Interior CS Fred Matiang’i’s bodyguard shots wife dead, before turning gun on himself

ã• Witnesses said Wakise arrived home at about 9 pm and found his wife taking supper and an argument over her decision to move out arose.

• He then left and went out before walking back and shot the woman in the chest eight times.

A bodyguard attached to Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi’s office died in a shooting incident alongside his wife, who was a traffic officer.

Inspector-General of Police Hillary Mutyambai said preliminary investigations showed the General Service Unit (GSU) officer, Hudson Wakise, shot and killed his wife, Pauline Wakasa, before turning the gun on himself.

Officers who visited the scene found the bodies in the sitting room.

Mutyambai who mourned the incident said the couple may have had a domestic quarrel before the shooting incident.

Wakise, who had been off duty since April 1, reported back to work on April 6 but left at 3 pm and went home outside the GSU camp in Ruaraka where the incident happened.

They had argued over the move by Pauline to move out of the GSU camp.

She apparently moved out to the new house on Saturday.

Their two children aged five and two survived the tragic incident.

Witnesses said Wakise arrived home at about 9 pm and found his wife taking supper and an argument over her decision to move out arose.

He then left and went out before walking back and shot the woman in the chest eight times.

He turned the gun on his chin bursting his head.

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My husband expects me to treat him like a King when he’s broke

The issue of which spouse mistreats the other more took centre stage on Classic 105 in a heated discussion where both genders blamed each other for failing marriages.

One woman told of how her husband mistreats her when he has money, but turns around and wants her to be good to him when he is broke. Huh?

I give my husband ten bob for fare and ignore him at the matatu stage

She told of her pain and agony in a horrible marriage

“Let me telll you Maina, these men don’t feel sorry for them when they are bullied by their wives. There is a reason she is behaving that way, Because when they have money and a job they have girlfriends and they stay away in weekends. They show us mathadrau then by bad luck they lose their job and money then come back home and sit there expecting to be treated like a King. If he is being bullied by the wife and told to wash clothes and dishes, wacha he does it. They also mistreat us, when he is broke he is with me, but when he has money he madharaus me with tons of girlfriends, they deserve to wash dishes. I was hustling with my husband, we made money and he had three side chicks that time. Suddenly he got broke and jobless, then he started coming home early expecting me to be nice to him, mimi? wacha wabadilishe diaper na sisi tukae chini tukiona tv, they deserve it”

Dear girls, does your husband or boyfriend mistreat you when he has money but expects you to treat them like Kings when broke? Drop us your comments below.

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8 things a dad should write in a letter to his daughter


If I had a daughter this is what I would tell her.

And to other dads or dads to be feel free to borrow from me.

1. Express your love for your daughter

A daughter can never have enough reassurance of love from dad. Recently after Kobe Bryants death, a hashtag about #girldad went viral. Many dads shared images of them with their daughters, and sweet captions. I can assure you nothing makes a daughter feel more reassured and appreciated that this love.
Here’s a piece I wrote that you can borrow.

2. Reassure her that you believe in her
That she can do all that she dreams of, and she can work hard and above all you trust her.

3. Tell her that you think she’s beautiful
Owing to self esteem and insecurity issues, girls face today, a father must assure his daughter that she is beautiful both inside and outside. Tell her just like her mother, she really is going to be just as beautiful as you say she is.

From jumping off a tree in slow motion: Here’s a TBT of boarding school experiences

4. Assure her that she makes your heart burst with pride

If she makes you proud dad, tell her in all ways. for instance she could have helped her mother aroudn the house and youtell her so many words. basically affirm th compassion, it makes my heart burst with pride.

5. Tell her about how you cried tears the day she was born
A father holding his child for the first time feels so many good emotions. Tell her you haven’t stopped remembering the day she was born, and she was the most beautiful baby ever.

dad and daughter. jpeg

6. Tell her about not settling for less
So many girls in this day and age settle for second best, and only later in life do they say how much time they have wasted.

As a dad your role is to tell her in words that “Don’t ever settle for second best.”

7. Tell her in words to treat her body with respect

2 conditions Jowie will have to abide by after release from jail

8. Lastly remind her that she can always come to you when she needs help

This reminds me of the time when Jacque Maribe was in jail and her dad was her number one supporter, always hugging her and holding her cheeks assuring her all will be well. He won hearts by Kenyans impressed how he was there for his daughter no matter what.

Children fear their fathers when something goes wrong in life, and would not approach them.

In the letter tell you daughter that she can always come to you no matter what and that you will figure things out together.

Also add that whatever she has done will never stop loving her.


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‘I think I’m ready for kids’ Vera Sidika says as she talks up new man

Vera Sidika recently updated her fans on Instagram about how she had gained weight. She said that she didn’t mind the fact and even hilariously called herself a Teletubby.

Huddah loves beefing! Vera says about their contentious past

The singer, who was interviewed by Wasafi, recently spoke about her current man who loves her the way she is. Yes, even looking like a Teletubby!

Miss Sidika looking good in green
Miss Sidika looking good in green

The socialite mentioned that she met her boyfriend Jimmy Chansa, who is from Tanzania, while she was in TZ,

‘We met here in Tanzania. We started communicating and what followed was dating. I feel like a hopeless romantic and when I fall in love, I do for real. We have so many things in common and he is the love of my life. I really do love him. We have been dating for five months now,’ she said.

Jimmy Chansa
Jimmy Chansa

She added that the two connect and this doesn’t feel like all the bad toxic relationships she has been in before.

‘When you meet someone, you feel like he is the one. It’s not a matter of time but respect and understanding. I’m 30 and I think I’m ready for kids. I am a keeper unless I can’t take it. My relationship with a Nigerian guy was abusive, I had to leave.’

The socialite in green

It is interesting that Miss Sidika is open to having a kid at the moment. After the catastrophic aftermath of her break-up with Otile, she revealed that she wasn’t ready to have a kid with him because she didn’t think he could handle fatherhood.

Chansa must really have made a great impression on her after dating for only 5 months. Otile should take notes…Had to take a shot at him. I just had to.

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What Daddy Owen does to reassure his wife about female stalkers

Gospel artiste Daddy Owen has revealed that he has had to come up with creative ways to deal with female stalkers for his sake and that of his marriage.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with a local blog, Owen who has been in the music industry for the last 15 years says

Having female stalkers as a male artiste is normal.

I have been in this industry for 15 years and I know how to talk people and handle such things like stalkers.

Stalking is not something new to me and I do not feel like it’s a challenge.

He adds

Before we got here I had to make my wife comfortable on how we handle such things.

Daddy Owen and his wife Farida enjoying a vacation

Daddy Owen who married the love of his life Farida Wambui in 2016 says

What has kept my marriage is me understanding that I must work on myself first.

This is because your wife is someone you are not related to.

In conclusion Owen reveals that marriage is a two way traffic

The way I used to see my dad behave is not the same way I behave in my house.

Marriage is more about communication, marriage is a transition.

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‘If you help a man grow he will eventually leave you,’ women declare



A list of the qualities women want in men has upset many.

Among the list is a man should earn a six figure salary and live in certain neighborhoods to date and eventually marry some Kenyan girls.

One woman who had a bad experience in her marriage defended girls rights to demand men be financially stable, rather than waste their time with deadbeats.

She told Classic 105’s Mike Mondo that

I’m talking from a point of experience. You support your husband because your putting in 50 per cent on the table of the family budget. You help him with everything, to build an empire.

You are woman carrying his children and then along the way when he feels comfortable because you have been supporting him, he feels he wants another woman to enjoy my sweat.

Look at the people who have been supported by their wives, other than having a mpango wa kando what else do they have? What does the man give despite insults at the end of the day? So let our daughters not contribute to the family.

Is this true that when you help a man grow financially, that eventually he is going to leave you asked mike Mondo.

Mwalimu wasn’t convinced that all men are bad, defending them by saying

It’s a few rotten apples, right now ladies need to help their men said Mwalimu.


Leave the few rotten apples a majority who have been helped by their woman are appreciative and if you do something good for men they never forget added mwalimu. The problem is bad news travels father than good news he reiterated.

Mike opene dup the conversation to listeners and online users.


I’ve been listening and my issue was I’ve been dating this guy. I delivered a baby in 2017. At their home we didn’t even have a toilet so I had to build a toilet. I built a three bedroom mansion, I built a gate of 35 thousand shillings. I bought a probox to do business, I have bought him a car and in April I found condom and I asked him what he was doing. He said he was given by those PSI guys.

Another female caller disclosed her story about being dumped for a younger girl

I’m paying a very big loan and he is enjoying himself with other women.

The situation is however not so bad for all woman. A female caller urging for restraint.

Relationships are about building each other and I understand why they can be bitter with a man after building him. My advice to women in relationships is give and take. If you reach a situation where you are the only giver and don’t get anything in return there is something wrong. When it is one sided you become bitter. You have to be careful to grow together ans that it’s not one sided.

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