blame and not him.

  • There will be no happy ending

Would you for sure expect a happy ending to such kind of a relationship? Such is built on the foundation of infidelity. You will be left broken when he chooses his wife and not you, when he is tired of you and probably jump to another lady, and what if his wife finds out, how ugly will that get?

There are various reasons why ladies prefer to go for married men, check out my next story for those reasons, but however tempted you might get, avoid falling into married men’s trap.

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Don’t stay in a bad marriage for your kids – Nyota Ndogo

Coast singer Nyota Ndogo has words of advise to couples in abusive or unbearable relationships.

On a note on Instagram, she said

Never stay in a relationship for the sake of kids because if the parents are not happy they cannot make they kids happy the kids will always hear things that kids not surpose to hear when both perants are fighting .sasa mukishauwana hao watoto wataishi vipi?jamani tuacheni kujitesa vitu vingine vilipitwa na wakati

Nyota Ndogo Instagram March 18th

Back in April 2021, Nyota pulled a pregnancy prank on her mzungu that nearly cost her her marriage. Her angry Danish husband left Kenya and she had several difficult months trying to apologizer and ask him to take her back.

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Women describe how their men treat them like princesses’

It truly is a breath of fresh air reading how girls are talking positively about their men, their healthy and positive relationships. Classic 105 really wishes nothing but more happiness for all of you.

@___inCANdescent on a viral Twitter thread asked women to tell how good their men treat them, and their stories will inspire you to believe in love again.

She asked
We’ve had enough stories of women dealing with bottom tier men. Let’s hear princess treatment stories only.

Here are a few that we picked from the topic:

We’ve had enough stories of women dealing with bottom tier men. Let’s hear princess treatment stories only.

@Miss_LadyJuice….Told him I was tired of cleaning and cooking all the time so he hired a cleaning crew to come weekly and personal gourmet chef to handle dinner twice a month. Many other things but these are a couple of my favorites 🥰

@ebdabeautyplug·…My babe pays a subscription for me to get massages each month. They def exist 😍😍

@Puff_Iya·…My bf is taking us out the country next week because I said March is such a boring month for me 🥰

@speaktoheall·…Whenever I get out the shower he helps me moisturize 🥺

@Joy_okc·…my computer broke for finals season during the first wave of the pandemic (lots of essays) so I mentioned that I had to check one out at the UNT library in order to get my work done and he surprised me that same hour with a MacBook Pro 😭

@madmanley…Never lets me touch a door or check, sits me in his lap and rocks me to sleep whenever I’m having a bad day, drives me around, compliments me every chance he gets, helps me with my homework, and reassures me without having to ask. Love it here🥺

he’s been peeling my oranges for the last 3 days because i’ve been too tired to do so. if i want to be picked up instead of drive, i am. if lupus is kicking my tail there is not a single thing he won’t take care of to make sure i’m comfy and happy.

literally wipes my tears and never causes them, every present he gives me is so thoughtful and specific to me, constantly making time for me, helps me with my homework and reminds me to take my vitamins and other self care, reads me to sleep& constantly fixing my hair and clothes

Compliments me every morning when I get ready, opens doors, fancy dinner dates, flowers delivered, back rubs, random hugs when he senses my aniexty is up, vacations, commitment.. he’s really top tier.. sometimes I feel sad about all the BS I accepted in the past.

@DopeChubbyChick· ….Any time we are out shopping or dining and they ask what we’re celebrating he tells them “her” 🥺

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My wife shows me DM’s from thirsty men and we laugh

A very confident husband confesssed to Maina kageni that his wife shows him the text messages that men send her.

The husband insisted he is very secure and confident that his wife is not cheating because she always opens up about it.

The man told this in a discussion Thursday March 10th about jobs that men don’t like their wives doing. Kingangi listed – a massauers, Dj’s, radio girls and waitresses and salon girls.

He told that men dont like it because they are very aware what goes on and the thought of his wife doing that to another man is disturbing.

When the husband called in, Kingangi told him to prepare for premuim tears later in life, when it turns out she is actually cheating on him.

He todl that his wife is an airhostess and the nature of her job means workign with male clients.

‘my wife is an air hostess. Na ni light skin, akitaka kuenda ataenda. Mimi nalala vizuri sana and we communicate. She tells me she meets handsome men lakini she chooses to be with me,. She does international routes and she shows me all the text messages he is sent. Tell men to stop having insecurities, I treat her like a pirncess so I know she can’t do anything. Akichokozwa na wanaume she tells me, akitumiwa picha she shows me. She is very professional.’

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Four signs you could be dating a narcissist

Four signs you could be dating a narcissist

A narcissist is often known as a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves. Could it be a mental disorder? Yes, it is a mental disorder where people have an inflated sense of their own importance, lacks empathy, acts entitled, and only prioritize themselves.

These signs could help you spot a narcissistic partner.

  1. They lack empathy

They show no genuine affection or love, they could also fail to care about your feelings and want as their partner. Narcissist partners are unforgiving if you are only a few minutes late for a date they will yell at you as if you did a huge mistake, they expect you to be always perfect at all times and want you to do everything they ask.

  • I talk

If your partner is self-centered as a narcissist there is only one thing they ever want to talk about, themselves, they make themselves the subject of every conversation every story revolves around them, and they seem not to want to talk about anything else or anyone else. They are constantly the center of attention and they seem to like it just like that, they ramble about their own great personalities and they want to hear you talk about them too.

  • Exaggerated language

 It isn’t just the subject of the conversation that comes as self-centered. You probably notice the same arrogance or self-importance in the way they talk about themselves, the words they use, and the kind of stories they tell. Narcissists have a particular way of characterizing themselves they always want to look like the here of any story. They want every story to give you a reason to admire them and feel attracted to them, they want to leave behind an image of achievement and confidence, so that means they will always exaggerate every detail.

  • Zero follow-through

They will always talk a big game but when it comes the time to back it up they fall short, this lack of follow-through is common among narcissists, whether it is something little or big a narcissist partner will always say they have everything under control but they rarely ever do, if this sounds like your partner ask yourself if your partner is really a dependable person this is because we always want our partners to be people we can always count on.

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