This Relationship Councilor Is More Brutal Than Wakanai. He Has Lectured Young Women And Called Them ‘Greedy’

“Kare kee,” Big Poppa Poppin a.k.a Wakanai Waka Waka always uses his favourite phrase after blasting female folks to high heavens.

Wakanai, who regularly calls in to the breakfast show to respond to the morning conversation, literally sets things on fire when he gives his opinion about city women. With him it is no-holds-barred.

One of his Facebook posts he provides some stinging words of wisdom for wives.

Wakanai wrote, “As a Wife, Your BEAUTY attracts your husband, but your WISDOM will continue to keep him! Your ELEGANCE catches his ATTENTION, but your INTELLIGENCE convinces him! NAGGING irritates your husband, but your “Constructive Silence” weakens him! Remember that the “boyish” character in your husband comes out occasionally, But your ability to always handle it, is a sign that you are a MATURED WIFE! Every man has “Secret Struggles and Pains, including your husband, if you should ever find them out from him, Please exhibit the greatest maturity by asking the Originator of your marriage, (God) to help you with USEFUL IDEAS, that you will suggest to him (your husband)!


He continued, “In the long-run, your WORDS matters to your husband than your “LOOKS”! So always invest the RIGHT WORDS! Earn your husband’s respect and he will consider you as the yard-stick for all his actions! Learn to mould your husband’s moods, and he will naturally give you his “FUTURE” as he recalls your maturity in the past issues! Note that, WOMEN are everywhere, but REAL WIVES are scarce, let the QUEEN in you come alive, and your husband will always hold you in a very HIGH ESTEEM! Please don’t be selfish, share this with every woman you know, so that we will together make the “BEST MARRIAGES” In our society at large.”

Now, forget him, there is a new man in town and he is dishing out lessons to our young women who have subscribed to the sponsor mentality.

Young women are being advised to set realistic targets when looking for husbands.

Relationship Councilor Patrick Masiga says as a person you can never get 100% of what you’re looking for in a man or woman.

He wants young women to accept young men who’re beginning life so that they grow together economically and emotionally as a family.

Go out on a date with that hustler who is inboxing you and DMing you.

Masiga said, “You don’t go to somebody who is already built that person will never respect you. You go for someone you will help to build because the Bible says that women are helpers so because of the greed we have in this generation whereby women want everything today they don’t want to work they are not responsible.”