Usijidharau: TBT photos of your favorite celebs will leave you laughing

Its that day of the week where we look at throw back photos of your favorite celebrities,some of them walikua wamechapa but as they say ‘bora uhai’.

While back then most musicians could not afford to live a good life most of them now can easily afford to travel around,drive expensive cars buy designer clothes and shoes while back then they could only see such in magazines

Here are some some musicians who have undergone serious transformation you would be shocked to see their old photos


Born Hubert Nakitare,nonini has seen a major transformation not only in his body size, but also in his fashion sense ,music growth,he is a true definition of ‘watu hutoka mbali’

Genge musicians Nonini and Juacali


Don’t get it twisted ,your favourite artiste diamond hasn’t always been an eye candy but with the money and the fame things seem to have greatly changed for him.

He can now afford the best of things money can buy and he can mostly be seen rocking designer attire,entertaining beautiful women and of course going for vacations something he could have only dreamt of


3.Timmy Tdat

Don’t let the biceps lie to you back then Timmy had nothing to flaunt but he can now comfortably buy himself whatever he wants thanx to his music career.

His sense of fashion was way below poor but he has greatly transformed and the meek Timmy is gone.

Before and after photos of local artiste Timmy Tdat


Wyre the love child has always been an eye candy but nevertheless less he has seen a major transformation ,as he now looks more mature and confident unlike when he ventured into this music industry.

From back then singing as necessary noize Wyre has remained a sweetheart to many women but too bad he is off the market.

Wyre the love child

5.Dj Sadic

Forget the good looks and the well kept dreadlocks back then Dj Sadic rocked short hair which made him look so naive an easy target for nairobi thieves who steal from you in broad daylight.

Sadic has seen a major transformation given the fact he is among the best dressed DJ’s in Kenya something he never thought he would achieve

Before and after photos of Dj Sadic


The self proclaimed queen of single mothers hasn’t always had it easy in life ,with time she has seen a major transformation and the photo below is a proof of that.

She now boasts of designer shoes,clothes,watches and a beautiful mansion to top it all.

Local Kenyan artiste Akothee

7.Jua cali

Juacali popularly know as ‘Baba yao’ has seen a major transformation in his physical appearance ,going by his throw back photos,the only thing the musician has maintained all these years is his beautiful hair which seems to be growing longer by the day.

left:Juacali back in the day Right:Juacali with fellow musician Wyre the love child.


The ‘Shoulder back’ artiste has changed alot from the skinny young man he was to a true ‘gentleman ‘ who leaves ladies yearning for more,through the years the only thing he has maintained is his durag for reasons only best known to him.


9.Anita Nderu





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These are the Viral Personalities of the year 2018

This year has been quite dramatic for Kenyans especially on social media. Many personalities have gone viral for different stunts they have pulled.

Some of the personalities who have gone viral include.

  1. David the Student

A few months ago, a section of Kenyans in the United States allegedly accused Kenyan comedian David Kangogo better known as “David The student” of conning them.

The comedian had been contacting people in the US in the pretext of fundraising for his dad who he claimed was suffering from cancer.

2. Redsan

He was exposed in a leaked audio recording, just days after the launch of his latest studio album, Baddest.

The audio, which went viral, was reportedly recorded when Redsan allegedly pounced on and assaulted a Tanzanian producer who was credited for the newly released album.

In the audio, a voice similar to Redsan’s was heard arguing with the producer, who goes by the name Sappy.

3. Jacque Maribe

She was arrested for assisting in the murder of Monica Kimani allegedly murdered by Maribe’s fiance Jowie. She was released on Bail.


4. Obado

Obado was accused of killing Sharon Otieno, who was seven months pregnant at the time of her death.  He was later released on bail

Okoth Obado

5. Willy Paul

Willy Paul can be crowned the king of scandals this year because there is always something new with him. Some of the scandals include one where he was recorded assaulting a female who was complaining in a parking lot.

6. Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

This two have not let Kenyans live in peace especially on social media. From their on and off relationship to their publicity stunts, Otile Brown and Vera Sidika have been on a roll with their viral drama.

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

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From Redsan to Otile Brown, here are swanky photos of Nairobians attending Diamond Platnumz pool party

Over the weekend, Nairobi was home to East Africa’s finest, Diamond Platnumz. He hosted a pool party at B Club attended by the who is who in the entertainment industry.


Redsan, Timmy T Dat and Otile Brown represented the Kenyan groove to the fullest.

Check out how it went down as documented by our chief paps, Moses Mwangi…

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Sizzling Hot! Victoria Kimani, Redsan And DJ Creme Drop A New Video

DJ creme is one of the most sought out Dj’s in the country, who has made a name for himself and of late he’s been working on different projects that seem to be going pretty well. Last year, he brought together Sudi Boy and Kenya’s songstress Wahu to release Hadi Lini.


Creme is following in the steps of international Dj’s like DJ Khalid who bring big artistes together in one song.This year he has brought  two of the greatest artistes Victoria Kimani and Redsan in a major hit  dubbed’ Live It Up’. The song was officially launched last Friday in a popular TV show, but the video was uploaded early this week. The song is definitely a club banger, one cannot help but dance to it anytime it plays.

Victoria Kimani is an American-born Kenyan singer, actress, songwriter and entertainer. She has earned a number of nominations, with her singles receiving numerous airplay across Africa. Victoria and Redsan no doubt did justice to the song considering the fact they both sing different genres.

live it up

The video is shot with very quality visuals in an outdoor setup. Female and male dancers are seen dancing their hearts out, the crowd in the video are being hyped up by the DJ.

Check out the video below


Like Father, Like Son: Ragga Artiste Redsan Shows Off His Cute SON For The First Time (RARE PHOTO)

Veteran ragga and reggae musician Swabri Mohammed aka Redsan is undoubtedly one of Kenya’s most celebrated and loved artistes in the local music scene.

The Badder Than Most hitmaker has over the years wowed his fans with his catchy and danceable music, and though he had gone on a music hiatus for a while, he came back with a bang with Shoulder Back about a year ago.

Recently, Redsan went out of his comfort zone and collaborated with a female R&B singer Vivian on a new song dubbed Attention a few weeks ago, and from what he has been teasing on his social media, that we should expect more.

CAT OUT OF THE BAG! This Is What Redsan And Stunning Kenyan Singer Vivian Were Up To (VIDEO)

Away from music and the spotlight, not much is known about the heartthrob, only that he is married with kids, but he has never shows off his children or wife on his social media or public.

Yes, he’s that private about his love life.


From what we know, Redsan is married to Viverz Mohammed, and the two exchanged vows back in 2012 at a very low key and secret wedding affair.

During an interview a while back; Redsan give this as the reason he keeps his other life off the public radar;

I value my background, my family and my religion very much. When I’m home with my family, there’s nothing about Redsan. That is private and you will not hear or read about it on the Internet, no matter how much you try.

Though he rarely talks about his family or even flaunts them on social media platforms, this time he decided to give a glimpse of his son.

Redsan was celebrating Ramadhan and in the heat of the moment, he showed off his son’s face, for the first time ever, but later deleted the photo from his page.

But not before I took a screenshot of the cute looking boy, who looks 4 years old, as they played with filters. Well, check out Redsan and his never seen before son below. Isn’t he the cutest?






Is Singer Vivian’s Marriage Going To Work After Being Linked With These 5 Male Celebrities?

She is sizzling hot. She caught the limelight with her song Woman In love. Since then, Vivian has rocked  254 with her melodious voice and she is doing justice to it.

Last weekend, Vivian was proposed to by her long term manager Sam west live on national Tv;

“Vivian you have made my heart go Teren Teren. You are the woman in love but I’m the man in love. You’re my charm and today I want to give you my full attention and I want to ask, make my dream come true. I’m asking for your hand in marriage,” Sam said

Vivian who seemed to also be head over heels in love said YES to the flamboyant man and it seems she is walking down the aisle very soon. But hey! Is this man going to cop with the men this singer has been linked with?

Meet The Man Who Is Set To Marry Singer Vivian (PHOTOS)


After confessing that she crushes for the dancehall artiste, Redsan heard her cry and the two now have a hot jam dubbed Attention. Well, photos that went viral of the two having a good time in the beach, propelled rumours that they were seeing each other.


CAT OUT OF THE BAG! This Is What Redsan And Stunning Kenyan Singer Vivian Were Up To (VIDEO)

Timmy Tdat

Timmy Tdat has been linked to dating various lasses after his break up with fellow rapper Kush Tracy. The Inaweza hit maker was linked with an upcoming artiste identifies as Faith, melodious singer Dela and Vivian. The two were spotted going to several events together not to mention their romantic photos that went viral. Are fans to blame for the speculations or was this just a cheap publicity stunt?



We all know Jaguar is one of the richest artistes in this nation. The two did a collabo dubbed My dream which stirred rumours that they were dating.

Talking to Mpasho, Vivian shut down the rumours saying;

“Jaguar is a good friend of mine. He’s also my mentor – he tells me a lot of things about the do’s and donts in the industry. So, he’s really like my big brother and I think people must have misunderstood it especially because I did the first song with him and I was not known at all,” she said calmly.

What is Ragga Artiste Redsan Up To With This Stunning Kenyan Singer? (PHOTOS)


Gospel singer Bahati and secular lass Vivian were rumoured to have gone to a Valentine’s date thanks to Kiss Fm’s Adelle Onyango. Need I say more?


CAT OUT OF THE BAG! This Is What Redsan And Stunning Kenyan Singer Vivian Were Up To (VIDEO)

Veteran Kenyan ragga and reggae artiste Redsan has been in the music industry for more than a decade and he’s not slowing down anytime soon, musically that is.

Redsan real name, Swabri Mohammed, is known for some of the biggest ragga hits back in the day, which include; Chicken, Yule Pale, Step On It and his latest hit Shoulder Back.

The celebrated rapper made a musical comeback in 2015 and has since been active in the music industry and even dropped a new song with sassy Kenyan-Nigerian-based singer Victoria Kimani and top deejay, DJ Creme De La Creme dubbed Live It Up.


Though Redsan is recognized as one of the most influential ragga musicians in Africa and beyond, he has somehow managed to keep his private life off the public radar and little is known about his love life, but all we know is that he’s happily married.

Recently, Redsan was spotted with sultry singer Vivian getting cozy and steamy at a beach somewhere in Comoros Islands and from the look of things, it looked like there was more going on.

What is Ragga Artiste Redsan Up To With This Stunning Kenyan Singer? (PHOTOS)

Vivian is known for her Kenyan love songs after coming into the limelight after a collaboration with singer Jaguar by the name Dream and recently, she dropped a new song with Ugandan musical legend Jose Chameleone dubbed Charm.


The sizzling photos of Redsan and Vivian left some fans questioning their relationship and after keeping us curious for days, the two artistes have finally revealed what they were up to at the beautiful Island, and as I guessed, they were working on a new song.

The two stars have officially confirmed that they have been working on a new club banger dubbed Attention, and with Redsan’s dope ragga lines and flow and Vivian’s mellow voice and vocal prowess, I can bet this will be a big hit.

Without further ado, check out the teaser for their new song Attitude below as we wait for the official music video in a few days time.



What is Ragga Artiste Redsan Up To With This Stunning Kenyan Singer? (PHOTOS)

Veteran Kenyan ragga and reggae artiste Redsan has been in the music industry for more than a decade and it looks like age is not going to stop him.

The celebrated rapper has over the years proved to the best at his game, dropping hit after hit, earning him popularity and respect across Africa, becoming a household name in Kenya.

Redsan, real name Swabri Mohammed is known for some of the best reggae and ragga hits in Africa, having worked with big names like Jose Chameleone and celebrated Jamaican artiste Demarco in Badder Than Most remix.


Other songs under his name include; Mikono Juu, Chicken, Unbreakable, Umalaika, Leo Ni Leo, Touch, Yule Pale, Step On It, Julie, and his recent single Shoulder Back, which has received massive airplay since last year.

Redsan likes to keep his private life under wraps and very few know about his family, but now, he could be exposing a lot after he was spotted with sassy Kenyan singer Vivian.

Vivian is currently making waves with her 2016 smash hit Charm, featuring Uganda’s music legend Jose Chameleone, and is currently one of the most played songs in local music stations and playlists.

In a series of photos I received, Redsan and Vivian are seeing cozying up at an undisclosed location, where she shows off her curvy body in bikini wear.

From a source, the two are allegedly in thComoros Islands, but it’s not clear whether they are romantically involved or whether they are working on new music.


Vivian has also been linked to wealthy Kenyan singer and businessman, Jaguar, whom she collaborated with on her first song Dream, that propelled her to the limelight back in 2014.

Well, check out the photos below as Redsan and Vivian enjoy each others company, as we follow up on what they are really upto? Is it a love affair or just work and play?

Be the judge.







5 Prominent Kenyans and Their Signature Mark

These 5 prominent Kenyan personalities have a signature mark, that is only uniquely their own. It maybe an item of clothing or just an accessory or a simple beauty look. Check the list below

1. Sir Charles Njonjo and his pinstripe suits
If you want to learn how to wear a pinstripe then better look out at Charles Njonjo’s outfits. He is often spotted rocking his custom made three-piece pinstripe suit with his initials ‘CN’ on it.
Charles Njonjo

2. Redsan  and his durag
Swabri Mohammed (Redsan) is another superstar who picked the ‘ dreadlocks under the Durag’ style and ended up making it one of his signature looks to date.

3. Retired President Moi and his Fimbo ya Nyayo
He was often spotted with his gold or silver tipped ivory rungu also known as fimbo ya nyayo during public functions and he still carries it to date.

4. Deputy president William Ruto and his Kenyan flag hat
If you spot deputy president William Ruto in a hat, then you can bet it is has the Kenyan flag colours.
5. Nameless his shades, durag or hat
Even when he is being interviewed on TV, you will never catch him without his shades and durag. Have you ever wondered how he looks like without the shades, durag and dreadlocks?